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Thread: James Rickards Project Prophecy (Slick advertisement but...)

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    Default James Rickards Project Prophecy (Slick advertisement but...)

    I received this in an email today from a group called Survival Life that's into survival gear, even though its a slick advertisement for James Rickard's material, the illustrations James uses are excellent and a few of the graphics he displays are interesting as well.

    I have no affiliation with James Rickards and I'm not profiting or trying to sell this material in any way.


    From: Survival LIfe [mailto:support@survivallife.com]
    Sent: Monday, September 15, 2014 11:49 AM
    To: XXX
    Subject: CIA Economist Reveals Government’s “Day After Plan” (Warns Collapse is Imminent)

    Here's an important message from Jim Richards a Financial Threat and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor...
    Take a close look.
    - 'Above Average' Joe
    What is our "Day After Plan?"
    You won't like the answer
    Dear Concerned American,

    Mount Weather is a national security stronghold located near the Blue Ridge Mountains.
    Its maze of underground bunkers is known as "Area B."
    My colleagues have given Mount Weather the code name "High Point Special Facility."
    You can view footage of it below.
    (Click here if you can't see it)

    This is where Congressional leadership was transported after 9/11.
    Below is footage of the Pentagon's Raven Rock Mountain stronghold. It is located not far from Camp David.

    The primary command facility here is codenamed "Site R," and nicknamed "The Rock."
    I'm sharing this with you now, because my colleagues and I in the U.S. Intelligence Community have uncovered a series of alarming signals that point to a fast-approaching, 70% stock market crash.
    And we have begun to prepare for an unstoppable $100 trillion American meltdown that will be unleashed in its aftermath.
    Unfortunately, our government has already put emergency measures in play for this coming catastrophe as well. They call it "The Day After Plan."
    And these two locations, at Mount Weather and Raven Rock, have major roles to play ahead.
    I'm not asking you to believe me now. I realize what I'm talking about is very serious.
    Which is why I strongly suggest you take a few moments to view this evidence.
    And then ask yourself, "what if I'm right?"
    Click here to continue...
    Stay Safe,

    Jim Rickards
    Financial Threat and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor
    CIA & The Director of National Intelligence
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