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Thread: Transgender issues

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    Default Re: Transgender issues

    Quote Posted by Dennis Leahy (here)

    Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual

    These are sexual orientations, and even these are not always rigidly fixed - for example, I have a friend that said she was lesbian, for years, and in a long-term committed relationship with a woman, but is now married to a man, so I suspect she must think of herself as bi-sexual now.

    The reason that LGB people coalesced into a group was to fight for the same rights as heterosexual couples, like marriage and the tax benefits given to married couples, spousal rights for decisions during hospitalization, property rights, and to stop discrimination in housing, employment, etc. Those of you who do not believe that homosexuality is real, well, I'm sorry, you're wrong. There have always been human homosexuals, and even most non-human higher animals have some homosexuality. It doesn't matter if it's against your religion or your own morals - if it is against your own morals, then don't YOU form a same sex couple, and leave the LGB people alone.

    The "issues" are really with the other letters and number: T, Q, A, 2S, and "+". Transgender, Queer, Ally, and 2-Spirit, and {something else called +}. In my strong opinion, those other designations should never have been lumped in with LGB, because they are not sexual orientations, and are not fighting for the same rights. I'm not sure if it was really the compassion of the LGB community that added those other designations, or if it was sort of forced onto them by the psychologists that I see as the villains of the LGBTQ2S+ nomenclature.

    Working backwards through those designations:

    This appears to be an attempt to make the group larger, like a list that ends with an elipsis... I believe this designation should be completely rejected by the LGB community, as it does nothing to further their cause, and only adds a nebulous, confusing aspect.

    "2S" Two Spirit. This one jumps out of the physical realm and into the spiritual, soul, realm. I believe it has roots in some Native American spirituality, and either describes someone that has both masculine and feminine feelings, or else is a being where literally two different souls of different sexes inhabit the same body. This one is hard to talk about without delving into reincarnation and soul journeys. In that realm, from the work of Michael Newton, Dolores Canon, as well as others that have had a near death experiences (NDE), I have never read an account where two different souls are housed in one human body, much less two souls of different sexes. Citing the same sources, we are all eternal souls that reincarnate over and over, and our soul reincarnates as both men and women, in different lifetimes. Unless 2S is being used as a synonym for bi-sexual, it doesn't belong in the LGB group.

    "A" Ally This is not someone that is in the LGB group, and does not belong in the group. Of course, it's great for any group to have allies, but just because I support the United Auto Workers (for example) doesn't mean I'm a member of the United Auto Workers. A conference for the LGB community might advertise that the event is for "LGB community members, LGB family members, and allies", and that would make sense.

    "Q" Queer The term "queer" was strictly a pejorative used against the LGB community, and evidently (like Black comedians using the "N word"), accepting and celebrating the term "queer" is an attempt to take away its power as a pejorative. It does sort of work with LGB, maybe as a designation noting that the person isn't firmly planted in the L or G or B segment of the community, but recognizes within themself that they may dip their toes into L or G or even heterosexuality at times. But, the Q designation is really superfluous, as it does not really pinpoint someone fighting for the aforementioned rights of the LGB community.

    "T" Transgender This term has nothing whatsoever to do with LGB community members and their legal rights struggles, and is a completely different issue with its own inherent problems. Adding the T to LGB is distracting and maybe even destroying the LGB community progress toward legal rights.

    First, transgender is improperly conflated to mean transsexual. There is no such thing as a transsexual human. Even the extremely, extremely rare human born that is neither XX nor XY cannot ever change the sex chromosomes of the DNA in every cell in their body, which would be required to change sex. Gender does not equal sex, and that conflation is the crux of the problem and the anti-scientific lie that has been promoted by some psychologists. Gender expression is behavioral and is a spectrum between masculine and feminine behavior and feelings (there really are infinite genders, by definition of anything spectral.) Sex is binary (with an extremely extremely rare percentage of chromosomal abnormalities that fall outside of that binary reality.)

    The psychologists do a terrible disservice to people (malpractice, I'd assert) by conflating gender expression with sex, and insisting that a person can change their sex. The psychologists assert that what gender expression is exhibited or held is really the person's true sex. This is a complete misunderstanding of gender expression, which may change at any time in a person's life journey. Instead of trying to normalize gender expression in society, they adhere to the scientific lie that a person is really whichever sex they most closely express by gender behavior and feelings, at that moment, and recommend hormones and surgery to nail that person down to one of the two binary sexes, which is scientifically impossible to accomplish.

    Gender expression is real, but it has nothing to do with the person's sex. Further, a person's gender expression could change at any moment, and change many, many times over the person's lifetime. Males expressing masculinity and females expressing femininity are not societally ostracized and mocked or attacked, but those straying from that narrow portion of the gender expression spectrum are. That's the actual societal problem that psychologists should be dealing with. There are already laws against murder, assault and battery, and even against "hate crimes", and those laws must protect everyone, even if they are behaving or dressed away from their sex.

    A few examples of gender expression:

    There was a guy billed as a "female impersonator" on a widely popular TV show in the 1960s, the Ed Sullivan Show. He was dressed in a long dress, padded and cinched into an hourglass figure, wore a wig and women's makeup, and sang in a falsetto voice. He was most definitely expressing a feminine gender! He did not, nor did Ed Sullivan say he was a woman. He ended his act by removing his wig, to thunderous applause from the audience - an example of society fully accepting gender expression away from the "norm", and trans-genderism.

    I saw Peter Gabriel in concert many years ago, and he did one song, brilliantly, as a solo duet. His stage costume was split down the middle, and as he turned sideways, in profile, he either looked like a man in a black suit, or a woman in a white tutu and white top. He sang both parts of the duet, rotating 180 degrees to express both ends of the gender spectrum. He didn't turn into a woman, he emulated a woman, expressed femininity for "her" half of the duet. He changed genders, temporarily trans-gendering.

    In Shakespeare's time, women were not accepted as actors, so all the female parts were performed by crossdressed men. They didn't turn into women, they expressed femininity as a role. Just a role, and a costume, temporarily changing gender, trans-gendering. This was also accepted societally.

    Dennis Rodman, a former star basketball player and one hell of a masculine rebounding warrior on the court, enjoyed crossdressing and even had a fake wedding parade where the big reveal at the end was that he wasn't the guy dressed as the groom, he wore the bridal gown. He was an accepted gender-bender.

    Women pretty much aren't seen as crossdressing when they wear men's garb - it's generally accepted as fashion in modern society. (An example of where women, wearing beards and emulating men, did get in trouble in the society they were in, can be seen in the Monty Python movie, The Life Of Brian (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNeq2Utm0nU) Women are also free to act masculine - for example Hillary Clinton.

    Crossdressing men are not generally accepted in modern society. This, in spite of the fact that high heels were first worn by men, many men around the world wear or have worn tunics or thobes or dashikis that are like dresses, Scots and Irishmen wear kilts, British magistrates wear wigs and black robes/dresses and US judges wear the same robes/dresses, priests and alter boys wear black dresses called 'cassocks' and then put a white lace top over that, Polynesian men wore grass skirts, and Seinfeld wore that puffy, feminine, pirate shirt.

    Still, public crossdressing by men is not generally accepted in modern society, nor is being or acting feminine. I suspect that this is the major underlying issue with M-to-F transgenders - they know they are not free to express femininity, and when they seek psychological assistance, they are pigeonholed as really being women, born in the wrong body. The crime is perpetrated by psychologists who conflate gender expression (spectral and transitory) with sex (binary and fixed.)

    The societal problems of trans-men in women's sports and trans-men in women's locker rooms, bathrooms, and prisons are caused by the psychologists practicing pseudo-science and ramming the lie of transsexualism down society's throat. It is malpractice. Then, they enlist medical professionals to pretend they are actually changing the person's sex, and physically carry out the crimes. Is crime the correct word? Well, if an adult wants to get sex-mimicking body alterations, breast implants, or vaginoplasty surgery and take hormones, they have committed no crime - it is their choice, their right to do so. However, they do not gain the right to say that they are the opposite sex, just because the psychologists lied to them. But the psychologists that lied to them and told them that they could change to the opposite sex have indeed committed criminal malpractice, conflating transgenderism with transsexualism.

    Where children are involved, the crimes are far greater, as children's brains - especially the cerebral cortex - are not fully developed until about age 25. "Gender affirming surgery" and puberty blockers/chemical castration and opposite sex hormones may be done under the umbrella of compassion - the idea that the trans-person will look more like the sex they want to be and are told they can be, if the child catches it earlier in their sexual dimorphic development. Some psychologists may believe this is true, but there should be laws prohibiting this practice by psychologists, because children cannot have informed consent with a brain not yet developed to permit informed consent, in addition to the lie that a person can change their sex. Instead, psychologists should be counseling the children to express their gender expression openly, behaviorally and in cultural gender expression (clothing, hair, makeup) that makes them feel good, and to recognize that gender is transitory and none of the government's business. If a guy in a dress gets beat up by men in a men's bathroom, a crime of assault and battery has been committed and should be prosecuted as such.

    With transgenderism being conflated into transsexualism, the guilty parties are the psychologists first, then the medical personnel, then the lawmakers that codify it. At the societal level, we are all responsible for allowing people to express themselves anywhere along the gender spectrum, without mocking or attacking or discriminating. We also need to see LGB as as a sexual orientation issue, and (I believe) support the rights of the LGB community. On paper, we are also responsible for communicating the truth that there is no such thing as transsexualism to our lawmakers, so that they will pass laws protecting children from this psychological deception and disfigurement, undo laws forcing people to use preferred pronouns, and stop using the word gender to mean sex. (I say, "on paper" because lawmakers are almost completely deaf to their constituents.)

    {edit, to add} I see any transgender person as a person, and fully deserving of compassion and respect. I don't see them as the bad guys/gals. They deserve to be treated as the sex they emulate, to live their lives, "as if" they really are the opposite sex from their chromosomes, in everything that is not actually sex-based, such as competing in sports where it is not fair. Those that have undergone surgery have earned the right to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of the sex they emulate, as they don't have the genitalia to rape, and are no more threat to a woman than a lesbian in the same space. Those that believe they had their sex changed, I see as victims - victims of official, pseudo-scientific lies. I'll continue to call Chelsea Manning "Chelsea" and thank her for her service when she was Bradley. Transgendered people have the full gamut of human rights. It is the psychologists, doctors, and lawmakers that we need to see as fraudsters and criminals, and attack their policies.
    Thank you Dennis. A wonderfully objective and beautifully written post. And thank you for the history lesson - this seems to be lost on many people hypnotised by the (alphabet-soup) trendy bandwagon. Also a thank you for your first three paragraphs in particular. I was a part of the LGB movement in the 1990’s and, in my opinion, it largely achieved it aims. It should have celebrated success there and stopped; there was no need to bring peripheral ideologies into the mix, but I feel that corporate sponsorship had a large hand in hijacking the movement to expand it into the silliness we see today.

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    Default Re: Transgender issues

    "A" Stands for Asexual.

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    Default Re: Transgender issues

    Quote Posted by lunaflare (here)
    "A" Stands for Asexual.
    Yes, I guess a couple of the letters can have different meanings, depending on what source* you reference. "A" was told to me by an LGB woman to mean "Ally", and there is no controversy or loss of rights for someone that declares themselves to be asexual, just as heterosexual is also a sexual orientation but also is not really a part of the struggle of LGB. "Q" can also be "Questioning." Another letter sometimes added is "I" for Intersex, which I believe is intended as a gender designation, not a sexual orientation. In each of these cases, I think my original point stands that LGB really is a different group who has been fighting for (and as Tigger noted, has been largely successful at gaining) the rights I mentioned in my second paragraph, and that the other letters are really outside of the scope of the LGB community.

    I'm also highlighting how different "T" Transgender is from LGB, (transgender is the topic of this whole thread) to try to help unravel the issue instead of just piling on and mocking or showing outrage at transgendered people, who really are caught in a web of official deceit, having been told they really did change into the other sex and deserve full privileges of that sex.

    *Here's the first source I just found, a style guide for writers from the Chicago Tribune (doesn't have the new "2S" or "+" designation):


    "Acceptable in all references for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning and/or queer. In quotations and the formal names of organizations and events, other forms such as LGBTQIA and other variations are also acceptable with the other letters explained. I generally stands for intersex, and A can stand for allies (a person who is not LGBT but who actively supports the LGBT community), asexual (a person who doesn't experience sexual attraction) or both. The word queer can be considered a slur in many contexts, so limit use of the word to quotes and names of organizations ..."

    AP Stylebook

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    Default Re: Transgender issues

    How to Protect Your Child From Transgender Lies
    by Dr. Joseph Mercola
    October 15, 2023


    Source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/6X9oCqUrcUgR/

    While it seems the transgender ideology came out of nowhere, schools have been teaching children that their identity is separate from their biology, and that gender is a choice, for a long time. Today, transgender ideology is being taught to children as early as preschool
    Transgenderism is primarily a social contagion, although exposure to synthetic chemicals, in utero and in early life, may play a role in some cases, especially in boys identifying as girls
    Classic gender dysphoria primarily affected boys, and always presented at a very early age. Now, teens and young adults claim they’re transgender, which was never the case before. Girls identifying as boys now make up about 60% of cases
    Many in the affirmative care field insist that you can block puberty without negative effects and that hormone therapy effects are reversible, neither of which is true. Proponents of transgender ideology also claim that unless trans kids are affirmed in their new identities and provided medical and surgical treatment to transition, they’re at high risk of suicide, and that’s not true either
    “Lost in Trans Nation,” written by Dr. Miriam Grossman, a child and adolescent psychiatrist and board-certified medical doctor, provides parents with the required knowledge and tools to protect their children from the transgender ideology contagion

    In this interview, Dr. Miriam Grossman, a child and adolescent psychiatrist and board-certified medical doctor, discusses the dangers of transgender ideology, which is her specialty, and, more importantly, how to protect your children from it.

    She's the author of two books, "You're Teaching My Child What?: A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Education and How They Harm Your Child," and "Lost in Trans Nation, A Child Psychiatrist's Guide Out of the Madness."

    Grossman is also a senior fellow at the Do No Harm Medicine, which fights "against identity politics" and "for individual patients." "First, do no harm" is part of the Hippocratic Oath that doctors through the ages have sworn to abide by. Unfortunately, the Hippocratic Oath has been massively perverted and "do no harm" has basically fallen by the wayside.

    "Do No Harm is a pretty recently formed organization of medical professionals who feel that our profession has lost its way," Grossman explains.

    "It has become politicized — by identity politics and other issues — to such a degree that our patients are suffering and our profession is suffering. DoNoHarmMedicine.org was founded by Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, a retired nephrologist from the University of Pennsylvania.

    I believe he had the responsibility of organizing the curricula for medical students at the University of Pennsylvania, and he recognized the degree to which politics had entered into the curricula and was very alarmed. So, he retired and formed this amazing organization, which I would encourage every medical professional to check out and join."

    The Rise of Transgender Ideology
    While Grossman has only recently become known as a leading voice opposing the mainstream transgender narrative, her involvement and concern about this unscientific belief system goes back about 15 years. For the casual observer, it may seem that transgender ideology sprang up from nowhere, overnight, but that's not the case.

    "The explosion in cases did actually happen quite rapidly, but the teachings, the ideology that says our identities can be separate from our biology — which is not based in science — and the belief that we can be someone different than what our body says we are, that's been taught to kids in sex education for a long time," Grossman says.

    "I became aware of it in the mid 2000s when I was writing my book, 'You're Teaching My Child What?' I was a psychiatrist for students at UCLA, and a lot of the kids coming to see me with anxiety and depression, especially the young women, were there as a result of unhealthy sexual behaviors.

    A lot of them, an alarming number, had a sexual transmitted disease, an STD. They had herpes or genital warts, and these diseases are caused by viruses that are incurable essentially. Once you have a diagnosis of genital warts, the human papillomavirus or the herpes virus, you've got that for life.

    It can be controlled, but not eliminated. So these are serious diseases ... These were smart kids, and these were kids who were ambitious, yet they had made these foolish sexual decisions of hooking up with random strangers ...

    So I started looking into what kids are being taught in sex education, and I discovered that sex education ... is not about health. It's not about staying healthy. It's about ... promoting sexual freedom — all sorts of risky behaviors — and it's about changing society.

    My book, 'You're Teaching My Child What?' ... delves into the origins of sex education in this country. It is about sexual freedom. It's about rejecting Judeo-Christian values. It is most certainly not about fighting bacteria and viruses. And sex education is introduced at a very young age, in kindergarten."

    Gender ideology is introduced even earlier, in preschool. Books read to preschool children will say things like, "Adults make mistakes when babies are born and only you know if you're a girl or a boy," and "Adults may have made a mistake when they decided that you were a girl or a boy," or "Some people are born with a boy's brain and a girl's body."

    "These outrageously false ideas are introduced to children at a very, very young age," Grossman says, "and that's the danger. These ideas are going to reach your kids before you do."

    Transgenderism Is a Social Contagion
    Grossman's most recent book, "Lost in Trans Nation," which came out in July 2023, provides parents with the practical information and tools needed to protect their families against the "transgender contagion."

    "It is a social contagion," she says. "If your child ends up in a friend group, either in school or in the neighborhood or online, in which there is one or more kids who are identifying as transgender, nonbinary, or one of these other made-up words, there's a much greater chance that your child ... will also end up identifying.

    So, no family is immune. I've talked to hundreds and hundreds of parents, and I've seen many, many kids in my office who get drawn into this belief system. And trust me, it's a very difficult thing."

    The transgender contagion is so widespread at this point, Grossman suspects most of the college, high school and elementary school students believe that sex and gender are two separate things, and that you can choose your gender at will, because that's what they've been indoctrinated to believe.

    "When I use the word indoctrinated, I mean that this has been relentlessly pushed at them over and over again. They're bombarded with this idea, presented as if it is a fact. It's not a fact, it's a belief. And it's an outrageous belief. It's an irrational belief that you can be something other than what your body says you are.

    But this belief is pushed at them 24/7 from every direction, and it's presented as fact. And, it's presented in such a way that questions are not permitted. If you doubt, if you hesitate, if you ask questions, well then you are a hater and you are transphobic.

    Kids want to belong. Kids want to be accepted in their social group. They don't want to be seen as an outsider and certainly not as transphobic. That's the equivalent of being racist, sexist and all those other awful things.

    So, that's why I use the word indoctrinated, and that's why a majority of them are going to believe it. It's being presented to them by authorities, educational authorities, medical authorities, government authorities, and they don't hear the argument on the other side of it."

    Gender Dysphoria Then and Now
    When Grossman was a medical student, rapid onset gender dysphoria (when a young child suddenly insists he or she is the opposite gender) was exceedingly rare. That all changed around 2015, when the number of cases suddenly exploded.

    However, contrary to classical gender dysphoria, these more recent cases typically involve teens and young adults, which had never been the case before. What's more, in the past, gender dysphoria predominantly affected boys, at a ratio of about 6-to-1. Today, girls identifying as boys make up about 60% of cases.

    I, like many others, suspect synthetic chemicals, many of which have estrogenic activity, may be playing a role, especially in boys identifying as girls. Grossman doesn't dismiss that possibility, but based on her work, she suspects social media and peer pressure are still the primary contributors.

    "The kids say as much," she says. "They develop symptoms of being unhappy with their bodies after binging on these YouTube videos of kids who are chronicling their own dysphoria and their own path. So there's definitely a social contagion element."

    Transgenderism Is a False Cure for What Ails Them
    Not surprisingly, children with a history of psychiatric issues, such as being on the autistic spectrum or struggling with anxiety, depression or emotional trauma, are more prone to falling victim to gender ideology.

    "They learn about gender ideology, and they're told that this could be the reason for your distress — 'You're feeling that you don't fit in ... because you are in the wrong body.'

    And they come to believe that all their problems are going to be solved by this one solution, that identifying as the opposite sex, change their name, their pronouns and their appearance ... that will be the solution.

    We hear this over and over again from detransitioners, the people who went through the 'affirmation' and when they got more mature, they realized, 'Oh my god, what have I done to myself?' and regret what they've done.

    I don't like using this language because it's Orwellian language, but let's just call it what the mainstream medicine is calling it, which is 'gender affirmation,' which of course means you deny biology.

    One of the main things that detransitioners talk about is how they were convinced that this would be the solution to all their mental health problems. Instead, they go through the process, their bodies are sometimes permanently disfigured from hormones and surgery, and their mental health problems have not been addressed."

    Kids and Parents Are Being Lied To
    Making matters worse, children and teens are being lied to about the ramifications of hormone therapy and surgery. These are permanent changes being applied for what is likely a temporary emotional problem. You cannot undo the damage inflicted once you change your mind.

    Remarkably, many in the affirmative care field insist that you can block puberty without negative effects and that hormone therapy effects are reversible, neither of which is true.

    Proponents of transgender ideology also claim that unless trans kids are affirmed in their new identities and provided medical and surgical treatment to transition, they're at high risk of suicide, and that's not true either.

    In fact, it's the exact opposite. Detransitioners are at high risk of suicide because not only is it a struggle to get back to their real identity, but many now have severe medical problems brought on by hormones and surgery.

    Those who have undergone sexual reassignment surgery, in particular, face the very real possibility of lifelong medical troubles and associated depression. Many have urological problems, recurrent infections, chronic pain and sexual dysfunction. They're also sterile and will never be able to have children.

    "In my congressional testimony that I gave a few months ago, I pointed out that in countries such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, the United Kingdom, where they have made these medical treatments essentially unavailable to kids for the past few years, there has been no increase in suicides or decreased mental health.

    So that is simply not true. It's terrible misinformation and emotional blackmail [to say] 'The only chance your child has of living a happy and fulfilling life is if you go along with their new identity and give them whatever it is they say they want, even if your child is 10 or 12 years old.' And this is what's going on in the gender clinics.

    It's very, very important that people read my book, not only families in which they are in the midst of this difficulty, but families who in the future may face it, so that they are prepared and can understand what it's about, so they know how to respond and how to protect their child before they're indoctrinated."

    A Generation of Damaged Youth
    Even if they don't go through with surgery on the sex organs, boys are given massive doses of estrogen, a known human carcinogen that has a plethora of ill health effects. Girls taking high-dose testosterone also face serious adverse health effects, including irreversible voice changes and blood clotting disorders.

    An ever-growing number of teenage girls are also getting double mastectomies. There are no hard numbers on how many top surgeries are being done, because no one is tracking transgender treatments and gender reassignment surgeries, but it's definitely not a rarity anymore. Grossman comments:

    "When I was writing my book and working on the chapter on double mastectomies, there were 47,000 young girls raising money on GoFundMe to have breast surgery — 47,000 ... You have a whole population of young women who were led to believe that their breasts are simply disposable sex objects that don't serve any other purpose.

    Young women are never taught about the magnificent biology of nursing and of the nutrition, which is the gold standard nutrition, for newborns. There is nothing better for a newborn than mother's milk."

    The Madness Is Coming From the Top
    Children's lives are being ruined by lies, and we need to be just as aggressive in sticking to biological facts as the indoctrinators are being aggressive in pushing vulnerable kids to make destructive health choices.

    A major part of the problem is the educational system, as most schools are teaching transgender ideology. The solution, then, would be to get your children out of those schools. Grossman agrees, saying:

    "Because gender issues have been framed as a civil right, every teacher can introduce it in their class — into English literature, social studies, civics, history.

    Parents also have to be aware that ... there are activist teachers, activist social workers and guidance counselors, who are out there to influence your child, and they will go as far as to keep it a secret from the family if the child requests to make some sort of identity change at school.

    The school will keep it a secret from the parents, which is another outrageous element in all of this because it's a parent's right to know such a thing. So yes, you can remove your child from not only public school, but there are also private schools that push this ideology ...

    Their professional organizations — the National Educational Association, the professional organizations of social workers, school counselors, guidance counselors and principals — they have all bought into the narrative. So they are obligated to follow those policies, and the policies call for keeping the parents in the dark if the child says that's what they want.

    I tell a story in my book of teachers who have felt that it is wrong to keep the parents in the dark about their child's gender identity at school and shared the information with the parents. They've been fired.

    There are teachers, especially the younger ones, who have been indoctrinated. But I have people writing to me who are school psychologists and teachers, and they say things like, 'I can't do this anymore. I'm leaving this field. I'm retiring, I simply can't do this anymore, it's wrong.'

    So parents need to be aware of that. And I provide in the book an appendix written by attorneys who are specialists in child and parental rights, and they explain exactly how to be proactive.

    Even if your child is entering kindergarten, you can go into the school and you can, with a form that I provide on my website, merriamgrossmanmd.com, that puts the school on notice that they have no constitutionally based rights to direct the education of your child, that you don't want your child being taught gender ideology and that you do not permit your child to be a part of any program or club in which this ideology is being taught.

    And you certainly are not giving permission for your child to be called by a different name, or for your kid to use the opposite sex bathrooms. You have to [do that]."

    Inoculate Your Children Through Biological Affirmation
    Another important strategy that parents need to adopt is to affirm the biology of their children from the start. By teaching them the value and permanence of their biological sex, you can effectively "inoculate" them against deranged ideas being brought in later. Grossman explains:

    "You can say to a 2-year-old or a 3-year-old, 'You know you're a boy, and you're always going to be a boy. From the very first moment of your creation, you were a boy.'

    This phrase, 'sex assigned at birth,' drives me crazy because it is so, so false. It is so outrageously untrue. Sex is not assigned at birth. Sex is established at conception and it is permanent.

    Kids are being led to believe that sex — being male or female — is randomly assigned. Some doctor or nurse in the delivery room takes a look at you and makes this random decision that really isn't based on anything real. No, you want to inoculate your child against that idea.

    You want to tell your child that 'You always were a boy or a girl, and you always will be. And that's a great thing.' Also, [teach them that] there are many different ways of being a girl or a boy. There isn't one way.

    There are some girls who love makeup and do all those stereotypically feminine things, and there are other girls who never want to put on a dress and they're into building things and sports. And that's great. That's one kind of way of being a girl.

    So from a very young age, we can tell kids that there isn't just one way of being a girl or a boy, because what the ideology is telling them is that if you don't fit into these ridiculous stereotypes, you may not actually be a girl (or a boy). So, you want your child to recognize that as not making sense."

    Another thing that children need to be taught from a young age is that being male or female has an impact on every system of the body. It's not just a few skin-deep anatomical differences.

    Your biological gender — immutable due to the presence of XX or XY chromosomes in every cell of your body — impacts how your brain works, your cardiovascular system, GI system and the immune system, and no amount of sex hormones and surgery will change that.

    By taking hormones to feminize or masculinize the body, you're wreaking total havoc on the entire system, because it wasn't designed for those hormones. The only predictable outcome of transgender hormone therapy is health problems.

    More Information
    The transgender ideology is a pervasive threat to our children, and parents need to educate themselves on how to battle it most effectively. Grossman's book, "Lost in Trans Nation" is the only book out there right now that gives parents the necessary tools. So, if you have young children, pick up a copy. Also gift the book to new parents. It could be the most valuable baby gift they can get. In closing, Grossman says:

    "Parents, it's really essential for you to know as much as you can. I've put my heart and soul into writing this book ['Lost in Trans Nation'] because I have seen too much. I have seen people, marriages and families destroyed from this ideology.

    That is why I wrote this book. It was not an easy book to write. It's not an easy book to read. But we have to live in reality and know what's going on. Parents that contact me all tell me the same thing. They say, 'We were blindsided. We never imagined that this could happen. We weren't prepared for it.' And so I want parents to be prepared ...

    I have tons of information that families can use to protect themselves. Once your child is involved, it can be really tough to get them out because they are essentially brainwashed.

    In addition to believing that they may be born in the wrong body, they have been brainwashed to believe that anyone who challenges them, anyone who won't use their new name and pronouns, is a bad person. [They've been told] their home might be unsafe if their parents won't use their new name and that they may need to live somewhere else ...

    This is a push to change our culture, change our society — to place a wedge between kids and their parents and for the state to say that we know what's best for your child, not you. It's a very dangerous situation.

    And I think it's important just to mention that other countries, very progressive countries such as Sweden, have all done a 180. Those other countries are saying what the kids need is psychotherapy. This is an emotional disorder."

    In addition to her book, you can also find more information on her website, miriamgrossmanmd.com, including the "Parent's Notice to Schools." If you want to follow her on Twitter/X, her handle is @Miriam_Grossman. Also consider becoming a member of the Do No Harm Medicine."
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Transgender issues

    I want to add a little more to the topic.

    I didn't mention "drag queens", and feel like it needs a footnote. Drag queens are a weird behavioral phenomenon. They are men dressed not as real women, but dressed and made-up in hyper-feminine male fantasy women's clothing and make-up. I don't know, nor ever see, any real women that dress that way or wear make-up that way. The closest thing some real women do with make-up was the jarring blue eye shadow and ridiculous eyelash mascara that was a trend a couple of decades ago, that was (in my opinion) mostly worn by obese women with bleached hair as well, that I saw as attempting to deflect attention away from their fat bodies, which they knew were unattractive. Now we have the anti-fat-shaming gambit (that Jordan Peterson ran afoul of), so fat women are celebrated, not encouraged to earn a healthy body shape, and don't need to deflect attention away from the fat.

    Bringing drag queens into schools really has nothing to do with transgenderism - drag queens (from my outsider's understanding) are almost all gay men that know they are not women. They know it is a costume. I don't know the history of who spearheaded the idea of bringing drag queens into schools to indoctrinate kids into the notion of "you are what you feel you are" and/or to normalize outrageous costumes, and why school systems allowed it. Fooled by "inclusivity", I guess.

    I saw in a podcast from an ex-Space Force military guy that "drag queen story hour" was injected into some military bases as well, so I guess it's not just little kids, but I want to focus on the kids, especially the elementary and middle school age kids. I believe there should be no sexualization of kids and no jamming gender-conflated-to-sex anti-science concepts into young minds. Stories told/read to children at storytime should be about the stories, and the storyteller should not be the focus, the story should. A good storyteller engrosses the listener in the story, transports the listener into the story. I wouldn't want my kid to be read stories by a person dressed as a clown or other distracting costume, such as a drag queen's outfit. A good storyteller melts away into the background, narrating the story and using vocal inflection, pace, pauses, and elocution to support the story. Why would an educator want a kid to be distracted at storytime by sequins, satin, ribbons and bows, and outrageous wigs and make-up - even if the storyteller was a woman dressed in the same costume? The photo that many of us have seen of a drag queen with a group of young children in storytime, wearing a g-string and doing a cartwheel or handstand exposing his underwear and "package" is yet another level beyond drag queen storytellers, and I believe criminal misconduct when inflicted on young kids. Drag shows are adult entertainment, for those adults who are entertained by men in drag, not for kids.

    How about cross-dressed teachers and librarians and school staff? Well, that one is much tougher, because the line between what is considered as men's and women's clothing is blurry and cultural, and defined somewhat by cultural era. The trending example of a male shop teacher teaching while wearing a dress, and wearing bowling ball sized fake boobs, is (for me) an example of 'over the line', but when I think of what bothers me the most, it is the giant fake boobs being so distracting to high school age students in a shop class. The younger the kids are, the more impressionable and more easily indoctrinated the child is, and the more I think cross-dressing would create confusion and be a hidden agenda for normalizing trans-activist agenda. But what about a male teacher wearing a kilt? And when is a kilt a kilt and not a skirt? Fabric? Fabric pattern? Fabric sheen? Length above or below knees? And what if it is a skirt? Then there's the other traditional men's clothing from other parts of the world that are culturally divergent from local customs, such as dashiki (African long tunic) and thobes (Arabic long tunic) that look similar to dresses. The 'rule of thumb' for school administration and employees should be to not dress or act sexually provocatively or dress or act in a way that is distracting to learning.

    I am defending the expansion of what is culturally acceptable between masculine and feminine behavior and dress, in open society, and that includes schools. My reasoning is that gender expression is normal and is a wide spectrum, as opposed to sex which is binary, not spectral. I'm opposed to psychologists and medical doctors being allowed to conflate gender to sex, for any age group. Telling someone you can change their sex is malpractice and false advertising. Cosmetic surgery, however drastic, and hormone therapy, is a right for adults (who were not told they are actually changing sex but only that they will look more like the opposite sex.) But, like other adult-only activities like buying liquor, cosmetic surgery, puberty blockers, and hormone therapy should be illegal for minors, even minors with parental consent. I believe that if those whose gender expression deviates from the masculine end of the gender spectrum for men and the feminine end of the gender spectrum for women were allowed, socially/culturally, to behave and dress publicly they way they feel like, and if it was against the law to advertise that ones sex can be changed, that very very few adults would undergo surgery and cross-sex hormones. Those few adults that do elect to undergo surgery and hormones would know they are not actually changing sex, just appearance, and the issues like trans-women in sports wouldn't be issues.

    Another thing I see as very problematic is for psychologists to nail down a snapshot of a person's gender expression behavior at that time, and recommend permanent physical changes, disregarding the person's mental health and gender behavior over a lifetime.

    Finally, the concepts of masculine and feminine in behavior are mostly cultural. Go to "primitive" tribal societies and observe women being women, and you'll note that it is a far cry from parasol twirling, satin, lace and ribbon, pantyhose and stiletto pumps wearing women - which is mostly a male fantasy construct of femininity anyway. Menstrual bleeding, PMS, pregnancy, and childbearing probably are not what "M-to-F" transgender prospects or even drag queens are thinking about.

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    Default Re: Transgender issues


    The penultimate absurd statement by a tranny attempting to justify its gold medal at a women's track meet...
    "Testicles do not make me less of a women."

    and on a parallel note:
    just because one is in jail does not preclude free tranny surgery...
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    Default Re: Transgender issues


    Heavy Marxist programming resulting in (and/or contributing to) severe M.E.N.T.A.L. I.L.L.N.E.S.S. These people are insane and a danger to themselves and to society. This is why the globalists want them to run amok.

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    Default Re: Transgender issues

    Very slowly, the right decisions (in sport) are being made.

    Transgender women have been barred from playing in international women's matches under new regulations from the International Cricket Council.


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    Default Re: Transgender issues


    There you have it! Diversity overshot the runway and crashed into the ocean! ;P

    Diversity & Inclusion Crew On NAVY Plane Crash Into the Ocean

    Source: https://www.rumble.com/video/v3uk9cx
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