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Thread: Advanced Magnetics Defeats Lenz's Law

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    Default Advanced Magnetics Defeats Lenz's Law

    meant to post here...

    Advanced Magnetics Defeats Lenz's Law

    took them 18 months back to build it back in 2001...

    (and I guess 15 years to perfect their understanding of what they actually built...)
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    Default Re: Advanced Magnetics Defeats Lenz's Law

    i've been following paul and jim's work for a long time now, great guys doing great things.

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    Default Re: Advanced Magnetics Defeats Lenz's Law

    Thanks for sharing this. I've built quite a number of experimental motors myself, and I can attest that it's not easy! Just as what was mentioned in the video: Transistors blow up by the handful due to inductive spikes. I also developed a recovery circuit which mitigates this problem, but probably not as good as their's.
    What he explains about eliminating the Lenz effect sounds right to me. A number of people have done this and it always involves a unique geometric configuration.
    I hope he comes out with a kit, I would love to build one.


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