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Thread: Looking for creative, aesthetic, small home plan that is high efficiency

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    Default Re: Looking for creative, aesthetic, small home plan that is high efficiency

    Although these are all good ideas, factoring in the short term timeframe, both for construction and occupancy, would dictate that finding a conventional plan, which can be permitted, put out for bid, and constructed within a six month timeframe, and is marketable by conventional means, is the most viable considering all the variables.

    If your life is changing and its time to sell the marital home, and go into a short term (five years or so) chapter, you may want to consider finding an existing property which meets your needs and budget, and save all the ideas for the next chapter, in a warmer climate with a longer and more robust growing season, where your ideas can be implemented in a way that suits you, without all the time and parental constraints.

    Just IMHO.
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    Default Re: Looking for creative, aesthetic, small home plan that is high efficiency

    For now I rely on the fact that Dennis has planned his life accordingly.
    Houses are best used long-term, even if that means selling at one point.


    A house with a Japanese influence

    MIMA (the architectural company) started with the intention of planning a dwelling that responds directly to the lifestyle of nowadays’ societies.
    MIMA architects researched for years to design a fast produced, flexible, light and cheap yet good quality product, wrapped up with a pleasant clean design.

    More fundamentally, MIMA responds to the modern dream for clean sophisticated design and bright open spaces, launching in the housing market a dream 36 sqm dwelling which costs the same as a mid-range car.

    MIMA’s concept is fundamentally inspired on the traditional Japanese house, the perfect paradigm for lightness, flexibility, comfort and pleasing lines.
    The restrained order of its standardized building parts appealed to MIMA architects as the hallmark of a deeply rooted culture, confirmed over centuries and easily adaptable to any new development.

    MIMA uses prefabricated construction methods, the secret for its quick production and low price.
    Likewise, traditional Japanese residential post-and-beam construction could be considered inherently a system of prefabrication: it was based on regularized column spacing known as the ken, the infill elements of shoji screens, fusuma panels and tatami mats, prefabricated by individual craftsmen in different locations of Japan could be precisely put together almost like pieces of a puzzle.
    MIMA consists of a square post-and- beam structure completely glazed on all sides, subdivided by modular 1.5mx3m wooden frames. MIMA houses come with additional plywood panels which can be placed on the inside and the outside of the building, for a replacement of any window by a wall in a matter of seconds.

    The inside is defined by a regular grid of 1.5m, whose intermediate lines leave gaps for internal walls to be added when needed. Again, in a matter of seconds, a subdivided space can be replaced by an open space or vice versa. Moreover, each side of internal and external walls can have a different color/finishing, which allows a dramatic change through a simple wall rotation. Despite its standardized construction methods, MIMA houses can be customized in so many parameters, that you’ll hardly see two equal houses.

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    Default Re: Looking for creative, aesthetic, small home plan that is high efficiency

    12 YEARS Living Off-Grid on a Sustainable Homestead in a Self-Built Cob Home
    Posted August 1, 2021
    See more at: https://www.goodshomedesign.com/12-y...X4Gxccqgrsk2_0

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    Default Re: Looking for creative, aesthetic, small home plan that is high efficiency

    Why such a great thread didn't take off?

    Here I made 2 posts about Earthship and Earthbag plans/blueprints, it is relatively small projects, for the Earthbag project one can take a look at the unit only, a single Earthbag house and not the entire village, they even have all the cost figured out already for US citizens.

    Earthship post

    Earthbag post

    That's how we starve the evil out there, not complying, been independent.
    I will be posting more about this subject in that thread but maybe it would be better to post here instead.
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