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Thread: Focusing : The Transformational Lens

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    Default Re: Focusing : The Transformational Lens

    Excellent post! Thank you so much for sharing.

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    Default Re: Focusing : The Transformational Lens

    Quote Posted by Bill Ryan (here)

    So you want to transform the world?

    Well… here’s one way you can do it.

    Dear Friends: this may be the one of the most important posts you have ever encountered. Read carefully – maybe several times.

    The best place to start is with these words from Inelia’s first video interview with myself.
    Bill: You may have cured her or healed her or stopped her from killing herself or resolved a problem or something. But what is that process? How does it work? How can you explain this? How can you explain what’s happening?

    Inelia: The best way to describe it would be that my focus goes to her. And I am there 110 percent in every dimension, in every time-space for that moment. That’s how I can... But I don’t do anything, I don’t have any intention. I don’t have any attachment to outcome. I don’t have any curiosity. Nothing. It’s just complete focus. And what appears to happen is, then there’s something else – whatever it is, the Divine force, energy, chi, whatever – comes through and directly into her to resolve and do whatever, that I have no idea what it is. And then it’s done.
    Like many others, I marveled at Inelia’s description of the work that she has done since she was a small child: as a transformational instrument of something far larger and greater than her human persona. She would regularly receive ‘directions’ from a clearly benevolent higher source about where to place what she calls her ‘focus’. And then some kind of magic would occur.

    And, as she describes, that’s all she did – thousands of times over the years on ‘targets’ great and small. The effect was always transformational. And Inelia herself is at pains to stress that she herself did nothing. It was something far greater than anything merely human - operating through her like a lens.

    In many private conversations, I quizzed her about this process. What did she do? What did the experience feel like? How did she select her targets – or receive the information about where to direct her attention? Who or what was behind all this? What on Earth (or maybe not on Earth at all!) was going on?

    Many times in Inelia’s interview, she emphasized that her extraordinary gifts were the birthright of all humans. From her interview again:
    Inelia: Anybody who reaches a certain level of awareness can do this stuff. It’s part of the human toolkit. It’s not something that I brought in from outside. This is all wired into every human being. And this is part of the human tool kits that are being oppressed, suppressed and invalidated in everybody. And people are taught that they don’t exist, taught that they’re not able to do these things.
    These words were encouraging to hear. But like thousands of other viewers of the video, I thought: Well, that’s for someone else to be able to do. Not me.

    How wrong I was. Let me share what happened a couple of days ago.

    Inelia and I had just published our first major joint article: The Cry of Gaia. If you’ve not read this, it’s recommended. It describes the Crie de Coeur of Gaia herself, the archetypal Goddess-Guardian of the Earth and all living things who call the Earth their home. As I explain in the article, I had a profound experience that showed me directly that this magnificent entity was very real, and not just a handy ecological metaphor.

    Although immensely strong and certain to way outlive all transient human activity, Gaia is under pressure: the human race is out of all balance, collectively grossly unaware and irresponsible even if only because of our unthinking passive agreement about what is going on around us. And a minority of humans – if humans they are – are bent on destruction of all that is beautiful and good. As Inelia says:
    Inelia: There was a big call from the planet as an entity, and light beings within the planet, saying “Help! To do this we need help.”
    And that call went out, and it wasn’t just a planetary call. It was also from other beings around in the galaxy which will be affected by what happens on the planet, maybe not today, but maybe in a million years, and that call was HUGE. A huge call from sentient consciousness, for some sort of intervention on the planet to allow it – in this timeline – to make the shift that it’s supposed to make and which is trying to be stopped by the negativity.
    So, it was a huge call. And that’s why beings like myself can come into time-space and do this – because it’s a response to that call.
    I’d inserted some images to illustrate the article. One poignant image was this one – a real photograph, despite its surreal quality – taken in Nigeria by National Geographic photojournalist Ed Kashi, whom I interviewed last year:

    Of all the images I have ever seen, this one surely encapsulates the problem of the ruin of the planet: a despairing, dignified human - still somehow, almost hopelessly, trying to make things work against an apocalyptic backdrop, a wasteland of polluted destruction.

    I gazed at this awful scene, wondering just what it would take to fix this. It’s a solvable problem: there do exist people who have the power and the resources to fix these issues with a stroke of their pen, with the click of their fingers.

    And suddenly, my focus – this is the only way I can put it – swung round like a compass needle. It settled – like a magnet – on an individual who I could (but will not) describe. I could see him in my mind’s eye. I saw his face, and what he was wearing. A powerful person, but a human person, indeed with the resources to heal these atrocities. I gazed at him… suddenly totally aware what was happening.

    In the background ran the human thought in my mind: “This is what Inelia was describing. I’m experiencing this now myself. My God, this is flowing through me too.”

    And all I was doing was gazing at the wall of my room. But I was looking at him intently. There was no judgment, no intention, no attachment. Again, as Inelia describes:
    Inelia: And I sat next to him. And I just looked. I was just looking at him and he was looking at me. And I had no agenda. I didn’t know what was going to happen or anything. I was just sitting with him.
    I became aware of a gradually increasing energy flowing through me from behind and above me, through me, towards my ‘target’. And meanwhile, I was doing nothing at all. I was just pointing my attention at him – or, to exact, I was allowing my attention to be directed at this person.

    I was clear, as it was occurring, that my human attention was functioning as a vehicle for something that was entirely different from anything I’d ever experienced before. A part of me was marveling: while another part of me was quietly dispassionate, calm, still, focused, adding nothing at all to what was happening.

    I held my focus for ten minutes (I’d noted the time when it started). It was the easiest thing in the world. There was nothing to do. And that sentence is the key.

    I was being steered, guided, was allowing myself to be an instrument for some kind of process far greater than myself. It was a kind of surrender, a symbiosis with a greater power. The only thing was what not to do: not to get in the way.

    It was crystal clear that what was necessary for this to work was the removal of all ‘normal’ human additives – intention, attachment, judgment, ego, even any sense that what has happening was in some way important. The mystics, meditators and students of esoteric practices reading this may understand immediately. For the rest of you, my purpose in writing this article is to assist you in reaching the point where you too can experience this.

    It was a profound simplicity. We complex humans often do not allow ourselves to be sufficiently simple to do what is needed all around us.

    And that is my story. I do not know the man’s name. But I know his position and his potential influence. I will have no immediate way of knowing whether this had a real-world effect. But I feel certain that it did.

    After those initial ten minutes, I checked with Inelia – realizing that I could place the everyday human component of my attention on to other activities while the process ran in the background. I described what I was experiencing, and she confirmed that I was duplicating her experience. I also checked my intuition that I could indeed get on with everyday matters, and did not have to stay up all night gazing at the wall.

    Laughing, Inelia confirmed that I could indeed ‘let it run’ – and that the process might last minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months. She told me that I would know when it was complete.

    The process continued – and I was not sure whether it was complete or not. It’s like I was waiting for some kind of signal, as when the toaster pops up its toast when it’s exactly ready. Nothing seemed to happen, and I wondered if I’d missed something. I even wondered if my process might differ from Inelia’s in some way.

    But when I woke up this morning – nearly 36 hours after it all started – I realized fully that it was complete. I just knew – exactly as Inelia described that I would.

    And, soon after, I had two similar experiences following that one. Inelia had explained to me that these could run in parallel with one another with no problem, no overlap, and no stress. That seemed hard to imagine, but about 40 minutes after the start of the initial experience, I locked onto another target of another kind entirely (a human who had died and whom I knew to be suffering greatly). I focused on his spirit, which I could perceive clearly, with detachment and yet with great compassion. That process also was over by the time I woke up this morning.

    And finally, I had a ‘small one’ – my third in a day and a half – which Inelia confirmed often happens with her: it was suddenly there this morning, and came and went rapidly: it lasted for maybe two minutes. The effect was subtle, but distinct, and I recognized what was occurring. Inelia said, simply: “Yes, some can be very quick.”

    And there we have it. It’s not a complicated story. To the contrary, it’s all so simple. But it seemed important that I share my experience. Here’s the significance:

    Inelia, and certainly many others of her kind, have been doing this work, quietly and without fuss, for years. The result is as Inelia describes:
    Bill: And... and restoring free will and self determinism to the citizens of the planet – how far on track are we? Can we measure this? Are we doing well?

    Inelia: We are doing EXTREMELY well. Way beyond any expectations and also, its wide open right now. It’s wide open. There are no limits to how much can be accomplished.

    Bill: So it’s wide open in terms of the degree of positive potential?

    Inelia: Yes.
    But it’s not over yet. We can’t relax. There are hundreds of people already doing this work; we may never know their names. But we need thousands. Tens of thousands. And more.

    This is where you can play your part. For some of you reading this, this is what you came here to do. It might just be that reading this post may be the tipping point to enable you to start your mission.

    Remember: Profound Simplicity. Get your human intentions, attachment, judgment, ego, and even curiosity right out of the way. If you have thoughts or emotions, acknowledge them and let them move on. And let the magnetic compass needle of your attention swing freely to locate its target.

    You will have no control over what, when, or even why. Surrender to whatever is operating through you and allow yourself to be a clear lens whose only function is to point in a particular direction.

    Then let a Power that is far greater than yours, or mine, do all the rest.

    Bill Ryan
    20 June, 2011
    A blast from the past here, and, also a very powerful one at that. A side hobby of mine is looking through old threads here at Avalon, it gives a lot of insight into how the forum has changed over the years, how popular subjects have evolved (or devolved depending on ones perspective)

    Another part of it is being introduced to old members who don't post any more but, at the same time its like meeting old friends that I never knew. So many faces lost to time, it's kind of like looking down my family tree..

    I recommend ducking into the time capsules available here every now and than.

    Anywhere there are two reasons for actually commenting on this one subject rather than to move silently on to other material. See Bill, this thread was so powerful for me because what Inelia, and then you also describe, I've seen over the course of my whole life, except I never knew what was happening when I see these people that just pop in out of nowhere, nor have I known what to do with it.

    Sometimes it just takes a slight nudge from a fellow pathwalker to make a breakthrough, so, thank you for that now I know what to do with it!

    Do you still do this Bill? I kept waiting with baited breath to see the progression of this, I never saw anything else from you after a second post the same day, and the thread ended without fanfare barely 2 months later. I was sad lol!

    Some other member could do this as well it seems, I just wish they were still active to comment on how this went for them on down the road as well...

    One other aspect of this hit me straight between the eyes and, if anyone else has their own insights, I would love to hear it.

    Questions like this one from "Heartsong" popped up.

    Quote Posted by Heartsong (here)
    Quote Posted by Heartsong (here)
    From Original Post:

    Bill, is it possible that the less enlightened or those of the "dark side" could also do this but have negative results? Is there any danger to the practice of complete surrender to an unknown force?
    Again I bring up this question. What happens when people with different perspectives - say, Service to self- use this practice to act as a conduit for this energy that flows? What happens when the truly evil use this technique?
    The following from "astrid" looked to be the best explained response, and they all were along similar lines.

    Quote Posted by astrid (here)
    Think it terms of different levels of vibration.

    Like attract like.

    Those of a lower vibrational construct, if came into contact with the sorts of energy we are discussing, would be transformed.

    They don't get to wield this type of refined energy as its not on their "bandwidth".

    As we know they have their own ideas of how to gain power,
    but its through milking it of others, it's not from source.

    - Well, actually that's not strickly correct as everything is from source,
    but they can't take it directly, they need it to be filtered.

    Energy from source, never runs out.

    The technique is one aspect, but it's the quality, the refined level of vibration,
    energy, that is flowing through us the vessels,
    that is doing the "work" .

    I hope this makes sense.
    My intuition immediately told me that no, it's not so clear cut as that, there really could be a negative aspect to this same as anything else. Perhaps the one with bad intentions cant tap into Source energy like one with good intentions can, but, I can see the Source energy being redirected towards a negative result if the one with good intentions is not very very strong, and being attentive to the possibility.

    As a matter of fact I'm almost certain this can, and does, happen.


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