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Thread: The Continuing Search For The Truth

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    Default Re: The Continuing Search For The Truth

    Your Body, Their Choice

    Summary: Stripped of its contextual baggage, the phrase "My Body, My Choice" makes a compelling rallying cry because it conveys a fundamental truth that we all innately understand: I have the claim to my own body and what is done to it. So why, then, are we being asked to believe that when it comes to vaccinations during a declared pandemic it is "Your Body, Their Choice"?
    James Corbett: My body, my choice. …That statement stripped of all of the baggage that comes with it in that particular context represents a fundamental inherent truth. One that we do not need to be taught. We know innately is the truth namely that I have the claim to my body and what is done to it or what is not done to it.

    And that is precisely why slavery is not just technically illegal it is morally outrageous. It is a deplorable thing that we all understand to be wrong. that’s why rape is not just illegal it is wrong. This is why a kidnapping and assault into battery and a whole host of other things are not just illegal but inherently wrong. And we do not need to be taught this. We all naturally understand it. But we do not live in a world of perfect moral reasoning or abstract philosophical ponderings. We live in a world of law givers and courts and police. and in that world your bodily autonomy, your body your choice no longer exists.

    The Board of Health meeting. Topic? “Moving to Acceptance: Strategy to Address Vaccine Hesitancy”.

    Gord Perks: One of the things that I've heard today several times is this notion of body autonomy. And I think it's very important that we interrogate that and understand that. First of all biologically speaking, there is no such thing. Every human being trades bacteria, viruses, genetic information with other human beings all the time. If you live in a society that's a fact. Another piece though that isn't thought about is carefully is that the results of human action are constantly interfering with our health.

    From the moment of conception, we're all exposed to persistent organic pollutants that are the result of the chemical industry. Every breath that we take contains emissions from the fossil fuel industry. Every moment of every day from your first breath to your last human action is affecting your health. The idea that there's some state you can achieve of bodily autonomy where human actions don't impact your health is a false dream. It's something that if you allow to lead your thinking about how you look at issues like vaccination, you will be led to a wrong conclusion.

    SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/mybody/

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    Default Re: The Continuing Search For The Truth

    Is America’s Second Corona Wave a Political Hoax?
    Source: williamengdahl.com
    By F. William Engdahl
    20 July 2020

    For several weeks, just as most states across the United States began to reopen, following three months of lockdown to “flatten the curve”, several states including Texas and Florida began reporting record new numbers who tested positive for the coronavirus. At least that is what the world is being told. More careful investigation suggests what is unfolding as a huge manipulation of coronavirus tests that includes collusion by the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the same CDC who badly bungled initial rollout of the virus tests in March by distributing tests that were found to contain traces of the virus and other serious defects. The present scandal bears the earmarks of more than mismanagement. It looks like political collusion to influence the November election and far more .

    It seems that today something is very, very rotten in the State of Texas. The same for Florida, California, Arizona and many other states who just after reopening, now have again imposed lockdown and the foolish and ineffective mask-wearing and social distancing. Yet if we look at the actual data for deaths attributed to the coronavirus, since around the middle of April, the daily deaths designated of COVID-19, whether “with” or “of”, has steadily dropped to a level some 90% below the peak.

    Even the highly corrupt CDC has had to admit “Nationally, levels of influenza-like illness (ILI) are low overall…Changes in indicators that track COVID-19-like illness (CLI) and laboratory confirmed SARS-CoV-2 were inconsistent during the most recent week, with some increasing but others decreasing.” Then the weekly CDC report updated 17 July, makes the following statement: “Based on death certificate data, the percentage of deaths attributed to pneumonia, influenza or COVID-19 (PIC) decreased from 8.1% during week 27 to 6.4% during week 28, representing the twelfth week of a declining percentage of deaths due to PIC… Nationally, ILI activity remains below baseline for the thirteenth week but has increased for 5 weeks now.

    Note the language very closely. The CDC defines ILI as “Influenza-like Illness.” So are we talking about tests for presence of a specific virus, SARS COV-2, that is blamed for the Wuhan outbreak that apparently has spread globally since the beginning of 2020? Or is it “influenza-like” illnesses, a catchall which may or may not include the coronavirus? The CDC has cleverly lumped deaths whether from pneumonia, influenza or COVID-19 into one neat basket of death cause they call PIC– Pneumonia, Influenza or COVID-19. All PIC deaths are now conveniently designated as COVID-19 per CDC instructions on a death certificate.

    Even with this sly sleight of hand, the CDC cannot hide the fact that all PIC deaths across the USA have declined for twelve weeks now. How to keep the nation in a state of fear and lockdown longer and how to satisfy the agenda of unscrupulous Democrats who seem willing to do everything to weaken the economy to force defeat of the Republican Presidential candidate on November 3?

    A ‘Cases Pandemic’?

    The response has been a dramatic ramping up of the number of tests on citizens for coronavirus or more precisely for an indirect test of antibodies or other signs that may or may not indicate a person has SARS COV-2. Around the middle of June as most states were rightly opening up to more normal conditions, the CDC pushed for a massive increase in testing. Naturally a dramatic increase of those tested will give an increasing number of persons who also test positive for indications of coronavirus. Just as Trump and many state governors were sensibly advocating steps to reopen, the CDC began pushing for a dramatic increase in tests. Testing went from about 150,000 to more than 700,000 per day. Reuters reported that many of the CDC-approved tests were contaminated as well.

    Now the case of Texas is exemplary of what seems to be going on. According to officials in Texas in contact with former US Congressman Ron Paul, himself a medical doctor, the Texas State Department of Health Services changed the definition of what constitutes a “Covid case” in mid-May when cases were in significant decline. The new definition states, “while previously the determination of a Covid “case” was a confirmed test result, the definition was suddenly changed to count “probable” cases as “cases.” At the same time, the threshold for determining “probable” was lowered to a ridiculous level.” Basically if you have a fever and headache, even without a corona test, you can be listed as a “probable COVID-19 patient.”

    It gets worse. Based on possibly unrelated subjective criteria, up to 15 people in possible contact with that “probable” case were also listed as “probable cases.” And “probable cases” were considered cases. Presto! Texas is in panic and mandatory masks and other draconian measures imposed. Further, the Texas health officials added to the fears by reporting hospitals in the state were being flooded by corona patients. Yet when contacted, Houston hospital directors themselves, said they were nowhere near actual capacity and in fact were about the same level as they were last year. Texas has a Republican Governor and is a critical state for Trump in November.

    Florida Too…

    In Florida where the Republican Governor came under heavy media attack for allowing the beaches to open and other steps, as cases there were dramatically down in “The Sunshine State,” the recent spike in corona “positive” cases is equally suspicious. A local Florida TV station became alerted when they saw a breakdown of lab tests many of which showed that 100% of all tests were “positive.” The TV station contacted test labs across the state. What they found was eye-opening.

    TV reporter Charles Billi noted, “We found numerous labs that are only reporting positive test results, so they show a 100-percent positivity rate. That got our attention.” They located twenty-two labs that reported 100-percent positivity rates. Two labs reported 91.18-percent positivity rates. Such results suggest something rotten somewhere. Further investigation showed that many labs did not even report negative results. But when the TV journalists contacted the various labs to question the shocking numbers, data suspiciously changed. One lab, Orlando Health, had a 98 percent positivity rate. “However, when FOX 35 News contacted the hospital, they confirmed errors in the report. Orlando Health’s positivity rate is only 9.4 percent, not 98 percent as in the report.” Similarly, Orlando Veteran’s Medical Center had a positivity rate of 76 percent. “A spokesperson for the VA told FOX 35 News on Tuesday that this does not reflect their numbers and that the positivity rate for the center is actually 6 percent.” That is a huge difference.

    No surprise that COVID-19 “infections” showed an alarming rise in Florida in recent weeks. As of July 14 Florida state health officials had not replied to requests from the journalists for comment.

    Citing a dramatic rise in corona positive tested persons, California Democrat governor Gavin Newsome on July 14 reversed his decision to allow reopening of schools, offices, public malls and churches, though protest marches like Antifa or BLM are permitted, it seems. That decision in a state of 40 million and the largest state economy, will deal a severe blow to any USA economic recovery before November. Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom last month ordered that ballots be mailed to all of California’s 20.6 million voters for the Nov. 3 general election.

    Changed Narrative

    These cases indicate the huge, stinking miasma surrounding the entire subject of risk to the American population from SARS COV-2 and a political agenda that could have ominous consequences for the democratic process in America.

    The influential political forces backing the NIH guru Tony “trust science” Fauci– who has been consistently wrong in his advice, but always pushing the most draconian lockdowns and testing and vaccines–clearly are trying to continue the destructive lockdown until the November US elections. They seem willing to engage in any and every manipulation and panic promotion to do that. Now they have simply changed the narrative. Three months ago Fauci and others said the goal of the lockdowns and social distancing—something never before done in modern public health—was to “flatten the curve” of new coronavirus cases so hospitals would not be overloaded. That overload rarely happened. Now with hospitals nearly empty across the nation, the narrative has shifted to the meaningless number “new coronavirus cases,” which in fact mean new numbers tested with tests whose reliability has repeatedly been called “unsatisfactory” or worse.

    Stanford University’s Dr. John Ioannidis points out that the COVID-19 fatality rate for those under the age of 45 is “almost zero,” and between the ages of 45 and 70, it’s somewhere between 0.05% and 0.3%. So, the fact that young and middle-aged adults are testing positive in large numbers is not a warning sign of an impending onslaught of deaths, as the risk of death in these age groups is minuscule. The COVID19 Curve has been “flattened.” Politics is steering the USA COVID-19 events, but not the politics Fauci and the Governor of California claim. This could have catastrophic social and economic consequences if it continues.

    F. William Engdahl is strategic risk consultant and lecturer, he holds a degree in politics from Princeton University and is a best-selling author on oil and geopolitics, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”
    "Earth is currently restricted today for normal development of timeline progress. With us telling you everything would change everything."

    Website: Information Machine

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    Default Re: The Continuing Search For The Truth

    Truthstream Media | It's Time to Revisit "The Truman Show" | July 29, 2020

    Source: TruthstreamMedia.com

    "Earth is currently restricted today for normal development of timeline progress. With us telling you everything would change everything."

    Website: Information Machine

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    Default Re: The Continuing Search For The Truth

    Diana Johnstone | Memoir of a World Watcher | Guns & Butter

    Source: gunsandbutter.org

    We discuss Diana Johnstone’s memoir, "Circle in the Darkness"; Yugoslavia under Tito; bombing of Serbia; Camp Bondsteel; spook revelation journalism; Paris in 1968; anti-war movement of the ‘60s; legacy of Charles de Gaulle; Europe occupied since WWII; the Greens; Maastricht and Lisbon Treaties; neoliberal counterrevolution in the 1980s; finance capital; internationalism v nationalism; privatization; financial institutions living off of sovereign debt; austerity; Yellow Vests a revival of an economic left; Antifa enforcing the establishment position; Responsibility to Protect (R2P) a rule to break national sovereignty; destruction of Libya by NATO; new phase of capitalism called ‘green’; censorship of intellectual discussion.
    "Earth is currently restricted today for normal development of timeline progress. With us telling you everything would change everything."

    Website: Information Machine

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    Default Re: The Continuing Search For The Truth

    James Corbett | Shape of Compliance | Aug. 5, 2020

    Source: ochelli.com, corbetteport.com

    James Corbett spoke with Chuck about topics ranging from Eugenics and the snitch society to Black and Gray Markets. Can you wake up your friends and family? Plus Chuck asked James what he thought about the nearly 3,000-ton ammonium nitrate explosion in Beirut.

    Show Notes:
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    "Earth is currently restricted today for normal development of timeline progress. With us telling you everything would change everything."

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    Default Re: The Continuing Search For The Truth

    The WHO has made a handy-dandy guide on how to debate vaccine deniers. Today on #PropagandaWatch, James delves into the document and examines its ideas.

    How To Deal With Vocal Vaccine Deniers (42 min)

    SHOW NOTES: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=37320

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    Default Re: The Continuing Search For The Truth

    The Corbett Report | Only Sociopaths Reject the New Normal! - #PropagandaWatch | Aug. 25, 2020

    Source: corbettreport.com

    Do you have any questions or concerns about the COVID-19 containment measures? Do you hesitate to don your mask, practice proper social distancing, or (eventually) roll up your sleeve for the experimental mRNA vaccine? Then you're a sociopath who needs to be dealt with, according to a team of researchers from Brazil.

    Join James as he explores this latest attempt to pathologize political dissent, the horrific history of the weaponization of psychology for political purposes, and what this tells us about the coming biosecurity paradigm. -corbettreport.com

    Show Notes: corbettreport.com
    "Earth is currently restricted today for normal development of timeline progress. With us telling you everything would change everything."

    Website: Information Machine

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    Default Re: The Continuing Search For The Truth

    World Rising Up Against the Lockdowns As Protests Mount (19 min)
    Welcome back to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:
    Story #1: “Unite for Freedom” Protest on August 29th
    Coronavirus Protests Across the World

    BREAKING: Germany Bans Coronavirus Protest; Berlin Senator labels protesters “right wing extremists”
    Story #2: The Carney/Freeland “Green Reset” Shapes Canada’s ‘New Normal’
    Chrystia Freeland Sworn In As Finance Minister; Parliament Prorogued
    Story #3: CRISPR - New Genetic Engineering Techniques Pose Numerous Risks
    PDF: “Broadening the GMO Risk Assessment In the EU For Genome Editing Technologies In Agriculture”

    Glyphosate Herbicide Harms Even GM Glyphosate-Tolerant Soybeans

    Could Injectable Microrobots One Day Run In Your Veins?

    Florida Approves Release of 750 Million GM Mosquitoes Amidst Public Outcry

    Suspect In #TaosCompound Case Found Incompetent To Stand Trial

    United Arab Emirates Sells Out Palestine for Israel

    Australian Drones to Find People Not Wearing Masks, Driving Too Far From Home

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    Default Re: The Continuing Search For The Truth

    The Fatal Attraction of Techno-Fascism
    by Mark Petrakis
    Source: off-guardian.org

    Those who are serious in ridiculous matters will be ridiculous in serious matters.
    -Cato the Elder

    The enduring beauty of fascism is that it requires so little from us… so little independent thought; just our basic belief and adherence to a limited set of popularly-shared directives and narratives that once fully accepted, relieve us of the need to address stubborn questions or to fret over subtle differences of opinion and feeling.

    Propaganda reassures us that we are complete, that we know all there is to know, that we are rational, pragmatic and pure, that the science has been settled and that we are a part of something special.

    Such a surrender to reductionist narratives cuts across all classes and income brackets. Neither the most educated nor the least uneducated retain any special advantage in the face of powerful consensus-shaping propaganda.

    PROPAGANDA is, of course, the life-blood of fascist control. Maintaining the economic, governmental and scientific frameworks of a technocratic-fascist “operating system” is unthinkable without propaganda and disinformation. When truth is seen as a liability to power, it must always be disallowed, and all instances of it effectively penalized.

    Radio and television and their constant enabler, popular “science” – operate today as their own religions, reliant for their success upon the devotion of the masses. As McLuhan told us, the experience of electronic media is always more powerful than the specific messaging it contains.

    The currency that we use to pay for the electronic spectacle is our attention, and in such hyper-mediated times as these, the charges mount up exponentially, until we find ourselves saddled with soul-crushing denial and disconnection.

    Three defining historical moments (among many) have defined the confluence of fascism, propaganda and technology.

    1. The fundamental principles of propaganda were first defined 100 years ago by Edward Bernays, often referred to as the father of public relations.

    2. Joseph Goebbels served as Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. The stunning successful lessons of his Nazi propaganda programs were not lost on the world’s political and economic leaders in the post-war era, and in the time since then.

    3. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was founded in 1947, for the expressed purpose of conducting secret intelligence operations that could serve political aims at the same time they generated huge and untraceable profits. The extent of the CIA’s illegal enterprises necessitated the creation and maintenance of a permanent ministry of disinformation, managed by our own taxpayer-funded “Shadow Government” and “Deep State.”

    In retrospect then, it is clear that these propaganda campaigns have proven SO successful, that even today, few of us ever realize how ongoing, vast and wide-spread they are.

    Propaganda’s efficacy is so indisputable, that it is commonly the case that those who are the most certain that they are NOT among the propagandized, are in fact its most overt victims.

    Corporate media focuses on those stories they are paid to propagate, i.e., those which support the financial and ideological
    agendas of their owners, who themselves are all, without exception, central parts of the larger global ruling oligarchy.

    A key part of the propagandist’s handbook is to simply leave unexplored stories that they are NOT given approval to manage and control; stories which, we might assume, do not generate sufficient advantage for the owners. Such calculated sins of omission are essential to keeping the mass of believers unperturbed by the vagaries of complexity in the delivery of their daily dogmas.

    If an individual were to insist upon learning more about any of these less-discussed stories, they would soon arrive at the realization that while an abundance of relevant facts can easily be found, and often hidden in plain sight, the truth is that most people simply do not WANT to know, think or talk about any such truths that differ from those accepted by their peers, for whom cognitive dissonance causes such literal pain and disorientation, as to keep them docile and compliant to the dictates of the media.

    As McLuhan said:

    Only the small secrets need to be protected. The large ones are kept secret by public incredulity.

    Perhaps, the grandest illusion of all, and which must be maintained at all costs, is that both the world and the stories we tell of it, must be made to appear as though they are generated randomly. It must always appear that the media’s coverage and the comments of experts are entirely free from any preconceived manipulation.

    In the terminology of the media, news must always be “Breaking!” – even though in reality, we know the news more closely resembles a cooking show, where ingredients are chopped and sliced before-hand, after which they are mixed and served up live on camera in ways that keep the public hooked on happy hash-slinging and enticingly-scripted recipes.

    Technocratic-Fascism, the advanced fusion of the multinational technology-dominated corporatocracy with the authoritarian global and surveillance state, allows its initiates to believe they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Witness the magical left’s lockstep belief in the pure villainy of Donald Trump, or the magical right’s equally lockstep belief in Trump as a self-sacrificing national hero.

    Clearly both parties to the constant heist of human freedom need each other to better manage their greed for consumer profit and civilian control. Such mental assaults secondarily require that all truthful motives remain hidden and obfuscated in a fog of weaponized storytelling.

    This accounts of course for the abiding value of bull****, does it not? Bull**** effectively misleads without upsetting the natural order of things, without irreversibly tearing apart the fabric of credibility. Nothing can stand in the way of the constant flow of messaging, profit and growth, which are after all, the primary justifications for all this deceptive disorder.

    This is another aspect of what makes technocratic-fascism so irresistible; in realizing how effective it is at knowing us better than we know ourselves. The assumption is that if we were to know ourselves better than the stories we are told, we would not be seduced by such obvious lies. Since we don’t, our “betters” are left with no choice but to keep up the constant barrage of lies, at least until our thinking eventually locks up and we capitulate and collapse, like a stack of wooden blocks.

    If for example, we did not always obey or give our attention to propaganda, we would soon grow alarmed by the many contradictions that we are told exist, say between the Covid monster and the daily vaporous disease statistics, or between maskers and non-maskers, between vaxxers and anti-vaxxers, between crushing economic destruction and the mewling need for safety, between the lunatic left and the lunatic right, between black and whites, between males and females… between one piece of orthogonal bull**** and another equally opposing piece of bull****.

    ALL of these dichotomies, of course, are at some fundamental level FALSE… every last one of them, each constructed by skilled media professionals and put in place to overwhelm our critical thinking and that of millions of others from seeing what’s really going on in the limitless background.

    In this remarkably cost-efficient way, human energy and intelligence are siphoned off, and directed towards the task of turning us into helplessly confused and easily-controllable “lab rats,” forcibly cut off from each other, lest we experience ourselves as intelligent and sovereign beings. If something like that were to happen, the driving agendas of big business and global governance to keep us marching in lockstep towards a more divided and disempowered fate, would soon disintegrate.

    It is in such a state of debilitating surrender that we are divided one subset “targeted” demographic against another; all herded into a wicked mental trap with one side thinking one thing, while the other side thinks something else – such that half of us hate the other and the other half hate the other right back.

    At this point, and after so many years of unqualified victories for the industries supported by the propaganda industry, the pathetic truth is that propaganda doesn’t even NEED to be that entertaining anymore. Knowing they have the situation in tow, the purveyors of propaganda can save a ton of money by just being sensational, confrontational and redundant in their narratives.

    Recall this quote from the singular Frank Zappa:

    The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.

    Once we have learned to carry on absent the need for verifiable truth, or without the need to discern authentic and honest voices from deceitful and manipulative ones, we gradually lose our interest in so-called “truth,” preferring instead to keep splashing about in unsubstantiated speculation, pompous judgments and opinionated fluff.

    Let’s be honest…the only people who might actually CARE what any of us think about the blaring big topics of the day (masks or vaccines or climate change or Black Lives Matter, etc.) are other equally thin-skinned victims of propaganda, who much like the majority of us, still believe that the government cares about them and that the mainstream media is telling them the truth.

    That is why a growing number of people have given up on the media’s crudely fictional depiction of reality, and are instead trying to figure out how to thrive and to reconnect energetically with others – and with truths that can only exist OUTSIDE the reach of the propaganda ‘spectacle.”

    The media, of course, with their sophisticated surveillance tracking tools knows full well when there is an uptick in negative reactions to their toxic narratives, but since it is also aware that it is after all pushing nothing but sugar water bull****, it is left with little choice but to double-down and turn the levels up even higher… thus ramming even more bull**** at us.

    Whacky Joe Biden, Greedy Green Greta, Covid, Aunt Jemima Race Wars and endless offenses… all come at us so fast and so hard as to leave us bent and broke under the weight of it all, as we stumble around like headless chickens desperately trying to win the approval of our friends by looking like we are at least doing the only “acceptable” thing.

    Arriving at his frenzied point of screwball hyper-polarization, is the essential endgame of Propaganda… locking us into its agenda, at the same time it demands that we think we are making these choices of our own FREE WILL!

    To get us to that point though, they must keep us constantly preoccupied; agitated, offended, attacking each other and defending ourselves against all threats, both real and imagined. The more they can get us ensnared in mind-numbing opinions and outrages, the less energy and attention will be left to notice the deeper more manipulative agendas of techno-fascism.

    Mid 20th Century fascism was woefully limited in its capacities and in what it could extract from its victims… and yet still it worked! The new technocratic-fascism is here to mine the population for all the bio-capital commodification it can. Those who can invent the most efficient and ingenious means of converting human confusion, poverty, crime and illness into impact markets will quickly take their place among the prior generations’ titans of technology.

    Once you step back far enough though to experience the sheer SCALE of this ongoing and unlimited propaganda WAR on us, it grows a bit easier to see why so few are able to escape the media’s influence. Oh, for a while perhaps, you can rise above it… but eventually, you will get pulled back down into the muck. Even if you kill your TV, unplug yourself from your media feeds, and turn off the Wi-Fi, each of us, at some point, will relapse and fall off the wagon.

    This is because propaganda is not just about what’s in the news or in the media. It’s even more importantly about the broadly consensual layers of social hallucination that are created and shared across all of society, which make it difficult for any of us to function socially, absent those commonly shared reference points and signals that we have convinced ourselves are required in order to allay our anxiety, confusion and isolation… all of which are primary raisons d’etres for propaganda in the first place.

    I wish there was one simple way to break propaganda’s voodoo spell. There isn’t. I’m not even sure how to do that for myself, or how I can avoid falling prey to it again, just as I and most of us have done for the great majority of our lives.

    What seems obvious to me now is that propaganda in the service of a transhumanist-centered technology has become so pervasive and insidiously forceful, that in many ways, our thinking has ceased to be entirely our own, and that the portion of our soul that remains recognizable as uniquely us, is shrinking fast.

    The effect of all this leaves our spirits infected, and easily convertible into compliant puppets under the top-down control of truly diabolically puppet masters, who in order to keep us subservient to their untruths, and to doing whatever we are told, have become masterful at pretending to be something they are not.

    This is perfectly exemplified in the character of Bill Gates, who working with his Bain and Co. handlers and account managers, (who previously managed the Iraq War for Dick Cheney) have constructed these elaborate biopharma/ biocapital/ vaccine public health/fear narratives and investment pyramids that are then fed to the media and Wall Street, who reheat and serve them to the public, generating criminal profits while making such that Mr. Gates is always portrayed as an altruistic philanthropist and protector of the public… when any fool can see he is nothing of the sort.

    NOT seeing just how obvious and laughable propaganda campaigns have become in this one-size fits all era, leaves us painfully vulnerable and ready to be further subsumed by more of the same.

    The complexity of today’s master plans for disinformation are unparalleled compared to the past. Looking back to the 1950’s and 60’s, when all the above long-term plans for centralized and technocratic control were slowly being tested, being part of America’s growing middle-class was actually a pretty sweet deal. It is in a return to more bucolic and “normal” times as these that we pin our nostalgic hopes, by the media but especially by politicians.

    Desperation is the raw material of drastic change. Only those who can leave behind everything they have ever believed in, can hope to escape.
    -William S. Burroughs

    Looking at our world, we can see that the reach and authority of the transnational global capitalists who run the world’s nation-sized casinos has been cemented. All systems are now in place, up and running LIVE on that criminal syndicate’s vast web of networks. Each one of us has by now been targeted by them for some form of surveillance and financialization – just as “nature” has, just as “disease” has, just as “social justice” has, just as everything will eventually.

    The “A.I. control grids” are all active and expanding. The technocratic agendas are now fully ready for prime-time. We have been gradually “shepherded” by propaganda and psychological torture techniques, just as we have also been physically compromised by toxins in the geo-engineered air and water, by disruptive electromagnetic frequency radiation, by weaponized technologies that include the release of nano-particulates inside our bodies (either by way of inhalation or injection) which are then governed by oxygen-absorbing 5G which at the higher millimeter wave frequency, will bring remote alteration of our very DNA under the “persistent” control of A.I., which will guide the process of transmuting us into commodities, into plunderable assets, into digitally-regulated and genetically modified “livestock.”

    Sadly, this is where decades of constant acquiescence to propaganda and institutional hypnosis has brought us…bent over, staring at our shoes and bracing for the “BIG ONE.”

    I remember in my own youth, being convinced that the evil genius of Hitler and Nazism had somehow transformed the mass of decent German people into BEASTS, possessed by demons, as if in a dark fairy tale… into something less than human.

    We know that once we begin to regard others as LESS than us…as something OTHER than us, it is only a short step to unleashing our hate upon them, even to the point of becoming violent and criminal.

    Needless to say, these very same psychological imperatives are everywhere apparent today; in how we are instructed by propaganda to regard the Chinese, Russians, Muslims, white supremacist Trumpers, deluded depraved liberals, defective racists, misogynist sexists and quivering face-ists (with their acute disdain for anyone who questions the dogma of e-mask-ulation.)

    Same as it ever was, you might say, but as we approach the much-touted singularity with its accompanying convergence of man and machine, how will the media respond in the face of that Huxleyan “solution?” In that light, how might propaganda shift its focus?

    I expect it will change-up the pitch and tell us that THIS time, things will be different. This time won’t be like last time. No, this time, things will have changed, so that we will no longer be “brainwashed” by the media as we were before. No, when the coming big change happens to us, it will not be like that. We will rather be transformed into advanced independent humans augmented by perfectly blended combinations of technology, science and engineering.

    Our DNA will be carefully crafted by brilliant doctors and scientists to enhance only the “preferred” qualities in their human subjects, and under their wise direction, we will gladly do as we are told. For so great a future, we will willingly offer our support and so grow accustomed to our new life, lest we become like those poor unfortunate souls, so lost in their unreason, that they cannot fully appreciate the wisdom that derives from enthusiastically embracing PROGRESS.

    In our leaders inspired and time-tested plans, we will of course have every convenience at our fingertips, such that doors will magically open when we approach. We will be able to download all manner of rich media and data with the blink of an eye. We will be as supermen.

    Our definitions of what is valuable and what is not, will fluidly shift to suit changing circumstances. We will see ourselves as the very picture of modernity, and the envy of the world…just as we have always been. We will be as American as our multi-racial forefathers, even though they lived in unenlightened times…long before today’s great social justice transformation allowed us, their proud descendants, to wake each day into this glistening new world.

    In such a world, when we ask ourselves what we might be grateful for, we will no longer need to struggle for an answer. We will know exactly what is good, true and beautiful and we will commit ourselves to those lofty ideals each and every day.

    Therein too, and most mercilessly, resides the fatal beauty of technocratic-fascism.
    "Earth is currently restricted today for normal development of timeline progress. With us telling you everything would change everything."

    Website: Information Machine

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    Default Re: The Continuing Search For The Truth

    Fabricating a Pandemic – Who Could Organize It and Why

    Source: globalresearch.ca

    By Dr. Gregory Sinaisky
    Global Research, September 08, 2020
    OffGuardian 6 September 2020

    It is difficult not to notice something contrived in the currently announced “pandemic” of the Novel Covid-19 virus. Media coverage of this event has all the hallmarks of a coordinated hysterical campaign, namely:
    • the use of emotions instead of numbers and logic (for example videos showing allegedly overflowing hospitals and morgues, which can easily be staged or occur due to a natural situation unrelated to Covid-19)
    • the refusal to even mention the most obvious counter-arguments (for example, the media will never compare the number of deaths caused by flu in recent years with Covid-19 deaths)
    • and the complete censorship of all opinions that disagree with the mainstream media narrative, even those that come from recognised experts.

    We have witnessed the publication of numerous fake stories, like the CNN report about bodies being left on the streets in Ecuador which was later debunked. We have frequently seen hysterical headlines that are not supported in any way by the contents of the article.

    Finally, the national, as well as the local coverage, is always vague, never saying who exactly is ill or what they’ve got, or whether they are at home or in a hospital, and they never say how they treat the disease. Vagueness in media is a sure sign of lying.

    Out of any proportion to reality, the mass media continues to drone on ominously that this is the New Normal, and that we might as well get used to it, that the world will never be as it was before the coronavirus. This is nothing more and nothing less than classic psychological warfare.

    Why would a viral outbreak require “psy-ops”, that is, unless something larger was afoot?

    The mainstream media as usual labels everybody who objects to their version of events a “Conspiracy Theorist.”

    However, in addition to usual roster of sceptics like James Corbett or Del Bigtree, we now have many established scientists and doctors publicly questioning the version of events that is being presented by the mainstream media and governments.

    These are, to name a few: Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, a professor emeritus at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and former head of the Institute for Medical Microbiology; Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, a member of PACE; Prof Dolores Cahill, Vice Chair of the IMI Scientific Committee (she has more important titles than I can fit here); Dr Peer Eifler from Austria; Dr Claus Köhnlein; Dr Scott Jensen, Minnesota Senator; Harvey A. Risch, professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health.

    Each one of these intelligent, articulate and trustworthy people with top credentials disagree with the official story.

    All these doctors accuse media, governments and WHO of fabricating the Covid pandemic and abusing their powers by taking extreme measures in the face of a disease that has shown no signs of being any worse than a typical seasonal flu.

    Some of these doctors add even more disturbing accusations, namely, that some patients died because doctors used a wrong treatment protocol, that medical authorities were directed to list ‘coronavirus’ as the cause of death even when no coronavirus analysis was made, that many deaths were caused by putting people with active Covid-19 into nursing homes and, finally, that a drug capable of saving hundreds of thousands of lives is being denied to the population.

    The question is…is this campaign of fear a spontaneous overreaction to a new virus, or was it organized by somebody to achieve some malicious goals?

    If we conclude that the pandemic indeed is fake, the worldwide media campaign manufactured, government officials and WHO bribed or coerced, then further questions arise. Is there anyone who has the ability to pull this off?

    If yes, then why did they do it, and how?

    Long before this “pandemic” we heard talk that we are living through a time of crisis, but it seems nobody ever fully identifies the crisis or what caused it. In our view, the false pandemic is closely related to this crisis and it is impossible to understand current events without a clear understanding of the crisis.

    A short answer to the questions posed above: we live in a unique time, at the tail end of a European colonial project that existed for 500 years, making Europe and the US the richest, most influential part of the world and the envy of most of its inhabitants.

    From the end of WWII through the 1960’s, this colonial project was gradually replaced by neo-colonialism, controlled almost exclusively by US plutocrats. In the last 10-20 years, the systems of neo-colonialism began to break down due to the economic rise of China and also due to the degeneration of Western elites. In recent years, what we call the Free World maintains its way of life simply by going deeper and deeper into debt.

    This situation cannot continue indefinitely, and very soon we can expect an abrupt fall in the standard of living in the US, the UK and most European countries, accompanied by tremendous social upheavals. The US plutocracy has no economic or military means to stop this collapse.

    A clever solution would be to pin the blame on a natural phenomenon, like a disease, and then justify any amount of violence necessary to keep the problems resulting from the crisis under control.

    US plutocrats conveniently control most of the world’s media and have a huge network of “charitable” foundations and affiliated NGO institutions all over the world. This network has been used for generations as a tool for influencing media, educational institutions, governments and international organizations, for social engineering and ideological control.

    We will now discuss above short thesis in more detail.

    Is such a campaign at all possible?

    Is there somebody out there who is capable of organising a world-wide media campaign supported by governments and international organisations?

    Yes, we can be sure that such players exist because we have a recent example of one such media campaign that was clearly artificially created.

    Coincidentally, this campaign was also aimed at convincing the population that we are in immediate danger, and that it will require drastic measures to save us.

    I mean, of course, the Greta Thunberg campaign.

    In no time at all, a 13-year-old girl was elevated to a position of worldwide prominence by mysterious agents. Whoever organised this campaign was also able to arrange for Greta to speak at the United Nations, the European Parliament, the Davos Economic Forum and so on. On top of this, Amnesty International gave her an award. This makes no sense unless Amnesty International is directed from the same center that command our “independent” mainstream media.

    Just recently the first Gulbenkian Foundation Prize for Humanity, about one million Euros, was given to Greta. She was called “one of the most remarkable figures of our days” and a “charismatic and inspiring personality.”

    It would be highly unlikely, to say the least, that journalists all over the world became simultaneously fascinated by this little girl and the simple-minded message she was coached to deliver. It is equally unlikely that the UN, the Davos Forum and the European Parliament all independently decided that her platitudes were something interesting and important for them to hear in person. And I am sure that the people in Amnesty International and the Gulbenkian Foundation are not so deranged as to sincerely believe in Greta’s greatness.

    To believe that this campaign was caused exclusively by the virtues of Greta would be as naive as believing the 1960’s Soviet media campaign that once glorified the “simple Soviet girl” who wanted to donate her eyes to blind USA Communist party leader Henry Winston came into existence because of sincere journalistic interest in this “heroine” instead of being commanded by the Politburo.

    Thus we can safely conclude that forces capable of organising worldwide media campaigns and influence the corridors of power do exist.

    Volumes have been written about plutocratic control of the American media, among them “Manufacturing Consent” by Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky, “The Media Monopoly” by Ben Bagdikian, “Taking the Risk out of Democracy” by Alex Carey, “Media Control” and “Necessary Illusions” by Noam Chomsky.

    Already in 1928, Edward Bernays, considered the father of public relations in America, wrote:
    In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”
    Noam Chomsky put it more bluntly:
    Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the US media.”
    Note that control over the US media is achieved without requiring direct ownership of it. Herman and Chomsky quote Sir George Lewis, that the market would promote those papers
    enjoying the preference of the advertising public… advertisers thus acquired a de facto licensing authority since, without their support, newspapers ceased to be economically viable.”
    Of course, only big advertisers can exercise significant political clout over the media. In the next part of our article we will describe an even more important source of media control, the so-called “charitable” foundations.

    To a substantial extent, the mainstream media outside of the US is also controlled by American plutocrats.

    Control is achieved in large part because the overwhelming majority of newspapers around the world get their international stories from three (3) news agencies. Two out of the three big news agencies, Reuters and Associated Press, are directly controlled by American plutocrats.

    The role of news agencies is analysed in the article titled “The Propaganda Multiplier” published in Off-Guardian. In one particular case study, the geopolitical coverage in nine leading daily newspapers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland was examined for diversity and journalistic performance.

    The results confirm a high dependence on global news agencies (from 63% to 90% of content, excluding commentaries and interviews) and the lack of their own investigative research.

    More direct methods of control are described, for example, in the book Journalists for Hire: How the CIA Buys the News by Dr. Udo Ulfkotte. Dr. Ulfkotte died from heart attack at a relatively young age shortly after publishing his book in 2014. An English translation of his book is already for years listed as “Currently unavailable” on Amazon.

    The invisible hand of the free market is refusing to bring this book to its readers. Although Dr. Ulfkotte mentions only the CIA in the title of his book, he makes it clear that “charitable” foundations are also heavily involved in foreign media control.

    The hardest part to understand is how governments all over the world were forced to accept the media narratives during this false pandemic.

    To start with, most governments have no independent capacity to evaluate medical events and they have no choice other than to accept WHO advice. Furthermore, US government and globalist medical organizations used their influence.

    One of the very few heads of state who dared to reject the coronavirus panic, Belarusian President Lukashenko, testified that he was offered 950 million dollars from the IMF and the World Bank if he would introduce quarantine, isolation and curfew “like in Italy”.

    The plutocratic influence network

    To organise a worldwide campaign changing life in the whole world, a force that deserves to be called a shadow government is needed. Theodore Roosevelt, who was US President from 1901 to 1909, informed the world that:
    Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.”
    He called this shadow government “the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics.”

    However, to run a shadow government on such a scale, one needs large, well-financed institutions. Skull & Bones, the Masons or the Illuminati would not do. It would require an extensive network of institutions that employ well-paid professionals who are given reliable career paths.

    The only way to run such an extensive network (designed, as it were, for essentially nefarious purposes) would be to keep it in full view, but disguised with an innocent appearing cover. US plutocrats a long time ago found the perfect cover story that would allow them to establish shadow government institutions.

    These institutions are masked as “charitable” foundations. The foundations act through financing wide networks of “think tanks” and NGO’s all over the world, and therefore their power is not constrained by national boundaries.

    The most notorious foundations are, to name but a few: The Rockefeller Foundation, The Ford Foundation, the Open Society Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

    One important line of foundation activity is helping careers of servile journalists, scholars and experts lifting them into positions of prominence. Foundations aid struggling journalists and academics by giving them “prestigious” prizes, fellowships and research grants. Though мany of these professionals will spend most or all of their careers in university and government being supported mostly by taxpayer money, they get these lucrative and prestigious appointments due to their history of conformity to foundation agenda.

    For example, nothing will help a recent PhD in political or social sciences to get a tenure-track professorship position better than being awarded a grant by a foundation. In this way, foundations leverage their money by elevating professionals that have shown their fidelity to positions supported by state money in the amounts much greater than the money they have spent for prizes, fellowships and grants. The result is that, though few people occationally rebel, most of professionals in ideological sphere understand the game and toe the line.

    Foundations often collaborate closely with the CIA, but it would be incorrect to say that the foundations are controlled by the CIA. It is rather that the same people who control the foundations, also control the government -including the CIA. Both systems are merely parts of a larger system that freely shares cadres between entities; this is often referred to as the “revolving door”. As an example, Reuel Marc Gerecht, a former CIA officer, is now a senior fellow at the “Foundation for Defense of Democracies.”

    As we mentioned above, foundations act through think tanks and NGOs. Hundreds or thousands of these organisations exist. Here we will not make the effort to classify them and enumerate them. We will simply call all the foundations, together with think tanks and NGOs, the Plutocratic Influence Network (PIN).

    The Plutocratic Influence Network is involved in ideological control, social engineering, and direct subversion of “dictatorships,” meaning regimes that do not allow American plutocrats to exploit their countries. Plutocratic media prefers to call PIN “Civil Society,” cleverly disguising PIN as a loose network of independent citizen initiatives and the basis of democracy.

    Here is what think tanks do, according to Martin S. Indyk, vice president and director of the Foreign Policy Program at Brookings, one of the oldest and most prestigious think tanks in Washington:
    Our business is to influence policy with scholarly, independent research, based on objective criteria, and to be policy-relevant, we need to engage policy makers,”
    Of course, “objective research” never brings results which are contrary to plutocratic interests.

    According to Matt Taibbi:
    the largest dozen or so of these privately funded ‘research institutions’ have an immense impact on public discourse. The Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and the Cato Institute exist solely to produce research and commentary that will influence public opinion. They have fancy halls in which to hold press conferences and roundtables and their hired help – people like Heritage’s Cohen and Carnegie’s McFaul – wait virtually around the clock for journalists to call.”
    Think tanks also receive money directly from corporations and from Western governments. To complicate things further, foundations make grants to each other and occasionally to private companies.

    The scale of foundation and think tank activity is enormous. According to political commentator Vladimir Simonov, in 2004 there were at least 2,000 Russian non-governmental organisations that live on US grants and other forms of financial assistance.” Many millions of dollars are spent on “nurturing some ‘independent press centres’, ‘public commissions’ and ‘charity foundations’” (RIA Novosti June 1, 2004).

    The diabolical horns of the foundations pop up in the most unexpected places. The World Health Organisation, which most presume is a public resource, is “generously” supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF).

    Swissmedic, the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products, (which sounds like the epitome of cleanness and neutrality) is also supported by BMGF. There is little doubt that we will find foundation money in hundreds of other organisations we had presumed neutral.

    We can only guess how this money will influence bureaucrats and thus put much larger amounts of taxpayer money under foundation control. As experience shows, bureaucrats and politicians are surprisingly easy to bribe. All it takes is a little additional money for travel or a few conferences in nice places. Or it might be small bonuses on top of their salaries, or an opportunity to get a well-paid and honourable position after retirement or good jobs for bureaucrat’s relatives and friends.

    While it is difficult to penetrate the secretive world of the Plutocratic Influence Network, sometimes events occur that show us the degree of coordinated control inside it. What is the connection between Transparency International (TI) and the Covid fake pandemic?

    Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, previously a distinguished member of TI’s Board of Directors, publicly denied the existence of the pandemic. In response, Transparency International removed D. Wolfgang Wodarg from its board. The situation is bizarre.

    Dr Wodarg (who is a medical doctor) had expressed his own professional opinion which was in no way related to his work at TI. The censorship of TI can only be explained by an order from those who fund and control it, i.e. the same Plutocratic Influence Network which, in our opinion, organised the whole Covid campaign.

    Any serious investigation into the Plutocratic Influence Network requires huge resources and political will. The US Congress tried to investigate foundations only twice, the first time between 1913-1915 (the Walsh Commission) and then in 1954 (the Reece Committee).

    The Walsh Commission was created to study industrial relations and touched foundations only tangentially. Its final report in 1915 points out that the goal of a foundation is not charity, at least not in the original meaning of this word, but ideological control over education and media:
    The domination by the men in whose hands the final control of a large part of American industry rests is not limited to their employees, but is being rapidly extended to control the education and “social service” of the nation. This control is being extended largely through the creation of enormous privately managed funds for indefinite purposes, hereinafter designated as “foundations,” by the endowment of colleges and universities, by the creation of funds for the pensioning of teachers, by contributing to private charities as well as through controlling or influencing the public press.
    Read more: Democracy and the Future of the United States

    The Reece Committee did a more comprehensive investigation, which however did not come to completion because it was sabotaged by powerful forces in Congress. Nevertheless, a lot of valuable materials were collected, and in 1958, Rene A. Wormser, a member of the Committee, published a book, Foundations: Their Power and Influence, in which he described the results of the investigation.

    We have no space here to review this book and will limit ourselves to some short quotes.

    Wormser notes a great (and dire) influence that foundation-financed social research has on government:
    Many of these scholars…serve as “experts” and advisers to numerous governmental agencies. Social scientists may be said to have come to constitute a fourth major branch of government. They are the consultants of the government, the planners, and the designers of governmental theory and practice.

    They are free from the checks and balances to which the other three branches of government (legislative, executive, and judicial) are subject. They have attained their influence and their position in government through foundation support.
    What is more, much of this research can be classified as “scientism,” that is, pseudo-science pretending to be as objective as physics, but in fact giving results that are desired by those who run the show.

    Wormser quotes the 1925 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace report which openly states its antidemocratic coercive goals:
    Underneath and behind all these undertakings there remains the task to instruct and to enlighten public opinion so that it may not only guide but compel the action of governments and public officers in the direction of constructive progress.”
    The book also describes briefly a blatant case of social engineering by the Rockefeller Foundation, when they supported the fake sex research of Dr. Kinsey. The Kinsey Reports went on to eventually cause tremendous changes in the private lives of Americans.

    Here we can conclude that the Plutocratic Influence Network was created for influencing education, public opinion and governments. It may even alter our most basic and private attitudes by making use of covert propaganda and fake social “research”. The plutocrats have huge resources and many thousands of trained professionals to perform these tasks. Therefore, they are very likely to have the appropriate tools required to create a false pandemic.

    We will talk about their specific techniques and goals below.

    What crisis?

    Since at least 2008 we have been hearing from everywhere that we live in troubled times, that a crisis is coming. According to WEF Founder Klaus Schwab, “The Great Reset” is required. The whole world order is nearing its end and new and sinister order is coming. What exactly this crisis is remains unexplained.

    As already noted in the introduction, our claim is that the much-publicised impending crisis is simply the denouement of the European colonial project that began over 500 years ago. During this period of time, Western European civilization (including its extensions, most importantly the US) led the world economically and militarily, and dominated the world’s art, science and ideology. The result of this crisis will be the loss of Europe’s leading position and a precipitous drop in the standard of living of its population.

    Western propaganda, of course, attributes the material prosperity of the West to freedom, democracy, free enterprise, free media, and human rights. And last but not least, to important contribution of feminism and LGBTQ+ rights. Though few Westerners would dare say it openly nowadays, most believe that their prosperity is also due to their superior work ethic and mental abilities.

    In fact, it is the opposite. Western prosperity is based largely upon military power, the systematic violation of the most basic freedoms and human rights in exploited countries, and systematic interference in free markets. The wealth of the West is directly connected to the misery of most of the world.

    US army bases all over the world, constant wars, bombings and drone strikes are not required for free trade and free markets. It would be naive to believe that the US Army is used to bring freedom and human rights onto benighted natives. On the contrary, armies are employed to steal resources and exploit conquered populations as cheap labour.

    For our purposes we can divide the era of colonialism into three stages, Direct Colonialism, Neo-colonialism and, more recently, the Terminal Stage of Neo-colonialism which is based on deeper and deeper levels of indebtedness.

    Western Direct Colonialism of the New World and what later became known as the Third World began in earnest over 500 years ago, but this period of direct rule gradually began to break down after the end of WWII.

    When war between Nazi Germany and the USSR was ignited, it looked like the Anglo-American domination of the post-war world was assured. Unfortunately for the West, WWII led to the rise of the Soviet Union as a global power, and the creation of a socialist China (the full implications of which were not felt until recent decades). The American establishment briefly hoped that the situation might be saved by their new nuclear weapons; however, the Soviet nuclear bomb tested in 1949 put an abrupt end to their dreams of perpetual global rule.

    Economically, though, full victory was achieved. At this point in time, the US produced 50 percent of the world’s economic output. Most technically-advanced products were manufactured only in the US and therefore sold at top prices, due to almost complete absence of competition. Their main industrial rivals, Germany and Japan, were laid in ruins.

    The US planned to prevent the rebuilding of their industries in an attempt to maintain their economic world domination indefinitely. The Morgenthau Plan was a proposal to eliminate Germany’s ability to wage war by eliminating its arms industry and its ability to compete by restricting other key German industries. Japan was completely prostrate before the American Navy and occupation forces.

    With the US economic and naval domination of the world, British, French and all the other colonies naturally began to fall under de facto control of the US. To exploit them, old style colonial direct control was no longer needed.

    Therefore the decolonization process and transition to Neo-colonialism. In establishing formal independence of former colonies, Soviet help was only of secondary importance, except in China, Korea and later Vietnam.

    Militarily and politically the West ran into a quagmire soon after WWII. The Soviet Union suddenly became a strong military rival, seizing control of Eastern Europe and immediately afterwards aiding China to liberate itself. There were strong communist parties in Italy, France and Greece; China soon began to put pressure on Asia, most significantly in Korea and Vietnam.

    To contain the Soviet Union and China, the US desperately needed allies. The only solution was to allow Germany and Japan to restore and develop their industries.

    As it turned out, this solution contained seeds of its own destruction. Over the years, German and Japanese manufacturers quickly became successful competitors, and gradually undermined American pre- eminence. America’s treatment of Germany and Japan is often presented to us as the epitome of virtuous generosity, of the beatific desire to share American-style democracy and prosperity with all the nations of the world.

    This apparent open-handedness was, however, the exception rather than the rule. If these countries had not been needed as bulwarks to contain the spread of communism, they would have been left de-industrialized, backward and exploited.

    Common tactics of neo-colonialists include bribing the local elites, providing them with weapons, loans, mercenaries, police and security services training, political and media support, offshore havens for stolen monies and the ever-present threat of direct military intervention. These methods are described in detail by Chomsky and Perkins among others.

    After the breakup of the Soviet Union and the reforms in China, it looked again, as it did during WWII, that an era of US world domination was at hand. Russia was greatly weakened, its wealth plundered. Politically, it was dominated by the US. China appeared to be nothing more than a limitless Bangladesh, an endless source of cheap labor, a loss of control by the Communist Party just a matter of time.

    Only one obstacle stood between the US and total world domination – the Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces.

    It was expected, however, that Russia could not maintain them for long. The American foreign debt, which had grown so rapidly throughout the Reagan era because of growing Germans and the Japanese competition, stopped growing under Clinton. All looked rosy. Even military expenditures were somewhat reduced under Clinton. It was the “end of history”, they proclaimed.

    And then, the victory unexpectedly turned into a crushing defeat. Putin wrestled control of Russia away from the West-friendly oligarchs and started to restore its economy, its independence, and its army. This was followed by unexpected victories over American-supported-and-armed Georgian forces in South Ossetia, then Crimea, Donbass and Syria. Russian military contractors began popping up in Libya and other African countries.

    China has become even a bigger problem. The Chinese tricked the West in a big way. The Communist Party kept the control. They attracted Western companies with cheap labor, good organization and infrastructure. And then, the Party created conditions first for copying and mastering Western technologies and later for developing their own advanced technologies. Unlike Bangladesh, they did not let hard-earned dollars to be squandered for upper-class consumption. They spent them for education, research, infrastructure and building up their own industrial might.

    With its growing economic power, China was able to do what the Soviet Union was never able to do – to displace the West economically in the Third World, which included most of Asia, Africa and Latin America. With losing its pre-eminent place at the top of the global economic pyramid, America’s foreign debt resumed its growth and has now reached truly unsustainable dimensions.

    Similar debt crises have occurred in the UK, Spain, Italy and other countries that piggy-backed onto American neo-colonialism.

    This crisis does not depend on the incompetency of Trump or the cleverness of Putin or Xi, it is entirely objective.

    For a while after the initial setbacks, the US government continued to pin its hope on the military. After 2001 the Pentagon budget was growing again, starting up new wars all around the world.

    However, these wars failed to produce the desired economic benefits. Quite the opposite. Gradually, American generals began to realize the limits of American military power. They realized that they cannot fight Russia and China under realistic scenarios. We have no space here for a more detailed analysis of this interesting and important question.

    We found only one work that attempts to quantify the “real” GDP of Western countries – one that takes into account the massive foreign trade deficit. The Awara Study on Real GDP Growth Net-of-Debt concluded that:
    The real, debt-adjusted, GDP growth of Western countries has been in negative territory for years. Only by massively loading up debt have they been able to hide the true picture and delay the onset of an inevitable collapse of their respective economies. The study shows that the real GDP of those countries hides hefty losses after netting the debt figures, which gives the Real-GDP-net-of-debt.”
    This study claims that from 2009 through 2013, the real GDP-net-of-debt decreased approximately 45% in the US and the UK; it dropped in Spain by 55%, Italy by 35%, France by 30% and Germany by 18%. Though we do not consider these numbers precise, we think they reflect the reality pretty accurately.

    Even though the West is already feeling a pinch, it is still very difficult for the majority of Westerners to recognize the coming crisis.

    They may be reluctant to admit they were ever the beneficiaries of brutal colonial thievery, or that the free ride has come to an end. They short-sightedly focus on blaming China for taking their industrial jobs, never doubting for a moment their right to cheap Chinese products. They still fail to understand that when Western jobs come back, the goods currently being manufactured in China by cheap labor will become unaffordable to most Westerners.

    Why would they do it?

    Assume, as we have shown above, the ruling plutocrats have the ability to organize a fake worldwide pandemic. Why would they want to do such a thing? How would they profit? Let’s look at possible motives.

    Nothing is new under the moon, and the regime in Washington has a history of using fabricated crises to achieve their goals. According to H.L. Mencken:
    The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”
    One reason for a “pandemic” might be to extract benefits from the widespread economic disruption resulting from lockdowns. It is quite likely that the big companies will be able to swallow up their smaller competitors, who were often forced to close their doors by the local authorities.

    US administrators and those of the European Union announced huge Covid19 relief measures to the tune of many hundreds of billions of dollars and euros respectively. Who will profit from this windfall? Most likely some well-connected big players. Business Insider magazine reported in June 2020 that “American billionaires are now nearly 20% richer than they were at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new report by the Institute for Policy Studies.”

    Pharmaceutical companies will be certainly interested in vaccination profits. But are they powerful enough to pull the whole show? Not likely.

    Atomization of society, breaking up community solidarity, eroding all non-monetary connections between people, destroying family relations and weakening blood ties, is a long-standing plutocratic project. Now, using this fake pandemic, the plutocrats have gone even further, now they train us to see each other not as friend, not as brother, not even as a source of profit, but mainly as a source of mortal infection.

    This message is conveyed not only verbally through the mass media; we are physically compelled to keep our distance, shamed into refusing our neighbor’s handshake, and threatened with fines for being seen without a mask. The physical aspect of social engineering is more effective than simple verbal brainwashing and it makes the social changes more permanent.

    Physical restraint creates social habits that will be difficult to break in the future.

    While all the above reasons may be valid, the main reason in our opinion is the impending crisis of the West described above. The paradigm of Western society is based upon ever-growing consumption. Westerners do not understand that it is possible to live with less and be happy.

    One can expect that the coming drastic fall in consumption will result in the permanent breakdown of Western society. We are already seeing widespread rioting in American cities. With the widely accepted cover story of the “global pandemic”, ruling plutocrats intend to cover up their past failures and continue ruling under an artificially created state of emergency.

    We have presented our analysis of the current Covid-19 “pandemic”. If indeed deliberately planned it could be considered a crime against humanity. Even more ominously, there are indications that global lockdown is only the first taste of what eventually might be a semi-permanent state of emergency rule.

    Bill Gates himself, on June 23 in a video currently featured on the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation website, openly promised us that there is going to be a “next one”, and – “That one, I say, will get attention this time.”

    One of the most important considerations in investigating a suspected crime is finding a motive. Cui bono – who benefits? We described a possible motive for the events and showed that the suspects possess instruments that make fabricating a global “pandemic” possible.

    If you work for a foundation, an NGO, an international organization, or a government and have first-hand internal knowledge of events, we invite you to write to us.

    Gregory Sinaisky has Ph.D. in Computer Science and lives in Zurich. He writes among other subjects about disinformation in media, military affairs, social and scientific topics.
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    Website: Information Machine

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    Default Re: The Continuing Search For The Truth

    Truthstream Media | The Gordian Knot | Sept. 20, 2020

    Source: TruthstreamMedia.com

    Aaron Dykes recounts the long history of scientifically controlled central-management systems that have led us to into our current predicament.

    As the world becomes more divided on nearly every issue, it results in further extremes as people try to untie the Gordian Knot of apparent complexity and chaos.

    What can we do when we need logic, commonsense and clear thinking more than ever, but it has been supplanted by fear, emotion and technocratic illusion management? -activistpost.com
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    Default Re: The Continuing Search For The Truth

    Charlotte Dennett | Follow the Pipelines: The Deadly Politics of the Great Game for Oil

    Source: gunsandbutter.org, charlottedennett.com

    “The Crash of Flight 3804”, Charlotte Dennett’s new book, chronicles her decades-long investigation into the death of her father, the highest ranking American intelligence officer in the Middle East, in a mysterious plane crash in Ethiopia in 1947 on his return from a secret mission to Saudi Arabia for the Central Intelligence Group; the intrigue and treachery of Middle East oil pipeline politics throughout the 20th and 21st centuries; the Berlin to Baghdad Railway; ARAMCO; pipeline and airline routes; Iran hostage crisis; secular Arab nationalism; UNOCAL pipeline; Genie Oil; trans-Yemen pipeline; notorious British spymaster Kim Philby; the partition of Palestine.

    Aired: August 5, 2020
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    Default Re: The Continuing Search For The Truth

    Just a small aside on truth and how multiple and or opposing ideas can be true while not actually being the truth, this diagram gives a good visual representation of this idea.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	1*npq2abLOsjpZSH31nT3DVQ.png
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ID:	44527

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    Default Re: The Continuing Search For The Truth

    Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi Discusses Explosive New Book "Corona False Alarm?" | Richie Allen Show | Sept. 29, 2020

    Source: richieallen.co.uk, Book: Corona, False Alarm?

    In June 2020, Corona, False Alarm? exploded into the German market, selling 200,000 copies and 75,000 e-books in six weeks. Now it has been translated into English.

    The book tackles the challenges around lockdown: Were the protective measures justified? Mandatory mask-wearing: Does the science support it?

    Does the race for vaccine development make sense? What are the chances of success? Will the vaccine be safe? Will people accept it? Corona, False Alarm? provides you with sound information and substantiated facts-and encourages you to form your own opinion on the corona crisis. Co-author Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi joins Richie to discuss the book.
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    Default Re: The Continuing Search For The Truth

    Operation Warp Speed is Using a CIA-Linked Contractor to Keep Covid-19 Vaccine Contracts Secret

    Source: unlimitedhangout.com

    by Whitney Webb - October 6, 2020

    $6 billion in Covid-19 vaccine contracts awarded by Operation Warp Speed have been doled out by a secretive government contractor with deep ties to the CIA and DHS, escaping regulatory scrutiny and beyond the reach of FOIA requests.

    Last Tuesday, while most Americans were distracted by the first US presidential debate, NPR quietly reported that the US government’s “Operation Warp Speed,” a public-private partnership launched by the Trump administration to rapidly develop and distribute a Covid-19 vaccine, had taken the unusual step of awarding contracts to vaccine companies, not directly, but through a secretive defense contractor.

    Though NPR named the defense contractor – South Carolina-based Advanced Technology International (ATI) – they declined to explore the company’s deep ties to the CIA, DHS and the Department of Defense and how ATI is helping to lead those agencies’ efforts to militarize healthcare and create an all-encompassing surveillance Panopticon that not only monitors the world around us, but our physiology, as well.

    The “secret” vaccine contracts awarded through ATI as part of Warp Speed total approximately $6 billion, accounting for the majority of Operation Warp Speed’s $10 billion budget. Both Paul Mango, HHS’ Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy, and Robert Kadlec, HHS’ Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR), personally signed off on the contracts.

    Operation Warp Speed, which officially involves the combined efforts of HHS and the military to deliver over 300 million of Covid-19 vaccines to Americans by next January, is a highly secretive program dominated by military personnel, most of whom have no experience in healthcare or vaccine production. The Trump administration has often compared Warp Speed to the Manhattan Project, which produced the atomic bomb.

    Several very unsettling revelations about the true nature and scope of Warp Speed, including the out-sized role of ATI, began to emerge starting last Monday. Yet, most of this new information went largely uncovered by most US news outlets due to the media frenzy surrounding the first presidential debate and the subsequent news that President Trump and several other politicians and White House officials had tested positive for Covid-19.

    NPR noted that the decision to use a nongovernment intermediary like ATI to issue the coronavirus vaccine contracts, as opposed to the government itself directly awarding those contracts, allows Operation Warp Speed to “bypass the regulatory oversight and transparency of traditional federal contracting mechanisms.” This means that, among other things, the vaccine contracts awarded under Operation Warp Speed are unlikely to be publicly released in the near future, if ever.

    The report from NPR also noted that the Congressional Research Service had reported just last year that using such intermediaries to award contracts can result in “significant risks, including potentially diminished oversight and exemption from laws and regulations designed to protect government and taxpayer interests.” Proponents of this unorthodox way of issuing contracts, known as Other Transaction Agreements (OTAs), often argue that utilizing this alternative method for awarding contracts significantly hastens the process. However, the Congressional Research Service also noted that the Department of Defense, which has been increasingly relying on OTAs in recent years, has never tracked the information necessary to determine if OTAs are actually faster than traditional contracting methods. This suggests that claims regarding the alleged “speed advantage” of OTAs are based on assumptions rather than data-based evidence.

    Johnson & Johnson, Novavax, Pfizer and Sanofi are among the companies that have received these “secret” vaccine contracts through the OTA authorized by Operation Warp Speed and managed by ATI. Many of these companies, particularly Johnson & Johnson, have been involved in several scandals for selling and marketing products they knew to be unsafe to the public. This makes the lack of oversight and their exemption from federal regulations (including safety regulations) an issue of concern regarding these companies’ participation in Warp Speed.

    This concern is further compounded by the fact that, on September 21st, HHS Secretary Alex Azar told FOX Business that all Operation Warp Speed vaccine manufacturers would be exempt from liability for any damages their vaccines may cause and that those who administer those vaccines would also not be liable for damages. “Under the PREP Act, which is a provision in Congress, any treatment or vaccine for purposes of a national emergency pandemic like this actually comes with liability protection. Both the product as well as those who administer it or provide it,” Azar stated during the televised interview. The PREP Act that Azar referenced was originally signed into law in 2005 but was updated this past April, a few weeks before Operation Warp Speed was announced, so that vaccine and therapeutic manufacturers “cannot be sued for money damages in court” over injuries caused by medical countermeasures for Covid-19.

    WASHINGTON, DC – MARCH 02: Flanked by U.S. Vice President Mike Pence (L) and Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar, U.S. President Donald Trump leads a meeting with the White House Coronavirus Task Force and pharmaceutical executives in Cabinet Room of the White House on March 2, 2020 in Washington, DC. President Trump and his Coronavirus Task Force team met with pharmaceutical companies representatives who are actively working to develop a COVID-19 vaccine.

    Notably, the architect of that controversial April update to the PREP Act – HHS ASPR Robert Kadlec – is intimately involved in deciding who is awarded Operation Warp Speed contracts. STAT News reported last week, citing senior HHS officials, that Kadlec “personally signs off” on every business agreement made on behalf of HHS for Operation Warp Speed. In addition to his past in lobbying for intelligence and defense contractors, Kadlec had previously worked as a lobbyist for the scandal-ridden biodefense company Emergent Biosolutions, which is also a major player in Operation Warp Speed as well as the manufacturer of the controversial anthrax vaccine BioThrax.

    Despite top HHS officials allegedly overseeing every single one of these business agreements, NPR was told by HHS that the Department has “no records” of the $1.6 billion Operation Warp Speed contract with Novavax, which was awarded through ATI. This is a strange response given that HHS is supposedly the lead agency overseeing Operation Warp Speed, yet they somehow lack a copy of a massive vaccine contract at the heart of the operation. NPR also asked the DoD for a copy of the Novavax contract and have yet to receive a response.

    At a press conference in mid-September, Lt. Gen. Paul Ostrowski, a key figure in Operation Warp Speed, told reporters: “With respect to the contracts, the contracts are between ourselves, the United States government and private entities, and they are releasable to an extent. Obviously everything cannot be released, but they are releasable to an extent and they will be made available at some point in time.” Ostrowski declined to elaborate on when that “point in time” would be.

    Also odd is the fact that ATI itself told NPR that, at the time they were awarding these “secret” vaccine contracts, it was never explicitly told by the Department of Defense that these contracts were part of Operation Warp Speed, with a former ATI executive describing that key fact as “invisible” to the company.

    Spooks and Skunkworks

    Advanced Technology International, or (ATI), is a non-profit company that organizes consortia of public, private and academic organizations that perform Research and Development (R&D) on behalf of the U.S. government. ATI mostly manages R&D consortia for the Department of Defense for things like weapons manufacturing, metal casting and forging, ship production and technology aimed at “countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs).” They also manage the Border Security Technology Consortium (BSTC) for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which is largely comprised of surveillance technology companies, among other DHS research projects.

    ATI only currently manages two consortia with any sort of relationship to healthcare, the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC) and the Medical CBRN Defense Consortium (MCDC). The MTEC, operating on behalf of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command, aims to “accelerate the development of revolutionary medical solutions,” which include gene-editing, nanotechnology, “telehealth solutions,” artificial limbs and brain implants. They are also currently developing a wearable device that would diagnose individuals with Covid-19 before symptoms appear.

    The other ATI-managed “healthcare” consortia, the MCDC, is focused on “advanced development efforts to support the Department of Defense’s (DoD) medical pharmaceutical and diagnostic requirements to counter Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threat agents.”

    They are specifically involved in “enabling prototype technologies for therapeutic medical countermeasures targeting viral, bacterial and biological toxin targets of interest to the DoD,” including the development of vaccines. ATI told NPRthat they were contacted by the DoD sometime between March and April, before Warp Speed was announced in May, and asked to issue requests for proposals related to Covid-19 from MCDC members.

    MCDC members include Emergent Biosolutions as well as DoD/CIA contractor Battelle Memorial Institute, with both of those companies having unsettling ties to the 2001 anthrax attacks. Also part of the MCDC is CIA/NSA contractor Booz Allen Hamilton and weapons manufacturer General Dynamics. MCDC’s membership has expanded significantly following ATI’s acquisition by Analytic Services Inc. or ANSER, the principal sponsor of the Dark Winter bioterror simulation, with 18 new members added just 3 months after the acquisition had concluded.

    In addition, there is considerable overlap between the MCDC and the vaccine companies that have been awarded “secret” contracts through ATI as part of Operation Warp Speed, as Sanofi, Novavax, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson are all MCDC members as well as recipients of Warp Speed vaccine contracts. In addition, Emergent Biosolutions, another MCDC member, was also awarded a major Warp Speed contract to manufacture Covid-19 vaccines, but that contract was awarded through HHS’ Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), not ATI.

    ANSER’s Rise, its Fall and its Saving Grace

    In February 2017, ATI was acquired by Analytic Services Inc., better known as ANSER. ANSER, not unlike ATI, manages R&D projects for the federal government, historically for DHS as ANSER was the long-time manager of one of the two DHS Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs). However, ANSER also provides services to the DoD, NASA, the State Department and the US intelligence community.

    ANSER was originally founded as a spin-off from the RAND Corporation in the late 1950s, but became a much larger part of government operations, particularly in the realm of Homeland Security, after Dr. Ruth David became its President and CEO in 1998. Prior to becoming ANSER’s CEO, David had been the Deputy Director for Science and Technology at the CIA, where, among other things, she laid the groundwork for what would become In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capital arm responsible for the rise of several Silicon Valley behemoths such as Google and Palantir. David led ANSER until 2015.

    After David took charge, ANSER became an early leader in promoting the use of biometric and facial recognition software by US law enforcement agencies and was also a key driver of the US government pivot towards “homeland defense” and “homeland security” in the years leading up to the events of September 11, 2001.

    As journalist Margie Burns noted in a 2002 article, the rise of “homeland defense” as a centerpiece of US government policy, including the push to create a new “homeland security” agency, began with former CIA official Richard Armitage’s alleged coining of the term in 1997 in a National Defense Policy document. In the years that followed, this pivot towards seeing the American homeland as the battlefield of the future was heavily promoted by a web of media outlets owned by South Korean cult leader and CIA asset Sun Myong Moon, including the Washington Times, Insight Magazine and UPI, all of which published numerous articles either penned by ANSER analysts or that heavily cited ANSER reports and employees regarding the need for a greatly expanded “homeland security” apparatus.

    In October 1999, at David’s behest, ANSER created the Institute for Homeland Security (ANSER-IHS). Though fully funded and established at that time, but for reasons still unclear, the ANSER-IHS was not formally launched until April 2001. The Institute’s first director was Randall Larsen, who – at the time and still today – is a close associate of current HHS ASPR Robert Kadlec. Though ANSER has never explained the reason behind the lengthy delay in officially launching ANSER-IHS, it is possible that the timing was related to the introduction of bill H.R.1158 in March 2001. That bill called for the creation of the National Homeland Security Agency (NHSA), which would later form the foundation of the Department of Homeland Security.

    One month after ANSER-IHS was created, Insight Magazine published an article in May 2001 entitled “Preparing for the Next Pearl Harbor,” which heavily cited ANSER and its Institute for Homeland Security as being among “the nation’s top experts” in warning that a terrorist attack on the U.S. mainland was imminent. It also stated that “the first responders on tomorrow’s battlefield won’t be soldiers, but city ambulance workers and small-town firefighters.”

    The following month, in June 2001, ANSER-IHS co-hosted the Dark Winter exercise and two top ANSER-IHS officials, Mark DeMier and Randall Larsen, co-wrote the exercise alongside Tara O’Toole and Thomas Inglesby of the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies, now the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. O’Toole, at the time, was on ANSER-IHS’ board of advisors.

    As previously detailed in the Engineering Contagion series, several of those involved in Dark Winter had foreknowledge of the 2001 anthrax attacks and Dark Winter itself originally established what would become the initial, yet false narrative for those attacks – that Iraq and Al Qaeda were working together to conduct acts of bioterrorism on US soil. However, the anthrax used in the attacks was quickly determined to have either originated from a US military lab or a US defense contractor.

    ANSER’s convenient “gamble” that the U.S. government would imminently pivot towards homeland security soon after April 2001 paid off tremendously. Thanks largely to the fear stoked by 9/11 and the 2001 anthrax attacks, the Department of Homeland Security was created and ANSER-IHS quickly became the Department’s first “government think tank” or Federally Funded Research and Development Center.

    Not long after its formal creation as an agency, DHS established its Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate in 2003 with the mission “to protect the homeland by providing […] officials with state-of-the-art technology.” DHS later announced in 2004 that it had “selected [ANSER] to operate the Homeland Security Institute … [f]ollowing a full and open competition procurement process conducted by [DHS] Science and Technology.” This is despite the fact that this very institute had already been funded and established by ANSER in 1999 and then launched in 2001.

    From 2009 to 2013, the head of DHS’ Science and Technology Directorate was Dark Winter co-author and bioterror alarmist Tara O’Toole, who had long-standing, close ties to ANSER-IHS as previously mentioned. With O’Toole at the helm, DHS focused on “more robust public-private sector partnerships” and “increasing the budget for innovative, longer-term technology projects,” such as those overseen by ANSER on DHS’ behalf. She also made it her mission to model the DHS S&T more closely after DARPA.

    During her tenure, DHS also claimed to be “unaware” of how the Department’s multi-billion research expenditures were being used, suggesting a lack of oversight in the millions of dollars DHS’ S&T was funneling to the ANSER-run research center and the other DHS research center, which is run by the equally shady MITRE Corporation.

    Unexpectedly for ANSER, DHS declined to renew ANSER’s FFRDC contract in October 2016. They instead awarded that contract to the RAND Corporation, which created a new research and development center with “a different set of focus areas, aligned more closely with current DHS priorities.” ANSER’s apparent plans for restructuring following the loss of this critical contract included its decision to acquire ATI, which took place just a few months later in February 2017.

    The acquisition of ATI gave ANSER access to the key OTA research consortia that ATI manages, ensuring that ANSER’s board of former intelligence officials, military officers, and defense industry executives continued to wield considerable influence over the direction of government-funded research projects. Per the press release, the acquisition was aimed at combining ANSER’s “government problem-solving heritage with ATI’s technical expertise,” allowing ANSER to continue to execute “thought leadership independent of commercial influences” over the “important defense technology developments” being overseen by ATI. Thus, whatever decisions are being made by ATI with respect to these “secret” Operation Warp Speed vaccine contracts, it is ultimately ANSER signing off on them.

    Mess Hall

    Given that Operation Warp Speed’s official purpose is to use taxpayer funds to produce, accelerate and distribute a medical treatment (i.e. vaccine) to Americans, there is no reason for such extreme secrecy and also no reason for the excessive role of the military and secretive contractors like ATI and ANSER in the execution of this “public health” effort.

    While the officially stated purpose of Warp Speed makes the extreme secrecy involved seem not just unnecessary but absurd, it is worth noting that several recent revelations regarding Warp Speed’s structure, strategy and execution strongly suggest that the reason for the operation’s secrecy is because its scope goes well beyond its publicly stated purpose.

    For instance, Stat News noted last week that Operation Warp Speed “looks a lot more like a military operation than a science project,” adding that “roughly 60 military officials — including at least four generals — are involved in the leadership of Operation Warp Speed, many of whom have never worked in health care or vaccine development.” That report also pointed out that “just 29 of the roughly 90 leaders on the chart aren’t employed by the Department of Defense.”

    Though the military’s initial justification for playing such a major role in Warp Speed was related to its “expertise” in logistics and supply chains, the recent release of the operation’s vaccine distribution strategy makes no direct mention of the military’s role in those aspects of Warp Speed. So noticeable was the disconnect that, soon after the release of the official distribution strategy, the Department of Defense “clarified” the military’s role in the operation by publishing an interview on its website with Lt. Gen. Paul Ostrowski, who is leading Warp Speed’s efforts on supplying, producing, and distributing vaccines. Per Ostrowski, the reason the military is playing such an out-sized role in Warp Speed is because of the military’s “program management and contracting expertise.”

    Yet, as this article has shown, Warp Speed contracts are being funneled through secretive contractors to avoid scrutiny and are apparently not being made available to HHS, the civilian agency supposedly “co-leading” Warp Speed alongside the military.

    Such examples of extreme secrecy and conflicting statements appear to be just scratching the surface of what Operation Warp Speed truly aims to accomplish. An upcoming series of investigative reports produced by this author in collaboration with Ryan Cristián and Derrick Broze of The Last American Vagabond will explore this operation and the individuals leading it in-depth, in order to expose Operation Warp Speed as the most secretive, and arguably most dangerous, US military operation in decades. Unlike such well-funded and secretive military operations of years past, this one is aimed directly at the American people.
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    Default Re: The Continuing Search For The Truth

    The Smoking Gun: Where is the coronavirus? The CDC says it isn’t available.

    Source: Jon Rappoport's Blog

    by Jon Rappoport

    October 8, 2020

    The CDC document is titled, “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.” It is dated July 13, 2020.

    Buried deep in the document, on page 39, in a section titled, “Performance Characteristics,” we have this: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA…”

    The key phrase there is: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available…”

    Every object that exists can be quantified, which is to say, measured. The use of the term “quantified” in that phrase means: the CDC has no measurable amount of the virus, because it is unavailable. THE CDC HAS NO VIRUS.

    A further tip-off is the use of the word ‘isolates.” This means NO ISOLATED VIRUS IS AVAILABLE.




    As if this were not enough of a revelation to shock the world, the CDC goes on to say they are presenting a diagnostic PCR test to detect the virus-that-hasn’t-been-isolated…and the test is looking for RNA which is PRESUMED to come from the virus that hasn’t been proved to exist.

    And using this test, the CDC and every other public health agency in the world are counting COVID cases and deaths…and governments have instituted lockdowns and economic devastation using those case and death numbers as justification.

    If people believe “you have the virus but it is not available,” and you have the virus except it is buried within other material and hasn’t been extracted and purified and isolated, these people believe the moon is made of green cheese.

    This is like saying. “We have the 20 trillion dollars, they are contained somewhere in our myriad accounts, we just don’t know where.” If you don’t know where, you don’t know you have the money.

    “The car keys are somewhere in the house. We just don’t where.” Really? If you don’t know where, you don’t know the keys are in the house.

    “The missing cruise missile is somewhere in the arsenal, we just don’t where.” No. If you don’t know where, you don’t know the missile is in the arsenal.

    “The COVID-19 virus is somewhere in the material we have—we just haven’t removed it from that material. But we know what it is and we’ve identified it and we know its structure.” NO YOU DON’T. YOU ASSUME THAT.

    Science is not assumptions.

    “But…but…there is a study which says a few researchers in a lab isolated the virus…”

    They say they did. But in July, the CDC is saying no virus is available. I guess that means trucks were not available to bring the virus from that lab to the CDC. The trucks were out of gas. It was raining. The bridge was washed out. The trucks were in the shop. Joe, the driver, couldn’t find his mask, and he didn’t want to leave home without it…

    Science is not assumptions.

    The pandemic is a fraud, down to the root of the poisonous tree.
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    Default Re: The Continuing Search For The Truth

    Kristina Borjesson and Prof. Michel Chossudovsky | The "Smoking Guns" of a Manufactured Pandemic | Oct. 15, 2020

    Source: GlobalResearchTV.com, GlobalResearch.ca

    "Earth is currently restricted today for normal development of timeline progress. With us telling you everything would change everything."

    Website: Information Machine

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    Default Re: The Continuing Search For The Truth

    DC to Give Children Vaccine Consent Behind Their Parents' Backs
    “…It’s looking likely to pass legislation that would allow children as young as 11 years old to make their own decisions on receiving vaccines without parental consent or knowledge. Bill 23-171 would allow for children as young as 11 to consent to all vaccines on the government schedule. At the same time, the school, the health care provider, and the parents private insurance would conceal the child's vaccination from parents or guardians who would have no knowledge unless the kid tells them.”

    “…October 7th of this year 2020, when the four-person health committee revised it passed it and brought it up to the full council vote on October 20th. It passed resoundingly 12-1 and now heads back for a second reading and final vote on November 10th. Update they postponed it until November 17th.”
    Story #1: New DC Law Would Give Vaccine Decisions to 11-year-Olds, Cut Parents Out

    President Kamala Harris’ Husband, Lawyer Douglas Emhoff, Defended Merck the Vioxx Killers

    B23-0171 - Minor Consent for Vaccinations Amendment Act of 2019

    New York State Bar Passes Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Recommendation

    Israel Health Ministry May Recommend Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccine Law

    New Lockdown In Greece Requires People to Text Authorities Before Leaving Home

    This Is How You Treat Politicians: New Yorker Greets Mayor De Blasio With Swears (NSFW)

    Story #2: Oregon Takes the Lead on Ending the War on Drugs

    NWNW Flashback: Oregon County Decriminalizes Heroin, Meth, Cocaine, Shoplifting & more (Oct. 14, 2010)

    Door-To-Door Trace-Testing For COVID-19 In Eugene, Oregon

    Story #3: Petition To Congress To Reopen the 2001 Anthrax Attacks Investigation

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    Default Re: The Continuing Search For The Truth

    Dark Journalist | Catherine Austin Fitts | Stopping The Technocrat Takeover! | Dec. 7, 2020

    Source: darkjournalist.com, solari.com

    Stopping The Technocrat Takeover & Reset Regime!
    ***Catherine points out that the number one problem in America today is Mind Control!

    Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes Former Asst. HUD Secretary and Solari Report Publisher Catherine Austin Fitts to the show for a breakthrough Interview of the Globalist Agenda being rolled out through the World Economic Forum. Catherine sees a totalitarian regime in charge of the "great reset" with the central controllers trying to keep humanity from discovering our personal power to stop them and make our own future!

    Destroying Small Business
    Mind Control/Entrainment
    Missing Government Money
    Black Budget
    AI Robotics
    Full Spectrum Dominance
    Nano Tech Dangers
    "Earth is currently restricted today for normal development of timeline progress. With us telling you everything would change everything."

    Website: Information Machine

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    Default Re: The Continuing Search For The Truth

    Inaugurating the “New World Order” via the “Great Reset”

    Source: globalresearch.ca

    By Prof. Ruel F. Pepa
    Global Research, December 08, 2020

    The Great Reset is basically aimed to “transform organization design and work design” as spelled out in section 1.1 of the White Paper Resetting the Future of Work Agenda: Disruption and Renewal in a Post-COVID World issued in October 2020 by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in collaboration with Mercer.

    As a precondition to realize the Great Reset, a terror plan had to be set in motion and the people behind it came up with the notion that a pandemic was the most effective alternative. They capitalized on the idea of HYPING a common and seasonal infirmity – the flu – to control people by way of scaremongering or launching a worldwide fear campaign using the mainstream media all over the world. To heighten the terror to the level of paranoia, massive deaths numbering hundreds of thousands had to occur. To realize this, patients (or perhaps, victims is the better term) – most were elderly – had to be hospitalized where they would be administered with heavy doses of killer drugs (anti-malaria, anti-Ebola, anti-HIV) and be subjected to a killer procedure called intubation. Afterward, they invented a new jargon to describe the present circumstances: the new normal.

    Now that we are already standing before the portal of the New Normal the Great Reset button is about to be pushed to inaugurate the New World Order. And it is no surprise that the people behind the Great Reset are the very ones in control of the post-industrial Information Technology systems because the New World Order will be organized, administered, managed, run, supervised, and controlled by these InfoTech helmsmen.

    What we have been experiencing as we continue to be enslaved by the conditions that define the deceptive structure of this false pandemic called Covid-19 — which in reality is nothing but pure and simple hyped flu, i.e., HF-20 — is in reality, a necessary stage to inaugurate the realization of the New World Order in the mold of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World though not exactly according to the latter’s fictive algorithms.

    Read More: Now Comes the Davos Global Economy “Great Reset”. What Happens After the Covid-19 Pandemic?

    The Great Reset is one heck of a deception. The “great resetters” are global economic programmers motivated by greed as they have determined once and for all that, their total economic and financial domination over the globe will only be achieved through the consolidation of their enormous wealth. To be more specific, these programmers are operating within the confines of the World Economic Forum (WEF). The radical change they have been dealing with and propagating around is against the interest of humanity. This Great Reset is therefore a large-scale project aimed to dehumanize humanity.

    What we witness at this point in time is the omnipotence of the enormous power players behind this so-called pandemic: the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the global industrial titans that constitute it who have already issued even some four years back the blueprint of the New World Order called The Fourth Industrial Revolution (2016) which was later followed up in 2018 by Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and capped this year with the issuance of another document called Covid-19:The Great Reset.

    At the moment, they are on top of the game they have created and no strategy has yet been conceived on how to convince the victimized people of the world whom their minions have already brainwashed that we are in the present predicament because of the criminal acts of these controllers. For those who know the truth about the dynamics and mechanics of all these tragic circumstances that have engulfed the world, the mental trajectory leads only towards one direction and that is to make these criminals liable for their heinous deeds.

    Now, the possibility of actually putting them on trial is another thing because such a matter is yet inconceivable considering the magnitude of power they hold. It doesn’t however change the reality that they are the culprits in starting and sustaining the catastrophe the world has been suffering from and they have to be prosecuted. When? We don’t know the answer as yet.

    Prof. Ruel F. Pepa is a Filipino philosopher based in Madrid, Spain. A retired academic (Associate Professor IV), he taught Philosophy and Social Sciences for more than fifteen years at Trinity University of Asia, an Anglican university in the Philippines.
    "Earth is currently restricted today for normal development of timeline progress. With us telling you everything would change everything."

    Website: Information Machine

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