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Thread: Numerology

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    Default Numerology

    How does numerology and astrology and cosmology all fit together, besides the fast they use numbers.... sigh... lol tyvm!

    I got a numerology report done and haven't even read it yet, I will get to it later tonight...

    About in March or April this year, I paid for a full astrology report, astral chart, and a reading etc... and deleted it accidentally in my college email ..... I cannot retrieve it... I sent the lady an email asking if she would minding sending it again... idk if that can happen, but. Im crossing my fingers. Im trying to make connections for a research project I have atm, and would love all of your opinions and experiences. please. ty!
    "A mighty order of ages is born anew. Both the prophetic Virgin and Saturnian kingdoms now return. Now a new progeny is let down from the lofty heavens... The boy soon to be born in whom the iron age shall come to an end, and the golden one shall arise again in the whole earth." Charles A.L. Totten

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    Arrow Re: Numerology

    A very useful link HERE

    the translation was done in English

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    Default Re: Numerology

    [30 July 2021] Special Patreon Livestream on Numerology! 1:10:24

    Streamed live on Jul 30, 2021

    Penny Kelly

    Join us for a Special Patreon Livestream discussing the significance of the numbers and the birth date you chose to be born to this time around!

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