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Thread: Operation Armageddon ~ Demonic Possession And Spiritual Warfare Facades

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    Default Operation Armageddon ~ Demonic Possession And Spiritual Warfare Facades

    I was researching on twitter like I do sometimes, I searched "Directed Energy Weapons" and hit research paydirt! As some of you know I have been talking about the shadow government hiding behind facades with potent technologies for several years on Avalon.

    There are murmurs on the net about an "Operation Armageddon" in the 70's, which I am 100% certain has evolved into a monolithic cover program for hiding the presence of technological influence and/or mind control.

    Here is my latest blog article:

    Full Article:
    Repackaging of Operation Armageddon on Many Fronts

    New research has me a little excited. I have been promoting awareness of black ops sources hiding behind facades for quite some time, which has been proven to me with black ops experiences of my own. For example the pictured scenario below, of mind control technology hiding behind demonic possession facades...

    Finally by chance in searching twitter under "Directed Energy Weapons" I stumbled upon a video that at the very end of the description mentioned "Operation Armageddon", where it stated something along the lines of the CIA hiding behind covers like demons and "spiritual warfare" when it is really technology and mind control happening in objective reality...


    Because the public has suffered so many atrocities from Monarch slaves who have gone berserk or who have carried out horrendous assignments, the CIA launched a secret COVER-UP project called Operation Armageddon to convince people that the Monarch slaves are demonic possessed people who are merely the result of an influx of evil supernatural forces in the end times.

    Taking this a step further, the Vatican reports a 100% raise in demonic possession cases in the last 15 years, and doubled their exorcist numbers. The Vatican is blaming Yoga and Harry Potter for the latest rise in demonic possession cases, however I have a different perspective... Black project technology being developed worldwide I would say is the biggest factor to that number rising so dramatically.

    Quote But Father Truqui sees yoga as being satanic, claiming that "it leads to evil just like reading Harry Potter." And in order to deal with the consequences of this, his religion has had to bring on an additional six exorcists, bringing the total number to 12, just to deal with what he says is a 100% rise in the number of requests for exorcisms over the past 15 years.

    Demons is not the only facade these groups hide behind. I have embarked in major work to expose modern day mind control covers, which are so conveniently present in new age information(things that make you go hmm....).

    Early on in my own electronic harassment and targeting case, sources like the CIA hid behind Grey alien and Reptilian Extraterrestrial facades to me while torturing me with directed energy weapons. Now that I have come out the other side of these illusions I have become a weapon against them, and have made a great effort and significant sacrifices to expose these crimes and human rights abuses to a mostly unsuspecting humanity...

    My first book will hopefully shed some major light on these operations. They depend on nescience(lack of knowledge) when it comes to black project capabilities for most of their covers to work with a high rate. I am very excited about my first book, and have several other book projects on the side. My first book is projected to be available in free PDF(in the eBooks section of this blog) or self published for hard copy in 2016 sometime.

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    Default Re: Operation Armageddon ~ Demonic Possession And Spiritual Warfare Facades

    Great Omni. I will read it when you offer it online.
    From the earliest of corporate programs, I have always seen this progression from individual testing to whole world applications. I have never thought that this would be just a singular inter-departmental use for covert actions. It makes sense knowing how inhumane those corporations are that it wouldn't be in their very nature to think of anything else.

    I would ask anyone why would those entities not, from the very beginning of proofs of effectiveness in manipulating the entirety of the singular human organism, use it against the mass of humanity? Since when have corporate owned governments given a f$%# about their citizens? Really. When?
    In cases like your own, mine and friends of mine the experience of being tortured was enough to remove any doubt, or preconditioned notion that anyone, especially those in a position of authority could be so cruel. I recognize the progression of their activities, and coercion of human actions from a warriors life, so it is easy to see that from the base of their multi-layered approach that they are enemies of humanity on the deepest of levels, completely cold, absolutely incapable of compassion or compromise until they are forced to retreat. That time will come, has come-in some ways, and this will end. The discovery is how much will it take to make it happen.

    However, it takes a while to show anyone else not only how it could be done, but that there could be such a massive covert, government funded series of programs with such evil practices. This alone is proof of the depth of the programming. Thankfully you are doing all that can be done in the area from your experience, your studies and your writings. I appreciate the vast efforts! Thank You !

    What would be of value is to see the actual machinery itself, the field units in action, the makeup of the crews, the independent facilities that have minimal human input, etc. Oh, yeah. I forgot that they have patents, regulations, laws, lawyers, and hit bitches at their disposal along with a cadre of arse-lickers in their employ. Never mind. Wrong world. Not yet in this one.

    There is another aspect to this that i consider every time i am exposed to the truths of this warfare against humanity. If this is unnatural then what am I doing about it as a natural being? More importantly, Omni, it brings up the point that the manipulation of humans brings about a response in them. Our task in it's highest, most effective form, even if it is just in living our singular lives, is to activate the infinite, the unbridled, creative manifestation of our possibilities. Most often this is simply living a life of giving, self-acceptance and speaking the whole truth to others. Other times it may seem to be supernatural but it is fully within the capabilities of many to activate.

    Some are under the delusion that this effort, this awareness has to be done on a purely physical level, without taking the human step into discovering what other avenues are inside. It is the step inside that makes the whole effort live among the possibilities and probabilities of success. Again, Omni, i thank you for taking the time to detail what is NOT inside when people take the journey there/here. Channelers, saviors, religions all are easy for you and i to see thru in their true fiction. In fact, if one doesn't see their own faults and a wider truth of the world in all of it's illusions they are certainly an easy mark for manipulation. If you see the light, turn the channel. That is the essence of meditation. Don't worry about the light shows, the sounds, the music as they may just be a sideline into the real world. When you see all that is hidden, and I surely have not, you will know where to go and what to bring back.

    ( The meme of many movies and t.v.shows is an obvious attack upon the real world possibilities of many humans to do those things called supernatural, pointing out what a hassle it would be to live that way. That's hilarious. Marvel Agents of Shield, Arrow, Heros Reborn, The Incredibles, Thor, etc... all carry the lies that those who would control humanity want people to believe. There is never a meme 'cast' upon the public in entertainment that does not contain some element of control or threat, upon the possibilities of super-empowerment. Those F%#@'s are allergic to reality. It's called containment.
    Yet, almost all of us have experienced those unexplained moments in life. Flying? There are enough of us here to bring you down to earth and serve you the antidote called humble pie. It's okay, except for the flying part. The days of peacefully meeting Milarepa on a sky trip to the store are long over, for now at least.)

    It is a fact that these programs always seek to counter any response that makes humans become so angry, so insulted by the intrusion into what they think is their personal right to determine their own thoughts and actions, that they take action to end the onslaught. For some it may be being so loving and responsible for your own thoughts and actions that love cannot be denied, even in the face of the mechanics, the energetics of e.m. warfare. For insiders, your soul is at stake. For the rest it is informing others with openness and discussion. Like you have said, I agree that just knowing these intrusions exist gives us a tool to prevent and combat them.

    I usually take this to the opposite side and imagine what it would be like to have benevolent beings doing covert activities upon humanity without their consent. I walk outside and say "I guess they ran out of aerosolized herbs and vitamins to spray today. Gotta stay inside, take the clothes from the clothesline inside. Don't want whatever crap they're spraying walking around with me this week. By the way, who are they buying the nutrients from next month? Let's look into selling them some of ours."

    I think most humans wouldn't mind if the covertmen enhanced our cognitive functions from afar, instead of causing a clinical psychosis. Most wouldn't have a problem with them covertly preventing a heart attack, instead of causing one. Who would have a problem with a voice quietly whispering "Go Love those troubled people over there. Give them a helping hand." i say this because some have criticized your understanding of the depth of the systems involved and you have been honest about how far it goes. It is simply machinery to me. Tech in the wrong hands. I would never, even with the highest of intents, covertly do good deeds on such a massive scale, as i consider informed choice as the mark of spiritual healing/service to others. The technology could be used for the benefit of humanity if it was in the right hands. It could do amazing things, things i consider the duty of those who have the technology.

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