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Thread: The Bucegi Mountain, Romania

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    Default The Bucegi Mountain, Romania

    I am wondering if something has more info about The Bucegi Mountain discovery or Peter Moon updates.

    It seems fascinating.

    Quote A Summary of the discovery in 2003
    There are 4 primary tunnels and further sub tunnels that lead to deep underground places which you would have heard of.
    In these tunnels you will find rooms, huge rooms, with huge tables and stone chairs for people much, much taller than us.
    The projection room contains all our history and can be replayed visually.
    A table where you can perform holographic experiments with DNA, mix and match anything you wish and see what the results would be.
    These rooms were created at least 50,000 years ago and each is connected to each other, protected by a energy source which actives all as one is activated.
    The locations are; Near the Sphinx in Egypt, Baghdad, Mount Kailash in Tibet and the Bucegi Mountains in Romania. The inner tunnels lead to a secret World under the Gobi Plateau in Mongolia and, most importantly, to Antarctica.
    This connects to WWII and the German Tibet expedition, Romania being fast-tracked into NATO, hollow earth, the eye above the pyramid and more.
    - See more at: http://www.hiddenfromhumanity.com/bu....hDGoj921.dpuf
    Here is a video for some food for thoughts ...

    Plus a couple of links to get you going:



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    Default Re: The Bucegi Mountain, Romania

    The Bucegi Mountani discovery was THE story that opened my eyes and sent me down the "suppressed history" road, eventually leading me to this forum
    There have been a huge number of discussions and debates regarding this story but sadly I can't point to any useful information that was translated in english.

    My personal opinion, after going through a great amount of info with discernment, is that most of the story is true.

    Here's a documentary about the area, I'm not 100% on board with its conclusions and I also don't really like the way it was made... but it's in english and it can give you an idea of what the place is about.


    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fI7IQQLqO6Y
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    Default Re: The Bucegi Mountain, Romania

    Now that I listened to a piece of this documentary I recall something about it . The books ''Transylvanian Sunrise'' and ''Transylvanian Moonrise'' ( unless there are more sequels ) have been popular in esoteric libraries here in Europe,
    more than 15 years ago ..
    together with the 'Lobsang Rampa' 'Third Eye' series and similar 'spiritual fiction'.

    I think that I've read it , vague recall ... someone had offered the book to me to comment on . And I remember the style it was written it was quite simple and that it was interesting story even if not too complicated but clearly a fiction injected to 'reality backgrounds' .
    I think that 'Peter Moon' was another pseudonym , so was 'Radu Cinamar' .

    That said .. I don't doubt for a moment existence of previous and long forgotten civilisations that were scattered all around the globe .

    If you want to think 'there's tiny golden grain of truth' in everything then you're most probably right but on the other hand,
    these books seldom have any factual report quality at all.

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    Default Re: The Bucegi Mountain, Romania

    Thank you guys (Zamolxe and Agape)

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    Default Re: The Bucegi Mountain, Romania

    Peter Moon is the one who also wrote about montauk project.
    If you´re interested in him and his life´s work you should read "White Bat- the Alchemy of writing". There he explains how he flowed from Montauk to Romania and how it all fits together and he´s giving kind of a synopsis on the 4 books of the Romanian Saga

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    Default Re: The Bucegi Mountain, Romania

    The following are summaries of the five books written about the Bucegi discovery.

    Book #1 Transylvanian Sunrise by Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon

    A bulk of the book is about Cezar Brad, his upbringing, meeting with a Mason and the eventual entry into the chamber beneath the Bucegi Mountains.

    Cezar was born in Romania in 1970 and it was an unusual birth. His umbilical cord was 1.5 m/4.9 ft. long. The doctor couldn’t cut it with scissors and had to use a scalpel to forcefully sever it. In book four Peter Moon wrote it was cut by a saw and was very thick. He didn’t speak until 3 or 4 years of age. His mother would draw as a hobby and one day she drew some circles and lines. He looked at it becoming transfixed as if a choreographed trigger then would go into a meditative state. This behavior continued for years and there were times she had to slap his face to bring him out of it. During his stint in public school his teacher became angry at him because he was staring out the window when he should have been reading a lengthy poem. He told her he already knew it and memorized it when she read it aloud. She tested him and he could recite verbatim all the poems she had read to the class. His parents were obligated by an agreement to give monthly updates to the Romanian Securitate about their son. When he was ten years old he was floating above his bed in a meditative state which completely shocked his mother. She reported the incident and they took him away. They placed him with Department Zero which was established in 1968 by the then communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu who ruled from 03/22/65 to 12/22/89. The main impetus behind its creation was Dr. Xien who was on loan from China. While Cezar was there he worked on enhancing his abilities. He described a few other kids at the facility. One could see a maximum of twenty eight hours into the future. Another one had powerful psychokinetic abilities that allowed him to manipulate objects. He exuded a psychic energy that made people feel uncomfortable. One was born with an unusually thick umbilical cord. Cezar was made a director of the department in his early twenties.

    He had a scheduled meeting with Signore Massini who’s a high ranking Mason from an Italian lodge. Signore was concerned about having the discussion in the facility due to electronic eavesdropping and they talked outside for hours. Cezar’s keen memory allowed for an exacting duplication of their conversation which is insightful. A DOD/NASA satellite found a large cavity under the Bucegi Mountains and their organization wanted to arrange access to it and offer Cezar membership. A Romanian and American team were able to enter the outer chamber, but there was an invisible energetic field blocking entry to the main chamber. Three soldiers were killed when they violated protocol and came in contact with the field. They were found with their bodies contorted. Another man was thrown back by simply touching it with his hand. Cezar entered his meditative state and apparently changed his own frequency and/or level of consciousness allowing him to walk through the field unharmed. From there he touched a symbol on the wall which deactivated it. Later they found out when that happened an area being researched in Iraq had its protective field altered.

    Upon entering the inner chamber they found it was illuminated by light with no apparent source. The walls were covered with a substance that seemed part biological. It couldn’t be removed, cut or burnt. There were T shaped tables lining the walls that could only be accessed by a ladder. They projected holographic images of an array of sciences. Cezar just by touching the controls had his entire body depicted as a hologram. He could zoom in to an atomic level. He described an atom as being mist with a bright core. Another project depicted the history of our planet going back one to two hundred thousand years. The point in which it stopped was about 500 AD. He watched a great flood and said the tectonic plate(s) under Romania have to stay in balance. He witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus. He said there were time travelers there shrouding their facial features with clothes. He said there were prominent people he saw in extremely ancient history. The history of our race in mostly a fabrication. Due to a chair in the chamber they estimated the beings that built it were 3.5 meters/11.5 feet tall. There was an amphora filled with monoatomic/monatomic gold that rejuvenates the body. He said a person could live for a thousand or more years with this substance. Cezar speculated this was one of the reasons Signore and his superiors wanted access. They calculated the chamber was built between 50 to 55 thousand years ago. The stars that appeared in the holograms allowed them to estimate it was built approximately two precession of the equinoxes ago which is 25,920 times two. There’s three tunnels leading out of the chamber going to Inner Earth, Tibet and Egypt. It also stated one went to an area outside Baghdad, Iraq. The fact that Romania joined NATO on 03/29/04 was offered as a bit of proof the above events happened.

    In the epilogue it explains the mythology of the Romanian Sphinx. If someone stands between its paws they can ask it a question. One of the planet’s ley lines runs very close to the structure.

    Book #2 Transylvanian Moonrise: The Secret Initiation in the Mysterious Land of the Gods by Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon

    This book revolves around several very unusual meetings and supernatural events. The name of the previous book Transylvanian Sunrise is “Viitor cu cap de mort” in the Romanian language and translates to “Death’s Head Future” in English.

    Shortly after Transylvanian Sunrise was published Radu received a call from his editor Sorin Hurmuz. A mysterious person who wouldn’t identify himself kept calling requesting a meeting with him saying it came from a Tibetan lama. He agreed which started an unbelievable chain of initiatory events. Days later he went to a residence and opened a letter which instructed him to travel to a villa. Upon arrival he met a mysterious man.

    Using the pseudonym Elinor he claimed he was sixty two and appeared to be in his early thirties. He explained his ancestor contacted him who was born in the 1400’s. This person was a master alchemist and was able to create a device which allows for a lifespan up to 2,000 years. Elinor showed Radu the one he created for himself after years of training and research. It was a cube made of a special alloy with a pyramid inside of it and a special crystal inside of that. It only works for the creator because it’s tuned to their frequency. It was basically described as a transmitter and to receive the youthful benefits the person has to stay in close proximity to the object. His ancestor left him numerous properties in major cities all over the world, a vast library and a sizeable fortune. He handed Radu a four hundred year old pocket watch with an image of his ancestor engraved on it. They were both waiting for the arrival of the Tibetan lama Repa Sundhi also known as Doctor Xien who mentored Cezar at Department Zero.

    Repa walked into the Villa accompanied by a creature called a yidam which initially frightened Radu. They’re beings manifested by Tibetan priests and the first step is creating a sand mandala. It had the basic shape of a human, fiery eyes, eight feet tall wearing clogs and was compared to a hologram. I got the impression it resembled a gypsy. It can allow people to see it or be invisible and it’ll speak to its creator telepathically. They have the ability manipulate the energies of the universe.

    From there the four of them traveled by Jeep to the Romanian mountains. While walking through a field Repa morphed the reality around them and they were translated to a remote region of Tibet. They walked to a vertical rock face and an opening appeared. Repa and the yidam entered first then called in Radu and Elinor. The goddess Machandi walked/floated into the room and she radiated light and had a very powerful auric field. She had blue skin and intense yellow eyes. Radu described her beauty as profound and was so enamored he dreaded separating from her. She approached him and touched the top of his head which caused an awakening. She showed him a box containing a scroll from 1,200 years ago that was part of a master global plan. They returned to Romania the same way they arrived. Repa later told him she was the companion of Rama and Sita 9,000 years ago when they retreated to the mountain forests. That’s depicted in the Hindu epic Ramayana. She’s now part of a galactic hierarchy.

    Several days later the four of them traveled to another mountain in Romania where they met with nineteen other initiates in their twenties. A powerful storm was moving in as if to hamper their ascent. While walking to the summit demonic fanged sheep dogs were running in their direction. The yidam put his hand out and stopped them and the others couldn’t see them. When they reached the peak Machandi appeared along with other light beings. She once again touched Radu’s head and it put his consciousness into a void. When he came out of his trance it was seven hours later and the nineteen had left. All of these events happened in the span of twelve days.

    Radu’s American Editor commented the book ended abruptly and he wrote a short epilogue. After that there’s a lengthy second part of the book written by Peter Moon. He talks about Montauk, Long Island and the books he’s written about the subject. He wrote about a trip to Transylvania and synchronicities he’s encountered throughout his research. One of those was the reoccurrence of the symbolism of Olives such as Olive Drive in Davis, California, Jesus ascending from the Mount of Olives, Isis is the lady or queen of the olives (in the third book), the blue Amazon queen of Atlantis Antinea who gave man the olive and the Olive Pharaoh who was the matriarch of the Montauk Indians. He’s an ordained minister of the Church of Scientology. He thinks Cezar’s DNA or hand print allowed him to penetrate the energetic barrier then stated he doesn’t know if it was either. Lord Krishna means “dark blue”. I looked that up and another version is “black or dark” in Sanskrit. He has a friend named Dr. David Anderson who owns a company that’s working on time chambers. There’s an anomaly of a meeting between him and Radu that he doesn’t recall. Rome in Italian is Roma, Amor (backwards) which means Love. I got Sake from Amor and Amore is Love.

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    Book #3 Mystery of Egypt: The First Tunnel by Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon

    Elinor takes Radu to his basement laboratory. While down there he gave him a potion that made him feel like he was a newborn. After that Elinor left the country. He allowed Radu to stay in his villa while he was away to educate himself with books from his library. Cezar contacts him and offers him a position with Department Zero and he accepted. He convinced his superiors that Radu’s works were considered science fiction and were of no risk. They left for the department then flew to the Bucegi Mountains.

    The first tunnel is referred to as a space distortion. It has to be turn on from the project chamber and when it’s off the tunnel literally disappears. If they left supplies in the tunnel when it was turned off they will reappear as if stored in some kind of memory. The other two tunnels go all the way to their destinations. There were a set of twelve crystals at each end of the tunnel. The team for this expedition was comprised of five men. Aiden who was sent by the pentagon said he believed the tunnel was between two de-phased realities. He was equipped with a very advanced computer that displayed holograms and could access other realms. They got into second generation specialized vehicles that ran off atomic batteries and they had an autopilot mode. The trip took two days at 125 kph/78 mph. It was explained that they weren’t traveling through rock.

    When they reached their destination they were 260 m/853 ft. beneath the Giza Plateau near the pyramid of Cheops and the sphinx. It was stated this discovery had nothing to do with the structures on the surface or ancient Egypt. There was a stone wall that Cezar opened to this unique chamber. There was an organic yttrium based lifeform covering everything in the room. There was no dust in the chamber or in the tunnel. Surface scans showed this room to be five meters wide with a height of three meters and it was at least twice that size. There were thousands of tablets that projected holograms. In an earlier expedition to the chamber they found out each one can project for at least two days. Also in the room was a type of hover board that was still floating above the ground after an estimated 40,000 years. It was made of a special gold alloy and was hollow inside. It contained a control crystal that responded to thoughts from the user. Via Aiden’s computer he found a tunnel sixty meters long coming from the pyramid heading in the direction of the chamber then it changed directions for another twenty five meters. One of the team members who was a USAP agent was in that tunnel and they found a skeleton of a reptilian and an alien computer. They dated that tunnel and/or his death at 9,000 to 8,500 BC.

    The most interesting object was a chair that allowed the consciousness of the user to travel through time. It was seemingly powered by a large crystal imbedded in the floor. Cezar described some of his journeys with the device. He traveled to the crucifixion of Jesus and dark clouds, thunder and lightning appeared over the area followed by two giant discs. In an earlier journey he was near Jesus and he could sense his presence. He told Cezar his research will generate causalities. He said Jesus didn’t look anything like is current depiction. He had a beard and was approximately 1.7 m/5.6 ft. tall. Cezar referred to creators of the Occult Chamber as the ancient builders who are not from this galaxy. Radu sat in the chair, put the headband on and had an adverse reaction. The crystals in the band burned his forehead and he had a difficult time breathing. After a couple more attempts he was able to travel to the cave and witnessed his meeting with Machandi. Next he viewed the beings who built the short tunnel leading from the great pyramid. He said there were three human appearing beings that made him feel a deep repulsion. After that they loaded the vehicles with their gear, many of the tablets stored in special containers and headed back.
    In the epilogue written by Peter Moon he wrote about synchronicities, DNA, Tree of Life, numerology and one of Aleister Crowley’s works “The Book of the Law”. UFO’s come out of mountains in Transylvania which are with the forces of dark and light. On the last page of the book he wrote a summary of Project Blue Beam.

    Arsenie Boca who lived from 1910 to 1989 was a Romanian Orthodox monk and was mentioned in book one and three. In Transylvania Sunrise Cezar and his superior General Obadea met with him. He could see into the future and perform miracles. Nicolae Ceausescu considered him a threat and kept moving him from place to place because he had a mass following.

    Book #4 The Secret Parchment: Five Tibetan Initiation Techniques By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon

    Dr. Xien and his assistant Shin Li arrived at Department Zero to work on the translation and interpretation of the five techniques with Radu. Padmasambhava was the source of the parchment and it is believed it was dictated to his apprentice Yeshe Tsogyal. In the book the name is written Padmashambhava. General Obadea resigned in 2006 and went to work for the Pentagon. Cezar had Radu travel to Maryland to take part in a selection process for advanced remote viewing training. He was in the group of only five people after the selection was complete. While there he received an emergency call from Cezar ordering him to return to Romania. Upon arriving he flew to Antarctica with a team that had some of the same members that were in the occult chamber under the Giza Plateau. What they referred to as a comic buoy melted the ice atop a mountain and started transmitting light like a pulsar. If was interfering with Jupiter’s moon Europa. Radu could only write about a few aspects of this event. The object was impervious to any RV attempts to probe it.

    Another event that was alluded to throughout the books was a top secret discovery in the Sureanu Massif of the Orastie Mountains in Romania. An archeology team were digging around a mountain when they found something. A boy hit a rock with a pickaxe then fell into a hole. The only other person left after a day’s work was Professor Constantin who ran over to assist him. He was uninjured and it was just a simple cavity in the ground. They found there was air coming through a crack and widened it. They followed the path and found a chamber with a gold seam two meters thick. There were also throne chairs made of gold and ancient writing on the walls. One inscription the professor took a photo of was translated to I, Who Am Cronos. In another area they could see another cosmos and a planet that resembled looking at the Earth from the moon. The professor was losing consciousness while standing near it. The boy fell into some kind of vortex and was gone. He contacted the authorities and the Romanian Intelligence Service arrived. One of their people disappeared while in the cavern. The gold somehow stores spiritual energy and it can determine who can enter. They sealed the entrance with concrete and the rest of the RIS men died in a car accident leaving only the professor who was taken after Cezar interviewed him. The secret file Cezar had in his possession about the subject was called Cronos and it was shared with DOD because of its connection to the cosmic buoy. Cezar tried to use the time machine to locate the tunnel, but was blocked.

    Cezar told Radu that the oldest artifacts in the world are in Romania. They don’t have the resources to collect and catalog what they find. He said there was a swarm of people throughout Europe in 3,500 BC from Romania. Their language is root of all Indo-European languages. When the Romans fought the Dacians in that area 2,000 years ago they confiscated hundreds of tons of gold. The Romans partied for a year after and it’s believed that was one of the reasons for their downfall.

    The Five Tibetan Initiation Techniques translation and interpretation can be found on page 76 to 85 and there’s a PDF available for the book.

    Part two of the book was written by Peter Moon who owns Sky Books. Wesley Clark was with NATO and went on to serve the prime minister of Romania. Prince Charles is/was trying to install himself as the PM of Romania claiming he’s with the German house of Hanover. Peter spoke with someone about an actual area called Valley of the Golden Thrones while visiting Romania. This person told him there are hundreds of miles of caves that lead to the throne room.

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    Book #5 Inside the Earth: The Second Tunnel by Radu Cinamar

    Radu meets with Repa and his assistant Shin at the Alpha Base/Department Zero. They’re there to condition him with concepts before he travels to the interior of the earth. Inside there’s an etheric, astral, mental & casual plane. Dr. Xien tells him the central sun at the core of the planet is actually a conscious black hole. Its rotation pulls water and other matter out of subtle plane and that’s the source of the water on and in the planet. You can only travel as far as your vibrational frequency allows. You cannot enter what your mind doesn’t understand. Cezar’s special abilities permits him easy access.

    Cezar and Radu travel to the Bucegi site to take the second tunnel which is branched near the entrance. They didn’t need a specialized vehicle because they could just walk there. They walk through a spatial distortion and end in an area where two guards are waiting. They are met by a third man named Dryn who escorts them to an advanced elevator. They end up at the subterranean city called Tomassis which is a mirror to an actual city on the surface called Tomis. They travel via levitating plates to a beach area. Cezar goes with Dryn for a meeting about the alloy they use in the floating devices for a possible technology exchange. Radu is met by a female who walks him to a transport vehicle akin to a train. She explains it uses magnetic fields and ultrasound to pass through solid rock without interacting with it. They enter the vehicle and travel to another city closer to the surface called Apellos. They sat and watched a holographic display of the history of that city. After the Romans defeated the Dacians 2,000 years ago some moved to Apellos which their priests had knowledge of. They have no agriculture and need supplies sent from the surface. A magnetic transfer system is used similar to teleportation.

    They returned to the tunnel and took another route to the inner earth. Cezar said a cataclysm took place sometime after that tunnel was constructed changing the frequency and a depot was created. They arrived at a sandy beach and stood there waiting for the guardian to arrive to escort them. While they were standing there talking they could see the 3 m/9.8 ft. guardian approaching. Radu said there was no point in walking in his direction because it wouldn’t change his arrived time. He would reach them at the correct time. He escorted them to a boat and they all go in. Radu wrote that it didn’t lower into the water with their combined weight as if the physics were different. He used a pole to push them out to a fog bank and they were translated to an area where they could see the walled city of Shambhala in the distance. The guardian then returned them after providing a visual tease which seemed to be part of a conditioning process.

    After returning they were contacted by DOD requesting their presence at an Indian reservation in Yosemite because they wanted to see if they could access another entrance to inner earth. The two of them traveled to the states and a woman walked them to a cabin that was built in 1776. She psychically scanned them and determined they were worthy to travel there. She put a sacred knife/key on the ground and made a sound that activated a portal to the inner earth. Once there a man who looked like he was from ancient Atlantis said they’ll meet with a shaman in Southern Argentina for another trip inside the earth.

    They traveled to Argentina and rented a vehicle driving to a remote and desolate area where the shaman was standing there waiting for them. He took them to a cave and they were translated to the interior of the planet. A couple walked them around the area and they could see Shambhala in the distance. Certain conditions need to be met in order to enter that city. The inner ring of the city represents supreme knowledge. Surface organizations have duplicated the multiple ring symbol. The central sun is two-thirds the brightness of our sun and about half the disc size. They refer to the surface as the outer curve. They saw craft entering their atmosphere through the magnetic field lines of the planet above the South Pole. While they were leaving Radu picked up some books off a shelf in a dwelling and it loading the information into his consciousness. That area was settled 2,300 years ago. The book ended with talk of taking an expedition through the third tunnel to Iraq.

    Peter wrote a two page epilogue that stated Radu sent him a letter saying he’s planning on writing six more books.

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    Default Re: The Bucegi Mountain, Romania

    Not strictly related to thread's subject,but giving an aura of what and how ancient Dacian wisdom and knowledge passed over time,in this very well made documentary are presented the saga of the Dacian bracelets and their effects over people.In the documentary the effect are presented as a curse,but in fact I say that is how their energy affected people who handled them.

    There is a lot more to tell about how ancient technology was used and inherited by the dwellers,even if most of it was lost in time but it still "work" today by its very strong imprint in the crystalline structure of the minerals of what today is known as Romania.

    Archeology: The Hunt For The Transylvanian Gold | Timeline
    (50:55 min.)

    "Archeology - We explore the looting and illicit trafficking of archaeological artefacts. We meet three characters: a forester turned looter, an antiquities expert, and a prosecutor assigned to investigate. Contact with the looted gold will change their lives forever. Our story begins in Romania, twenty years ago, with the discovery of 24 huge golden bracelets - previously unknown to archaeologists.

    They are part of looted hoards valued at $50m from a 2000 year old Dacian kingdom mountain sanctuary. Located in the rugged Transylvanian Carpathian mountains, the site is famous for its conquest by Emperor Trajan in 106AD, which led to the plunder of its substantial treasure and extraction of 350 tons of gold from the region. This is a thriller of a tale - by turns suspenseful, humorous and tragic. The question is, will the loot be recovered?"

    "Your planet is forbidden for an open visit - extremely aggressive social environment,despite almost perfect climatic conditions.Almost 4 billion violent deaths for the last 5000 years and about 15000 major military conflicts in the same period."

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    Default Re: The Bucegi Mountain, Romania

    Book #6 Forgotten Genesis by Radu Cinamar has not been released.

    Book #7 The Etheric Crystal: The Third Tunnel by Radu Cinamar

    There’s two rough maps of the third tunnel and it branches to Buzau Curve in Vrancea, Iraq, Gobi Plateau and Tibet. They have agreements with the Chinese about accessing the other locations. Radu, Cezar and two American officers entered the tunnel. From there they entered a distortion that jumped them to the next point under Iraq. The four of them walked into the occult chamber. There were just under a thousand crystal tablets in the walls of the chamber which was far less than what was found under Egypt. The crystal tablets are more difficult to decode than the ones under Egypt. In the center of the room there was a specialized chair that could fit a being 2.5 meters tall. Their mission was to locate a tetrahedral crystal. Radu was given a special helmet from the beings in the underground city of Apellos which allowed him to perceive it in the etheric plane. He reached to grab it and the chair activated. The crystal was suspended and glowing in a cylinder. Radu received a telepathic communication from it. Cezar postponed trying to use the chair until additional conditions were met. They left and headed for the spatial distortion. Passing through it repeatedly effects the mitochondrial DNA, but over time it learns to adapt to the experience. Days later Radu put the helmet back on to replay the events in the chamber.

    Cezar assigned a team to study the etheric crystal and build the device Radu called Eden. It would have to be done off the books and they decided to construct it in Elinor’s basement. Cezar firmly believed the starting point of the project was very important in relation to astrology. They built the device in 2015 and they used their saving for the initial funding. They used two specially designed Tesla coils as a power source. During construction Elinor showed up and slowly walked down the stairs where Cezar and Radu were. He smiled at Cezar because at their level of enlightenment they know what’s happening without being told what’s going on. Elinor offered to fund the project. Eden is meant to expand consciousness and access higher subtle dimensions and realities. Elinor gave Radu an elixir that gave him a freshness and power throughout his body easing his travels during testing. He said it was derived from a drosera or carnivorous plant. The supreme elixir is the philosopher’s stone. A female hybrid named Mentia/Mentiktla lives in Apellos and also worked on the project. She speaks 23 languages and is telepathic with an IQ of 174. She’s a specialist in medicine and biology. Radu called that city a 4D enclave. There are five main cities under Romania and Tomassis is not one of them because it’s so deep. The city of Dobrogea is under Tulcea and there’s another one under the Ceahlau Mountains.

    Radu tested Eden and traveled to Area 51 where he viewed a TR-3B being loaded with supplies for a moon base. A man looked at him and it startled him sending him back to his body. Cezar contacted the pentagon to report the incident. It turned out well because they were given rich funding for the Eden project. It was moved from Elinor’s basement to the Alpha Base. Cezar, Radu and Lieutenant Nicoara were taken to an underground base in the United States to help them with their Eden like device called the Twin Project. They recommended particular frequencies, modification to their AI and that the user had to be pure as far as diet. They traveled on an extremely advanced airplane that could go from Romania to the states in a fraction of the time and fly at twice the height of a commercial plane. They said it resembled a space shuttle.

    Sometime later Radu and Cezar were invited back to check out the improvements. Radu tried their chair and traveled to the moon in a process he calls doubling, meaning out of body. He saw a couple human bases in craters and an abandoned alien base. He saw portals that would move him from one point to the next. He noticed an opening in the moon and entered seeing extremely large opened spaces.

    He was very curious about the history of the moon upon his return to Romania. He arranged to use the holographic viewer provided by a man from Apellos. The Sirians ancestor’s terraformed Earth. They used their flagship that was obsolete and had been in service for several thousand years as our planet’s satellite. They created a blue-white star in the center of the ship to power it. The intent was to use it to attract the cloud of dust surrounding the planet which would allow more sun light to reach the surface and increase biodiversity. During this time some 65-70 million years ago the planet Maldek/Tiamat was destroyed. When Radu tried to view the destruction of that planet it was blurred by some higher consciousness. The Sirian woman that came up with this plan was named Orma and she became famous for her idea.

    Peter Moon wrote an eight page epilogue. He said Elinor wanted to meet with him and he wasn’t mentally prepared for that and declined. In one of his upcoming books he wrote the 1942 Battle of Los Angeles was a Japanese attack with super dirigibles with planes attached. They were flown by diminutive men known as the Yakuza.

    In book two Peter wrote Roma is love backwards. Orma contains the same letters. In The Law of One love is the second distortion.

    In the future we will go through a DNA change called Ascent which will be vibrational frequencies becoming much higher.

    The letter K is a Sirian symbol.

    Pi is a fractal algorithm.
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    Default Re: The Bucegi Mountain, Romania

    Book #6 Forgotten Genesis by Radu Cinamar

    Radu, Cezar and two American majors were planning a trip to the projection chamber under Bucegi. The Americans found artifacts in Afghanistan and in the Far East and hoped to acquire more information about their origin.

    One of the first things they touched on was ‘The Houses of Cabal.’ There’s very old buildings and residents around the world that were built to conceal naturally occurring distortions. In one case authorities in Detroit were investigate an unusual home and the Germans were investigating a similar location in their country. They both entered the property in their own country and one group were yelling in German through a door and on the other side the American team were yelling in English. When the door was opened they were shocked to see each other. Through one window they could see it was raining and through another it was sunny. A pale skinned man they were both tracking was using the distortion to travel from one country to the other. Radu wrote about a conversation he had with Cezar earlier about the flat earth theory. He said it was a return to a middle age mindset or reverting to an old state of consciousness. It’s a concept that separates the population. The Huns came from the etheric plane close to Shambhala. The name Hun comes from ‘Inn’ which means leader.

    A majority of the book is about Radu traveling to the Apellos hangar to view the history of mankind on their holographic projector. He had a nine and an eight hour session. When he arrived he was met by a man who spoke German with a slight Bavarian accent. He was then met by five people from Apellos speaking Romanian. The device projects Akashic records. Akasha is Sanskrit means space, heaven or ether. He had to wear a helmet that resembled a modern pair of glasses to be coupled to the device. It would adjust to his personal vibrational frequency. The helmet also records anything he sees and there’s a playback mode. It can switch between the physical and etheric plane by touching the right side of the helmet. He saw the earth in cross section and areas within it were blocked by spheres because they contain entrances to inner-earth that must remain hidden. There’s portals under the earth that act as conduits to other planets. Earth’s magnetic fields are produced by the black hole at the center of the planet. The Mayan’s 260 day year is the length of a year in the inner-earth. The people of Utklaha in inner-earth are descendants of the Mayans. The central sun that has male energy is 700-800 kilometers in diameter. There are smaller versions of dinosaurs inside the earth. The astral area in the earth is about the size of Mars and the casual area is the size of the moon. The moon has feminine energy. The man from Apellos (his name wasn’t given) gave Radu the helmet as a gift to help solve the mysterious location of the etheric crystal in the occult chamber.

    Radu viewed star configurations that effected the atomic carbon bonds creating the opportunity for changes in the DNA. The Sirian spherical mothership was called Neiberau and it was later known as Nibiru. There’s a symbol in the book representing Nibiru. There’s entanglement between stars and in order to create a desired effect in DNA Nibiru will duplicate the electromagnetic characteristics of a star generating a link to it and become a part of the star configuration. This plan happened 432,000 years ago. Around that time the Sirians were involved in a space war and came to earth to mine metals to repair Nibiru. They decided to work with the primates to extract the metals. The person in charge of this project was named Tenekau and he can be considered the father of mankind. There’s a T shaped symbol representing Orion’s Belt and it also symbolizes Tenekau. He’s from a planetary system in the middle of the belt. The occupants of Nibiru couldn’t work on earth for too long due to the environmental differences. Later Tenekau placed his consciousness inside a clone with primate and ET DNA. It was 2.5 meters tall with white hair and no sexual organs.

    There were gene branches that were created by the Sirians such as E-N-K & E-N-L. Strangely there were spinoffs like E-N-K-I & E-N-L-I-L. Between 368,000-367,000 years ago the first human appeared, the Adam. He was 2.5 meters, androgynous and his soul was Sirian. Radu speculated he lived 750 years and the bible claims he lived 930 years. He was a conscious human with the E-N-L branch. Most humans today are of the E-N-K branch. Some beings they created were 3-4 meters tall and those were the giants. There was a non-intervention treaty established 300,000 years ago. The Mu civilization lasted 40,000 years and the Hyperborean civilization lasted 35,000 years. The Tars wars involving aliens and earth happened 100,000 years ago. The reptilians were the adversary. The Teotihuacan city was built 30,000 years ago by the Sirians and Pleiadians. Each ET race that took part in the nursery program of humans contributed their DNA. Atlantis sank 11,500 years go and it happened in stages. The last part sank 13,500 years ago. The Atlanteans were the last E-N-L branch on earth. They also withdrew into the etheric plane.

    The pyramids are subtle energy amplifiers that can be directed to targets in space. The three pyramids on the Giza Plateau were built all at once by the Sirians over the course of 24 years. They’re the correct proportion to Orion’s belt. The great pyramid still has chambers that haven’t been discovered. There are high priests that can access them. Initiates would lay in the sarcophagus that was filled with a special liquid. The ‘little grays’ were mentioned only once. The city of Troy resurfaced in the etheric plane and cannot be found in the physical plane. The Mayans escaped extermination from the Spanish by going into the etheric plane.

    The man from Apellos told Radu the Sirians in the Sirius A system are called Anunnaki which means “Those who came from the divine light.” The Anunnaki are the original Sirian race. What is happening now is preparations for our union with the Andromeda galaxy in several billion years. They view it as a wedding of galactic proportions.

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    Default Re: The Bucegi Mountain, Romania

    A small contribution to the topic, some things are already known :

    1. The secret network of tunnels and the "Golden Triangle" of Dacia One of the hypotheses that arouses the most imagination of mystery lovers in Bucegi is the existence of a network of underground galleries inside the Bucegi Mountains. Theories range from a network that communicates underground with the pyramids of Egypt to the existence of a secret base that no one should know or tunnels built by extraterrestrial civilizations that closely monitor everything that happens on earth. The tunnels are known to a very small number of people since the time of the Dacians, when they either had a strategic role or hid a treasure. Those who took care of the measurements say that there are galleries that communicate through the mountains with Retezatul and Rarăul, from the Ceahlău massif. On these peaks there would have been, as on Omu Peak, sanctuaries that, together, formed the "Golden Triangle" of Dacia due to the energies impressed by the great ones that would be found in the three points.

    2. The secret of the Izvor Tunnel that connects Prahova to Dâmboviţa The construction of the famous “Izvor” Tunnel that would connect the Prahova counties to Dâmboviţa, through the Bucegi Massif, began in 1913.
    The Romanian railways, the federation approved then, with the consent of King Ferdinand, the construction of the Târgovişte - Pietroşiţa - Sinaia highway, and the shortest option was through the mountains. Thus, it was decided to break the Bucegi Massif, in the "Păduchiosu" area, in order to shorten the distance between Moroieni and Sinaia. The First World War stopped the work in 1914, it was resumed only in 1938 and abandoned again. In 1941, Nazi occupation troops resumed construction at the fastest pace until then, but the end of the war meant the completion of the work, not the work. In the Dâmboviţa part of the tunnel, 480 meters were made, of which only 100 meters were concreted. If it had been built to completion, it would have been 20 kilometers long and would have been the largest tunnel in Romania. It is not known to this day the true reason why this tunnel was closed. However, there are a number of local legends that national security was invoked by the authorities at the time, but also the fact that the Germans had buried here a locomotive unique in all of Europe, and the technique was not to enter the hands of the Russians. In 1985, two security teams detonated the entrance. Some rumors say the regime wanted to hide the fact that, in retreat, the Germans executed 100 locals working in the tunnel. Others say the only reason was safety, as only part was concreted.

    3. The Sphinx and the Babes. Mysteries surrounding the strange rocks The Sphinx, the rock with a human face, arouses enormous interest for mystery enthusiasts. An anthropomorphic megalith located at over 2,200 meters altitude was named after its resemblance to the Egyptian Sphinx. Geologists attribute its formation to wind erosion, but the internet is also full of fanciful theories, which say that the Dacians sculpted the megalith or that it was of extraterrestrial origin.
    The theories have their origin in the fact that the Sphinx is the oldest of our sacred symbols, existing in the time of the Dacian kingdoms that worshiped Zalmoxis. Other stories say that between the Sphinx of Bucegi and the Sphinx of Egypt there would be a three-dimensional time tunnel, an energetic corridor.
    It has also been assumed that the Atlas of Greek mythology is the peak of the Man from Bucegi or Prometheus chained by a rock on the same peak, and the stones Babele, some altars of an ancient civilization.

    4. The Mouth of Heaven, the magical place where fatigue suddenly disappears Various theories claim that in the area of ​​Omu Peak is the so-called "center of the Earth", the place where the connection between Heaven and Earth would be made. Considered "mouths of heaven" in the Romanian tradition, such places drive away fatigue as if by magic, envelop the human body in positive energies and cure certain diseases. "Gura de Rai" would be located on the road between Cabana Omu to Peştera. A similar place was identified on a slope on the Bucegi plateau, near the Sphinx. These places are characterized by an atypical magnetic anomaly, an area that has beneficial effects on the human body.

    5. "Living water" from the waterfall of the 7 springs One of the myths of the Bucegi, perhaps one of the most disputed, is related to "living water", present in Romanian mythology in association with fairies and beautiful girls who regenerated their powers after sipping from her. Such a place would be at the waterfall of the 7 springs from Bucegi, located between Lake Bolboci and Lake Scropoasa, on the Ialomiţa Valley. Numerous myths circulate about the water of the waterfall. First of all, the water carried by the 7 springs is credited as the purest in the world, without nitrites and nitrates, an officially unconfirmed title, but attested by microbiological studies. There are two theories for water purity. Either the stream passes through a magnetic field, which orders its molecular structure to the ideal, or it passes through a silver deposit that prevents the growth of bacteria and purifies the water.
    The waterfall of the 7 springs.
    A true mythology was created around the pure waters from the 7 springs. Internet users talk about the sacred springs of Zalmoxe, located right on the site of the waterfall.

    6. The unreal path that people disappear without a trace One of the paranormal phenomena that arouses interest, but also the horror of sensational lovers is the unreal path in Bucegi. The locals from Busteni, but also people from the mountains say that on the Jepii Mici route, climbing the Valea Comorilor, in certain meteorological conditions, especially in summer, when a thick fog is left on the mountain, apparently without an explanation, a narrow path appears, approximately 20 centimeters, parallel to the main path.
    In reality, this cursed path does not exist, and those who venture to tread on it die or disappear forever. Only the lucky ones reappear after a long time, in other places in Bucegi, disoriented and lost, even injured, while most of those who walk on the path disappear without a trace, despite the searches, or their bodies are discovered next spring, crushed by rocks.
    Locals say the area is a time gate or an opening to the afterlife, and the experiences of those who survived are similar to those who experienced clinical death. Jepi's "paranormal" reputation has its roots in the many serious, very serious or fatal accidents that have occurred here. Many tourists have lost their lives on the path of Jepilor Mici, which is recommended only to those who are well equipped and trained.

    7. The White Valley in Bucegi damages the cameras, causes dizziness and teleportation.
    Valea Albă is perhaps the most unmarked route in Bucegi, a route that attracts adventurers like a magnet. Geographically, Valea Albă separates Mount Caraiman from Mount Coştila, being bordered on the right by the wall of Văii Albe, a huge vertical, and on the left by Creasta Picăturii. One of the most famous legends of the area speaks of a portal that would exist in the White Valley.
    Locals and tourists reported that they met in the Screaming Valley, miles away, completely disoriented people, who either did not know where they were at all or thought they were in other places. In Busteni there are many stories about the existence of portals that connect Valea Urlatorii with Valea Albă or Valea Cerbului.
    A team from "World of Mysteries", a publication addressed to enthusiasts in the field, organized several expeditions in Bucegi, in areas where there are reports of paranormal phenomena or absolutely inexplicable energies, including the White Valley.

    In the valley, digital cameras were suddenly reset and then recovered just as suddenly and inexplicably, or they fired suddenly and took very good photos. The women in the expedition also experienced states of "energy depletion", vertigo and loss of balance. Other people who arrived in the White Valley say that the digital cameras started suddenly and took very good photos.

    8. Hot stones from Gura Diham A mysterious phenomenon also researched by the team from "World of Mysteries" is that of hot stones from Gura Diham. The parallelepiped stones that look like funerary monuments are found on the forest road that leads to the Gura Diham chalet (approximately 4.2 km from Busteni).
    Around them, the battery of the cameras suddenly discharged, although they were new, as well as the battery of the mobile phone or the one of the video camera. The equipment recovered after the group left the place. A little further up the route, the members of the team encountered a clump of trees inside which was an inexplicably hot stream of air, and the stones were also warm, although it was quite cool outside, the expedition taking place at the end of October. 2009.
    Returning to the area later, along with several people, including skeptics, the researchers found the same type of manifestations. In addition, the people who took part in the expedition experienced a depletion of energy, and those who touched the mysterious tombstones even had dizziness, loss of balance and felt good pressure on their chest for minutes.

    9. The mysteries of the hundreds of earthquakes in Bucegi since 1993.
    In 1993, there were dozens of earthquakes - there are also testimonies that there were several hundred - for which there are still no explanations to please everyone.
    According to locals, the frequency of earthquakes was daily and occurred at fixed hours. Some say the hours were 20.00 and 3.00 in the morning, others say that the earthquakes occurred at 20.30. Their specificity was that they were preceded by a loud roar, as if something had collapsed inside the mountains.
    The earthquakes had a rather low intensity, of 3 or 4 degrees, but they occurred at a shallow depth - 10 or 15 kilometers, which made the noise in the mountains frighten the locals.
    The peak was represented by a 5.1 degree earthquake, produced in the Busteni-Sinaia area, on the evening of May 23, 1993. The series of earthquakes raised many questions mainly due to the fact that the Bucegi are not "shaken" in generally, because they are not in a seismic area, but also because the series of earthquakes stopped abruptly, and the crust has not manifested since.

    People say that they were energetically charged so much that anything or anyone they touched produced a current that reached mild burns, had insomnia, and radio signals either dropped or suddenly amplified in certain areas.
    Also, although they had insomnia, people never felt tired. Studies have been carried out in the area, following the series of earthquakes, but their causes have not been fully elucidated. "This sequence of earthquakes in Bucegi, since 1993, is unique in Romania. An interpretation of the studies made in the area is being tried. But the problems are not yet elucidated ", said in the specialized press Mircea Radulian, the scientific director of the National Institute for Earth Physics.

    Bucegi is considered by specialists to be a very strong energy point. The place is invoked by many people and visionaries. Hypotheses were issued about the existence of underground galleries, dowsing tests were performed. Research has shown that the area is more energetically charged than any in Romania.

    A few years ago, for two weeks, in the southern part of the city at the base of the mountains, people had insomnia, they could not sleep, regardless of age. They thought they have this from noxious fumes from the paper factory, but some locals have come to experience real states of euphoria. The demonstrations took place only during the night and after frightening the whole city, they stopped as abruptly as they had appeared.

    Then the earthquakes began. Paradoxically, they could not be located in Bucegi and had nothing to do with the known seismic source in Vrancea. The series of earthquakes lasted 3 years. "They occurred at fixed hours: at 20 and 3 at night. Every day, invariably. But there were no earthquakes per se. They manifested themselves according to other laws. They had a small area: Azuga-Busteni-Sinaia. Sometimes they included only one neighborhood. There was a roar from the ground, as if the ceiling of a cave had collapsed beneath their feet. "There were no horizontal or vertical movements," people say, but all you can relate to were "seismic movements."There were bangs in the underground and the hypothesis of artificial earthquakes due to underground detonations was issued. But at that time no excavations had been carried out in the area. Seismologists found no explanation, specialists at the Institute of Earth Physics could only say that they are natural manifestations, caused by local fractures of the crust…
    However, at that time, there were earthquakes of very low intensity, below a degree, so the "tremors" were for other reasons.

    Electric people. A new phenomenon followed, almost generalized in the area: the inhabitants of Busteni were energetically charged in an incomprehensible way. People could no longer touch objects or beings with their hands because they were electrocuted. Touching the palm of the body caused burns, and people avoided shaking hands. All this was funny at first, but after a while they started to worry. "I had the fingerprints of a friend who beat me on the shoulder, friendly, for a long time.Through the shirt, the imprint of his palm permeated my back skin, the skin turned red, and in the dark, when I touched some objects, sparks came out ", he remembers. (Museographer, Traian Trufin)

    Amplified radio signals. "We had some amateur radio headphones. We received a strange radio program in them. But I noticed that only in the Busteni area. Leaving the city, towards Bucharest or Brasov, we did not receive anything. I think there is a strong energy field in the area that amplifies the radio signals"…people believes. They also noticed other bizarre phenomena, strange halos and even holograms often appear around the Caraiman mountain Cross.One morning, on a splendid sun, with no sign of rain in recent days, people noticed a huge rainbow, with an unusual glow like a compact ring anchored at the top of the mountain. For two months, the lights went out and on in the houses, at a curious pace. Or only the filaments of the bulbs lit up. No one found any "malfunction" to cause this. And no one dared talk about it then.

    People's beliefs are diverse, this being in fact the highest state secret, higher than any law of antiquity so hidden, I say-(scattered in millions of small monasteries throughout the country, where the secret is almost free, if you "read" several millennia of true history and civilization well hidden in full view)
    An entire matriarchy of faiths older than the known ones, they keep the "secret" holy, not in vain the Vatican declares for free that here (or in Bulgaria) is the "garden of the Mother of God" which is not important at all.

    What people think:
    Corridors inside the mountain. Trajan has his own theory. He believes that all the anomalies in Busteni are caused by the existence of underground galleries in the center of the mountains. These huge underground tunnels are artificial in nature, and were dug by unearthly civilizations.
    Experiences take place here, the hot spot being in the area of the cross on Caraiman. This explains the bangs that accompany earthquakes. Or receiving radio waves, emitted not from the air, but from these corridors. Who produces those strange amplifications, for what purpose, to whom those bizarre radio communications are intended, people cannot answer.

    Alien bases in Bucegi. "My belief is that there is another world underground. Aliens know everything about the surface world. Their information spectrum is very wide. But I don't know what kind of activity they do there or why they don't want to communicate. Probably because humanity is not yet ready to understand some things ", concludes a geologist. He hopes that the phenomena will intensify and eventually become a means of communication between the two civilizations. However, it is more than the lack of satisfactory explanations that scientists have offered so far.

    The cross on Caraiman. The historical monument was built between 1926-1928, by the perseverance of Queen Maria, in memory of the railway heroes who fell on duty during the First World War, in the battles in the Prahova Valley. Placed at an altitude of 2,291 m, the Cross of the Nation's Heroes has a height of 28 m. It is mounted on a 7.5 m high base, made of reinforced concrete covered in stone. It houses an electric generator that powers the 120 bulbs, 500 W each.

    People say "There is the past of humanity” there. But it is not the humanity of two thousand years ago. It is much older. The Sphinx of Bucegi is the protector of the land we live on. In fact, in Bucegi, at Sphinx comes a very strong wave of energy. When with the science that will be on earth someone will really overcome to get under the Bucegi Mountains, he will come across all these important luminous hieroglyphic documents and, according to those signs, he will know what to do. But this will only happen after the stream of energy above "weakens" in time… some people say.

    The Carpathians, seen from space. The Carpathian Mountains have a particular curvature. Aerial images obtained from great heights can lead us to the sinuous shape of a giant snake, which tries to swallow its tail. Cosmonaut Dumitru Prunariu resembled the Carpathians viewed from space with a mother holding her baby in her arms. Comparison that leads to the thought of religious statements that say that Romania is a land protected by the Mother of God.

    The mystery of the Sphinx from Bucegi. The most mysterious formation in the Carpathians remains the rock of Bucegi which has a disturbing resemblance to the Egyptian Sphinx. People have always wondered if its particular aspect was the effect of erosion or if we are dealing with a work done by human hands. From any angle it can be seen that it is an anthropomorphic representation. The Romanian sphinx from Bucegi has not only the appearance of the sphinx, but also its mysterious attributes. The visionaries say that special revelations and experiences lived around him.

    Light cones from Omu Peak. The Bucegi Mountains were the favorite mountains of the Dacians. Spiritual places for the worship of the gods. Omu Peak (2,505 m) also has its oddities. Light cones were often seen coming out of this place.

    The secret emits a truth, certainly to be protected, not filtered, the reverberations of an exposed phenomenon, is deductible subject to the mass of manipulation of those who want to have some kind of infamous ascendancy over their own nation of humanity, examples are obvious in everything, in present day, and the stakes are higher than anything, as in any ancient history, perhaps.
    However, for a few readings, the curiosity can be filled from this link as well...(again).
    And all this to be just human.

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    Default Re: The Bucegi Mountain, Romania

    I refer to the post by Inversion of 18 November 2020, fifth paragraph: "...the gene branches created by the Sirians such as ENK and ENL. Strangely these were spin-offs lie ENKI and ENLIL" but no further reference follows.

    ENKI and ENLIL were two of the trinity of major gods of the pantheon of Sumeria. ENLIL established the cosmic organization of the universe and ENKI was god of the waters, fertility and knowledge.

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    Default Re: The Bucegi Mountain, Romania

    Sorry to be so late to chime in on this topic, I just saw it. Enlil's name is written En.Lil2
    Lil2 is defined as jester, clown, idiot, but is aligned with such gods as Loki, the joker god of the Norse
    who is linked, as is Enlil, to Chaos. Enlil was the lord, master, ruler of Chaos. Agrippa tells us, in his list
    of the 15 important stars, that Enlil's star was Sirius.
    Enki is more closely aligned with the triangle of stars that humanity originated at.
    Enki is thousands of years older than the first mention of Enlil, who was an usurper. He formed the
    first outpost and began to create human-alien hybrids to become Slaves for the Stars.
    Just my two cents.

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    The following material I found on projectcamelotportal on 10/11/22. A summary of the book #7 The Etheric Crystal: The Third Tunnel by Radu Cinamar is in post #8.

    Quote The following excerpt from the book ETHERIC CRYSTAL by Radu Cinamar contains key paragraphs explaining how any AI can be influenced by the light or dark and have a tendency to go in one or another direction. This is key info for anyone working with AI and a warning on how AI can be distorted to give misleading information to humans.


    …”It has been hypothesized that that AI possibly restricts the freedom of action of the person in the chair, creating certain dissonances in the way the frequencies are modulated. I also confirmed that, reiterating the way I had felt the subtle energies interacting with the device, it being virtually the same as Artificial Intelligence. ​Cezar mentioned that that could most likely be the problem. He said that when an Artificial Intelligence becomes very sophisticated, it practically “attracts” an entity from a subtle level, in line with the principle according to which it was realized. ​“If this principle is, for example, positive and framed in the proportions of the Golden Number*, then that “consciousness” that is physically attracted will act positively. But, if it has a “negative structure” at its base, then we can expect unforeseen actions from that AI. It all depends upon the intention and the way the basic program is designed.”

    “Artificial intelligences are a kind of ‘gate of influence’ in the etheric plane, if they reach an advanced degree of sophistication,” Cezar continued. “But, once perfect proportions are introduced in their programming, such as the Phi number or the Pi number, then we can hope for a correct operation of the device. Problems arise from the moment the source code is corrupted by certain numbers or proportions with subtle negative influences.”—Etheric Crystal, by Radu Cinamar, translated by Peter Moon, book 7 in the Transylvania series.

    It is also worth noting that use of the etheric can emanate from Humans and therefore affect AI and for that matter Nano. What this means is that INFLUENCE is a multi-dimensional factor that needs to be considered in all cases where humans interact with external forces, beings or constructions including AI and Nano. We can influence matter in essence through the ether as well as plasma all around us. What some scientists like to call the intelligence field. Therefore, AI is not impervious to our influence or other outside influence in an ongoing manner. That is, where Cezar and Radu in the book cited here, ETHERIC CRYSTAL, are speaking about the original construction of an AI may of course be influenced or tilted to lean one way or another toward light or dark or positive or negative…at its origin it can also be influenced at any given moment from then on through the action of ether.

    Special note: In this book they are constructing a device in the secret space program in Romania and working with the American secret space program who have done the same thing however their devices had some important differences. It is worth noting that one does not need a “device” to double and travel in the ether. I do this “doubling” all the time…it seems to be some strange ability I acquired when I was very young. I believe we all have these abilities. Using a device calibrated to assist one to do this is simply how these two organizations choose to operate. Perhaps they don’t know how easily we can do this. There are some similarities to remote viewing but it is an expansion of that technique involving remote influencing and bi-location. I prefer to call it simply the human ability to time travel at will. Keep in mind this is being done while fully awake and conscious but can also be done while sleeping. Of course some may view this as ‘out of body’ travel which is another way of referring to it. But most people think out of body travel is only something you do while sleeping when in reality you can do it while fully awake. Carlos Castenada books talk about this ability as well.

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    Michael Salla uploaded this video to his YT channel on 11/05/22. He interviewed Peter Moon and they mostly discussed David Anderson, Radu Cinamar and his seven Transylvanian Sunrise book series.

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