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Thread: Bill Ryan's 2010 interview with Credo Mutwa about Michael Tellinger

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    Default Re: Bill Ryan's 2010 interview with Credo Mutwa about Michael Tellinger

    That's impressive, Krsanna!: http://www.allstarroundup.com/ufo/blackelk.html
    I am so glad you are here on Avalon!
    You may already be aware of this woman's work with indigenous people's connections with the Star People, but if not, you will probably want to know about it.
    and hear the interview with her on Veritas radio here:

    From Giovanni's post here: https://projectavalon.net/forum4/show...l=1#post927980
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Bill Ryan's 2010 interview with Credo Mutwa about Michael Tellinger

    Quote Posted by Tangri (here)
    "honoring of the so-called 'ancestors' can be misplaced and detrimental to understanding the true nature of what contribution (negative or positive) to the planet and humanity, actually is. " it does not make sense as you translated "honoring ancestors= bad"

    "so- called ancestors" is ET or terestrial aliens, not their grand grand fathers.
    No. In the Indigenous traditions, the Ancestors ARE their "grand grand fathers" and mothers, those whose positive contributions are of a type to deem them Honorable. I urge you to read the link I posted some days ago in order to get the gist of Ancestor Veneration. Bringing in the alien aspect is parsing the issue and skimming over the implications of the statement and the disregard for living traditions. This is offensive and a not-so-subtle way of denigrating entire peoples.

    Everybody's ancestors are aliens, so it is a moot point of differentiation.

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    Default Re: Bill Ryan's 2010 interview with Credo Mutwa about Michael Tellinger

    Quote Posted by krsanna (here)
    Excellent work, Arwen! Preserving and protecting indigenous knowledge is racing neck-to-neck with globalization under the banner of One World Order. The Ancestors are running alongside the indigenous peoples to realize true human potentials, after 520 years of colonization -- October 12, 1492 to 2012. The New World Order is nothing more than total global colonization. A main difference in 2012 and 1492 is that the European (Aldebaran descendants), who financially benefited from asserting control over indigenous peoples, are themselves under the gun of conquest now. One way of looking at this is that children of missionaries who traveled the world to reform indigenous savages are now learning from indigenous teachers who have 520+ years of experience with the colonial mind and strategies. It's one heck of a culture shock for some.

    Credo did exactly what an indigenous Elder should have done with Tellinger. I wonder how personally the South African government took Credo's Black African history and how closely they got to directing the trend, if you get my drift.

    I had the privilege of chatting about precise the issues you highlight with two indigenous scholars at Thanksgiving, over a typical "Pilgrim" dinner with turkey and "all the trimmings," as Wallace Black Elk called it. One was a Chinese scholar doing his doctoral study in Native American Studies here in the U S of A. The other was a Maori scholar who came up through his traditional Maori culture in New Zealand to arrive in indigenous studies with us American Injuns. The Chinese fellow explained that the Chinese have no sense of the indigenous separated from mainstream culture. All their history is Chinese, including the "I Ching," which was the focus of my interest. The Maori friend described how the Maori was brought into New Zealand's school and mainstreamed, as he explained the situation. My indigenous heritage is by way of Stand Watie's Cherokee Cavaliers, with their own treaty and roll, and my spiritual home is with Wallace Black Elk's lineage.

    I'd like to see your book and many more Cultural Heritage scholars coming on line.
    Thank you so much for sharing that insightful anecdote, krsanna. I am going to p/m you about my book and work, as this thread is about Credo. But your insights on the NWO/globalists are spot on, and all I will say here is that the same parties who controlled the old South Africa (apart-hate) are still controlling the new South Africa (neo-apart-hate), and have worked very hard to make sure it fails.

    That is why this video is pure gold in terms of preserving the Memory of the true heritage of South Africa.

    Love to you and all!

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    Default Re: PROJECT AVALON NEWSLETTER #4 : Credo Mutwa, Serpo and NORAD, Dr Bill Deagle on everything, AI Drones, and DON'T MENTION THE REPTILIANS

    Comment to Michael Tellinger Criticism:
    More can be criticized. This is not to say that I don't agree with much that Tellinger writes. I do agree wit quite a lot, but not all, and not with the following.

    Michael Tellinger writes in his book in Chapter 15 “…Jesus became an unwitting ‘mouthpiece’ for the bloodthirsty Nefilim god, preparing the ground for the continued enslavement of humanity. …unconsciously weaving the propaganda of a power-hungry Anunnaki god. … The uncanny parallels between the murky origins of humanity, comparing to the origins of Christ, point to the real possibility that whoever crafted humanity, followed it up with a second wave of premeditated propaganda and ultimate control.”

    His remark “…the one truly puzzling feature is the lack of reference to messiah in the Old Testament. The word ‘messiah’ first appears in John 1:41…” is not really true. In the King James’ Bible, it appears in Dan 9:25-26, but since the Hebrew word mashiach is usually translated as “(the) anointed (one)”, we have to search the Bible for the latter word. “Anointed” is found in 84 verses and in a few of them, it may be understood similarly to the Christian understanding. However, this is not of major importance for the discussion here. It is, however, remarkable that Tellinger writes about “the origins of Christ” (above), when according to him no such origins can be found in the Bible.

    The Bible and the whole official Christianity of the Church hypnotize us to identify Jesus with Christ, which is a cause of much misunderstanding. The Jesus of Christianity was for obvious reasons unknown before he was born in Bethlehem. The name “Yeshua” was given him there like a name is given to every child that is born. But who was he before he incarnated as this Yeshua? That we don’t know. It is, therefore, logically and naturally expected that no “Yeshua” is mentioned in the Old Testament that could be the one of Christianity (there is another Yeshua mentioned in Old Testament Apocrypha: Yeshua ben Sirah).

    So who, then, is Christ? In official Christianity, he is a very high entity, close to God, who is assumed to have incarnated as Jesus. Does this make sense? That Christ, being such a high entity, would incarnate in a human body appears quite unimaginable. It is much more likely that he sent a messenger to humanity, and that this messenger was Jesus.

    But “Christ” is not a name! It is the Greek translation (Christós) of the word mashiach, “the anointed one”, which is adopted in almost every modern language. We do not know a name for him. There is much confusion here. Several persons in the Old Testament were “anointed” and the word mashiach is used not only for Christ or for Jesus. Christ will most probably also not be mentioned in the Old Testament as mashiach in a “Christian” sense. He will rather have been unknown to those who wrote the parchments that after a long time were to become the Old Testament. He became known to us mainly through his message sent through Jesus.

    Where do we find more information about this? There is a tradition of a very basic importance to Christianity that has been blacked out in texts and history since some 2000 years: The Gnostic Christianity. It very early became subject of rude controversy and denial, and its texts were destroyed in the first centuries. However, a collection secretly survived as if by a divine salvation plan and was rediscovered in 1945 in Nag Hammadi in Egypt. Here we get a very different view of Christianity from what the Church wants us to believe. It looks like Tellinger is not aware of what is written in these texts, so that he misses an important historical link about treason and falsification of the message that Jesus brought us.

    There obviously were two circles around Jesus: an outer circle and an inner one, as mentioned above. What Jesus said in public, i.e. in the outer circle, will not be the whole message, since people were not ready to hear and understand it. Furthermore, the essential part of the message was highly “explosive” and controversial for his time.

    So what was then this “explosive” part of the message? If one studies the texts of the Gnostic Christians, it becomes obvious: Yahweh is not the real god! There is one far above him that Jesus called “Father”. Yahweh is an Anunnaku (I use this simplified singular, since “Anunnaki” is plural) but the “Father” is above all Anunnaki. Such a message was, of course, “mortal” to bring in those days and it is very obvious, indeed, that Yahweh wanted this Jesus dead, and he succeeded to have him killed, hoping that this message would soon be forgotten. But it was not! It survived for a few centuries among the Gnostic Christians, who used the name Yaldabaoth (and one or two other) for Yahweh, probably so that outsiders should not easily understand who was meant. Yahweh also was successful in eradicating most of the Gnostic Christians and their texts, even though some of it survived in secret organizations and it then again surfaced among the Cathars. Then it surfaced in 1945 in Nag Hammadi to challenge Yahweh’s primary control instrument in the Western world: the Church that did and does anything possible to discredit Gnostic Christianity.

    This means that we have two Jesuses: the real one and a fake pseudo-Jesus of the Church. Since Yahweh could not fully eliminate the tradition of the message, he cleverly changed it to serve his purposes and interests. The first step was to let Paul appear on the stage and teach a different Christianity. Out of that later arose a Church as an institution to manipulate the population with a “Christianity” that made people believe that Jesus’ “Father” would be Yahweh. In John 8:31-47 Jesus is quoted as telling something to the people that contradicts this, but it is – as expected – interpreted very differently by the Church.

    What Tellinger writes about Jesus is in a way true, after all – about the fake Jesus of the Church! But not about the real Jesus…

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    Default Re: Bill Ryan's 2010 interview with Credo Mutwa about Michael Tellinger

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    Default Re: Bill Ryan's 2010 interview with Credo Mutwa about Michael Tellinger

    has brief reference to credo mutwa being initiated at a site on it (21:21)

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