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Thread: The Cry of Gaia

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    Default Re: The Cry of Gaia

    The self ID beginning and end makes perfect sense and seems to fall right into alignment. Its really the self identity getting the work out here in our incarnations.

    However many people tend to think of the self idenity as the soul , when its very much influenced by ego constructs. Me personally my higher self expression tends to be way and far away from daily self identity expression.I do self Identify with external things but I'm aware I'm doing it. The same way some people are 'mindful' they are moving in and out of ego navigated modes of expression. But that in itself is the product of learning how to move in and out of different levels of your existence. Over the years that evolved in being able to not let the ego or self identity make judgements about higher self expression, about not self identifying with things external. More important not letting people self ID with me. Thats hard. I've had people approach me in public and chastise me for not expressing the role they've imposed on me via THEIR expectations. "I cant' believe a spiritual person who is all about levels of sacred self expression is sitting in a pub eating a hamburger, smoking, and drinking a beer." As if what I was doing was some reflection on her. But one sees that a lot. People impose a role on you based on their issues, and some people impose roles on themselves based on their issues because they are unclear about self identity.

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    my typos are vile today, I'm having to use IE and there's no word checker, my apologies...

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    Default Re: The Cry of Gaia

    Nope , in the context of what is eternal having a first incarnation doesn't make sense. One would be assinging a value of time to which is timeless..

    In the context of consiousness it could. Self identification plays in again. It needs time where as that which is forever the only place you can be in is in the present bringing us back to many different levels of existence again. The timeless one or the one where are running out of time, on time, first time, last time..lol. Timelines themselves are constructs that one can surmount as well and rather doen't make any sense to me either. On another level they are just another matrixy construct.

    Duality traps.

    Quote Posted by pie'n'eal (here)
    All 'soul' are timeless.

    Experience is to do with how much conscious awareness has been practised.

    Every sentient being has been your mother, conversely you have been everyone
    else's mother. They have also run off with your watch!

    To say this one first incarnation, does not make sense.

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    Default Re: The Cry of Gaia

    I almost cried after reading this... thank you Bill and Inelia. I hope the light keeps you safe and strong.

    This remind me of "Final Fantasy The Spirit Within" HERE

    Very similar approach to Gaia ... I dont know if there are any hidden msgs but this shows very well the foolishness of humans and the connection we all have with everything...

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    Default Re: The Cry of Gaia

    Yes...Inelia sent me this message too, through her site´s newsletter. I must say, for a moment, I didn´t know what to do with it; you know, I love Inelia - I´m about to travel for two days to give her and Bill a hug - but, to be honest, I was kind of angry for some minutes. I thought: well, she is certainly feeling all the pain, all the suffering, but at least she is awake, she´s got some particular, undoubtable conection with the source, she knows for sure what is gong on, she can actually feel the answers, she does not depend on faith to know, she even claimed that "we´re gonna make it", at the interview! And even so, she cryes. What about the millions who has no answer inside, who receive no direct contact explaining things to them, who have lost all the sense of hope? They don´t expect for ET´s, Gods, governments, gurus...they don´t expect a single hand...And I would not be surprised if they´d try to beat to death in case one told them " you´ve gotta take the responsability", or something like that.

    And so I was thinking "what should I do with this message?" Should I thank Inelia? Should I immediatly meditate on Love, for 10 minutes? Should I comfort her? Should I spread it through the internet? After all, it´s a Call for Action...

    Then, I realized that it´s a call for an internal action. For her, too. Inelia says the only way to "do her job" in earth is through human experience. And so, right now, she is being reminded of her human condition, as we all. Maybe, if we take too much distance, we stop feeling the pain, the suffering; we don´t listen Gaia cry, anymore. Maybe, trying to get ascension or whatever, we feel to much enlightened, and we loose conection with those who lost their awareness (And what is the point on being awake when everybody esle is sleeping?).

    Now Bill is calling us to take the responsability; well, we don´t take responsability when we don´t feel it, inside, deep inside. I´m wandering if I am able to get in touch with all the pain, in order to take my responsability. Should I give up my defenses? Should I not comfort myself thinking that "things will shift, eventually, but it´s not for me to take such a huge job - I´ll let this to beings like Inelia, who have powers, and no doubts "...

    I guess Inelia is experiencing that the more limited human she feels, the more powerless, when she allows the voices to penetrate her human heart, the best her higher self responds, the best her "job" can be accomplished. And this is for all of us: we don´t need special powers, we don´t need validation, we don´t need external ordering to raise our hearts and souls. Getting in touch with the pain, is the best way to release it.

    Much love, everybody, tks for sharing!
    Wanna save the planet? Recycle your mind!

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    Default Re: The Cry of Gaia

    Claiming our sovereignty, involves claiming supreme, independent authority over our reality, both inner and outer. It is our divine right. To be a loving imbodyment and shining example of empowerment for those around us, to unconditionaly love nurture, and protect gods creation is the duty, we so lovingly accepted then so easaly forgot. As more and more of us incorparate our higher selves the, manifestation of reallity is changing. It is a birthing of a new consciousness, and as with all births there is an element of suffering. Luckily for us we have the most amazing midwives! This does not take away from the fact that we will be born as full sovereign beings. Fully accepting that our state of concsiousness is our reallity, as one, as decreed. Of course there is choice, but would one chose to swim against a torrent of love and light? It is manifesting, we are here, aware, conscious, yearning for change, like a seedling breaking the top soil experiencing the light and birsting forth into brilliance. It's a privelage to be amongst you all. thank you Bill

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    Default Re: The Cry of Gaia

    Quote Posted by Jayke (here)
    Quote Posted by onawah (here)
    Those of us who have been here for many lifetimes have the opportunity now to balance our karma at long last and take the next step with Gaea beyond 3 D experiencing.
    The meek, who, trusting in the Process, surrendered to experiencing all the various guises of victim and oppressor, villain and hero, creator and destroyer, will reap the reward and "inherit the Earth". We will have the peaceful home on our beloved planet we have worked toward for so long, though at times, it may have seemed we were striving for the exact opposite.
    But experiencing opposites is the point of dualistic 3D, and so, understanding this, we can forgive ourselves and others for our "bad karma".
    And we can forgive those blind and fearful ones who have lost their way in the darkness, knowing that we too, may have walked in their shoes at some point. They too will find their way in time, and it is not up to us to decide when or how that might come about, though we may offer them our compassion and Light their way as we can.

    Many of us experienced the heartbreak of the Fall of Atlantis and those feelings are coming up for us again now. But we learned much from that dress rehearsal. The Phoenix will rise from the ashes, never again to repeat the same mistakes.

    This I believe.
    That was a really nice post onawah, the part about the phoenix rising really resonated with me.

    I'd just like to add that pain is nothing to be feared but embraced, in buddhism they have a formula for spiritual growth:

    Pain x equanimity = spiritual purification

    this is how the whole idea of flaggelation came about, purposefully inflicting pain upon yourself so that you can have equanimity over it and ultimately quicken your own purification. Quite a misguided concept really but whatever floats their boat I suppose.
    anyway, I had the opportunity to put this theory to the test about 4 years ago after getting into an accident one night and breaking my jaw, I had to go under general anaesthetic so they could slice through the main jaw nerve and screw a titanium plate in their to hold the shattered jaw together.
    After the operation they advised me to go on a morphine drip for the pain but I refused since I was still high from the anaesthetic at the time and the pain wasn't all that noticeable, I felt confidant i could make it through the night in relative comfort. As the hours passed by though and the sedatives began to wear off this indescribable pain started to fill my awareness, unbearable, unimaginable, I can't even begin to describe how intense it was, makes me shudder and cringe just thinking about it.

    Luckily though i was already aware of the Buddhist formula for spiritual purification so out of desperation I wholeheartedly flung myself into equanimity meditation...it took me deep, so deep it was like the entire fabric of space time ripped open, out in front of me there was a black hole in the centre of my vision, just pure emptiness... yet within the emptiness I began to see a stirring... images, visions, insights began to pour through...i got to watch a few past lives as though watching a movie on a screen out in front of me, only small snippets of information and scenes quickly passing by but enough to get an intuitive idea of what was going on and enough to completely bring about a new paradigm shift regarding awareness, life and the universe...that experience changed my life, altered my perceptions and enhanced my attitude towards the world, my job changed, my friends changed and I started spending more and more time with more spiritually inclined people, bringing a greater sense of harmony, insight and connectedness throughout every aspect of my life.

    I later found out that spot in my vision where the black whole had tore through the fabric of reality is what modern optometrists call the blind spot, our ancient ancestors including people like Leonardo da vinci and other illuminated masters called that 'the vision of cosmic intelligence spot', apparantly there is a postage stamp sized set of neurons behind the visual cortex of the right eye connecting to the right hemisphere of the brain, which when activated is dedicated to being able to see through the 3D world into the ultimate awareness and when you can learn to access it you literally get to see through time and space...being able to witness not only your past lives but all your future lives as well, as easily as though your watching a movie on a movie screen...makes it easy to understand how so many prophecies of 2012 came into being, these people of old could literally see the lives they were living right now in our modern times as they moved through this great cosmic change of ascension.

    I guess the moral of the story would be that Gaea has the most profound unconditional love for everything that takes place within her creation, she has a level of equanimity beyond anything even the most accomplished humanly Buddhas could have experienced, as long as we can all remain in equanimity over the pain while working on harnessing the brilliance of our own inner light and our own inner passions then when the pain becomes unbearable all that will happen is the tear in space time will occur and the download will begin to take place, the fractures have already begun to open, we're already going through the shift as everyone on here who is aware enough can identify with it from their own experience. The idea that this won't all turn out for the best is so far removed from my reality that when i look out on the euphoric beauty that is Gaea, in whatever form she may be taking at the time...all I ever see back is a smile of the greatest Joy and serenity as she knows exactly what is about to take place.

    most people see breaking a few bones or going through tremendous pain as an experience to be shut down with medication, drugs or anaesthetics...in reality it's the embracing of pain, understanding it and learning from it and forgiving it that is going to lead us into our planetary salvation. I look back on breaking my jaw as being the greatest gift ever to be bestowed on me, I transformed my karma by burning it off in the crucible of equanimity, we need to do the same with the pain of the planet, always remembering to shine our light as brightly as humanly possible, spread our joy, spirit and divinity to anyone who is open enough to listen and allow the phoenix to rise and soar from the flames.
    Beautiful posts, both of you.

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    Default Re: The Cry of Gaia

    peeks over Bill's shoulder to see what he is working on...

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    Default Re: The Cry of Gaia

    The time has come for ALL of us to act.

    If each and everyone of us could help in some small or large way, then we would certainly be on the way to a more loving and peaceful world.

    Whatever jobs we hold, then stop serving the agenda! (banking, military, government, etc).

    Adults in the military need to lay down their weapons and go home and serve your community with your family or friends.

    Serve your community and NOT the military etc.

    For the forestry workers – lay down your chainsaws and give Mother Nature a break!

    Start loving yourself, family, friends, neighbours and people in your community.

    Stop paying so much for goods/food and instead use the age old tradition of bartering or/and growing your own produce.

    People need to slow down, look around you and see who is suffering, neglected and in need of warmth/hugs and understanding.

    Dedicate part of your holidays to helping those less fortunate than yourselves ( the rewards certainly outweigh what you would have normally done in it's place).

    We have friends in high places watching over us and hoping we can pull this off by ourselves. (they do help behind the scenes, but we must pull together as a whole and help ourselves and Gaia in the process).

    The 'Calling and pain' will not go away and will only get louder and louder until we have no choice but to ACT!

    Now sending Love and Healing to Everyone who reads these forums!

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    Default Re: The Cry of Gaia

    A Brocken Specter with a hat? That has to be a first, Bill.

    After reading "The Cry of Gaia" I think I should talk to Her too...it is time to for me to sit on a rock. A good batholith should do, one of the one's that was moved 13,000 years ago from Canada when the ice last melted. I know of one 20 foot high in the woods along a 2.6 mile trail to the "Blue Ledges" of the Hudson River. Time for a batholith's consciousness should be 5 minutes per 13,000 years (half a precession, say from about Virgo). About 14 years ago I sat on this thing and got a "reverent buzz" (not the mosquitoes) and all that confused wishy-washy stuff. At that time I was not into all this New Age with a fully calcified pineal gland with fluoride, lead, mercury and arsenic. But after reading David Wilcock's torsion field research and various books on chakras I am going to give it another try. I am going to be communicating love with either myself, a rock or Gaia. :-)
    Gosh, all you Lightwokers have it easy, with all the hard learned tools and getting results right in front of you. If I do connect with the Source or Gaia, they will probably say "Stop, you don't need all these fancy tools, get on with experiencing your evolution in this life with love, compassion and respect of life for all things created from matter..and it will be reflected back to you..for in that way you find all the grace and answers you seek."

    Then to visuialize my favorite non-petition prayer as already answered toward restoring long lost empowrerment back to the Human Collective.

    Last contact closing prayer from The Spokesman of The Nine Principals of The Universe, 1991.

    From the Council of Nine
    for the Nations of Earth

    We pray that the nations of the Earth come to peace within themselves and come to recognize
    whence they came.

    We pray that all the civilizations of the Universe that are engaged in the balancing of the
    Universe, be given strength and peace within, to carry on the work to which they are committed.

    We pray that the physical beings of the planet Earth come into a state of awareness and
    understanding, in order for their souls to evolve, to raise the level of the planet Earth and to
    cleanse the heavens around the planet Earth so that the Universe can progress.

    We pray that those beings and civilizations that are opposing what we do come to the light of
    understanding, so that they also come into perfect balance.

    We pray that the day may soon come when all in the Universe have the knowledge and the
    understanding that will make them whole.

    We pray for understanding among ourselves, and for the strength that is needed so that each of
    us can guide the others to become perfect beings.

    We pray for the souls of the children of the Earth to be brought out of the dark and into the light.

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    Default Re: The Cry of Gaia

    Bill, you're the man!

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    Default Re: The Cry of Gaia

    Bouncing this post from several months ago from the "Up at the Ranch" thread.

    Seems appropriate:

    Quote Posted by giovonni (here)
    From James ~

    #6081 Conversations with Gaia

    "I had a conversation with Gaia. We speak often. I told her stop telling me about
    all the insane actions of man, what they are doing to you and the consequences.
    She asked why? I said because the Powers that Be get real angry at exposing
    their reckless greed, the new agers get angry, call me doom and gloomer then
    blame me after the event for creating it. The whole world pretty much thinks I
    am crazy and the herd consciousness does not want any interruptions in their
    status quo or change. The fundamentalists think you don't exist and I am devil
    worshipping with no responsibility or accountability for their choices and
    actions. They blame God or the devil for everything. It seems the modern world
    has lost all connection, respect and empathy to the very source that gave them

    Gaia said; This is true but there is a solution.

    I asked what is the solution?

    Gaia said; I will shake all their beliefs and misperceptions along with the
    Creator which comes in many forms they worship or ignore altogether. They will
    experience the reactions to their actions, the consequences of their choices,
    the fallacies of their beliefs. The world they created will come to an end. A
    new world will take its place. What is out of alignment with universal law, what
    is self-serving, what is harmful to humanity and the earth will come to an end.

    I asked Gaia; I understand universal law, action/reaction and karma yet these
    mega corporations and the scientific oligarchy now controlling the masses are so
    embedded, humanity is so infected and willing participants in actions against
    even themselves and the planet how will this unfold? These psychopaths have
    weapons to generate massive quakes, manipulate weather, mind control, and their
    lust for power and wealth is insatiable even if it means their own demise. They
    are guilty of so many despicable acts now the people have become the enemy
    because if the people knew what they have done and are doing surely they would
    hang. How will this be addressed?

    Gaia said: In their cleverness they have forgot wisdom. The cleverness comes
    from the ego that thinks it can outwit the soul. The soul will always create the
    conditions and lessons to bring the ego back into alignment with the soul. The
    soul is in alignment with spirit. The spirit is the Creator and is omnipresent
    within all Creation. There is no escape from the soul and the lessons just as
    there is no escape from the mother who gave of herself for the form to exist.
    That form can be taken away at any time if the ego and the form have become
    completely disconnected from spirit. This will happen individually and

    I asked; Why does it seem to take so long before action/reaction or karma to
    kick in. If allowed to go on these psychopaths will kill the very platform for
    life taking a lot of good people with them?
    Gaia said: I am not alone in the multiverse. Great beings are observing on many
    levels. Neither they nor I will allow this. Some grand lessons will come along
    with some grand teachers. The world the controllers have created is not
    sustainable; it is unnatural, void of spirit and out of alignment with universal
    law. The action/reaction and principle you call karma will be accelerated. There
    will be a quickening. What took years will take moments. I will shake, blow,
    wash, burn do what ever it takes to cleanse. The Sun will also do what ever is
    necessary to end the network and foundation of tyranny. There are other great
    beings and energies at play; which have been known for millennia; which will
    also come into play and I too shall go through a grand rebirth. It is part of my
    evolution and those who listen and are connected to me will evolve very rapidly
    to the next level. They will flow with these changes. Not all will make this
    shift for they have chosen a different path.

    I asked; Why are you telling me this? We are back to the same problem. The
    beast and those who serve the beast get angry about being told their future. The
    new agers get angry when telling them about what will be necessary to bring
    about the demise of the beast accusing me of creating it or being a doom and
    gloomer. The hypnotized status quo does not want change or the status quo to go
    uninterrupted. The fundamentalists will say I am talking to the devil. It seems
    but a handful will understand and act on this message.

    Gaia said: I will speak from here on out and in some cases very loudly with an
    undeniable voice. If you feel guided and it is appropriate you can speak for me
    for we are very close. Just know what you have spoken will come to past despite
    their beliefs and attachments. I am moving forward in my evolution they can join
    me or go the way of the beast. If they are going to join me they must learn to
    listen, live in harmony with each other and nature. All other paths will come to
    an end.

    So it will be"

    James Gilliland

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    Default Re: The Cry of Gaia

    Finally got what was wrong with "my" picture! Misconstrued from a distorted history and prehistory as found in books as well as from misdirecting religions... understanding why the "Neanderthals' never left any "traces of civilization" and why they are back (see Graham Hancock last book).

    Whether looking outside or inside for an answer, it still was a misplaced point of view... from the reality of being completely and entirely encompassed by a bigger being where one has to feel one's way.

    A matrix of a different essence than the one we are being sold. More like that vast ocean a fish swims in...

    What a sigh of relief!
    "La réalité est un rêve que l'on fait atterrir" San Antonio AKA F. Dard

    Troll-hood motto: Never, ever, however, whatsoever, to anyone, a point concede.

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    Default Re: The Cry of Gaia

    Sometimes the beings of Gaia acknowledge how we feel about them in unusual ways. Im am particularly fond of hares. We have many of them on the farm and the surrounding roads. A while ago a nightshooter rode up our road and shot hares. Not to consume them, just shot them and left them there! I was quite angry about this and sad to lose hares unecessarily. They are such querky animals and dont breed like bunnies so they dont overpopulate. Anyway, last week I was coming home from a weekend away and as I turned into our road, there was a hare in the middle of the road which proceeded to escort me up the road. I went quite slow because I didnt want to run over him then I decided to stop to hopefully get him to go off the side of the road. He also stopped and sat on his haunches waiting for me to proceed. When I did he carried on his escort service to the bridge where he finally left the road. We would have gone at least half a mile!! I did feel that it was an acknowledgement of my guardianship, I would suppose you would call it , of the hare population in my area.

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    Default Re: The Cry of Gaia

    Phew! ...2 great posts ... within 2 days...

    I feel we are changing the paradigm as we speak...

    Again, thanks again B & I

    The World is our oyster...

    Lets do it.

    You decide...your thoughts..your actions..your reality.
    Choose well.

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    Default Re: The Cry of Gaia


    Just found this story on the internet... apparently Gaia is showing these rare events to others around the world too.

    Exciting times indeed!

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    Default Re: The Cry of Gaia

    Quote Posted by Bill Ryan (here)

    Most readers will know that Gaia is most often associated with the term coined by the ecologist James Lovelock to describe the coherent, complex, balanced, living entity of Planet Earth in all its natural richness.

    I (Bill) had always taken this as a metaphor – until I met Inelia. And so I tell this little story which follows against myself. To Inelia, it was self-evident that Gaia was a magnificent, fully sentient, godlike being. And when talking about this with me, she did what she often does when words are inadequate: she invited me to take her hands while she gave me a download of direct perception.

    This she did: and I immediately perceived Gaia, a huge, eon-ancient entity that is our planet and all her multitudinous natural habitats. It was enormous, and strong, and solid, and eternal. I could feel her power. It was something literally awesome. I shall never forget that moment of first encounter. No doubt exists for me now about Gaia’s conscious reality.

    Gaia talks to Inelia all the time. And last month, when in Switzerland, I was inspired to ask for a direct communication. Staying for weeks in a small hotel room waiting for my US visa to be issued, I decided to take an afternoon out to climb a mountain.

    I used to climb a lot of mountains, but this time I took the mountain railway to the summit. I’d been cooped up for weeks, and I expanded my awareness in gratitude and appreciation at the marvelous natural environment of rocks, trees and alpine meadows which we were passing through on the train. I am a mountain man to my roots, and I deeply love this kind of terrain.

    Near the summit, the mist swirled around me as I climbed the rocks to the very top. And suddenly, feeling connected with Gaia, I had a wild thought. I said to myself, as if in prayer: “Gaia, if you can hear me, show me a Brocken Specter.”

    Now, a Brocken Specter is a spectacular natural phenomenon which requires a precisely coordinated combination of sun, clouds, atmospherics and moisture. It consists of a huge shadow of oneself projected on the clouds below, surrounded by a rainbow halo. They’re very rare: in all my time in the mountains, years and countless expeditions all over the world, I have seen only a handful of Brocken Specters.

    And suddenly, within maybe a minute and a half, one suddenly appeared. There it was. I spent half an hour filming it, in various stages of awe and disbelief. I was staggered. As in the movie Avatar, I found myself thinking: “Eywa has heard me.”

    That was over a month ago, in Europe. And now, we cut to today, in Sacramento, California. I had not seen Inelia for a couple of days, and she came round to see me towards the end of a very busy afternoon. It was wonderful to see her, as always. And as I gave her a hug, she collapsed in tears in my arms.

    I looked at her, and held her hands, not knowing what was the matter.

    She looked back at me, eyes brimming. “I can hear the cry”, she said. “It’s getting louder. I can’t bear it. It’s overwhelming.”

    I looked at her intently, realizing. “The cry of the collective, and Gaia”, she said. “All the people, animals, all the plants, all the trees. There’s so much pain, so much suffering, so much violence. I feel it all. I hear it all. Every minute of every day. It never stops. I can’t stand it. And it’s getting louder all the time.”

    She looked at me, asking me to understand. And I did. Like many humans, I’m a hypocrite: that means that I compartmentalize my experience for convenience. I wear a leather hat, and eat as much meat as I can. But I cannot bring myself to kill even a mosquito. I genuinely regard all living things as sacred. I have a dictum that I must never destroy anything I can’t create - which is why I save mosquitoes. Yet I deny my participation as a cavalier consumer.

    Meanwhile, Inelia was directly experiencing the pain of Gaia. Through tears of compassion, she talked of the blind unawareness of the men in the slaughterhouses, the chemical farmers, the factory fishermen, the destroyers of the rainforests, the creators of wars. Those men and women who torture and kill millions of people, animals and trees every day. Those that think animals and trees don’t feel pain, fear, and terror, or relish the thought of inflicting these on the vulnerable. Those who deliver psychic and physical attacks to others.

    Deeply moved, and in response, I read to her the opening paragraph of Thom Hartmann’s masterwork, The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight:
    In the 24 hours since this time yesterday, over 200,000 acres of rainforest have been destroyed in our world. Fully 13 million tons of toxic chemicals have been released into our environment. Over 45,000 people have died of starvation, 38,000 of them children. And more than 130 plant or animal species have been driven to extinction by the actions of humans. (The last time there was such a rapid loss of species was when the dinosaurs vanished.) And all this just since yesterday.
    I was brought up in Africa. I’ve spent my life exploring wild places. Inelia has deep connections with sacred land in her native Chile, and a few years ago was brave enough to sail round Cape Horn in a small boat. When she was a little girl, she would pick hummingbirds off the branches of trees, and they would let her hold them in her tiny hands. They knew who she was; and they knew that they would not be harmed.

    Still through her tears of Gaia’s suffering, Inelia told me a story about violence and anger. Years ago, she had a German Shepherd, which had caught its paw in a metal gate. The dog was beside itself with anger and pain. Its head whipped backwards and forwards, snapping at anyone who tried to get near as it struggled to free itself.

    Inelia walked up to it and held it firmly, but to get to its paw she had to put her arm between its jaws and the gate. In its pain it sank its teeth into her arm – which Inelia permitted it to do. Then after the paw was free, Inelia held the dog’s jaws tight, as it continued trying to bite. She held it against the ground firmly but gently. It calmed down - and she was able to release it, knowing it would no longer bite those around him. The wound in her arm healed without scars.

    The moral of the story? Humans, too, lash out in anger and violence, because they are in great pain and fear. “I’d like to hold them all in my arms”, said Inelia. “All of them. I’d like to show them that they are loved, and that they are safe. All the murderers, all the rapists, all the butchers of the seals, whales and dolphins, all the bloodthirsty workers in the abattoirs, the creators of wars.”

    I listened to Inelia stating clearly through her tears that all violent men needed was love, safety and compassion. I suggested, attempting to reassure, that what she stated so eloquently in her video interview was sufficient:
    “I only have one job. And that’s to raise the vibrational level of the planet, including the human collective, which is part of the planet, to a critical point that will allow a transition into the new paradigm, a new level of awareness for everything. For the planet and every being in it. Every rock, every insect, every person. And that’s my only job. And I will do anything to achieve that.”
    Meaning: that if we raise the level of awareness of what Inelia calls the ‘collective’ – the group-mind and collective consciousness of the human race – then the murderers, rapists, polluters and destroyers will all be dragged along in the same collective direction – they HAVE to swim in the same rushing, accelerating river as the rest of us. In that way we are all connected… and with some of us leading the way, the rest will follow: even those humans with the morals and awareness of crocodiles.

    But to Inelia, this was not enough. How to maximize the effect? How to reach those unreachable people? How to halt the pain and damage as soon as possible? How to educate the uneducable? How to release THEIR paw from the metal gate? Lovingly stop THEM from biting, and removing all gates where their paws might get caught?

    Who will read these words we’re writing here? Not the killers and destroyers. We’re surely preaching to the converted: having read thus far, you’re almost certain to be in strong agreement.

    My own answer is as follows.

    Rupert Sheldrake brought us the concept of Morphic Fields and Morphic Resonance. Lynne McTaggart described ‘The Field’ in her best-selling book of the same name. We have an intuitive understanding of the Hundred Monkey syndrome, and of Tipping Points in general.

    My personal strong feeling is we have to assume that, like blowing up an airbed (gradually, with an inefficient handpump), some corners of the mattress will inflate before others. When doing this, it almost always seems that nothing is ever going to happen – until a tipping point is reached and the rapidly inflating mattress all suddenly picks up and takes the desired shape as if by magic.

    I think we’re in that kind of position now. The mattress doesn’t yet look like a mattress, and it seems as if it’s never going to inflate. We might think it looks hopeless. But soon – I do believe – things may start to feel different.

    I want to say a word about ‘Ascension’ – and how the word is often misunderstood and misapplied. Some people really do think that they will literally ‘ascend’ out of here – as in some kind of ‘beam-me-up’ ‘rapture’ or rescue, possibly at the hands of helpful ETs or angelic beings.

    In my strong view, this is escapist wishful thinking. Any kind of get-me-outta-here-Scotty mindset is actually failing to take responsibility – certainly for those of us who have been here many lifetimes and who have in one way or another contributed to the mess we’re in. Many of us reading this have been here on Planet Earth for quite a while – and we have to face what we have done: we have to square up to what we’ve permitted to occur in our name.

    If we’re here to fix all this – which it’s very clear to me that we are – then we HAVE TO face what we’ve done. There’s no easy escape, and certainly no rescue. Rather, there’s a massive clean-up job waiting for people, tools, resources and organization to get started on… together.

    It may take several generations. Maybe many generations. But it’s do-able. Not just to repair the damage, but to educate the human race in understanding finally that we must live in balance and harmony with Gaia – or else we merely imperil ourselves. (Gaia will always be all right. She’s been around for several billion years, and is probably only half way through her lifespan as the Guardian-Goddess of this exquisitely beautiful planet.)

    But there’s the real risk – for us, not for her – that if we do not learn the lessons that are for the taking, right here in front of our noses (and our wallets) - we may flunk the class and be destroyed. It could all happen terribly easily. And the choice is ours: collectively ours.

    In my personal view, this is one of the key significances of the 2012 Tipping Point. 21 December 2012 is a distraction. The real significance of the year (certainly not one standalone day in that year) is that if we as the collective human race make the right choices, it will not be too late to re-create the balanced dynamic paradise that Planet Earth could be for all living things – and for mankind itself.

    And if we make the wrong choices, our children may have a very rough time of it indeed. They would rightly blame their parents for not doing what they could when they had all the information available to them.

    So guess what: it’s all about Free Will. Should we be surprised that the equation distills down to this again?

    Here are Inelia’s own words in conclusion:

    It is not about who’s to blame. The solution has to be inclusive. Yes, we take responsibility in minimizing the pain and suffering of others through our actions. We eat meat from small farms, organic producers who love their animals. Yes, we buy furniture from renewable sources of wood, clothes from factories which don’t exploit people. But what of the perpetrators of fear and pain? We might hold them in our field of light, and allow Gaia to do her work. As a ‘singularity’ – I am but one person. But WE are many.

    If we dedicate 10 minutes a day to holding these people in our collective light, it can make a huge shift for them and us. After the 10 minutes, let us focus on the compassion and love of the millions of lightworkers and lightwarriors around the planet, our brethren, so that our collective power increases -- making each one of us more able to accomplish our collective work.

    I also feel the love, light and compassion of billions of people around the world. All those parents who hold their new born baby in wonderment and deep love, all those who behold our Mother Earth in awe as they sense Her power and compassion. I also feel millions of lightworkers and lightwarriors diligently doing daily acts of selfless love and compassion to bring light to others and the planet.

    For every murderer there are 10 healers, for every abuser of animals, there are a thousand who hold animals in respect and equality. For every creator of war, there are millions of us who do not agree with that particular game.

    If I didn't feel the LIGHT I would not be alive today. Mother Earth made the call for assistance, and we, all of us, are the answer to that call.

    Bill and Inelia
    17-18 June 2011

    Thank you both for such vivid and varied totalities expressed in heart,words and photos. I am personally deeply affected and I say 'thank you' once again. perljen

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    Default Re: The Cry of Gaia

    Taking responsibility and the freedom of choice. Very fragile.

    And what a great article this is. Thank you so much for sharing and again thank you for allowing me to be here.

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    Default Re: The Cry of Gaia

    Wow, that's awesome!!! Thanks for finding and sharing.

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    Default Re: The Cry of Gaia

    Hi Bill loved your thread very touching,whatt i wanted to ask is about GAIA.....is GAIA the ancient greek goddess mother earth? GAIA coming from the greek work earth.

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    Default Re: The Cry of Gaia

    (Had some fun with this little dramatisation..)

    Scene… Bill wandering along a mountainous landscape, (again…)

    Bill: Wow, I love it out here, just me and nature, and I guess Gaia

    Gaia: Wonder no more!

    Bill: Gaia, is that you?

    Gaia: None other dude!

    Bill: I don’t know, I kind of need to check my sources

    Gaia: Whose voice am I using in your head?

    Bill: Mmmm, sounds a bit like me, doesn’t help – sorry. I know, it’s a great day, if you are real, how about you show me a Brocken Spectre!

    Gaia: A Brocken what???

    Bill: You know, one of those shadow things, I’m thinking of it

    Gaia: STOP! if you do that, how will you know its me and not you doing this?

    Bill: ahh, quite, I see your point.

    Gaia: Hang on I’ll google it….

    Bill: you can do that!

    Gaia: he he he, damn Google is slow today…. Neat banner… ahhhh I see – amazing what you humans like, I see – here you go….


    Bill: WOW <adjusts hat, gets camera out>

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