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Thread: Isn't this important?

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    Default Isn't this important?

    This off grid section of the forum is filled with so much valid information, you probably could not absorb it in one lifetime.

    Now with a lot of the alternate technology stuff--indeed, over many years the market may bring vastly superior devices to everyone's home. The internal combustion engine was designed in Germany to run on hydrogen. Over 20 years ago, I knew a German homeopathic doctor who told me the city of Stuttgart ran their buses that way in the 1960s. Now it's fairly standard in Iceland.

    I've known for many years how to make a Brown's Gas generator from about $30 worth of junk that increases a car's gas mileage 30-70%; I knew a WWII pilot who researched it independently, slapped it in his car and it worked. I never really tinkered with weird science cause I figured you have to live in a trailer in New Mexico for about three years until you get assassinated. The point is, everything that goes through patents and businesses is slow, subject to regulation and manipulation, and the majority of people are on the extreme receiving end of whatever coughs forth from that.

    Obviously, there's a huge interest in survivalism, DIY, getting back to the earth, and several people are well on their way with that. My concern is for all the poor little people and their poor little dog.

    Like with the Underground Railroad during the slavery issues--a helping hand to get you somewhere safe so you wouldn't freeze and starve.

    What happened to the mostly self-sufficient farmers in Oklahoma when the dust bowl erased their chance to survive? They packed up and went to California--to be met by state police turning them away at gun point.

    There are a lot of poor little people and their poor little dogs that can't afford a ten million dollar subterranean vault, or a freedom ranch in Montana, or a scraggly slope on the Ozarks. Mostly they won't be brilliant inventors, and many of them might require one-on-one guidance to osmose some of the smaller skills that a lot of us would take for granted that we could memorize it in five minutes. Let alone the conditions of the elderly or infirm.

    Naturally, there is a mindset which says they should already be dead or should be if the situation overpowers them. And the counterpoint that they will loot everything they can reach, like a locust plague, when something tips the balance.

    They need direction.

    And I have no real clue about that. So I am wondering, if anyone has any kind of concept, how or where common people could be assisted towards an off grid existence? I hope it will not be the new elitism. We would like to break "resource scarcity" and provide an adequate living for all, but with things like ownership and expenses as barriers...there isn't much of anywhere to go if you already have nothing.

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