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Thread: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

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    Default Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    from http://targetedindividualscanada.wor...james-bartley/

    James Bartley
    February 7, 2012 HRC

    most important revelation – “…These concepts and ideas are spawned by the interdimensional reptilians and through the “hive consciousness” and in some cases direct telepathic communication, reptilian human hybrids in key positions within the government and scientific community are directed to implement these changes. Ettish discussed the significance of baby’s milk formula and how the alterations in milk have contributed to the diminished brain power of humans. Ettish stated that scientists who refuse to go along with the various programs designed to oppress the human race are eliminated. Ettish described the progression from the microchipped “smart card” which will contain all of our personal information, to the subdermal microchip implant. He says the public will be manipulated into believing that pin numbers are easily stolen and that the only way to make our personal banking, medical and court information secure is by accepting the microchip implant. The Global Elite’s plan to cull the Earth’s human population by at least 80% is a documented fact. Notorious rep hybrid Henry Kissinger stated this fiendish desire in a State Department memo. We have already seen the bitter fruit of this longstanding agenda in the form of designer wars, designer plagues, a medical and pharmaceutical industry that kills countless people, genetically modified food that makes people ill and a global financial system that impoverishes and starves millions of people. Ettish spoke at some length of the plan to depopulate the human population. Ettish is very matter of fact in his descriptions of the reptilian agenda and its malign influence on the human race. Perhaps the most important revelation from Ettish was the existence of a “Spirit Capturing Net” which was created by the reptilians. The spiritual net is designed to capture the spirits of people with a high vibrational frequency. This is a preemptive proactive effort by the reptilians to disrupt the Life Path of potentially troublesome people. An astral reptilian attaches energy “cords” to the main charkas and energy meridians of the targeted person. When the person dies, the Soul is reeled into a containment system rather than be allowed to continue its spiritual journey to the next realm. The system works as a spiritual barrier. Ettish says the reptilians erase past lives from the Akashic Records in order to force the Soul Entity to make the same mistakes he or she made in a past life or lives. Ettish also says that erasing past lives from the Akashic Records can compel people to endure the same health problems or physical infirmities all over again…” (A Book Review of Susan Reed’s “The Body Snatchers”)

    human-reptilian hybrids – “…The Reptilians are the principal architects behind the New World Order. They coordinate the global changes they require through their alien vassals as well as through their human-reptilian hybrids who have been placed in important positions within the Global Military/Industrial and Political/Financial Complex. It is beyond the scope of this paper to mention in detail how the reptilian leadership known as the DRACOS (who have wings) has managed to surreptitiously control the Human Race. Suffice it to say that this process is not only global but is multi-dimensional and has been going on for a long time. We are involved in all out Spiritual Warfare on a cosmic and multidimensional scale. To apply New Age “Wisdom” to understand the nature of Spiritual Warfare is akin to military theorist applying Napoleonic tactics to the reality of American Civil War battlefields. Marching in lockstep elbow to elbow with your fellow soldiers to close on an enemy breastwork and fire their muskets in a massed volley on command may have made practical sense during the Napoleonic Wars when the range of the inaccurate smooth bore muskets was a mere 75 yards. On the American battlefields of Shiloh, Antietam, Vicksburg, Franklin, Cold Harbor et al these tactics were suicidal. Yet conventional military wisdom held that the tactics and methods of warfare which held pre-eminence during the revered Napoleon’s day, would also apply during an era when the rifled musket was in common usage by both the Union and Confederate Armies. The effective range of a rifled musket was well over three hundred yards. The result was wholesale slaughter for both sides…” (“Alien Civil Affairs Programs”)

    reptilian propagandists – “…By constantly blaming “the military” and the “globalist industrialist” the reptilian propagandists condition the abductees into believing that ALL human institutions are bad and that the only hope one has to reach the chimerical “: next level of consciousness, evolution, vibratory frequency” et al is to look to the skies towards the same dark gods who are responsible for their current state of spiritual enslavement. Never mind that for the most part these “Globalist and Militarist” are part of the same old fraternal orders which worship the patriarchal serpent gods and in many cases are Hosts for Reptilian entities themselves. (We know people who can actually SEE the reptilian image superimposed upon the features of apparent “people” whether the latter are in public or on CSPAN. Some of them can also “sniff out” shape shifting reptilians because they simply don’t smell the way normal humans do. I can feel negative reptilian energy when it’s in my presence and I can tell you that Boylan has abusive and nauseating reptilian energy in god-awful abundance)…” (Rebuttal to a Reptile in Human Clothing)

    James Bartley is an Abductee who has been exposed to high levels of Spiritual Warfare. He has studied in England and Germany. He is a student of Military History with an emphasis on Intelligence- Counterintelligence and Special Operations. James has worked in the Semiconductor Industry, the Telecommunications Industry and in County Government as an Ombudsmen. James also worked for the Civil Service at a major military command in an Intelligence related capacity. He is a former business owner. Bartley: “…I consider myself a Christian, however I have an implicit belief in Reincarnation. The two are NOT mutually exclusive despite what the religious dogmatists would have us believe. No two people were as well versed with the Old Testament or the New Testament as Edgar Cayce and General George S. Patton. Yet both believed implicitly in Reincarnation and had extremely detailed past life memories…I have had personal encounters with non-human life forms in my home, in my car and on board alien craft after I had been taken “onboard.” But the ET experience encompasses far more than just face to face encounters and UFO sightings. The ETs routinely conduct “dream hacking” and create “stage managed dreams” while we are sleeping. Some of these dreams can be highly symbolic in nature or could be efforts at indoctrination and/or training. An abductee could wake up from such “dreams” and feel compelled to tell the world about the wonderful benevolent ETs who are bestowing upon him knowledge and wisdom. This creed is fortified by numerous alien inspired synchronicities…There is not enough quality research being done about reptilians, the ruling reptilian-human hybrid elite and the Reptilian Overlordship in general. Likewise there is not enough research done on Milabs or the various and sundry ways ETs utilize abductees. There needs to be more written about the deep black interaction between non-human entities and human military/scientific/medical personnel. If 90 % of all UFO researchers stopped researching, we wouldn’t miss anything. Most researchers don’t even see a connection between UFOs, Aliens and the reptilians in particular with the New World Order. Some researchers and abductees have been manipulated into promoting the New World Order without even realizing it…” (Whale)

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    Default Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    you are posting a lot Houman wth few thanks ever. This is just to let you know that I find your postings interesting and that I do read it. Perhaps others are doing the same.

    So this post is to thank you and to encourage you to keep posting.

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    Default Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    Quote Posted by Flash (here)
    you are posting a lot Houman wth few thanks ever. This is just to let you know that I find your postings interesting and that I do read it. Perhaps others are doing the same.

    So this post is to thank you and to encourage you to keep posting.
    Thanks Flash, I will keep posting...

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    Default Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    Yes Houman thankyou from me too. Ive been reading since the beginning and this thread has helped shed light on my own reptilian encounter, at least to help me understand what happened at the time. I thought at the time it was a demon encounter until I started researching. I still havnt shared my experience here at Avalon, too painful. This is the first time Ive even mentioned it. Now I know why Ive always had cats around me thanks also to this thread! Its true reptilians do hate them! Again thankyou.

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    Default Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    Quote Posted by Lisab (here)
    Yes Houman thankyou from me too. Ive been reading since the beginning and this thread has helped shed light on my own reptilian encounter, at least to help me understand what happened at the time. I thought at the time it was a demon encounter until I started researching. I still havnt shared my experience here at Avalon, too painful. This is the first time Ive even mentioned it. Now I know why Ive always had cats around me thanks also to this thread! Its true reptilians do hate them! Again thankyou.
    Thanks Lisab.

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    Default Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    from http://www.whale.to/b/bartley_reed.html

    A Book Review

    of Susan Reed’s “The Body Snatchers”

    By James Bartley

    The full title of this book is “The Body Snatchers: A True Story of Body Snatching By The Reptilians – A Real Alien Conspiracy.” It is the poignant personal story of Susan Reed who became romantically involved with a man she called “Brian.” Brian is a reptilian host who assigned two interdimensional reptilians to spy on Susan and report her activities back to Brian. One of the interdimensional reptilians who called itself “Ettish,” decided to break free from Brian’s control and reveal aspects of the reptilian agenda to Susan. The subject matter of this book is of extreme significance. The basis for the New World Order is the Reptilian Overlordship. Without the guiding influence of the reptilians, both in the physical world and from the spiritual realms, there would be no impending Global Police State.

    The book can be divided into two distinct but interrelated subjects: Susan’s personal observations of the reptilian host Brian and the remote control he exerted upon her. The second theme of the book are the revelations provided by an interdimensional reptilian called Ettish. According to Brian, he was a perfectly normal human until an abduction which occurred when he was twenty years old. He was taken in a light beam up into an alien spacecraft. During this abduction experience, a reptilian consciousness/soul matrix was placed inside Brian and his original consciousness/soul matrix was evicted. In essence, Brian was “replaced.” This has happened to many others in the past particularly to those who are addicted to Crystal Methedrine or “Crank.” Some abductees and researchers have learned that the ETs and reptilians have the technological means to transfer a reptilian consciousness into a human being. Black Magick can also be utilized to transfer a non-human consciousness into a human being.

    Susan Is Targeted By the Reptilians

    Brian, like other reptilian host, has the ability to attract women towards him. According to Susan, Brian wasn’t particularly handsome. This is a phenomenon that has been noted with other drac or reptilian hosts. (“Dracs” or “Dracos” are the ancient winged gargoyle species.) These hosts have the ability to manipulate the kundalini and sexual chi of a woman. The woman will feel sensations of arousal and mistake these sensations for “chemistry.” If the woman has a New Age mindset, the host will use her beliefs against her and tell her that they have a past life connection. After the host has seduced the woman, the host may treat the woman shabbily, oftentimes deserting her in the middle of the night. This is intentional. This is the host way of putting the period at the end of another “conquest.” The host achieves his goal of seducing the woman and making her feel poorly about herself at the same time. Susan believed that Brian stole genetic material from her during the course of their relationship, usually while she was sleeping. She believes there are many other hosts like Brian who likewise steal genetic material from the women they seduce.

    According to Susan, Brian had five interdimensional reptilians at his disposal. Two of them were assigned to spy on Susan. Many people have wondered how these reptilian hosts can know the activities and locations of the people they are tormenting. It is a combination of the reptilian host’s innate psychic abilities which may include remote viewing and astral travel, as well as the host’s ability to utilize reptilian “familiars” as interdimensional spies. I know personally of cases where reptilian hosts have astral projected into the bedrooms of people, usually women, and the host will be accompanied by one or more reptilians in astral form. The women that are being harassed in this manner can sometimes psychically “see” the reptilian host’s and his reptilian familiars.

    I submit that it is not normal behavior for individuals to astral project into someone’s home accompanied by one or more reptilian familiars. Phenomena which is considered abnormal and unexplainable by conventional standards, are the norm where the demonstrated abilities of drac and reptilian hosts are concerned. To give but one example, a Light Energy Being which emitted a very negative energy manifested in Susan’s home. The energy being began speaking to Susan in Brian’s voice. Then Susan heard a discussion between this energy being and Brian, despite the fact that Brian was in a distant location. Both the energy being and Brian were speaking to one another in Brian’s own voice!

    Susan believed she was targeted by Brian not only because she was a DNA laden woman but because she was on a spiritual learning path that at some future time could have created problems for the reptilians and their agenda for Earth. According to Brian, the reptilians will identify those individuals with a higher vibrational frequency and will attempt to suborn them one way or another. If their machinations prove effective the targeted person will become a New Age ET Lover or is otherwise rendered a non-threat. If all else fails they will kill that person. Susan was told by Brian that the reptilians used certain types of weapons to torment or kill people from a distance. Susan believed she had been remotely targeted by some of these weapons and on at least one occasion was hospitalized and nearly died as a result of being remotely beamed. During her hospitalization, Brian visited her and told her he was part of a global conspiracy and asked her if she wanted to join him!

    One of these weapons causes death early in the morning usually around 2:45 A.M. An autopsy would suggest that the person died of a heart attack during sleep when it was actually this weapon of the reptilians. Another weapon described by Brian creates a stroke within the victim. ETs and reptilians have utilized a variety of methods to “neutralize” (kill or incapacitate) troublesome humans. “Witchcraft” is also used against people, according to Ettish. “Troublesome” can at times be defined as merely being curious about ones own abduction experiences.

    In order to divest herself of these malign reptilian influences, Susan went to Brazil to meet a faith healer named “John of God. She only had a few minutes with this faith healer. She felt as if she had been “ripped off” money wise. For her troubles she was given another attached entity by this faith healer! This new entity seriously impaired her health for over a year. (This is actually a quite common occurrence. Some faith healers including healers who work with energies such as some Reiki healers have actually given their clients entities. Moreover some of these negatively energized faith healers and “rebirthing” experts have a pernicious habit of plying their trade in high energy vortex areas. This is a recipe for disaster because vortex areas serve as the “membrane” between worlds.)

    ETs and reptilians in particular have exhibited at times an extraordinary degree of control over humans. Susan realized that most if not all of her problems originated from Brian. It was in the midst of all this turmoil that she was contacted by one of her attached entities which Brian had sent her.

    Revelations of a Reptilian

    Susan was contacted by the male reptilian that had attached itself to her.

    This entity called itself “Ettish” and it offered Susan an extraordinary deal: In exchange for Susan working with several different “Spirit Attachment Removers” and divesting herself of Ettish, Ettish would reveal facets of the Reptilian Agenda. It seemed that Ettish no longer wanted to be the errand boy of Brian. This process had to be done somewhat stealthily since the female mate of Ettish was also attached to Susan. Ettish feared that the female would report Ettish’s perfidy back to the reptilian hierarchy. During the spirit removal sessions where hypnosis was used, Ettish would speak through Susan. It spoke in a cockney accent and used cockney idioms.

    I know of cases where a reptilian or faction of reptilians had rebelled against their superiors in the hierarchy. Usually it is a case of one or more reptilians not wanting to be in a subordinate position any longer. Resentment and revenge are always a motivation for treason at any level. Just as there is a hierarchical structure amongst reptilians in physical form both above and below the surface, there is a hierarchy amongst non-corporeal reptilians. Sometimes, as in the case of Brian and his non-corporeal minion, Ettish, the reptilian host is in command. Ettish explained that he had last been in physical reptilian form three thousand years ago and was worshipped as a god by humans. For that and other reasons, Ettish considered Brian to be an upstart and beneath his contempt. (I know of similar claims from other reptilians who claimed they were worshipped as “gods” in ancient times.) In order to start the process of separating himself from Brian, Ettish first had to turn Brian against Susan. Ettish accomplished this by reporting back false information about Susan back to Brian. This false information enraged Brian and Brian would then mete out reprisals at Susan using a variety of methods. These attacks by Brian prompted Susan to divest herself of all reptilian influences. It was at this point that Ettish made his appearance and offered the aforementioned deal to her.

    Contrary to what Susan believes, Ettish was not the only reptilian to share this kind of information. I’ve heard similar information from reliable sources that have frequent contact with the reptilians. Nevertheless, what Ettish shared with Susan was extraordinary by any standards. If taken at face value, Ettish revealed nothing less than the Grand Strategy of the Reptilian Overlords. Ettish stated that depopulation, a microchipped population, the debt burden upon the public and scientifically induced malnutrition just to name a few, are all designed by the reptilians to ensure control of the surface population. Ettish says the reptilians ultimate goal is to take over the planet and to turn the surviving humans into slaves. Ettish claims the reptilians have very large invisible space stations in orbit above the Earth. As with many claims made by reptilians and other non-human races, we must practice discernment and not accept everything at face value. There is no way anyone outside of the deep black military industrial complex and intelligence community can confirm the existence of these large invisible reptilian space stations. (During the 1950s however, the late Donald Keyhoe learned from his sources in the Pentagon that there were immense alien space ships in Low Earth Orbit above the planet.)

    These concepts and ideas are spawned by the interdimensional reptilians and through the “hive consciousness” and in some cases direct telepathic communication, reptilian human hybrids in key positions within the government and scientific community are directed to implement these changes. Ettish discussed the significance of baby’s milk formula and how the alterations in milk have contributed to the diminished brain power of humans. Ettish stated that scientists who refuse to go along with the various programs designed to oppress the human race are eliminated. Ettish described the progression from the microchipped “smart card” which will contain all of our personal information, to the subdermal microchip implant. He says the public will be manipulated into believing that pin numbers are easily stolen and that the only way to make our personal banking, medical and court information secure is by accepting the microchip implant.

    The Global Elite’s plan to cull the Earth’s human population by at least 80% is a documented fact. Notorious rep hybrid Henry Kissinger stated this fiendish desire in a State Department memo. We have already seen the bitter fruit of this longstanding agenda in the form of designer wars, designer plagues, a medical and pharmaceutical industry that kills countless people, genetically modified food that makes people ill and a global financial system that impoverishes and starves millions of people. Ettish spoke at some length of the plan to depopulate the human population. Ettish is very matter of fact in his descriptions of the reptilian agenda and its malign influence on the human race.

    Perhaps the most important revelation from Ettish was the existence of a “Spirit Capturing Net” which was created by the reptilians. The spiritual net is designed to capture the spirits of people with a high vibrational frequency. This is a preemptive proactive effort by the reptilians to disrupt the Life Path of potentially troublesome people. An astral reptilian attaches energy “cords” to the main charkas and energy meridians of the targeted person. When the person dies, the Soul is reeled into a containment system rather than be allowed to continue its spiritual journey to the next realm. The system works as a spiritual barrier. Ettish says the reptilians erase past lives from the Akashic Records in order to force the Soul Entity to make the same mistakes he or she made in a past life or lives. Ettish also says that erasing past lives from the Akashic Records can compel people to endure the same health problems or physical infirmities all over again. (According to another person closely connected to the reptilians, the reptilians are not allowed within the Akashic Records and must access the records through intermediaries.)

    Ettish claims the reptilians place false “inputs” into a targeted person’s past life memories. This causes the person to believe he or she had a life or lifetimes as an evil sadistic person. This creates guilt and alters the karma of the person in the present incarnation. It is usually people of a high vibrational frequency who have the potential for doing a lot of good in this world who are targeted in this fashion. (The Greys have told many abductees that we humans are merely “containers” for the Soul.)

    Ettish said reptilian human hybrids will eventually supplant the human race on this planet. I believe we are already seeing this with the mass influx of the human appearing hybrids with reptilian consciousnesses. The control and manipulation of the educational system is one of the major planks of the reptilian agenda. We already know the Tax Exempt Foundations utterly control the educational system. We also know that by the 1950s the American educational system was “sovietized” on the model of the Wall Street created and funded Soviet Union. Ettish spoke at some length about the educational system and how it is used for mass brainwashing and propaganda. I must say that based on everything I’ve observed, the dumbing down of America is complete.


    Susan Reed has written an important book. She provided valuable insight into the modus operandi of a reptilian host (Brian), and an interdimensional reptilian (Ettish.) Some of Ettish’s information was already known to other researchers but some of it had never been heard or reported before, to my knowledge anyway. Despite frequent grammatical and syntax errors, this is still an important book. It greatly enhances the lay persons understanding of reptilians, reptilian hosts, interdimensional reptilians and the reptilian overlordship. Susan only wrote the book because she felt that her life was threatened and by publishing the book, she would provide herself a modicum of protection. Susan Reed is a very brave woman and we owe her a debt of gratitude for getting this important information out.

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    from http://www.whale.to/b/reed_b.html

    The Body Snatchers
    A True Story of Body Snatching by the Reptilians
    A Real Alien Conspiracy

    a book by Susan Reed BSC

    Susan Reed has a Bachelor of Science in nutrition and has worked for eighteen years as a nutritionist and hospital dietician. She worked in nutritional research for several years.

    She became interested in higher consciousness and spent four years in an enlightenment and study course. She then met a man named Brian, who revealed himself to be a reptilian host. This catapulted her into the secret reptilian involvement on the planet.

    Review By James Bartley

    The original, unedited version is found at this link (http://educate-yourself.org/vcd/body...usanReed.shtml).


    [Good info on reptilian possession & body snatching, assassinations and plans. The chip they want everyone to have is designed to kill.]

    "This alien race is know as the reptilians; actually they are called the Draconians. The Biblical term is the Nephilim or fallen angels and obviously satan....I had become involved with a reptilian who had taken over a human spirit and body (Brian), he had been body snatched...Brian is one of many such reptilians...there are politicians and even..actors
    ...A term ..for the Draconian organisation is the suppressive force with is descriptive. they are also called the Illuminate, the global elite...they are using techniques to suppress us...our intellect (nutrition), suppressing our abundance (debt), suppressing our health as described under viruses and nutrition.....suppressing consciousness....

    "There is literature that baby milks lack the oils essential and that there is possibly an association with poor brain development but nothing is done about it....Ettissh describes how baby milks are used to greatly reduce our intellect; they do not support proper brain development due to a lack of nutrients called essential fatty acids, EFA'S. These EFA'S are deliberately excluded, even today Scientists are suppressed, even killed: 'we don't add them do we- that's deliberate - we don't let the scientists find out - we suppress it - we are the baby milks - we are in all of the baby milks e. g. Nestle, cow and gate, any baby milk company, we're them. We've killed a baby milk scientist - you'd know him, he's quite well known- heart attack, encircling stuff — he was convinced we were wrong and tried to tell other people.' " The Body Snatchers by Susan Reed BSC [See: Bottle-feeding]

    "Another topic of great interest is what Ettissh discusses about wheat. There is a substance in wheat which causes hardening of the arteries and they promote wheat based products for this reason. Thirdly our soils lack trace elements which further reduce are intellect, this is deliberate: "Rice girl, no wheat, we don't want atherosclerosis that's what it does to you- scientists have discovered this and we hush them up - yes we've killed a few scientists because of this wheat thing. We promote wheat to debilitate you, hardening of the arteries.' "-- The Body Snatchers by Susan Reed BSC

    "They are the banks and they control us through debt. They use a universal law of abundance which affects our prosperity when we are in debt, debt draws money and other things away from us. We have to work harder which leaves us with less time to question what's going on or raise our consciousness: "Debts a biggie for us- we are all the international bankers and if you are all in debt it means we've got the grips on you when the time comes- but that isn't why we're doing it.......if you are in debt things don't go your way. (A money law of abundance - anti abundance, debt draws things away from you-and it isn't just money) We know all the universal laws and we use them and it isn't just that one. We're behind most of the credit cards ......We want you all in debt so things don't go your way then -debt makes more debt, - we dig the knife in - negative spiral downhill and we help it on its way, taking more than is reasonable once you are in debt." The Body Snatchers by Susan Reed BSC

    I have concluded because of these experiences that Brian is a combination of a reptilian spirit controlling a human spirit in a single human body and Brian has described this. They have body snatched a human but they keep the human spirit there. A worker in the Dulce underground base named Thomas 4 confirms this when he states " they know how to separate the bioplasmic body from the physical body to place an alien entity life-force matrix within a human body after removing the "soul" life-force matrix of the human. The life-force matrix would I assume be the spirit. I also have evidence that the reptilian and human spirits are technically joined at the mental level. Brian has in fact told me after the event "I'm the reptilian and I just use him (the human), I ain't no human, well he's part of me, but he ain't me, you know what I mean" and "they don't exactly coexist it's more like the alien has overwhelmed the human, the reptilian is now in the drivers seat." and by this I assume he means the mind of the reptilian is in control. I deduce that the human spirit is needed to coordinating the body which the reptilian can't do. How can this be possible? - With Spirit technology which they have.

    We helped the ape man theory along, because we don't want you knowing about aliens because we are more believable then aren't we , maybe you'll put two and two together if other aliens are here then perhaps we are the ones ****ing you up — Scientists we hush them up - genetic scientists know blonds can't come from apes, course they do - we ridicule them if we can — All alien encounters we cover up if we can, so you don't know we are around, otherwise you might put two and two together. The Body Snatchers by Susan Reed BSC

    The author of this book was reported to have drowned off a beach in Nassau, Bahamas in October of 2009. Her true name was Jeannie Gospell. She was likely murdered. After you read this book, you will understand why. I will be gradually editing the English grammar in this posting (as time allows) to make it easier to read and understand what the author is trying to explain (currently, I've edited up to section 2.1). The original, unedited version is found at this link (http://educate-yourself.org/vcd/body...usanReed.shtml).
    This book is extremely important. It offers many insights into the psychology, methodology, motivations, and long term goals of the reptilian aliens who are engaged in an agenda that is threatening -in the extreme- the continued existence of the human race on this planet. As humans, we need to confront this threat and DEAL with it (as burying your head in the sand is NOT going to solve anything). If we don't stop this reptilian infiltration and takeover, our very existence as a race of people, living on our own mother planet, is in peril. This agenda must be recognized, and it must be exposed, and it must be stopped.
    It should be noted, however, that the author of this book is limited in her understanding of higher metephysical principles. She's perplexed by the apparent conundrum that reptilians think and behave with such evil intent and malice, yet they operate in in a "higher" dimensional plane. The author equates "higher" dimensional planes with higher spiritual advancement. It doesn't exactly work that way. Yes, when you go above a certain threshold of vibration, evil thinkers and evil doers cannot exist, but the fourth and fifth dimensions are not strictly bound by that limitation.
    A second problem to be recognized in this writing is the author's WILLINGNESS to participate in the subjugation and abuse which she experienced at the hands of her reptilian/human lover (and abuser) 'Brian.' This woman was FASCINATED by the apparent power and APPARENT intellect of her abuser, thus she repeatedly accepted degradation, humiliation, coersion, and victimization as the PRICE she had to pay to be with him and acquire "inside" information. We need to remember that cooperating with evil, on ANY level, is a MISTAKE and it will ultimately come back to bite you. --Ken Adachi

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    A very important point to note is that we are spiritual beings with souls in a human physical body on this planet, while the Archons are inter-dimensional beings that have not resolved or rather evolved their spiritual condition! The ratio to incarnated souls to wondering souls is almost 1 : 3 000 000. They desire or are still addicted to the physical form attributes of Pride, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Lust. Thus they wish to fulfill that specific addiction or desire. Here arises the need to latch onto a physical being and thus drain consciouseness. They are actually just trying to experience that desire again.

    What is worse is the fact that there can be a human being involved that invokes this entity and promises to fulfill it´s desire if it provides a service from that domain regarding another human being.... doing harm or invoking negativity. All the religions with dark rituals / sacrifices and magic does this. Your consciousness and vibration is thus attuned so that your energy can be robbed. The secret in all this is to "know thy self!!!!!" and know your thougths and feelings. Don´t allow yourself to vibrate on any other level that is not you!

    The ride is very bumpy and all around you can be used against you.... reality turns against you! Have faith in self and don´t waver soul attributes. At the same time remove the mindset of being a victim and become compassionate as we are all one anyway.... With literally no fuel adding to the fire but instead resonating on the vibration of Love, these Archons will leave you at peace, and unfortunately seek souls that they can influence and feed on.

    Be wise and stay far away from the human beings that are vibrating lower and invoking these beings. Listen more to soul and leave situations and environments that make you uncomfortable. Remember, the more we vibrate in love.... the further they will distance.

    Drops become the Ocean!

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    Quote Posted by Flash (here)
    you are posting a lot Houman wth few thanks ever. This is just to let you know that I find your postings interesting and that I do read it. Perhaps others are doing the same.

    So this post is to thank you and to encourage you to keep posting.
    I join you Flash in thanking Houman. I apologize as I haven't read all the posts yet, but what I did read is impressive and I will delve into it more.
    This info brings back to my mind a post here at Avalon (...I'll loof for the link) with a video of Sheldan Nidle telling people that they will have the opportunity to enter the "ascension chambers". I hope people realize the scam.

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    from http://educate-yourself.org/vcd/body...usanReed.shtml

    The Body Snatchers

    by Susan Reed BSC

    1. Introduction
    2. An Alien Experience
    3. Their Overall Plan
    4. What We Can Do To Stop You?
    5. Colonising The Earth With Their Hybrid
    6. Reptilian Entities
    7. Genetic Samples
    8. Debilitation Through Nutrition
    9. Financial Dept
    10. Space Stations
    11. The Environment
    12. Other Reptilian Hosts Exposed
    13. Their Secret Weapons
    14. Viral Infections
    15. The Reptilian Anti-Higher Consciousness Agenda
    16. Crop Circles
    17. A Main Alien Race Reincarnating Here
    18. The Alien Race Known As The Nordics
    19. Rigging of Juries
    20. The Royal Family
    21. News Topics
    22. Education
    23. Control Of The Media
    24. Changing Art
    25. Suppression Of Architecture


    This will be my only book as long as I am left alone. Here are my four years experiences. I have to write them or they will stop it by stopping me. One reptilian has already made attempts; this is why I have had to write it.

    The reason I wrote this book was to get rid of the reptilian entity I will call Ettissh. Ettissh was originally sent to me by the man I will call Brian. Brian is depicted on the front cover and was hosting a reptilian. Ettissh fell out with Brian and started working alone. I had some personal information on the reptilians that I had no intention of telling others, but the connection of Ettissh and his attempts to harm me, which went on for three and a half years meant that I had no choice but to publish the information in order to stop him. He was following a reptilian rule inappropriately. "We stop people before they e<pose". But I wasn't going to expose them anyway, so he was quite ridiculous to have brought this about. His characteristic of "I have to win no matter what" was also partly to blame.

    The other reason that this book was written and published is that Ettissh enticed the overseeing entity of "John of God" psychic surgeon in Brazil to work for him. He enticed her with reptilian secrets such as one about karma and another an alien agreement. In exchange she joined forces with him against me. At the same time she wanted to help out against the reptilians and was instrumental in producing this book.

    The reptilian Ettissh doesn't care about the reptilian organization - only himself.

    1. Introduction
    Describes the human/reptilian Brian and about his organization.
    1. (a) How it all began for me,
    1. (b) All about a reptilian host Brian.
    1. (c) Brian using me to get himself transferred out of Spain
    1. (d) The human/reptilian emotional problems
    2. About the human/reptilian
    I have unique insights into exactly how a reptilian body-snatches a human. He is a combination of a reptilian spirit in control of a human spirit having taken over a human body. His abduction is described, his remarkable abilities and characteristics such as advanced mental abilities and his cruelty and fundamental badness. Surprising for such advanced beings, reptilians when in a human body are immature emotionally experiencing profound emotional hurt resulting in 'chips' and resentments and also ego problems. Brian's are described.
    2.2 The John of God psychic surgery centre in Brazil
    Ettissh recruits help from there.
    2.2a Increasing world belief in spirits...
    2.2b John of God in league with the reptilian Ettissh : Ettissh recruits help/ a book gets written.
    3. Their overall plan: identity cards will eventually kill us.
    Here Ettissh starts to talk, selfishly he gave away some of their plans. They want this planet for themselves and in order to have it they must kill us off first. This will be achieved via an implant and they plan to implant everyone with a microchip. The implant will replace an identity card (the most likely route) or credit card. Right now steps are in place to remove money so that credit or money cards are our only option.
    4. What can we do to stop them?
    Describes what we can do to stop them such as finding out what is going on and not burying our heads in the sand, refusing their control mechanisms, using cash rather than credit cards, campaigning for credit card pin and more.
    5. Colonising the earth with their hybrid.
    Describes how they plan to colonize the earth having killed us first. They are developing a hybrid using human DNA.
    6. Reptilian Entities
    Talks here about them
    7. Genetic samples
    Brian collects DNA samples believe it or not from women he seduces. He actually takes a brain sample at night when they are asleep. I describe how mine was taken.
    8. Debilitation through nutrition.
    They reduce our intellect significantly by withholding essential nutrients from baby milks. Breast is best by far. Those who know are killed such as a scientist that Ettissh describes. They harden our arteries with a toxic substance in a common food item,-wheat.
    9. Financial debt
    They control the banks and money. They use the universal law of abundance to their advantage making debt easy, once in debt we are more susceptible to negative influences and they can control us better.
    10. Space stations
    They are actually in the earth's atmosphere.
    11. Environment.
    They intend to live on the planet and are concerned about our environment.
    12. Other reptilians exposed: -naming names.
    Included are politicians such as Condoleezza Rice, bankers such as the Vanderbilts, famous actors including Tom Cruise, Emma Thompson and tennis star Virginia Wade, and royalty such as Princess Anne.
    13. Weapons.
    13. (a) I have personal experiences of most of these weapons.
    13. (b) Weapon # 1 is used to kill and it appears as though the victim has had a heart attack, always at night, time of death 2.40 a.m. or soon afterwards.
    13. (c) Weapon # 2: Lethal. Creates a stroke. A wavelength is used that transfers chemical creating blood clots.
    13. (d) Killing in groups; their London meeting takes place in the Royal Albert Hall as Freemasons. Opponents are killed using weapon No. 's 1 and 2.
    13. (e) Weapon # 3: Non-lethal temporary effect -suddenly out of nowhere you feel very disorientated unable to function normally. A hand held device no bigger than a credit card is used to fire toxic energy/substance. Usually fired from a distance. Could be used against public speakers.
    13. (f) Weapon # 4 - Non-lethal. Permanent effect. Causes general debilitation including depression, mind suppression, tension, and dullness. Given between the hours of approximately 12.00 noon until 10.00 pm. There is a peak at approximately 3.00 pm. The afternoons are the worst. Work output is reduced.
    13. (g) Weapon # 4A: Mass toxic energy/substance put in the atmosphere to suppress us all. Sent between the hours of 12 noon until 10 p.m. approx.
    13. (h) Weapon # 5: Non-lethal. Permanent effect. This causes anxiety resulting from harmful vibrations given into the body and a timer is involved. There is a break between 9.00 p.m. and 5.00 a.m. at night
    13. (i) Weapon # 6: Non-lethal. Temporary effect. Used at night at 2.40 am. Creates tension.
    13. (j) Weapon # 7: Non - lethal. Permanent effect. Creates depression. Used on activists.
    13. (k) The source of some of their weapons is a machine attached to their space stations.
    13.(l) Harming using their minds. Visualisations.
    13. (m) Enhanced witchcraft. Black witchcraft combined with E. L. F radio-wave enhancement.
    14. Viral Infections
    They manufacture viral infections including shingles and I describe how I was deliberately given this by Steve. Other viruses are S. A. R. S, Influenza, and HIV.
    15. Anti higher consciousness agenda.
    15. (a) Introduction
    This is their hidden agenda. Raising our consciousness is our real purpose, which the reptilians do what ever they can to stop us achieving. As we raise our consciousness we become harder to control and will see what is going on. I was targeted for the contact details of a higher consciousness course I was doing called Luminescence. I AM VERY CONCERNED FOR THEIR SAFETY as they intend to stop this organization and have threatened to kill the founder. I also discuss how mankind's actions are helping the reptilians take control and that changes will reduce their control.
    15. (b) Targeting higher-consciousness organizations.
    Ettissh discusses how they are targeting Buddhism, Transcendental Meditation, Hare Krishna, and now via me Luminescence but they haven't done this yet and I am trying to prevent them destroying it — If they can not stop an organization because it is too well known then they infiltrate the organization kill the founder and an example is given of the killing of the Pancham Llama.
    15. (c) Additional help we are getting from the higher planes
    To attempt to counterbalance what they are doing we are getting a lot of help from the higher planes such as beings {the Pleiadians) from the star constellation, the Pleiades. There is more "light" around than there has been in the recent past but we have to access it. Luminescence uses this.
    15. (d) Implants to detect people of a high vibration.
    In order to detect such people all reptilians except those who work in higher consciousness organizations have an implant. It feels like a terrible red siren is going off in their body.
    15. (e) A Prison system
    They are so advanced that they have spirit technology and are using this to imprison human Spirits of a high vibration after death. They are attaching nets of fifth dimensional machinery to take spirits to their prison pending destruction. This is outlawed by the overseeing council of us and the Dracos. This council is not aware that the Dracos are working on a means to destroy spirits using an explosion technique.
    I have this net although I am below their criteria I am increasingly gathering evidence. These spirits are then stored indefinitely in a static force field next to their machines in space. This is happening world-wide and to a million people. It is fundamentally wrong as it leads to the destruction of the soul. IT MUST BE EXPOSED. I have evidence.
    15. (f) How the reptilians locate people and attach the net.
    Very simply, they use town planning for street names and house numbers, the telephone directory, websites. I provide my own experiences. The reptilian being/spirit has to be energetically present in order to attach the net
    15. (g) A planned force field to trap us on the planet.
    The reptilians wish to erect a force field around the earth, this has also been called a frequency fence by the Nibiruan Council'
    15. (h) A Reptilian Secret given away by Ettissh on a planned force field.
    A secret concerning the force field and an alien race who want to prevent it has been passed on by Ettish to the spirit realm.
    15. (i) Ettissh gives away a reptilian secret on karma
    Ettissh in order to prevent himself being continuously held and for his own support by the spirit realm, actually passed on a reptilian secret about karma. This was an important secret that he gave away. Apparently they are adding karma and he spilled the beans. It is unbelievable that a reptilian would squeal like this but as he was basically ousted from the organisation and from Brian he was working for himself entirely and anything that would get himself favours If he could get himself favoured by them and would tell them anything. Very crafty to get the spirit realm thinking he is great. There was Ettissh freely giving away this secret as bribery to have the spirit realm do as he wanted.
    Here Ettissh explains how they work behind the scenes in our Akashic records, which is where our past lives are kept. They are able to erase our past lives to create karma They are able to implant lives into our record that are someone else's in order to affect us negatively and create more karma The end result of this is to prevent us raising our consciousness and be more susceptible to their harm. Ettissh has spilled the beans on this secret to the spirit realm quite recently for his own personal reasons
    15. (j) Implants to reduce consciousness.
    Most of us have implants that they added a million years ago to reduce our consciousness. They have been around that long.
    16. Crop Circles.
    Some are real, some they fabricate
    16. (a) The Roswell Incident.
    Discusses the Roswell Incident. All alien information they cover up so we will not believe it possible that an alien race is taking control of the planet.
    17. Another alien race reincarnating here on earth.
    Discusses how this alien race also is producing a hybrid but they are peaceable and are helping mankind when they reincarnate as humans. They encourage environmental protection and higher consciousness.
    18. The Nordics.
    Our ancestors bred with an alien race known as the Nordics and produced what we have today. This is covered up.
    19. Rigging of Juries
    They sit on juries ensuring those they frame are jailed. Brian has done jury duty three times.
    20. The royal family.
    They are making Prince Charles unpopular through bad press in order to prevent him being King.
    21. News Topics.
    21. (a) Princess Diana's Death.
    Their point of view is put forward that Dodi was the target in order to appease a close family member.
    21. (b) September 11th
    To bring about a war with Iraq 21.
    21. (c) Wars They create wars.
    21. (d) B. S. E They are responsible
    22. Education
    They write the curriculum's to suppress our minds. In England grammar is deliberately under taught so that we don't have the writing skills to complain.
    23. Media.
    They use this to distract us from what they are doing.
    24. Influencing Art
    They undermine art as it is therapeutic'A reptilian artist is described.
    25. Suppressing Architecture.
    They control architecture. Ugly square buildings that suppress us are built over circular that would enhance us.

    We can stop them as they are working against the natural laws on earth. Creation is easy and destruction requires effort of theirs. It is easier for us to control ourselves and-harder for them to control us, this is a natural law. They have to work very hard to control us. The natural laws work against them.

    1. Introduction

    20-21 missing

    to a tee, relishing pain; telepathic with extraordinary mental abilities, I have seen him as a reptilian although at the time I didn't know this is what he was. I am absolutely convinced and have lots of evidence. Not only that but there were two reptilian spirits, his guides, attached to me for three years since getting involved with him, now they have gone. They had been seen and identified by twenty entity removers.

    Here are my personal experiences of a man who is actually a reptilian. Now Brian is one of many such reptilians and you will know the names and maybe know one personally, there are politicians and even heart throb actors, other humans hosting reptilians. Yes the reptilians are here and I am sorry to say doing rather well, but that can change. I'm talking here not about their physical form: an eight foot green reptile with yellow eyes and an unpleasant smell, although they also are here and this is how they would appear elsewhere, but about their invasion in a different form. They have taken over human beings and once taken over there is no going back for that human, don't worry it won't happen to you, there are special preparations they have to do first prior to you even being born. Taking over a human is the only way they can do it as we mustn't know they exist.

    Secrecy is their power. They are of a different dimension, the fifth, once you have read this you will find that their presence becomes very obvious in ,in fact you will start to recognize them, "that's why the government is like it is": humans hosting reptilians and the reptilian is the one in control, You will never know it until you read this. Compare my descriptions to someone you see on television. Are they really who they seem to be or are they as I describe, a reptilian. This is the body snatchers in its true sense and you can spot them and by doing so they can't operate in secret.

    I have unique insights that I have gained from two years experience with a reptilian host and found out exactly how a reptilian exists as a human and that is not found elsewhere. I hope that by publishing this book other's will come forward who know what I know but have not understood it. I believe that I am exceptional in that I have come to understand in full one particular human/ reptilian and I have done it the hard way, almost everything there is to know, I know. I think you'll find the book extremely interesting and it will expose weapons and methods of harming that they do without us knowing about it. I provide unique insights into how they prevent us raising our consciousness, this is their hidden agenda. I was targeted for this very reason. Plus of course how they intend to, excuse the cliché but its true, take over the planet.

    I have been astounded by and felt very out of my depth with these reptilians. They are highly advanced aliens and I have experienced their abilities and technology to be extraordinary although they are fundamentally bad. They are masters of the mind and use all the hidden rules that affect us such as the law of abundance. Although individually they are more powerful than we are, as a whole we so out number them that we have more power and certainly we have the ability to remove them from this planet. Simple exposure will work.

    A term I was told for the Draconian organisation is the suppressive force which is descriptive. They are also called the Illuminate, the global elite and this is the reptilians. They are a secret organization who is taking control of the planet without us knowing about it. They place themselves in positions of power and they are also found in all walks of life and there is a ground force covering geographical areas and this was Brian's role. His area used to be Marbella, Spain that he called his "turf". He termed his organization the Suppressive Force because they are using techniques to suppress us all so that we don't realize what is going on and so we are too caught up in our problems to even care. Suppression would mean suppressing our intellect as described under nutrition, suppressing our abundance as described under debt, suppressing our health as described under viruses and nutrition and the weapons that they use, suppressing our consciousness as described under anti-higher consciousness programme, art and architecture.

    1. (a): How it all began and why I am writing this.

    I will start by saying a little about myself. I am a healthcare worker with a Bachelor of Science degree. I have worked in hospitals for 15 years. Prior to the events of 2002 I had no interest in aliens or conspiracy.

    I was living in Marbella, Spain, setting up my freelance work in doctor's clinics, and attending the government run Spanish school. Here I met Brian who was attracted to me and we became friendly. I was originally un-attracted to him he is not that good looking, I then suddenly became very attracted to him, I couldn't understand it. Later I found out that this was due to his seduction techniques that he used on me and all the other women at the school I think. His ability to attract women was unusual; however he pretended just to be normal. There were things that really didn't fit, I will later describe these. We then dated.

    During our time of dating Brian told me who he really was: that he was working for a global conspiracy. He said he thought I already knew, -I had no idea at all. This was how he told me: It was two months after we started dating he had fallen out with me over another women and he actually fired one of his weapons at me (see weapon No. 3), this was done at long range. This led to his cover being blown. I am a bit psychic and instantly knew that he was responsible. I confronted him, he panicked and used weapon No. 1 (see section 13) on me, this actually can be lethal although Brian was 20 miles away at the time! I ended up in hospital and almost died. Brian was called and turned up at the hospital. Thinking that I was going to die he told me everything; that he worked for a suppressive force that was a global conspiracy and he justified it by saying that looked at from a higher perspective bad is OK and did I want to join them!

    No thank you. Three neighbours had taken me to hospital and I had told them that Brian was responsible. When he found this out and to this day I do not know how he did it, he removed the effects of the weapon; - it was drawn out of my body. I have always admired him for "saving me" although his motives were keeping himself out of jail. Well I actually know that it was one of his guides who told him to remove the weapon who I thank very much. We continued to see each other; I am not great at picking men. Unpleasant, mistreatment is the norm for me, although he had great charm and many seduction techniques.

    I later found out that the real reason that Brian had been dating me was to find out about Luminescence a higher consciousness course I was doing that was fairly new and unknown to the reptilians. See later my section on anti-higher consciousness.

    I left Spain after that and stayed In England. Then after a couple of weeks an attempt was made on my life. It was using a combination of Enhanced Witchcraft and weapons No. 1. I'd fled to Finland. At this time as well as trying this, Brian attached weapon No. 4 and the horrendous prison system. This was before he made an attempt on my life. I managed to survive at all right unfortunately the cords that are described in the prison system still remain with me and can be seen as red cords.

    I later made it up with Brian believe it or not. I have a tendency to attract unpleasant men and we dated on and off for a year.

    I did not want to go public with this information but as I said in the prologue I have absolutely no choice. Once you know something they will try and stop you exposing it, I obviously had no intention of writing this book but one of his draconian entities remained connected to me for three years using their rule" we stop those before they expose" inappropriately forcing me into this action. This was actually all his own doing. He's gone now at last but I had to publish the book to get rid of him. Once it was published he had nothing to stop so he absolutely caused this book, silly, he should be kicked out of the organisation. He was self-serving, enticing a being named Shurl to help him, she wanted the book written so she wrote some of this book, never mind him. . Brian was not the one causing this book he doesn't want it written. . Look again at the prologue please. I have a Will with everything in and this book will be increased in circulation if I need to use my Will however the cause of my death will have been the John of God psychic surgery centre. And I must make it very clear that I would never in a million years commit suicide, I don't believe in it. I am also in very good health and am young.

    1. (b): All about a reptilian host Brian.

    He lives a facade. There is no conspiracy or even political books in his house and yet he knows so much. His persona is a jovial cockney (a term for a Londoner) He has a hidden strength and wisdom that didn't fit with his persona. He has extraordinary mental abilities he was able to memorize long telephone numbers with ease. He was an expert on the computer although he did not use this for his "day job". His thoughts are stronger and clearer than other peoples and I was able to pickup his thoughts although I am not telepathic. He even used advanced mental processes to seduce women, I know because he used them on me. Other women have had similar experiences with these reptilian hosts who are collecting DNA samples by having sex, I met one such women. His abilities extended to such things as remote viewing, astral projection and mind scanning. All these abilities he disguised, even the way he spoke, which would change remarkably when he spoke to work colleagues. Basically he was trying to disguise who he was so no-one would know who he really was.

    He is extremely knowledgeable on all subjects, funny because he was uneducated. His eyes have a steeliness about them that was unexpected, their steely eyes are quite a give away. One woman described to me eyes like 1 tombstones. He avoids talking about himself and when he does it was always positive, he knew that what we say affects our lives, if we talk positively it brings about positive things. He was paranoid about other people being psychic; I know he was frightened that they would discover who he was. My friend had a particularly hard time from him for she was a little psychic.

    This is how I discovered what Brian really is. He isn't just human, he isn't just reptilian he has two sides to him, this is what happened. Now I had my suspicions that he was more than human; the telepathy, the weapons, and the information he knew. But I was taken aback when I was visited by an alien being who chilled me to the bone. This is how it looked: It was transparent only energy. It had circular patterns like florets repeated through most of its body. A head was visible and there were hands or something that manipulated tools. I was terrified; there was an evil chill to this being. However it had a high vibration as though it should be good and loving, this was confusing. They are high these aliens. It had a large body and the whole room seemed filled with it. It talked to me in Brian's voice but in a more chilling way. It somehow made me feel that I had no power to prevent it harming me. Extraordinarily there was a two way conversation between this alien and the human host Brian in Spain and the two Brians were talking in the same voice, this was evidence that there are two beings in one body! Orders were given by the host! - can't make sense of this. This was conducted telepathically.

    Let me now say what else I discovered about Brian and how I drew my conclusions. Prior to having met Brian's reptilian being I had an experience with Brian's human spirit. He actually astral projected right into my body, he did this twice. I was in another country at the time and he came over via astral projection. Now I am normally ashy person with strangers but with Brian in my body I started to smile at everybody (as Brian does when in the right mood), everybody was included and I felt I had a great power to attract. He also spoke with me telepathically in Brian's usual voice. This was I must say quite a pleasant experience overall, I actually felt enhanced by Brian's astral projection. However he played mind games to display his superior mind and harass me.

    I have concluded because of these experiences that Brian is a combination of a reptilian spirit controlling a human spirit in a single human body and Brian has described this. They have body snatched a human but they keep the human spirit there. A worker in the Dulce underground base named Thomas 4 confirms this when he states " they know how to separate the bioplasmic body from the physical body to place an alien entity life-force matrix within a human body after removing the "soul" life-force matrix of the human. The life-force matrix would I assume be the spirit. I also have evidence that the reptilian and human spirits are technically joined at the mental level. Brian has in fact told me after the event "I'm the reptilian and I just use him (the human), I ain't no human, well he's part of me, but he ain't me, you know what I mean" and "they don't exactly coexist it's more like the alien has overwhelmed the human, the reptilian is now in the drivers seat." and by this I assume he means the mind of the reptilian is in control. I deduce that the human spirit is needed to coordinating the body which the reptilian can't do. How can this be possible? - With Spirit technology which they have.

    He tells me that the alien high jacked his human body when he was about 20 and prior to that he had been abducted when he was a teenager and describes it as follows: 'I've been there (their spaceship) in person to have a few things tampered with, they hauled me up in some sort of beam. It stunk - they made sure I could breath, it was a bit of a weird experience for me, I'd been a normal geezer and then there I was - it reeked. I can't say I felt great about it because I was human, wasn't I - I wasn't reptilian then - they looked urrrrh - they were dressed alright. They couldn't talk initially - they can't talk, can't say a word- and then I became telepathic and I could hear them and they spoke with me in English. They enhanced my mind - my mind is ****ing amazing now- and they nicked a few things (body specimens). And then they plonked me back in my bedroom"

    He has also told me that before he was born all his past life experiences had been removed including any karma and his implants (see section 15) had been removed.

    When Brian is trying to harm me I get a mental image of a wide jaw with sharp teeth, roaring in a blood curdling way, a bit like a dragon as Andrew Hennessy 3 has described. Brian tells me his alien physical form has a jaw without a nose , scales, eyes but no ears, is aqua blue but only in his own environment but would appear a green colour here. I have seen aqua blue reptilians which could be the colour they are. It is over twice the size of a human and is very unattractive. They smell unpleasant. He says, "Our bodies are out of sink with the rest of us, we wish we didn't need bodies". The alien unattractiveness may be the reason he admires female beauty so much and expects very attractive girlfriends and is very critical of any imperfections.

    You may wonder why I continued to want to be Brian's lover but I had mixed reactions to him. When Brian shows himself as he truly is I am awe inspired by him. My thoughts are what does he want with lowly human me, why doesn't he want others like him, they are so much better than me for he is so much better than me. I actually felt honoured that I was in his company. I suppose you could liken it to a human with a dog and the human hanging out with the dog, well the dog would think what do you want to hang out with me when there are other humans to mix with, they are more than I am. It was like I was in the presence of a great master, I was honoured and he made me feel why should he possibly wish to spend time with me when other master's must be more interesting for him. So you see why I remained attracted to him despite the abusive things he did. Confusing to the "T" I can assure you. I have always admired him.

    The combination of the reptilian and human host results in a person who I found to be both extremely harmful and a little helpful with a desire to harm and help but mainly to harm. I was harmed and also given a little help although he tells me that I wasn't really helped, I just thought I was. He tells me that he does occasionally experience wanting to help those he harms however the alien desire to harm overrides this and that he would rephrase desire to harm into a mission to harm in order to "keep you all ****ing down". They actually are very helpful but they don't want to help humans.

    He seems to be a combination of the reptilian qualities of cruelty, evilness, extra ordinary mental abilities and human qualities of an undebilitated soul of kindness, helpfulness and joyfulness. So there is a jackal and Hyde scenario. However the human stripped of all its past life experiences is immature, it too acts badly, knowing no better and the reptilian can't deal with the emotions.

    He is extremely cruel and evidence I have is his cruelty towards me, we were going out and he kept me subjected to some of the weapons (see later) when he could have so easily stopped them. I accepted this behaviour, a flaw in myself. I have now realised the error of my ways. He openly displayed animal cruelty cutting his ducks neck with a blunt knife and watched it slowly bleed to death for all to see. I am an animal lover and did what I could to help the duck. He didn't even realise that it was inappropriate

    He has amazing success with women. Remarkable considering he is not a good looking man, or powerful, nor rich — He admires female beauty very much and his expectations in this area go far beyond his own attractiveness and yet all his girlfriends are very attractive. I was astonished. I believe the reason for this is the seduction techniques he uses, I experienced these seduction techniques and they involved advanced mental processes, one of them was images of him giving oral sex actually, like a record replaying itself over and over again. I suddenly became very attracted to him and yet I was always tense around him. His womanizing was rampant, above anything or anyone else I knew had ever experienced before and his interests were only there until the women stayed the night and once this was achieved he completely lost interest. And it wasn't just the sex because sex during the day would be pursued further it was actually the collection of DNA samples. This was one of his duties, -the collection of DNA samples when the women was asleep, mine were taken along with many of the women I knew. I met a woman in California who had been involved with a man just like Brian, she was scared of him. He was a rampant womaniser but gay with tomblike eyes and psychic attack. They must be operating world-wide.

    Once his initial seduction ends I found him to be negative about humanity, he hated the Spanish. He would constantly pull me down with phrases such as "you're hopeless"; I was never any good at anything. He became a bully, unpleasant and critical and yet my attraction persisted. He wasn't actually very nice but put on an act.

    In conclusion Brian had characteristics that are compatible with humans; these are helpfulness, intelligence and rational thinking, a high vibration, wisdom. These are very attractive qualities and I was very attracted to him and all people will find this attractive. This is where it ends. The rest of Brian's character are completely incompatible with humans and are so destructive that any human should not get near any of these reptilians. There is their evil nature, and there is no changing it, they are the most evil beings imaginable and they won't think twice about treating anyone in a most evil way. They may help them too and this is so confusing.

    Humans and reptilians do not mix. Humans are not equipped to handle their evil power. They are so evil that they will relish anyone's pain, and would inflict it if they could, it's like a thrill to them, pain and the worse it gets the more thrills they get. They are like the eye of a whirlpool of evil, the power at the centre that is pungent with evil. Like the eye of a hurricane but the eye is the Power-point.

    They are what the bible describes as Satan; the worst horror film would not succeed in getting across the intensity of evil that is them. We are their enemy and as such we are to be destroyed, no matter what help they appear to give, all they desire is our destruction.

    Brian once said to me that he hated all humans as that is how reptilians see us. I believe that those people who have had positive experiences with reptilians have only dealt with the small portion that we are compatible with. See picture.

    They may have been useful to the reptilian and because of this use the reptilian has not shown its evil parts to this person.

    We must understand reptilians are not to be known, they are not part of our interaction that we as humans desire for growth, we mess with reptilians and we end up destroyed. They are not us and not anything we need to understand.

    Brian's team

    Brian did not work alone and had a team of five reptilian entities working with him. These entities were of varying development and the more developed they were the more helpful they were, the Draco being the highest and the most helpful

    1. (c): Brian using me to get himself transferred out of Spain

    Brian hated Spain. He had been positioned there not by his own choosing. He was always complaining about Spain, how he hated the climate, he liked rain and it was a sunny climate! He didn't like the sea - it was a coastal resort and he hated the Spanish. It seemed very strange that he was living there. Also he couldn't get his work off the ground, the day job that the organization made him do for his cover. He would always talk about Germany and how much he liked it. Funny why he wasn't there, but I was used and he got there. He was transferred as a direct result of something he made me do. He actually made me write a newspaper article about him for the local press. In fact in his own words he said if you write an article for the press I'll leave you alone. I had left Spain and had no intention of coming back and for this reason I suppose he had to come up with another way for me to be a threat to him in his job in Spain, totally unfair on me. This was how he managed to do it:

    I had been living with Brian for a few weeks, we were trying to get along again and Brian ended it and turned on me. I instantly left Spain but Brian pursued me out of Spain using a reptilian colleague in Leon. Then out of a job in Rochfield, England, again using a colleague there. I had not told a sole about Brian for 18 months nor had I any intention of doing so. I knew I could stop him by going public but I didn't want to do it. Instead I just kept avoiding him by moving at considerable cost to myself. I had pleaded with him on the phone, he wouldn't stop. But he told me how to stop him, "write an article for the Marbella press and that will stop me". This may seem surprising but Brian knew that this would get himself transferred out of Spain. I didn't want to do it. I sought refuge in America and he even got a colleague near Middletown, California to find me and then try and harm me. I had nowhere else to go and backed in a corner I did what he said and the article was written. I emailed him it offering it to him for being left alone, he wouldn't and told me again the press needed to publish the article and let him know how I got on. So I sent it off to the press, told him and then he left me alone. He was the transferred directly as a result of this. He had obviously used my article to justify him leaving Spain. I do not know where he is now. I was not even going to go back to Spain so I suppose he had come up with another way of me being a sufficient threat that he would get transferred.

    1. (d): The human/reptilian emotional problems

    Reptilians are aliens with no emotions and experience difficulties in this area when they take over a human. This is particularly the case to novice reptilian hosts such as Brian who is not even a Draco. Dracos are their superiors. He has described himself as an emotional toddler. He was very immature and he had developed a large emotional "chip on his shoulder" which others commented about. He told me "I get his (the humans) emotional stuff don't I, which is a bit of a pain, I'd rather not have it, it makes me do things I shouldn't do, like harm women I'm seeing, you know."

    He has an enormous ego. He told me, "I've got an ego and it gets in my way. - I push too far and don't let off when others would have saw reason, my feelings are I want to get that bitch; I want to squash her down. I get blinded and can't see reason , my ego blinds me , it makes me want to strut my stuff - I can't have no women get the better of me. Your father (he was harming him) -1 needed to build up a bit of credentials, to show I was working - **** her- why should that women stop me"

    Here is what Brian also said:

    A -1 haven't got to grips with it yet (emotions),

    Q - you hide your emotional hurt and just seek to harm those who hurt you, but a normal person would not be hurt by what they did to you, your overly sensitive and hurt too much and then disguise it so unless someone you are dating is intuitive they won't have a clue what your going through. What about your fellow aliens?

    A - Well some of them are more advanced than me -have been here more times basically and so they know what to do. (They are Dracos)

    Q - Do they get hurt like you do?

    A-some are like me and some of them are better - but we ain't advanced emotionally, that's for sure-you've (me) got it under wraps and we ain't- so I wouldn't mind a few more like you coming my way and that ain't important

    Q - Why is it not important? - You've been harming people your lot wouldn't normally harm; girlfriends and the like.

    A - well I don't see it that way - I get a bee in my bonnet and I have to get me own back.

    Q - But aren't you risking being discovered?

    A - well ok yes I am but I don't like being told, it pisses me off, so I'll think I'll get her any way just because I can.

    2. An Alien Experience

    How Brian's reptilian side harms

    This is how I discovered how Brian attaches implants and weapons.

    I was in my home, I had come to an agreement with Brian and we were friends. I had not expected any harm from him at all. I was alone and it was evening. It turned out that the Draconian entity (see section 6) had lied as usual to Brian telling him that I was about to run away from him to Another country. This was not true but had angered Brian, working as usual on Brian's love life hurt. It was at this point that I had the strangest experience of my life and one that leaves me with no doubt that Brian is an alien or at least half of him is. I did not know at this point that what I saw was reptilian. It was certainly alien and made me look at people ever after in a new light, as comparatively they are harmless, soft and loveable. Even the nastiest human imaginable compares favourably to what I saw. It was in the evening around 8.00 p.m. when Brian's reptilian being entered my living room as I have described earlier. It began to try and attach weapon No. 4 to me. Its head was focusing on what it was doing and I could almost make out what may have been hands trying to make the attachments. There was no pain involved but a definite physical sensation at the points it was working at. It somehow made me feel that I had no power to prevent it harming me.

    Fortunately in preparation I had made a protective garment, I knew that there was a material that would prevent this, this material is rubber! So I had made a rubber cloak out of bathmats, yes this is all I could find, I had searched high and low. I flung it around me, my head I protected and my upper body, this was all. I lay on my bed clutching it to me. I had planned to travel to Spain to see Brian the next morning, I told this Being, Brian, and he did not believe me, he thought I was leaving him. As I said before the entity had lied to him, even now Brian wouldn't believe what I said; the entity really is extremely deceptive.

    I lay on my bed and he tried to make me move by stimulating my bladder. He took pleasure in my distress; I tried not to be afraid as I felt this only encouraged him to do worse things. Eventually I had to go to the toilet; I was so quick he didn't catch me. I then ran into the living room and lay on the floor. He was on me again behind my head and I tightened the cloak around my head making a breathing hole. I could still hardly breathe and had to keep coming up for air, very, very quickly, gasping for breath. He started to find ways in, there was a tickling sensation beginning at a gap in the rubber and then it would trickle down to my shoulders, constantly trying to get to my shoulders. How could it do this? The gap was minute, what was he using? It seemed to be able to find my body and ran like water through holes; it was a slow movement like he was manipulating it. I kept moving the gaps in the cloak and it would stop cutting off his access. This we kept doing for hours, all night. I lie deathly still and I had to stay like this, as I knew the consequences of his implants were not anything I wanted. I opened the cloak and gasped for air at frequent intervals. I tried to meditate and keep the fear at bay; panic would make me need more oxygen.

    At about 3.00 a.m. something happened that made me understand more about Brian. Brian as this reptilian being started to talk to the host Brian in Spain. It showed that there were two beings in one body and one of them was with me and one of them was in Spain. Human host Brian was apparently up and he had something in store for me; he used one of his weapons on me that I had received many times before. I am unsure as to what it is (see weapons) It felt like a very tense energy that was sent to my abdominal area, it continued for about 30 minutes. It went directly around my body and somehow got under the cloak. I knew from previous experience that this weapon will dissipate and the effects wear off. This time the rubber prevented this happening and I became tense. Nevertheless I didn't move. This was actually really strange having two Brian's doing different things.

    Then the doorbell rang at 5.00 a.m. for my flight to Spain. I had to let it go. The taxi rang again and again obviously thinking I had overslept. It tore me in two to let him down, I am very conscientious. Rigidly Brian remained fixed on implanting me. This came about because he has to win, a characteristic they all have. He had to harm me it didn't matter what I said or how long he had to wait; he was with me 9 hours constantly attempting to harm me. It got to the point that I was suffocating and had to slow down my breathing in order to not have to move. Brian became different in this situation. A side of him came forward and it scared me and made me feel as though I would never succeed, he would always win. I wonder if this is some mind technique he was using as well. I started to realize that I needed to appear the looser. I am not good at this. I didn't succeed.

    He was unbending and unlike anybody I had met -- alien -that's for sure.

    I believe they are warriors and this "have to win" trait helps them win over others who are less intent on winning. They will harm themselves if it means they win. Brian has demonstrated this trait throughout his attempts to harm me. Rationality, and they are normally extremely rational, goes out the window. They are able to stop this when they are observant that it is happening but Brian wouldn't listen to me or his reptilian entity. They are prepared to harm their organization in order to win hands down over me. As they get more superior within the organization they lose this and act purely rational.

    Brian had actually set himself a time limit but this didn't matter. It passed and I prayed that he would leave. I was out of luck and yet again he spoke with human Brian in Spain, he wanted to know whether he could keep at it and human Brian allowed him to. I could hear the conversation they had. How could there be two Brian's and why was the one in Brian's human body in charge? I was dismayed; he wasn't going to go it was now 7.00 am. I had been lying absolutely still hardly able to breathe for 10 hours. I couldn't do it any more and I decided to run. I had an idea and what I had learnt is that this being cannot see physical things only energy; he sees what I see in my mind. I started to move and yet pretended I was still. It worked, he didn't notice. I then ran down the stairs grabbing my already packed suitcase and out the door while pretending I was still lying down. He didn't know what I was doing. I ran to a taxi and straight to the airport and took the rext flight out. I had left my house in a state and a viewing was booked the next day, as it was on the market, I didn't care. I didn't go back to my flat ever. I was very upset about being forced out of my home.

    I've concluded that the reptilian being actually comes over to the person and actually attaches the weapons or cords. The reptilian can travel vast distances such as Spain to England to do this however there is a distance so far beyond that they can't reach you. At one point I believe Brian the host was asleep when the reptilian visited so it seems that the reptilian doesn't need to sleep and can leaves Brian's body during the sleeping hours.

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    Default Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    (continued from previous post)

    2.1 Warrior Draconian gone rogue "spilling the beans" on the reptilian organisations secrets and on the information in this book

    Here are my personal experiences and I was very much cheated and therefore I am writing this:

    For two years I had reptilian entities attached. A male and a female. I will name the male entity Ettissh for the purposes of this book although this is not actually his name. I also refer to him as the rogue reptilian. I only found out about the female via Ettissh. They had been sent by Brian on his orders they were initially fooling me into thinking they were helping, I wanted them there, they were my helpers! I believed they were against Brian when all along they had been giving him my location, they were there as spies, like I'd been bugged, Brian always happened to know my location and I had no idea how. So for two years I accepted these entities not realizing that I could remove them. I hadn't known that Ettissh had been creating the conflict Brian had with me, he had been lying in order to turn Brian against me, playing on Brian's emotional hurts and there were many. He is the only reason I fell out with Brian

    What I learnt from the reptilian entity was far more than I should have done, he gave much away. Here are some of the things:

    He is a large entity and attaches at the back.

    Used to be in the reptilian army. Now a helper of Brian. Same rank as Brian and therefore giving away that Brian is also part of the reptilian army. Exposed his female reptilian companion and Brian and now both of them rejected him. So he is now enemies with Brian.

    Enjoys harming humans.

    Seeks Power and too much for his rank.

    Feels superior to humans, hates all humans. Branton***** describes a worker in area 51 talking about a reptilian they had to kill: - "reptilians hate human kind with a passion. They only want to see humankind dead. The hatred these beings have towards humans is incredible and they will do anything to destroy the human. Held in captivity they will take every possible advantage to kill a human" therefore they had to kill it. This describes this reptilian entity exactly.

    Breaks agreements unless future consequences to himself.

    His presence goes unnoticed when under orders and is not unpleasant. He fed back information to Brian such as my address.

    Has a" Have to win" trait even if "cuts off his nose to spite his face". This would help as a soldier but could also be a flaw as not rational. ' HE IS A LIABILITY TO HIS ORGANISATION, WORKS FOR HIMSELF ONLY NOW His has to win characteristic has meant that he has actually exposed reptilian information to win himself not only to me but to the spirit realm

    Breaks agreements unless future consequences to himself as he broke his agreement with me hence this book

    Mentally works very differently to humans. He plans A B and C all going fully at the same time, predicting future probabilities, extremely clever.

    Works on logic but "has to win" characteristic makes him illogical.

    Was a physical reptilian 3000years ago in China as part of the army. Experimented on humans, including sex for genetic research. Had a slave girl who would go out find humans for their experiments. They were masquerading as Gods. This is a past life of his that has been found to be implanted in my etheric body.

    Looks up to winged dragons and would want to be likened to a dragon. I assume therefore they are his superiors Thinks he is one.

    Says he is expecting a reward from the reptilians of a hybrid body when they first colonise the earth, has described this to me. He said he would be the first lot there.

    His attitude changed when 1 was staying in a community He had decided that he wanted to no longer be attached to me and he had a plan that would mean he would leave me. It involved me contacting the reptilian organisation, I knew someone else who was a reptilian host and I wanted to contact him for help from the bullies of Brian and this reptilian. I wasn't safe to do so, I had entities but the reptilian knew how I could do it. I had to make myself safe by getting the community to half believe my experiences and so if I was harmed and had described it before they would fully believe it. I had to write a book and tell the community I was writing a book on reptilians and give them information on Brian and tell as many people as I possibly could. He pushed me into doing it and I was successful. I hated it; Brian was kept completely in the dark. But I ran out of time and had to leave early. But the book began then and all these conversations are Ettissh working on favours for his removal, I'll give you information if you help me get removed, I only work for myself and as long as I am in power 1 cbn't care what information I have to give out to get others to help me against Brian who t rogue reptilian hate.

    Organising his own removal and exposing Brian.

    This is how Ettissh organized his own removal. Out of the blue he went what I would call "rogue"; he had stopped following orders and now had his own agenda to get himself removed. The "worm had turned" against Brian, he had decided that he'd had enough. He became like a gremlin making me hate his presence. He told me what to do to remove them and organised it. I went along with it promised a complete freedom from him. At the same time he turned against Brian, I couldn't believe it. . He wanted me to tell others about Brian, to expose Brian but I wouldn't do it. He also told me about the reptilian organisation's rules for conduct.

    I contacted Brian about what was going on and "it wasn't him" was the response. The entity organised me seeing many entity removers, he told me exactly what to do, to communicate with a large number of entity removers at exactly the same time, this was his technique of powering the request by all reading it at the same time. He was also using the reptilian method of "throwing the net far and wide"- having many possibilities, he made me see a lot of entity removers, he certainly insisted. They all saw the entities and most identified them as alien, many as reptilian or Nephilim a biblical term. He was very forthcoming saying that he was a reptilian that he hated Brian and that Brian was a human/reptilian and had sent him. He very willingly dished the dirt to anyone he could about Brian, it struck me that they had obviously had a major falling out and he was trying to get his own back on being forced to stay., he was very spiteful, keeping the reptilian agenda secret didn't seem to matter to him while he was in this frame of mind. He was quite a spectacle! After 4 weeks of him making me see entity removers it had become obvious to anyone that I had reptilian entities, if in doubt they now knew. Here are some of the remarks from entity removers.

    He wanted me to harm Brian and told me some rules as follows:

    The organisations rules for conduct as follows:

    1 Golden rule: Do not do things for personal gain.

    2. We never fire weapons for personal gain because they are expensive.

    3. We conceal ourselves; we never expose anything that we don't have to.

    4. We don't draw attention to ourselves by acting cruel, spiteful. Harm people.

    His intentions were to make Brian change his orders and say he could leave me but this tactic didn't work because I didn't comply. . I discovered that he had been listening to road names and house numbers all along when he made it very obvious.

    The entity then made me go to entity removers, he told me exactly what to do, using techniques of communicating with a large number of entity removers at exactly the same time, of "throwing the net far and wide"-1 was to see a lot of entity removers, he insisted. He told them that he was reptilian. They all saw the entities and most identified them as alien, many as reptilian or Nephilim a biblical term. Those who also use hypnosis had an interesting time, as I was shocked that under these conditions he was able to come to the forefront and talk through me to the therapist. He told several entity removers how he hated Brian that Brian was a reptilian and had sent him. He very willingly dished the dirt to anyone he could about Brian, it struck me that they had obviously had a major falling out and he was trying to get his own back on being forced to stay., very spiteful. Keeping the reptilian agenda secret didn't seem to matter to him while he was in this frame of mind. He was quite a spectacle. After 4 weeks of daily communications with entity removers it had become obvious to anyone that I had reptilian entities, if in doubt before now they knew. Here are some of the comments from entity removers:

    "When I carried out your scan i found an imposing reptilian being, with another one hovering in the background" - Entity remover M.

    "There are two entities and a man that you are connected to" - Entity remover C.

    "I see a towering reptilian behind you and a smaller reptilian to your right"- Entity remover N"

    "I see red which shows me that they have been sent" -Entity remover D

    "The one I can't deal with right now is actually one of the Nephilim responsible for this planet" - entity remover J.

    "I identify them as Nephilim" - exorcist C.

    Here is one of the spirit remover's sessions that was taped by the hypnotist. The reptilian cheated me and therefore I am including this. It begins at:

    Hypnotist: What Can I do for you?

    Ettissh: I've done this before. And you are going to write it all down and I am not meant to be doing this because I am not meant to be here, you are not meant to know I am here.

    Hypnotist: but I do know you are here

    Ettissh: Yes but you are meant to be in two minds I am not meant to be like this, I'm meant to be in the back seat.

    Hypnotist: How exactly can I help you?

    Ettissh: I want you to get me out of this situation, I want to be released but not by my own choosing, I want to have you force me out but you see I can't even say this because I've got - there is someone else here who hears what I say and ! will be in a lot of trouble if they report me so Miss Y is to do all of this I cannot.

    He asked the hypnotist to force him out and described exactly how to do it using out and was going to get him in trouble with the reptilian organisation if he did. I was therefore being made to do it. He actually asked for her removal first. Said how exactly she could be forced out using four or more spirit guides that would physically take them. That harm to him was needed, he was a battle man and had to appear to be resisting. That he was alien and that reptilian was not what they called themselves and he told the hypnotist their real name but into his mind. That they hear what we say. Needs my street address to send entities. They are working for Brian who is the real problem, that Brian is possessed by a reptilian; Brian had sent them and is harmful. They are alien and do not go to the light.

    I had not known there was a female until this time. She disagreed with his decision to leave me because Brian had ordered them to stay and they were subservient to him.

    Therefore the male reptilian was doing a trick, making out that I had removed them with force in order for it to be OK. He wouldn't be in trouble if [_had got them removed. It's complicated only because he was not allowed to leave. And what this trouble was was interesting, he had been promised by his organization a reward that he could lose this for disobeying orders.

    Hypnotist: OK so you want me to help release you. Ettissh: Ah yes but not releasing, moving, moving Hypnotist: And keep you out of trouble

    Ettissh: That's the problem, , her my wife, my female, my mate I will be in trouble by her she will report me, I have to be made to go .

    Hypnotist: Your controller ?

    Ettissh: She isn't normally my controller but right now she has got the thumbscrews on me because you see I 'm in the wrong, I will be in trouble, I cannot go, I am not allowed to go

    Hypnotist: How can I protect you from her

    Ettissh: I will do that. Move her first and then I can just go and she won't know. We just have to be removed, it's no big deal, it's so easy- so sort of easy and yet somehow it seems to be so hard to do. I think you are not used to us because we are not normal like -we are not the easy going human souls that you normally have and I have to be forced but force is not something you like to use, because it seems like you are harming.

    Hypnotist: You make false assumptions about me

    Ettissh: I am assuming you are like the others ( He had made me see about 15 entity removers previously

    Hypnotist: We think we are dealing with earthbound.

    Ettissh: They treat me as though I am earthbound, they treat me as though I want the light, I want to go and do but not there. There are ways to remove us. I know how it can be done and do you have spirit guides that can work with you?

    Hypnotist: Yes

    Ettissh: Have they got some physical presence here in the room because I am here in the room and if they are herein the room they can try and move me, but I will have to resist a bit because she is watching me.

    Hypnotist: I will invite the guides here and they have the ability to forcibly remove you.

    Ettissh: Ah that will be so good .

    Hypnotist: Are you a captive

    Ettissh: I'm not captive, I am here by my own free choosing but I have chosen to stay that is the truth

    Hypnotist; Shall I now release you

    Ettissh: Well your spirit guides will release me you cannot in yourself but your spirit guides can but there have to be more than one or two, more than that. I'm a ..., I'm a large um... I'm large and I'm hefty and I have to be forced but they have to be strong they have to be more in number than one or two

    Hypnotist: I'm inviting the guides here who know how to do large entities. I'm inviting them to take no action against you that will harm you.

    Ettissh: Ah no I must be harmed. I am a battle man, a battle man you see Harm is no harm at all to me I have to resist a bit and otherwise if they do not try and harm me they cannot get rid of me

    Hypnotist: I understand

    Hypnotist: Before I instruct them to remove you I need to know what you are and where you're from

    Ettissh: I am not human.

    Hypnotist: I can't here you

    He was now whispering so that the female reptilian would not hear what he said. These entities can actually hear what their victim verbally says; just like is the case for spirit guides. I had wondered why it was not until I spoke of my address that Brian knew where I was, well as soon as it was overheard it was passed on

    Ettissh: I am not allowed to say these things you see Hypnotist: As a species what do you call yourself

    Ettissh: I can tell you but Miss Y must not know these things. She has a name and that name must stay with her. I mustn't tell her (the name I had was reptilian)

    Ettissh: I can tell you into your mind

    Pause as he tells him. He telepathically told the name to the hypnotist

    Hypnotist: Tell me when you are ready to be removed

    Ettissh: Ah I'm ready every day, every moment, every day I am ready, it is too far for me to go home, and my true home is not here. I will tell you something about my home

    Hypnotist: Please

    Ettissh: OK I'll tell you now I just don't want her to hear. She's a reptile but that's only a name we use its not our real identity, it's just a name that you think we are. ( I later found out they are called draconian which is their name for what we term reptilian)

    Hypnotist:, can you speak louder

    Ettissh: Then I am more limited in what I can say you see I am over heard

    Hypnotist: that's ok

    Ettissh: Please except that I will not be saying everything that you want me to say if I say it out loud. Perhaps you can come a little closer maybe or I can whisper louder, whispering is better for me because it is overheard. There is a female here

    Hypnotist: ok

    Ettissh: If she is gone I can just leave, she cannot tell. She's weaker than I am , she's easier to remove because she is smaller

    His plan became the removal of the smaller female in order to free him to leave. The female was actually the nicer of the two.

    Hypnotist: I will ask the guides to remove her

    Ettissh: she has been removed before , three spirit guides removed her and she was gone completely and if that was done then I could go She came back only after a few days and Miss Y went back to where she was living, if she doesn't go back to where she knows then we cannot find her again, we have to find her via address, we find her via her house address and Brian finds her for us, we are operated by a human and he's not a human, he's the problem Brian, do you hear what I say?

    Hypnotist: Yes

    Ettissh: Because I can say more this way, you can hear me, I can say..., you see I have been sent here. And he's a human but he's not real a human you see because he's possessed . Brian is a reptilian, a reptilian as you think of reptilians. He's harmful and sent me and he sent her too and he—

    Hypnotist: I invite the guides to remove these two entities

    Ettissh: I want to say one thing, can you ask them to remove her first, then we know where we stand, can they try her first

    Hypnotist: Are you aware of her presence

    Ettissh: Yes she is here, she is like I am . She is not connected to Miss Y, she does not have the physical connection that I have with Miss Y

    I didn't even know she was there until he told me

    Hypnotist: I invite the guides to remove this female entity

    Ettissh: . I would love it. Err ...can you just ask them to physically force her out of Miss Yes energy.

    Hypnotist: The risk we run is if she is simply forced out she will remain hovering around

    Ettissh: They may restrain her for some time until Miss Y has left here. She will not know where Miss Y has gone but Miss Y will have to move.

    Hypnotist: She is to be prevented from causing harm and interfering with people who have free will

    Ettissh: She won't do that , she is basically Brian's helper, she helps him, and she does not normally attach to people. He is using us in a role that we were not intended for, this is why I am not happy doing it, he is using us we are not meant to be doing this, we are helpers not this, she will not attach to anyone unless he tells her to

    They are the equivalent of spirit guides as human have humans spirit guides, Brian had reptilian spirit guides

    Hypnotist: It occurs to me that there are several of you that have been coerced into doing something that you really don't want to do

    Ettissh: Yes there are two of us there were more, there have been three, there have been four, Miss Y once had four or five of us but now there are just two which is better because that way we can be removed easier but Mr X will send more if he gets a chance I know he will.

    I had been unsure of the number of reptilians I once had.

    Hypnotist: So what would happen if the entity - the reptilian that controls Brian were to be neutralized

    Ettissh: If Brian were out of ^e picture. That is something that you or me can't do I'm afraid. I would love to stop him, well he is a powerful man he is, he is not around anyway Miss Y does not know where he is. He is out of the picture.

    This session was unsuccessful and the entities were not removed. However with the method of removing them explained here I went on to remove them with a different entity remover who in fact used six spirits to move him. As had told me using several spirit guides to force them out a way that works, simpler than I thought , there are lots of mediums that have access to spirit guides and who could be used for this purpose . Reptilians do not act like earthbound spirits and cannot be removed without force. I hope it helps others with reptilian entities.

    I was pleased that he instructed me on this and organised it however he cheated me staying connected after his removal, he was held and still stayed connected. He had promised me complete freedom from entities, I did as he asked and he lied! He was hiding from Brian. For the next year he maintained a connection with me by using a spirit helper named Shurl who was in fact an angel. Brian had first used her. The ridiculous thing was that Shurl would work against the reptilians and the reptilian entity would condone it all. Shurl wrote much information would force me into emailing people about what I knew. He didn't care just so long as he believed he could lie himself into a reward from his organisation at the end. Putting the blame onto Brian for anything exposed.

    Later he got into his head that I was going to have to complete a book and started using the reptilian tactic of "we stop those before they expose", he became greatly harassing aid I was forced to complete a book just so he didn't have anything to stop, a book I had no intention of ever writing before. So his inappropriate use of the 'we stop those before they expose' rule brought about the book!! As I will say many times he is a complete liability.

    As I said he was removed from me he was held for two years by the spirit realm He was very worried about being held for fifty years and in order to stop this and for his own lust for power he gave the spirit realm the reptilian secrets I heard on karma and I was told he gave a secret away on how they are breaking an agreement with an alien race and others probably that I didn't hear of. He doesn't care less about his organisation, has been ousted and wants the human spirit realm to support him. He gets carried away with his " have to win" characteristic that it becomes a great flaw for his organisation. Anyone that will support him gets given information.

    2.2. John of God healing and psychic surgery centre in Brazil.

    I went on a two week healing tour to this centre. Ettissh at this point was being held in the spirit realm. . Obviously he was in hiding from the organisation. Rather than healing me, an entity from the centre attached to me on my way home. This entities name was Mary Magdalene and was the overseeing entity of the centre. She had a powerful presence and believed I had discovered a secret of theirs.

    Disgracefully rather than healing me Mary Magdalene was enticed by the reptilian to work for him. He would give away reptilian secrets and information to her in exchange. They made plans together to get Brian in trouble, with lies that would blame Brian for what the reptilian entity had caused, she at the same time as working for him was working against the reptilian organisation and caused this book.

    Lies were going to be told. The reptilian entity had caused the secret about karma to be discovered by the spirit realm but they were going to blame Brian. The reptilian entity gave away other secrets to Mary to entice her to work for him.

    She worked against me, harassing me greatly whilst all the time she herself worked against the reptilians

    2.2a increasing world belief in spirits...

    John of God the psychic surgeon and healer is advertised world wide. Many mediums advertise healing tours there in numerous magazines such as Psychic news, kindred Spirit, Caduceus. There are tours advertised on the internet and I attended a video and lecture whilst in California. They encourage everyone throughout the world to go there and promise healing of all and every condition. I remember when I first heard of John of God at the lecture in California I was impressed by the video of the psychic surgery with John of God using a knife in someone's eye without anesthetic. What I questioned was their prescription of herbs for healing: all the herbs are identical was what the lecturer said and everyone gets given them and they heal every individual condition. The lecturer made a joke about this obviously herself finding identical herbs a bit strange. They are blessed by the entity, the entity being the spirit who works through John of God. Why not give different herbs for different conditions I thought like Chinese medicine. Overall I was impressed by the video and lecturer and made a decision to go for my own healing. My healing need was the complete disconnection of the reptilian entity. I was encouraged again and again to go but the financial cost of it was off-putting. The tours that they recommended for first timers were 1300 dollars and then there was the flight on top costing 600 pounds. I work as a healthcare worker in hospitals where the wages are not high.

    Where I was visiting in California people had to save up for some time to go, it was a community where the wages were low. So because I couldn't afford to go I didn't for a year. When my finances improved I contacted Robert Pellegrino who advertises on the internet and had written the book" The Miracle man of Brazil" about John of God. Having written a book I trusted that he would be the best person to go on a tour with. I told him my problem and he assured me that it would be healed and encouraged me to go. So I saved up and went on his two week tour with great hope. There were about 20 people in my tour with a wide range of illnesses or just life problems as I said every one is encouraged to go with any condition. Some of my group was in financial hardship and it upset me the lengths they had had to go to, to get the money. One man was a DJ and had had to sell all his musical equipment to go, another man was unemployed due to his illness and had had to borrow the money. Several visits were also recommended which runs into thousands of pounds.

    The second day we were taken to see the "entity". We queued up in a very long queue. I felt sick with nerves as I approached John of God; I was surprised at my feelings as I would have expected to feel good seeing a healer. There was something about the entity that scared me. I had about 5 seconds in front of the entity who didn't even look at me and I was told to sit in the meditation room. I sat there waiting for my healing but nothing happened. I left the "casa" as it is called very disappointed. I wasn't the only one in the group disappointed; another lady was in tears feeling that she had been given no healing at all. John of God is just one man and he is the only healer and sees hundreds of patients a day! Two thirds of the patients are local Brazilians, the poor who see John of god as we would see a doctor. These were the people who were given more time in front of the entity, he would hold their hand and talk with them. A few minutes was spent where as the "foreigners" were whisked by in a few seconds. I experienced this gain when trying to see John of God the man, I waited outside his office and despite being first in the queue, and the local Brazilians were given preference. I suppose this is understandable, the healing is for the poor Brazilians and there is only so much healing one man can do. But then foreigners should not be encouraged to go. So why are they encouraged to go on mass? This is for a reason that is the hidden agenda of John of God healing. Their agenda is not just healing; it is increasing world belief in spirits. So foreigners are encouraged there for the purpose of making them believe in spirits, the healing of foreigners is not the objective although undoubtedly some are healed...

    So I continue. Having been in front of the entity once and without being healed I became very upset. I experienced uncontrollable crying in the meditation rooms, feeling very disappointed. This was obviously unacceptable I was meant to be being healed and certainly bad P.R for the Casa. So the second time I went in front of the entity I was told to sit in the room next to the entity where intense healing and psychic surgery took place. I was very pleased to at last be getting healing. But I was given no healing and instead a pretense of healing was put on just to stop me crying. After this session still not healed I confronted the Casa that they had pretended my healing. This went down like a "ton of bricks" and I was subjected to near instant psychic attack." We are too busy" I was told as an explanation and it seemed very similar to the National Health Service Hospital I had been working in - too many patients and not enough time. Thereafter I was made to feel very unwelcome, I still had a week of the tour left and had no choice but to stay. The Casa obviously had methods to deter unwanted people from staying, a self defense method that made the unwelcome guest extremely uncomfortable. I became guarded by spirits who appeared red and unpleasant. At one time I was taking a walk by myself and an entity attacked my heart/lung area. The John of God Casa is subjected to a lot of attack from Lawyers, police and has managed to keep going despite this. This self defense strategy must be part of the reason and I will explain later the extent that the self defense goes to and is shocking.

    An observation that I made that I thought rather odd was the treatment of relatives of the sick. Some of the very sick came along with a relative. These relatives were in fact not sick and yet were all prescribed herbs. Why were they prescribed herbs? They had no illness to cure. No explanation was given. One lady in our group who was caring for her paralyzed son met me in tears after going in front of the entity who had asked her was she taking the herbs. She had in fact been given no herbs and the entity red faced had to suddenly switch her on to herbs. Her faith in the healing power of the herbs had been shattered and also the healing of her son. It seemed to me that healthy relatives were being given herbs not for the purpose of healing. So do the herbs heal? At that point I wasn't much interested.

    2.2b John of God in league with the reptilian Ettissh : Ettissh recruits help/ a book gets written.

    On completion of the tour I left for home extremely disappointed. John of God had identified a long distance connection with a reptilian but had not removed it. As I was leaving the Casa an entity from the Casa followed me home. It had replaced my spirit guide who was taken from me at the Casa and who I have never seen since! They say the healing continues for several weeks after the visit and I was hopeful that perhaps the reptilian would now be disconnected. This was not the purpose of the entities presence. I later discovered from Archangel Uriel via his channel Jennifer Hoffman that the entities name was Mary Magdalene and that she oversees John of God. She is a big and powerful spirit and had dark motives for attaching to me. She believed I had discovered one of the secrets of the Casa which is the herbs are just placebo, in other words have no healing power and are used because people expect medicine. Ettissh was also threatening to have the reptilians publicize in newspapers about these herbs. She greatly feared newspaper articles believing that it would damage John of God. She was certainly neurotic and had weaknesses and I became subjected to a shocking attack and harassment lasting a year. She teamed up with the reptilian performing psychic surgery on me to place the reptilian Ettissh into my aura and body. I had gone to John of God with a long distance weak connection to Ettissh and the result of the trip was to now have a far worse entity attached to me and a reptilian in my aura.

    David Ashworth in " Dancing with the Devil".{Reference No 10} says that once you have one entity it is the thin edge of the wedge and it attracts more and this is certainly what happened to me at John of God and I think my story needs to be told.. I have evidence of her presence as I said Archangel Uriel identified her, the Spiritualist Church had a psychic artist draw her, the head of a leading spirit release organization identified her as satanic and from John of God.

    How the entity from the John of God healing treated me is absolutely diabolical, I went there for healing and to join forces with a reptilian to harm me is disgraceful. The entity from there was far more powerful than the reptilian so the John of God psychic surgery centre wrecked my life for a year.

    Ettissh would also give away reptilian secrets and information to her in exchange. They made plans together to get Brian in trouble, with lies that would blame Brian for what the reptilian entity had caused. Other lies were going to be told. The reptilian entity had caused the secret about karma to be discovered by the spirit realm but they were going to blame Brian. The reptilian entity gave away other secrets to Mary to entice her to work for him. She at the same time as working for him was working against the reptilian organisation and caused this book.

    She wanted this book published and she went to great lengths to have it published, she edited it and pushed it to completion, even writing against them herself. This book was completed at her hands.

    Showing off to Mary and stuck in his reptilian problem of "have to win over me"

    Ettissh cares nothing for the reptilian organisation and is an absolute liability; having to hide from them for three years I suppose says it all...

    I returned to John of God after a year and confronted Robert Pellegrino about the entity attaching from John of God. He admitted it does happen and had even happened to him for two weeks!, but didn't offer a solution..

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    Default Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    (continued from previous post)

    3. Their Overall Plan

    They Want This Planet For Themselves

    Here I start the conversations which are throughout this book with Ettissh; he used to mimic Brian's voice. Q - is my question and E - is his answer. I have not included all of my questions which were probing to shorten the information.

    Here Ettissh explains how the reptilians plan for us is to have us all implanted with a minute device. We will agree to this implant because it will seem better than not having one. In order for us to agree they are currently replacing cash with a card, this card will be made to seem insecure and subject to theft, we will then believe that a small device under our skin a financially better option. The whole world is to be implanted so native cultures that do not bank are being or will be destroyed. The most likely way that the reptilians believe they will implant this device is via an identity card and this will then be made to seem inconvenient, it will get lost and replacement will be difficult. We will agree to an identity implant as a solution to the problem of lost identity cards. This device will enable the reptilians to kill us and they plan to do this when everyone in the globe is implanted. Ettissh says we will all be killed by electrocution via the implant. I believe this is possible having received the weapons I describe.

    Q - Why are you here?

    E - To take over the planet, girl. We are in control right now - you are all going to be killed one day and then our hybrids will take over and this is our planet not Yours.

    Q - What do you want?

    E -We want your planet, no two ways about it, that's all we want.

    Q - why don't you co-exist with us?

    E - no we can't co-exist because you'll kill us, no we've got to get rid of you - there's so many of us that we need the whole lot and more besides.

    Q - How are you going to kill us all?

    E - You are all going to die but prior to that we'll have you all under wraps.

    Q - How?

    E - with an implant

    Q - Is it a microchip?

    E - Maybe, maybe not.

    Q - what about that lens of the eye identity thing?

    E - We want to do that - so we can identify you all - no fake passports, we'll know who you are.

    Q - How are you going to kill us?

    E - We'll have you all implanted and then we'll set this timer ticking and you'll all go off pot - the implant will wipe you all out

    Q -Are you using this implant already?

    E - yes we've got a few people tagged up.

    Q - Who?

    E - prisoners, — yes we've tried it on animals......we'll rig it so it kills you - it will electrify you -we're not sure yet exactly how we are going to do it - no we can't use virus's it isn't effective - some sort of electrocution — Right now we haven't got the technology- we are working on it.

    Q - How will people agree to this implant?

    E - they'll want it, because they'll think it's a good thing


    E - because we are rigging it right now -money girl - it isn't secure - theft, fraud, money laundering, wallets getting stolen, credit card fraud, lost pins. A microchip will seem a better option - you'll be totally secure, no theft what so ever — that's are second option isn't it, our number one is the identity card , plan A and- the identity card will replace everything - your passport, NHS number, driving licence and that's another way we can put the implant in, social security number, because they'll get lost and it will makes things awkward for you -no holiday abroad for the next year because there'll be delays in replacing it - if that's lost everything's gone hasn't it - they'll have no way of doing nothing until it's replaced and we'll probably say we'll replace it at a drop of a hat but then things will change and it isn't going to be replaced so easy - extremely convenient after the deed. We may try both and see what works out.

    Q - What are you doing with plan B.

    E - We're rigging things right now


    E - money isn't going to be money quite soon - the euro is part of it - much easier

    Q - What will happen to the euro?

    E - It will lose its value to force you all in to it - then when everyone has got the euro there isn't going to be no euro - it will be all on your cards - no money at all.

    Q - What will happen to the euro?

    E - I'm not telling you - the euro will keep dropping to about 1 euro per pound - so the euros strong so you'll want it — there will be incentives (for no money) -maybe we'll just withdraw it all - then it is all on cards and then the card is no good, they are not secure and you're going to want something different - because you'll get ripped off - credit card fraud - its all being set up right now.

    Q - How?

    E - no we don't need no ****ing pin numbers for credit cards - if you have to give your pin then its secure isn't it - so we'll stop that, there will be no pin usage and we will make it easy to steal from you. — We can't do much with switch cards (it will be credit and switch together) other than make it difficult for you - its already happening - they get lost and they are not replaced so quickly - they are not secure, till receipts. Credit cards are the best for you, put you all in debt - then you are all going to be in debt and then we'll up the stakes, interest rates - they'll shoot up and then we'll come up with some better deal and you'll want it. — Credit cards are easy to come by and that's us and we're the credit cards, we make the rules and the rules are geared so you spend more than you earn, you're all in debt. We 're in control of most of the credit cards and they are very easy to come by. — We're trying to stop pins and anyone that opposes us gets it - we killed a man because he didn't support us - yes he was in parliament and he died) - heart attack - it was us - it was this year (2003) - our whirly thing (see weapon No. 1. ) - during one of our meetings -early in the year- march - we'd been working on him before-his blood, making him more susceptible - it did not look natural, we take our chances. Our heart attacks are a bit different - because the person doesn't have a clot, no ischemia -we don't allow autopsy.


    E - Because they would find nothing wrong with him. It's always at the same time of day - between two and three a. m. (By four a few people are getting up) normally at 2.40 a.m. is the exact time and we all work on people together —If you had pins are plan would not work and we'd have to rethink. — Anyone with any sense would want pins at the till -and some countries use it and we're going to stop it.

    E - Tony Blair wants a pin - the ****ing **** rag. — Tony Blair isn't going to last long if he promotes pins.

    Q - Credit card fraud- right now I get all the money back

    E - that will change, we'll stop all that, when you have no choice - when there's no money, we'll change the rules, maybe we'll pay a bit but not the full amount, the new rules are that you are not going to get your money back if it's stolen - we just can't afford it -we'll reduce the time period down - 4 hours to report it or maybe we'll lower the amount.

    Q - What about protection?

    E - We'll try and make insurance protection hard to come by, lots of exclusions, things like that.

    4. What We Can Do To Stop You?

    Basically we need to know what is going on, burying our heads in the sand is the worst thing we can do because they are more than half way through their plan and won't give up unless they are forced to.

    E - if you all refuse or a lot of you refuse to take part in our control mechanisms then our plan won't work. You could all refuse to use credit cards and bank cards and then we haven't got a leg to stand on.

    Q - What is the most important thing anyone could do to stop you and keep the planet to themselves?

    E - Riot like crazy and that will do it. (mass riots)

    E - Refuse all credit cards E - Campaign for a pin if you use credit cards.

    E - Refuse to send your children to school

    E - Expose the top dogs

    E - Refuse to vote for any president what so ever because it will always mean we're in control.

    E - Take all your money out of the bank and put it in a safe deposit box

    E - expose us basically and then we won't hang around.

    E - If you don't use a credit card then we are not going to be able to do away with money and if money is still there we can't implant you and without an implant we can't destroy you.

    E - right now there's still money around but when we need to withdraw money then you need to prevent us doing that by not wanting it and the way to do that is not use credit cards.

    Q - how are you going to get rid of money?

    E - it will seem more sensible to have everything on card


    E - Its going that way already. It's so easy to use a card why bother with money, there'll still be cheques, cheques or a card. The protests/ riots need to be when we propose getting rid of money, because once we've done that we're on a role - more and more stuff is on cards will simplify things

    Q - What will children use?

    E - Children will have cards too- their parents, with a spending limit on it. At the till there won't be any cheques - it will all be on card. The shops will not accept anything but cards soon.


    E - Because it's easier. We have to remove money in gradual stages - so its harder to use - cash machines are not safe - people will start getting mugged at cash machines, the machine will swallow their card more easily, they've got no card for another 20 days, the banks are open at **** hours - you've got to take time off work to get there- huge queues at lunchtime. We'll make it a dam side harder to get your cash.

    They'll invent something else and it will seem like the ideal way of purchasing, like an identity card- it will give you everything you need in one card but then of course it will be converted to an implant because they'll get lost.

    5. Colonising The Earth With Their Hybrid

    After we have been killed they will wait for 10 years and then colonize earth as a hybrid of a human and a reptilian. They are developing this hybrid using human DNA (See genetic samples) The hybrid is described here.

    E -we'll kill everyone off and leave it about 10 years for things to rot, so we don't have to deal with it. There will be a few thousand humans left and we'll deal with them. We don't want any humans breeding like rabbits, I guess we may allow some to remain, we are not sure.

    Q - How to avoid the implant?

    E - get yourself out of society, don't pay your dues, no bank account - that's basically the main way of doing it.

    E - we'll try and kill the rest - it will be hard for us initially being new to the place.

    Q - what will you look like?

    E - hybrid of us and a human, more human and you'll be a greener shade with a few bits and pieces attached -we now would appear green- dull green. We are not going to look pretty - we'll have all the senses- we won't have any scales, a bit pointless- a bit of hair, not a full beard. Height - about 6 ft. 8 in. , - we've got it all planned out, we know exactly what we are going to look like.

    Q - did you experiment on humans before?

    E - yes, a millennium ago - million years ago or more-we used to come down and take humans - abduct them and then dissect them and a few other things

    Q - what did these abductees look like?

    E - fuller features, cave men, fur all over the place, stocky build - muscle bound like hell, short

    6. Reptilian Entities

    They use reptilian entities as part of their harming techniques to locate the victim and feed back the progress of the harm the reptilian is doing. They attach to the victim for the duration of the harm. I have many personal experiences which I describe later, they are very interesting.

    Here is what Ettissh said:.

    Q - what are the entities all about?

    E - well we are Brian's mates (I had two entities at that time)- well we're Reptilian in spirit form and we tell Brian what is going on.

    Q - on what?

    E - on you, girl, let him know what you're up to and where you are

    Q - what's your purpose?

    E -we act like spies,

    Q - what information do you give Brian?

    E - We tell him where you are

    Q - You locate me ?

    E - that's it in a nutshell, well he uses us a bit more than that, but that's up to him, isn't it

    Q - So you tell him where I am- why?

    E - so he can get yeah or others can get you.

    Q - Whom does he use them on?

    E - Some of those we need to get. — They tell us what's going on with the person ; how's his health; his physical condition; when's he most susceptible ; when's a low point for him ; how's his heart ticking along - so we can dig the knife in — Its like you've been bugged — The entities can suppress a person a bit.

    Q - how many people have these entities?

    E - a reasonable number and they don't know it is there. There is normally only one and I know that you've got two to keep out that helper your getting.

    Q -Whom do they tell?

    E - the person whose geographical area they're on — Most people on our blacklist have them.

    Q - how long do you have them for?

    E - it's normally until we get them -

    Q - until their dead?

    E - dead or off out of the way. They connect to the solar plexus.

    7. Genetic Samples

    Brian collects genetic samples they are experimenting right now and are looking for genetic material that will give longevity as they live along time and superb mental abilities as they have them. This is ail to do with their hybrid programme. They use brain samples in order to assess the mental potential of the genes (see also nutrition). Believe it or not Brian collects these samples from women he seduces whilst they are asleep. He ensures they stay the night. Here is how he collected mine: It was whilst we were both at the Language School in Spain. At the school he was able to attract women to him very easily and was very friendly with a lot of women there. Brian with a class of women was like a fox in a chicken coup; he'd work his way through the lot.

    This surprised me because he was not good-looking, not wealthy, he was black so there was the race difference and yet he had women "eating out of his hands." I later discovered that he uses seduction techniques involving mental processes. It worked on me and I fell for him after initially finding him unattractive. We had sex for the first time the day before I returned to England to work. This was during the day at my request, although I was attracted to him, I was permanently tense around him and felt worried about staying the night. Brian was very different in the bedroom, his Jack the lad" manner, which was the host Brian previous personality, disappeared and he was like a professional, slick, very experienced like a male prostitute, like he did this for a living or something, he said all the right things but it was as though he had done this a million times before and I was on his conveyer belt. He had done this many times before he was getting genetic samples from every woman he met.

    I worked in the UK for 4 weeks and we kept in contact with email. On my return to Spain I met Brian at his barbecue and there he was getting friendly with a female neighbour of mine. He'd emailed me about her. Nevertheless he wanted me too and persuaded me to spend the night with him. I didn't want to; I was still very tense around him. He went out of his way to make sure I stayed the night, buying me new toiletries even clothes, so I would stay over, he is very persuasive but normally doesn't spend money on his girlfriends. I stayed and it went well and so I was very surprised when next time I saw him at Spanish school he didn't want to know. He had got his sample you see. His charm disappeared and in its place was a moody unpleasant man or at least towards me. He didn't call, he was no longer interested but I was though. Once I have sex I am emotionally attached and wanted to keep seeing him so I then did the chasing and suggested dates.

    We kept seeing each other but he wasn't the same and I hardly saw the charming Brian again. Other women were getting that one.

    Here Ettissh talks about Brian's collection of genetic samples:

    E - Brian has collected at least 1000 samples

    E - He takes a brain sample

    Q - what with?

    E - A piece of equipment, but it's the human that does it in person it isn't the alien although he directs Brian.

    Q - when?

    E - When you are snoring and he sees to it that you are snoring

    Q - How?

    E - the women have to stay the night - the sex bit is up to him.

    E - He knocks them out - the reptilian does that - about 3.00 a.m. is the usual time.

    Q - Where does he access the brain?

    E - in-between your soft tissue and you skull -he doesn't need to go through the scull - there will be a slight hole -, sometimes he chooses the nostril or the hairline so you don't notice - he gets a miniature sample and he gives it to one of his mates - they meet and he takes it -in the UK - in the London area

    E - Where does he store them?

    E - He has a special place for them out of reach - he has a little safe - his mate's takes them to them -someone else analyses them in the UK somewhere -we can do it ourselves - we have the technology.

    E - We manufacture the equipment here on earth - one of our companies makes it - its medical equipment - we say it is but it ain't, to the people that manufacture it -the company makes Pharmaceuticals too - Bristol Myers - they make a few bits of equipment for us, like that probe

    E - He checks out the astrological compatibility with all the women he wants to seduce and if it isn't compatible then he doesn't bother with them afterwards - he dumps them, but if they're compatible he'll try and make it work, keep them as his buddy or something or if he is available then he'll try and see them more. If they are a Gemini or a Gemini ascendant then he always gives it a whirl doesn't he no matter what.

    8. Debilitation Through Nutrition

    I am a nutritionist and I know this information to be correct. There is literature that baby milks lack the oils essential and that there is possibly an association with poor brain development but nothing is done about it. Here Ettissh describes how baby milks are used to greatly reduce our intellect; they do not support proper brain development due to a lack of nutrients called essential fatty acids, EFA'S. These EFA'S are deliberately excluded, even today. Scientists are suppressed, even killed. He confesses below. My example is as follows: My DNA sample was taken unknown to me. Ettissh has told me what they learnt from my brain sample; my potential intellect is 89% when compared to the potential of the population. This is high and met their requirements. However my actual intellect is 60% when compared to this figure purely because I was fed solely baby milks as an infant. This is a 33% reduction and I am very upset and it rings true, I have had to take a different path because of it, one a lot harder. I have also wasted many years. Of no consolation at all is the fact that as the majority of our intellects are suppressed in this way my intellect is better than most.

    Another topic of great interest is what Ettissh discusses about wheat. There is a substance in wheat which causes hardening of the arteries and they promote wheat based products for this reason.

    Thirdly our soils lack trace elements which further reduce are intellect, this is deliberate.

    Their hybrid will be a combination of a human and a reptilian with a humans digestive system hence their extensive knowledge about wheat. They are currently genetically engineering rice to increase the protein content as their staple diet.

    Here is what Ettissh said:

    Q - What will you be eating when you come down?

    E - rice girl, no wheat, we don't want atherosclerosis that's what it does to you- scientists have discovered this and we hush them up - yes we've killed a few scientists because of this wheat thing. We promote wheat to debilitate you, hardening of the arteries - it's the endosperm-wheat germ is no good for you that's what it is - bran no problem - rice is the best thing you could eat

    Q - why?

    E - Its protein is complete so you can live off it- almost. Our digestive system is going to be human - there's no other way.

    E - (Substance in wheat endosperm) sticks in your blood vessel walls and then acts later so you don't see it initially

    E - you're lacking trace elements, they are not in the soil, and well they are not in agricultural soils

    Q - why?

    E - because we make sure it doesn't get in there - so you're less intelligent - a bit dimmer - so you can't put two and two together and a bit more besides - we don't want you intelligent because you're going to look at this situation and think: it doesn't make any sense to me.

    Q -Am I less intelligent than I should be?

    E - Well you all are because it's your brains - you lack essential fatty acids, EFAs in your brain - makes you dimmer

    Q - How much dimmer?

    He told me that I should have been 89 percent intelligent and this was reduced to 60 per cent, because every one is reduced I am 75 percent intelligent compared to the population.

    Q - How do you know?

    E - We checked it out with a bit of brain tissue

    E - You all lack EFAs- they are not in baby milks - not the right ones - some of them but a few missing and in the past there weren't any - and you were bottle fed.

    E - if you had been breast fed and had 89 per cent intellect then you would have done ****ing well -brilliant - you would have been the tops in nutrition and you are not clever enough to get there now - so we mucked it up for you - university 2 1 (I only got a 2 2) and then straight into research.

    E - The scientists don't know because we never finance.

    Q - Baby milks?

    E - we don't add them do we- that's deliberate - we don't let the scientists find out - we suppress it - we are the baby milks - we are in all of the baby milks e. g. Nestle, cow and gate, any baby milk company, we're them.

    E - we've killed a baby milk scientist - you'd know him, he's quite well known- heart attack, encircling stuff (see weapon No. 1) — he was convinced we were wrong and tried to tell other people.

    Q what about current baby milks?

    E - we don't put enough in baby milks and food- we keep the quantities as low as we can just enough to keep you satisfied.

    9. Financial Dept

    They are the banks and they control us through debt. They use a universal law of abundance which affects our prosperity when we are in debt, debt draws money and other things away from us. We have to work harder which leaves us with less time to question what's going on or raise our consciousness:

    E - Debts a biggie for us- we are all the international bankers and if you are all in debt it means we've got the grips on you when the time comes- but that isn't why we're doing it. It's our money you are using, we manufacture it and rake in the interest, there is nothing backing the money up (no gold)) is there - it isn't just about making money - we're using a universal law - if you are in debt things don't go your way. (- A money law of abundance - anti abundance, debt draws things away from you-and it isn't just money) We know all the universal laws and we use them and it isn't just that one.

    E - We're behind most of the credit cards - so you don't know where you are with your money and you spend more than you need and then you end up in debt. We want you all in debt so things don't go your way then -debt makes more debt, - we dig the knife in - negative spiral downhill and we help it on its way, taking more than is reasonable once you are in debt, look at the overdraft fees-30 pounds for a bounced direct debit, 17 per cent interest on bank debt , it's absurd and why doesn't anyone question it, well if they do and they are in a position of power, we do them in or get rid of them. We own all the money so we can control you better, if you are in debt you've got no time - you have to work more to earn more money and then you can't consider anything else. Look at the rich and famous - they've got more time to do alternative stuff.

    Q - What about mortgages?

    E - Well a mortgage is a debt isn't - a big mortgage makes your money go badly for you - anti-abundance, girl

    Q - Doesn't the value of the house offset that?

    E - no it doesn't, the value is just theoretical until you sell it, so we wouldn't mind you all having huge mortgages. - It makes things go worse for you and we've got the grips on you.

    10. Space Stations

    Brian showed me some images of his space station and spaceships, small ones that went in and cut of the space stations. It was like the most technical, awe inspiring, science fiction movie imaginable. I was speechless to their power and advanced technology. I felt like a minuscule nothing in comparison. Any feelings that I had of abilities that could touch theirs disappeared. They are so far above us in technology that it is beyond my comprehension. I revere them, am in awe of them, in no way am I as high as them? I have my place and it doesn't match theirs. These were my feelings. They are completely out of league with humans; it is like we are ants in comparison. The ants are weak and they will be crushed just like that. The adversaries need to be respected. Our egos will all disappears if we see them in their true arena. Another time I was aware of their space stations and ships as massive and plentiful, they were dark and felt nasty, nasty, nasty, I think they were around earth and I have sensed this other times, a mass of space stations encompassing earth, a dark colour and feeling to them.

    Below Brian describes how the reptilians are in fact here in their space stations around the earth. They live as reptilians in these spaces stations which are not visible. They are very intellectual and cold and what we would consider bad, and on this planet very cruel. Surprisingly they are high beings. They are also much higher than we are and extremely advanced beyond anything we can imagine and operating in the fifth dimension. They are helpful amongst themselves and I was once helped by a Draco who is a great deal higher than Brian. They think nothing of killing and enjoy the thrill. They are not of this planet and evolve in a different way to us. It is hard for us to understand how they think.

    We are not the only planet they want. They have many other planets that they are taking over. Our planet is the most beautiful but they have to kill us off in order to live here. We are more advanced than their other planets so it is not an easy planet for them but they have got half way with their ultimate goal of living on the planet. They can't breathe here and they have to produce a hybrid which they are working on.

    Here is what Ettissh said:

    E - We don't set foot on the place (earth) in case we're seen, unless needs arise. We live in space stations in the earth's atmosphere you just can't see us can you -we are not invisible - are spaceships are.

    Q - How many of you are there?

    E - A million or more of us though not all physical — We've got lots of planets on the boil - spread our net where we want it - we destroyed our planet - war - and we don't want war any more, but needs arise- we've got many planets on the boil - some less advanced than you, some about the same

    Q -Why so many?

    E - because they may not all work out - we don't throw all our eggs in one basket and there are an awful lot of us so we would like to take our pick of the crop - what works out the best and perhaps have several - why should we settle for one when we can have more.

    Q - What about more primitive places with no dominant evolved species?

    E - We may get eaten by the local wildlife, we need a safe haven plus we don't want to be fighting all the time.

    E - We think your planet is great, I'll tell you that now, an amazing place - that's the reason we're here because it isn't the easiest — We live in our space stations in the earth's atmosphere but invisible to you lot. We grow things and produce light and oxygen for the things we grow - green habitat isn't our colour- not where we come from- their your stuff which we're breeding - we're a bit clammy - quite a few space stations — Our spaceships are more like space stations - they'll cool -everything we need in them apart from decent light and decent vegetation. We've got all our own environment there and we put masks on when we go in your place -our vegetable place- yours -or your animal quarters, because there is oxygen there.

    Q - what are you like on your own planet?

    E - We used to do ourselves in and then we realized there was no point to it. We are not as bad as you think-we're intellectual beings but we have no feelings for anything at all - we help each other out a lot now but not in the past , we've evolved - this is how we have become- we are ancient. We're cold beings and would kill you as soon as look at you but we're rational too and if it doesn't make sense we won't do it. We are not loving. We're cold as hell and intellectual and as far as we are concerned that's our planet and why not have it and we desire your extermination- it's a different ballgame and you are not going to understand it until you are in it — We should be living peaceably on our planet and we'd still be going out and taking other planets - we don't make war with other planets we take those that can't fight back,- we're at peace - no-one is fighting back- we see us as working our wanted planets going out and expanding ourselves.

    11. The Environment

    They wreck the environment but would rather not as they want it to be there home. They are in fact concerned for the environment. They would like to do more for the environment however taking over the planet is their only concern right now. As a result the environment is being damaged. Ettissh explains here how they conserve endangered species by abducting them and storing them in their space stations:

    E - In our ships we have a lot of species


    E - so we can repopulate the earth when we come down — We take creatures now and again and keep them in cold storage - hibernating, they'll come round. We breed a few of them too. We clone but we've got to have a pair not just one — When you and I are extinct (you meaning humans) we'll put them back in place because we wouldn't mind having them around; creatures, animals, insects- we don't want them extinct do we. Now and again we still take them, the last creature we took — we have a bird that's now extinct, it can't fend for itself, and it never could fly. The stuff going on in the Galapagos islands upsets us - the Galapagos islands are going to go extinct - the wildlife -its still getting eaten - it's not us — We're into the environment aren't we, we don't want it wrecked when we arrive do we.

    Q - Do you support environmental groups?

    E - no we can't because they aren't us - the bottom line is that taking you over is more important than the environment right now.

    Q - Do you deliberately pollute the environment?

    E - Well we do but it isn't us, it is because of us- a by-product so to speak, we would prefer it was different

    Q - Do you suppress environment support groups?

    E - yes we do but only because they are not us - it isn't that we don't like what they are doing — We are responsible for the environmental problems , we don't mean to do it - it's a by-product. We're very upset about it, - extremely upset. We conserve things if we can

    Q - are you destroying the Peruvian rainforest?-----yes we are, we haven't got Peru have we and if we were in there no rainforest would be touched but right now we've got to do it. We've got to get those natives out of Peru so we can get them civilized - we don't want anyone left who isn't 'chipped up'. Natives who are not civilized can't be part of our plan so we do what we can to destroy their culture and their habitat so they have to tow the line, we want them all to be under our thumb, they don't have any banks and that's the problem isn't it - no banks means no implant.

    12. Other Reptilian Hosts Exposed

    Naming Names

    Ettissh has told me names of some well known reptilians as humans. He has named not just politicians but actors too -Tom Cruise! They need to infiltrate all of society. He names two members of the royal family, Princess Anne and Prince Philip and has explained that not all of the royal family are reptilians, this is described under royalty.

    He has named another well known Actress Emma Thompson, they promote certain types of films and Tom Cruise has almost killed a co-worker using the weapon No. 1 and that they attack film directors. The reptilians want only certain films made. He even names a tennis player, Virginia Wade. Of course they are politicians and 70 per cent of the US government is reptilian. How else could they control the globe if their presence isn't in all walks of society? They have a ground force like Brian who cover geographical areas keeping an eye out for anti -their plan activities, collecting genetic samples attacking people such as me who was doing some higher consciousness work. They seek out highly conscious people and can tell their vibration just by meeting them or speaking on the phone. An implant is set off in the alien being put there specifically for this purpose. They then add the net (see anti-higher consciousness). Evidence I have for there presence in all walks of society is Brian use of them. A colleague in yahoo helped Brian hack my email box, I had weapons fired at me in a remote area in another country shortly after arriving, Brian has told me that he has a network of colleagues that he has used to track my location throughout my travels to other countries and I have travelled a lot since this began to try and get away from him and their weapons.

    Q - Name some reptilians for me? -What do you look like?

    E - They want to look bog standard - normal -so no one suspects them of being anything other than who they portray. They never look like hippies it's the last thing we want to do.


    R-Franklin Roosevelt,

    Q - why are your not always presidents

    E - well we are sometimes but we prefer not to be in the spot light -blame Bush and he isn't the reason.

    Q - how about a 4 year presidency?

    E - Well it isn't long enough is it, a lot of work for just 4 years, we'd rather be in power longer and not be ousted, but it has been known. We are more behind the scenes and it's also because we don't want the finger pointed at us

    US politicians

    E - 70 per cent of the US government are us. - 70 per cent of the US government are human/reptilians —Donald Rumsfield, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell -I'm not-telling you. Henry Kissinger, John Ashcroft, John Snow. Richard Shelby

    UK politicians

    E - Britton is one (UK politician), Macmillan (UK politician), the UK minister of education, the UK foreign affairs minister. Any one to do with foreign affairs is likely to be one in any country. UK government - behind the scenes

    German politicians

    E - Helmet Schmidt - he is.


    E - bankers are - most are. Nelson Rockefeller, Rockefellers - some are some aren't. Vanderbilt's -most of them are, James d Wolfensohn (president of World Bank). Top dogs in Natwest bank are HSBC, Halifax, most of the banks.

    The UK royal family

    R- Princess Anne and Prince William.


    E - Tom cruise is one - we need them everywhere -certain films shouldn't be made — so he can get to other actors who are doing stuff that he doesn't want. Tom Cruise is into promoting wars - Top Gun - he promotes certain types of movies - he attacks the directors more than the actors (they try to stop new age films), he harms them like Brian does (see weapons), he's harmed an actor he used to work with - he almost killed someone pretty old - someone found out about him and he tried to do him in - he uses the encircling (see weapon No. 1. ) - Almost died- has stopped working - quite recent- quite well known - they did a film together.

    E - We don't want alien films made unless they are pure fantasy, Close encounters - that film we never wanted made.

    E - UK actress who married Kenneth Brannagh is one, Emma Thompson- so she knows what's going on - so other films can't get made - she just mooches around and finds out what's going on - she gets a lot of parts -we see to it - gets a lot of help. We finance films, we are behind a lot of films - her role is to prevent films getting made.

    E - Virginia wade is one

    13. Their Secret Weapons

    13. (a) Introduction

    There are many weapons that I will describe here most that I experienced. I do not know what they are called so I will refer to them as weapons no's 1-7. I will describe them as best I can however they are unusual, using a technology that goes beyond what people know about. These weapons are fired from the sky perhaps satellite or at least three of them are. They pass through buildings and into houses. I wonder if they use the technology of Nikolai Tesla? After a years experience with him I have learnt as follows:-













    Weapon No.'s 1 and 2 are usually lethal. Weapon No. 1 has been fired at me and fortunately I survived, see later Weapons number 3 to 7 are non- lethal and could more accurately be called methods of debilitation, they all involve energetic harmful waves or energy/substance, and Brian has called this toxic particles that suppress the bodily systems such as, the immune system, the nervous system, mental processes, emotions. Water clears the effects of these weapons from the body. At least 20 minutes in strong jets is effective. There are other weapons not listed here such as Andrew Hennessy's experiences which he says: "They have shot at me from orbit three times — the entire area around me lights up blue white for 200 yards radius — and once up close with a handheld".

    If you receive weapons 3-7, you won't have a clue how it's done but you'll know you're not how you used to be. Why are you suddenly feeling bad? You're physically and mentally well but feel not good, what could possibly be causing this? Why do afternoons feel so bad, that's weapon No. 4. What is the cause of this tension? What is the cause of the depression - it's their non -lethal weapons. You may not sleep well, waking early, -weapon No. 5. You are stressed for no reason; relaxation is a thing of the past, more susceptible to infection; most of these weapons. Any peace you may have had will have gone. You are being debilitated without knowing who's doing it or how it's being done. I must explain that prior to knowing Brian I was very fit, I worked out most days with ease, I was never ill and didn't even know the name of my General Practitioner (doctor) as I saw him so rarely. I was clear thinking and a very peaceful person. I had no medical history. In the first year of knowing him I was constantly debilitated as described under the weapons. I am pleased to say that at the time of writing this I am free from all of these weapons and very fit and well, I have achieved this at considerable inconvenience.

    This all must seem so strange but they are real and the effects are to debilitate without being discovered. Yes, general dullness, feeling off, or stress may seem an explanation to what is going on however what is the stress? 1 had no reason to be stressed and in fact I omitted anything that may be causing stress in my life, I was even on holiday and the effects was there lying on a beach. There was nothing mentally wrong with me and I believe they were trying to make me seem less credible and wreck my life because of what I knew and these weapons were given for that purpose. How could anyone else know that what I was experiencing was being inflicted as I had sworn to silence, I had told Brian I wouldn't talk.

    How to know for sure if you are living with a human/reptilian: If you live with a human /reptilian as I did there is a sure way of knowing they are reptilian. For reasons involving their work they have to be working at their computers between the hours of two and three at night several days every week. No holidays. They will not allow you to view them doing this. Brian did this and would have to go to bed early at around 10 p.m. in order to wake most strangely at 2.00 a.m. approximately.

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    Default Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    (continued from previous post)

    13. (b) Weapon No. 1: Creates a heart attack

    Ettissh explains this weapon. The conversations below detail how Brian has to use a computer programme to fire this weapon and he needs the victim's street address. A machine in the sky fires the weapon as missile of vibrating particles. Brian then has to encircle it around the body using a physical device, normally the chest.

    Here is what Ettissh said: -

    E - Its like a missile aimed at a certain point of your body - he tells the machine where you are and what part of your body

    Q -How?

    E - via the computer (? internet) - he can't communicate with that machine telepathically, its got to be done via the computer - we don't always need to all get together - he types in your location in co-ordinates - once he has typed in the machine sends you that missile - its harmful energy - particles of energy that are vibrating at the speed you don't want - they suck you in, they cave you in - your energy and harms your organs

    E - The whirl (- a sensation I felt when ! received this weapon as it was being fired) is him and the machine and he has a piece of equipment for it and it isn't invisible. And you could find it if you wanted - it's a joint effort - the missile gets fired and he encircles it around your energy - He directs it -, He has to help it on its way with his weapon which is physical.

    Ettissh has told me that the purpose of this weapon is to kill and they kill by several human/reptilians (three or more) using the weapon simultaneously. They are in fact all in their own houses, in their computer rooms. In my case only one person used it on me. If I had not spent so long in the car straight afterwards, then I would not have been so badly affected. Ettissh has also said that if the victim is in bad health such as a heart condition then one person using the weapon can kill and it always appears as though the person died of natural causes They always use the weapon at about 2.40 a.m. because 1) to ensure they fire it simultaneously and 2) he has told me that they are more effective at this time when the world is asleep because there is less interference.

    I observed Brian getting up at this time and working at his computer. He would go to bed early so I assume he could perform these nightly tasks.


    Here are my own experiences: This weapon is usually lethal but if it is only used by one sole reptilian it may not kill and I was fortunate. This is how I was first attacked. It was between 2 and 3a.m. and I was awake, unable to sleep. Suddenly out of the sky a missile of some sort was fired at me and locked round my abdomen, this went on for about 10 minutes. It felt similar to being surrounded by a CT scanner, an invisible one. I wanted to flee; I had been wanting to leave Spain for the last two days as Brian had been working on me with weapon no. 3. So I fled to the airport, it was an hour and a half drive and I became so ill that I turned back. By now I was feeling extraordinarily tense like my body was solidifying and I was losing consciousness.

    There wasn't any pain but I felt like I was about to die, my organs couldn't work. I was returning for help from my neighbours but before I got their I had swerved off the road, had managed to get back in the car and drive, but I had to keep stopping and getting out of the car, this gave me relieve, the tension lessened. I now know that metal prevents this weapon dissipating. So the driving was actually making it a lot worse. I got to my neighbours and tried to remove the weapon by using their shower, scrubbing my body as this had removed weapon No. 3. This time it had no effect, the weapon had penetrated my body and was not going to be removed by water, it had worked its way inside over the course of a couple of hours in the car. I collapsed and I believe I died as I was looking down at myself reviewing my life. They took me to hospital, I had regained consciousness and I was aware that my abdomen was solidifying even more, rock solid as though the life was being squeezer out of me. I was having problems being conscious. I actually started to drink a litre of milk, I was dehydrated but it was something about that milk that helped me because I began to come round. The milk must have absorbed some of the energy. I took more milk and then more and I felt better however this offered only some relief.

    At the hospital, panicking, I had called for Brian, the neighbours knew that I had accused him of this and they called him anyway; It must have been hard for them to comprehend how Brian had done this to me. Brian then communicated with me. He was enjoying my suffering and seemed to feel free to be who he really was. The south London accent and swearing dropped. He spoke to me articulately and told me that he was a member of a suppressive force or a global conspiracy and that looked at from a higher perspective bad is Ok and its all part of a game. I didn't understand that game that was for sure. He then taunted me about joining them and marrying him. I then told him that the neighbours knew that he was responsible. What was amazing to me at the time is how he was then able to remove all traces of this weapon from me. I admired him for some time for doing that but I believe he was 1):- told to do it by his highest guide and 2) He did it to keep from being accused of murder. Over the course of a week I recovered in the hospital where a lot of tests had been performed and they could not find a diagnosis.

    Brian had fired this weapon and he was 20 miles away at the time, it was from a satellite.

    The second time this weapon was fired at me it was fired by some one else, someone who Brian had asked to do it. I was in Finland and this time it was fired at my chest. There had been a few days of working on my chest beforehand and it was done to kill me. They seem to work on the person before they fire these weapons. Again the time was between 2.00 a.m. and 3.00 a.m. and the same thing happened. It worked its way into my chest which became constricted and I had difficulty breathing, I felt like I was going to die as it tightened. I was very scared. Fortunately I was near a spa, I knew water would help and I was taken there and the jets of the Jacuzzi removed the weapon after two hours! I recovered almost entirely and had not needed a hospital. This provides evidence that Brian is not alone and has a network of colleagues across the globe. This would be the global conspiracy.

    13. (c) Weapon no. 2: Creates a stroke.

    Ettissh told me about a weapon that Brian was wanting to use on my father; this was one of his many times that he did deals involving reptilian secrets in exchange for favours with his disobeying of Brian.

    This is used to create a stroke. It is a weapon that is used in exactly the same way as weapon no. 1. However it differs in that it involves a wavelength carrying a chemical. It is the chemical that attacks the blood cells and forms clots. This chemical is unknown to general science however it has a spectrum and remains in the body of the person attacked and it should be looked for as a spectrum. Time of death or stroke will again be 2.40 am. Again the address of the victim is needed.

    Q - Tell me about this weapon.

    E - They use this a lot at their meetings and they kill anyone they don't like around via a stroke.

    (I have been told they have twice yearly meetings where they work as a group to kill their opponents, see killing in groups)

    Q - Should these people have strokes?

    E - Of course not, they are not usually sick before hand.

    Q - You don't have to be sick prior to a stroke.

    E - I mean they haven't got sufficient risk factors, it isn't expected, however if they discover a little high blood pressure then we are on to them straight away - we make their blood sticky, - platelet aggregation, we have to work on them first, basically, and then we go for the kill, like Steve was doing with your father , working on his heart and his blood, making it clot more easily.

    However we don't have to work first, not for our meeting, that is because with a lot of them working together they don't have to bother. These people will be killed without any prior work on them. But we are careful who we choose as we don't want to look suspicious. , if everyone we didn't want had a stroke then it would be far too obvious so this is why we vary it strokes or heart attacks are our main way of killing.

    Q - How does this stroke weapon work?

    E - - it comes at you, hits your body, vibrates, attacks the blood, creates vast clots, I mean massive and many and that's the end of you. - It's an invisible force that we manufacture, there are particles in there that create havoc in your body- it sticks things together. It attacks the blood cells, the outside, and the cell membrane and makes them stick together. It does other harm too

    Q - what other signs are there of what has gone on?

    E - They'll have died immediately with massive thrombosis (? there is no haemorrhaging)

    Q - anything else that may cause suspicion

    E - They'll have died about 2.40 a.m. out of the blue, their blood pressure may have been absolutely normal prior to the stroke and that is a real give away.

    Q - but my father has Brian working on him?

    E - Anyone they kill outside of the meetings is killed in a different way. They have to work on these people first and they have to have a pre-existing condition but it maybe so mild that no one cares, we work on it to make their death look more normal, and basically we make their blood more sticky or perhaps work on their heart. They'll usually have raised blood pressure and we'll have to find that out.

    Q - how?

    E - a reptilian entity may attach to them to find out. -And then 4 or 5 of them kill the target using the weapon and they do it from their homes — so we have the out of the blue method which is really the one that someone should look into and draw Mention to, the other method is harder to work out — have a look in the news and who has died recently from a stroke who we would not like and you can be sure that they were killed, it's that common and of course we love a lot of strokes and heart disease because it disguises things, they don't do anything about those although they say they do, they make a lot of it "how high our heart disease risk is" -that is not suppressed is it — They have killed a number of people at their last months meeting. (Check how the young politician died running for party leader)

    Q - what exactly do they send, is it energy?

    E - it isn't of this planet, though they do manufacture it here too, but it is not something that you will know.

    Q - has it particles in it?

    E - It has wavelengths

    Q - wavelengths of what - sound?

    E - no, wavelengths of a chemical substance that gets into the blood cells.

    Q - how does it get through the ozone layer? (I had heard that this is fired from above the ozone layer)

    E - it is very powerful. It is not energy. It's a chemical substance that they manufacture that is very hard until it hits you, its DNA'd to you, it needs flesh to attach to, and it isn't going anywhere until it hits a human. This one seeps onto them and then the chemical causes havoc.

    Q - an everyday chemical?

    E - absolutely not, you will not have heard of it, it's a chemical that they fire at you but it's got to get to you, so we combine it with a carrier that involves wavelengths.

    Q - Can you find this chemical?

    E - it's only a small dose, they don't know what they are looking for.but it will be there and it isn't natural. If they did autopsy they could find something possibly but they are bound to miss it.

    Q - why?

    E - because it isn't human , labs have nothing like that

    Q - has it got a spectrum?

    E - yes, they could find it that way, it will be present as a spectrum. It's a wavelength transferring a chemical that they will not find because they do not know this chemical, but it will be present as a spectrum.

    13. (d) Killing at group meetings. The London meeting is held at the Royal Albert Hall as a freemasonry meeting at night.

    Weapon No. 's 1 and 2 are their means of killing those people who oppose them at their group meetings. These people may not realize they are opposing them because of hidden agendas. As is described below they can use the guise of a freemasonry meeting to hold twice yearly meetings in order to kill opponents in the vicinity. The London meeting is held at the Royal Albert Hall and Ettissh describes how Brian's meeting in October 2003 included the killing of a scientist in England and he appeared in the papers, cause of death unknown. Others are journalists, politicians. These deaths will occur simultaneously and the normal reason given is a heart attack or stroke. Surely this must be investigated further.

    Here is what Ettissh said:

    Q - How do you kill people?

    E - one of the ways they do it is they get together in one of their big groups and then they zap people and you could be on that list, people in our vicinity. They meet in a hall — They wouldn't mind meeting in a dome (the millennium dome) — in London, pretty well known, in the centre of London, its historic -Royal Albert Hall. They take it over for a night, all night. No one else and that's including the people that work there unless they are one of us and some of them are, and they help us with it. — They don't have to call it anything, the other staff get the night off, they arrive about 1.00 a.m. and leave at 400 a.m. — a few times a year - a society meeting — now and again Brian is a Freemason when he goes to these meetings, we are Freemasons but we're not. — Freemasons we just call ourselves that for the purpose of coming up with some excuse for why we want to turn up like we do. We are the Freemasons, they aren't all us but a lot of them are. — It's a certain part of the Freemasons that meet up, the other Freemasons haven't got a clue. — Brian has just had one in the UK in October- its twice a year - we kill a few people you would have heard of a few of them, well known, politicians. We kill a few scientists now and again. There was one scientist we killed in October, quite a well known scientist, I tell you that now. We've been known to kill a few journalists if they snoop around.

    E - We killed this scientist in October, he's been in the papers, and he was a young man. — It wasn't a heart attack, sometimes we use CVA's to kill people, and (I think it was a mysterious death) he was into research, he was a bit into physics, and he was working on something we didn't want him to work on — Yes Brian helped kill him.

    Q - When did it happen?

    E - A week back (date of answer Nov 6th), no one knew why he died

    13. (e) Weapon No. 3.

    This may be used on public speakers.

    This weapon was how it all started for me for Brian fired it at me and I knew it was him. He has told me that he uses for this a hand held device no bigger than the size of a credit card and he keeps it in his wallet. He has to mentally focus and know the location of his victim. He may even call to find out if the person is at home first. It fires toxic energy/substance. The effect is disorientation, unable to function normally, dullness, maybe tension and confusion. Repeated firing is used. This has a firing range of several miles!

    Here is what Ettissh said:

    E - The bullets are from Brian (a term he uses for the weapon). He has a little piece of equipment in his pocket so to speak which he carries around with him and use whenever he wants to , that isn't just at 3.00 am. He can use it during the day too , as you found out

    — Then he visualizes the person and then sends it to their location and he just fires it off. — We make it, the UK makes some of them and other places make them too

    Q - what size?

    E - Its little, hand held — a bit bigger than a pat of butter - not a lot — its circular, its solid but its slim. He keeps it in his wallet sometimes — he does it when he's driving, he just presses a button and there it goes, when he is queuing in traffic, whenever he wants — Yes it's flat alright — Thicker than a credit card. If anyone found it they wouldn't have a clue what it is — its hard as nails there is no way you could have snapped it in two.

    This is an everyday non-lethal weapon that they use. At a touch of a button they have debilitated any opponents, but these opponents may not know they are opponents and certainly no idea who is doing it, it could be someone in the audience. David Icke has told me re had an unpleasant experience on stage and James Bartley in the Universal Seduction 5 says about an incident of a colleague lecturing on Buffo's. 'I couldn't help but wonder if Vermin (a reptilian host) was sitting there aiming a portable non- lethal weapon at my colleague — my friend Sherry described to me the intense heat she felt on her chest and how she felt like passing out and he goes on to say. — Marianne Friedman, felt like she was likewise being zapped when a retired Air Force colonel and alien lover sat at the front row of Marianne's lecture and stared at her intently — Marianne had to abruptly stop her lecture and go up to her hotel room and lay down feeling nausea and sick. It sounds like they were being fired at by this weapon.'

    As you can imagine if you drink alcohol you will feel like a stiff drink. The effects of this weapon will slowly dissipate but here I can help, a power shower really makes a large difference clearing away the toxic energy that has just been sent to you. The longer the shower more will be cleared away. I found I needed at least half an hour and I would suggest although I have not tried it that a hot tub/ Jacuzzi would be the most effective. Both this and the next weapon are using the same harmful energy and Ettissh has said : 'the bullets (a term he uses for this weapon). ) And helmet (a term he uses for the next weapon) are exactly the same energy just a different way of getting it to you.

    13. (f) Weapon no. 4

    How do you feel in the afternoons? Tense, dull, depressed and you may be a victim of this weapon. None of these non-lethal weapons are obvious but their effects debilitate you so you are suppressed and your work output is reduced. There is a timer involved and you will receive this weapon between the hours of 12 noon and 10.00 p.m. approx with a peak at 300 p.m. approx. And for you to receive this you have to have an implant that is like a helmet over your head, an alien attachment that is not visible which may be possible to remove. Water clears the effects; at least 20 minutes in jlj || strong jets but it is ongoing.

    ' Here I describe my own experiences of this weapon. Mine may be different to others.

    How was I to know what was going on when I first had this done to me. I was away from home in Finland njnning from Brian when this "helmet" was attached, this alien invisible piece of equipment. Brian's alien being had done this, my location given to him by the reptilian entity. All I knew is whilst I was there I noticed a change in my brightness, I felt much duller. This was every day from then on until I returned home and it subsided but I still felt less bright than usual It was still there, the thin ozone layer must have been allowing more of this weapon through. I was now aware of the effects, but weaker:-, there was a tension, for no reason at all. I would try and reduce the tension with exercise, with food, with alcohol,-all of these helped. This was not the only change. I felt blue, life was not bright and cheery as it normally was, and I took so many showers and baths as these relieved it. Where had a clear day gone full of possibilities and optimism? I am an optimistic person and this left me however I will admit that I also had weapon No. 7 which causes depression. How could this have happened, there was nothing going on for me that could have caused this. I noticed how different I felt in the afternoons compared to the mornings. Mornings were normal and I would think that I was back to my normal self but then the afternoons was when I noticed it. About 3.00 p.m. was the worst , I did find exercise prevented this. I could feel a little of what was going on and I got more and more sensitive to how I was being affected. A tension would start at the same time every day and finish at the same time every day. Now these times are 10. 30 a.m. until 9.00 p.m. in the winter and 11. 30 a.m. until 10.00 p.m. in the summer. I had it for 8 months. This is evidence that this weapon is from the same source and my only conclusion was that the source must be something in the sky because as I got more aware of it ,it felt like I was being rained on. It actually entered the chakras

    I learnt over time to take a Jacuzzi every night and this way I was tension free and positive for at least 16 hours until it started the next morning. I found that I needed 20 minutes to one hour, which is preferable, in the Jacuzzi-hot tub ideally lying back with my head in the water. The effects were miraculous, there was clearness and brightness afterwards. I must recommend this to anyone who thinks they are getting this weapon. Ettissh has told me that this weapon is the result of an implant (which he describes as a helmet) which acts like a beacon to their machine which then shoots toxic energy at the person and he said it was designed to "dampen me down".

    E - it's a physical structure which balloons over your head like a helmet, it's physical but it isn't at your vibration so it's invisible. Our machine senses these helmets and shoots extra toxic energy at the person — It's tied on in a few places, it ain't energy that holds it in place, its physical cords- tied like a ribbon.

    Q - Where is it attached?

    E - the meridians - your shoulder either end just two -shoulder blades.

    Q - What meridians?

    E - Digestive system, we can attach it to other meridians too - vary it. You could chop your way through the ribbons with mental processes if you knew exactly where it was.

    Q - Who receives this weapon?

    E - Very common - we use this lot, so you can bet you bottom teeth that anyone we don't want has got one

    E - - most politicians receive it unless they are us. Q -why?

    E - Because we want them to die -this weapon brings you bad health, you diet earlier. If we want someone to die a bit earlier than they should then we put it on don't we.

    E - Any powerful bloke gets it, all the politicians have it (that they don't want)

    E - its our machines that give you this weapons — the timer its all done by a machine , our machine is really incredible , our machines are above the ozone layer.

    13. (g) Weapon No. 4A. Mass Toxic energy/substance put in the atmosphere to suppress us all.

    This is sent between the hours of 12.00 noon until 10.00 p.m. approx with maximum sent in the afternoons causing the afternoon blues Everybody is suppressed and they don't want us to know it's done.

    Here is what Ettissh said:

    Q - What is this toxic energy that is in the air?

    E - Its energy harmful to humans ,our machine manufactures it. We hope you don't notice it so we keep it as low as we have to-,our machine does it.


    E - To suppress you - to make you all a bit depressed -it makes people feel a bit heavy , a bit depressed, not clear thinking, and can't function quite as well - the afternoon blues, that's what it does. So we can control you better , so if you are under the weather you are not geared up for anything and we get the better of you. So you're less likely to get enlightened and know what the ballgame is.

    Q - What are the exact hours ?

    E - Hours -10. 30 amish until 9.00 p.m. right now (winter) and 11. 30 amish until 10.00 p.m. in the summer

    Q - Why not longer?

    E - Because we've got to conserve our resources - we need to breathe too, girl. We've got are energy work and we can't do it while its on, plus our other work, we know when to get things done and that's early in the morning -that's why Brian gets up early, about 7.00 a.m. so he is a bit clearer — It's to stop people raising their consciousness — We don't send it everywhere, some places don't get it, like some small islands way out in the middle of nowhere, or Greenland, or the north or South Pole or way out to sea some places.

    Do you feel bright as a button in the afternoon? Or, compared to the mornings and late evenings do you feel tenser and a bit depressed or dull, in need of a stiff drink. Why? It could be argued that this is because of tiredness; if this were the case then you would be feeling tenser and depressed at 10-11.00 pm, do you? I would say that people feel better late evening than they do in the afternoons. Try having a sleep at midday and see how you feel afterwards, if it is tiredness then you should feel as good as you feel early to mid-morning. Try sleeping until midday - you should feel as you do in the mornings, but do you? I think that the afternoon effect will still be there because it is in the atmosphere. How do you find doing mental tasks requiring focus such as studying in the afternoons? It is easier in the mornings? Why? Try a Jacuzzi/hot tub for 20 minutes in the evening and see how much more relaxed you feel. Have a long swim -the same effect. Why? It can't be the heat because swimming in cold water has the same effect. Gentle exercise doesn't relax in the same way, in fact it can be stimulating why then does spending along time in water relax us? Because it removes toxic energy or particles designed to suppress us. It could be argued that water removes stress, have a relaxing stress free day and still notice see the difference after spending time in water.

    How I discovered about this weapon was as follows: When weapon no. 4 was removed I noticed that a milder effect persisted, the hours were identical. So I realised I had been receiving the mass toxic energy at five times the strength due to the "helmet". It had been there all along I had just taken it as normal as everyone does. I hadn't questioned why I felt better at certain times of day specifically in the morning and late at night and why I felt my worst in the afternoons. And why heavy rain days do I feel so good all day. Ettissh has told me that rain washes this weapon away. We are all being suppressed 10 hrs a day by toxic energy sent to us in the atmosphere from machines above the ozone layer.

    13. (h) Weapon no. 5

    Ettissh mentioned another weapon that they use fairly commonly that causes tension and anxiety resulting from energetic vibrations given into the body. It is designed to reduce the life-span of the person and reduce their general day to day activities. The tension and anxiety may only be felt mildly. He said there were some kind of cords used which the reptilian spirit of the host attaches This will be persistent day in day out.

    13. (i) Weapon no. 6: Given at night - creates tension which will be noticed when you wake up.

    This involves a night time assault and when awakening a tension for no reason. Toxic energy is fired at the victim during the usual time period between 200 and 3.00 a.m. for duration of 30 minutes. I have had this numerous times. I would normally sleep through it and wake feeling tense and this tension lasted all morning. I felt slightly agitated. Water clears it away, going in a car I would get a lot more tense, just like what occurred with weapon no. 1. This method of debilitation is their mildest. That is all I know. This Brian fired from another country to me in England.

    13. (j) Weapon no. 7: Creates Depression, used on activists

    They have a technique done to the emotions: they tie the emotional body up. This is a permanent technique that was done to me but it can put itself right after a year.

    I contacted a well known conspiracy author and she recognized this technique having been done to her. They particularly use this on activists to suppress them, the effects are depression of no cause with exaggerated negative emotions. For me I only found this around people and on my own I didn't experience the depression or emotions. A world renowned healer identified that my emotional body had disappeared, he had never see this before. Ettissh later admitted that Brian had done this using their technique of tying up the emotional body, he used the turn cello-taping it up, see his conversations.

    I have found a way of rectifying this procedure and it is a long haul flight. Yes, a return trip across the Atlantic removes what they have done to cause this. Ettissh told me that the emotional body springs open. I am now completely free of any trace of what they had done. I have excellent emotions and am not depressed. I had never been depressed before; it was completely out of the blue but fortunately for me it didn't affect me much.

    Here is what Ettissh said:

    R - They do it to a few people, it lasts just under a year and then it springs open and they do it again and the entities if there are any let them know — And they wonder why they feel so very depressed all of a sudden, because that's basically it you just end up feeling very depressed, low and more besides, the emotions take you over that's the problem , we rig it,- it is just the negative ones you feel We interfere with a part of your emotional body - the part that gives you the good emotions aren't there, its gone, Cello-taped together, we put a few strands round it, so it holds it in place — We do it on those we really want to bring down; we do it on presidents so we can control them — If they feel depressed they can't fight back

    Q - How many people do you do this on?

    E - one of our rarer ones - any activists we don't want, they get it that's for sure- you feel everything is hopeless that's for sure- we tie your emotional body up and fold it in on itself.

    Q - How can you put it straight?

    E - Flying long distances can spring it back into place because you leave part of your emotional body behind and when it catches up it can rectify itself - a few intercontinental flights.

    13. (k) Their machine: The source of some of their weapons.

    They have a machine that is used for most of the above weapons. There are different machines for different countries and I have evidence that there is a single source for Europe from my travelling to Greece and finding weapon No. 4 started at 1. 30 pm, this was in fact exactly the same time as my own country as the clocks are two hours behind. This machine is not only above England but also American as well as I fled to America the weapon continued but with a new timer the source of this is actually above the ozone layer so the ozone layer affects its strength. I found this when I was in Finland, it was much stronger there. As Steve describes the source is a machine connected with alien space ships.

    Here is what Ettissh said:

    Q - Where is your machine?

    E - attached to our space stations — We're sending you all **** 10 hrs a day and harming you through our machines. It's our machines that give you those weapons, the helmet, the cords - the timer its all done by a machine. Our machine is really incredible. Brian can adjust the machine.

    13. (l) Harming through mental techniques -personal experiences, my father

    My father was also Brian's target unknown to my father.

    I had told my father who Brian was right at the beginning but had to retract this because Brian threatened me and I feared for my life. But Brian still wanted him dead and began to use me to harm my father. When this started I fled the country to stop him doing it. His mental prowess is amazing and I had begun to receive transference of what felt like energy along side an image of my father with a blocked artery and then dying. This brought my father into my mind and I believe this was transferred to my father. It occurred in waves. As it so happens he had only a vague image of my father at that time and was unable to harm him directly. He now having looked at a photo no longer needs me and was harming my father as he describes below. Once I knew I managed to stop Brian. I have taken action and writing this is one of them. I was disgusted when he confessed as I had suspected as follows:

    B - I have been harming your father right up until a few days ago.

    Q - How long for?

    B - About an hour a day. For a few months on and off depending if he's away or not.

    Q - How do you know?

    B -I try it anyway and then I can tell.

    B -I send him toxic energy at night, {weapon No. 7)

    Q - How often?

    B -A few times a week.

    B -I want him to snuff (die) it before he moves don't I

    B - Right this moment (Thursday) I'm sussing him out, how he's breathing, how's his ticker (heart), how's his blood supply , so I know what to do I become your father don't I.

    Q- when?

    B - When ever I ****ing want and then I work on his old ticker using me old brain power and that heart muscle ain't going to want to know. I gave the hospital an old tinkle and they wouldn't tell me — I, m finding that your father aint in good shape and his heart is out of sink and I can make it worse can't I. I can make it more out of sink than it is already — Your father should be aware of what is going on - he's going to notice a sensation around his heart muscle.

    Q - How often?

    B - A number of times a day.

    Q-How can he tell?

    B - Well it ain't normal, it ain't a heart murmur, it's something different. Something being done that ain't nice and it ain't even you. He'll feel it for a few minutes and then it will stop, certainly a pressure. I'm surprised he ain't noticed it. I usually do it early in the day rather than the evening. Anything after about 9.00 a.m. in the morning I start don't I.

    Q - How often?

    B - Every half an hour, every hour, every few minutes. It depends what I've got on my plate don't it. I prefer the mornings so he should have noticed things more in the mornings.

    Q - How do you do it?

    He sent me an image of a clamp on the heart.

    B - I visualise his heart then I send something to it, It can be what ever I ****ing want just so long as it harms him.

    Q - The clamp that I saw. What does this do? B - It slows the heart right down.

    Another image he sent me was of a hand inside the heart with scissors.

    B - I'm, doing some kind of surgery.

    13. (m) Enhanced Witchcraft.

    Brian uses witchcraft to harm. He himself does not perform the witchcraft, his friend does this and he enhances it. I was a victim of this over the Solstice (in June) for these two days he enhanced a witchcraft technique of trying to cut my artery in my chest. I felt a sensation in my chest, I had to block it out hiding in a gorge, and the rocks stopped it. He was trying to cause a bleed into my lungs to kill me. Afterwards he arranged the firing of weapon No. 1 around my chest to finish off the job. I was OK. William Dean Ross in the Universal Seduction Vol. 1 describes an "earth energy and spirit manipulation group. — Combining occultism-black witchcraft with E. L. F. radio wave enhancement". This must be what Brian was doing. I believe that he uses this on others.


    We must expose these weapons in order to stop their usage. They work in absolute secrecy and if the population knew they wouldn't be able to use them.

    There are some ways of making yourself feel better which I have provided. They won't be using them if we know about them, their secrets exposed they stop.

    Publicity is all important.

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    Default Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    (continued from previous post)

    14. Viral Infections

    They manufacture viruses for everyday illnesses such as influenza. They also use a virus to harm their victims. I have personal experiences see later.

    Here is what Ettissh said:

    E - we're responsible for some viral infections. We manufacture them and then infect something deliberately.

    Q - what are you responsible for?

    E - HIV - we mutated the original strain and made it more virile, so you'd all be inhibited with sex. SARS-that was scare tactics wasn't it Strains of influenza -to debilitate you — We want you to believe that the worlds a **** place.

    Evidence I have is I was given shingles on two occasions. This is how I was given it the first time: Brian had invited me round unexpectedly, we had finished the week before after jealousy on his part. Then he was suddenly all smiles and charm and I couldn't understand it. I stayed the night and accompanied him the next day to Gibraltar. After the night was through he was uncommunicative and sullen and doing his put-downs. That afternoon I started developing blisters on my chest, and they were increasing in number and getting bigger before my eyes. I showed Brian and he showed no interest or concern. I was getting very worried.

    Brian dropped me off at my car, I'm asked him up and I remember him saying, "Why should I do that" in an unpleasant tone.

    This made no sense to me. We hadn't argued or anything, why was he so keen to have me stay over and now uninterested and off again. I went home and the blisters kept getting bigger and more of them. I called Brian and he didn't want to know nor did he suggest I went to the doctors. (He normally pushes me into going to the doctor) I don't like taking drugs so I tend to avoid doctors however I was advised by someone to go and I did and I was diagnosed with a severe case of shingles. I took the medication and stayed in bed. I was very ill with it. I was alone in the house Brian didn't call or visit. How could a lover be so uncaring? his behaviour was strange and very inappropriate. The reason I'm later discovered was that he had deliberately infected me with shingles as revenge which he later admitted to doing.

    The second time he produced a single shingles blister by working on a point on my chest. We were not together at the time, I don't know how he did this but 1 was receiving other weapons at the same time. I think it was a mental technique he used. I have medical evidence, my doctor had never seen a single shingles blister before, nor was it in the text books. 1 left the country and the sensation producing it stopped and it immediately healed.

    15. The Reptilian Anti-Higher Consciousness Agenda

    15. (a) Introduction.

    Now how can evil exist in an advanced high vibration way. Well I have found out that this was for me incomprehensible. I had been taught that as you get higher you get more loving etc and the reptilians are certainly high, you would like their energy, it feels high. This was explained to me by Brian; they are outside our "game", shouldn't be here on earth. They are in the higher game of "why not" where anything is possible and why not evil. They are in fact Satan as described in the bible, Jesus knew about them. Exposing them and what they are doing can stop them. The only reason that they have got this far is because no one knows; burying your heads in the sand is a sure way of allowing them to keep at it. They must be secret as we are far to numerous for them to handle.

    Their hidden agenda is preventing us raising our consciousness. They are doing this because we are going to know what they are doing as we become more conscious. Abilities such as telepathy, seeing energy, clairvoyance and a general increased awareness of what is really going on here will develop. They are telepathic, they work using energy and don't want us to realize. We could pick up their thoughts as I started to do, we could sense their energy techniques and weapons they use to harm and then they couldn't use them. Brian has also said that we would be harder to control if we raise our consciousness. Such people don't "play ball", they question more, and they won't be told what to do and other such things, very undesirable to a control state. Our real "game" here on earth I have learnt is Ascension and leaving earth. In order to ascend, some term it enlightenment we have to raise our consciousness or vibration, They are keeping us away from this by making methods of achieving this hard to come by and keeping us distracted and this is why they try and stop and in some cases have, organizations dedicated to higher consciousness. Other techniques they use to keep us away from raising our consciousness is by distractions such as education, television, sex, material possessions, , cramming us with meaningless tasks such as bills, debt, working too many hours, we have no time to do it.

    Capt Bill Robertson also writes about this subject and says that these aliens are

    "Suppressing the true spiritual nature of man", and "forcing man into committing spiritual suicide".

    The actions of mankind is helping the reptilians take power and control and eventually will help them succeed unless we change This is done using the law of planetary Karma whereby mankind receives back equally what mankind does to other humans. The reptilians know this and manipulate us into actions that will attract back to us Reptilian deeds. An example would be the persecution of races, the Jews would be an example and other races are persecuted but we may not hear about it. We then will in return be persecuted by the reptilian race. The reptilians are behind such persecution but we are doing it. Another example is our prison system, a world-wide system and this attracts to us actions by the reptilians to imprison our spirits in their prison. There should be an alternative system to handle crime such as fines for theft rather than imprisonment. Mankind can therefore turn the tide of reptilian take over by changing such actions.

    15. (b) Targeting higher consciousness organizations

    The reptilians targeted me because I was doing a higher consciousness course called "Awakening your light body" by Luminescence. This was a guided meditation tape course and can be seen by those who can see energy in the aura. Brian can see energy. He has told me about the light body "that was the reason we went after you, because we wanted our hands on it - and now we've got it or soon will do". They intend to stop it and likely kill Duane Packer, the founder. I am very concerned for their safety

    This is what Brian has said:

    Q - so what's going to happen to Luminescence?

    B - they are probably going to snuff it (be killed)

    Q -who?

    B - Duane and Sanaya or at least Duane

    Q - How?

    B - heart attack - the old encircling stuff (one of their weapons)

    Q - what about Sanaya?

    B - We can't kill her the same way, unless we can rig an accident, maybe we'll do that

    Q - when

    B -A year or more -I don't know

    Q - why do you want the light body?

    B -because its effective, raises your consciousness, fast as well. It's why we bothered with you because we didn't know about it.

    As well as infiltrating higher consciousness groups and taking them over they kill the leaders using their weapons (described elsewhere) and they actually killed the Pancham Llama as Brian describes below. Capt Bill Robertson 2 states that "the enemy (these aliens) are after the whole religious movement" and he also writes about how they infiltrate and take over religions and higher consciousness organizations and he collaborates Transcendental Meditation as being one of the many such groups that have been infiltrated. The Lost teachings of Jesus talks about fallen angels (Nephilim) working as higher consciousness gurus to deceive us.

    Here is what Ettissh had to say about it:

    E - Hare Krishna -we got them - we are in there, we've got some of our people there haven't we - about 50 trying to destroy it. They cord (He means the net) the load of them up - try to prevent it from spreading - tried to put a stop to them dancing through the streets — Transcendental meditation - we've got them - put the prices up, made it harder for people to join — Buddhism- no we haven't got that, but we are trying our hardest. Dalai Llama - he's corded up. Pancham Llama -we corded him up - we saw to him -the heart attack was us - did the old encircling stuff on him -a load of them (10 or more) did it on him at the same time. When enlightened people have heart attacks then you know we're behind it. We worked on his heart a bit to make it look like a heart attack. We had him corded up, stripped him of everything (past lives and more), then we let him go. They've got the young one - 4 year old -he isn't the Pancham Llama - he's one of us - he's a reptilian,- he's going to be, it hasn't happened yet. (Brian has told me that the Pancham Llama will be made into a human/reptilian). Once the Dalai Llama is gone we will take over, just biding their time and then they will put someone in his place who is not really the Dalai Llama but they will say he is. Any one like that is going to be corded up no two ways about it. Working on the Dalai Llama to kill him -of course we are - it's his circulatory system -they are trying to give him a heart attack a blood clot.

    Q - what else do you do?

    E - we make them seem whacko - behind the mass suicide news story - that was us - we exterminated the very lot of them and made out it was a suicide - we killed them off with something that you don't know two-hoots about - a bit of en old radiation technique and they all fall to the ground - warfare stuff that's how we did it

    Q - why?

    E - to turn you against that stuff - we've got other energy technique that's for sure.

    15. (c) Additional help we are getting from the higher planes.

    Apparently the amount of assistance we are getting with higher consciousness has increased enormously. Evidenced by a large expansion in the number of higher consciousness organisations, books and individuals opening up. An example is from the Pleiades, a star constellation. This is the energy behind Luminescence. I still get a little guidance from the Pleiadian being Daden but it is hard to hear sometimes. Brian would not allow me to do any meditations when I was with him; he was adamantly against any higher consciousness practices, almost like a fury at them, one of the reasons for this is explained in section 4.

    Here is what Ettissh said:

    Q - what is this anti -enlightenment programme all about?

    E - so you don't go any place - to the higher planes -you'll try and get us out of there, the Akashic records where we've got a stronghold - you'll prevent us tweaking your karma and more besides - once your there (higher planes) we can't touch you, its a lot harder.

    Q - higher consciousness energy?

    E - they're sending you more than they would do other wise and we hate their guts.

    Q - who?

    E - Beings do it, some are in the Pleiades

    15. (d) There is a reptilian implant that detects people of a high vibration.

    I have not found this information anywhere else. Basically all reptilians except those taking over higher consciousness organizations have an implant and it is the reptilian spirit that has this. This implant causes an extremely unpleasant sensation to that reptilian when near a person above a certain high vibration.

    Brian has admitted he has this and talked about looking for people who would "set him off as he termed it. He even worried that I may do this to him in the future if I continued with Luminescence. This is the possibly reason why he would not allow me to do any spiritual work at all. Here is how I discovered it:

    It was two weeks after discovering who Brian was and I was shocked and recuperating at my parent's home. There was something with me, I wondered at first if it was a residual of the weapon Brian had used on me. There was a heavy horrible presence around me. Its hard for me to describe but it was certainly not me, there was a 'Darthvaderness' about it. In myself I had no harmful thoughts towards anyone but something was there affecting me. I remember clearly viewing a swimming pool full of people and my view of them shifted and I saw them as dumb, like a herd of cattle for slaughter and I didn't care for them, I despised them, they weren't fit for this earth. Never have I felt this way about people nor since. I know this is how Brian sees people and that his reptilian spirit was with me.

    Something extraordinary happened at that time. I was looking to make sense of what I was experiencing and I and I attempted to see a healer. I never got to see the healer because the following occurred. I was approaching his healing rooms when something began to happen that I will try and explain as best I can. It was like I was in a James bond film, the early ones right in the middle of the red alert scene near the end of the film when sirens are going off, there are explosions and so forth. It felt like I was in a state of emergency, I had to leave, get away from the healer this was happening to me. Hard as it may seem I actually really disliked the healer and there was a feeling that wasn't mine of fear of this healer and a desire to harm them, it was as thought he was doing this to me I was in a lot of distress. I couldn't even walk in the shop and had to not attend. Now let me tell you a second time shortly afterwards. I decided to have a consultation with a clairvoyant to see if he could shed light on my original experiences. I got to the stage of making an appointment on the phone and again I had the same experience as with the healer. I had to send my parents in for me. Again the clairvoyant felt like my enemy. Alongside this there was the same 'Darthvader' presence with me. I felt like the devil incarnate. This was not me but Brian's reptilian being. I was experiencing his implant. He has told me that all those working in his organisation have these implants with the exception of those infiltrating spiritual organizations.

    15. (e) Their Prison.

    Involving a net to trap the spirits of high vibration people

    I have this net and am destined for their prison. I have clearly seen what it is like in this prison and it is a hell beyond anything you could imagine. I have evidence for the connections they use and I am gaining more and more evidence and information whilst I have this connection. I really want them to disconnect me, it makes sense for everybody and it will be out of my mind.

    It has all been brought about by the reptilian entity, Ettissh connected to me and lying to Brian. This is how he did it. I am not a higher consciousness worker, I am interested in this area but as a sideline. I am not their criteria and I certainly didn't set Brian's implant off. But there was Ettissh who just was nasty and wanted me to be connected to that prison from day 1. In fact it happened two weeks after I was told who Brian was, nothing else had been told me at that point. I had stopped doing the meditation course, I was certainly under attack and wouldn't be considering meditating. I was in a state of emergency, running from Brian. However I had this reptilian entity, as described in section 6, who was communicating with me and instructing me to fight Brian off with meditation tapes, so he told me that when Brian, that is Brian's reptilian being was present with me I could fight him off by doing a meditation tape at the same time. Therefore I did this and at times only instructed by the reptilian, these were quite absurd times. Unfortunately Brian was angered by the arrogance that I could fight him off by meditating and not only this it looked like I was very, very into higher consciousness. It had all been set up by the entity and Brian was really worked on to add the net. He did this and this was a very bad mistake, 1 found out after about 8 months and quite a bit before I had learnt any information and I kept asking Brian over and over to disconnect me but he never did and I certainly had no information what so ever, he never did because of the lies of the reptilian entity

    So now I explain to you more about their system for imprisoning spirits.

    This is unique information. As I said in the introduction highly conscious people are unliked by the reptilians. They see what is really going on, they help out and they help out as spirits as well, they reincarnate back and lead the way such as becoming spiritual leaders. To prevent these people doing any of this the reptilians have started a diabolical practice of attaching a net to those they identify. This net traps the spirit upon death to be held in a prison indefinitely. This Practice surely is fundamentally wrong as it destroys the soul. I It is interesting that Jesus warned in the Bible. 6 "Fear not them which kill the body but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear them which is able to destroy both the soul and body in hell" (Matt. 10:28.)

    I have this net and it has been seen by many sources and appears red. I have had an appointment with Stewart Swerdlow who has written the book Montauk, the alien connection 7 and who sees auric fields, he identified a web in my energy field going to a satellite, I assume this must be the net He was recruited by the government who used and enhanced his natural abilities. He confirmed part of my knowledge by saying that yes my consciousness could be taken when I die. He has written about how his consciousness was taken upon the death of his last life and implanted into a foetus of government choosing. My fate I know is not going to be any more lives.

    This is what Ettissh has said about this procedure:

    E- yes we trap people and store them in our vaults that would otherwise have helped out....and then we're going to do them in permanently. Our machine will do it all - its going to explode their energy so they are no more.

    Q- what are these vaults?

    E- it's like a force field that keeps you static, your being, and it's near our machine isn't it - its a hellhole - your feel like your in no-mans land, stuck solid.

    Q- how many are trapped?

    E- a lot - we have a reasonable capacity, that's why we need to destroy you quite soon - I don't know when its going to happen - it isn't just yet.

    Q - what happens to the person if you release them?

    E - they're be alright - go on their way won't they

    Q - Whom have you got there?

    E- Krishnamurti, , Gandhi, spiritual leaders that have passed away and loads more

    Q- did you cord Krishnamurti up?

    E-we got him.

    To back this up I first need to establish that the reptilians have spirit technology. Evidence for this is their abilities to take over a human spirit as they do when they exist in a human body. I experienced through their astral projection (described earlier) both Brian's Reptilian spirit (at the time I did not know what it was) and his human spirit and yet the reptilian was the one in charge, mentally it seemed to be the only one there. It seems that they are joined at the mental level. So they can technologically join a human and reptilian spirit. My second evidence is the Dulce Underground base worker4 who described alien run experiments at the base and stated that 'they know how to separate the bioplasmic body from the physical body to place an alien entity life-force matrix within a human body after removing the "soul" life-force matrix of the human." The life-force matrix would I assume be the spirit. So it seems they have spirit technology as we have technology at the level of DNA and genes producing genetically modified foods.

    The spirit technology that they are using and which has been done to me involves attaching connections to the chakras and meridians and in particular the mental body; the energy system of the human spirit. These could be called cords although they are much stronger than cords , they are fifth dimensional. Ettissh has described them as in fact physical we just can't see them, energy for them is used as physical. I know from the weapons I have received that they are masters of energy and I suspect that the net is energetic and it certainly is very strong, strong enough to hold a spirit. The cords form a permanent net; there are a large number of cords. This net remains with the spirit when the body dies and tightens when the person leaves their body, it hauls the spirit to their machines and where the spirit is suspended indefinitely, tightened by all the cords in a static state, like Ettissh describes. There are a million spirits on earth with this net awaiting this to happen. How can they store so many spirits? I believe that there are hundreds of miles of space below their machines and storage is like I have pictured.

    I have tried removing the central one to my crown with an energy worker who has seen them. It was like the toughest steel we could not touch it. He also found many, many smaller cords attached to my energy and identified these cords as alien, he said 33rd level energy. I at the time had no idea that it was even there nor made any mention of alien involvement.

    The reality of this for me is horrendous. As a spirit you are fully conscious and will be as you are now with thoughts, emotions. You will not be able to go to the light as all of us do. I have experienced being a spirit when I almost died after one of Brian's weapons, I felt as I do now as I looked down on my dying body and began to review my life. I and others with these cords will be suspended in a nothingness and forever and fully conscious, desperately wanting to leave but not being able to. It is an absolute hell.

    There will be sobbing, indescribable loneliness, fury, excruciating pain inside. I will be in a worse position to others as I will have no hope, for others their hope will be maybe at any moment they will be freed. It is like being pushed out of a space ship and left in space permanently like in the sci-fi movies. What would be going through your mind? Panic, trying to get out, like a bear that is chained in a small cage for its life and goes mad, exhibiting repeated movements, in such torment. I now have to live with this knowledge similar to seeing a clairvoyant and being shown your future death, tortuous and maybe at any moment. I need to be clear that I have strong intentions to prolong my life as long as I can so I have less time there. I have seen it in perspective, another 50 years of possible happiness on earth and then 400 years or more of this torture. Any life is better than dying that's what I now believe. So I want to prolong my life for as long as I possibly can.

    How can my ex-boyfriend possibly want this for me,? I was in his bed and he knew I was going to this hell and could have removed it. ! I had the net at this time but I didn't realise, at any time I could have gone there and he knew and did nothing. When I found out I told him and pleaded with him and even then he wouldn't remove them, I believe he gets a point from his organization every time he attaches the net. What a diabolical creep!. Even worse is that Brian, attached this net to me and then the next day tried to kill me with one of his weapons, it's disgusting we were still romantically involved. He has no scruples anything to earn a point.

    Many of our spiritual leaders are there now and Ettissh has named some!

    Further evidence I have for this net is energy workers have found toxic energy coming through he attachment to my crown and down the meridians (energy lines) of my arms. I had hardly noticed this though. Other evidence I have for the hell I am going to is I meditate by visualizing my life as a book, the ending is now always black lead with a blood curdling feel to it. Capt Bill Robertson writes about weapons used on highly conscious people by these aliens and I wonder whether he was being subjected to the toxic energy and such like that can be sent down these attachments. He would certainly have been of a high enough vibration, the rogue reptilian has also told me that the net can cause harm to those of a high vibration in their current life as follows :

    E - "we'll come down on you like a ton of bricks - if we choose to"

    This was said as a possibility for the future.

    These nets are attached to their machines Ettissh explains it as follows -

    E - "our machine is really incredible; it's programmed to respond to things ,it can sense energy , if you become to high or enlightened then it will start ****ing you up - it will send you **** via the cord and then it brings you down and then it stops as long as you don't creep up again - keeps you checked --and it rises and falls. They get the crap, feel like **** and then it brings them down. It stops, they rise again and it starts again - every few days they get it."

    In my case Brian has set the machine extra low so I am more likely to be harmed through the attachments!

    E - it isn't that high -not with you, to stop you rising up -Brian dropped the stakes - the machine hasn't noticed a thing - we normally don't set it as low as we did with you. It is so really low with you your bound to get it at some point in your life. They don't know what he's done - they don't know he has set it so low. He adjust the machine.

    This procedure they are doing on mass to those of a high vibration, He told me that Brian is actively seeking out therapists, as they are more likely to be enlightened or near that level in order to attach them, a he tells me that Brian has down these attachments to another recently - a Spanish healer, well known in the area amongst the Spanish, a lady in her fifties who lives just outside Marbella. I do not know her name. Brian saw her for his back complaint in august 2003 and she may now be physically ill.

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    Default Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    (continued from previous post)

    15. (f) How the reptilians locate people and attach the net

    I have not found information on this anywhere else. Firstly how they locate. The reptilian hosts do the locating via town planning. They have access to roads and house numbers; they use telephone directories and the Internet.

    They do not use maps showing countryside, hills, and do not use such things as ordinance survey maps in England. I had had months and months of being on the run from Brian, he has been able to use the reptilian entity attached to me to feed him information on road names and house numbers where I am staying. I have managed to avoid the reptilian being catching me now by keeping hidden my address. Reptilians have extremely good memories and get to know addresses This gets fed back to Brian and I have to move on. I have developed a sixth sense to any reptilian's knowledge of my whereabouts, which has been extremely helpful and is the reason that I am still alive. I have found it better to stay at no specific house address such as in a campervan, camping in the countryside or staying within a large complex so my room cannot be located or in a community

    Countries that do not sign their roads clearly and use a foreign language and alphabet makes it easier to stay in a house. I had used this to remain safer. It was before I knew this that I had several visitations from Brain's reptilian being.

    The only way they can attach the net is by the presence of the reptilian spirit which travels to the person's location. So they have to know where the person is first. The reptilian works in their energy field and it takes some time. They should realize this is going on, sensations above their head; his presence is quite energizing and may not be unpleasant at all. Remember their energy is of a high vibration. The most likely time is at night, 2 - 3.00 am. The person should leave as soon as they suspect their presence, a car may work, but disguising mentally where they are going, they pick up our thoughts. I managed to escape on one occasion by pretending I was staying put and then leaving. Placing rubber over the head is also a good idea, they can't attach through rubber.

    15. (g) A planned force field to trap us on the planet

    The reptilians wish to erect a force field around the earth, this has also been called a frequency fence by the Nibiruan Council 8. The purpose of this force field is to act as a barrier to us. We will not be able to ascend from earth to higher realms. Our purpose is to ascend and we do this by raising our consciousness. They plan to have this in place within the next 20 yrs. I have found confirmation of this from the Nibiruan Council who offer a way through this force field / frequency fence and I wonder if it works.

    Here are Ettissh's admissions:

    Q - what else are you doing?

    E - we're sealing off this planet so none of you can leave - its a force field sort of thing- you'll be all trapped - no-way-out and we'll grab you in the process - no-one will get to the other side, the higher consciousness plane

    Q -when?

    E - about 20 odd years - enlightenment isn't going to help you then - you'll just be stuck here forever and a day until we do you in.

    15. (h) A Reptilian Secret given away by Ettissh on a planned force field.

    A secret concerning the force field and an alien race who want to prevent it has been passed on by Ettish to the spirit realm. What he told them was that the reptilians are breaking an agreement they have made with a helpful alien race concerning the force field.

    I was aware of an exchange of information going on between Ettissh and the entity Mary from 'John of God'. Ettissh was giving away to Mary more and more information on this subject in exchange for help for himself. He spilled the bean on this; he was held and was squealing so that he wasn't held for any longer and that he could be in power.

    Here is what Ettissh said:

    E - The are trying to prevent us doing it aren't they -greatly (he means the force-field)

    Q - how are they preventing it?

    E - they're negotiating with us, they want us to hold off and they'll leave us be. They are there for you and wish you realized it - you talk about them badly - they're getting slapped in the face for doing their bit for you

    Q - will it work?

    E - we are not going to give it up- no way- they'll just have to keep on at us won't they - the suckers.

    Q - why are they suckers?

    E - because we are never going to give it up but we're making out we may do - so they're holding fire while we consider but we know the out come

    Q - so what's going to happen?

    E - we're going to restart it because right now we are doing nothing because we've agreed kind of thing, but then we're going to restart when they leave because that's what they'd said they'd do

    Q - how long on hold for?

    E - its been a while - we would have completed it by now if it wasn't for them

    Q - you said it would be put up in 20 years - why?

    E - because that's when we expect to restart it.

    Q -what about them?

    E - well we'll restart it anyway- we just need them to lay off right now because we've got other agendas

    Q - like what?

    E - like mucking you lot up karmically They're letting us do it right now anyway - they've got to compromise haven't they

    Q - why is that so important to you?

    E - because less of you will come here anyway and perhaps that's better than having them in our back -once we've mucked you all up again interfering greatly with all your karma then we'll think we'll restart

    Q - so you're fooling these aliens?

    E - basically, yes they're letting us do per usual but we're doing far more- the Akashic records are under siege, we're in there and so are they and a few of you lot too and they're letting us in so we don't put the energy field in place, but little do they know that we've got our hearts set on that field and we are not going to stop.

    Q - where-abouts are you working on the energy field? E - we're experimenting, we know how to do it.

    Q - are you producing it in your spacecrafts?

    E - no we're not doing it in our space stations because we're not allowed to - we've got it on the go somewhere else.

    Q - On the earth?

    E - yes it's on the earth but it isn't near them - they've got no idea

    Q - you are working on this on earth?

    E - yes, we've got labs, but it isn't the force field we are working on, it's the machines to work it.

    Q - so your developing these force field machines on earth?

    E - yes that's it - in America - it's top secret, one of those places - so they haven't got a clue.

    Q - is it NASA?

    E - yes it is in NASA - the space places, we're developing them right under their noses.

    Q - what do you say to the people working on them?

    E - we tell our workers that they are space equipment.

    Q - What do you tell them about the force field?

    E - they think it is some way of holding other beings in place.

    Q-what beings?

    E - the reptilians - they know there are reptilians- the NASA people and we tell them this is for them, we're not the reptilians. Its like a hoax we're making out we're not them because they know they're bad.

    Q - how?

    E - because they were attacked by them - some of their spaceships have run into reptilian places and been destroyed because we don't want them looking into us -so its all for the reptilians.

    Q - what NASA bases?

    E - we've got it going in a few places in America -sometimes its NASA sometimes it's not. There is one in New Mexico,

    I questioned him on where else and he said the following places however he was reluctant to tell me and I had no definite answer. I can not therefore be certain of their validity. He said yes to: Houston. Texas and North Carolina, and no to Cape Canaveral, Florida and no to Los Alamos. I now believe it may be Dulce Underground base.

    15. (i) Ettissh gives away a reptilian secret away on Karma.

    A Timeline tragedy - our Akashic records1 are being stolen.

    A SECRET FOR OVER 300 YEARS was exposed by Ettissh in order to prevent himself being continuously held and for his own support by the spirit realm,. He actually passed this secret on to the spirit realm very recently. I was not telling anybody and he is the one that spilled the beans. It is unbelievable that a reptilian would squeal like this but as he was basically ousted from the organisation and from Brian he was working for himself entirely and anything that would get himself favours. I had no intentions of telling the spirit realm but Ettissh had other ideas for himself If he could get himself favoured by them and would tell them. Very crafty to get the spirit realm thinking he is great. I had been forced into doing the hard work but had no intentions of telling the spirit realm, I was definitely going to keep it to myself and there Ettissh was freely given away this secret as bribery to have the spirit realm do as he wanted.

    Here is how Ettissh exposed how they cause karma:

    E - A few hundred years ago we deleted certain past lives from your consciousness so that you have to pay back more karma than you should.

    Q - Give me an example?

    E - a man was an arsonist and then we erase the fact that he got burnt and as a result his subconscious believes that he needs to get burnt again and puts him through burning again in order to experience what he did to someone - payback. Everyone gets this but only those who were here some time back because we did it in one fell swoop (I think this is about 300 years ago). We do it now and again to certain people we don't want here, like new ones. (The next time they will do it will be within the next 18 years)

    Q - Where do you erase past lives?

    E - in the astral plain - there's a team overseeing it

    Q - why do you do it?

    E - to keep you down - you are not going anywhere like the astral plane and higher consciousness - your more likely to get harmed by us and you are not going to get enlightened - it keeps everybody in a bit of a terrible state and then we can control people better. High beings that come here to help we implant axe murderer type lives to these people if we catch them so they can't help out - they're in no fit state

    Q - how do you catch them?

    E - we have a gatekeeper - he sees them coming.

    Brian had actually told me that he had erased past lives from my record in the last three years. So I asked Ettissh this.

    Q - Why did Brian erase the crippling disease from my past lives.

    E - because of his back - he wanted you to suffer -because you really annoy him off the way you didn't care about it,

    Q - He doesn't t explain - how am I supposed to know whether he is in pain or not

    I asked about the reincarnation of aliens:

    Q - what did you do to that person you told me about,-the alien?

    E - we did a bit more with him because we don't want his type around - a great deal to him — We put a few past lives in that aren't him but he thinks they are - he was a rapist, an axe murderer, he thinks he has been one-he really mucked up last lifetime - he thinks he did, - a child abuser - it wasn't him , it was some other man- we duplicate past lives, he's still got it — His last life was on another planet and he had a good life and he came down to earth to do a bit more for himself and we mucked his karma up greatly — We kind of made them (implanted past lives) more prominent - we put them in his brain - they are not normally in your brain - they are normally in an altered consciousness state but with him they are in his mind and we have kind of fogged them over.

    This karma secret being uncovered has all been totally caused by Ettissh. He had previously observed everything and allowed it, he just doesn't care about his organisation. I then went and investigated it further because I was so frustrated from being stopped from doing alternative auditing, this deals with past lives. The connection of Ettissh meant I couldn't do it. I knew this would sort out all the harm done to my past lives which has caused karma. I had even been told by the reptilians to do auditing which I was really grateful for and in no way was wanting to expose what was told. My karma is still here, no auditing have I been allowed to do by that awful rogue reptilian. I told Ettissh just let me do alternative auditing and I will stop investigating my timeline. He didn't budge. I would say again, I'm finding more out, I will stop if you let me do auditing and no he wouldn't, he kept stopping me doing it. So I kept investigating.

    So Ettissh has "spilled the beans" with what you read below. He is totally responsible. I have also to put part of the responsibility on the being behind an organisation called Luminescence, the being's name is Daben and he told me very importantly that the karma was done on a big scale, it wasn't just me and that's all I thought it was. He also, told me about my friend Gillian also having karma caused by reptilians and gave away information on it and he wanted me to tell archangel Michael via a channel. I didn't care for Archangel Michael and was certainly not going to tell him. and I wasn't in any communication with him either. My lips were firmly sealed on this one I just wanted to have some auditing.

    This is part of a reptilian anti-higher consciousness programme taking place on earth. They are interfering with our Akashic record which is where the records of all our lives are stored with devastating consequences. As a result they cause added karma and prevent us ascending. They cause reincarnation to occur far more than it should, untold suffering for those it's done to. consciousness is reduced and spiritual lessons lost. Its about stealing lives from our timeline,, stealing lives that we then have to repeat, lives that no-one should want to do ever again.

    Unfortunately it is currently working for no-one knows other than what you read here, this is the first time it has been written about, very interesting isn't it. This was also unknown to the spirit realm including the karmic board until Ettissh squealed. , NOBODY KNEW AT ALL except of course the reptilians. Oblivion reigned.

    It was done originally in the 1600's and they plan it again within the next 18 years. Thousands and thousands of people will have it done to. They do it to higher consciousness organisations including religions, I don't quite know who they've done it to. They also do it to their own targets, good people. And I am not a target and it has been done to me. So what I had to do whilst Ettissh kept connected to me was have my Akashic record investigated. As a result my findings are described below. They actually removed lives and it was discovered during this time our life was in India in a religion.

    This is how I found they do it and get away with it, during the time that Ettissh was held and connected I had an Akashic record consultant investigate my record, and she found lives were out of place, a large amount of evidence was discovered but no conclusions reached. Like a book where pages had been removed, much was found but no conclusions reached. The Berkeley psychic institute had a look and found it had been raided. So we found that they remove only a few past lives from a timeline in the Akashic record as was the case for me Timelines go back thousands of years and they chose a time which is sufficiently far back that its not recent and we don't realise. One life is chosen of great harm to others and then only a ew of the lives where you paid it back are taken, so its not really that noticeable. This is why its still not known. In my case they chose a fife where I was an army commander overseeing a conquered people who I was responsible for their punishment, I harmed a lot of people. It was chosen for that reason. They removed we found at least two lives in the time immediately following this life, one of these was a life in prison, I died there I think just as I had put others in prison, this is how it works. The other life I don't know. They do it very craftily so that so far it has gone unnoticed but what we saw is a scarcity of lives following the commander life. Normally after a life where a great deal of harm is done there will be many lives of harm to you and in that many they take a couple out and that's how they do it. The timelines they choose would contain thousands of lives. Why is this so harmful?- Erasing traumatic lives you would think is a good thing but what is actually happening is stealing of you hard earned lives of karmic payback. You now appear to the karmic administrator with added karma which will be a disaster for you, you'll be told to reincarnate and balance out what you've done- the fact that you have already balanced it is missing, you may know. Its about experiencing what you did to others again and my example is my prison life was removed so I experienced a similar life again of being in a paralysed body, a life in prison is similar I suppose. Now karma is paid back twice, reptilian twice.

    This is worse than is possible to describe in words. To not have to reincarnate and then to be told you do is devastating for the life you have to live is not a good one. This stops enlightenment just what the reptilians want. I for instance have lost my spiritual lesson of learning to love people. I am working hard at this right now.

    They have even gone so far as to hold off a force field, a frequency fence in order to continue removing lives from the Akashic record as described under "the aliens that are helping us".

    For me time and time again past life regressions including a television regression therapist have shown the cause of the main problem in my life, mistreatment to be a life 4500 years ago, the Commander life. I am paying back karma for this life and a large amount to! This makes no sense to anyone knowledgeable on the subject of karma, its too long ago and it struck me as so unfair

    I carry a lot of Guilt now for harming those people in that life but they have all forgiven me and ages ago. I have proved this with forgiveness sessions under hypnosis. So why am I still so guilty?

    This because of being stopped from doing alternative auditing I wanted to know and when exactly had that guilt been refreshed from 4500 years ago! because it was the guilt that allowed the mistreatment. So I saw a Michael Newton trained in-between life regression therapist. I found that the guilt had first be refreshed after the life I had as an Indian religious man. It was in the 1600's. In that life I meditated all day, my energy was radiant, I was serene and loved everybody. I died with a smile on my face knowing I was going to be enlightened. But after death I was devastated to be shown images of what I had in that ancient commander life and that was when I was made guilty again. I was told I had much karma to pay back from that very life! I was miserable as a spirit, In disbelief, I knew I had no karma and hear they were saying I did. I had no choice but to accept it and chose to pay the karma back as quickly as I could. What happened to me next is as follows:

    After highly conscious Indian religious man

    1. Paralysed life

    2. life of terror

    3. abused and killed as a child

    4. Current life

    See how effective tampering with the timeline is!

    This sequence of lives is in itself is evidence, to have such a high karmic debt lives in succession after a life of complete spiritual devotion and achievement at an old soul age is most unusual.

    What Ettissh had said was being proved word for word. 300 years ago he'd said they'd erased past lives and that Indian life was 300 years ago so they did it when I was in that life. That poor Indian man I feel desperately sorry for him although of course he is me. He had no karma or so little it would not have meant reincarnating.

    Next still being stopped from doing alternative auditing I wanted to see what exactly had caused this tragedy. I did past life regressions and asked to see erased past lives. It was quite startling. I saw a past life regression therapist. This was not to be a full regression just an image of who I was. I regressed along the time line and strangely I was shown swirling black masses and light grey masses. These were my lives but why like this? I dipped into a black life and I saw my self as a gargoyle like face, it had yellow eyes and ridged grotesque face, it was as clear as a bell and very starling and there was a horrible sensation along with it. It took me several days to get over this one, that this alien was in my Akashic record was abhorrent. I later found out from Brian that this was a reptilian that he had implanted to make me not want to harm the reptilian cause. Following on from that life I continued down the time line and dipped into another black life, now I saw myself as an old women who looked like a witch, an unpleasant one. Brian later admitted that he had implanted this women's life as mine to draw unpleasant things to me that he can do. Continuing on I viewed a grey life, it was most unusual. I saw myself as a sketch drawing but moving, all there was, was the outline of myself as a person, it was like I had been rubbed out. I was on all fours in a prison crawling to be sick. The reptilian entity later told me that this was a life that his organization had erased hundreds of years ago and I had been in prison and died there, paying back my karma. I was now having to pay this karma again

    I began at that time to put two and two together. Black swirls = lives when I am unpleasant and are implanted. This creates more karma for me in subsequent lives

    Grey lives = lives when I am having a very hard time and had been erased, has created more karma as I have to go through it again.

    I did further past life regressions to find erased past lives. I was shown an empty house when I asked to see the cripple life that Brian had erased, it was not there!. I was shown a waste land stripped of everything time and time and again when I asked to see lives erased in the 1600's. Then faintly different lives came through, one when I was in prison, one where I was in stocks and one where I was physically harmed by others.

    So with investigations of my Akashic record by others including experts in Akashic records, past life therapists I have concluded that the reptilians are erasing life's from our Akashic records. The karmic board now know thanks to Ettissh

    15. (j) Implants to reduce consciousness

    They have implanted us all a long time ago so we would not raise our consciousness. This way our planet remained open to them for their return.

    Here is what Ettissh said:

    E - they were put in some time back - Scientology gets rid of them - they bring you down - a few implants and they drop your consciousness down. - OT levels in Scientology get rid of these implants layer-by-layer — We did it because we wanted the place - when we first checked it over — It's on your brain-waves - Brian hasn't got them - they were taken away.

    Q - When were they put in?

    E - a millennium ago - way before Christ - right at the beginning — If we'd never come here you'd all be really amazing - they suppress you down so your more physical - you loose sight of things.

    16. Crop Circles

    R-Old ones are alien spacecrafts, the new ones fabrications

    Some are real some they now fabricate and expose these fabrications for disinformation.

    Ettissh says:

    Q - crop circles they're spaceships aren't they -Greys?

    E - we use it a bit we fabricate them so none of you believe - we put fakes in and then expose it to put you off the sent, but some of them are real - the old ones are real. But the new ones are not, well some are but not many.

    16. (a) The Roswell Incident

    All alien information they cover up so we will not believe it possible that an alien race is taking over the planet.

    This is what Ettissh said:

    E - small ones - we are not at war with them or anything, its none of their business, We slaughter them if we can -they are pretty quick on the draw, nippy bastards and they can defend themselves - they want us to leave, Roswell - it was them alright - we crucified them. We nip things in the bud - anything like that but we were a bit slow that time — All alien encounters we cover up if we can so you don't know we are around -otherwise you might put two and two together.

    17. A Main Alien Race Reincarnating Here

    the main abduction alien group is the Insectoids and they reincarnate here also as people and help mankind mainly through higher consciousness and the environment. They have hybrids already and would like to coexist with us but will settle for coexisting with the reptilian hybrids as the reptilians have made it impossible for coexisting with mankind Although not in the text here I have been told by Ettissh and another non reptilian source that Prince Charles is a reincarnation of an Insectoid

    Conversations with Ettissh:

    Q - what about the aliens in the abduction books?

    E - their planet has been wrecked like ours - they have already got a cross of them and you - they have been experimenting and they have got a crossbreed that is hideous. (Insectoids).

    E - we haven't got a crossbreed yet - we're working on it

    Q - they use humans to experiment on ?

    E - -A great deal - they are not great - they high- jack people like we do, using them for their own experiments. (I have been told that they usually do it to humans who were one of them - an agreement has been reached. )

    E - they are not here to harm you - we don't mind them - if they want to do it they can as long as they don't interfere with us.

    Q - why?

    E - Because they've got weapons, so we've got no choice-----People get abducted by them and it is for experimentation. They are good beings and would help if they were with you and they reincarnate as some humans and help mankind if they are able to. They know that some day humans will not be around and that's when they will do it — They 're peaceful enough -they just need a place to live

    Q - what do they need to learn?

    E - emotional stuff isn't it and a lot of them have a hard time getting to grips with it, like Brian and the rest when they first come here.

    E - They have got their crossbreeds stored until the time comes — We haven't got a crossbreed yet , we're working on it — They're good when they are here but they aren't often here, we see to that. They're into the environment and help out that way once they've sorted themselves out.

    Q - what sorted?

    E - their emotions - one life can do it and they can reincarnate again and help you lot out

    Q - how do they do that?

    E - they help keep the planet green and more besides -higher consciousness-/ enlightenment and that kind of thing.

    18. The Alien Race Known As The Nordics

    Ettissh describes their exact physical appearance, how they are the ancestors of the Scandinavians, how the ape-man is deliberately promoted in order to minimize our belief in aliens

    Humans with blond hair are ancestors of the blond aliens the "Nordics". They settled in the Scandinavian countries, are high loving beings. He describes their appearance. Genetic scientists who know that blond humans can't have evolved from apes are hushed up and the ape man theory promoted so that we don't believe in aliens and therefore reptilians.

    These aliens are the ancestors of the Swedish blonds and anyone with blond hair is a result of interbreeding between the blond aliens and cavemen or a different dark race. In fact we all have some genes from the Nordics. They promote the ape man theory so we do not believe in aliens and therefore the reptilians are less believable. Scientists are suppressed.

    Ettissh's conversations:

    Q - What did the Swedish etc evolve from?

    E - the white haired lot, pale blue eyes, very thin, really tall about 8 ft. , amazingly attractive, aliens who can breath here, they are humanoid almost like the rest of us and they bred with the cavemen and the result is what you've got now. They're gorgeous, beautiful people, high. They like to explore different territories. They come here other ways - reincarnate here as a standard human and help you out. They are not here anymore. They had white hair no colour at all; they had pigment in their skin - fine hair. They landed in the cold climate because there was less ape-man there who were a tad aggressive, but they mixed in the end, now you have hybrids, brown haired. They've got everything a human has they just look different; faces, hardly any nose, it really wasn't there, fine features They come down now and again in their spaceships even though they are not meant to - we rip them apart if we find them, we don't want them looking around - they've arrived and they'd like to see you and communicate with you but we don't let them. They're really nice and you should talk to them and they are not into monogamy

    Q - did the blond people evolve from apes?

    E - a load of rubbish — We helped the ape man theory along, because we don't want you knowing about aliens because we are more believable then aren't we , maybe you'll put two and two together if other aliens are here then perhaps we are the ones ****ing you up — Scientists we hush them up - genetic scientists know blonds can't come from apes, course they do - we ridicule them if we can — All alien encounters we cover up if we can, so you don't know we are around, otherwise you might put two and two together.

    19. Rigging of Juries

    They are the judge and the jury for those who they frame. A reptilian host will sit on juries more than usual, a way to identify them.

    Here is what Ettissh said:

    E - We rig juries don't we for those who have been framed. We frame them and then rig the jury. Brian has been on jury duty three times that's one of his roles isn't it -jury duty

    Q - How many of you on a jury?

    E - At least half of that jury is going to be us. - anyone that does frequent jury service, more than once is probable that that they are one of us — we could frame you at customs, implant something- find possession on you or other ways.

    Q - If I was framed what could I do about it?

    E - Demand the Jury get changed before the trial, say the mob has got to them and you want them re-picked by an upstanding member of the community, organized by your lawyer and watch the judge and that judge may be one of us too and they usually are but if the jury is good it may not matter. So if the judge turns you down then request another judge but one you choose or go to, don't know how you will do that — Get that jury hand picked, overseen by someone you trust.

    Q - Is it in the law?

    E - No it isn't in the law to do it but you could go to a judge and say you were framed and you think the mob has got to your jury and you want a new one - the jury has been picked and then you request another one.

    Q - When?

    E - a few days before the trial.

    Q - Why a few days?

    E - well I don't know - a week or a few days before the trial —A lot of us are judges.

    20. The Royal Family

    Ettissh talks here about Prince Charles and how they are making him unpopular in order for him not to be king. They don't bad press their own.

    This is what he says:

    E - Princess Anne is a one of us — Prince William is one of us or soon will be — Prince Charles we don't want to harm but he can't be king because we need Prince William there. We don't make him popular, but he's an alright man - we give him bad press. Prince Anne loves him and she won't have it - she won't have us kill him but she wants him dethroned. Prince Charles is really high, Prince Charles would do a really good job if he was king, I'll tell you that now. He'd bring peace, he'd get you more conscious, he'd help the environment, support good causes - course he should be king - it's us isn't it. Prince Charles is a very loving, peaceful man and he'd do all of you a world of good — The man who interviewed Diana is one of us - yes the black man, we made of sure of that, so she'd put down Prince Charles

    Q - it was broadcast

    E - That was us, so you'd all hate Prince Charles's guts -poor man. We'd kill him if we could, but Princess Anne loves him and won't allow it.

    21. News Topics

    21. (a) Princess Diana's death

    Ettissh talks here about they Princess Diana's death has been made to look as though Dodi was the target in order to appease Prince William.

    He talks about it being arranged by AL fayed so called enemy, Tiny Roland's.

    Here is our conversations:

    Q - did you kill Princes Diana?

    E - It wasn't us, Dodi AL -fayed who we hate - we killed Dodi A L-fayed.

    E - we got those two together that's for sure, we got them introduced — Dodi knew too much.

    Q - What about?

    E - His father — We crashed the car didn't we


    E - because we wanted old Dodi dead

    Q -what about Diana?

    Well her too but it was just a sideline - it was Dodi wasn't it - he found out a few things about his father -corrupt dealings. We support AL-fayed he does things for us - one of his co-workers is a reptilian - we are in alliance with Al - fayed- someone close by. The man that rigged Dodi's death is Al-Fayed's co-worker but you all think he isn't his friend, they are not best friends, or so everybody believes - it is nothing to do with Harrods - he's one of us and he is behind it, he's in the news

    Q -Tiny Roland's?

    E - I am not saying — We couldn't kill her off because Prince William wouldn't let us. (This may be a future viewpoint) - It's tricky with family members.

    Q - But you killed her anyway?

    E - She just happened to be in the car so it was alright, it wasn't our fault and then Prince William is alright about it.

    Q - But you wanted her dead

    E - Yes we really did, but we couldn't do it. It was because she was anti war, main reason. We were after Dodi and sort of managed to kill her too

    Q - Prince William thinks it an accident?

    E - He is pretty upset and he hates someone a lot - the person who did it - but he isn't letting on.

    21. (b) —September 11th

    Ettissh only told me a little about this I presume because it was headline news then and I could have gone to the papers:

    E - yes we're responsible.

    Q - why?

    E - so you'd all want us to go to war with Iraq and a bit of scare tactics as well. We made sure all of our own weren't there - near the building

    21. (c) Wars: They create wars.

    E - its not about the money, its about getting into power and a bit more besides - keep the masses down and poor — We create wars so we can take control. Countries that we don't have, - we'll start having wars so we can take control — We create wars because we have to we'd rather not have them because they wreck the environment and they cost an arm and a leg. Wars help us get in power — The army - we're the army.

    21. (d) BSC

    E - We're not responsible for mad cows, we're responsible for BSC - wasn't necessary to slaughter all those animals.

    22. Education

    Education is one hundred per cent controlled It is designed to brain wash us. Our questioning mind is eradicated and we educated into a stupor. They control education, think back to how schooling used to be in the Middle Ages they taught the basics only: reading writing and arithmetic, the rest was up to you. They had a few early years of school and that was all. Ettissh explains how unnecessary most of it now is.

    They control education. They reduce grammar so are writing skills are poor, force us to study subjects that are unnecessary. They take away our power of choice and our free thinking; we should only study if we are interested. They take away are free will by forcing us to study subjects. Mind control starts here.

    Here is what Ettissh said:

    E - Education, one of the main things we are into behind the scenes. — The minister of Education (who ever that was in 2003) is one, they all are. We make the rules, we dish it out, we're on the board of directors in top universities, and we write the national curriculum — We swamp you with it as much as we can get away with.

    Q - Why?

    E - To control your minds, we don't want you thinking about other things.

    Q - Why do I have difficulty writing compositions?

    E - because we mucked you up at school - we don't like any English, we'd rather you didn't do it , so you can read and write poorly - can't put pen to paper - can't complain - inhibited with it - don't want to write because you think it will not sound right - so you don't read as well - we want you all in the dog house- we don't mind -we encourage story books because they're a waste of you time - we don't mind creative writing but you should be learning to read and write properly not pussy footing around with Shakespeare because you don't need it -its adds interest value that is all — We keep English grammar to the bare minimum- so you're all inhibited, you don't enjoy it, it's a pain and a chore and you get less far with working out what's going on- you can't enquire. English grammar is in the curriculum but it should be the main subject along with a few other things we've missed

    Q - How should education really be?

    E - They used to teach kids in medieval times to read and write and that's all you need, the rest you can learn other ways. Numbers - a bit of maths, maybe a language or two, the rest they can learn if they are interested e.g. geography - you learn what you want to learn and not what's forced on you

    Q-When I have a child where would you recommend I send it?

    E - to an alternative school, Rudolf Steiner is better, or keep them at home and teach them yourself. If it shows interest in academic things, then look at sending it somewhere where it can get normal qualifications so it can get the job it wants.

    23. Control Of The Media

    Physical is all important

    They teach us to rather be happy having a new car than be happy playing the real game here which is raising our consciousness and having a happy fulfilling life.

    Ettissh says:

    E - We control the media. We give you TV and it isn't what you need- we feed you sex- we give you mass media - feed you consumer stuff but it isn't what you need e. g. new car. We make you think that the be all and end all is everything you can see and touch.

    24. Changing Art

    In fact they are anti -art and reward their own artists.

    Ettissh says:

    E - we hate art and we try and do what we can to curtail it, we're on the boards, one of us is an artist, a European and his stuff is crap and we promote it - he's anti-art - he's very well known.


    E - Art makes you feel better doesn't it, it raises your consciousness and we want you to stay as you are and not get up the ladder. You should have art around you

    25. Suppression Of Architecture

    Square buildings are promoted over circular designs in order to suppress us. Circular is better for us and we would feel better in a circular building. Circular also helps raise our consciousness. In the past before their control in this area there were many more circular buildings. Here is what Ettissh said:

    E - In the past there used to be all sorts of circular architecture; turrets, domes, spirals and we've put a stop to that because circular buildings enhance your energy. We design are own stuff and make it low energy, square - that's it - ugly if we can get away with it, basically not circular because then you'll be raising your consciousness easier.

    Q - Who are the architects?

    E - we're in there a great deal, making sure all the circular stuff or curves gets thrown out the window

    Q - what type of house should I have?

    E - as circular as you can get it, wood, high ceilings, have a dome in your place in the central room — Brick isn't good for no-one - it mucks you up - pushes you inwards - into the space your in.

    E - We teach architecture and only fund certain projects - we teach square.

    Q - what about the millennium dome (in London)?

    E - That was our doing, we need that for our group meetings - no end of good that will do us but we are not sure we can use it; we're working on that one.


    A Universal Law working for us.

    The reptilians are working against the natural laws on earth. The laws make it harder for them to achieve there objectives. They have to effort. We have the laws for our good and we could make more use of them. One of these laws is the law of creation which states that things on earth will expand or contract and not remain the same. We are expanding and the reptilians want us to contract or remain as we are now. They have to use effort against us to achieve this. We have to use less effort to expand except that we have to fight against their efforts to make us contract. Here is another universal law - we are cause over our self and our possessions.

    This means it is no effort at all to produce effect on ourselves such as we want to change our house to improve it. This is easy if we own it. If we rent then even if the landlord has given us his permission, he is still cause over his house and will make it harder for us to change it to our liking. The reptilians are trying to control us, what we do, what we have and this is not easy for them, they are not cause over us and what we have. They have to exert outside efforts to be cause, to control us. It is a constant effort on their part.

    We could regain control over ourselves easily, it is our right and the laws help it on its way. So all we need to do is start wanting to be the one in control and it will begin. We need to know what it is we truly desire and desire it more and this will draw it to us never mind what the reptilians want for us.

    About the Author:

    Susan Reed has a Bachelor of Science in nutrition and has worked for eighteen years as a nutritionist and hospital dietician. She worked in nutritional research for several years.

    She became interested in higher consciousness and spent four years in an enlightenment and study course. She then met a man named Brian, who revealed himself to be a reptilian host. This catapulted her into the secret reptilian involvement on the planet.


    1. Books of Enoch. The Old Testament. TGS Publishing, Frankston, Texas ph 903-876-3256

    2. Capt Bill Robertson; Sector 9; Astar (CBR). www.freezone.org

    3. Andrew Hennessy; Monkeys of Eden-the telepathic overlords and the slaves of earth www.whale.to/b/monkeys.html

    4. Branton; The Dulce wars Global communications. Available through http://hiddenmysteries.com/ ph 903-8763256

    5. Angelica Tapestro; The Universal Seduction volumes 1 to 3. The Rose Garden.

    6. Mark L Prophet; The Lost Teachings of Jesus, Vol. 2. Summit University Press.

    7. Stewart Swerdlow; Montauk, the alien connection. Sky Books - Available through http://hiddenmysteries.com/ . com ph 903-8763256

    8. www.nibiruanouncil.com

    9. David Icke; Children of the Matrix. Bridge of Love, 2001. Available through http://hiddenmysteries.com. com ph 903-8763256

    10. David Ashworth: Dancing with the Devil, as you channel in the light. Crucible, 2001.

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    Default Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    Quote Posted by wobbegong (here)
    Quote Posted by Flash (here)
    you are posting a lot Houman wth few thanks ever. This is just to let you know that I find your postings interesting and that I do read it. Perhaps others are doing the same.

    So this post is to thank you and to encourage you to keep posting.
    I join you Flash in thanking Houman. I apologize as I haven't read all the posts yet, but what I did read is impressive and I will delve into it more.
    This info brings back to my mind a post here at Avalon (...I'll loof for the link) with a video of Sheldan Nidle telling people that they will have the opportunity to enter the "ascension chambers". I hope people realize the scam.
    Thanks wobbegong. Such things (scam, disinformation, etc...) are in full swing right now... as Dr Karla Turner used to say: "we have to keep a critical mind and always go back to the facts"...

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    Default Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    "Various high-level Satanists who have escaped from the Illuminati by God’s power were eyewitnesses to Satan appearing at the Rothchilds. They testified they witnessed Satan showing up at the Rothchilds as a very beautiful man who can shape shift, (at times his feet would be cloven hoofs). He wears a black tuxedo to gamble and play cards (winnings are sexual victims) & a white tuxedo when present just to socialize. He can also shape shift into a reptilian. As a sincere researcher, I must report that lots of info about shape shifting reps has confronted me in so many independent places in such a wide variety of historical periods that this bizarre topic must have some importance. I’ve withheld my findings for years, because I feel quite tentative about my results. David Icke gives details of this strange topic & his bold views in The Biggest Secret."

    - Fritz Springmeier (Bloodlines of the Illuminati).

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    Default Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    from http://www.angelfire.com/oz/cv/jcoleman2.html


    Excerpt from the chapter:

    By Dr. John Coleman

    (with additional words by Dr. Byron Weeks)


    Stanford Research Center (SRC) was founded in 1946 by the Tavistock Institute For Human Relations. Stanford was created to help Robert 0. Anderson and his ARCO oil company, who had secured for the Committee of 300 the oil rights on the North Slope of Alaska. Basically, the job was too large for Anderson's Aspen Institute to handle, so a new center had to be founded and funded. That new center was Stanford Research Center. Alaska sold its rights on a down payment of $900 million, a relatively small amount for the Committee of 300. The governor of Alaska was steered to SRI for help and advice. This was no accident but the result of judicious planning and a process of long-range conditioning. Following the governor's call for help, three SRI scientists set up shop in Alaska where they met with the Alaskan Secretary of State and the State Planning Office. Francis Greehan, who headed the SRI team, assured the Governor that his problem of how to handle the rich oil find would be safe in the hands of SRI. Naturally Greehan did not mention the Committee of 300 or the Club of Rome. In less than a month Greehan assembled a team of economists, petroleum scientists and new-science scientists numbering in the hundreds. The report SRI gave to the Governor ran to eighty-eight pages. The proposal was adopted virtually without change by the Alaska legislature in 1970. Greehan had indeed done a remarkable job for the Committee of 300. From this beginning SRI developed into an institution employing 4000 people with an annual budget of $160 million plus. Its President, Charles A. Anderson, has seen much of this growth during his tenure, as has Professor Willis Harmon, director of the SRI Center for the Study of Social Policies, employing hundreds of new-science scientists, many of the top staffers having been transferred from Tavistock's London base. One of those was RCA board chair-man and former British intelligence agent, David Sarnoff, who was closely involved with Harmon and his team for twenty-five years. Sarnoff was something of a "watchdog" for the mother institute in Sussex. Stanford claims to make no moral judgments on projects it accepts, working for Israel and the Arabs, South Africa and Libya but, as one would imagine, by adopting this attitude it ensures an "inside edge" with foreign governments that the CIA has found most useful. In Jim Ridgeway's book, "THE CLOSED CORPORATION," SRI spokesman Gibson brags about SRI's non-discriminatory stance. Although not on the Federal Contract Research Center lists, SRI is today the largest military think tank, dwarfing Hudson and Rand. Among SRl's specialty departments are chemical and biological warfare experimental centers.

    One of Stanford's more dangerous activities is counter-insurgency operations aimed at civilian populations--just the sort of "1984" things government is already using against its own people. The U.S. government pays SRI millions of dollars each year for this kind of highly controversial "research." Following student protests against chemical warfare experiments conducted at Stanford, SRI "sold" itself to a private group for just $25 million. Of course nothing really changed, SRI was still a Tavistock project and the Committee of 300 still owned it, but the gullible appeared to be satisfied by this meaningless cosmetic change. In 1958, a startling new development arose. Advanced Research Products Agency (ARPA), a contracting agency for the Defense Department, approached SRI with a top secret proposal. John Foster at the Pentagon told SRI that what was needed was a program to insure the United States against "technological surprise." Foster wanted to perfect a condition where the environment became a weapon; special bombs to trigger volcanoes and/or earthquakes, behavioral research on potential enemies and minerals and metals with potential for new weapons. The project was accepted by SRI and codenamed "SHAKY." The massive electronic brain in SHAKY was capable of carrying out many commands, its computers having been constructed by IBM for SRI. Twenty-eight scientists worked on what is called "Human Augmentation." The IBM computer even has the capability to solve problems by analogy and recognizes and identifies scientists who work with it. The "special applications" of this tool can be better imagined than described.

    Brzezinski knew what he was talking about when he wrote "THE TECHNOTRONIC ERA." Stanford Research Institute works closely with scores of civilian consulting firms, trying to apply military technology to domestic situations. This has not always been a success, but as techniques improve, the prospects for massive all-pervading surveillance, as described by Brzezinski, daily becomes more real. IT ALREADY EXISTS AND IS IN USE, EVEN THOUGH SLIGHT MALFUNCTIONS FROM TIME TO TIME HAVE TO BE IRONED OUT. One such civilian consulting firm was Schriever McKee Associates of McLean, Virginia, run by retired General Bernard A. Schriever, a former chief of the Air Force Systems Command, who developed the Titan, Thor, Atlas and Minuteman rockets. Schriever put together a consortium of Lockheed, Emmerson Electric, Northrop, Control Data, Raytheon and TRW under the name of URBAN SYSTEMS ASSOCIATES, INC. The purpose of the consortium? To solve social and psychological "urban problems" by means of military techniques using advanced electronic systems. It is interesting to note that TRW became the largest credit information collecting company in the credit-reporting business as a result and an outcome of its work with Urban Systems Associates, Inc.

    This should tell us a great deal about just how far this nation is already under TOTAL SURVEILLANCE, which is the first requirement of the Committee of 300. No dictatorship, especially not one on a global scale, can function without total control over each and every individual. SRI was well on its way to becoming a key Committee of 300 research organization. By the 1980's, 60% of SRl's contracts were devoted to "Futurism" with both military and civilian applications. Its major clients were the U.S. Department of Defense-Directorate of Defense Research and Engineering, Office of Aerospace Research which dealt with "Applications of the Behavioral Sciences to Research Management," Executive Office of the President, Office of Science and Technology, U.S. Department of Health. On behalf of the Department of Health, SRI ran a program called "'Patterns in ESDEA Title I Reading Achievement Tests." Other clients were the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Science Foundation (NSF). Of significance was the paper developed for NSF, entitled "Assessment of Future and International Problems."

    Stanford Research, under the tutelage of Tavistock Institute in London, put together a far reaching and chilling system it called "Business Intelligence Program." In excess of 600 companies in the U.S. and abroad became subscribers. The program covered research in Japanese Foreign Business Relations, Consumer Marketing in a Period of Change, The Mounting Challenge of International Terrorism, Sensory Evaluation in Consumer Products, Electronic Funds Transfer System, Opto-Electric Sensing, Exploratory Planning Methods, the U.S. Defense Industry and Capital Availability. Among the TOP Committee of 300 companies who became clients of this program were Bechtel Corporation (George Schultz was on its board), Hewlett Packard, TRW, Bank of America, Shell Company, RCA, Blyth, Eastman Dillon, Saga Foods Corporation, McDonnell Douglas, Crown Zellerbach, Wells Fargo Bank and Kaiser Industries.

    But one of the most sinister of all SRI programs with the possibilities of doing tremendous damage in altering the direction in which the United States will go, socially, morally and religiously, was Stanford's Charles F. Kettering Foundation's "CHANGING IMAGES OF MAN" under Stanford official reference "Contract Number URH (489)-2150 Policy Research Report Number 4/4/74, Prepared by the SRI Center for the Study of Social Policy, Director Willis Harmon." This is probably one of the most far-reaching investigations into how man might be changed that has ever been conducted. The report, covering 319 pages, was written by 14 new science scientists under the supervision of Tavistock and 23 top controllers including B. F. Skinner, Margaret Meade, Ervin Lazlo and Sir Geoffrey Vickers, a high-level British intelligence officer in M16. It will be recalled that his son-in-law, Sir Peter Vickers Hall, was a founding member of the so-called conservative "Heritage Foundation." Much of the 3000 pages of "recommendations" given to the Reagan administration in January 1981 were based upon material taken from Willis Harmon's "CHANGING IMAGES OF MAN." I was privileged to receive a copy of "THE CHANGING IMAGES OF MAN" from my intelligence colleagues five days after it was accepted by the United States government. What I read shocked me, as I realized I was looking at a blueprint for a future America, unlike anything I had ever seen before. The nation was to be programmed to change and become so accustomed to such planned changes that it would hardly be noticeable when profound changes did occur. We have gone downhill so fast since "THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY" (the book title of Willis Harmon's technical paper) was written, that today, divorce draws no stigma, suicide is at an all time high and raises few eyebrows, social deviations from the norm and sexual aberrations, once unmentionable in decent circles, are now commonplace and excite no special protest.

    As a nation we have not noticed how "CHANGING IMAGES OF MANKIND" has radically altered our American way of life forever. Somehow we were overcome by the "Watergate Syndrome." For a while we were shocked and dismayed to learn that Nixon was nothing but a cheap crook who hobnobbed with Earl Warren's Mafia friends at the beautiful home they built for him adjoining the Nixon estate. When too many "future shocks" and news headlines demanded our attention, we lost our way, or rather, the huge number of choices with which we were and still are daily confronted, confused us to such a degree that we were no longer able to make the necessary choices. The corrupt stench of the Reagan-Bush Administrations we wanted covered with six feet of earth. The crimes committed under the title of Iran/Contra affair (or scandals), we didn't want uncovered. We let our President lie to us regarding his whereabouts in the period October 20-23rd, 1980. Yet these crimes far exceed in quantity and scope anything Nixon did while he was in office. Do we as a nation recognize it as going downhill with our brakes off?

    No, we do not. When those whose business it is to bring the truth to the American people that a private, well-organized little government inside the White House was busy committing one crime after another, crimes which attacked the very soul of this nation and the republican institutions upon which it rested, we were told not to bother the public with such things. "We really don't want to know about all this speculation," became a standard response. When the highest elected official of the land blatantly put U. N. law above the Constitution of the United States--an impeachable offense, the majority accepted it as "normal." When the highest elected official of the land went to war without a Congressional declaration of war, the fact was censored out by the news media and, again, we accepted it rather than face the truth. In this public attitude of the American people, the wildest dreams of Willis Harmon and his teams of scientists became a reality. The Tavistock Institute was elated at its success in destroying the self respect and self esteem of this once great nation. We are told that we won the Gulf War. What is not yet perceived by the vast majority of Americans is that, in winning the war, it cost the self respect and honor of our nation. That lies rotting in the desert sands of Kuwait and Iraq, alongside the corpses of the Iraqi soldiers we butchered in the agreed retreat from Kuwait and Basra--we could not keep our word that we would abide by the Geneva Conventions and not attack them. "What do you want," our controllers asked us, "victory or self respect? You can't have both."

    One hundred years ago, this could not have happened, but now it has happened and excites no comment. We have succumbed to the long range penetration warfare waged against this nation by Tavistock. Like the German nation, defeated by the Prudential Bombing Survey, enough of us have succumbed to make this nation the kind that totalitarian regimes of the past would have only envisaged in their dreams. "Here," they would say, "is a nation, one of the largest in the world, that doesn't want the truth. All of our propaganda agencies can be dispensed with. We don't have to struggle to keep the truth from this nation; they have willingly rejected it of their own volition. This nation is a pushover."

    Continued in Volume Two
    Piercing the Veils of Deception

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    from http://www.angelfire.com/oz/cv/wcooper2.html

    Excerpt from the chapter:

    By the late Milton William Cooper

    . . . The secret White House underground construction fund was set up in 1957 by President Eisenhower. The funding was obtained from Congress under the guise of "construction and maintenance secret sites where the President could be taken in case of military attack: Presidential Emergency Sites". The sites are literally holes in the ground, deep enough to withstand a nuclear blast and are outfitted with state of the art communications equipment. To date there are more than seventy-five sites spread around the country which were built using money from this fund. The Atomic Energy Commission has built at least an additional 22 underground sites. The location and everything to do with these sites were and are considered and treated as TOP SECRET. The money was and is in control of the Military Office of the White House, and was and is laundered through a circuitous web that even the most knowledgeable spy or accountant can not follow. As of 1980 only a few at the beginning and end of this web knew what the money was for. At the beginning were Representative George Mahon, of Texas, the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee and of its Defense Subcommittee; and Representative Robert Sikes, of Florida, chairman of the House Appropriations Military Construction Subcommittee. At the end of the line were the President, MJ-12, the director of the Military Office and a commander at the Washington Navy Yard. The money was authorized by the Appropriations Committee who allocated it to the Department of Defense as a TOP SECRET item in the Army construction program. The Army, however, could not spend it and in fact did not even know what it was for. Authorization to spend the money was in reality given to the Navy. The money was channeled to the Chesapeake Division of the Navy Engineers who did not know what it was for either. Not even the Commanding Officer, who was an Admiral, knew what the fund was to be used for. Only one man, a Navy Commander, who was assigned to the Chesapeake Division. But, in reality he, was responsible only to the Military Office of the White House who knew of the actual purpose, amount, and ultimate destination of the TOP SECRET fund. The total secrecy surrounding the fund meant that almost every trace of it could be made to disappear by the very few people who controlled it. There has never been and most likely never will be an audit of this secret money.

    Large amounts of money were transferred from the TOP SECRET fund to a location at Palm Beach, Florida that belongs to the Coast guard called Peanut Island. The island is adjacent to property which was owned by Joseph Kennedy. The money was said to have been used for landscaping and general beautification. Some time ago a TV news special on the Kennedy assassination told of a Coast Guard Officer transferring money in a briefcase to a Kennedy employee across this property line. Could this have been a secret payment to the Kennedy family for the loss of their son John F. Kennedy?. The payments continued through the year 1967 and then stopped. The total amount transferred is unknown and the actual use of the money is unknown. Meanwhile, Nelson Rockefeller changed positions again. This time he was to take C.D. Jackson's old position which had been called the Special Assistant for Psychological Strategy. With Nelson's appointment the name was changed to the Special Assistant for Cold War Strategy. This position would evolve over the years into the same position Henry Kissinger was ultimately to hold under President Nixon. Officially he was to give "Advice and assistance in the development of increased understanding and cooperation among all peoples". The official description was a smoke screen for secretly he was the Presidential Coordinator for the Intelligence Community. In his new post, Rockefeller reported directly---and only---to the President. He attended meetings of the Cabinet, the Council on Foreign Economic Policy, and the National Security Council which was the highest policy-making body in the government.

    Nelson Rockefeller was also given a second important job as the head of the secret unit called the Planning Coordination Group, which was formed under NSC 5412/1 in March of 1955. The group consisted of different ad hoc members depending on the subject on the agenda. The basic members were Rockefeller, A representative of the Department of Defense, A representative of the Department of State, and the Director of Central Intelligence. It was soon called the "5412 Committee" or the "Special Group". NSC 5412/1 established the rule that covert operations were subject to approval by an executive committee, whereas in the past these operations were initiated solely on the authority of the Director of Central Intelligence.

    By secret Executive Memorandum, NSC 5410, Eisenhower had preceded NSC 5412/1 in 1954 to establish a permanent committee (not ad hoc) to be known as Majority Twelve (MJ-12) to oversee and conduct all covert activities concerned with the alien question. NSC 5412/1 was created to explain the purpose of these meetings when Congress and the Press became curious. Majority Twelve was made up of Nelson Rockefeller, the Director of Central Intelligence Allen Welsh Dulles, the Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, the Secretary of Defense, Charles E. Wilson, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Arthur W. Radford, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, J. Edgar Hoover, and six men from the executive committee of the Council on Foreign Relations known as the "Wise Men". These men were all members of a secret society of scholars that called themselves "The Jason Society", or "The Jason Scholars" who recruited their members from the "Skull and Bones" and the "Scroll and Key" societies of Harvard and Yale.

    The "Wise Men" were key members of the council on Foreign Relations. There were 12 members including the first 6 from Government positions, thus Majority Twelve. This group was made up over the years of the top officers and directors of the Council on Foreign Relations and later the Trilateral Commission. Gordon Dean, George Bush and Zbigniew Brzezinski were among them. The most important and influential of the "Wise Men" who served on MJ-12 were John McCloy, Robert Lovett, Averell Harriman, Charles Bohlen, George Kennan and Dean Acheson. Their policies were to last well into the decade of the 70s. It is significant that President Eisenhower as well as the first 6 MJ-12 members from the Government were also members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

    Thorough researchers will soon discover that not all of the "Wise Men" attended Harvard or Yale and not all of them were chosen for "Skull and Bones" or "Scroll and Key" membership during their college years. You will be able to quickly clear up this mystery by obtaining the book "The Wise Men" by Walter Isaacson & Evan Thomas, Simon and Schuster, New York. Under illustration #9 in the center of the book you will find the caption; "Lovett with the Yale unit, above far right, and on the beach: His initiation into Skull and Bones came at an air base near Dunkirk". I have found that members were chosen on an ongoing basis by invitation based upon merit Post College and were not confined to only Harvard or Yale attendees.

    A chosen few were later initiated into the Jason Society. They are all members of the Council on Foreign Relations and at that time were known as the "Eastern Establishment". This should give you a clue to the far-reaching and serious nature of the most secret college societies. The Jason Society is alive and well today, but now includes members of the Trilateral Commission as well. The Trilateralists existed secretly several years before 1973. The name of the Trilateral Commission was taken from the alien flag known as the Trilateral Insignia. Majority Twelve was to survive right up to the present day. Under Eisenhower and Kennedy it was erroneously called the "5412 Committee" or more correctly, the "Special Group". In the Johnson administration it became the "303 Committee" because the name 5412 had been compromised in the book "The Secret Government". Actually NSC 5412/1 was leaked to the author to hide the existence of NSC 5410. Under Nixon, Ford and Carter it was called the "40 Committee", and under Reagan it became the "PI-40 Committee". Over all those years only the name changed.

    Continued in Volume Two
    Piercing the Veils of Deception

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    Default Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    from http://methamphetamineabusediscussio...9#.T5MQXtk3-Do

    By James Bartley, ©2000 All Rights Reserved

    This treatise concerns the reptilian's manipulation of the Human Astral Dreamscape for the express purpose of promoting particular behaviors within the abductee. This subject deals with issues regarding sexuality, aggression, physical, emotional and psychological stress. This treatise will provide the most accurate information regarding reptilian operational methods that has ever been presented in history.

    Astral Dreamscape Manipulation is a very pervasive form of behavior modification that most abductees experience at one time or another. Sadly, most abductees are oblivious to the fact that this is an aspect of behavior modification that is routinely practiced by the reptilians upon certain categories of abductees. Most disturbing, this type of manipulation is being perpetrated upon children. Doubtless the information contained in this treatise will generate a firestorm of controversy. I could care less.

    Again, my writings are meant to be read by abductees with a Heightened Sense of Awareness. The manipulated muppets can go off and oscillate at a higher frequency for all I care. This treatise isn't meant for them. Their reptilian "familiars" would never let them read this and even if their familiars let them read it, the internet group list moderators and hosted abductee support group facilitators would not let them read it. So much for free will and choice. Just some more hive consciousness clich�s.

    The Drac-reptilian hive consciousness will simply not allow the abductees under their control to read this caliber of information. This is unfortunate since many with reptilian DNA are going through changes at this time. Their reptilian familiars are always on hand to ensure that the reptilian hybrids develop along the lines the reptilians want them too. Even if a reptilian hybrid baby was adopted and raised by warm loving human parents, his or her reptilian familiars will sooner or later make their presence felt and will try to turn that child into an obnoxious obscene "human being."

    One of the principal methods of conditioning and behavior modification is through astral dreamscape manipulation. The Drac-reptilian hive consciousness will strive at all hazards to keep "their" hybrids under their control.

    "A system that does not allow dissent also ignores dissenting information."
    A quote by General Markus Wolf, the former director for East German Foreign Intelligence.

    He might as well be describing the Drac-reptilian control over humans in general and reptilian hybrids in particular. The ironic thing is many of these hybrid "starseeds" always brag about how special and spiritually evolved they are never realizing that they never had a choice in the matter. Their overwhelming contempt and arrogance reveals them for what they are not to mention some of the perverted practices in their private lives.

    Some have slipped through the cracks however. Some of my closest colleagues are reptilian hybrids that didn't allow themselves to be corrupted from within. It just shows that it is the quality of the SOUL that counts. Not the genetics.

    I will describe how reptilians and reptilian host can invade the dreamscape and sexually assault humans.

    The Reptilians Hold the Tactical High Ground

    The reptilians hold the tactical "High Ground" in the astral dreamscape by dint of the fact that most humans are not lucid dreamers and the reptilians are "at home" in the astral dreamscape. Besides being paraphysical entities and mesmerizers par excellence, reptilians can shape and influence a dreamscape experience to suit their devious and sordid ends. Moreover the reptilians can further diminish what little lucidity and awareness humans may have in the dreamscape. The reptilians are intimately familiar with the way the Human Mind works and in particular how to create certain imagery or set the mood of a "dream."

    With their psychic third eye vision they quickly do an "experience scan" in your memory banks prior to the abduction or dreamscape manipulation. Acting upon this pre-abduction intelligence, the reptilian may appear to the abductee as someone he or she had a crush on back in high school. At the same time her libido is revved up artificially by the reptilians.

    Not only are they able to manipulate a human's erogenous zones but they are adept at manipulating the human endocrine system. Remember: Brain Wave function is regulated and controlled by certain hormones and alkaloids released into the brain and other parts of the body by certain glands.

    Human Security Services are already using sonic waves to simulate particular brain wave patterns which trigger the release of hormones and alkaloids by particular glands nothing simpler. Humans can be made to have greater psi abilities merely by manipulating their brain waves and endocrine system. And all these New Age La Dee Dahs and Muppets think they have "developed" psychic abilities because of their contacts with their alien benefactors. As Barbara Bartholic points out, the reptilians know EVERYTHING about us.

    They can manifest a credible simulation of a home from your childhood in order to set a certain tone, mood or feeling of familiarity. For example there can be two or more "human extras" standing around in your dreamscape childhood home. These "humans" are really reptilians assuming human disguises. (they wished they looked human) They will use familiar people in your dreamscape to lull you into a sense of security. Images of friends and relatives can be projected onto our dreamscape the same way electronic countermeasure pods on certain aircraft can project non-existent "bogies" onto the radar screens of the enemy in order to confuse or distract them from what is really going on. The are certain cues to watch for in the astral dreamscape.

    Sometimes you can tell the "humans" are reptilians because there may be two that are about the same size and wearing the same or similar clothes as compared to a "leader" who may be slightly taller and always seems to be standing by your side or in front of you.

    Often times they use the classic "interrogation" technique where they will sit directly across a table from the abductee and question them about their beliefs and propagandize them with the Reptilian Credo of Enlightenment through Physical and Spiritual Degradation. They can appear as humans, as military personnel, cloaked in robes or as full on reptilians. The lesser ranking reptilians usually stand behind the seated reptilian.

    I along with a close friend who lives in the high desert was interrogated by three reptilians posing as high-ranking human military personnel. The "officers" were "seated" alongside each other in a high dais. They were flanked on one side by the federal flag with the yellow "admiralty maritime" braid and on the other side by some other flag. They kept "yelling" at us telepathically and directed most of their anger at me. I remember at one point turning to my friend and "thinking" to her: "Remember this. This is real, it's not a dream." Later we compared notes on the telephone. Based on similar accounts I have heard from other abductees and from what I remember from this particular experience, the entities were giving the impression of being "seated" behind a high dais as a means to conceal their tremendous height which is always a giveaway.

    The leaders are usually conducting most of the psychic monologue to the abductee whereas the others just grunt or growl every now and then usually with a severe grimace or scowl on their faces. It's so difficult for them to conceal their utter contempt for humans.

    We must learn to recognize when a dream is our own and when it is a "Stage-managed dream." The reptilians strive to immerse us in various dramas or scenarios which are meant to hold the attention of the percipient while at the same time weave in imagery and symbolism which is meant to promote certain behaviors and beliefs of which I will discuss in more detail later.

    There is also a "filthiness factor" associated with the reptilians even though you may not see them in the dreamscape. The atmosphere seems to be saturated with their foul energy. What appears to be feces may be scattered on the floors. Bathroom or locker room scenes are typified by their filthiness. Large cockroaches and other bugs may be seen scurrying around in the astral dreamscape. Large Rats are often seen in a dreamscape polluted by the reptilians. These are just a few of the things that are described again and again in the astral dreamscape which create an atmosphere of foul malevolence whenever the reptilians are attempting to manipulate the human's perceptions and emotions. It is altogether apt if you ask me. Vermin such as huge cockroaches and rodents are symbolic of the putrid essence of the reptilians, sewer scum that they are. Indeed they intentionally use these types of illusions precisely because of the natural revulsion and fear it engenders within decent human beings. Tip there.

    Human Awareness in the dreamscape suffers from what military fighter pilots refer to as "Cognitive Saturation." Cognitive Saturation occurs when a pilot of a high speed jet aircraft perceives too much visual stimuli at one time and in such a fashion as to not be able to properly control his speeding aircraft for a few critical seconds.

    There may have been too many physical features that he perceived through his cockpit and Heads Up Display (HUD) at one time. Mountains, clouds, shimmering bodies of water, other aircraft, jet exhaust, flocks of birds, any or all of the above can contribute to momentarily flooding the visual senses of a human pilot. Add to this the stress of flying a high performance aircraft in realistic Air Combat Maneuvering (ACM) training or in actual air to air combat and the margin for error is very slim indeed. Many pilots wind up dying in air crashes as a result of experiencing Cognitive Saturation for only a few seconds.

    (The American public for various reasons is generally ignorant of the frequent air crashes suffered by the military. Some of the military's aircraft should have been retired DECADES ago.)

    The reader must remember the importance of retaining conscious awareness during our dream life. We spend fully 1/3rd of our life asleep.

    No self disgusting reptilian or mind controller would allow such an opportunity to slip by without at least attempting to manipulate The Mind, Body and Soul of a sleeping human that the reptilians and mind controllers want to control. Each abductee has a certain degree of usefulness to the reptilians, some more than others.

    As is the case with professional athletes in such high speed sporting competitions as Downhill Skiing or Race car driving WE MUST BE ABLE TO SLOW DOWN "TIME" WITH OUR EYES I.E. REGULATE THE INFLUX OF VISUAL STIMULI AND FOCUS OUR DEPTH PERCEPTION WITHIN THE CONFINES OF THE ASTRAL DREAMSCAPE.

    We've all heard accounts of great athletes describing the sensation of everything and everyone around them being in "slow motion" while they were performing some acrobatic feat in a football game or other athletic competition. They are accurately describing their ability to screen out extraneous or unnecessary visual stimuli and FOCUS THEIR WILL AND CONSCIOUS AWARENESS UPON THE IMMEDIATE TASK AT HAND.

    Military Jet fighter planes have a very crowded "Heads Up Display" full of various computer graphics running simultaneously on their windshield. They can unconsciously block out all the unwanted data appearing on their screen and just focus their WILL and their Conscious Awareness on the data they want and the "bogey" they are after.

    Keep all this in mind because the reptilians and their minions are masters of creating illusions, assuming disguises and dimming the awareness of human beings in or out of the astral dreamscape. In the dreamscape the reptilians can heighten the anxiety level of the abductee or promote mental sluggishness just as easily as if they were spinning the dial on an FM radio.

    Reptilian Illusions in the Astral Dreamscape

    The reptilians utilize illusion and disguises very frequently during physical abductions and in the astral dreamscape. Reptilians will often disguise themselves as old boyfriends, famous movie stars, musical artist etc. for the express purpose of raping human females. To provide an illustration of the ease in which the reptilians utilize illusions let us examine in close detail one of their favorite operational schemes.

    Reptilians often bring human females to a place that has warm pools of water or what appear to be hot tubs or Jacuzzis. Human women are mass raped in these wading pool/hot tub environments. Artificial beach settings have been described by female abductees.

    The critical reasoning faculty of the women has been switched off. It doesn't occur to them to question the possibility or likelihood that they are having a sexual encounter with a famous singer or actor. It's just an operational illusion that the reptilian is utilizing at the moment. Unless the woman wakes up with vaginal or anal soreness, involuntary discharges, bleeding, or a urinary tract infection, the woman may just brush off the memory as a strange erotic dream. Even then she may not associate the symptoms with the strange dream, if indeed she can even remember the dream!

    Again we can borrow a term from military fighter pilots. In our example above, the abductee has lost "Situational Awareness" in the astral dreamscape because of the various and sundry methods of deception and manipulation and have become fair game for the reptilians.

    It must be understood by the reader that there is PHYSICALITY in the astral dreamscape. Notice how a reptilian can seduce a woman or sodomize a man through layers of bed sheets, comforters and night clothes. They densify only those parts of their anatomy where and when they need to. They can be invisible in the visible spectrum and yet conduct forcible rape or sodomy that is a very real physical traumatic event to the human. The woman may see only an illusion of a famous entertainer or musical artist. There have been numerous cases of raping reptilians disguising themselves as Bruce Springsteen, Sting from the police, Tom Cruise and Tommy Lee Jones. Even Michael Jackson has been reported by credible female observers! On the other hand some woman may only see a close up of a hideous reptilian face and not be able to move or utter a sound.

    And all this can go on with Tarzan lying sound asleep or otherwise immobilized and completely incapable of helping his significant other that is being sexually assaulted right next to him in the bed. If he's been properly programmed he will be of no help or support to his Lady and indeed can be quite abusive if that is what the reptilians want. In short Tarzan is a complete NO LOAD. Emotionally unavailable and even irritable when the subject of these "nightmares" and "experiences" are brought up, Tarzan becomes part of the problem instead of being a part of the solution.

    Various Purposes for Dreamscape Manipulation

    Promoting fear is one of the most common and pervasive forms of reptilian dreamscape manipulation. This is ironic when you consider how often the Hive Consciousness tries to compel humans to "get over their fear."

    From the standpoint of what I call "Psychic Security" it is dangerous and reckless to send photographs by mail or internet to people who may be reptilian hosts. The reptilian host can detect the residual energy signature in the photograph and subsequently develop a psychic link with the person in the photo. In occultic circles, this is known as an "Object Link."

    If the abductee is in e-mail or telephonic communications with this host they are actually making it easier for the reptilian host to enter their dreamscape and perpetrate all manner of vile and perverted actions.

    I once had the energy drained out of me after listening to a ten minute message on my phone machine left by an angry and frustrated female reptilian host that I had identified years ago. For some reason I make reptilian host very agitated. The telephone and the internet are merely electromagnetic conduits and the reptilians make full use of this when trying to manipulate and control humans. A common ploy is to have manipulated muppet abductees call up the hard core spiritual warrior abductees on the phone several times a day to waste their time and drain them of energy.

    Astral Sex is physical sex. Although it may sound like a paradox, it isn't if you understand how frequency and resonance works. Many women wake up in the morning after being raped by a reptilian feeling soreness in their vaginas and sometimes in their rectums as well. The entire sordid experience may seem to the female abductee as merely an unusually erotic "dream" despite the physical discomfort. If that isn't mind control I don't know what is.

    I call a drac or reptilian human-hybrid that frequently indulges in astral rape a "Serial Rapetoid." There are a number of serial rapetoids active in the ufo community.

    These kinds of unwanted nocturnal rapes can create much fear and trepidation and be seriously disruptive of normal sleep patterns. Other women develop effective countermeasures and have even been known to exact some measure of revenge against these reptilian hosts.

    Fear is also promoted through a seemingly endless stream of "mind games" perpetrated to confuse or intimidate the female abductee going through these astral rapes. The reptilian may create dreamscape scenarios where he lurks in the background and observes as the human goes through one manipulated drama after another. The reptilians like to stand off to the side and laugh amongst themselves at the psychodramas they are putting the abductee through. The reptilians literally feed off of our fear and anxiety which is reason enough for them to create these types of dreamscape scenarios.

    Promiscuity is also programmed into abductees including pre-teens. The reptilians can turn up the sexual arousal mechanism in humans with little or no effort. The sexual arousal mechanism is activated within humans while at the same time, the human finds himself or herself in an "erotic" dream.

    Through telepathic suggestion and perceptual manipulation the abductee is led into a scenario where they are encouraged whilst in this highly aroused state, to engage in sexual activity. The sexual activity the abductee is led into may involve reptilians, grays, alien-human hybrids and in some cases with other abductees. There are numerous variations of this type of scenario.

    These erotic dreamscape manipulations can occur for several nights running. Or they can occur intermittently over a protracted period of time lasting weeks, months and years.

    Not only will the abductee have these kinds of erotic dreams and act upon them in the dreamscape but also he or she will receive erotic mental imagery even during their waking hours. Telepathic suggestions will be utilized to encourage the abductee to engage in sexual intercourse. This particular form of conditioning is particularly effective on women.

    A human female that has been conditioned in this fashion can become extremely promiscuous for an extended period of time. Needless to say, this creates a situation where the woman can be set up in a series of self-destructive negative relationships full of high drama and conflict. Not only will the reptilians feed off the anxiety and stress engendered within the woman but they will also feed off the sexual energy generated during the woman's many sexual experiences with different partners.

    I know of cases where young pre-adolescent girls have undergone this kind of astral dreamscape manipulation. Night after night they are having "dreams" involving sexual activity to the point where they become preoccupied with thoughts of sex at all times of the day. They may begin to masturbate to such an extent that their parents notice this change in their behavior. They may even ask their parents questions involving sexuality.

    There have been instances when young girls undergoing this kind of manipulation have been known to hide beneath the bed of their parents hoping that the latter will engage in sexual intercourse. The young girl may become an exhibitionist, walking around the house nude in front of her siblings.

    We are talking simple cause and effect here. Since the reptilians have the ability to stimulate the erogenous zones of even pre-adolescent girls and bombard the mind with erotic imagery, the young girl in our example is incapable of doing anything except act out all the feelings and implanted suggestions she is given by her reptilian handlers. In a situation such as I have just described, it is incumbent upon the mother to be a source of guidance and support to the child who is undergoing these evil manipulations by the reptilians.

    Part 2

    Violence Promoted Within the Dreamscape

    Violent and sociopathic behaviors can also be promoted through astral dreamscape manipulation. Children, teenagers and adults can be shown images of blood and gore in the astral dreamscape and can even be compelled to participate in violent scenarios in which the abductee is made to either watch or take part in horrific acts of violence.

    The reptilians can use the image of a child's parents whilst they perpetrate acts of physical and sexual abuse upon the child. (In case the reader is wondering, the descriptions of psychosexual abuse given by the children has been obtained by parents with a heightened sense of awareness about the abduction syndrome. The reptilians typically mete out their reprisals upon the children of abductees who are actively resisting them.) Later I will discuss in more detail how sexuality can be manipulated to the extent of altering the sexual orientation of certain humans.

    Regarding violence as a conditioned response, I know personally an adult male who was made to kill his wife and children again and again in the astral dreamscape. The killings would always be done in a gory vicious fashion. His waking hours were no relief either as "voices in his head" urged him to act on the "fantasies" he'd been having and murder his entire family. He told me that he could understand how someone could be made to kill after they had been subjected to this type of treatment for awhile.

    Violent tendencies within males can be fostered by this type of manipulation. It is especially useful if the male is the partner of a female abductee that the reptilians want to keep in a state of physical and sexual degradation. The reptilians will use Tarzan as their proxy handler. Often times, if Tarzan is hosted himself or if he is being plied with deviant erotic mental imagery, he will begin to manifest deviant sexual desires including acting out fantasies of bondage and discipline upon his hapless girlfriend or wife. Vulgarity, sexual perversion and the need to control others are hallmarks of the reptilian influence upon human beings.

    Violent tendencies can also be promoted within male abductees undergoing the "Alien Love Bite." Barbara Bartholic and Eve Lorgen have made in depth studies of this form of alien manipulation.

    During the latter stages of the Love Bite manipulation, a male abductee can become enraged at the female he has become obsessed with. The aliens will send images into the mind of the male abductee of his targeted love bite partner having sexual intercourse with another man. It is as if a videotape is playing in the mind of the male abductee which is designed to drive him crazy with rage.

    Abductees can be made to eat what appears to be raw meat, bloody "pancakes" or even human body parts such as hands in the astral dreamscape. Abductees have been known to suffer extreme nausea lasting for weeks or months after being subjected to this kind of manipulation. I cannot stress enough the importance of never eating or drinking anything in the astral dreamscape.

    Sexual Conditioning of Abductees

    The final part of this treatise deals with the most controversial aspect of the reptilian astral dreamscape manipulation of humans. This is the conditioning of a certain percentage of humans towards adopting homosexuality as well as Sadomasochism and its related behaviors as an alternative lifestyle. Pedophilism can even be programmed into the abductee via this dreamscape manipulation.

    Here comes the disclaimer and I'd like the reader to read this part twice so there is no misunderstanding.


    I will now describe how this is done. I mentioned earlier how the reptilians are able to "turn up" the sexual arousal mechanism in humans. This is an absolutely critical point to understand. Another is the fact that the reptilians and their alien vassals can ensure that an abductee remain single and celibate for extended periods of time. The reptilians have been known to alter the olfactory senses of female abductees to such an extent that they will react negatively and be immediately repulsed by the scent of human male pheromones.

    By the same token a male abductee that has had his endocrine system altered can emit pheromones that will literally repel women. This is not conjecture or speculation. Thus we have male abductees who can have their libido manipulated at will by the reptilians and yet be unwittingly forced into extended periods of celibacy. This sets the stage for the astral dreamscape manipulations which may lead to this person's conscious or unconscious adoption of AN alternative lifestyle.

    A male abductee will find himself in an astral dreamscape environment that is highly charged with sexual energy. He himself becomes aroused as the reptilians manipulate his libido. The male abductee will find himself in a bedroom setting. Oftentimes the bed will be large and circular. There may be one or two beautiful women lying on the end.

    As he approaches the women, they begin to assume very seductive postures and positions on the bed. The male will find himself extremely aroused. He may begin to hear telepathic suggestions encouraging him to engage in intercourse with one of the women.

    He will position himself so as to penetrate the woman. AT EXACTLY THE SAME INSTANT HE PENETRATES THE WOMAN, HE FEELS AN INTENSE PAIN IN HIS #@$@ AS A REPTILIAN BEING SODOMIZES HIM. At this point the male abductee often times wakes up from the pain he feels. He feels an icky tingling energy in the bedroom and feels this energy throughout his whole body as if it had tried to penetrate his very being, but is now exiting his body. The icky tingly energy seems to hover directly over him but gradually begins to dissipate and finally goes away.

    He may ponder and reflect on what just occurred. His pain and discomfort is real enough but he may not be able to relate his discomfort to the unusual erotic "dream" he just had. Soon after, the male abductee has another dream. This time he may be walking around in a large sparsely furnished house with a number of rooms. He may wander into a living room area and see a very attractive woman wearing lingerie sitting on a lazy boy lounge chair. There may be other people wandering around the house too. The male begins to feel aroused and the scantily clad woman beckons him to engage in sexual intercourse but since there are others walking around the house, the male is reluctant to engage in intercourse.

    Finally he submits to the entreaties of the sexy woman and begins to kiss and caress her. She adopts a sexually provocative pose on the floor or on the lazy boy. He positions himself to have sex with the "woman" (as we shall see later, often times these women are not really women at all) and once again, the moment he penetrates her vagina, he feels intense pain in his #@$@ as he himself is penetrated by a reptilian. The sodomizing reptilian is often times invisible during these activities.

    Once again the male abductee immediately wakes up. Again, the room and his body are saturated with this icky tingly energy which seems to ooze out of his own pores. This time he is concerned because this is the second time this has happened to him. He knows that something is going on but can't figure out exactly what it is. He is concerned but he also begins to experience certain feelings and emotions during his waking hours.

    He may begin to wonder what it feels like to engage in homosexual activity but quickly dismisses the thought from his mind. He may have "random" thoughts enter into his mind about the nature of pain and how it might be transformed into pleasure if a method is developed or introduced that will bridge the gap between the two. Of course, these are not HIS ideas. His reptilian "Familiars" are telepathically suggesting this to him. In a synchronistic fashion he may be exposed to certain types of literature or film which endorses or seemingly legitimizes in his mind this kind of lifestyle.

    Soon the male abductee finds himself in another "dream." He once again finds himself in an erotic dreamscape with one or more willing partners.The women once again adopt certain positions to facilitate sexual intercourse.By now, the abductee, because of his previous experiences in the astral dreamscape which he can now remember, has consciously or unconsciously associated Heterosexual Intercourse WITH PAIN because of what the reptilians have done to him in the past each time he attempted heterosexual intercourse. He may be reluctant to engage in sexual intercourse for fear of the possible consequences and resultant pain that heterosexual intercourse engenders. This is an absolutely essential point to understand about all this: The concept of Heterosexual Intercourse has become associated with PAIN in the mind of the male abductee being thus manipulated.

    Now the male abductee is reluctant to engage in heterosexual intercourse. However he is still in a very aroused state of being. The women are there and he is being telepathically encouraged to engage in sexual activity with them. So the male abductee arrives at a compromise. Instead of engaging in coitus with the women he decides to penetrate their orifices with his fingers.

    So he penetrates the vagina of one of the women with his fingers and again, he feels simultaneous pain in his #@$@! He quickly withdraws his fingers and realizes that the entity probing him from behind has simultaneously withdrawn its member from his #@$@. He soon realizes that he can regulate the rate of penetration and the depth of penetration into his own #@$@ merely by inserting his fingers in the vagina of the woman. His actions with the woman seem to synchronize with the anal probing that he is experiencing. Meanwhile he is receiving telepathic suggestions encouraging him to go along with it. "Go ahead, you know you really want to do it" or "its just a dream, go ahead, nothing will happen to you," or "it doesn't hurt that bad, keep doing it, it gets better."

    He may continue in this fashion for a short while but then he stops, either out of revulsion or because he has reached a certain pain threshold.

    The next time he finds himself in the dreamscape, he may find himself with women again but during the activity, one or all of the women "shapeshift" into a hermaphrodite type being i.e. one with both male and female sexual organs.

    This "shapeshift" occurs whilst he is in a highly aroused state of being. This metamorphosis may occur as he is inserting his fingers into the vagina or #@$@ of the "woman." Sometimes the male abductee may be momentarily taken aback by this sudden transformation but due to the conditioning both in the dreamscape and the telepathic suggestions and erotic homosexual imagery in his mind's eye during normal waking consciousness, he may decide to continue engaging in sexual activity. His reptilian familiars will still be encouraging him to continue this activity and will even encourage him to try this, that or the other sexual activity with the hermaphrodite.

    Soon, whether it's this dreamscape experience or the next, the hermaphrodites may completely shapeshift into males. The reptilian sodomizing the male abductee may also materialize in the visual spectrum but as a man instead of a reptilian. That will come later if they so choose.

    All of this has taken place over a period of weeks, months and years. By now the male has lost any interest in heterosexual intercourse. If the reptilians intend to turn this individual into a practicing sado-masochist/bondage and discipline practitioner they will begin to emphasize these kinds of activities within the astral dreamscape and in the mental imagery he receives during his conscious waking hours. The male abductee may be sodomized quite violently or he may witness other male abductees violently sodomized. Reptilians have literally been described wearing studded leather jackets in some of these dreamscape scenarios.

    It must be understood by the reader that reptilians, despite all the propaganda espoused by their hive consciousness muppets, are very much mired in the lower chakras of existence. These are beings that are absolutely driven to sexually control humans and manipulate every aspect of their existence if they have the opportunity. The astral dreamscape manipulation of human beings is just one aspect of their methodology.

    We haven't even discussed the relationship that crystal methedrine and "crank" have with the reptilians. Crystal methedrine and crank have a "Sympathetic Resonance" with the reptilians. Have you ever wondered why many cranksters and speed freaks become involved in acts of mayhem and sexual violence? It is because prolonged use of these kinds of amphetamines leads to the user becoming a "Host" for a reptilian entity.

    The entity utilizes the host as a vehicle to wreak all kinds of mayhem and sexual violence and deviance upon society. Indeed crystal meth and crank use is the FAST TRACK TO BECOMING HOSTED BY A REPTILIAN ENTITY. Forget about occultic rituals and group meditations at vortex areas. This is the best (or worst) way to become a full on reptilian host. I have spoken to a mental health professional who told me that many people in the state hospital where this person worked were speed freaks who confidentially spoke of "the spirits" that told them to commit their crimes. Many people who use crank have confessed that their sexual desires became more and more deviant as time went on. They began to visit the child pornography sites on the internet or began to mentally sexualize women in a sadomasochistic and bondage and discipline fashion. I will discuss in more detail below how some abductees can be turned into pedophiles by the reptilians but this is a good opportunity to discuss how the reptilians and their alien vassals keep people addicted to certain forms of substance abuse.

    Drugs in the Dreamscape

    In my previous writings I alluded to the promotion of substance abuse amongst abductees by the reptilians. Sorcery by any other name is still sorcery. In the strictest sense, Sorcery refers to the use of natural or artificial substances by humans in order to attain a certain level of consciousness as a means of establishing and maintaining contact with non-human intelligences. I will now point out how astral dreamscape manipulation can and will be used to keep abductees of both sexes hooked on various drugs including but not limited to alcohol, crystal methedrine, crank, cocaine and marijuana.

    If an abductee has given up alcohol for awhile, he may have dreams where he is drinking booze. Not just drinking beers but guzzling whiskey out of a bottle. The dreamscape environment might be simulated to look like a favorite pub or hangout. During this dreamscape experience, the abductee may be drinking with what appear to be old drinking buddies he hasn't seen in years. He may wake up in the morning with a hangover or a tremendous headache.

    The ritualistic aspect of marijuana usage is exploited big time by the reptilians in the astral dreamscape. An abductee will find himself in a dream where he is back in a "party house" he used to hang out at as a teenager for example. Again, the reptilians have scanned his memories and know exactly how to create a reasonable facsimile of this party house. Everything including the Led Zeppelin posters on the wall will be simulated.

    The abductee's party buddies as they appeared years ago will be present. Here is where the ritualistic aspect of pot use comes into play. The abductee will find a bag of pot in his pocket. He will pull it out and begin the ritual of removing the seeds and the stems or depending on the quality of the dreamscape pot, pull out little scissors and begin cutting up the buds. Every nuance of the joint rolling or pipe stuffing ritual is re-enacted in minute detail. Finally, the group gathers around in a circle and begins the ritual of smoking the pot and passing it around. The duration of these experiences are the same as if it were being done in real life with each smoker expectantly waiting for their next hit of pot.

    When the abductee wakes up shortly thereafter (this is usually done in the late morning so the memory is still fresh) he may actually feel as if he's high on pot for few minutes. The reason he may feel high albeit momentarily is because the reptilians can manipulate brain chemistry in order to simulate the feeling of being under the influence of any drug they choose. They will even inject or otherwise introduce the drug into the sleeping abductee.

    Barbara Bartholic actually has cases where the abductee woke up with powder under their noses or remembered seeing grays injecting them and telling them they were being injected with Crank!

    For this and many other reasons, crystal methedrine and crank are some of the most difficult drugs to quit. When an individual is on speed they resonate at a different frequency than they ordinarily would. Excess nervous frenetic energy oozes out of the crank user which is assimilated greedily by any and all reptilians that are present in or out of the visible spectrum. Speed makes people paranoid and easier to manipulate. Some crank users begin to develop deviant sexual thoughts and desires and may begin acting on them. In some cases, crank users have found it well nigh impossible to stay off of the child porno sites on the internet.

    Crank users are manipulated into becoming violent and unpredictable thus creating an environment of high drama and tension for the other family members in the household. The wives or girlfriends of crank users who have become hosted have described how they suddenly realized that the individual they were living with "was not the same man I married." This comes up so often that it cannot be ascribed merely to some kind of hundredth monkey effect. More like a hundredth reptilian host effect. The woman will notice that her crankster boyfriend or husband has developed extremely deviant sexual desires which he wants to try on "his" mate. "He's not the same man I married." No doubt.

    When the speed user decides to quit using the drug, that's when the astral dreamscape manipulation kicks in that is tailor made to keep him on crank or crystal meth. There really is no need to elaborate on it suffice to say that they ensure that the user in the dreamscape is always in a situation where the drug is being used by himself and others or he is always in possession of the drug. Whether he's sitting in a dreamscape parking lot, theater, park or classroom, the former user will always find that he has his drug of choice in his possession. Pretty soon the crank user begins using again in "the real world" and the whole miserable cycle begins anew.

    Pedophilism in the Astral Dreamscape

    Pedophilism is promoted much the same way as mentioned above. A man may find himself in an erotic dreamscape scenario with a woman. He begins to caress and fondle the woman. He is in a highly aroused state of being. The woman he is with contrives to make the man lie on his back and she mounts him while he is in a fully aroused state. However, the moment the woman mounts him and he penetrates her vagina, the woman shapeshift into a young child. Sometimes the woman will shapeshift into the man's own daughter.

    Other times the man may be kissing and caressing a woman and then the woman will shapeshift into a young teenage boy. The man will be taken aback by this sudden change of events and pull back. Meanwhile a voice in his mind will be encouraging him to continue caressing this young boy. The voice will tell him things like "Go ahead. Its just a dream. Go ahead, no one will know." The male's erogenous zone is being manipulated by the reptilians all the while in order to keep him in this highly aroused state.

    In the case of a female abductee, she may be having an erotic dream with her "ideal man" or someone she has a crush on in real life. One thing leads to another and right before she begins performing fellatio on the dream guy, he shapeshift into a young boy or in some cases, into her own son.

    There are numerous variations of this form of astral dreamscape manipulation. Suffice it to say that it is all meant to encourage that individual to begin indulging himself or herself in pedophilism.

    Heightened Awareness Prevents it from Working

    I found this fascinating insight in the classic book "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu which was interpreted and translated by General Samuel B. Griffith USMC Retired.

    "All warfare is based on deception. A skilled general must be master of the complimentary arts of simulation and dissimulation; while creating shapes to confuse and delude the enemy, he conceals his true dispositions and ultimate intent. When capable he feigns incapacity; when near he makes it appear that he is far away; when far away, that he is near. Moving as intangibly as a ghost in the starlight, he is obscure, inaudible. His primary target is the mind of the opposing commander; the victorious situation, a product of his creative imagination. Sun Tzu realized that an indispensable preliminary to battle was to attack the mind of the enemy."

    General Griffith might as well have been writing about Astral Dreamscape Manipulation by the Reptilians. All of the methods I've mentioned above have been used again and again by the reptilians and their alien vassals. Those abductees who haven't developed nausea or suffered a migraine and have actually finished this treatise now have the information they need to protect themselves from this form of manipulation and behavior conditioning.

    Intelligence, especially operational intelligence, is worthless if it doesn't get to the people who have the most need for it. History has proven this time and again. The reptilians come out at night to assault us and manipulate us in the astral dreamscape. To paraphrase Mao:

    "When humans sleep, the reptilians attack. When we are awake, the reptilians retreat"

    The tide has turned. More and more spiritual warriors are awakening to the reality of the reptilian overlordship. Our ability to fight the reptilians on something approaching equal terms in the astral dreamscape is becoming more evident every night. Myself and the team I am a part of will continue to provide operational intelligence to the abductees with a heightened sense of awareness. I can assure the reader that they will not find this kind of information at a UFO conference unless my colleagues or myself is present. The UFO Research Community is a reptilian stronghold polluted with hive consciousness muppets spewing out hive cliches with boring regularity.

    Our team has decided to bypass the mainstream UFO community and take this information straight to the people. So beware all of you Serial Rapetoids in the UFO research community and in the astral dreamscape. We are going to expose you for what you are. The TRUTH to a reptilian hybrid-reptilian hive consciousness muppet is like sunlight to a vampire or kryptonite to Superman. The Truth is anathema to the reptilians. Notice how the Hive Consciousness took over David Icke's bulletin board until it became a propaganda organ for the reptilian-reptilian hive consciousness. It got so bad that Icke had to write a plaintive letter pointing out that he was only exposing the agenda of "the bad reptilians."

    I am not constrained by the need to be politically correct.

    James Bartley

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    Default Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    from http://www.whale.to/b/snuff_films.html

    Snuff Films
    Satanic ritual abuse

    [Satanic Psychopaths have to be behind this sort of horror, which would be a profile of Reptoids.]

    Satanic ritual abuse

    [2007] The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks. Beyond the Dutroux Affair

    [2005] Johnny Gosch, Jeff Gannon, Hunter Thompson and the Unraveling of a Troubling Tale By Tim Schmitt

    [2005] Italian, Russian Police Break Up Child Snuff Porn Ring Three Russian Jews and eight Italian Jews were arrested after police discovered they had been kidnapping non-Jewish children between the ages of two and five years from Russian orphanages, raping the children, and then murdering them on film. Mostly non-Jewish customers, including 1,700 nationwide, 600 in Italy, and an unknown number in the United States, paid as much as $20,000 per film to watch little children being raped and murdered.

    [2000] British link to 'snuff' videos Last week Italian police seized 3,000 of Kuznetsov's videos on their way to clients in Italy, sparking an international hunt for paedophiles who have bought his products. The Italian investigators say the material includes footage of children dying during abuse. Prosecutors in Naples are considering charging those who have bought the videos with complicity in murder. They say some may have specifically requested films of killings. .....Covert film of young children naked or undressing was known as a 'SNIPE' video. The most appalling category was code-named 'Necros Pedo' in which children were raped and tortured until they died.

    [vid] Mark Dice/Hunter Thompson, Bohemian grove, snuff film expose Mark Dice talks about the allegations that Hunter S. Thompston produced snuff films of people being killed for fun. Mark expands on these issues in his books The Resistance Manifesto and The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction available on Amazon.com and Kindle. Mark Dice is a media analyst, social critic, political activist, and author who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets people to question our celebrity obsessed culture, and the role the mainstream media plays in shaping our lives.

    See: Paedophilia Thompson, Hunter

    Labour politician Tom Driberg was said to spend as much time in public lavatories as the houses of parliament and he gave in 1972 a long list of top people involved in 'blackmail-able' sexual pursuits to M I 5. This same list in the same order would later turn up in the KGB London office, top of this list was Sir Anthony Blunt, who was believed to be a procurer of men and young lads, when a person dies their bowels tighten then release, and Blunt was said to have strangled young boys while being sodomized in 'snuff' killings, this is supposed to heighten the sexual climax. He would obtain boys from care homes for David Temple, who was also known as 'Soxon Rothschild, because he always kept his socks on while naked. Tony Blair as 'Miranda ' HE WHO PAYS THE PIPER by T. Stokes

    Of course we all know that the existence of snuff films is the stuff of urban legends. But there are those persistent reports of a thriving underground market for just such films, a market that is said to include many of wealth and power. Former Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp, for example, gives an appallingly detailed account of one such film in his self-published book, The Franklin Cover-Up.
    Ed Sanders concludes in The Family - based on a number of witness statements - that the Manson clan was involved in the production and distribution of snuff films (as well as child pornography). Maury Terry reaches the same conclusion about the Son of Sam cult in his book The Ultimate Evil. And then there is the case of Charles Ng and Leonard Lake.
    Their Northern California ranch was tailor-made for the production of snuff films, complete with a bunker containing hidden rooms with one-way viewing windows and hidden cameras. The compound also contained an incinerator for disposing of the bodies - one reason that a final body count was never achieved, though evidence indicated that as many as 25 people were killed and disposed of.
    As previously mentioned, Lake's ex-wife managed to get to the compound shortly before police and remove an unknown number of videotapes from the property. Though authorities claim these tapes were later returned, there is no way of verifying that the tapes returned were the same ones that had been removed, or that all were returned. There's Something About Henry by David McGowan

    It was The Hand of Death. We were working for that cult and we'd grab little kids for the human sacrifices, grab young women for the snuff movies..........The priests took the virgins to one building and the non-virgins went to where they made snuff films. An Interview With Ottis Toole: The Cannibal Kid

    Behind Disney’s good front lies hard porn, snuff films, white slavery, Illuminati mind-control, and the seduction of several generations into witchcraft. Disney’s involvement in these kind of things will be explained in this chapter. Nobody has sold America witchcraft as well as the Disney brothers. Movie after movie has cleverly brought the occult into the warp & woof of American thought, all under the disguise of entertainment. Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier: Disney

    I'm afraid that these are the same exclusive circles who probably have access to snuff films and sacrifices that are filmed, and that many of the same people who end up being replaced might also have their deaths or torture filmed and circulated. I can't say that with 100% firsthand knowledge, but I have known people who survived sex trafficking, and they say that snuff films are done when a sex slave/prostitute/call boy has gotten a bit haggard and worn around the edges, past his or her "sell by" date, and/or pissed off the wrong people. And there's a huge market in these exclusive, connected, and wealthy circles for that stuff. I think if we really want to know what happens to the people who get replaced, that such snuff films would unfortunately tell us more than we would ever want to know. [2010] Close Encounters with Celebrities & Show Business by 'feliciag'

    Mullholland Drive by DB "He (Lynch) masterfully reveals how the mob, black magicians, reptilian entities, and demonic entities actually control the biz............In fact, most of the main occult clues are IN EVERY SINGLE SCENE - bar none.
    You have sucubus, incubus, virgin possession for slaughter, the "deal" with the dark side, the selling of souls for dreams of ego o'er soul, he missed nothing....Another thing, these films - all so very real in context, movement and tone - are NOT fiction. Word on the street regarding MD, was every scene actually happened to either Dave or he was aware of it on some level. Every scene actually happened in Hollywood, at one time or another. That's why it is a true horror film, in a snuff sense. Its psychically imbued with the spirit and agony of those tragedies."

    September 28, 2000, Aftonbladet (Sweden), 'Pedofil-företag mördade barn inför kamera' ('Pedophile company murdered children in front of camera'): "The Pedophile network had branched out over the whole world. But the center was located in Murmansk, in North Russia... At the same time it is revealed that several large financial companies are involved... The Russian bosses in the organization so far revealed are these three: Dmitri Kuznetsov, 31, was arrested in Moscow in February, but was released shortly thereafter after the Russian parliament passed an amnesty law to reduce the number of internees. Valeri Ivanov, the one who is now in prison and who, himself, appears in many recordings where he torments young children. Andrej Valeri Minaev, formerly of the Soviet military, is the official owner of a company that primarily distributes TV video cassettes. He was also released after the amnesty... More than 1700 persons are suspected of having bought child pornography over the Internet...Eight of the arrested yesterday are Italians, but one is a Russian citizen. Of the Italians, one is a civil servant within the health care ministry, married without children. Another is a business leader, and a third is a civil servant in Milano. Irreproachable citizens whom no one would suspect... The pictures are unbearable for normal people to watch. Here are prolonged rape sequences with children begging to be spared. They are abused until they faint. Then they are murdered before the cameras... Yes, there are even scenes of actual autopsies on young people... In the 'product catalog' of the pedophiles were pictures of a 10-year-old girl who had been killed by hanging. A five-year-old girl with a grimace of pain as she is raped. An adult is killed by gradual crushing. The worst images are labeled 'necros pedo' and showed children being killed during abuse. Such cassettes sold for (US) $20,000. The arrested persons had specifically asked for assurances that the children actually were killed and that it was not simulated by trick photography... The scandal dominated the magazines and broadcasts on Thursday, after broadcasts with child pornographic pictures had been shown on TV during prime time. The opposition immediately demanded that the manager (Mr. Rais) of the state-owned TV company be dismissed. The matter was discussed in the chamber of deputies. " What has happened is absolutely unforgivable," said the leader of the opposition and the media boss Silvio Berlusconi, whose TV station chose not to show the images, according to Reuters. The newspaper La Republica devoted three pages to the operation, which has international branches. In an editorial, the competitor Corriere della Serra wrote that the extent of the affair is horrifying. "We could never have imagined that thousands of wealthy, cultivated people in the midst of society are taking pleasure in watching small children being tortured and killed." The special division of the police in Neapel for Internet-related crimes said that about 600 homes were searched in morning raids on Wednesday. According to the police, the key persons are three Russians who have kidnapped children from orphanages, amusement parks and [city] parks. Thereafter, the children were filmed as they were subjected to severe sexual abuse." http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/0009/28/pedo.html [2007] The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks. Beyond the Dutroux Affair

    June 29, 1997, Mail on Sunday, 'Outrage as snuff film pervert is free early': "The release of 32-year-old Warwick Spinks, who claims to have been involved in the murder of several children while making 'snuff' movies, has raised a storm of protest... It was a lurid confession from Spinks in an ITV documentary last April that sparked an investigation into the making of `snuff' movies in the Dutch town of Hoofddorp. In a conversation recorded by undercover police in Amsterdam, Spinks offered to supply a video in which a 10-year-old boy was killed, and said an associate had seen a boy die during the making of another film. Scotland Yard and Dutch police launched an inquiry which failed to find any evidence, but they are furious that Spinks, whose seven-year sentence was reduced to five on appeal, is being released so soon... Spinks was convicted of abducting a child, taking indecent photographs and a serious sexual assault in Feb-ruary 1995. His 14-year-old victim, described by Spinks as a rent-boy, had been on the run from a children's home in the North of England. Judge John Gower QC said Spinks had picked up the boy before taking a number of indecent photos during a gay sex session. Spinks later drugged his victim and took him to Amsterdam where he was sold to a homo-sexual brothel." [2007] The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks. Beyond the Dutroux Affair

    After buying some of the pedophile goods, which included a painful rape of a small child, van Rossem went back to one of the sex shops and asked for even more hardcore material for which he was willing to pay a hefty price. He hinted that he would like to see a girl being murdered on camera. Within a week, van Rossem received what he had ordered for 5,000 euros, a price quite similar to later reports.
    "The tape showed how the girl was brought into an empty room by a man with a hood over his head. She was handcuffed... The man cut the clothes from her body with a knife. She had scratches and bruises all over her body. He hit her in the face with his hand. After that she was thrown to the ground by the same man and anally raped. When he was done with this, he threw the girl against a wall and began to beat and kick her over her whole body. When she slid to the ground, he went to stand with one foot on all her limbs and broke with both hands her arms and legs. Then for some time he slowly worked on her with a knife, and stabbed her 32 times in total, mainly in the chest and abdomen. Finally, he cut her throat, again slowly. After that, he slowly labored on the girls' body, from the feet to her head, with great attention to the bloody details. It was perfectly clear that the girl was already dead by then. The whole movie had lasted 57 minutes and had not been edited." (90)
    Van Rossem: part time computer expert, financial expert, politician and white collar criminal, but full time anarchist. He referred to "snuff" as "sniff", a term not often used. According to van Rossem, this term has been derived from "sniffing up the real atmosphere of illegal sex" (p. 125 of his book). Apparently, Texan millionaires, Japanese businessmen on a stopover in the United States and Arab sheikhs have become the most important customers of pedophile snuff movies (p. 125-126), which solely refers to movies in which a person is murdered for the exact purpose of filming the event for distribution. One thing we know for sure is that some of the (often Western intelligence-connected) overly religious Middle-Eastern princes and sheikhs have rather interesting sexual preferences. April 23, 2003, The Scotsman, 'Britons held over 'Royal sex ring'': "According to the popular weekly news magazine VSD, the Saudi prince, who has not been named, paid 1.9 million for three months of attention. Some 40 members of the call girl ring from Poland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, the United States, Venezuela and Brazil allegedly travelled to Dubai at the end of January and were installed in a royal palace. The group included several models as well as male prostitutes and transvestites. Members of the ring were paid 27,600 each, the magazine said, as well as receiving presents including watches and jewellery from the Saudi royal... The prostitutes said they were under constant surveillance and were forbidden from making telephone calls."
    This is by no means the only accusation. The Fortunato Israel prostitution ring also had Arab diplomats and businessmen among its clients, just as men from the notorious Adnan Khashoggi. Although covered up by an alleged child abuser, this ring was also tied to child abuse and murder through Maud Sarr and especially Israel's mistress, Roger Boas (in whose factory allegedly a snuff room was located). Kay Griggs, wife of Col George Griggs, also mentioned some of the Saudi princes in relation to child abuse, sexual perversion and blackmail. X2's testimony raised the question if van Rossem's research hasn't been too in depth for his own good. [2007] The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks. Beyond the Dutroux Affair

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    Default Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    from http://translate.google.co.uk/transl...26prmd%3Dimvns

    Thursday, April 19, 2012
    Dutroux case: Louis Laurent shows photos of the autopsy of Julie and Melissa
    Julie and Melissa are two little girls kidnapped by Dutroux and starved to death at home while the police had heard their cries during a search.
    With all these twists, the Dutroux affair is a bad Belgian history. Lack of genuine popular support, including specific measures of protection, would join Louis Laurent Marcel Vervloesem in prison.

    Things are heating up in Belgium: Deputy Lawrence Louis, who published this list of prominent Belgians involved in pedophile rings and in financial Politico is reviled by the entire Belgian press. With the key, the complaint of the father of one of Dutroux's victims, Julie Lejeune. So it against attack by publishing the first autopsy report of Julie and Melissa, two of the victims of Dutroux.

    The media (all lined up in this country) are constantly telling us that Louis Lawrence crosses the line, also according to Belgian media, no one is listening. We as "MP slanderer" by it, "Lawrence Louis crossed the line" and there ... We are told doctemment he "loses it", and rumors posted on reflected "an obscure blog complotiste". In fact, the famous list would have been banned from publication in 2000. Not surprisingly no expert on pedophile networks.

    If it were not so serious, I would be folded into laughter!

    For these same media have quietly allowed to stifle the Dutroux case, which came close to blowing this country plagued by politics. These media had the single version: Dutroux is an "isolated predator" it "there is no pedophile rings in Belgium", all this is that "conspiracy theory".

    We would like, but unless you are atrophied brain or just a propagandist moron, you can not decently say that Dutroux was an "isolated predator", today in 2012. For since the affair was hushed up, everyone could read the 1,200 pages of trial record. Everyone could see who was promoted (the policeman who went twice in the cellar of Dutroux never see anything, Michaux, the attorney who buried the case, and even ministers who have the worst shenanigans) and that was destroyed (the few cops and policemen who were as far as possible in the audit of victim evidence: X1, X2, X3, etc.).

    Brief. Today, one by whom the offense cometh is attacked, strangely by the father of one victim, Jean-Denis Lejeune, who now leads a political career in the party which succeeds the CEPIC, this small group of far right political which have included many clowns cited by victims of the Dutroux case, the HRC. I do not spread it, it's already been done.

    Lejeune, therefore, decided to sue for defamation against Laurent Louis. While the MP well to the right made intemperate statements and often challenging to find a place in the micro Belgian political world. But this time, I who seeks to fight against these networks and pedophiles who know the Dutroux case, I must say it was right to shake the coconut.

    But he would revise the list anyway, because the anonymous who are circulated to 100% in defamation with this list that is not supported by any documents and more like a delusion that complotistes result of serious work.

    However, we could witness a grand time: following the complaint of Jean Denis Lejeune, the deputy warned him that he has published photos of the first autopsy of Julie and Melissa , two small officially died of starvation in the basement of Dutroux.

    This topic is most acute.

    Officially, the two little would have been kidnapped and put directly into the cellar, where they would have remained 106 days before dying of hunger, while Dutroux was in jail just for kidnapping two other little girls. No luck, the first autopsy said anything else.

    During the 106 days ( kidnapped June 24, 1995 , it is estimated that later they were in the cellar December 6, 1995 when Dutroux was jailed after an interrogation, it has been officially found dead by Dutroux when he was released from prison March 21, 1996, although it says otherwise ). Michele Martin comes to feed a first time between 15 and 19 January 1996. She returned 5 weeks later but did not give them to eat. Small would then died of thirst .

    Mid December 1995, the famous policeman Michaux had heard voices in the cellar, but did not seek further, despite the information held by which Dutroux had a cellar in his basement to put little girls kidnapped. Michaux had a distinguished career in the police subsequently was appointed as commissioner .

    On Thursday, therefore, Louis Lawrence organized a conference epresse during which he showed photos of the autopsies of two small. On his blog, he did the same, and also published the medico legal autopsies. An hour later, his blog was not accessible .

    Why? Because the first autopsy proves that they are not dead in the cellar, and they have been victims of multiple abuse before dying, which is not the official version.

    In addition, the photos of these autopsies are found in the Belgian Cardinal Danneels, who was able to keep quiet throughout his career to protect the pedophile ring what has become the Church. Why Were these photos? Obviously, we were served the soup in this regard .

    According to the first autopsy of two small, they were widely dilated anus, evidence of sexual abuse it can not be sustained according to the official version, since they are left alone in the cellar. As a result, Judge Langlois, who was there to bury the case, has ordered a second opinion which concluded that nothing had happened and that the girls had died of hunger and thirst, but we do not know when.

    Expertise: 44452836rapportautopsiejm

    In addition, Melissa was the amins attached when he was found dead. By whom? When? It seems that the links were placed after death to move the body, which weighed only 16 pounds. The child's legs were fractured post-mortem also. She had no hymen (a sign of "multiple sexual penetration"), his anus was dilated 4 to 5 cm, and the vagina was dilated to about 15 cm in diameter. It is written in the medico legal report:

    Early post mortem was raped, and also before he died. His stomach was empty

    Julie was also attached, post mortem, weighing under 16 pounds and completely naked. Her hymen was preserved but dilated, her anus was dilated more than 4 cm, which can only be explained "by repeated acts of sodomy". In addition, his body was in a state of putrefaction more advanced than that of Melissa, while the two girls were buried together.

    So says Lawrence Louis on his blog:

    "This April 19, at a press conference, I unveiled some parts of the Dutroux file capitals but also and above all I asked essential for all citizens (and there are many) who seek the truth in this matter.

    Here are the questions I think are important and which nobody has yet to answer. I appeal to the people, the people of Belgium to take the time to think and it takes its own idea without outside manipulation. I will just put some information in light and ask some questions.

    - In the anonymous letter which I echo last week, the newspaper's future recognizes verbatim "All is not false in this mail but the false and the unaudited are given together with the true and the intersected ". In this case, why those guilty of crimes are not they worried? Why would people who do not deposit unfairly cited not they complain? Why do innocent people (because there are a) do not want to cleanse their honor against this list that has circulated for years?

    - How can we accept that the BIS Dutroux dossier has been filed away when there were thousands of genetic traces found in the cache Marcinelle to analyze. Can we accept the argument used was that the cost of these analyzes when every year we spend huge sums to ensure the lifestyle of our ministers and the royal family. The search for truth and the criminalization of pedophiles, child killers do they not worth all the money in the world?

    - Why do parents of murdered children did they accept the closure of the BIS record? Have they been pressure? Have they realized that everything was written in advance and that nothing would result? Were they misinformed? I also want to put an immediate end to the controversy that I would have slandered or threatened Jean-Denis Lejeune and other relatives of missing children. This controversy is sterile and politically RC. Parents are not my enemies. My enemy is the system that, without them realizing it, put it under glass.

    - Why Danneels Archbishop he denounced for 4 years through his book "The men in white robes," the institutionalization of pedophilia in our country with the Dutroux affair is only the visible part of the iceberg? Why did he change his mind in 2000?

    - How can we accept that Master Hissel has been convicted of downloading child pornography images when he was counsel for the parents of Julie and Melissa? How not to ask questions when we know that many in the Dutroux case were suspected of pedophilia?

    - Why political parties did they take so much care of the parents of the little victims to the point of offering them responsibilities within their organization? Can we not see a system's willingness to hand over without parents that they may not even realize it?

    - The Justice insists that Julie and Melissa starved to death while on the basis of photographs and forensic evidence, one can clearly see that the girls suffer from a large dilatation of the anus (dilated 4 to 4.5 cm)? You may say they have been raped before dying of hunger. The problem is that according to the survey and especially according to the lawsuit, the girls died of starvation because they were confined in the cache Marcinelle without sufficient food or drink while Dutroux was then incarcerated. Dutroux was jailed on 7 December 1995 to 20 March 1996 is 103 days! How can we discover in this case on the bodies of victims a small dilatation of the anus varying from 4 to 4.5 cm? We do not stay 103 days with a dilatation of the anus ... This means they have been abused, raped and tortured before they died immediately. In this case, the rapist / murderer is at large since Dutroux was then incarcerated. Who is it? The expert also speaks of a possible rape postmortem. If this is the case nobody has been convicted of this act, however, punished by the Penal Code. Is this acceptable?

    I enclose the forensic for those who have the desire to read it all: 44452836rapportautopsiejm.pdf

    Regarding the autopsy photos which show the large anal dilation, I decided to show these pictures to all citizens who desire and who take the trouble to consult them in my office. The publication of these photos is a huge ethical dilemma in my case. I have one hand the desire to play the card of transparency because these photos are proof positive that the Dutroux case is a lie State. On the other hand, I can not take the risk that these pictures falling into malicious hands and alleviate the urges of pedophiles present in large numbers in our country or in the hands of children who could be shocked. These photos are available to the people provided that those who want to see occur. We thus avoid offending those who are not willing to see such violent images. To make an appointment to see these pictures: info@mld.be

    I conclude by saying that by publishing these documents, I take huge risks. I receive significant death threats and pressures common. These pressures also extend to all of my collaborators. That's why I decided to suspend the Politburo of the party to be the one to take the knocks. All, however, was implemented to ensure my safety. I also has many important documents against senior officials of the State, documents that are now my best life insurance. If anything happens to me whatever, these will be published immediately thanks to the many contacts that I have in Belgium and abroad.

    I would also like to emphasize that neither money nor power guided my struggle. I am guided by my idealism, my rejection of injustice and the pursuit of truth. Having read the above documents, my conscience prevented me to stay without reaction. Criminals can not go unpunished!

    If you too are troubled by the expert report, if you also ask yourself important questions, if you also do realize that the whole truth has not been made in the Dutroux case and that you resent that criminals are still at liberty, I invite you to sign and share this petition calling for the reopening of the record BIS, the analysis of genetic traces found in the cache Marcinelle and the opening of an investigation to dismantle pedophile networks in Belgium and their patrons / players in the political, judicial and business.

    To sign the petition and share it, click here Petition: The truth about the Dutroux case in Belgium and pedophilia

    With the broadest support possible to the population, I will go through without worrying about threats and pressure to clean the political, judicial and financial criminals who run our country. "

    In short, now Louis is afraid for his life and it probably owes its salvation that current media hype, and the fact that he still has Providing document incriminating rot for many Belgian political world, still functions.

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