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Thread: Study: Statins cause memory loss, depression

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    Default Study: Statins cause memory loss, depression

    The growing list of serious negative side effects caused by statin drugs now includes memory loss and depression, according to a new study published in the Cochrane Library. Researchers discovered that the vast majority of drug trials allegedly showing statins to be safe have been conducted by drug companies, and that way too many people are being prescribed the dangerous medications as a result.

    Researchers pulled data from 14 drug trials involving 34,000 patients and found that, while statins appeared to help prevent heart attacks and strokes in some patients, there was simply not enough evidence to prove that people with no history of heart disease can safely take the drugs. And yet millions of healthy people needlessly taking statins every day at the direction of their doctors.


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    Default Re: Study: Statins cause memory loss, depression

    To be honest, this is not very surprising to me. Simply look at the contents of the human brain for some insight -- ~70% of the brain mass is water, but of the remainder, about 75% is cholesterol! The myelin sheath wrapping the neurons is significantly comprised of cholesterol, so if you are taking a medication that will inhibit the body's natural production of this essential cellular membrane stabilizing and neurologically necessary compound, it will certainly cause problems such as depression or memory loss.

    Cholesterol is so important, if your child is born with a defect in cholesterol metabolism, you need to supplement with a cholesterol suspension!

    Treatment of the Cholesterol Defect in Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome - ClinicalTrials.gov
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    Default Re: Study: Statins cause memory loss, depression

    Statins are a vile substance. They will also cause severe muscle failure. And duh, the heart is a muscle.

    My brother in law became very weak and could barely walk into the doctors office. The doctor just shrugged and changed the prescription. The doctor KNEW of this serious side effect and did not warn him. He was lucky in that the damage was reversed within days after stopping usage. Others have not been so fortuanate.

    Folks, the pharmaceutical paradigm is a dismal failure and a total scam. I know I'm preaching to the old ladies in the front pews here, but damn! You would think by now that more doctors would have opened their eyes, as they are not all bad people.

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    Default Re: Study: Statins cause memory loss, depression

    My favorite thing to shred apart Statins.

    The FDA here in the states began patenting Statin drugs with CQ10 an antioxidant. Then later pulled the enzyme from the product for fear that the addition of it would admit liability or intimate the product was inflammatory in nature. Well it is. And they removed the very thing that would keep statin products from destroying every flipping cell in your body on the mitochondrial level.

    Yeah 'twill destroy your brain and mostly anything else you have under your skin including your skin. And age you faster than anything you can take. I'd rather start someone on a round of rot gut alchohol run through a radiator. Not to mention Cholesterol is the master hormone and from what all other hormones are produced from and some other glandular functions as well. So in a normal round statin treatment one can expect their hair to fall out their estrogen to dry up, their testosterone to fall off....and accelerate their cellular aging process from the inside out.

    Cholesterol is not responsible for arterial scaling, fluoride and chlorine is. cholesterol may get caught there along with all sorts of other things that ARE supposed to be there like red blood cells. The thing that which composes the make up of the blood is SUPPOSED to be there. Arterial scaling is not, and its caused by man dick dacking around with what they are not supposed to like introducing that crap into our water supplies.. Statin drugs actually cause an increase in scaling as it does destroy healthy cells throughout your body.

    So its been a few years since I put this all together and I thought < Yep give it a few and there's going to be some lawsooooots, Lucy. >

    I seen my first commercial for a call for a class action suit against a particular statin last Monday night.
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    Default Re: Study: Statins cause memory loss, depression

    Cholesterol along with calcium is actually the material the body uses to repair micro tears and stresses on the vascular wall.

    Inflammation predisposes one to the stress and damaged vessels and chloesterol buildup

    unhealthy diet, smoking and chemicals cause the inflammation.

    the inflammation also attracts the adherence of microbes

    this is why rife therapy can sometimes clean out vessels
    as well as protocols of MMS

    the treatment goal is to reuduce the inflammation,

    Vitamin C in mega doses, the enzyme serrapeptase and non flush free Niacin
    will clear the vessels.. with right diet great improvement can happen in just a few months.
    Right diet means a huge decrease in carbohydrates in the form fo flour, corn, sugar.
    Most of your carbs need to come from fresh veggies first, small portions of fruit.

    Cholesterol is also the substance from which many hormones in the body are constructed from
    hence insuing depression with a statin use for some people.

    Many people who have heart attachs have no arterial plaque. Actually i think I read that only less than 50% do.

    most strokes are caused by blood clots not plaque
    or a deadly combination of the two.

    Blood clots are caused by an inflammatory process
    in the blood.

    again the answer is enzymes, vitamin c and b vitamins..
    for this the enzymes of choice are nattokinase

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    Default Re: Study: Statins cause memory loss, depression

    POSTED: December 15, 2023


    Source: https://www.rumble.com/video/v3yv44s/?pub=1yatds
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