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Thread: March 30 2015 Laura Eisenhower: Humans as Dream machines

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    Default March 30 2015 Laura Eisenhower: Humans as Dream machines

    Laura describes her own journey as a contactee at a young age and going through a dark night journey for 20 years and being recruited for Mars.

    She gives lots of good information on how we as light workers can do our part. One thing is to help one another to heal because the fracturing that trauma easily causes has been used for centuries to provide a means of weakening humans, including our aura, so that dark entities can come into our lives and influence them. Healing helps to prevent mind control.

    At minute 2012 the interviewer asks about the consequence of 2012- did anything change?

    "Sean Stone: First there is the 2012 issue, because a lot of people have a beef, particularly the dating of this by the Mayans, is it actually a galactic doorway or not? A lot of people feel like nothing did change. . . . . . what is your interpretation of what happened?

    Laura E: Something absolutely shifted. I uh, sometimes I think that no news is good news, in particular when it comes to something like that. I was shuffling cards, [tarot cards] up until the peak time [of 2012] which was something like 3 in the morning. . . . I have shuffled for like 30 year, I've got like callouses shuffling working energy and global energies. But this was significant of course. It was the worst reading ever, it was like the Devil and the Balance upside down and everything across the board - everything! I was like wow, we're going through the needle right now and it's not looking so good! And I knew, people all over the planet were doing ceremony, and you know, people just feeling called to do whatever they were called to do, just like I was. Um. . . all of a sudden the cards started to change - and I've never seen anything like it -lets just say, around the time that everything peaked and it was just like all of it was just good! it was like the Devil ,like, was gone and, instead like, you know, the Goddess energy and everything was good. . . . .It was just like you know, one of those things where your jaw falls to the ground. I have never seen anything like it. But sometimes it takes us awhile for us to catch up with it.

    Similar with like healing the on a physical level. If we change the energy behind the scenes, our bodies catch up with the shift in our energy and - then everything that goes on in the physical is different. Same with the planet - how the collective works , how as we as light workers do our part and um . . .we have to pat ourselves on the back because we are up against some really heavy forces.

    "But they [The Cabal] can only really delay the inevitable; spirit's gonna win no matter what. But, if we don't allow it to work through us, and if we don't ground ourselves and connect with the inner core sun of the planet - where is that energy gonna go? You know, it goes to them and they use that free energy. And that is the weapon that they [the Cabal] have and that's the belief system and all the distortions that you know, we talk about. . . . . .

    Sean Stone: When you say free energy - being what? you mean like us, ourselves, like batteries that we are and how many watts we generate just by standing or sitting here?

    Laura: Right, you know, we are dream machines, and if there is a glitch we can create a nightmare, or enable all these agenda's to succeed. ANd so We constantly are creating energy and we can tell like in a relationship if it is going well we tell the bliss, the euphoria . .elation, without any drugs. . . and then if there is an argument and somebody says something weird we get triggered and there is constriction and pain and we know that it affects our environment, weird things start to manifest. So if we look at it on a global level, and mass consciousness is being controlled by, you know by this

    Sean Stone : fear based Reptilian mind,

    Laura E. Yeah, and you know the "villians" that are trying to create a new world order - you know - we are like actually helping by giving it so much of our energy.

    And so when we call our energy back and raise our frequency we dismantle all of that. Because we can go way higher! You know, they are functioning at a very low level, it's very easy to go above it. We just have to be willing. We just have to understand the game, and you know, stop calling people crazy who are doing everything they can to wake people up!
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