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Thread: Gerard Morin: "Overunity is not a myth anymore. It's a fact!"

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    Default Gerard Morin: "Overunity is not a myth anymore. It's a fact!"

    "Overunity is highly achievable, it's not a myth anymore, it's a fact!"

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    Default Re: Gerard Morin: "Overunity is not a myth anymore. It's a fact!"

    Awesome, I wish these guys would have a buddy who has studied and learned really well what they are talking about who could 'translate' into simpler terminology what they are talking about... (Bob Lazar might be the exception.. lol) I can totally related to what Karen Hudes was talking about when she said how the coneheads are very analytical and have a different mental makeup as a result. But I like this guy, the only part I get is that he is willing to take on all comers and kick their butts! Awesome! ;D
    We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time
    By faith we understand things which are seen were not made of the things which are visible

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    Default Re: Gerard Morin: "Overunity is not a myth anymore. It's a fact!"

    Thank you!
    I only watched a part of it, because I also don't have enough knowledge about this topic, but something inside me felt that what he is saying is amazing and could chance the world for a better!
    And who knows, maybe it's good not to know much about old-fashioned physics, because then it is easier to learn the new stuff, not having to get rid of old believes.

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    Default Re: Gerard Morin: "Overunity is not a myth anymore. It's a fact!"

    Shame, this man, Gerard Morin, has a big heart and packed full of enthusiasm, yet everything he touches fails. Hours and hours of his video testimony yet no documents, literature or drawings.

    No I do not watch his videos. For instance, in the first two minutes of this video in the OP, he admits blowing up/ burning out his special free energy motor by some unknown cause between his 14kv transformer and the motor. ?????? He should not be on the ball park at all if he does not understand the very real dangers of this technology. It is lethal.
    Here IMO, he clearly displays a lack of understanding of what he is actually dabbling with: https://projectavalon.net/forum4/show...e.-It-s-all...

    As an applications engineer myself, I would not certify him to continue in this line of investigation until he qualifies his understanding of the processes involved. Though singling Gerard out for criticism is unfair as many "electrical" specialists are doing the same thing. They all make the same mistake in applying traditionally taught (modern) electrical principles to a non electrical problem.

    Electrical engineers will fail to access "free energy" if they apply these currently conventional electrical principles. They fail to identify the target product which is the zero point of the magnetic field.

    Or to put it another way: Electrical principles alone will NEVER reverse engineer the zero point of a magnetic field. IN MY OPINION!
    Recently, here at Avalon, a weak discussion pretty much castigating the Babcock machine by the focus on Babcocks secrets and the fact he was asking for a fee for the information. The guy had to cover his considerable costs for the years of experimentation and blown components to NOT to achieving his working model BUT to distribute the information for a working model that very conveniently creates a manageable zero point as the motor "works". This provides the VERY REAL opportuniity for others to analyse and exploit by secondary engineering an exploit the zero point benefits safely. Nothing at this level is without risks though. So investigating a safe proven system is much more attractive as most of the preparation or "project ramp up" has been done.
    Here: https://projectavalon.net/forum4/show...tor-Principles

    In an earlier interview Babcock explained the "pain" of coming to terms with his (and his loyal team) lack of understanding of those very same principles. They deliberated amongst themselves, all seasoned engineers, for hours, days and months until the "penny dropped". They were not focussing on the magnetic field(s) itself as an entity but rather the motors effeciency. They spent tens of thousands of dollars on replacement components before the teams "eureka" moment. Then they told the world. Over and over again they broadcast this news.

    They also knew they were at considerable risk if they promoted this access to the zero point field so just stuck to the science of their activities. They were giving so many clues it was believable and one of the biggest was the "defiance of Lenzs law" monocles promoting the performance. I cannot extoll this piece of info enough yet it has apparently been lost in the alternative media.
    Here: https://projectavalon.net/forum4/show...ts-Lenz-s-Law&

    Returning to Gerard Morins attempts, in the same Avalon thread about Babcock, other members asked whether I would comment there on Morins free energy attempts. Knowing what I know, I considered that request a put down or insult whether accidental, deliberate or innocent, no matter, there was nothing I could possibly say without being a target of a "flame" debate. Beneficial to nobody and wasting everybodies time.
    Gerard Morin needs engineering help. Quite happy to offer my assistance if he is UK or EU based but not over the Internet. I do that as he appears to have money to spend (waste), he appears to have adequate workshop access and most all his enthusiasm. But he is a danger to himself. My first role would be to "refocus" any understanding of what he thinks he is doing. This is what I do professionally and it upsets people initially though they are invariably extremely thankful afterwards; that they now have a "new bubble" to blow into after I (in conjunction with others) burst their previous one.

    My advice to free energy enthusiasts, look elsewhere.
    Focus on the MAGNETIC FIELD.
    Electrical current is MAGNETISM.
    Dark Matter is MAGNETISM.

    Final note for those of you reading this far, thank you in advance but consider this:
    Trying to reverse engineer the zero point from the magnetic field (the aether) with electrical principles, is like reverse engineering the price of sugar from a collapsed souflette. The rules are different.

    We all make mistakes. That isn't the problem. Not learning from them is.
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    Default Re: Gerard Morin: "Overunity is not a myth anymore. It's a fact!"

    If you want simplified instruction, along with a forum for people who are building these machines and using them, go to http://www.keshefoundation.org/

    They have been selling two different units in Europe: One is, a home power plant and the other is for use on an electric or gas powered vehicle. As far as I could tell, auto adaptation is what most of the talk among the forum people is about. The forum is new, so there is not a volume of data there. They claim if you are handy at building things, you can build a real power plant - not just a model - a full size unit! Check it out. I'm not "handy" so I can't do it.

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    Default Re: Gerard Morin: "Overunity is not a myth anymore. It's a fact!"

    over unity has been proven in the US since Tesla, but it is illegal to produce energy that doesn't use fuel...

    They forced everyone onto A/C so there is a 10-20% loss in energy converting it across to work with appliances lights etc...

    Keshe has opened a new era with his plasma energy, but as long as formulas can't explain how it works, it is considered Magic and that is illegal.

    New physics books needs to be written including these formulas...

    Plasma physics is a 1+1 = 3 formula

    there is a lot of work to do, every square foot of atmosphere surrounding us has 70 volts of energy, the formula needs to show how you can draw from this invisible energy, and how to explain it refills the space after drawing it down.

    does it come from the sun, or is everything that exists on an energy plane, an endless river flowing all around us that can power anything we want...

    CERN is using the same technology Keshe is, but all the scientist working there don't even realize the capability of a two loop strand, one magnetic, the other gravity...

    that is over 100 miles long...

    adjusting it correctly, could move the planet...

    I have a feeling the ones who designed it, know what it can do...
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    Default Re: Gerard Morin: "Overunity is not a myth anymore. It's a fact!"

    Quote Both Iran and the United States have repeatedly announced that there are no secret codicils to the 5+1 agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. Both the United States and Iran are lying. A key aspect to the settlement, we have been able to confirm, is an agreement to transfer to the United States certain Iranian plasma energy technologies deemed by NASA and the Department of Defense as “vital to US interests.”
    emphasis mine


    Quote What we have been able to confirm is that Iran’s plasma energy technology sector controls technologies that are capable of a quantum leap in power production. The applications for rural electrification and water purification will, if proven out, change the human condition.
    Quote Conclusion

    We are now making public that which was never intended to be made public. Assumed geopolitical alignments fall to the wayside when confronted with “real world” issues. Then again, can plasma based free energy and spaceship technologies be considered “real world” when what the common narrative, layer after layer, taught as history, current events or “news” has become a veritable laughing stock.

    This is a warning, but to whom? Who negotiated the secret codicils to the Iran treaty? One thing the last 24 hours has taught me, no one is going to ask, no one will want to look at them, no one cares. It’s not that they don’t care but rather than they would rather continue breathing.

    What do we know?
    ◾The US has negotiated access to energy technologies that would push our aerospace and defense capabilities forward centuries. (yes)
    ◾We also know that these technologies were demonstrated in the Black Sea by Russia, a “wake up call” to the United States.
    ◾We know there is a “meeting of minds” between Israel”s AIPAC lobby and groups (national intelligence organizations) that want the US to be denied “next century” tech.
    ◾We know the target is the US and not Iran.
    ◾We know exactly who these people are, who they are meeting with and what their interests are, interests of a nature unfriendly to the United States to such a degree as to motivate even Iran’s concern.

    Why was it so important for the Iran deal to go through? Was it the Obama legacy or so Ford could sell shiploads of F150 trucks? Perhaps now we have a more complete view.

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