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Thread: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    The pill is destroying women's bodies and everyone is ignoring it for money

    Mary Margaret Olohan Evie Magazine
    Wed, 20 Feb 2019 17:25 UTC

    We've been told that birth control is one of the great inventions of our time and that we would be foolish not to take it. The truth is, we've been lied to.

    Birth control is sexist towards women - and it is incredibly damaging to our bodies. This is pretty ironic, considering we are always told that birth control is empowering, right? Yet even the history of birth control reveals an utter lack of respect for the dignity of women.

    Women were the Guinea Pigs
    The creation of the pill was sketchy - to say the least. Prompted by Margaret Sanger, millionaire Katherine McCormick funded studies for Harvard Professor Gregory E. Pincus; studies focused on ways in which women could prevent pregnancy without a man knowing.

    After years of experimenting various pills on rabbits, Pincus conducted birth control experiments which he claimed were "fertility studies" by exploiting helpless patients in a Massachusetts mental institution. He did not tell his patients what pills he would give them - they were expected to take the pills and suffer the consequences while he documented the results. Men were unable to stand the procedures, as Pincus' experiments caused testicle shrinking and "castration anxiety." So Pincus decided to focus in on women - despite the fact that women also had horrible side effects to his pills; blood clotting, bloating, mood swings, etc

    The Victims of Puerto Rico

    As he ran out of women willing to be sliced and diced in his experiments, Pincus focused in on Puerto Rico. The country suffered from poverty and overpopulation, and the government was already highly interested in birth control. Pincus recruited female students from the University of Puerto Rico and was extremely angry when more than half of them dropped out due to the violent side effects of the pill. He and his colleagues resorted to forcing students to cooperate - or receive failing grades in their classes.

    The first versions of the pill had almost ten times the amount of hormones needed to prevent pregnancy. But that didn't stop Pincus' experimentation on women - experiments that hadn't even been entirely successful on animals. And let's not forget that the creators of the pill opted to experiment on women instead of men. Feminists at the time weren't happy about it. At a Capitol Hill investigation of the pill's safety (about ten years later), activist Alice Wolfston shouted, "Why isn't there a pill for men? Why are 10 million women being used as guinea pigs?"

    Women have been Silenced
    Noticeably, no women were allowed to speak at this hearing - though it investigated all the negative symptoms of the pill that occurred in women. The sketchy Puerto Rico trials and the mental institution abuses were completely ignored by politicians and doctors alike - as they are to this day!

    This is not unlike the way doctors and health advocates ignore the horrible side effects of birth control, today, in 2019.

    Negative Side Effects of Birth Control
    Recent studies from the Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre in Australia show that women who take birth control are at a much, much higher risk of depression than women who do not - particularly with adolescents. In fact, these studies reveal that you are twice as likely to be depressed if you are on birth control. Teenagers are at an 80% increased risk of taking antidepressants after taking the pill.

    Negative short term side effects of the pill include mood swings, headaches, weight gain, breast tenderness, low libido, and nausea. Long term side effects are more extreme: anxiety, panic attacks, and reproductive issues later on in life.

    Breast Cancer

    Even worse - a 2017 Danish study reported in The New York Times found that many types of birth control can be linked to breast cancer. The study reveals that for every 100,000 women on hormonal birth control, there are 68 annual cases of breast cancer. Research also shows that the hormone progestin (which is commonly used in birth control today) raises the risk of breast cancer.


    Think that's all? Think again. A 2017 Time Magazine article reported that "women taking hormonal contraceptives - like birth control pills, the patch, the ring, and hormonal IUDs - have up to triple the risk of suicide as women who never took hormonal birth control."

    So... that's not just increased risk of cramps, as many birth control options will tell you. It's not just increased blood flow, irritability, or headaches. The pill brings a multitude of concerns with it, both physically and psychologically. These studies not only should cause us to pause in our casual understanding of birth control. They should help us recognize that it is truly shocking and outrageous that the pill is pushed on women as a tool of empowerment and health.

    Studies like these show the importance of women taking their health into their own hands - and not listening to pop culture, politicians, or government-funded health organizations who eagerly push the pill on us. In fact, maybe it's time for us to examine why we are being offered something so inherently harmful to us.
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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    States move to mandate deadly HPV Gardasil vaccine for children

    Brian Shilhavy Vaccine Impact
    Sun, 24 Feb 2019 16:39 UTC

    Pharmaceutical giant Merck's political influence is now reaching beyond the CDC and federal government, and moving into state legislatures as several states have introduced bills to mandate Merck's Gardasil HPV vaccine for children.

    The HPV vaccine, which only applies to sexually active people, is not currently part of the CDC vaccine schedule, therefore separate legislation is needed to compel children to receive it.

    What is withheld from the public is the fact that Merck is fighting fraud cases in U.S. courts and multiple other lawsuits around the world concerning the Gardasil vaccine, as the vaccine continues to kill and injure, primarily teenage girls. See: Nation's Leading Lawyers take on Gardasil Vaccine Fraud in U.S. Court

    Here are the states currently considering new legislation to mandate the Gardasil vaccine against parental choice. (Note: Merck's Gardasil vaccine is the only HPV vaccine currently licensed in the U.S. So when you read "HPV Vaccine," that currently means Gardasil.)
    • Connecticut: SB 858 - Allows for administration of HPV and Hepatitis B Vaccines to minors without parental consent. Public Hearing 02/25/19.
    • Florida: HB 245/SB 356 - Mandates HPV Vaccine for children as a requirement for school attendance.
    • Illinois: SB 1659 - Mandates HPV Vaccines for 6th grade students.
    • Massachusetts: SD 1520 - Mandates HPV Vaccine for school children.
    • New Jersey: A1847 - Mandates HPV Vaccines for students in grades six through 12.
    • New York: (2 bills) A973/S3899 - Allows health care practitioners to administer HPV/Hep B Vaccines to minors without parental consent. And S298 - Mandate the HPV Vaccine to the current list of vaccines required for children.
    To keep up-to-date on these bills and other bills taking away parental rights to vaccines in each state, sign up for the National Vaccine Information Center portal.

    What Doctors Outside the U.S. are Saying About the HPV Vaccine - Foreign Lawsuits Against Merck for Gardasil Injuries

    Dr. Nicole Delépine

    Censored from the U.S. "mainstream" media which is heavily funded by Big Pharma, is the fact that other countries are rejecting the HPV vaccine due to all the deaths and injuries it is causing.

    Earlier this year (2019), Dr. Nicole Delépine of France, an oncologist and surgeon, revealed that statistics show a link to increased cervical cancer rates since the introduction of the HPV vaccine. See: French Cancer Surgeon: Statistics Show HPV Gardasil Vaccine Linked to Increased Cervical Cancer Rates After Years of Decline Due to Pap Smears

    She joins French physician Dr. Dalbergue, a former pharmaceutical industry physician with Gardasil manufacturer, Merck, who stated :
    I predict that Gardasil will become the greatest medical scandal of all times because at some point in time, the evidence will add up to prove that this vaccine, technical and scientific feat that it may be, has absolutely no effect on cervical cancer and that all the very many adverse effects which destroy lives and even kill, serve no other purpose than to generate profit for the manufacturers. (Source.)
    As possibly a result of this negative press in France, the French National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety, which is part of the European Medicines Agency, which works hard to promote vaccines, participated in a study to examine whether or not the HPV vaccine had an "increased risk of autoimmune diseases."

    The title of the study, published in August of 2017, was titled: Human papillomavirus vaccination and risk of autoimmune diseases: A large cohort study of over 2 million young girls in France.

    As a pro-vaccine government agency, it is to be expected that the study would have a primary emphasis to do "damage control" to the negative public perceptions regarding the HPV vaccine and reassure the public that the vaccine was safe.

    It is somewhat surprising, therefore, that the study raised any safety issues at all. They admitted that Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), a crippling condition similar to polio, had a significantly higher rate among those vaccinated with the HPV vaccine compared to those who were not.

    Another study published around the same time (July 2017) was conducted by doctors in Mexico at the National Institute of Cardiology.

    The study pointed out several areas of concern and discrepancies, including a safety report by The European Medicines Agency.

    The results of their study found:
    • The lack of inert placebo in the vast majority of prelicensure HPV vaccine randomized studies
    • Large randomized trials disclosed significantly more severe adverse events in the tested HPV vaccine cohort
    • Pooled safety analysis found more post-immunization symptoms in bivalent HPV vaccine vs. hepatitis A vaccine
    • Post-marketing HPV vaccine adverse events case series describe similar cluster of symptoms than those reported in pre-clinical trials
    • The European Medicines Agency report on HPV vaccine safety looked at specific diagnoses and not at symptoms clusters
    • In-depth analysis of some supportive post-marketing HPV vaccine safety studies discloses disquieting findings
    The study found the statistics regarding the new Gardasil 9 particularly troubling, as the statistics suggest that severe harm is suffered every 140 injections. See: International Study: An Honest Look at the Statistics Shows that the HPV Vaccine is Not Safe

    Earlier this month (February, 2019), a Mexican doctor announced that she had actually developed a cure for the Human Papilloma Virus, so the vaccine is not even needed! See: Mexican Scientist Develops Cure for Human Papilloma Virus

    Negative press regarding the Gardasil HPV vaccine and Merck's legal problems can be found in France, Spain, Japan, Ireland, Denmark, the UK, India, and many others.

    Merck Vaccine Fraud Includes Government Vaccine Fraud
    When discussing Merck vaccine fraud, it must also be mentioned that the U.S. government has a huge conflict of interest, as it profits from the sale of vaccines, and Gardasil in particular.

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is tasked with vaccine safety, and yet it is also the largest purchaser of vaccines, spending over $5 billion annually to purchase vaccines.

    Julie Gerberding was in charge of the CDC from 2002 to 2009, which includes the years the FDA approved the Merck Gardasil vaccine.

    Soon after she took over the CDC, she reportedly completely overhauled the agency's organizational structure, and many of the CDC's senior scientists and leaders either left or announced plans to leave. Some have claimed that almost all of the replacements Julie Gerberding appointed had ties to the vaccine industry.

    Gerberding resigned from the CDC on January 20, 2009, and took over as the president of Merck's Vaccine division, a 5 billion-dollar-a-year operation, and the supplier of the largest number of vaccines the CDC recommends (article here).

    It was reported in 2015 that Dr. Gerberding, now the executive vice president of pharmaceutical giant, Merck, sold 38,368 of her shares in Merck stock for $2,340,064.32. She still holds 31,985 shares of the company's stock, valued at about $2 million.

    Besides examples like this showing a clear conflict of interest between government agencies tasked with overseeing public health and vaccine safety and pharmaceutical companies, the National Institute of Health also holds patents on vaccines such as Gardasil, and earns royalties from the sale of vaccines.

    Dr. Eric Suba tried to use the Freedom of Information Act to find out how much money the National Institute of Health (NIH) earned from the sale of Gardasil, but they refused to report the amount of revenue the government earns from this vaccine (although not denying they do earn royalties).

    With the FDA's approval of the Gardasil 9 vaccine for adults now, the government stands to earn even more revenue from this vaccine, as insurance companies and Medicare can now start picking up the cost of the vaccine.

    Oppose Mandatory Gardasil Vaccination
    Due to the pharma-controlled "mainstream" media's censorship of these facts about the HPV vaccine, it is likely that very few legislators know about the dangers, fraud, and controversy surrounding Merck's Gardasil vaccine.

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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    Very telling excerpt from Nation’s Leading Lawyers take on Gardasil Vaccine Fraud in U.S. Court

    "After all, Merck was promising regulators, pediatricians and the public that inoculations given to 9-12-year-old girls would provide immunity against a relatively rare cancer that typically doesn’t kill until age 58!

    Pennock explained that Merck has refused to disclose the contents of AAHS or to provide samples to independent and university scientists for testing.

    AAHS, astonishingly, has never been safety tested by government regulators or by Merck.

    Studies on animals conducted by world renowned independent scientists like Dr. Chris Exley, Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld, Dr. Chris Shaw and others have found that mice and sheep exposed to aluminum adjuvants, at concentrations comparable to those found in vaccines, develop strange behavioral patterns and illnesses resembling autoimmune diseases.

    A parade of deceptive canards
    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. next gave the court an explosive 50-minute presentation of 112 disturbing slides describing the parade of deceptive canards that composed Merck’s clinical trials.

    Kennedy described a series of fraudulent gimmicks employed by Merck to deceive regulators during the clinical trials including the use of a “spiked” extremely toxic AAHS placebo rather than a true inert placebo that is standard for control groups in blue ribbon safety studies for other pharmaceutical products."


    "Kennedy closed his powerful presentation by chronicling the parade of corrupt conflicts that caused HHS officials to turn a blind eye to the rife fraud that characterized the clinical trials.

    Merck loaded the two FDA and CDC panels that approved Gardasil, with paid toadies. He showed that the pharmaceutical industry actually pays 45% of FDA’s annual budget and that NIH and its officials own part of the patents to the Gardasil vaccine and collect royalties on every vaccine sold.

    NIH collects tens of millions of dollars annually from Gardasil sales.

    Finally, 45% of CDC’s budget goes to promoting and purchasing vaccines. Merck exerts control over the CDC with millions of dollars in contributions to the CDC foundation, which allows funding for pet projects.

    This level of support gives Merck the power to also punish the CDC by withholding funding if displeased by the agency."
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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    New Research: High HPV Cancer Rates Linked to High Gardasil Vaccination Rates – “Exactly the Opposite of what we Expected”

    Comments by Brian Shilhavy
    Editor, Health Impact News

    Last year (2018) we reported on the research of French oncologist Dr. Gérard Delépine, who published an analysis of the HPV vaccine Gardasil showing how increased rates of Gardasil vaccinations are actually correlated with a higher rate of cervical cancer. See:

    French Oncologist Analysis of Gardasil Vaccine Finds Higher Rates of Cervical Cancer Associated with High Vaccination Rates

    Now, researchers at the University of South Alabama are observing the same link of increased Gardasil vaccination rates with an increased rate of HPV related cervical cancers in Alabama.

    The researchers and medical doctors commented that this was a “surprising discovery” and that it was “exactly the opposite of what we expected.”

    It is highly unlikely this will be reported in any of the corporate-sponsored “mainstream” media sources.

    HPV-related cancer rates affect vaccine uptake in Alabama, USA Health study says

    By University of South Alabama

    USA Health researchers studying HPV vaccination rates in Alabama have made a surprising discovery: Counties with higher rates of HPV-related cancers also showed higher HPV vaccination rates, according to research presented at the Society of Gynecologic Oncology’s Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer.
    “It was exactly the opposite of what we expected,” said Dr. Jennifer Young Pierce, who heads Cancer Control and Prevention at USA Health Mitchell Cancer Institute.

    “We found that the higher the rate of cancer in the county, the higher the rate of vaccination.”
    The research was one of 12 studies accepted for oral or poster presentations at the national meeting.

    The study sought to explore the reasons why vaccination rates for human papillomavirus (HPV) vary so widely among counties in Alabama, from 33 percent to 66 percent. Researchers expected to find lower vaccination rates in rural counties with fewer physicians and in counties with low incomes, which would have been consistent with national reports from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    However, the data showed little difference in HPV vaccine uptake between urban and rural counties, and between affluent and poor ones. The seven counties with the highest HPV vaccination rates were both rural and low income, Pierce said.
    “The main takeaway is that perception of high cancer risk overcomes traditional disparities that can affect HPV vaccine uptake.”
    Meanwhile, the study also found higher HPV vaccination rates among residents who receive government-funded health care and the highest HPV rates in some counties that have no pediatricians.

    Read the full article.

    Comment on this article at VaccineImpact.com.

    More information about Gardasil

    Images of a few of the women we have done articles about who had their lives destroyed by the Gardasil vaccine.

    Illinois Teen Dies Three Weeks After Being Injected with HPV Gardasil Vaccine

    California Nurse Gives Gardasil Vaccine to Own Daughter who Develops Leukemia and Dies

    Infant Accidentally Vaccinated with Gardasil – Mother Blamed for Vaccine Injuries and Baby Medically Kidnapped

    The Happy-go-Lucky Girl I had Pre-HPV Vaccine is Gone Forever

    Iowa Girl Faces Death: Life Destroyed by Gardasil Vaccine

    Gardasil Vaccine Given without Consent and Ruins Life of 14 Year Old Girl

    After 3 Years of Suffering 19 Year Old Girl Dies from Gardasil Vaccine Injuries

    Gardasil: The Decision We Will Always Regret

    15 Year Old French Girl’s “Descent into Hell” After Gardasil Vaccine – Wheelchair Bound and Paralyzed

    The Gardasil Vaccine After-Life: My Daughter is a Shadow of Her Former Self

    Gardasil: An Experience no Child Should Have to Go Through

    I Want my Daughter’s Life Back the Way it was Before Gardasil

    Gardasil Vaccine: Destroyed and Abandoned

    15-Year-Old Vaccinated by Force with Gardasil now Suffers from Paralysis and Pain

    Recovering from my Gardasil Vaccine Nightmare

    Gardasil: We Thought It Was The Right Choice

    “HPV Vaccine Has Done This to My Child”

    13 Year Old World Championship Karate Student Forced to Quit After Gardasil Vaccine

    If I Could Turn Back Time, Korey Would not Have Received any Gardasil Shots

    What Doctors Don’t Tell You: Our Gardasil Horror Story

    Family Fights U.S. Government over Compensation for Gardasil Vaccine Injuries

    Gardasil: When Will our Nightmare End?

    HPV Vaccine Injuries: “I Cannot Begin to Describe What it is Like to Watch your Daughter Live in Such Agony”

    Gardasil: Don’t Let Your Child Become “One Less”

    The Gardasil Vaccine Changed Our Definition of “Normal”

    Gardasil: I Should Have Researched First

    “They’ve Been Robbed of Their Womanhood” – Local Milwaukee Media Covers Gardasil Vaccine Injuries

    Gardasil: The Day Our Daughter’s Life Changed

    Gardasil: The Decision I will Always Regret

    Gardasil Vaccine: One More Girl Dead

    Gardasil: A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

    After Gardasil: I Simply Want my Healthy Daughter Back

    Gardasil: My Family Suffers with Me

    Gardasil Changed my Health, my Life, and Family’s Lives Forever

    Gardasil: Ashlie’s Near-Death Experience

    Gardasil: My Daughter’s Worst Nightmare

    My Personal Battle After the Gardasil Vaccine

    Gardasil: The Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Me

    A Ruined Life from Gardasil

    HPV Vaccines: My Journey Through Gardasil Injuries

    The Dark Side of Gardasil – A Nightmare that Became Real

    Toddler Wrongly Injected with Gardasil Vaccine Develops Rare Form of Leukaemia
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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    “Mass Sterilization”: Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-fertility Agent in UN Tetanus Vaccine

    By Brian Shilhavy Global Research
    May 23, 2019
    Health Impact News

    Region: sub-Saharan Africa
    Theme: Intelligence, United Nations

    Image source: UNICEF
    According to LifeSiteNews, a Catholic publication, the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association is charging UNICEF and WHO with sterilizing millions of girls and women under cover of an anti-tetanus vaccination program sponsored by the Kenyan government.
    The Kenyan government denies there is anything wrong with the vaccine, and says it is perfectly safe.

    The Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, however, saw evidence to the contrary, and had six different samples of the tetanus vaccine from various locations around Kenya sent to an independent laboratory in South Africa for testing.

    The results confirmed their worst fears: all six samples tested positive for the HCG antigen. The HCG antigen is used in anti-fertility vaccines, but was found present in tetanus vaccines targeted to young girls and women of childbearing age. Dr. Ngare, spokesman for the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, stated in a bulletin released November 4:
    “This proved right our worst fears; that this WHO campaign is not about eradicating neonatal tetanus but a well-coordinated forceful population control mass sterilization exercise using a proven fertility regulating vaccine. This evidence was presented to the Ministry of Health before the third round of immunization but was ignored.” (Source.)
    Dr. Ngare brought up several points about the mass tetanus vaccination program in Kenya that caused the Catholic doctors to become suspicious:
    Dr. Ngare told LifeSiteNews that several things alerted doctors in the Church’s far-flung medical system of 54 hospitals, 83 health centres, and 17 medical and nursing schools to the possibility the anti-tetanus campaign was secretly an anti-fertility campaign.

    Why, they ask does it involve an unprecedented five shots (or “jabs” as they are known, in Kenya) over more than two years and why is it applied only to women of childbearing years, and why is it being conducted without the usual fanfare of government publicity?
    “Usually we give a series three shots over two to three years, we give it anyone who comes into the clinic with an open wound, men, women or children.” said Dr. Ngare.
    But it is the five vaccination regime that is most alarming.
    “The only time tetanus vaccine has been given in five doses is when it is used as a carrier in fertility regulating vaccines laced with the pregnancy hormone, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) developed by WHO in 1992.” (Source.)
    UNICEF: A History of Taking Advantage of Disasters to Mass Vaccinate
    It should be noted that UNICEF and WHO distribute these vaccines for free, and that there are financial incentives for the Kenyan government to participate in these programs. When funds from the UN are not enough to purchase yearly allotments of vaccines, an organization started and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI, provides extra funding for many of these vaccination programs in poor countries. (See: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Vaccine Empire on Trial in India.)

    Also, there was no outbreak of tetanus in Kenya, only the perceived “threat” of tetanus due to local flood conditions.

    These local disasters are a common reason UNICEF goes into poorer countries with free vaccines to begin mass vaccination programs.

    Health Impact News reported last year that UNICEF began a similar mass vaccination program with 500,000 doses of live oral polio vaccine in the Philippines after a Super Typhoon devastated Tacolban and surrounding areas. This was in spite of the fact there were no reported cases of polio in the Philippines since 1993, and people who have had the live polio vaccine can “shed” the virus into sewage systems, thereby causing the actual disease it is supposed to be preventing. (See: No Polio in the Philippines Since 1993, But Mass Polio Vaccination Program Targeted for 500,000 Typhoon Victims Under Age 5.)

    A very similar mass vaccination with the live oral polio vaccine occurred among Syrian refugees in 2013, when 1.7 million doses of polio vaccine were purchased by UNICEF, in spite of the fact that no cases of polio had been seen since 1999. After the mass vaccination program started, cases of polio began to reappear in Syria. (See: Are UNICEF Live Polio Vaccines Causing Polio Among Syrians? 1.7 Billion Polio Vaccines Purchased by UNICEF.)

    It seems quite apparent that UNICEF and WHO use these local disasters to mass vaccinate people, mainly children and young women. Massive education and propaganda efforts are also necessary to convince the local populations that they need these vaccines. Here is a video UNICEF produced for the tetanus vaccine in Kenya. Notice how they use school teachers and local doctors to do the educating, even though the vaccines are produced by western countries.

    At least in Kenya, Catholic doctors are acting and taking a stand against what they see as an involuntary mass sterilization campaign designed to control the population of Africans.


    The original source of this article is Health Impact News
    Copyright © Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News, 2019

    Related: See thread's Opening Post
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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    This is one of many things that depresses me about having children in the current age. Knowing how evil the people behind these drug companies are, I doubt that we even know the full extent of the damage birth control does to a woman's body in general and her reproductive system in particular. And yet virtually all girls grow up taking these pills today. Even if they're not sexually active, they take them for regulating periods or hormones or whatever other excuse is given.

    And considering the depopulation agendas and all the rest circulating among the same circles of crony globalist oligarchs, to suppose that all of this is intentional, a form of warfare against the common man and woman, is not too far-fetched.

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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    CDC Paid Maryland $123 Million to Promote Gardasil Vaccine as Requirement for School Attendance

    by Josh Mazer Eye on Annapolis
    November 10, 2019


    The Maryland Prevention and Health Promotion Agency (PHPA) has received millions — $123 million just between 2012–2017 — as part of an effort to require public schools to force children to get the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccination. Those funds came in the form of grants from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    The CDC maintains a nonprofit foundation that gets enormous amounts of money from Big Pharma — including Merck, the company that produces Gardasil, the HPV vaccine. At the very least, Maryland’s acceptance of those funds has the appearance of impropriety.

    During a PHPA-hosted “HPV symposium” attended by state pediatric practices and Maryland Department of Health staffers in March 2018 at Ten Oaks, Maryland, the featured speaker — Dr. Alix Casler — encouraged attendees to offer free dinners, bottles of wine, and “Quality Doctor Incentives $” sales bonuses to get Maryland physicians on board with the HPV vaccine-pushing program. Dr. Casler offered a $5,000 cash payment to pediatric practices that achieve targeted HPV vaccine sales goals.

    Dr. Casler is a paid spokesperson for Merck — to the tune of more than $59,000 just between 2013 and 2016, according to data compiled by ProPublica.

    In 2016, the Maryland Partnership for Prevention — which lists the Maryland Department of Health as its top member — accepted $70,000 from the Association of Immunization Managers (AIM). AIM’s top “Corporate Alliance Members” are Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi Pasteur and Seqirus. That same year, legislation was introduced in Maryland to mandate the shot.

    In the U.S., only three jurisdictions have made HPV vaccination mandatory: Rhode Island, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Clearly, based on the money and other incentives being injected into our public-health policy system, Big Pharma would love to see Maryland become the fourth to do so.

    At the Maryland conference, then Delegate Lam promised the industry insiders that he was working with the Department of Health to mandate HPV vaccination as a “back to school” shot in Maryland. When queried, he denied it. Why is Senator Lam working in secret to advance a pharma product- and what constituency is he representing when he does so?

    Money should not trump science 1,2,3. We need to be able to trust our government. Maryland’s leaders should stop the Merck money train and focus on proven public-health strategies to help prevent HPV cancers, such as screening and avoiding risky behaviors. No amount of money should persuade our government to allow it to be pushed in our schools.

    Maryland public health bureaucrats have no scientific rationale for this illogical, dangerous program. There are 250 cases of cervical cancer in our state per year, with about 60 deaths. Injecting 1.5 million young people between the ages of 9 and 29 with two doses of this shot will not change anything with regards to cervical cancer prevalence in Maryland. It will, however, provide a $750 million gravy train to Merck, the department of health, and pediatric practices in our state.

    When your pediatrician earnestly pitches this shot for your healthy child, ask whether your kid is the one that tips the medical practice into the $5000 bonus pool. Ask what evidence there is that the shot prevents cancer, and why cervical cancers are surging in countries that aggressively pushed the shot. Ask why your healthy child should take the risk of becoming another Maryland HPV vaccine statistic, to be ignored, denied, and covered up. Just like the HPV vaccine caused death of Baltimore County resident Christina Tarsell.

    To read the full research, a PDF is included by clicking here.

    Read the full article at Eye on Annapolis.
    "La réalité est un rêve que l'on fait atterrir" San Antonio AKA F. Dard

    Troll-hood motto: Never, ever, however, whatsoever, to anyone, a point concede.

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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    Compensate People for Forcing Them to Give Birth--Groundbreaking South Carolina Bill:

    (Confusing, conflicting priorities apparently on the part of TPTB surrounding population control.
    Nothing to do with vaccines, but on-topic enough, hopefully.
    I've been praying that their consensual agenda isn't to put Mike Pence in as POTUS, who is supported by far Right wing Fundamentalists, and would probably doom Rowe vs Wade and ban abortions and lots of health care for women.
    I'm currently reading Margaret Atwood's new sequel to "The Handmaids' Tale", "The Testaments", which is even more terrifying.
    Then today I saw this):

    Groundbreaking South Carolina Bill: Compensate People for Forcing Them to Give Birth
    Dec 13, 2019, Imani Gandy

    "The pre-filed bill would force a conversation in South Carolina—and hopefully nationwide—about whether anti-choice lawmakers who fancy themselves “pro-life” are actually that.
    If South Carolina lawmakers are going to ban abortion after six weeks’ gestation and force every pregnant person to carry their pregnancy to term, the state should damn well pay for the costs associated with giving birth to and raising that child.

    That’s the premise behind a bill called the South Carolina Pro Birth Accountability Act that state Sen. Mia McLeod pre-filed Wednesday, and boy howdy!—it is a barn burner.

    The bill, SB 928, demands that anti-choice lawmakers in South Carolina who have proposed banning abortion at six weeks into pregnancy put their money where their mouth is: If lawmakers are going to force people to carry their pregnancies to term, and if they are going to deem the development of an unborn embryo as more important than the life and rights of pregnant people, then South Carolina should compensate them for acting as a gestational surrogate for the state of South Carolina.

    The law points out that given the surrogacy market, a pregnant person’s uterus is not unlike a rental property: People who commission surrogates pay that surrogate to carry a fetus to term and to give birth to a child. So why should South Carolina be permitted to force its citizens to act as surrogates for the state without compensating them?

    According to SB 928, South Carolina shouldn’t, and the legislation hammers this point home by making several key points:

    That from a medical perspective, there is no dispute that a six-week-old embryo cannot exist outside of the womb;
    That South Carolina has deemed the development of a six-week old embryo governmentally more important than the life and rights of pregnant people; and
    That the six-week ban will force pregnant people who otherwise could have elected an abortion to act as a gestational surrogate for the state of South Carolina, which—and this is my favorite part—cannot itself physically conceive or carry a child.
    And here’s the kicker: “just as South Carolina may not constitutionally use a citizen’s rental property without just compensation, it may not constitutionally require a woman to incubate a child without appropriate compensation.”


    Finally, someone said it.

    The compensation suggested in the legislation includes reasonable living, legal, medical, psychological, and psychiatric expenses that are directly related to prenatal, intrapartal, and postpartal periods. In addition, upon detection of a fetal heartbeat, a pregnant person may claim the fetus as a child for purposes of federal or state income tax credits or deductions.

    But it gets even better: Compensation also includes automatic eligibility to participate in a program that would pair a pregnant person with a specially trained nurse to provide home visits from early pregnancy through the child’s second birthday. Can you imagine? (By the way, this is de rigueur in countries like Sweden that actually give a **** about new parents.) Pregnant people would also be automatically eligible for any public assistance like TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), and WIC, and the law would prohibit reducing or suspending those benefits until the child is 18 years old.

    But wait! There’s more!

    If the pregnant person becomes disabled as the result of carrying the fetus to term, then the state must cover all medical expenses associated with the disability. Similarly, if the child is born with a congenital abnormality or disability, the state must cover all medical expenses associated with that disability for the rest of the child’s life.

    Also, South Carolina would be required to cover all costs associated with health, dental, and vision insurance until the child turns 18. And if the biological father of the child is unknown or unable to provide support, then the state must provide child support in the biological father’s stead.

    I KNOW!

    And then the grand finale: South Carolina must fully fund a college savings plan for the benefit of the child.

    Inject this legislation directly into my veins.

    In order to obtain compensation from the state under this law, a pregnant person would be required to file an affidavit with the Department of Social Services indicating that, but for South Carolina’s six-week ban, they would have chosen to terminate the pregnancy and not given birth to the child.

    This is a groundbreaking law for two reasons. First, it gets to the heart of why anti-choicers are, by and large, hypocrites in their concern for fetuses but utter disregard for children. Far too many anti-choicers would gleefully force a pregnant person to give birth but then, once that child is born, want nothing to do with any programs or assistance that would enable new forced parents to raise that child.

    But more importantly, this law is drafted from a decidedly reproductive justice framework. (I don’t think it is a coincidence that McLeod is a Black woman.)

    Remember, reproductive justice places equal importance on a pregnant person’s right to raise a child in a safe and healthy environment as it does on a pregnant person’s right to terminate a pregnancy. And considering that, according to the Guttmacher Institute, the top three reasons that people choose abortion are: (1) negative impact on the pregnant person’s life; (2) financial instability; and (3) an unwillingness to be a single parent, forcing pregnant people to give birth to children that they cannot pay for—and which will inevitably sink them further into poverty—is cruel.

    The Pro Birth Accountability Act likely has no chance of passing given that Republicans have a stranglehold on South Carolina’s legislature, but the law will force a conversation in South Carolina—and hopefully nationwide—about whether anti-choice lawmakers who fancy themselves “pro-life” are actually that. Or whether, as I have suspected for some time now, these lawmakers are simply pro-birth."
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    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    UN Forced to Admit Gates-funded Vaccine is Causing Polio Outbreak in Africa

    September 4, 2020

    This really should be one of the biggest public health scandals of the decade, but instead it’s given little attention – mainly because of the high-profile nature of the people and organisations involved.

    The United Nations has been forced to admit that a major international vaccine initiative is actually causing a deadly outbreak of the very disease it was supposed to wipe-out.

    While international organisations like the World Health Organization (WHO) will regularly boast about ‘eradicating polio’ with vaccines—the opposite seems to be the case, with vaccines causing the deaths of scores of young people living in Africa.

    Health officials have now admitted that their plan to stop ‘wild’ polio is backfiring, as scores children are being paralyzed by a deadly strain of the pathogen derived from a live vaccine – causing a virulent wave of polio to spread.

    Health officials administers polio vaccine to children at refugee camp in Maiduguri, Nigeria, Aug. 28, 2016 (AP Photo/Sunday Alamba)

    This latest pharma-induced pandemic started out in the African countries of Chad and Sudan, with the culprit identified as vaccine-derived polio virus type 2.
    Officials now fear this new dangerous strain could soon ‘jump continents,’ causing further deadly outbreaks around the world.

    Shocking as it sounds, this Big Pharma debacle is not new. After spending some $16 billion over 30 years to eradicate polio, international health bodies have ‘accidentally’ reintroduced the disease to in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and also Iran, as the central Asia region was hit by a virulent strain of polio spawned by the a pharmaceutical vaccine. Also, in 2019, the government of Ethiopia ordered the destruction of 57,000 vials of type 2 oral polio vaccine (mOPV2) following a similar outbreak of vaccine-induced polio.

    The same incident has happened in India as well.

    It’s important to note that the oral polio vaccine is being pushed by the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), a consortium which is supported and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

    All of this should be cause for concern, especially with western governments and transnational pharmaceutical giants all rushing to roll-out their new Gates-funded experimental coronavirus vaccine for the global population.

    Currently, the first experimental COVID-19 vaccine is being tested on the African population through GAVI Vaccine Alliance, another organization funded by the Gates Foundation. A large round of human trials is taking place in South Africa, run by the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg—another Gates-funded institution.

    This latest revelation from Africa should prompt journalists and health advocates to ask harder questions about the efficacy and safety of the much-hype COVID ‘miracle’ vaccine.

    AP News reports…
    LONDON (AP) — The World Health Organization says a new polio outbreak in Sudan is linked to an ongoing vaccine-sparked epidemic in Chad — a week after the U.N. health agency declared the African continent free of the wild polio virus.

    In a statement this week, WHO said two children in Sudan — one from South Darfur state and the other from Gedarif state, close to the border with Ethiopia and Eritrea — were paralyzed in March and April. Both had been recently vaccinated against polio. WHO said initial outbreak investigations show the cases are linked to an ongoing vaccine-derived outbreak in Chad that was first detected last year and is now spreading in Chad and Cameroon.

    “There is local circulation in Sudan and continued sharing of transmission with Chad,” the U.N. agency said, adding that genetic sequencing confirmed numerous introductions of the virus into Sudan from Chad.

    WHO said it had found 11 additional vaccine-derived polio cases in Sudan and that the virus had also been identified in environmental samples. There are typically many more unreported cases for every confirmed polio patient. The highly infectious disease can spread quickly in contaminated water and most often strikes children under 5.

    In rare instances, the live polio virus in the oral vaccine can mutate into a form capable of sparking new outbreaks.

    Last week, WHO and partners declared that the African continent was free of the wild polio virus, calling it “an incredible and emotional day.”

    On Monday, WHO warned that the risk of further spread of the vaccine-derived polio across central Africa and the Horn of Africa was “high,” noting the large-scale population movements in the region.

    More than a dozen African countries are currently battling outbreaks of polio caused by the virus, including Angola, Congo, Nigeria and Zambia.

    Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many of the large-scale vaccination campaigns needed to stamp out polio have been disrupted across Africa and elsewhere, leaving millions of children vulnerable to infection.

    In April, WHO and its partners reluctantly recommended a temporary halt to mass polio immunization campaigns, recognizing the move could lead to a resurgence of the disease. In May, they reported that 46 campaigns to vaccinate children against polio had been suspended in 38 countries, mostly in Africa, because of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Some of the campaigns have recently been re-started, but health workers need to vaccinate more than 90% of children in their efforts to eradicate the paralytic disease.

    Health officials had initially aimed to wipe out polio by 2000, a deadline repeatedly pushed back and missed. Wild polio remains endemic in Afghanistan and Pakistan; both countries also are struggling to contain outbreaks of vaccine-derived polio.

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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    Head of Pfizer Research: Covid Vaccine is Female Sterilization

    December 2, 2020

    The vaccine contains a spike protein (see image) called syncytin-1, vital for the formation of human placenta in women. If the vaccine works so that we form an immune response AGAINST the spike protein, we are also training the female body to attack syncytin-1, which could lead to infertility in women of an unspecified duration.

    Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon request a stop of all corona vaccination studies and call for co-signing the petition

    On December 1, 2020, the ex-Pfizer head of respiratory research Dr. Michael Yeadon and the lung specialist and former head of the public health department Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg filed an application with the EMA, the European Medicine Agency responsible for EU-wide drug approval, for the immediate suspension of all SARS CoV 2 vaccine studies, in particular the BioNtech/Pfizer study on BNT162b (EudraCT number 2020-002641-42).

    Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon demand that the studies – for the protection of the life and health of the volunteers – should not be continued until a study design is available that is suitable to address the significant safety concerns expressed by an increasing number of renowned scientists against the vaccine and the study design.

    On the one hand, the petitioners demand that, due to the known lack of accuracy of the PCR test in a serious study, a so-called Sanger sequencing must be used. This is the only way to make reliable statements on the effectiveness of a vaccine against Covid-19. On the basis of the many different PCR tests of highly varying quality, neither the risk of disease nor a possible vaccine benefit can be determined with the necessary certainty, which is why testing the vaccine on humans is unethical per se.

    Furthermore, they demand that it must be excluded, e.g. by means of animal experiments, that risks already known from previous studies, which partly originate from the nature of the corona viruses, can be realized. The concerns are directed in particular to the following points:
    • The formation of so-called “non-neutralizing antibodies” can lead to an exaggerated immune reaction, especially when the test person is confronted with the real, “wild” virus after vaccination. This so-called antibody-dependent amplification, ADE, has long been known from experiments with corona vaccines in cats, for example. In the course of these studies all cats that initially tolerated the vaccination well died after catching the wild virus.
    • The vaccinations are expected to produce antibodies against spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2. However, spike proteins also contain syncytin-homologous proteins, which are essential for the formation of the placenta in mammals such as humans. It must be absolutely ruled out that a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 could trigger an immune reaction against syncytin-1, as otherwise infertility of indefinite duration could result in vaccinated women.
    • The mRNA vaccines from BioNTech/Pfizer contain polyethylene glycol (PEG). 70% of people develop antibodies against this substance – this means that many people can develop allergic, potentially fatal reactions to the vaccination.
    • The much too short duration of the study does not allow a realistic estimation of the late effects. As in the narcolepsy cases after the swine flu vaccination, millions of healthy people would be exposed to an unacceptable risk if an emergency approval were to be granted and the possibility of observing the late effects of the vaccination were to follow. Nevertheless, BioNTech/Pfizer apparently submitted an application for emergency approval on December 1, 2020.
    CALL FOR HELP: Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon ask as many EU citizens as possible to co-sign their petition by sending the e-mail prepared here to the EMA.


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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    ... all these coincidences coincidentally screaming to be joined like dots:

    SPEAK UP with TANK & LISA 12/4/2020

    Streamed live 5 hours ago

    SPEAK Project
    About SARSCov2, the so called pandemic, tests, Gates, Fauci, CDC, vaccines, sterilizations, etc... a comprehensive summary / SitRep on the state of current affairs.
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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species


    ... the eradication of human 1.0 and the introduction of sterile human 2.0:

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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    For the record, sadly, the healthandmoneynews.wordpress.com site has been terminated by Wordpress

    They have previous of course, with Jon Rappoport.
    “If a man does not keep pace with [fall into line with] his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.” - Thoreau

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