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Thread: How asleep are we?

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    Default How asleep are we?

    First I want to give a big MERRY CHRISTMAS to the whole Avalon community.
    The purpose of the thread is to wake up more and more people , as much as I can. I was browsing the net and a series of video iterview came up, after watch the first hour I came to realize this is very important because is about us, yes us and how using OUR POWER OF FOCUS AND DECISION, WE CAN CHANGE OUR SURROUNDING "REALITY" AS WE WILL. Watch the videos at least the 4 first interv by Camelot, and then use that information for your own re-wiring , or re-education of your way of thinking, we need to be united in the same ideas to co-create the new reality that benefits all, and not a small group of criminals. Here the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHcWEVvWkvc

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