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Thread: NEW MADRID FAULT - Similarities between 1811 and 2011 (weather, comets, etc)

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    Default NEW MADRID FAULT - Similarities between 1811 and 2011 (weather, comets, etc)

    Comparisons (weirdly) of whats going on now to 1811 of the great New Madrid earthquake.
    (Note: this is not my research - website and references below. Ba-ba-Ra)

    1) Some type of great flooding or long period of heavy rainfall leading to large river rises occured. Like in 2011, it also occured in 1811 in the month of June, in the same places.
    2) 1811 was the 11th session of Congress and 2011 started as the 111th session of Congress
    3) An article was published a couple weeks ago where scientist were baffled as to why the sun was going quiet, when it should of beginning its maximum period. In 1811, it was quoted in the link above, 1811 was a unique year for the sun for its quiet period. Note: They tell us today its a 11 year cycle, the paper quoted a 13 year cycle)
    4) Europe has just come off possibly the coldest winter in its history, same article above quoted the cooling of Europe in 1811, due to the suns activity. We are still in facts.
    5) In 1811, the new moon occured on Dec 15th, the morning of Dec 16th, the earthquake struck. In 2011, we have a new moon on Oct 11th. I will explain why October shortly (speculation part, but also fact, not conspiracy, just head scratching).
    6) Most geologist and scientist believe that most earthquakes occur during new and full moons. With new moons the most likely. But when you have new and full moons on days that also equal their apogee or perigee, then you have a "supermoon", this is what some of them, Jim Berkland for example, believe is the window for the most dangerous.
    7) Stay with me here, no conspiracy, just facts and honest comparisons, with a little head scratching. Now, in Oct. we have a full moon on the 11th, with the moon apogee on Oct 12th. We have a new moon on Oct 26th, but we also have the moon perigee on, yep, Oct 26th. Now, the JPL say that comet Elenin will make its closest approach on Oct 16th. Right in the middle of the full and new moon and the apogee and perigee, leading up to the 26th that is the new moon, perigee, and passing comet all on the same day. Not saying it means anything but kinda makes you wonder. If that doesnt, I will entice you a bit more.
    8) There was what is known as The Great Comet of 1811. Its was seen with the naked eye for 260 days. It was first noticed on March 25th, 1811, and made its closest approach (estimated) but became its most brightest in mid-October.
    9) The date of the strongest and first New Madrid quake was on a 16th and the closest approach of this already famous comet noone has even seen yet is on a 16th. October 16th

    So am I saying the New Madrid is going to have another major quake on Oct 26th? Sometime between Oct 11th and the 26th? NO, not predicting anything, forecasting anything, just some research, a bit of history, and some strange comparisons, plus something to think about. Because, if anything, it is a bit of odd repeat of history on the 200th anniversary. Once again, I am not predicting or forecasting an earthquake at the NM fault line, nor am I suggesting comet Elenin will even cause it, or have any affect on Earth. I am an self employed researcher and just simply pointing out the things that compare as a historical precedent leading up to the time of the fault release. The comparisons of 1811 to 2011. There has been floods before and since, comets before and since, military tensions before and since. But I am just pointing out all at the same time, same geographical places within same time frames, with an introduction of a noticed comet in the same month of closest approach. Thats all. Could be something, history repeating itself? Could be nothing? But at least, lets say, worth an observation mode.

    On the following website author posts all his research sites:
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    Default Re: NEW MADRID FAULT - Similarities between 1811 and 2011 (weather, comets, etc)

    Very interesting find Ba-ba-Ra, well they say everything is Cyclic?? And what for Numbers... like 11??
    The Truth will find you out!

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