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Thread: Perovskites Have Potential To "Recycles" Photons - Boost Solar Efficiency

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    Default Perovskites Have Potential To "Recycles" Photons - Boost Solar Efficiency

    A Technology That Can "Recycle" Photons


    Quote If the rest of us have to recycle things like our milk cartons, junk mail and beer bottles, shouldn't solar cells have to abide by the same rules? That's part of the thinking in new research that's just come out of the University of Cambridge. Researchers there have discovered that a certain material can actually recycle photons from light, which could lead to solar cells that are orders of magnitude more efficient than anything currently in use.

    The synthetic materials the researchers worked with are called hybrid lead halide perovskites, and they've already been in use as solar cells for some time. But they have a unique property that hasn't yet been exploited. It seems that after the material is struck by light, the light is turned into electrical energy, as with all solar cells. But with perovskite, after the electricity has been generated, part of that electrical charge reforms itself back into photons, or light. If solar cells could be developed that can grab and reuse these photons, they'd be able to pump out much more power from the same amount of light used by current cells...
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    Default Re: Perovskites Have Potential To "Recycles" Photons - Boost Solar Efficiency

    Perovskite is a substance that has been getting increasing attention in the realm of breakthrough energy. Edmund Storms has mentioned its importance in cold fusion, where its crystalline structure (and other compounds with a similar crystalline structure) seem favorable to producing an overunity effect in cold / LENR reactors. Storm mentions this in http://lenr-canr.org/acrobat/StormsEanexplanat.pdf, and possibly elsewhere.

    There's also a lot of interest among cold fusion researchers in rare earths such as samarium, which seem to be able to produce or reinforce certain crystalline structures at a very tiny level. I wonder which countries have the most samarium, and who is buying it...

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