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Thread: Method of Developing Lucidity

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    Default Method of Developing Lucidity

    From "Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett"
    Letter No. 127

    "The methods used for developing lucidity in our chelas may be easily used by you. Every temple has a dark room, the north wall of which is entirely covered with a sheet of mixed metal, chiefly copper, very highly polished, with a surface capable of reflecting in it things, as well as a mirror. The chela sits on an insulated stool, a three-legged bench placed in a flat-bottomed vessel of thick glass, -- the lama operator likewise, the two forming with the mirror wall a triangle. A magnet with the North Pole up is suspended over the crown of the chela's head without touching it. The operator having started the thing going leaves the chela alone gazing on the wall, and after the third time is no longer required."

    From "Psychic Sexuality - The Bio-Psychic Anatomy of Sexual Energies" by Ingo Swann


    "Chapter 19

    .....Some discomforts soon became apparent when I began sitting in the copper room for two sessions a day of forty minutes at a time.
    First of all, it was necessary to sit perfectly still, or as still as possible, because of the leads affixed to the scalp which were conducting brainwaves to the computers.
    Body movement, especially of the neck, shoulders and arms introduced “noise” into the brainwave-measuring mechanisms and blotted out the shifting brainwave patterns which were thought important.
    Second, I had to keep awake, to keep my eyes open, so as not to reduce the spectrum of the brainwaves to those characteristic of sleep. One might meditate, or go into reverie; but with the eyes open so as to prevent descent into sleep. Eye blinking would also distort brainwave patterns.
    Part of the technique, if it can be called that, was to focus one’s eyes on the vague reflection of oneself in the copper sheet one sat facing. This was interesting for about ten minutes, but soon the eyes watered, and the reflection began wobbling.
    However, in the past, dozens of researchers had hooked me into brainwave equipment, and so I was familiar with the requirements.
    Yet, on the surface of things there was nothing to do except sit motionless, stare at the mirror image, and do so without drowsing or falling asleep.


    During the morning session of the third day, which would be the fifth sitting, I found myself reviewing all sorts of things in my mind.
    There was no deliberate effort on my part to do so. Indeed, I didn’t particularly want to think, but only to notice something unusual as a result of the copper mirrors.
    It seemed like strips of movie footage were being run, sometimes at high speed, somewhat as if time was being contracted or compacted. After a few moments of this, several movie strips began running at the same time.
    I was not wondering about clairvoyance or lucidity, since that kind of stuff was not the central focus of the experiments. The Program was to see if the copper walls showed any electrostatic changes with regard to the sitter.
    At some point I began thinking that the images were actually something of a nuisance. So I began wondering about the why of many fast-moving images, but this seemed to cause them to run faster.
    Shortly, they suddenly turned into tiny little balls a metalic dark blue in color. After these buzzed about like bees around a nest, they suddenly disappeared altogether.
    At the time I didn’t attribute any particular meaning to this. But weeks later I sort of came to the conclusion that the movie strips contained the greater part of what I had experienced in my life.
    I felt there was something vaguely “Tibetan” about this, reflective of some kind of meditation method to review one’s entire life so as to step outside of those thought-pattern-images.


    As the blue balls disappeared, I began noticing that something about the copper sheets, which I sat facing, had changed.
    A transparent, but almost tangibly “thick” dark orange “mist” had appeared. The mist seemed to be composed of “particles.” The copper sheets were polished enough so that one could see one’s reflection in them. The orange mist had blotted out my reflection.
    Somewhat in surprise, I did the no-no of turning to look at the copper walls on either side and behind me. I found that the entire chamber was infused with the orange mist, and that there were small “waves going on through it. I also noticed that it was slowly becoming more luminous and more orange.
    I naturally concluded the orange field was composed of energies. But since orange has never been one of my favorite colors, I wondered why the energies were orange.
    While in process of this wondering, my attention suddenly went to my crotch were, of all things, an erection was in process of manifesting.
    Mildly surprised, I then resumed my motionless position. But soon my hands and feet began itching. After about ten more minutes I down at my right hand because it had really started tingling and there was no way to scratch it.
    To my utter shock, I could see the bones in my hand very clearly, a in more than just a black and white X-ray way. At this, my eyes began blinking a whole lot, and a series of goosebumps invaded my tire body. But the long session was now at an end, and I could scratch my hand.
    Immediately after the session I was interviewed about what I bad experienced.
    I did not yet refer to clairvoyance, because I thought all of this had something to do with the electrostatic behavior of the copper walls. During the afternoon session, if I remember correctly, nothing particular happened, except I thought 1 could sense that the magnet suspended over my head had its “north” direction up.
    Now, it needs to be explained that the experimental protocols had certain requirements regarding the magnet, which was specially designed and contained in a white cardboard box.
    As a control for the experiment, empty cardboard boxes were occasionally substituted for the magnet without telling the subject.
    At other times, the magnets were to be placed with the north up or the south up.
    Shortly, I could “see” that the north end had a blue glow, the south a pink one, and of course the empty boxes had neither. Knowing about Reichenbach’s experiments, 1 considered the idea that I was merely mentalizing the glows based on what I had read about his experiments.
    So I suggested that at the beginning of each session, I should try, by sensing, to identify whether the magnet was north-up, south-up, or whether the box was empty.
    The suggestion was accepted by the experimenters, and all of my subsequent calls were correct. At some point, the sessions were then interrupted while an assistant changed the magnet routine several times to gather more data about this.
    I eventually mentioned that I liked the north pole of the magnet better than the south pole. Although I did not know it then the experimenters had already accumulated evidence that males “Performed” better with the north-up, while females did so with the south up.


    That night, while watching TV in my motel room, I noticed that the orange luminosity was glowing in my head, or in my consciousness and that my body was surrounded by it.
    The “effects” were now continuing outside of the copper wall chamber. It was at this point that I remember the orange light I had seen as an infant, and forgotten past memories were withdrawn from storage.
    These did their accelerated movie thing, and after a while turned into tiny blue balls and disappeared.


    At the next session, it took about twenty minutes for the orange light to emanate from the copper sheets, which I still thought was its source. I could again see the bones in my hands, but now could also see the larger blood vessels and arteries.
    The vessels were dark blue, somewhat glowing, but the arteries were brilliant pinkish-red. I felt I recognized these because of my college training in biology;
    But there was also a glowing, blue-green network which infused both of the hands and ran up the arms, whose bones I could now also see. The network was exquisite and very complex, but I didn’t know what it was.
    At some point, the orange light began shifting to dark yellow as it enveloped the entire chamber. Then it randomly began fluctuating with a number of other colors—like being in the middle of a slowly undulating rainbow.


    Crotch action had again manifested, but I was now absolutely transfixed and had no trouble sitting motionless.
    But shortly I was quite startled when, just to my immediate near left, a tubular, slightly undulating beam of purple-lavender light suddenly zoomed up out of the floor and disappeared into the ceiling. Surprised, I jumped up out of the chair in reflex, hitting my head on the magnet, and causing most of the brainwave electrodes to be dislodged.
    So, the experiment was interrupted while these were pasted back on to my scalp.
    But while the assistant was replacing them, I could see he was surrounded by a darkish but yet luminous nimbus. And there in the vicinity of his crotch was the tell-tale red radiance sticking out a little rough his pants.
    I was quite silent while the leads were being reaffixed. The reason, however, had nothing to do with perceiving the energies, but how I now sensed they were being perceived.
    I had studied psychic phenomena for many years, and like most people I had adapted to the idea that clairvoyance involved only some kind of mental perceiving. I still think that particular kind of clairvoyance exists.
    But the tube had zoomed up and through to my left, and I was convinced that sighting of it had taken place in the parameters of the eye outside of focused vision. This is to say, outside of the fovea, the rodless area of the eye affording acute vision.
    To be specific, the rods and cones of the eye surrounding the fovea had detected the tube, much as anyone would detect a motion taking place just outside their focused vision. If, for example, you stare straight ahead at a wall, and move your hand just in back of your shoulder, you will have some kind of vision of that motion—and your eyes will jerk toward it so as to determine what it is.
    My cognitive brain was whirling, and I was a little dizzy. Amid my silence, with cascades of goosebumps going on even in the soles of my feet, I now began to grasp what might be happening.
    Despite my conviction that clairvoyance was only mental, I now recognized that while I was indirectly mentally “seeing,’ my eye systems were in fact seeing the energies also.
    If this WAS the case, and as yet I had not firmly decided it was, here was a significant distinction between clairvoyance and LUCIDITY.

    Before we restarted the session, I asked for a drink of water because my throat was quite dry.
    My hands were shaking, and the guy asked why, worried was undergoing some kind of bad effect from the magnet. I could only say “Holy ****, Holy ****, this is wonderful and unbelievable!”


    With the leads again firmly glued to my scalp, the session resumed. I again looked down at my hands with my eyes, and saw addition to the blue network and all else) that the surface of the skin was peppered with small glowing spots.
    Of course, I immediately wondered what these were-_at which point they somehow MAGNIFIED—and I could see them composed one-half of pink light, the other of turquoise blue light.
    Inside of each of them was a transparent lusciously green whorl, or a minute circulating motion and which penetrated through the skin into the muscles, themselves now seen as a kind of liquid light like red Jell-O. I soon realized, with extreme amazement, what these were.
    I had always wondered how the ancient Chinese could make maps of the acupuncture points WITHOUT having sensitive instruments which could detect their minute voltages.
    It was now quite clear to me that they almost certainly had used MICRO-CLAIRVOYANCE to do so. And at this, I now accepted that what was going on was the restoration and enhancement of my own clairvoyant faculties which had been suppressed since childhood.
    At any rate, here was some kind of direct clairvoyance of acupuncture points, or so I presumed. However, there were MANY more of them than are usually illustrated in the books and on acupuncture “dolls.”
    Further, all were interconnected by a very minute, glowing darkish green network, liquid green like the color of deep green water.
    I now realized that the blue network must constitute the equivalent of the PHYSICAL neural system which conducts sensations through the physical body, including those of pain and ecstasy.
    What I determined to be the lymphatic system was a network of glowing white.
    The green network associated with the acupuncture was an energetic one, and thus was distinct from the physical neural and lymphatic networks.
    To put it mildly, I was in ecstasy at this point, and the blue work was glowing even more in this ecstasy—so much so that my sensorium itself had gotten aroused, with the result that my membrum virile felt as if it was about to do you know what (although it didn’t).
    Both the blue and green networks ran almost side by side, and were connected to each other at certain points. I could perceive that there was a heavy concentration of both these networks in, yes, the all important glands or “head” of my membrum virile.
    As all this still confusing stuff was going on, I began to get the small idea that this was not merely clairvoyance. And this is a little hard to articulate.
    Most accounts of clairvoyant experiencing seem to indicate that there is the object viewed and the viewer of the object. This is to say the object and the viewer are two different things.
    But in the copper wall room, I began to get the idea that I wasn’t perceiving as viewer/object relationship where boundaries between the two are important.
    Something else was happening. The viewer/object relationship had collapsed into some form of integrated “participation.” This was the best, but not quite the most accurate term.
    In thinking about this later, I began to realize that the term LUCIDITY was utilized in the Mahatma Letter, not clairvoyance—and that everyone, including myself, had automatically assumed that the two terms were synonymous.
    With this distinction, it would seem that if the Mahatmas meant clairvoyance then they would have used that term. But they spoke of lucidity.
    And I now began to comprehend what the Mahatmas had meant by LUCIDITY- something for which the English language does not really have a concept or a specific term.


    Even so, it’s worthwhile once more to review the dictionary definition of LUCIDITY The first definition is given as clearness of thought or style. But the second is “a presumed capacity to perceive the truth directly and instantaneously, as in clairvoyance.”
    LUCID DREAMING, for example, may have to do with seeing colors and shapes clearly. But it also refers to dreaming of the truth things or matters.
    Sitting in the copper room, I began to get the idea that the lucidity of the Mahatmas was composed of several layers or levels of clairvoyance functioning all at once. I don’t remember having seen anything like all this as a child back in my butterfly-light days.
    But here, almost magically so, were “refinements” so absolutely delicate they were unbelievable. And the sense of the trans-dimensional something (no word exists for this) seemed capable of “connecting up” with EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE.
    The absolute beauty of all this was, and has remained, indescribable. “Fabulous” doesn’t even do justice to the wonderous beauty involved.
    I later found color illustrations in a book entitled ENERGY ECSTASY (1978) by Bernard Gunther that came close. Although I had this book in my library for some time, I didn’t pay it much attention because it seemed to me that the book’s artist was taking liberties.
    ENERGY ECSTASY is a book about “human energies, the energy body, and the chakras.”
    But Gunther’s illustrations, although beautiful and in color, still don’t do justice, most probably because the illustrations are presented in only the two dimensions of the page.
    It is true that the sparkling radiances of all these exquisite energies can be suggested visually on a 2-dimensional page, but their gorgeous fluidic motions have a 3-dimensionality that can’t be portrayed.
    Someday someone will figure out how to film these energies as motion pictures, and when this happens everyone will be in for an abs° lute and awesome thrill.


    The next mindboggling thing that occurred took place immediately after the session.
    There was sortie kind of heated upset taking place in the computer room regarding the computers, some of which had inexplicably gone down during the session.
    When I entered it after being detached from the brainwave leads, the computer room was bathed in red light, with electric-like brighter red beams shooting around here and there. And I, who could now see these, was not even in the copper chamber any longer.
    i actually attributed this seeing to my imagination because it would be expected that upsets might produce angry red “vibrations.”
    Dr. Green was present in the red-lit computer room, and he was busy trying to calm down the flaring up situation. It was then I noticed a circular whitish “light” in the center of his forehead just slightly above his eyebrows....."

    sorry for the long post, it is really worth reading. now my question: has somebody experience with such a copper room? I want to build such a copper room but Iīm not sure what kind of magnet I should use, any ideas?
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    Default Re: Method of Developing Lucidity

    just realised, that this thread was supposed to be in Healing / Health / Alternative Medicine & Science... can mods or admins move it?

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    Default Re: Method of Developing Lucidity

    Hi Manifestor,

    Very exciting experiments, I enjoyed your experiences, indeed!!
    Dou you have any more things to share about your later experiences?
    Did the phenomenon appear during experiments only?
    Could you help me to find the given book "Mahatma Letters", please? The offered link does not contain the citation.

    Thanks for your answers!
    Have a nice day!

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    Default Re: Method of Developing Lucidity

    Iīd like to this thread, and suggest to change its title to "Ingo Swannīs `Psychic Sexuality`which then includes the topic of Lucidity itself.

    My question is, can anyone of our aura-seeing // clairvoyant members agree on the outrageous things that Ingo describes in the book?

    Has anyone read it?

    It seems we once had it in the Avalon Library, but I canīt find it.

    I hope to start a lively discussion on this, since I think itīs a fascinating topic that is highly unexplored.
    My book on the philosophy and power of imagination and how to train yours:

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