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Thread: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    “Coming Clean” – The Mercury/Neptune Opposition, 21 August & 1-3 October
    August 21, 2022

    "MERCURY opposes NEPTUNE, a cycle that began with their conjunction at 23º15′ Pisces on 23 March 2022. The Mercury/Neptune relationship best helps us track the development of our fantasies, psychic perceptions, suspicions and, often, our self-deceptions and delusions.

    The opposition tells the story of how all these things affect others. The transit becomes partile when Mercury reaches 24°44′ Virgo on Sunday, 21 August 2022. Yet, due to Mercury’s retrograde through September, we will experience a rare, sustained second spell of this aspect when the messenger god turns direct again in the first few days of October, stationing within 0º34′ of exact opposition to Neptune.

    Neptune has been in her mystifying domicile of Pisces since 2011, subtly dissolving many of the boundaries and edges defined by the human mind. This occasion will be the 12th opposition the intrepid Mercury will form, also in its domicile in Virgo. It is, however, the first time since then that Mercury will stop and return to take a second, more concentrated gaze into Neptune’s abyss. It is as if the analytical mind is determined to see deeper into the myriad of Neptune’s alternative realities and try to understand the nature of its quantum field.

    As astrologers, we learn that the projections from our psyche, overlayed onto the world around us, can often distort perceptions and insights about what is real and what is simply wishful. We do this as an alternative to the truth for various reasons.

    Perhaps we find reality too harsh, so we distort the facts to suit a preferred narrative. Our little lies are common; we all partake in false narratives, usually to save face, avoid hurting people’s feelings, impress others, shirk responsibility, conceal our misdeeds and sinister designs, ingratiate or promote ourselves, avert confrontation, get out of work, conform to expectations, etc. We lie to others and lie to ourselves. Whilst, in one sense, this creates a nice illusion, our deceptions generate streams of turmoil, chaos, and distrust.

    Of course, there’s a sliding scale of deceit. Whilst all deception is harmful to truth, perhaps it is measurable only by the degree of damage caused. Nonetheless, all lies are erosive, altering our reality, reframing it through the agenda of the person preventing the truth from coming out. Often the person spreading the lie is not necessarily the source of the deception but merely a naive or willing emissary of untruths.

    In any sense, being lied to causes us to feel insecure because it makes us question our version of the truth. Dishonesty and cognitive dissonance bring about the erosion of all that is tangible and real. Being deceived makes us feel unimportant, as though the person lying to us doesn’t value us enough to tell us the truth.

    At the culmination of the Mercury-Neptune cycle, the two planets oppose each other from their respective domiciles. It becomes apparent how much the distortion of facts affects us by undermining our trust, confidence and faith in others, leading us to question and doubt everything.

    When reality appears to have become confused and distorted, the rational mind responds by imagining all kinds of conspiracies, collusions and aspersions. Once undermined, the mind enters a paranoid state, where intangible senses, now hijacked by an unintegrated Neptune, start to invent distortive narratives that further spread the chaos of mistrust, disbelief, ridicule and humiliation.

    Cleansing ourselves of deceptive influences is essential when Mercury opposes the Piscean Neptune from Virgo. Discerning truth from lies can be confronting. It is galling to discover that our minds have been sullied by ambiguities, exaggerations, understatements, concealments, deliberate falsehoods or criminal designs.

    During this rare and extended double opportunity, Mercury affords us a chance to realise that, ultimately, there is no actual value in kidding ourselves or participating in deceiving others. It wastes valuable time and never leads to satisfaction, only disillusionment and sorrow. Yet, telling the truth is a collaborative process and calls all parties participating in deception to come clean. Separating fact from fiction is best done with grace and generosity, especially in significant relationships.

    There is an art to everything, including confessions. If you must express a brutal truth, give your partner a loving heads up. Establishing a more straightforward communicative manner will help unshackle your illusory deceptions, leading to a deeper understanding of your own and other’s motivations. Be curious, not furious. At least until you’re satisfied you have done everything you can.

    **Following the second spell of this aspect in early October, MARS will form a rare, sustained square to Neptune. Throughout much of mid-October and November, considerable tension builds between these planets due to Mars’ retrograde in the late degrees of Gemini. This may be an excellent time to voice your concern and anger at continued attempts to be misled. Refuse to remain under the spell of lies and misconceptions. Hold onto your reality. Do not sit there assuming you are worthless or not deserving of the truth. ."
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    SUN/MARS/CHIRON- Crises Around Wounded Masculinity, August 22-26

    "MARS now enters the intrepid Gemini, and the SUN will enter analytical Virgo in a few hours. Both masculine planets enter mental signs, where their activity is most potent and raw.

    As they come to square each other, they also hit off Chiron in Aries, triggering issues around wounded masculinity and how men, particularly, currently feel about themselves.

    The transit stresses circumstances about what it means to be a man, and conflicts generate internal questions about whether individuals lack a sense of masculinity at some level.

    Coping with this dilemma may see men acting out by outright rejecting masculinity as bogus or outdated or by overcompensating, trying to demonstrate to others (and themselves) that they are ‘real’ men.

    Either extreme is troubling, and we best stay mindful that the next few days could evoke crises which may require our tender understanding and support…

    Wounded masculinity can play out negatively as gender shame (feelings of being emasculated), where the typical response is to ridicule the idea of masculinity, feeling both embarrassed and ashamed of being a man.

    This is typical of the grotesque inner feelings of shame that Chiron projects upon both Mars (gender, sex) and Sun (identity, authority). The healing, of course, asks us to gently reassure the self-doubting masculine of his archetype and choose to support and/or honour non-stereotypical male roles.

    Other masculinity wounds Chiron raises here are those of effeminate behaviours (‘not acting man enough’), as well as sexuality issues (confusion or doubts around sexual orientation); sexual dysfunction (impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation); and sexually compulsive behaviours (sex addiction, porn addiction, unsolicited advances on others and predation). These might require specialist care as they are often buried and hard to navigate without appropriate skills.

    Red flags here are around masculine individuals who feel isolated and lonely, unable to connect or cope in any relationship. There are many various reasons for this willful avoidance, and they are as complex as they are tremendously painful. Being alone and isolated creates barriers to intimacy, and men may self-medicate with all kinds of coping mechanisms including additions, such as work, drugs/booze, porn (masturbation), etc.

    Chiron transits to Mars/Sun aggravate pent-up anger, fears, anxieties, and dogmas around a man’s faith in himself.

    Intimacy is tough for men to comprehend, often confused with sex, or totemistic male bonding (contact sports, fishing, drinking, etc). Of course, society is evolving, and it seems more likely that younger generations of males more comfortably understand the quality and depth of having meaningful relationships, yet there remains immense peer and parental pressure to demonstrate more superficial aspects of masculinity, and Chiron’s tendency for shame by emasculation needs to be attended.

    Chiron is a shamanic initiator, but an unintegrated Chiron leaves us with scarring, often without any strong mentor figure to guide us through the delicate nature of gender-related wounds."
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    "Violent Purge", The NEW MOON at 04°04' VIRGO, Saturday, Aug 27, 08:18 UTC

    "Greetings Fellow Travellers,

    The Virgo lunation is only hours away. Aside from an intensely tight square (0ºS02') to Mars, it stands otherwise unaspected to any other planets, whose energetic pulse is internalised due to retrogrades and in much friction with one another.

    Still, this one very stressful aspect to the New Moon from Mars, now entered Gemini, is enough to crank up the heat and cause all kinds of inflammations, aggravations and possibly even violent reactions. In the dark of this Moon, you would already have felt that it's time to draw some strict boundaries around what is wholesome and manageable, what is simply so emotionally volatile that it can quickly get out of control, creating upsets and temper tantrums.

    The tendency to take little things personally is ultra-high - the punctilious Virgo reacts to Gemini's biting quips with a reductive sense of conceit and dismissiveness. Though neither of these two Mercury-ruled signs is particularly emotional, angry outbursts aren't uncommon when any bit of rashly-administered news, unsolicited opinion and contentious name-calling plays out. Virgo is quick to flush out, purge and extricate the slightest little detail deemed offensive, and Mars in Gemini will most certainly provoke such an action with a mere word.

    Health problems may surface in the body in the form of ulcers or stomach problems. Whether anger is expressed openly in disputes or suppressed so that it builds up inside, it is perhaps wise to examine the source of this. Naturally, dramas in our lives always stem from ourselves, and it's our unduly vigorous, off-the-cuff conduct that is our worst enemy here.

    We might blame others for frustrating our intentions but fail to see how we invite antagonism, anger and resentment by forcing our way to get what we want. This tendency arouses irritation in others, who consider us snobbish, arrogant and overly egotistical.

    The New Moon is an opportunity to set an intention around what we wish to achieve practically. Although the stars auger that we are heading for massive social turbulence into September/October with all outers in retrograde, Mercury and Mars soon to follow and big-hitter aspects like the Saturn/Uranus and Pluto/Eris squares, the eclipses etc., we can accomplish quite a lot if we are mindful to think before we act and restrain our anger and aggressiveness while cultivat­ing tact and diplomacy.

    We spoke extensively about some of the greater issues at play here in our recent 90-minute 'Cosmic Bus' special. This is no time to act out our irritability by scattering away precious energy on superficial arguments and trivial pursuits.

    The mutable Virgo lunation seeks to bring out our most diligent, industrious, efficient, conscientious side. While the super-tight square from Mars in Gemini can make us critical, snappy, and captiously ready to find fault, we wish to avoid starting wars and life-long grudges over the slightest insult. Perhaps the saying "don't throw the baby out with the bathwater" is appropriate here.

    We need to learn that with some flexibility and patience, we can set an achievable goal to accomplish what we want without contention. If you're sore that little is of worthwhile interest to you, this might be the time to start gathering, ranking and sorting information and facts into something that leads you into a new study, preferably with a practical or helpful outlet. Virgo is about helping others, which must be of paramount interest in setting your New Moon intention to improve your health, work situation, finding a new routine, or more satisfying job.

    Thanks for your loving appreciation and support, and may you have an amazing New Moon xx"
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    “YOU’RE JUST KIDDING, RIGHT?” – Neptunian Quarter Moon
    September 18, 2022

    "There are days when you are positively baffled about what you see going on before you. Don’t be afraid to be confused. Even more so, have the courage to declare it and withdraw to a secluded place.

    There are days when you may try too hard to convince your heart and soul of something your mind knows was a delusion, designed to mislead you.

    There are days when the only thing you can be certain of is that what you see before you wasn’t for real; just a mirage; a figment of your mind’s projections.

    Beneath the veil of the cogent mind lies an ability to perceive beyond the tangible, discernible reality; the means to extract the infinite out of the finite. Imagination is the emancipation of the logical mind; an exploration into worlds unknown. If you’re feeling a little lost, you’re only half the way there.

    This Neptunian Quarter Moon may bring much confusion, doubt and uncertainty. Let it be, ride out the wave and wait for the situation to settle down. Try not to make any plans or commitments because it just isn’t possible to honour those now – old ideas are losing their meaning.

    Others may think you have gone out of your mind, truly gone fishing because what you’re doing, thinking, seeing at this time, seems distorted and vague. The swirl of emotions, ideas and perceptions into higher consciousness is a fundamental part of the experience, and it must be allowed to follow its own course…

    Try not to mislead anyone, and if you have, in any way (only you know), well… what are you going to do..?

    Many blessings xx "
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    SQUARES: The Point of Tension
    September 19, 2022

    "Do you know anyone who, no matter how often they get it wrong, never seems to learn that there’s a right way?

    Or ever meet someone whose personality you immediately sense is going to grate against yours, possibly to the point of conflict or all-out war?

    And how about those times where nothing seems to be working for you, where nothing you do or say seems like it’s going to let you win?

    Chances are, that this highly pressurised state is the product of a square (or two) in the horoscope. Whether in the natal chart or by transit/progression, squares can be exhausting, grinding us down, making us old before our time, breaking and crippling us to the extent where we’ve become incapable of doing anything at all.

    Much like the effects of Saturn, where everything can feel hard, karmically ill-fated, squares are a natural part of the human experience, and although we may be at the mercy of our squares, more positively, it is the tension that spurs us into action and stretches us, makes us grow, shapes us more into the person that we are.

    Squares between any two bodies accentuate incompatible or antagonistic elements, raising the degree of tension. Tension wears us down to the point where we hit the wall, and something has to give. Some tensions have been building for weeks, others months, years, and some have been building for generations.

    1.) The ongoing squares between PLUTO and ERIS have provided the dark backdrop to all tensions of the past few years – PLUTO, in this sense, represents power and dominance, the ability to influence the behaviour of others or the course of events, whether in an interpersonal relationship or a political process; the attempt to eliminate that which no longer serves and to replace it with something more willing to submit.

    ERIS represents all that feels unwelcome, shut out, unheard, useless and unwanted. When we watch what has been happening over a longer (3-4 year) period, we observe the struggle between the dominant members of any species working to survive via huge leaps of corporeal adaptation, transformation, corporate domination over others, political manipulation and outright extortion and corruption to stay in power and top of the heap (Pluto in Capricorn) versus a struggling underclass, the marginalised, unsightly and aboriginal (indigenous peoples and their cultures) at threat of extinction via war, famine and disease (ERIS in ARIES).

    Lots of theories about conspiracy abound, but if we look closely at the last 3-4 years, this tension has produced huge leaps and troughs in the race for the ecological, environmental, geopolitical, biotechnical and global economic survival of the fittest.

    With all squares, even those between the outermost ‘dwarf planets’, we feel the impact shortly after their partile period passes, although these will essentially be subtle and invisible to the masses, who only really notice day-to-day differences.

    2.) SATURN’s square to URANUS has also been a strident feature of the 2021 staple, coming to a head now as we toil between the conservative and the radical, the establishment and the break-for-something-else, security vs freedom, centralised control vs individual autonomy, physical vs digital and a host of other ****ty issues that just get on our ass every day, each time we try to reason with anyone about anything, even within the left and right sides of our brain.

    Complicates matters when the tensions of #1) coincide with the tensions of #2), doesn’t it?

    Since Saturn is dignified in Aquarius and Uranus in Fall through Taurus, the conservative side will seek to preserve the status quo by opposing innovations and progressive trends in all social and political matters. Uranus pushes back, revolting against the established order of things, but in any case, both are in fixed signs, and their tense inflexibility ends in widespread breakdowns of just about any relationship, especially when these two feature strongly through the 2022 eclipse season due to URANUS being the pole-axed upon the North NODE.

    3.) VENUS recently squared MARS, which isn’t new since VENUS raps a new MARS gig every couple of years or so, but the last few haven’t been so sexy, as MARS & VENUS generally are, since for the past 3-4 cycles they’ve begun in awkward signs like Virgo or Capricorn/Aquarius, and this continues as we see the sexes/genders struggle with emotional tensions, especially in romantic and sexual relationships – not necessarily just with the opposite sex.

    The square only typifies the disgust we feel when it becomes apparent that we’re using or being used purely for sexual gratification (or other base exploits).

    Interesting too, how this week Venus and Mars connect with Saturn and Uranus, Chiron and the Nodes, creating all kinds of odd alliances, attempts to patch up recent arguments and even finding profound new ways to heal old wounds. So it looks quite interesting for those who dare to rise into the frequencies of love & compassion rather the low-vibing bang-bang-blame sagas…

    This all sets the scene for the LIBRA NEW MOON – a kinda “whole new era has begun” type deal. Some crazy curveball is up ahead with those SCORPIO/TAURUS eclipses (OCT/NOV.)

    So what’s the point of squares – a dynamic destined to grind our bodies, nervous systems and spirits down, literally drain us before our time? What’s the whole point of being driven to the point of feeling incapacitated? Such is the tension of the square aspect, and so much more intriguing when they appear multiple times in a single horoscope…

    Below I will expand on what is going on here and why it’s necessary for you, your relationships, your society, and entire centuries of culture to apparently disintegrate all at once. (or will they??)

    Yes, of course, it’s ultimately for your own “higher good”, but then, this all depends on what you call ‘higher’, if indeed you are wary that there is anything higher than your own selfish needs (and all that “nonsense”, right?).

    For many astrologers, squares, or the separation of two (or more) planets by 90º, spell bad news. This is because any combination involving planets that are not in harmonious elements (Water/Air, Earth/Fire, Fire/Water, Air/Earth), requires significant effort to adjust to the divergent energies and attitudes in those areas of life indicated by those planets.

    Certain issues, goals, desires, and drives appear to function at cross purposes, manifesting as a difference in attitudes that simply has to be accepted, an irritation, or a deadlock in the interchange of energy.

    This tension may be experienced as a kind of resistance, either internally, against someone, or wholly externally. One thing is certain, the more resistance, the more unsettled we become, and some squares are much more difficult to handle, becoming obstructive, violently conflicting, or oppressively inhibiting.

    Not all squares are difficult, but some, listed below, reveal profoundly irreconcilable differences, which challenge those involved to learn about how to deal with completely differing points of view:

    Sun-Saturn, Sun-Uranus, Sun-Neptune, Moon-Mars, Moon-Saturn, Moon-Uranus, Moon-Neptune, Moon-Pluto, Mercury-Neptune, Venus-Neptune, Mars-Saturn, Mars-Uranus, Mars-Neptune, Mars-Pluto, Jupiter-Saturn, Saturn-Uranus, Saturn-Neptune, Saturn-Pluto, Uranus-Neptune

    Squares are essentially the division of the circle into 4, or quarters, critical points in the 360º cycle, which are concerned with matter and manifestation. At each 90º interval, we are forced to grapple with the issues concerned, compelled to actualise the planetary problems as they manifest themselves in a very real, concrete way in our lives, both in terms of what happens to us and our behaviour, which of course can never be separated.

    We notice squares because the issues they raise unmistakably smack us in the face. Because the energies interfere with one another, we are left with an agitated situation, uncertain of what’s going to happen next, and apprehensive about whether we can cope. Uncertainty and fear set in; we overreact in an effort to prove ourselves; we become intrusive in the areas defined by the planets involved and then run into all sorts of stress and upsets with others.

    Like putting out fires, this can be an endless pursuit, and although through repeated tense incidents we get better at dealing with crises, we often get burnt and suffer/inflict considerable harm. Of course, handling our squares gets easier with time, but there are some who just never quite get it, or refuse to learn, rather playing the hapless sufferer of life’s relentless tensions.

    That is why some people with squares mature into the most accomplished problem-solvers and some end up being life’s most incorrigible losers.

    Also, people without any squares in their charts, those used to taking the easiest way (path of least resistance), don’t seem to strengthen in character as fast as their more challenged (squared) counterparts.

    Wherever we see two disparate sides fiercely applying force to have their way, the conflict never ceases. No side can coexist while one side sucks it up, conceding to a solution that only benefits the other. This is tyranny. To live together, they must eventually stop fighting and engage in healthy back-and-forth discussions, one side at a time.

    Friction only generates heat, which results in anger; violence begets violence and breeds hatred. Disparate energies need to find a way to work together. Most aggressive sides, especially the harsher, more abusive ones, could benefit from learning to contain their anger instead of automatically striking back. The dominant force could use the qualities of the more recessive other to empathise with others and seek diplomatic resolutions to problems.

    On the other hand, the weaker, more submissive energy could benefit from acknowledging their anger and permitting themselves to act it out in constructive ways instead of automatically reacting in their most negative manner. Talking themselves out of it, blaming themselves, or allowing the dominant to blame them is forfeiting their function to keep the peace.

    Hence, empathy from both sides is essential to understanding what is needed from each to make better use of the square or conflict. If we are stuck with having to endure our squares and the archetypal forces they represent, our only hope is to resolve the dilemma by using the energies in as constructive and conscious a way as possible.

    It would be far healthier and more beneficial for both sides of the square to stand up for their needs and express their individual natures without feeling the need to shut off or wipe the other out. In order to reach some settlement, or to “Square Off”, they must reach a point of reconciliation, or truce, and if there is to be any reconciliation, there must first be truth.

    The astrological square, whether in our natal chart or by passing transit, calls us to somehow come to understand the archetypal nature and need of all conflicting energies, whether dominant or weak and appreciate their vital function. However discordant, we obviously cannot have one without the other. The mistake we keep making is to appropriate more importance on either side and to depreciate, diminish or even try to eradicate the other. Hence the conflict continues to repeat, which over time becomes crushing to the physical body or the ego, ultimately becoming soul-destructive.

    Finding ways to resolve conflicts caused by disparate propensities and principles is the hardest thing we must face as humans. We make moral judgements about which is the “good” side and which side is the “bad” side, perpetuating the victim/blame saga. Yes, there are two sides to every issue, where one side may assert itself as the “right” one and the other the more “wrong”, and hence more vulnerable to persecution, but there are actually four sides to every square, just as there are 360º to every circle.

    With squares, we can get so caught up in our respective tensions or dilemmas that we can become blind to the potential for a resolution. Here, we must allow ourselves to view all sides (including the opposing two arms of the square) for an actual resolution to emerge, which is why squares are so challenging and often require the assistance or intervention of exterior people of ‘forces’. Like a hopeless patient whose answer to dealing with a headache is to keep banging his head against the wall in one corner when near another, there is a door which will allow the doctor in; we must accept the responsibility of choices available to us to solve the problem.

    Squares ask us to empathetically look at what we are doing, either self-defeating or destructive and find ways to reconcile by urging us to make the best in a difficult situation. Through the conflict, anger and irritation generated by squares, we develop the insight and wisdom to meet challenges in ways that are most strengthening and character-defining.

    For instance, in the distant PLUTO/ERIS (natural selection) square, we must understand that humanity can preserve neither absolute corporate power nor primitive indigenous rights for the survival of our species on this planet. Something (many things) in each of us must acclimatise to a transforming new earth, and in this process, something has to become permanently extinguished in the race for the survival of our species.

    In the SATURN/URANUS square, where constraining elements of conventional political/business structures are being rattled by radical voices and ideologues, each anguished about self-managing their resources must allow the socio-economic revolution to take place. Reconciliation here means individual freedoms must be allowed to flourish and contribute to a new centralised humanitarian network.

    A New Earth, requires a new, more communitarian style of government, and the answer for those who wish to survive the transition successfully is to look ‘outside the box’ to find the key which will unlock the door to the future. It is entirely unclear how this will play out for humanity, but over the next decade or two, we will see how current ideas, tools and infrastructure can be best put to use to govern the planet, its peoples and resources in ways that allow greater freedom, innovation and equanimity for all beings as we enter the Aquarian Age."
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    ‘BRIDGING THE GREAT DIVIDE’ The NEW MOON at 02°49′ LIBRA/September 25, 21:56 UTC
    September 26, 2022

    "A New Moon forming less than three days after the LIBRA EQUINOX (02°♎49′) means the skies will be dark enough to witness some rare celestial events. Chiefly, like a sentinel in the autumnal sky, Jupiter now presents his closest opposition to the Sun since 1963, the closest the gas giant will pair with Earth all year. From now until late November, Jupiter, now at 03°♈42′, moves westward in retrograde motion below the Great Square of Pegasus across the faint stars of Pisces.

    A few hours before the Sun rises, Mars, now in his retrograde shadow, stands high in the southeast, not to be mistaken for the nearby reddish Mars-type fixed star, Aldebaran, located to Mars’ upper right. Whilst this portends aggressively acclaimed honour and riches, the inflammatory nature of Mars signifies such action would end in disgrace and ruin. Mars is currently in an air-trine to Saturn, suggesting an organised roll-out of communication networks and mobilisation of defences.

    This month’s darkest nights are also the best time to spot the far-flung ice giant Uranus, the second-last planet in our solar system. The Uranus influence in this lunation is behind much of the current upset and disruption in our lives.

    Being on the far side of the Sun, all planets beyond Mars are now retrograde, each retracing their passage during the year’s first half. Symbolically, we are reviewing many events and experiences of the past few months, trying to understand their significance to our lives and the way we are evolving, particularly as we prepare to integrate the lessons they bring to us during the later part of this year.

    Jupiter’s strong opposition to the Libra New Moon significantly impacts this event. Jupiter in Aries calls for a courageous display of decisive leadership and promotes in­novations in our philosophical, political and spiritual attitudes towards each other, as well as engendering us with faith in the possibility of regeneration and rebirth into a better way of life.

    Jupiter is also positioned at the precise midpoint of a squaring Saturn and Uranus, inflating the symbolic tensions we’ve been feeling since 2021 – basically exaggerating the conflict between our conservative and radical tendencies. The SA/UR square produces dictatorial tendencies. As with those native to a Saturn/Uranus square, those most triggered by the effects of this transit claim to advocate freedom and reform while ironically acting very oppressively toward anyone who disagrees with them.

    Jupiter standing between them will look for ways to integrate obstinate and unyielding traditionalistic and revolutionary attitudes, offering opinions and advice on how to render change to time-honoured institutions; offering many suggestions on how to impose progressive modifications to customary beliefs, institutions and establishments. We also anticipate that conventional politics will become shattered by new and unpredictable ways of governance as conservatives battle radicals to end the harrowing divide, now being experienced internally in the individual and externally in the collective psyche.

    Jupiter is exceptionally foolhardy in Aries, however. Our impetuousness to act swiftly does tend to see us overreach ourselves foolishly. When we feel wronged, we can quickly become rash and impulsive with an overblown sense of self-important righteousness. With all good intentions, things can often go wrong when we put all our eggs in one basket, and we must learn to prepare for unforeseen difficulties; saving something in reserve should not all go as expected.

    The opposition to the Libra Sun/Moon, now at its synodic refresh, augurs some degree of hope that we can see the ongoing social tensions with some perspective, aiming to counterbalance the heavily storm-like Aries-focused energies with some civility and tact. The Libra Equinox shifts the subjective and individualised emphasis of our Solar path into the second half of the zodiac, where we must learn to relate and integrate ourselves into an intersubjective reality, a social order beyond ourselves. This is a highly significant turning point in a year in which, since March (Aries Equinox) we have sought only to formulate and assert our personal views without much regard for how others will respond.

    Libra creates a space to accommodate another individual in a one-to-one association. Her Venus-ruled, cardinal-air modality looks for diplomatic, tactful peace-making opportunities. A lunation in Libra inspires us to form a clever intention, one that aims to reach a pleasant, harmonious settlement by carefully evaluating the situation and weighing up all options and points of view using an objective perspective. Libra’s strong emphasis on beauty and pleasing aesthetics wants to bring any relationship to a place where there is fairness, justice and a striving for equality.

    Of course, the downside of Libra can present as vacillating or indecisive, or at least reticent to pass judgement lest we upset or create conflict, and it is this side of Libra that is often admonished for being too people-pleasing, phoney politicking, flip-flop-flaky and ineffectual due to her overly accommodating, compliant, acquiescent influence, particularly when the lunation commands us to make a firm intention and stick to it.

    There are seemingly many irreconcilable tensions here. We see the antithesis between the old way and radical new ways clashing, creating the urgent need for new codes of conduct and laws as we transition. Finding solutions that will not restrict our freedom due to shifting political situations, especially those beyond any individual’s enterprise or national jurisdiction, will be challenging. In the lead-up to this epic lunation, we have warned that this time marches us further towards extreme ends, as we transition towards a whole new system of governance that is fair and equitable for all, but doesn’t produce the ghastly effects of past attempts to achieve this. As we look back at history, particularly the last 150 years, we see how abysmally all systems of government have failed us. Even democracy seems to have left us desolate, drifting on a raft of tense, 50/50 divisions.

    Saturn’s transit through AQUARIUS casts a pall of widespread social isolation and a lack of social cohesiveness over the general population.

    His sustained semisquare to Jupiter (July-Sep 2022) has only spread further economic gloom and social austerity by inflicting a lack of sense-making and meaningfulness about anything happening in the world.

    Saturn’s final instalment of his squares to Uranus (2021-22) produces irritability, tension and free-floating anxiety about speaking out or standing away from the pack. Essentially this has made it difficult to reintegrate socially after even the slightest of disagreements.

    As this lunation stands opposite to the tight Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus alignment, the entire world experiences an upsurge in free-floating psychological uneasiness, as indicated by the highly polarised views on socioeconomic issues (wars, inflated cost of living, climate, fuel supply, medical care, etc) and sociopolitical concerns (conservatives vs liberals, autocracy vs democracy, monarchy vs republicanism etc), as well as running moral and ethical dilemmas (civil rights, immigration, abortion, gender issues, etc), none of which, to name a few, are in any way easy to settle by any known means.

    We know that things are severely untenable in many respects. By now, many of us are aware of the sweeping ‘mind-disease, wetiko virus’ – this mass anxiety and discontentment whose mental symptoms cannot be linked to any apparent cause. This mass psychosis seems rife throughout many relationships and communities, producing a broad spectrum of psycho-emotional derangements. Widely contagious, the tension transpires in the nervous system, with few, if anyone being able to detect its cause or connect it to anything.

    When we combine this widespread lack of social cohesion; a lack of meaning or sense-making; massive levels of free-floating anxiety; and general psychological uneasiness, we have all the necessary ingredients for the formation of a totalitarian state in one place. Although we have witnessed these terrifying elements coming together in the past, this is the first time we are seeing this combination on a global scale.

    Over the coming weeks, we may have also noticed how the rise in radical intolerance of dissonant voices and nonconformists spread like wildfire. Those few who still dare to go against the grain or claim the official narrative is wrong are being effectively ostracised – witch-hunted, scapegoated and weeded out by the hypnotised masses, who blindly direct any anger and frustration of the state of their discontent at anyone who voices dissent.

    Meanwhile, those same masses display an unusual tolerance of their leaders – those who have cleverly positioned themselves or have strategically been put in place to dictate the mainstream narrative. It will seem that those in command can cheat, lie, steal, manipulate, even murder – in short, do anything they want – and still be forgiven by the crowd because the crowd appears convinced that all measures, however drastic, nonsensical and grim, are for their own good.

    In a totalitarian state, boundaries between fact and fiction, conviction and compulsion, passion and hyperbole become so blurred that arbitrary ‘trial & retribution packages’, predicated on utter political gobbledegook, scare-tactics and superstition, can usher in the new era of a globally-centralised technocratic state.

    This is not justice. Nor is this ‘way’ in the higher Libran spirit of creating dialogue, debate, appropriate enquiry and a compromised response to deal respectfully with any issue that has brought us inequity and disagreement.

    As all our divisiveness comes to a head on September 26, launching a war between darkness and light, we seek to find it in our hearts to at least meet one another, to either find peace or continue fighting. In any case, we must be ready for this and, in turn, the imminent spectacular collapse of the old-world order.

    This lunation is indeed a special moment, providing an opportunity for us to pledge a truce, set an intention to meet others halfway, put down our dogmas and our fears and come to listen to each other’s stories with an intention to hear what their heart is trying to say.

    We have come a long way together, suffering greatly through crises. We all suffer similar traumas of being somehow excluded, left behind, or neglected in the quest for love and acceptance and the interminable race to reach the top of the heap. We all relate to being forced to comply with rules and stories that did not feel right to the mind, body, and spirit in order to get along; survive. We are now finding ourselves disconcerted by the irony that if we let go of the deeply corrupt narrative, deceptions, cover-ups and clauses in our social and legal contracts, our society will fall apart.

    And it will. When we look at our intersubjective agreements with a greater perspective, we see how those laws and constitutions were written by people whose realities were bound to a different dimension of consciousness. They were administered by those born into power and privilege and assumed incredible ‘might-makes-right’ attitudes. The entire infrastructure of our society is still being held together by such antiquated attitudes. It is these attitudes which have left this planet stripped of all its beauty and natural resources.

    We now know too well that our government institutions and their respective constitutions and laws were specifically drawn up to perpetuate fear, division and separation. Perhaps, in a very physically structured world, all that was necessary was to preserve only the ruling classes’ autonomy and autocracy, which is questionable. One thing is sure – the world was divided, segregated into ascending categories of privilege and elitism.

    The stars tell us that very soon, that old, conditional world is coming to an end. Those who still believe that they can manage the new world, one constrained less by physical restrictions, are becoming increasingly desperate in how they attempt to enforce their might and governance. Yet we know that all force eventually must relent; all structures must eventually collapse; that all laws made not in full respect to nature’s immutable law soon become redundant and useless.

    The Libra lunation is a time to see our world for what it has indeed become. It is a time to sit and look at things objectively, without bias or prejudice, and clear the way to pass a flawless judgement, appropriating our full, empathic consideration of all items presented.

    Have a look at the most significant persons in your life. Can you persuade them to agree that we can make things easier, more workable, and more peaceful? We must employ a genuine sense of respectfulness and kindness, married with sophisticated strategy, diplomacy and tact, with aim to restore our relationships to a more balanced, bearable and hopefully peaceful, loving state."
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    “I SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY” Mercury’s Opposition to Neptune
    (Sep 28- Oct 6)
    September 29, 2022

    "Over the past few days, MERCURY has been retrograding into Virgo, and though it will not exactly oppose NEPTUNE, its confusing, distorting effects will be evident in our relationships.

    An inability to distinguish between reality (what is) and fantasies (what we wish it to be), and our sensitivity or impressionability to external influences cause inner insecurity, doubts and an inability to over-stretch ourselves to face life’s existential truths.

    “Can’t” and “won’t” handle it is the immediate reaction.

    There is much going on now that we do not wish to face or perhaps struggle to make others see. The world is awash with a kind of cognitive dissonance, a contradictory set of impressions which, on a more subtle level, we might register as a creepish feeling of unease, disquiet and a lack of trust in others.

    Under the current skies, where all outer planets are transiting in retrograde on the other side of the SUN, imagining conspiracies and entering a paranoid state seems likely, and not perhaps unwarranted, albeit for unclear reasons. For instance, with MERCURY in Virgo, the average worker is becoming distrustful that they are merely a cog in the faceless corporation’s industrial machine, lubricated only by the mental lure of a weekly wage that cannot stretch to cover daily expenses; hence their labour or service ceases to be a cumbersome but intrinsically meaningful spiritual experience and feels more like a disembodied utilitarian chore and existential drudgery.

    We suspect that we’ve been taken for a ride on so many other levels, too; although we may struggle to corroborate this notion logically when put to the test, choosing to recede, evade or fold into our fantasies or victimhoods.

    Mercury now slows to a halt almost precisely opposite Neptune for the next week or so. It must be noted that disillusionment with our work and services is now at epidemic levels, globally. As Mercury turns direct (this weekend) and heads back into Libra on Oct 10, those few who are able to get some perspective using reason and facts are most rigorously reaching a conclusion that, ultimately, the infinite, ‘magical’ essence of things is beyond logic and cannot be grasped, let alone compensated. This can be most frustrating mentally, especially when one feels misunderstood, undervalued and exploited beyond means.

    As MARS in Gemini also slows to square, then station-retrograde-direct against NEPTUNE through OCT-NOV, a most fascinating development transpires in the way we view the global existential anxiety, now seizing over society as a tenebrous mental fog. As latent brewing frustrations and aggression is taken out, especially on the group that refuses to go along with ‘the narrative’, we witness something that has not been seen for over 80 years…

    Squares (tensions) to Neptune affect the imagination – the nebulous energetic forcefield between the conscious and subconscious mind that is readily clouded by projection and subjectivity. The lesson here is often one of gaining wisdom by overcoming our tendency to fantasise, romanticise and idealise things to the point where we may be vulnerable to the creepy negative forces due to not perceiving what is in front of us clearly.

    Protracted periods of squares or oppositions (see above), indicate times when departure from logical reality, or psychosis, is highly prevalent in our mental state, circumventing the capacity of any given planetary energy to operate via its conventional channels, producing a warped or entirely distorted effect."
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    'WAITING FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN' - The Full Moon at 16°33' Aries, Sunday Oct 09, 20:55 UTC

    "Greetings Fellow Travellers,

    No Full Moon quite tears our souls apart like that which falls under the Aries/Libra dichotomy. Whoever you are, you probably wish to live an ideal, peaceful lifestyle, maintain cordial, pleasant relationships, love and be loved. Yet your equilibrium is easily tilted when you, or someone around you, gives in to equally strong urges for action and excitement.

    We’re humans; our moods fluctuate from high to low, and we flip between moments where everything seems balanced and easy to needing to plunge impulsive­ly into new and exciting activities, then feeling paralysed by the myriad of alternatives to consider, unable to commit to any one thing. Hence we risk either scattering our energies to please ourselves or falling trapped into our complacency, lethargy and inaction.

    The Moon in Aries indicates emotions are raw; instincts are primitive and fiery, and reactions are immediate, blunt and premature, yet forceful enough to raze our conscious will. An irresistible haste or rashness permeates the collective vibe, and we witness otherwise ordinary, everyday folks feel compelled to act out in ways they’ve not done before, usually without thinking. In contrast to the Libra Sun, who tends to overthink even the slightest little gesture, only to deem it somehow inappropriate later, this lunation is a recipe for upsets.

    Upsets are absolutely imperative to foil periods of inertia, ennui or energetic deadlocks. Things have been still for way too long, going stale, weak, and ineffectual. An explosion of energy seems necessary to break the stalemate, but is there enough gas in the tank to make anything happen now, or is it all just a lot of fancy-sounding talk and wishful thinking?

    One might expect that a Mars-ruled Ram Moon would ignite all the heat necessary to spark arguments, protestations and wars, especially when conjunct with Chiron, whose wounds are easily aggravated and whose psychosis is inclined to kick in. Yet Mars is currently slowing to retrograde in Gemini, forming a square to Neptune, effectively dampening his strike.

    Mars’ rulership adversely affects all Aries-placed planets (Moon, Jupiter, Chiron, Eris). For one, there is a pervading hesitancy about taking any action at all, and when we do, it feels slightly ill-timed, awkward and somewhat pungent and rude. For another, there’s a sense that what we do now might need to be undone and redone again later. Mars turns retrograde on October 30, effectively retracing steps he’s marched along from early September till early January when the warrior god will turn direct again.

    For most of October-November, Mars remains square to Neptune, which is a bummer because strange forces deflate, dispirit and dishevel our drive to take action, we misuse or abuse our physical energy, there is a desire to cheat, harm or exploit others, and the propensity to fall into self-destructive pursuits and agents (such as narcotic drugs and alcohol). Misdirecting our sexual energy leads to increased moodiness, quick-irritability, discontentment, and feelings of impotence and inferiority. The ‘good’ side to this? We learn to control ourselves and hold firm energetic boundaries against Mars’ sneaky, cheeky, sleazy attempts to get through our sensitivities and weak spots.

    This warped set of outcomes is only augmented by the Libra Sun, who, in her fall, is at her most sluggish and indecisive, ceding her agency and authority by obliging or pandering to the will of others. The Sun’s conjunction with Venus, an alignment that will persist till the end of this month, further softens the Sun’s decisive purpose and poise as she obsesses more with how things look than how things are.

    By the time the Aries Moon reaches the full height of culmination, the raw, highly reactive emotions will be tinged with feelings of Chiron’s ‘rejection and inadequacy’ issues. Terrified of expressing our natural, most atavistic instincts lest others judge us for not being ‘civilised’ or ‘spiritually aware’ or ‘mature’ enough, we feel confronted with judgements, threatened by a sense of guilt and shame. Social pressure to conform is surfacing everywhere, especially since the Libra Sun forms an air Grand Trine to malefics, Mars and Saturn.

    Also critical here is Pluto‘s stationing to turn direct near the final degrees (26°♑07’) of the harshly deprecating Capricorn. Pluto, distant ruler of the underworld, applies his corporate-style power plays to hold this entire planet’s subconscious death anxieties under total control using dark, subversive means. Hence, any conflict we are facing under this lunation is more likely to be raging deep inside, psychologically suppressed from coming to the surface in any healthy way, which is a concern since past traumas, abuses, and destructive patterns of behaviour are likely to be released outward once he turns direct, particularly in our most significant relationships. For healing to occur, there must be some acknowledgement of a problem. Unless we are willing to work on our darker aspects, Pluto here holds everyone under his hypnotic spell of soul possession and masterfully stealthy manipulation.

    Deep down in the psyche, raging trans-generational battles become so heavy and intense that they threaten to crush our desires and passions or operate at the crudest levels, ready to erupt like a vol­cano into cruel and destructive be­haviours. Much individual (heart-centred) Sol-light must be applied to contain these atomic-level explosions as Libra Sun starts to square Pluto ver the next 10 days.

    Sure, it’s a cardinal lunation, so we must take some initiative to do something… anything constructive. However, the crestfallen Libra Sun is a reminder that it’s hard to get anywhere without support, and though its best to find a dependable external reference point; consult a partner (or counsellor) who will help, we’re much more inclined to find a villain to blame for all our worldly woes, pour ourselves a martini and leave it to ‘someone else’ to fix our problems, maybe tomorrow, next week or, meh… whenever.

    It stands to reason that we live in a world supersaturated with thoughts and opinions. Yet, with things being in such a state of disarray, many of us feeling either paralysed, confused, reluctant or apathetic to take any action that’s going to have a lasting impact, the default would be to ‘wait for something to happen’.

    Initiative is necessary, but again, it will take more than time to change things. You actually have to change them yourself. The simple advice is to focus on the present. Like surfing, maintaining your poise and equilibrium can only be a moment-to-moment matter, for we do not know which direction the wave will turn, and it behoves us to stay vigilant for every cue on what the next move will be.

    Something always has to give on a Full Moon, and with a Scorpio Solar Eclipse only a couple of weeks away, we are on the verge of making a massive spiritual upgrade. Whether or not we make the right decision, the universe, which has no fixed agenda – just pure universal love- rallies around that decision. In essence, there is no right or wrong, only the cosmic field to support you, whichever direction you choose to move.

    Sending many blessings, and may you have an amazing Full Moon xx"
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    SOLAR ECLIPSE at 02°00' Scorpio
    Battles Left To Conquer Before We Can Restore Trust and Security

    Tuesday, October 25
    Ang Stoic

    "It’s Eclipse Season Again!
    The second Solar Eclipse of 2022 will occur on Tuesday, October 25 at 2º00' Scorpio. Solar eclipses occur at six-month intervals when the New Moon moves between Earth and the Sun along the Moon's Nodal Axis.

    At around 10:50 UTC, all three celestial bodies will form a straight line, and those able to view this phenomenon will observe the Moon partially covering the disk of the Sun. Staying mindful that staring directly at the Sun without the correct filtering lenses is never a good idea, if you are able to witness this phenomenon, your region of the world is probably experiencing some of the intensely regenerative shifts in power associated with Scorpio.

    Though only a partial eclipse (0.86 mag.), the Moon's passage over the Sun will be visible from most of Europe, northern Africa, the Middle East, and western Asia.

    Does a partial eclipse mean its effects will be less intense?
    All eclipses, total or partial, mark significant signposts in the evolutionary course of human consciousness. This is because they intrinsically link our luminaries, Sun and Moon, to the Moon’s Nodal Axis - invisible points, North and South - where the moon’s path intercepts the ecliptic (Sun’s path). Learn more about eclipses here: https://angstoic.com/2019/07/eclipse...on-the-basics/

    The Nodes tell a story of soul evolution, reincarnation, fate and destiny in the current life (North Node) and past incarnations (South Node). Hence, all lunations (New and Full Moon) that contact these nodes act as significant catalysts that challenge humanity’s collective plight to actualise its full soul potential, jolting us backwards and forward along our evolutionary timeline, allowing us to both revisit and clear out stagnant karmic energy.

    Whilst effects of a Partial are assumed not as strong or long-lasting as a Total Solar Eclipse, astrologically, the personal impact of eclipses (and all lunations in general) depends more on their proximity of aspect to natal planets or other factors in your horoscope, particularly the hard aspects (conjunction, square, opposition).

    For instance, if an eclipse occurs on or around your birthday (conjunct with your natal Sun), this will be a significant year for you, whose effects will be felt for years. Since eclipses tend to short-circuit an individual’s terrestrial concerns with more celestial or spiritually significant matters, they assist in nudging us towards or away from what matters at the soul level.

    Hence, eclipses are the astrologer's primary tool in forecasting and guiding the spiritual development of an individual in the context of his current world.

    South Node Eclipses

    The term eclipse comes from the ancient Greek—ékleipsis (ἔκλειψις), meaning to suddenly disappear or to abandon. Whilst the more positive outcomes of an eclipse occurring at the South Node indicate spiritual awakenings which accompany the release or abandoning of something important, it usually comes amidst a period when our primary energies are weakening, drained, depressive and low, which allows any discharge to take place with minimal resistance.

    A South Node Solar Eclipse indicates that celestial energy is leaving the terrestrial plane, compelling us to let go of something or someone. Whilst not necessarily a bad thing, eclipses exert forces that appear to strain, crush or break up entities already weakening or breaking down.

    We may feel like we're losing our grip on something that has played a considerable part in our lives, and this power­lessness or impending loss leaves us feeling withdrawn, frightened, paranoid, and hopeless. However, the truth is that we cannot move forward, let go, forgive ourselves and absolve the situation unless we realise that the situation is over. Issues in our lives most accentuated around the South Node eclipse are usually in theme with what must be relinquished.

    A Total Lunar Eclipse follows two weeks later at the North Node in Taurus, indicating that celestial energies are entering our plane, ushering in a flood of new entities, opportunities and circumstances. This pair of eclipses is the second in a 3-part series of Scorpio/Taurus eclipses, awakening humanity to its universal plight towards greater autonomy, self-sufficiency and spiritual awakenings to holding energetic boundaries.

    So what are we letting go of with the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio?
    Scorpio is an intensely emotional modality due to its fixed-water nature. Its desire to develop exclusive intimacy has the propensity to leave us obsessively concerned with the affairs of others, eventually fostering unhealthy enmeshment of energies. Anything overarchingly controlling and manipulative, addicted to drama, crisis and trauma, will now appear inappropriate, uncomfortable, redundant and ready to relinquish during a Scorpio South Node Eclipse.

    For instance, if a mother has an unhealthy need to dominate her children, which she exemplifies through bullying, terrifying, neglecting, suffocating, indulging, humiliating, overprotecting or abusing them - those children must now come to the recognition that such treatment is wrong. In the preceding weeks and months, events intensified to reveal these South Node flaws and fallacies in the most blatant ways, weakening the dynamic of abuse and bringing it to an end so the long process of recovery and ultimate understanding could begin. Integral to being emotionally healthy, in the above example, is to have a mother who can respect her children's need to have their own views, do their own thing, feel autonomous, and not perceive this as a betrayal.

    Of course, this theme translates to any relationship whose basis is the affixation of one entity or party seizing control over another’s resources for its own self-preservation, validation, power supply, and other self-serving agendas. We, as humans, become symbiotically mired into associations that are somewhat beneficial to our basic survival needs yet ultimately become a hindrance to our spiritual development. Whether for sex, power, emotional security, excitement, etc., when we merge too closely or deeply with another, we ultimately experience some form of suffocation, betrayal or abandonment - a red flag that we should maintain our own boundaries, values, and spiritual prerogatives.

    Outer Planet Influences
    These eclipses fall into context with other critical planetary combinations this year, namely the separating squares of SATURN/URANUS, which over the past two years have been indicative of the stringent conflicts emerging between the more conservative and radical elements of our consciousness, as well as the Darwinian-like squares between PLUTO/ERIS, indicators of how easily we are prone to falling prey to widespread disease, wars, famines and natural disasters of this world if we do not learn to acclimate to epochal changes.

    Through many mistakes and hardships, many of us are discovering that the only way forward is to adapt, transforming physically and emotionally, slowly and painstakingly, until we get it right. While the most unsettling phase of these slow-moving transits is almost complete, they have nonetheless shown us our worst and lowest, ushering in tremendous attention to our dysfunctions, stirring up deep antisocial impulses - our irritation, anger, fury and rage with ourselves, others and the entire world.

    While we have vented these openly, primarily through our media platforms, we have also tried to suppress these. When denied and repressed, our antisocial urges don't miraculously vanish from our reality. They lurk about in our subconscious, eating away at our insides, waiting to rear their ugly heads via conflicts, wars, illness and disease, hysteria and madness.

    Whether it is through self-censorship or via some world-savvy algorithm, demonising any kind of irate behaviour as antagonistic and inappropriate, banishing it from sight, only banks up deeply harboured negativity and resentment in the realms of the collective, which, as we are already witnessing, tends to wildly unfurl itself upon humanity as all sorts of widespread tragedies and ills. The astral and quantum fields are packed with unexpressed ire and ill-intent, forbidden from venting itself through our personal nature, precipitating in ‘the cloud’, ready to rain down onto our world as a stream of global catastrophes.

    Inner Planet Influences
    Venus’s tight conjunction to this Eclipse indicates that the peace-loving intention of this lunation will reach the hearts of many, regardless of their desire to feel it. Women are particularly significant in this since they are signified by both Venus and the Moon, however, both are essentially debilitated in Scorpio. Emotions are raw and far too intense to be handled with any degree of moderation. Young, powerless women, sick of feeling stuck in the lower Scorpio consciousness that attracts crisis, abuse, trauma, and strict controls over their urge for autonomy, self-sufficiency and precious resources, begin to take action to release themselves from toxically symbiotic relationships.

    Unfortunately, the conjunction makes it challenging to see the positive result we seek to create. The anger and rage felt over being wounded or betrayed exceed our need to protect ourselves and hold firm boundaries. A tendency to overreact and blow the whole thing out of proportion could result in a backlash of more stringent restrictions and chastisement. Naturally, a Mars/Pluto-ruled Scorpio lunation will take matters to extremes. We must remember that when we go too hard in one direction, the reaction will be just as intense coming from the opposite direction. Since this lunation is also an eclipse, we must expect to deal with the consequences of this in some random, wildly inappropriate manner.

    A stationing Mars holds a sustained square to Neptune, which in many ways debilitates the masculine assertiveness from acting in directly hostile ways. Also, Mars’ quincunx to Pluto only exacerbates anger issues. In some ways, being caught up in a state of confusion and anger may compel us to act in specific ways, allowing hidden powerful motivations to govern our choices.

    This can be seen in any relationship where one party has reached its tolerance threshold in being used, manipulated or having the rug pulled out from under them. The effects could be revolutionary, but as we’ve seen, revolutions are usually violent and don’t generally end with a win for anyone except those who revel in chaos, mischief and violence.

    Mars seems favoured to help us make a stand by this eclipse, but the condition of Mars is severely hampered currently. Slowing to retrograde at the end of October, the square to Neptune isn’t the only concern. A sextile to Eris adds more fuel to his distorted vigour and scorn. Now out of bounds until the next set of eclipses in May 2023, Mars is likely to behave in highly radicalised, unformed and entirely unintegrated ways.

    Eclipses Come in Pairs
    It would be remiss of me not to mention the severity of upheavals augured by the Total Lunar Eclipse that follows at 16°01' Taurus on November 8.

    Effectively acting as a trigger to unleash all underlying tensions and stresses that have been building between the long-duelling conservatism of Saturn and the extreme radicalism of Uranus, this “Blood Moon from Hell” becomes the defining moment of 2022.

    Ushering in the most exciting yet extremely unsettling celestial energy through the North Node portal, we can expect much disruptive news that will somehow impact us all. What we must not expect is much peace and tranquillity.

    I will have more to say about this second, Lunar Eclipse over the next fortnight.

    Working With the Evolutionary Shifts
    The most straightforward advice is to just continue to do what you are doing. Whether you are cognizant of how your life is shifting to align with the collective evolutionary pull forward or not, it matters only that you are aware of what is transpiring for you, whether easy or harsh.

    Ultimately, everything concerning you is for your greater spiritual benefit. You are letting go of elements in your life causing you to stagnate in toxic or symbiotic ways.

    Look where your behaviour becomes defensive or hostile toward anyone offering you regenerative advice. Address the conflicts that have made your life a mere struggle for survival, constantly struggling to escape punishment only leaves everything you once held dear in a trail of tumultuous disarray. You are learning not to scatter, waste or misuse your energies in worthless pursuits and focus on expressing greater love for the earth on which you live, how to appreciate the simple things whose abundant supply and support are always there for you to move forward, if you choose it.

    Many blessings, and may you have an amazing eclipse xx"
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    October 28, 2022

    "Rx JUPITER temporarily slips back into Pisces, indicating that for the next 8 weeks, any chance of making meaning through direct action or conflict must give way to feelings of sympathy, empathy or compassion.

    The appeal to make sense through emotions, whims and fantasies rather than construct a robust intellectual argument is heightened further by Jupiter’s wide (6º~7º) conjunction to NEPTUNE.

    Jupiter turns direct at 28°♓48′ on Nov 23.

    Meanwhile, MARS, now wildly out of bounds and circling near 25°37′ Gemini, turns retrograde Sunday not only to vex us with setback after setback but also to void and nullify any proposed plans due his square to the JU/NE midpoint.

    Unreliability, an inclination to act heedlessly, tendencies to rely on others (only to be let down), wild speculation, lofty idealism, distorted political aphorism and a desire to reach for the impossible set the scene for the next week or so.

    Caught in a mid-eclipse power slump, we should all be mindful that everything is entirely warped, and this hypernormalised ludicrousness is likely to confound our logic to the point where we haplessly place ourselves in peril; every silly action drains our body of its precious life force, and we are likely to cry over the slightest incursion to our sensitivities, make light of the grimmest of circumstances, and somnambulate through extreme social justice issues thinking that we’re woke.

    If it sounds messy, well… you’re in it.

    I’ll be back early next week to tell you all about the Nov 8 “Blood Moon from Hell”. Please take care x"
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    MARS IN RETROGRADE: Oct 30, 2022 - Jan 12, 2023
    Trying to make up for past mistakes, insults and regrets...
    Ang Stoic

    "Mars symbolises personal action - the energy and drive to obtain that to which we are attracted and to resist that which is undesirable or a threat. Our desires generate powerful drives to demonstrate our competency, sexuality and the power to assert or defend our unique identity, often at any cost.

    The dynamic effect of Mars is often experienced through our physical relationship to the exterior world and, both in the natal chart and by transit, Mars indicates how we must apply ourselves in our struggle to survive against the adversity of nature and its foes, and how we strive to meet our individual needs for carnal, worldly and spiritual fulfilment through physical engagement.

    In its highest, most conscious-minded operation, the action of Mars can be employed as a defender and preserver of the Higher Self, thus ensuring our best possible chances to complete our ‘soul mission’ here on earth.

    Mars does this whole ‘defender-of-the-self’ thing regardless of whether we know our ‘higher purpose’ or not. The little warrior within becomes immediately aroused and inflamed for action whenever we feel threatened on any level. The potential for destruction through aggression and war must not be underestimated when Mars is under stress.

    MARS IN RETROGRADE: Oct 30, 2022 - Jan 12, 2023.
    Transiting Mars spends an average of 8 weeks in each sign. However, during retrograde periods, Mars could spend up to 7 months in one sign, applying particular intensity to the affairs governed by that sign and its dispositor. In this case, Mars spends its full retrograde period in the sign of Gemini, ruled by Mercury.

    Mars enters its retrograde shadow at 8°Ge08′ on September 3, 2022, turning retrograde on October 30, 2022, at 25°Ge37’. Mars turns direct on January 12, 2023, leaving his retrograde shadow on March 15th, 2023.

    What can we expect?
    When Mars turns retrograde, his fiery energies are directed inwards. We start to reflect back on events or incidents where we feel we failed to act, assert or defend ourselves appropriately.

    During the retrograde period, any significant event – whether recent or historical – could become the trigger to our ego becoming suppressed, twisted, distorted, denied or betrayed. In any sense, we are reminded of times when we have let ourselves down by not asserting ourselves suitably. Conflicts during this period could instigate an intensely personal journey as our inner warrior seeks to restore his connection to the Higher Self.

    Look to points/planets in your chart activated by Mars between 8°08′ and 25°37′ in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) as potential sources of conflict.

    Mars in Gemini highlights our capacity to talk ourselves out of a situation or at least find out the facts before we choose to take action. We are easily aroused into an argument and prone to point-scoring using well-timed, cutting observations, wit and sarcasm.

    During his retrograde, we may be internally driven to reflect upon past efforts and instances where we have felt unsuccessful in upholding boundaries by using our logic, reason and words. We may start to ruminate upon matters in which we have not been diligent in applying our minds. Rather than asserting ourselves outwardly, we might be seething internally with the fires of regret, embarrassment, self-reproach and suppressed anger.

    Motivated by an incentive for personal retribution or ‘setting matters straight’, those affected by this ‘backwards’ transit might be tempted to make a valiant but ill-timed attempt to ‘correct’ any past actions that did not sit well.

    What could go wrong?
    Typically, the less consciously we react under the impulse to ‘right the wrongs’, the more we appear to others as either coming on too strong, too late, or driven by totally disproportionate means, gestures and desired results.

    Unfortunately, a square to stationing Mars from Neptune only distorts this process.

    Under such unwelcome circumstances, amid facing further rejection, as if sensing the danger of humiliation or defeat, we quickly pull back, retreating yet deeper into an inward state of anger and disgust with ourselves. In this, we may become exasperatingly trapped in a recurring spiral of self-condemnation and discontent.

    Familiar with such cycles? Perhaps you were born with a retrograde Mars yourself.

    During the next few weeks, it is this process which needs to be checked since individuals who become prone to act in this mode are most inclined to express Mars energy in a subjectively desperate, wild, and hostile manner, exhibiting all sorts of destructive behaviour, particularly upon themselves or even towards their own kind."
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    Standing on the Precipice of A New Earth
    Ang Stoic

    "The second Blood Moon of 2022, and third in 18 months, will occur on November 8, at 16º00’ Taurus. It will be the last Blood Moon we will see until 2025.

    The event can be viewed in the early morning night skies from Asia, Australia, North America, north-eastern Europe, and most of South America.

    What is a ‘Blood Moon’
    A Blood Moon is just another name for a total lunar eclipse. During a lunar eclipse, the Earth intercedes the Sun’s rays upon the Full Moon. At around the eclipse's peak (11:03 UTC), the Full Moon's usual glow becomes completely obscured by the earth's shadow as it sweeps across it. Because the Moon will appear to turn reddish-orange for one hour and 25 minutes, emitting a rusty bronze light, this rare, ominously eerie lunation is called a "Blood Moon".

    There are also a couple of celestial bonuses in this eclipse—the appearance of Uranus and the possibility of “shooting stars” as the Southern and Northern Taurid meteor showers present bright, colourful “fireballs” around the Moon during totality. With the light of the Moon dulled during totality, Uranus will likely be revealed very close to it, and, weather permitting, you may easily spot it using binoculars or a telescope.

    From Asia and Alaska, the eclipsed Moon will also form an occultation to Uranus, obscuring it entirely from view for a brief period before it reappears on the other side.

    However, these are mere bonus sights to the main event. A Full Moon turning red right before our eyes is the celestial event of 2022 and not something you want to miss.

    The Astrology of the Taurus Lunar Eclipse
    Full Moons & Lunar Eclipses

    A lunar eclipse is technically a Full Moon, when the energies of the Sun (consciousness) and Moon (instincts) become diametrically opposed during their monthly synodic cycle.

    The opposition marks a peak, culmination, fulfilment and ending to their relationship, allowing us to consciously examine habits and unconscious patterns in our lives. Specific areas of importance become points of contention, usually through our various relationships in our world, allowing us to confront what is working and what is not and determine what must stay or go.

    Lunar eclipses are not ordinary Full Moons. Their alignment to the Moon’s Nodal Axis - a celestial point indicating where divine energies enter (North Node) and exit (South Node) our lives - adds a remarkably spiritual quality to key events. Also, the scope of influence of eclipses extends beyond their usual lunar month, affecting the tone and feel of much of our year, especially if it forms significant aspects to personal planets/points in our natal chart. Its accompanying Solar eclipse places a distinct impact upon themes described more succinctly by the relationship to the Moon’s Nodal Axis.

    A NN Lunar Eclipse in Taurus ushers in a surge of fixed-earth celestial energy, strengthening our psychic intuition and spiritual insight into material matters we instinctively wish to hold and maintain. Sacred places, the soil, the psycho-sexual body, and all physical Earth matters, become magnified or magnetised. This sensitivity can be either healing or unsettling as profound new energies are introduced into our lives and relationships, helping us shift our attitudes and values toward these things.

    In one sense, this lunation highlights where we have been inclined to be overly preoccupied with gratifying our material and physical needs, our concerns with money matters and indulging our sensual pleasures. Over the recent months, as the intensity of this eclipse has been building, we have seen where we have become too attached or stuck, developing inertia, letting the stubborn build-up of tension become intolerable until it has begun to affect us in ways which are extremely de­structive to our soul-growth.

    Brooding in self-pity, wallowing in low self-esteem or negativity about our interpersonal inadequacies could result in unsatisfying relationships and even degrading sexual conduct, which leaves us feeling soul-starved and even more at the mercy of our unsatisfied carnal desires.

    Finding easy ways to fulfil or sublimate frustrated sexual energies can become channelled into strange compulsions, addictions, or perverted into perfunctory ways to manipulate others into conforming to our will. During this period, it would be an understatement to say that we are prone to monstrous interper­sonal conflicts because of our inability to fulfil or resolve obsessive desires.


    The Fixed Dilemma
    The transiting Nodes cyclically recede through the horoscope over a period of 18 and a half years. Themes around the transiting Nodal Axis in the fixed signs of Taurus/Scorpio will prevail throughout the period of January 2022 - July 2023.

    Essentially, this alignment serves as a powerful reminder to humanity to distinguish between the words 'want' and 'need’. In the quest for greater emotional security and control, we forget that our universe's abundance is so great that we will always have what we need. In our obsession to horde absolute power, wealth and control over the earth, its people and resources, we often lose sight that we, as individuals and as a collective, possess and are surrounded by everything we need at all times.

    As our internal attitude toward everything becomes increasingly insecure and clutching, the exterior responds by filling our daily lives with new emergencies. Increasingly, we experience one crisis building upon the next, like an avalanche, assembling such a heavy downpour of conflict that our entire existence becomes reduced to its most basic struggle for survival. We must learn temperance, calmness and contentment for what is both within and without and move away from the evils of bitterness, resentment, obsession and lust for domination and control over things we do not own.

    Other Planetary influences to this Lunation
    When we examine the eclipse chart below, we can see the Sun/Moon opposition (Full Moon), aligned along the fixed Nodal axis (☊/☋), with other planets. A square from Saturn forms a tight T-Square dynamic.

    The cluster of planets at the Scorpio South Node (☋), indicates an urgency to relinquish the wilful intensity of the Scorpio Sun (☉) flanked closely to either side by the fanatical thinking of Mercury (☿) and the compulsive attraction of Venus (♀).

    A strong desire to possess, merge and dominate interests seems more of a reactive impulse to past insecurities. As individuals and as a species, we carry collective traumas. We are deeply scarred with memories of transgenerational abuses, violations, abandonment and enslavement, which now, like wounded animals, leave us most prone to vengefulness and deadly rage towards anyone who poses the slightest threat.

    All this is reflected clearly in the opposing Moon, exalted in Taurus at the North Node (☊), whose usually vacillating moods are grounded in stable earth as she transits in conjunction with Uranus (economic reversals, upsets, breakthroughs, revolutions). However, we will lose sight of this at some point due to the Earth’s intercedence.

    A semi-square from Jupiter in Pisces (altruism) to Uranus (fighting spirit, moral indignation, upsets) evenly separates them from the square to Saturn, also in fixed Aquarius (formal systems of regulation and control).

    Here, in this fixed, tightly-knit T-square, resides enough residual tension and wilful determination to destroy the entire planet, and we know it. Trigger planet Mars, now retrograde in Gemini, is still slow, for weeks now appearing stationary in the night skies. The fiery warrior god’s sustained sextile to scorned sister Eris (seeking to exact revenge, comeuppance) is held in check by a wide trine to Saturn and tight quincunx to Pluto. Most disturbing is his square to Neptune (desire to harm, cheat, misuse or abuse others).

    There are few redeeming qualities about this chart beside a few trines from Neptune, which I will discuss later. Something hugely disastrous threatens to happen, which many of us may not like, but are somewhat contributing toward with our thinly cloaked anger.

    Synthesis and Context
    What is undoubtedly true at this present time is that the world is undergoing a profound shift. We feel it in our bodies, minds, hearts and souls. We see evidence of it all around us.

    Preparing for monumental change requires first recognising and integrating the various concerns of our times. Our culture is mired with warnings and cautions, congregating crises are coming to a point of singularity, where floods, hurricanes, global pandemics, extreme climate chaos, political kakistocracy, corporate greed, expansionistic wars and escalating militarization, economic collapse, and all forms of intolerance now plague our Earth.

    Considering all the inherent contradictions, it would appear impossible to reconcile them. For a change to come through, the rot that has turned this world into shambles must first collapse and die away. Like all decay, this could take anything from a few months to decades. The collapse will not occur within 10 to 15 minutes of violent outbreaks, as seen in an apocalyptic disaster movie. However, this is not out of the question with thermonuclear weapons being bandied.

    History shows that dynastic collapses occur over decades, sometimes hundreds of years. The Roman and Ottoman Empires took about 300 years to collapse. The cultural and economic demise of the British and United States Empires is arguably already happening and is inevitable. The necessary elements for destruction, helpful in clearing the toxic debris of the past, are now in play to clear the way for the future. We must only look to the leaders for confirmation that things are beyond salvageable.

    How did we get here, and what is happening now? What can we do to brace ourselves and our families for future impacts? How do we break down our illusions of a world that keep us entrenched in broken systems that we unconsciously replicate globally and generationally?

    The first conscious decision is to understand how this system works because we are all affected by it. Saturn in Aquarius underscores fixed ideology as a background condition of prevailing structures. As soon as we say we are not political, care about economics, or claim not to hold an ideology, we become part of somebody else's fixed ideology.

    When we begin to understand what is happening, we awaken to a deep sense of angst, anxiety, and overwhelm. We endeavour to maintain some degree of ambiguity, manage the grief, accommodate the system's broader ambitions for total power and control, and attempt to take it seriously enough to do the work but not so seriously that we become paralysed by it.

    Those who feel powerless or feel like their life doesn't have meaning are not getting the message. Right now, we have the opportunity to be more in power and do more meaningful things than ever in the history of humanity. The challenge is facing our fears and uncertainties about doing what we already know we need to do deep in our bodies. We have all the wit, skill, power and resources already available to us to make the change. We just feel incapable of taking the first step because every direction feels like a dead end or leads us back to a converging super-crisis.

    "To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead, or endeavouring to convert an atheist by scripture."

    ~ Thomas Paine, The American Crisis

    In times of profound change, the most open-minded, innovative and adaptable shall inherit the Earth. Those willing to learn and grow discover themselves perfectly equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists. All that’s required is to risk taking the first step in trusting that the universe, which is abundant and loving, is always going to provide us with everything necessary to complete our mission.

    Oppression, discrimination, and injustice continue to plague marginalised groups in a very real way every day. We have to identify the structural issues in the form of mutual understanding. We can't change the past. We cannot reverse the historical trauma and pain we suffer. All we can change is how we frame the past; consider the past in our minds; how we feel the past in every cell in our bodies. That's where forgiveness and compassion come in.

    Collective and historical traumas stemming from war, poverty, genocide, and slavery manifest in our everyday lives and immediate communities. Over recent years, we have seen the epidemic discharge of these toxic internal ills become outwardly projected globally. It is through our individual struggles and interpersonal conflicts that our work begins.

    Understanding our own part in historical oppression and planetary destruction allows us to step up, heal ourselves, and support a means to envision a path forward collectively. This healing paves the way for regenerating hope, redesigning values, and, ultimately, rebuilding a new Earth and sustainable, self-governing societies. We have all the necessary skills, insights and technologies; we need only to discover how to apply them without inflicting suffering for profit or false security.

    In Tibetan folklore, the Shambhala prophecy says that:
    "There will come a time when all life on Earth is in danger. Barbarian powers will have arisen. Although they waste their wealth in preparations to annihilate each other, they have much in common: weapons of unfathomable devastation and technologies that may destroy the world. It is now, when the future of all beings hangs by the frailest of threads, that the kingdom of Shambhala emerges.

    The kingdom of Shambhala is not a geopolitical place but a place that exists in the hearts and minds of the Shambhala worker. These workers wear no particular uniform nor have titles or ranks. They have no particular workplace, as their work is everywhere. In fact, they look just like the barbarians on the outside, but they hold the kingdom of Shambhala on the inside.

    Now the time comes when great courage - intellectual, moral and spiritual - is required of the Shambhala workers. The time comes when they must go into the very heart of the barbarian power, into the tall buildings, offices, factories and citadels of learning where the weapons of destruction are made - to dismantle them."

    By the end of this year, and as a divine response to the dire circumstances we face now, a new army of warriors will have begun to emerge. One might call them healing warriors endowed with two chief weapons. The first one is insight, the ability to look inside. That's where self-forgiveness comes from. The second is compassion. It's these two valuable tools that are key right now if we're going to begin to heal ourselves, our communities, and our planet.

    We don't know exactly what is coming, but we do know that we will always need food, and we will always need energy. The more we can build up our local self-reliance and basic needs, the safer we'll be in an unknown future. The Taurus North Node eclipse tells us that the one thing that people must do is become self-reliant and support each other locally by buying local food and locally produced energy. In building local self-reliance, we get to know our community better, reinforcing stability, security and abundance.

    There is also a necessity for civil disobedience. We must cease to support those who do not represent us or demonstrate that they have our interests and our family's interests in mind. It's clear that this is becoming a struggle for life on Earth. Being 'in community' doesn't mean we need to join an ecovillage or leave the place where we live; rather, we redefine what community means to us by getting involved. This may seem implausible at a time when we are fed up with others and their kooky ideologies. However, a monumental event or series of catastrophes may convince us that we are each in this for ourselves and that we can seriously follow no self-serving or distant 'leader'.

    Harmonious aspects from Neptune in Pisces highlight that regardless of our spiritual beliefs, we need a solid personal practice to carry us across the waters of profound change. Spiritual responsibility is essential in our present transition and the emerging global consciousness of Oneness. In these very toxic times, extra vigilance, attentiveness, and mindfulness are required to stay true to one's deepest purpose in this minefield of exploitation and greed.

    Sadly, even a lot of spirituality has become tainted either by profit, loss, and commercialism or foggy wishful thinking and self-deception. Practising a prayer or meditation that reconnects us to our sacred inner self - that part that can never be corrupted or defiled - our divine core, our heart of hearts, or 'solar centre' is most important.

    Over the course of this year, we will see how these eclipses will have done much to clear away past hurt, baggage and rubble, making way for a new earth.

    This refinement process, this setting of your intention, must be practised and repeated many, many times, like a mantra. Making your intention known is the more significant part of your becoming. When you put forth your intention, there's very little else you have to do. The casting of intention goes out and makes results happen. Your role here is to remain keenly aware, patiently expectant, and open to all possibilities."
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    "Blowing Hot and Cold" - The FULL MOON at 16°02' GEMINI: Thursday December 8, 2022, 04:09 UTC
    Ang Stoic

    "Please note: The following interpretation is based on the Tropical Zodiac, consistent with western astrological practice.
    An astrological dissertation of current themes, as highlighted by this lunation.

    If Full Moons indicate times of conflicts and climaxes, the Gemini culmination of this particular Sadge lunar cycle will undoubtedly be felt by many as a considerably heated one.

    For those observing the night skies in parts of North America and Europe just 9 minutes after the Full Moon (04:08 UTC) on December 8, you may also witness the Full Moon pass in front of Mars, a phenomenon known as an occultation. An occultation of Uranus occurs three days earlier (Dec 5).

    According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, a Full Moon that rises during one of the longest nights of the year (or shortest in the Southern Hemisphere) is called the "Moon Before Yule," in honour of the pagan festival of the Sun's passing into the Capricorn Solstice (December 22). These days, it's known as a "Cold Moon", a name that describes the frigid conditions of this time of year.

    Exact at 16°02' Gemini, this “Cold Moon” will be the last Full Moon of 2022, and its conjunction to “Red Hot” Mars suggests that our most personal affairs could “blow hot & cold”, in case you have not already noticed in the days leading up to this event.

    The Full Moon Phenomenon
    The lunation cycle observes the key synodic phases between our luminaries, Sun and Moon. The Sun (spirit/ego/father) is our earth's nearest and brighter star, while the Moon (soul/cellular body/mother) is our closest celestial object. Astrologically, the synodic cycle illuminates and shadows our most intimately personal evolution. The Moon acts as a mediatrix, catering to our ego needs, gently and uniformly distributing the solar potential (spiritual nourishment and energy) to where it is required.

    At New Moon, when the Sun and Moon reset, we experience the spiritual-solar emanation of ‘seed ideas’ or ‘intentions’ - spiritual entities that are emanated into the universe whenever the spirit sees a need for them. Two weeks later, at the Full Moon, when the Sun and Moon are diametrically opposite with the earth in the centre, we experience the manifestation of those seed ideas as an organic fulfilment of those personal needs, be they through cells or personalities.

    In this way, the Moon serves both Earth (physical self) and Sun (spirit self), softly releasing the light of the Sun and nourishing the organic and psychic ego needs of all earthly creatures.

    Hence, Full Moons mark the climactic peak of the lunation cycle when psycho-mental energies are most divergent. In the negative sense, Full Moons stress an irreconcilable enmity between solar and lunar forces by their most extreme lack of affinity. In the most positive sense, the Full Moon distinguishes the highest possible manifestation of a new vision, a revelation, a sense of fulfilment and revived purpose in our affairs.

    Since the Sun changes zodiac signs every 30 days, the emphasis of our attention shifts gradually through each facet of our horoscope, allowing us to experience ourselves in every aspect.

    The Sagittarius-Gemini Dichotomy
    In Sagittarius, the Sun imbues all life with a passionate desire to explore vaster mental horizons and worlds foreign to its traditional habitats and limitations.

    The desire is to expand, to know more, and deal with the bigger issues, often with some degree of zeal and enthusiasm and usually in terms of purely abstract, general principles or concepts.

    However, this desire to expand may lack a sense of proportion and realism, requiring a sense of perspective; a reference point that provides a constructive form to our concepts and abstractions.

    The Gemini Moon assists with providing this baseline most objectively. In Gemini, Luna shows us where we tend to scatter our energies, pursue too many interests, and try to incorporate too many ideas or people into our life. At this Full Moon, we may start to notice how, in our restlessness and longing to know more, we tend to flit from one pursuit or idea to another, often exhibiting careless or sloppy behaviours, only superficially grasping each endeavour.

    Others may show up to tell us where we become too carried away with ourselves, our theories, or incoherent stories, trying to gain control over our reality by logic, substituting hypotheses for real experience, or philosophis­ing endlessly about mundane happenings that carry no relevance or provide no meaning to the way we live our lives.

    Conflicts occur when we focus too much on inconsequential matters or become lost in higher conceptual realms that bear no relation to our day-to-day lives.

    By polar opposition, the Gemini Moon seeks to help us apply and disperse the wisdom gained from the Sagittarius Sun and form a simple, succinct singleness of purpose that allows us to make constructive daily choices and integrate our experiences in a way that enables us to perceive, formulate and convey our ideas more effec­tively.

    As the Sun/Moon energies stand apart, back-and-forth communication intensifies. The more we engage in passionate discussions with others, the more we are challenged to articulate and explain our theories clearly and in a cohesive way.

    To this effect, the Gemini Full Moon ensures that our Sagittarian wisdom is true, credible and applicable to our day-to-day lives. Through our intellectual exchanges, we are presented with the ultimate reality check, and full accountability is expected to prevent us from becoming lost in lofty abstractions and higher-level concepts irrelevant to our everyday circumstances.

    Of course, if we are not making sense, we should expect a swift, unbiased rebuke that puts us firmly in our place. If we deny or avoid this need for veracity, we may exasperate those we most seek to impress, losing credibility, trust or the expressed interest of others.

    Planetary Aspects to this Lunation
    At this point, warrior god Mars has been transiting Gemini since August 20, moving retrograde on October 20. This phenomenon has effectively heated up this highly intellectual constellation for nearly 4 months.

    As the Moon enters this mutable/air sign, it personalises any mental activity and aggression into our intimate discussions. Intellectual exchanges, arguments and debates, feisty agreements and heated disagreements become increasingly common.

    During Mars's sustained square to Neptune (Oct-Nov), we have developed considerable sensitivity in our defensiveness. Our tendency for argumentativeness and irritability has created significant stress. We have seen the proliferation of outspoken critics on sensitive topics, touchy media activists, and reactive journalists expressing a great deal of restlessness and unease about what they believe to be distorted facts, misinformation, and propaganda. In many cases, this has been met with equally distorted critique, absurd assertions, protestation and condemnation.

    By now, the somewhat disoriented Mars' near exact conjunction with the Full Moon only triggers strongly reactive feelings, which can manifest as anger, tamper tantrums, and other emotional eruptions due to sentiments of being cheated, lied to or misused.

    The Moon’s occultation of Mars hints at a blocked vitality and vexation bristling to be released.

    Mars is out-of-bounds, meaning his force is potentially wild and unruly.

    Mars is also retrograde, so his otherwise explicit energy is internalised; highly subjectified (modified or affected by personal views, experiences, or motives).

    The culminating Moon's activation of Mars indicates someone harbouring repressed anger or resentment is now likely to find expression.

    As a result of venting bottled-up, convoluted mental anger, we may lose sight of caution and common sense, prompting all kinds of audacious campaigns for our own boutique brand of ‘causes’, staging unusual comebacks from debilitating circumstances. All this may be justified by the actor. Sadly, an occulted, out-of-bounds, retrograde Mars in Gemini commonly symbolises the worked-up purveyor of pseudo-intellectual nonsense.

    Many ideologically unsound issues are possibly coming to a head now. Finding innovative solutions to settle long-held grievances and disputes is possible but must be treated gingerly and prudently. We must not assume to know the answers.

    Harmonious aspects from Chiron and Eris suggest there is enough capacity to empathically listen to those who feel hurt, ideologically wounded, sidelined or shut out of the discussion and understand their pain.

    Much can be accom­plished when we treat these complex energies with foresight, wisdom and compassion. On the other hand, selfish, irritable, hasty reactions, mixed with a refusal to find common ground, leads to greater alienation, retribution and even war due to irreconcilable differences over fundamental values and beliefs.

    Other Planetary Influences
    The ongoing tensions from squares between Pluto/Eris and Saturn/Uranus have been discussed at length in previous articles and recapped here in our latest Cosmic Bus episode.

    Mercury squares Jupiter here and, as co-rulers of this lunation, indicates that the hive of ideas is too ambitious or grandiose for realisation. Mercury’s activation of the contentious Saturn/Uranus midpoint is strong, meaning radical ideas and those who champion them find it hard to implement with enough practical detail to be helpful.

    Under these transits, it appears the proponents to change and reform is not well organised enough, lacking the necessary balance and realism to be adequately convincing with their concepts and opinions. They are acting too recklessly, lack maturity, usually in too much of a hurry, wanting to implement great things before they have persuaded all stakeholders who may be sceptical, promising more than they can deliver.

    Mentally, we can tend to attempt things beyond our capacities. Something is not sitting well when the conscious mind is at odds with our gut feeling. We may lack com­mon sense and proportion in our thinking, coming off too bombastic, rude and reckless, and despite our best intentions, lose favour in any encounter.

    “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” is the general maxim here, and those who speak without thinking or make agreements/sign contracts without checking the fine print will generally come to regret their actions at this time.

    Context and Synthesis
    Since the November 26 New Moon, the world has seen massive anti-government protests over allegations of human rights violations in Iran and China against COVID-19 lockdowns, with remarkable anger spilling into the streets against hardline regimes.

    There has also been considerable upset in the world of information-sharing media platform Twitter around censorship, with massive staff layoffs and the reinstatement of controversial influencers such as Donald Trump, Kanye West (now “Ye”), Jordan Peterson, Marjorie Taylor Greene (all Geminis) and Andrew Tate (Sagittarian). Singer Ye later went on an ‘offensive campaign’, eventually prompting permanent suspension from Twitter and losing massive corporate sponsors for his inflammatory conduct.

    During a debate on whether to trust the mainstream media (Nov 30), outspoken commentator Douglas Murray and veteran reporter Matt Taibbi triumphed over their opponents, persuading a significant audience segment to give up faith in an institution they claim to be hopelessly biased.

    Matt Taibi was also instrumental in the audacious release by Elon Musk of the “Twitter files” on how and why Twitter employees blocked The NY Post’s 2020 bombshell story about ‘Hunter Biden’s laptop’.

    Other Silicon Valley darlings have been revealed not to be prodigious geniuses of our time, with FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried single-handedly crashing the entire crypto market and Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos being sentenced to 11 years for fraud.

    The last two weeks have seen many public instances demonstrating brazen defiance of official narratives by 'trusted' authorities and institutions. Misinformation and skewed thinking from all angles have created vast gaps between what we wish to believe and what we really must hear.

    No matter where one stands, the basis of any ideological unrest, whether moral, ethical, legal, philosophical, or religious in principle, enough reactive anger and convulsive clashes are commonplace. Ironically these escalating disturbances are struggling to restore balance and symmetry.

    Regrettably, any Sun/Moon imbalance involving Mars presents a situation where we often perceive life as a threat, we find peoples' ideas challenging, and we are motivated to fight others for sovereignty and personal dominance, usually adopting a combative and assertive stance in an attempt to prove our self-worth. It is almost inevitable that intermittent arguments, dissension, and heated conflict will ensue due to rash expression of ill-understood beliefs, a clash of inner energies that attempt to either/both reconcile or break apart an argument, often through a clever show of intellectual strength.

    Under this ‘hot/cold’ Moon, this competitiveness may not bring us much peace, but we must acknowledge that it is usually our own aggressive vibration that tends to attract similar types of people and power struggles, whether at work or home life. If you give crazy attention, crazy gets crazier.

    To avoid conflict and disillusionment, we may need to adjust our expectations of others. It's best to accept a more realistic appreciation of the diversity of our ideas and beliefs rather than fuelling ongoing conflicts by not considering the feelings and needs of others.

    Dealing With Anger
    Let us acknowledge that anger is a normal human emotion that can be reasonable and effective in certain situations, such as when we feel threatened with injury or harm. However, difficulty controlling our anger can cause problems and negatively affect our professional and personal relationships.

    Whilst negatively expressed anger impacts our external relationships, repressing it affects our health. Unexpressed anger has been linked to heart disease, bulimia, diabetes, and road accidents. People with serious anger management issues should seek professional treatment.

    Several factors contribute to anger, including mental/emotional instability, depression, substance abuse and alcoholism. Social influences may include financial or professional problems, family issues, stress or anxiety in work or home environments. Our capacity to forgive can be a powerful tool that we can employ to significantly reduce anger and lead to finding a sustainable solution to our issues.

    We live in a world governed by archaic, anachronistic control structures and questionable systems of disseminating views and ideas. Understandably, we may rise angrily to assert ourselves against these, be they parents, teachers, clerics, bosses or leaders, because we feel they do not listen.

    Reform is happening, but too slowly for some, it seems. We must learn to test out and apply new techniques and innovations to defend true freedom of speech, discourse, and debate and fairly regulate its use and misuse. Our words can be powerful and must be held or expressed responsibly. In any event, seismic progress in this area is inevitable because the Uranian influence upon Saturn in Aquarius is irrepressibly unconquerable, albeit hugely disruptive.

    In the meantime, there will always be someone trying to strip down our ethical standpoint and skewer our sacred cows, especially when we continue to perceive life in black-and-white terms. In a climate where many people feel constrained and afraid to express themselves, willing to believe anything they're told and never question the external narrative, contentious disputes are likely to lead to horrible dissent, discord and even war.

    We should engage with social causes and pressure groups under this Full Moon, where we can put our partisan approach and abundant energy to constructive use. Peace, love, and universal understanding will always prevail if we maintain a balanced perspective on our beliefs and attitudes, celebrate a diversity of opinion, and not try to convert others by forceful proselytizing or dogmatic expression.

    Many blessings, and enjoy this glorious Full Moon xx"
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    “Keeping It Real” – The NEW MOON at 01°33′ CAPRICORN, Friday December 23, 10:18 UTC
    December 23, 2022

    "Greetings, friends and happy Yuletide. While Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are typically associated with religious observances, family gatherings, and parties, it seems that the last three years with Saturn in Aquarius have dampened the spirit of these occasions.

    Though not official, this appears to be the first post-Covid-19 Xmas, meaning we can finally return to celebrating with loved ones without the need for masks, vaccine documentation, and social distancing measures. Despite this, many people may feel disenchanted by the holiday season, either because of the past few years’ events or simply because of the lack of excitement or novelty in following traditional holiday rituals.

    Whether you feel uneasy with religious ceremonies, overwhelmed by the holiday’s commercialisation, feel pressured to conform to certain expectations or traditions that do not align with your personal values, tired of the same routine year after year, or are unable to participate in the holiday due to personal circumstances such as financial struggles, family conflicts, or feelings of loneliness – you may notice one thing for sure this year – things are different.

    In addition to its challenges, it’s important to note that this New Moon, which falls just a day after the Solstice, may dredge up some harsh energies. Ruled by Saturn, the Capricorn lunation stirs up our most negative emotions like melancholy, pessimism and fear, as well as materialism, stinginess, and mistrust. Our more cynical side might err on the side of caution, control, and self-denial, which could lead to feelings of rigidity or repression. A drive towards ambition, power, and success also generates a sense of pressure or competitiveness.

    The news isn’t all bad, though! The positive qualities of Capricorn, such as its ability to ground us with some hardnose realism and practicality, remind us of our social obligations, and a strong sense of diligence and responsibility are also present and help mitigate some of the harsher aspects to this Cardinal/Earth lunation.

    During this New Moon, the square to Jupiter at the World Axis (0º Aries) suggests significant conflicts in the decrees of power and authority, as well as dilemmas and difficult choices. These challenges may be both personal and social, and the decisions we make now could have long-term consequences. It is essential to consider our values and act in accordance with our moral code, as this will shape our lives and potentially affect larger structures such as government, business, and the economy. This is a time of significant change and development on a global level.

    It’s important to remember that everyone experiences and celebrates in their own way, and it’s okay to feel disenchanted with the holiday if it does not bring joy or fulfilment. As we are learning to question the spiritual and moral significance of everything, it is also important to be understanding and respectful of others’ experiences and feelings towards the holiday, whatever their beliefs.

    On this New Moon, it is crucial to focus our intention on what we can control and be responsible for, rather than getting caught up in misleading or superficial matters. We should ensure that our words and actions are based on solid foundations, not fleeting or changing circumstances. The Capricorn lunation will test our commitment to our values and beliefs.

    Are we taking the easy way out, or are we willing to stand up for what we believe in by acting responsibly and bearing the consequences for our actions? It is not only our right but our moral imperative to seek and uphold the truth and to live authentically in accordance with it.

    All kinds of challenges are endemic to this lunation.

    Thank you for your support to keep this work independent, and I wish you many blessings for the holidays and a wonderful New Moon xx"
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    MERCURY RETROGRADE: Harnessing the Energy of the Winged Messenger
    Unlocking the Power of Mercury Retrograde; Understanding its Role in Mind, Communication, and Personal Alchemy
    Ang Stoic

    "Mercury is a planet known for its quick orbit around the Sun with a period of only 88 days. From Earth, we see that it never appears more than 28 degrees from the Sun. Mercury can only occupy the same or an adjacent zodiac sign as the Sun. In astrology, this is significant because it helps us understand Mercury's role in transmitting the Sun's main message to us. During its retrograde periods, we have the opportunity to examine and review these messages more closely.

    In mythology, Mercury was the androgynous winged messenger god who ruled over communication and the mind. His name, derived from the Roman god Mercurius, is the equivalent of the Greek god Hermes. He is depicted in classical literature as a trickster, psychopomp, facilitator of transitions and the official scribe of alchemical transmissions.

    One of the defining features of Mercury’s operation throughout the year is its frequent periods of retrograde movement, during which it appears to move backwards in the sky. These periods are seen as times when usual communication and transportation may be disrupted, but also as an opportunity for introspection and review. By understanding and harnessing the energy of Mercury during its retrograde cycle, we can gain a different perspective and make necessary adjustments to our thoughts and processes.

    Mastering Mercury involves understanding its complex symbolism and utilising its energies effectively. Whether it is through communication, decision-making, or articulate expression, Mercury can help us to navigate the world around us and cleverly implement skills and processes to achieve our goals. By honing our aptitudes in focused areas, we can streamline our mental awareness and perception, ultimately facilitating greater self-evolution.

    Mercury retrograde is a phenomenon that appears to cause the planet Mercury to move backwards in its orbit. This is an optical illusion that is caused by the relative positions of Earth, Mercury, and the Sun.

    From a geocentric (earth-centred) astrological perspective, when Mercury is retrograde, it is observed to have a particular influence on the mind and communication. During this time, people may experience delays, misunderstandings, and a need to backtrack, to re-do or re-think things. It is suggested that this period is a natural time of rest and introspection and recognising and utilising this time can be beneficial in terms of personal growth and the development of ideas.

    The concept of Mercury retrograde is multifaceted and involves examining not only our ability to receive information but also what we do with that information once it is processed and assimilated in our minds. Mercury symbolises the ability to formulate and articulate ideas and to use words as symbols to translate sensory perceptions into concepts. In this way, Mercury represents the human mind's capacity to interpret reality and, conversely, to translate symbols into facts.

    When Mercury is direct, the mind operates on a straightforward, functional level and there is little time for retrospection. Energy is expended in productive activities and the contemplative side is virtually on hold. This is a natural rhythm with no delay between what we perceive and how it is communicated. However, during the period of time that Mercury is retrograde, issues that have lain dormant for the three months prior may arise. This is seen as a time when much of the unconscious information that has been absorbed and stored starts to surface in a fashion specific to the needs of the individual and their own timing.

    The retrogression of Mercury is viewed as an instinctive mental "down-time," which often sees us re-doing, re-thinking, re-organising, and re-associating. It is often a time of reflection and introspection, allowing a seed idea to undergo necessary lateral shifts to evolve into a concrete concept. This process is compared to the natural rhythm of sleep and the importance of recognising the need for unconsciousness and dream time. Without this recognition, the unconscious and conscious mind can become confused and it can be difficult to discern the real from the imagined.

    Symbolically, Mercury acts as our companion, guiding our journeys between the conscious and unconscious mind, and the Mercury retrograde cycle is viewed as the natural facilitator through this intermediary of "liminal space". Just as we recognise and utilise regulatory mechanisms such as days, years, seasons, time zones, and clocks, it is suggested that we should also recognise and utilise the ordering mechanism of Mercury retrograde.

    Recognising and utilising natural states of rest, or mental stillness can be a powerful tool to aid in greater consciousness and personal development. An organic and holistic approach to astrology can be a valuable instrument for this process. Practising a meditative technique can assist us in achieving a greater sense of wholeness and stimulate the active emergence of latent or suppressed parts of our mind for conscious development.

    Over time, in an attempt to eliminate chaos, human societies have increasingly cultivated their daily processes into highly organised systems. This has rapidly resulted in a mental disconnect from what is sacred and divorced culture and civilisation from nature and its rhythms. As we enter the digital age of AI and augmented reality, we see the danger of the human mind becoming hijacked, an instrument of distraction, distortion or oppression, dehumanising our connection to one another and our relationship to the divine essence. Hence, it is now more critical than ever to unplug our tools, switch off the usual, direct Mercurial processes and take some time out to reflect. During retrograde periods, we are reminded that in order to experience a greater affinity with reality, we must focus on restoring any broken connections to the natural rhythms and processes of the universe.

    The next three Mercury periods will occur in Earth signs, the first being in Capricorn, (Dec 29 2022 - Jan 18 2023), then Taurus (April 21 2023 – May 14 2023), then Virgo (August 23 2023 – September 15 2023), with a fourth being a Sadge/Cap hybrid December 13, 2023 – January 1 2024)

    The Earth element (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) relates to the houses that pertain to all facets of material worth, including money, self-esteem, working conditions, physical health, and other practical responsibilities. During Mercury's retrograde phase in an Earth sign, we become aware of the full potential of our resources and reassess our grasp on reality.

    We may have to make changes in areas that resist change, specifically in how we relate to our bodies, jobs, and attitudes towards resources. Taking care of the fundamentals of life can liberate your spontaneity and relieve any guilt you might feel about not paying attention to them.

    This is not necessarily an inspiring time, but it can be a productive time for dealing with practical matters and unfinished business, ultimately leading to advantageous returns. It is advised not to make major changes such as moving to a new place, quitting a job, or spending a lot of money during this phase. Do, however, look for opportunities to tie off loose ends and explore options that could be more satisfying on an ego level. Maintaining objectivity and approaching your assets and liabilities with a sense of detachment as if they belonged to someone else is essential.

    Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn (Dec 29, 2022 - Jan 18, 2023)
    During this period we are called to look at how our unchecked pursuit of status and material ambitions may result in a tendency towards avarice and the use of others for personal gain, regardless of the impact on human values. When the attainment of social status has become our primary focus, it potentially leads to the disregard of human values and other considerations.

    Mercury enters its retrograde shadow at 8° Capricorn 08′ on December 12, 2022, turning Rx on December 29 at 24° Capricorn 21′. It will turn direct on January 18, 2023, before finally exiting the Retrograde Zone on February 7, 2023.
    We may need to take time out and put our responsibilities back into perspective. In your moments of meditation, observe what occupies the mind and attempt to place matters into a hierarchy of importance. Apply a logical, step-by-step approach, focusing on the order of efficiency and usefulness. You may have a fixed view on certain topics which causes you to struggle in including perspectives that fall outside of this view. You may also struggle to adapt your agenda to accommodate the plans of others. It may be beneficial to seek out someone who can help you expand your perspective and be more open to learning from others.

    SPECIFIC AREAS TO CONSIDER (for each sign)
    During the next two to three weeks, Mercury's station and retrograde in Capricorn will encourage you to reflect on the topics and issues that have been at the forefront of your mind and conversations since early December. This is an opportunity for each zodiac sign to improve their communication and thinking by aligning it more closely with their true nature. Here are some specific areas to consider:
    [For a more personalised and in-depth look at your chart, Ang is available for private consultation, remotely via Zoom.]

    Communication skills and inability to effectively express yourself in chosen career, communication issues or difficulties understanding those in authority need to be addressed. Avoid tendency towards instability or fickleness, develop intellect and capabilities, reflect on any negative characteristics or traits inherited from a parent and actively work to overcome them.

    Extending the mind through study, reading, travel, teaching or sharing of knowledge, being more open to a career in philosophy, law, writing, publishing, education, and public relations, adhering too rigidly to personal beliefs and overlooking opposing facts, potential conflicts with in-laws.

    The fascination with secrets and mysteries, preference to keep thoughts and motivations private, caution with contracts and inheritances, the potential for issues with relatives, respiratory or nervous system health issues, research and investigative work, tendency to remain aloof around subjects that may evoke strong emotions.

    Sharing knowledge and seeking intellectual stimulation through social contact, projection or attracting unreliable partners, need for objectivity and detachment in long-term relationships, judgment and critical tendencies. Balance requires a sense of humour.

    Managing daily affairs and maintaining physical health, learning from body signals and responses, potential health problems related to stress and overactivity, and the need for mental engagement and movement at work. Coworkers and siblings may also cause conflict.

    The tendency to procrastinate and to prioritize personal interests over career goals, the fear of not making a lasting impression, a reluctance to accept responsibility and work hard to succeed, overcoming an aversion to facing real problems, developing gratitude for a supportive domestic environment, developing maturity and commitment to achieving your full potential.

    Inability to express emotions or deal with emotional issues due to early home conditioning, lack of physical closeness and emotional intimacy in the home because of an excessive emphasis on rational and practical thinking, confusion and misinterpretations, fear of boredom or stagnation, domestic conflicts or arguments, and the tendency to project mental characteristics or attitudes onto patriarchy or father figures.

    A radicalised or non-traditional mindset resulting in learning difficulties, quarrels with siblings or neighbours, examining how early life experiences continue to impact present behaviour and beliefs, boredom, having a variety of interests but not necessarily disciplined in any, paying more attention to words and content rather than stylistic concerns.

    Developing knowledge and skills to increase earning potential, demonstrating or valuing creativity more to attract attention and opportunities, staying informed and learning even outside of formal training, being unyielding in views and resistant to others' suggestions or criticism, remaining open to communication with others, even when you disagree.

    Identifying the needs and expectations of the public, disregarding those who have played a vital role in your success, utilising communication skills and not underestimating/overestimating your own worth, not utilising creative talent and ideas is a disadvantage; responding to the needs of society and taking advantage of creative talent for the benefit of others.

    Exploring the unconscious to understand what drives actions and thoughts, building a bridge between the conscious and unconscious, reflecting on how your early life experiences or memories distort and obscure your interpretation of present events, sorting through and potentially discarding learned impressions and memories from the past, becoming lost and needing to be rescued.

    Consideration and understanding of groups other than your own (if you belong to any), reliability and honesty in friendships, avoiding projecting thoughts and decision-making onto others, being open to different perspectives and experiences, working on communications and better understanding with siblings or in-laws. "
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    Mercury/Venus Conjunction in Capricorn: Navigating Chastity and Control in Pluto’s Patriarchal Society
    December 30, 2022

    "MERCURY, now conjunct VENUS (free-flowing conversation), will now backtrack through patriarchal Capricorn, a sign known for its chastity and control – qualities which can be considered positive since they strengthen self-discipline, self-control, and self-respect.

    For example, maintaining chastity is not only a fine way of demonstrating respect for one’s own body and others’ boundaries but also a great way of avoiding unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

    Similarly, maintaining control over one’s thoughts, emotions, and actions may be regarded as an exemplary way of managing stress, avoiding risky or harmful behaviours, and making responsible decisions. After all, Capricorn works hard to preserve an impeccable character in the eyes of society – it’s what endows the cardinal/earth sign to pass arbitrary judgements.

    However, it’s important to note that the idea of chastity and control as a social ideal can also be manipulated to justify oppressive or harmful practices, such as the repression of innate desires or the control of women’s bodies. With Pluto in Capricorn since 2008, one could argue that imposing those qualities has not only transformed our society into a puritanical state, but they have also become corrupted, often becoming the tools of tyranny and abuse.

    In the coming weeks, Mercury will retrograde back to 8º08′ Capricorn- degrees Pluto has been transiting since the beginning of 2012, examining retrospectively the context in which the concepts of chastity and control have entered our collective psychology, raising questions about whether they are being used in a healthy, respectful, and consensual way."
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    VENUS IN PISCES (Jan 27-Feb 20)
    January 28, 2023

    "Venus in Pisces reminds us that beauty and wonder are all around us in this world, often in the most indelibly simple and familiar places. We may become so caught up in our own ego complexities and pride that we fail to see it. This transit can induce us into wondrous states of heightened sensitivity and remarkable intuition, allowing us to tap into life’s deeper spiritual aspects. Venus, exalted through this mystical sign, reminds us that true fulfilment and understanding cannot be found through external means such as material pursuits and exotic lovers, but rather through connecting with our inner selves.

    This transit can also inspire a yearning for spiritual awakening and elated self-discovery, but it’s important not to lose sight of the present moment and the beauty that already exists in our lives. Like roaming fish in unfamiliar waters, searching for schools of like-minded souls, or a human on a quest for some spiritual connection, we must learn to see that the answers we seek are often closer than we imagine.


    Break free from the trap of trying to please everyone and focus on understanding your true self. Be clear about your needs and boundaries in relationships. By doing so, you’ll avoid complicated and unhappy situations. Embrace authenticity and honesty, even if it means making sacrifices for the truth. Remember that secret affairs can lead to negative consequences in the long run, so be mindful of your actions.


    A heightened sense of idealism and empathy towards others could see you forming a special circle of buddies with whom to explore the exotic world of arts, music, and mysticism or seek out new spiritual experiences in magical faraway places. Avoid overextending yourself and prioritise self-care to maintain a healthy balance and avoid feeling pulled in too many directions. Set boundaries and say no to others, especially friends, if you find yourself being compromised, struggling to balance your own needs with the needs of those around you. If you are feeling out of your depth, trust your intuition and let it guide you towards opportunities for personal growth.


    A perfect time for you to focus on improving your public image and achieving greater recognition for your unique talents. You may be working hard to further your career, particularly in areas where music, arts or media is involved. While you may be sensitive to criticism and rejection, it is essential to note that success and recognition take effort and hard work, and even a bit of a fight, if it comes along. Don’t let feelings of self-doubt and insecurity hold you back. Remember that fame and success come with a price, and be prepared to put in the work to achieve your goals.


    Embrace your open-mindedness and let it guide you on a journey of self-discovery and cultural exploration. Your ability to connect with different cultures and perspectives can bring new opportunities and personal growth. While this may be a time of increased idealism in relationships, be sure to keep one foot grounded in reality and draw clear boundaries in order to avoid being exploited. During this time, broaden your horizons and learn more about the world around you. Remember to prioritise your own needs in all relationships, as they will serve you with a more balanced sense of fulfilment.


    This is a time of profound emotional growth and self-discovery in your intimate relationships. Embrace the opportunity to explore taboo and unconventional forms of intimacy, and don’t be afraid to confront and work through any psychosexual issues or traumas that may be holding you back. Trust that even if a relationship ends, something even more profound and transformative is waiting for you. Empower yourself to take control of your emotional growth and open yourself up to new possibilities.


    You may find yourself attracted to people; ie. prospective partners who possess a strong sense of empathy and compassion, just remember to set healthy boundaries in order to avoid feeling taken advantage of. Your heightened idealism in relationships may make it difficult for you to distinguish fantasy from reality, leading to false illusions or expectations of your partner. Be mindful of potential co-dependent relationships or long-distance affairs with someone from a different cultural background that may not live up to real-life expectations. Remember to prioritise your own well-being and not sacrifice yourself entirely for the sake of the relationship.


    This is a time for you to tap into your natural ability to connect with others and use it to your advantage, particularly in your professional life. A heightened sense of compassion and intuition may lead to an easier-flowing understanding of your colleagues and coworkers, making it easier to form productive relationships and work as a team. However, it is important to not let your emotions take over and affect your performance. Set boundaries and find ways to balance your intuition with practicality. Remember to take care of your emotional well-being by finding ways to relax and release stress, such as yoga, meditation, or therapy. This will help you stay focused and motivated in your career pursuits while also maintaining a positive work-life balance.


    Tap into your powerful emotions and express yourself through creative outlets. You may be attracted to fantasy and romance and may find yourself in a relationship with someone spiritual or artistic. Remember to balance your desire to merge your life with your partner’s with the need to maintain your own sense of self. Be mindful of the tendency to idealise your partners and have unrealistic expectations of them, as this can lead to disappointment. Remember to stay grounded in reality and avoid falling into controlling patterns of codependency.


    Dive deep into your longing for nostalgia and reconnection to your roots. Allow yourself to create a dreamy sanctuary for yourself and your loved ones. Trust that these feelings are guiding you towards deeper self-discovery and understanding of your sense of belonging. Allow yourself to tap into your inner psyche through spiritual or mystical experiences. Be mindful of approaching any ‘experimentation’ with caution and prioritising your well-being when ‘journeying’.


    You may find yourself feeling more in tune with your spiritual side during this Venus transit. Remember to keep things simple and focus on the present moment. Don’t let pride cloud your judgment; keep your eyes open for the signs of divinity that may be closer than you think. This could be a good time for introspection and self-discovery. Trust your instincts and let go of any preconceived notions of how your spiritual journey should look. You may be surprised by how easy it is to find inner peace and connection to a higher power when you let go of trying to control the outcome.


    By applying augmented creativity and imagination in your financial and material pursuits, you may be drawn to new and unconventional ways of earning money or have a shift in your attitude towards material possessions. While you may feel confused or uncertain about your financial and material security, trust that your intuition will guide you towards opportunities for financial gain. Remember that true worth cannot be measured by material possessions, so focus on building inner security rather than seeking validation through material means. Be aware of any tendencies to overspend or make impulsive financial decisions, as you may be inclined to seek emotional fulfilment through material means.


    This is an excellent time for you to make a positive impression on the world through your career or volunteer work. Use your heightened sensitivity and emotional intelligence to form productive relationships and foster creative inspiration and cooperation from others. You may feel drawn to connect with those with a spiritual or otherworldly perspective but remember to stay grounded and balance this with practical considerations such as financial needs. Embrace this time as an opportunity for artistic growth and spiritual self-discovery."
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    “A BRAVE NEW EARTH” – The FULL MOON at 16°41′ LEO February 5, 2023, 18:29 UTC
    February 4, 2023

    "Astrologically, Full Moons are a time of heightened emotions, increased awareness, completion and release from obvious tensions. At the culminating phase of the Moon’s synodic cycle, opposing energies of the Sun and Moon are pulling apart, generating an inner-outer pressure that can bring hidden or repressed feelings to the surface, impacting our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being and influencing our behaviour and critical decision-making. It is a powerful time for manifestation and is often associated with rituals of release, separation and celebration of our ability to work/play with others while maintaining our own point of view.

    The term “Snow Moon” derives from the stories of Native American tribes who lived in areas with heavy snowfall. Also called the “Hunger Moon”, since food was so scarce during the harsh winter months, and hunting was more difficult, it was seen as a time of survival and perseverance when tribes would come together to support one another in the face of hard times and adversity.

    The concept of the Snow Moon as a time of resilience in the face of dire communal challenges can be applied to the current hunger for freedom and change in response to the ‘big freeze’ of today’s socioeconomic conditions. Just as the Snow Moon symbolises the endurance and strength of Native American tribes amidst hardship, it also indicates the resilience and determination of people everywhere fighting for freedom and reform in today’s increasingly harsh conditions.

    The hunger for greater autonomy and an improved society is a testament to the human spirit and its ability to push through adversity in pursuit of a better future. Hence, it is inspiring to reflect on the Snow Moon as a symbol of hope and to draw on its energy as a source of inspiration and motivation in the fight for freedom and reform.

    With the Aquarius Sun in an applying conjunction with its co-ruler Saturn, and in a separating air-trine to Mars out-of-bounds in Gemini, there is likely to be a strong focus on enacting and embodying the principles of individuality, innovation, and pushing of boundaries.

    The Aquarius Sun represents a desire for freedom and a departure from the status quo, while Saturn, now in his sunset period through the socially-distancing aspects of Aquarius, ingrains society with a relentless pressure to impose a new sense of structure and responsibility on the paradoxical ideals of ‘control through greater freedom’ or ‘freedom through greater control’.

    The trine to an o.o.b. Mars in Gemini suggests that, whilst unruly, fiercely outspoken and wholly unorthodox, we must still make an effort to communicate ideas effectively and make progress through better systems of networking and collaboration. It is also a sign that we must approach problems from different perspectives and think outside the box, using all our innovative abilities and resourcefulness to steer through unprecedented socioeconomic challenges.

    Due to retrograde, Mars has been in Gemini since August last year, finally moving into Cancer at the end of March.

    When the Sun in Aquarius encounters opposition from the Leo Moon, the primal energies of conscious intent and instinctive reaction are pulled apart, almost irreconcilably. There can be an imperialistic struggle between the willful desire for liberation and independence, innovative reforms and humanitarianism (Aquarius) and the fierce need for personal recognition, creative expression and uncompromising autonomic rights (Leo). The egregious disparity between these two actively fixed signs can manifest as conflicts both in interpersonal relationships and families and in the broader context of community and larger group dynamics.

    As a free society, we place enormous value on individualism, where each of us has the right to think, act, and pursue our individual interests, desires and goals. At the same time, we understand that our ego-driven actions also have an impact on the wider community, and we strive to find a balance between individual freedom and collective responsibility. Our inability to see and attend to this becomes the crux of any conflicts we may be currently encountering under this Full Moon.

    Added to this Full Moon conflict is a potent element of unpredictability and potential upheaval caused by Uranus’ fixed T-square to this lunation. As a result, we must endure radical transformations in our finances and material resources, as well as widespread disruptions to established value systems and cultural norms. Uranus in Taurus is associated with decentralisation and breaking down old economic structures and conventions. The financial stresses imposed by this T-square only magnify the tension between our rights to unbridled individual expression and self-promotion (Leo) versus equanimous contribution to collective ideals and social progress (Aquarius).

    In terms of economic disruption, Uranus in Taurus challenges traditional methods of accumulation and distribution of wealth, ultimately leading to a shift towards more innovative economic forms and decentralised financial systems. However, during the squares between Uranus and Saturn in Aquarius (2021-22), we witnessed tremendous pushback against the attempt to control personal freedoms, regulate digital currencies and a gradual shift to a cashless society. This has led to reactionary protests, uprisings, and even wars, as well as the near-collapse of crypto-currencies and harmful degradation of user-freedoms on social media platforms as individuals en-masse revolted for more control over their own bodies, resources, ownership of data and overall financial well-being.

    Uranus in Taurus represents a desire for radical change in the physical and material world, and this can clash with the Sun/Saturn in Aquarius’s focus on collective progress, innovative social changes and pressure towards groupthink and collective ideologisms.

    Under a Leo Full Moon, we may find ourselves caught between the need to stand out and be recognised on the one hand and the call to be part of a group or community on the other, whilst simultaneously pulled to break away, rebelliously abandoning all pressure to conform to the status quo. This can lead to inner conflict, instability in our relationships, and an extreme distaste for partaking in any system, program, or organisation that refuses to acknowledge our unique talents and skills in a way that benefits both ourselves and the collective.

    The fire trine between Chiron and Eris in Aries to the Leo Full Moon could bring an energetic boost and facilitate progress in the quest for greater creative autonomy. Eris, goddess of strife, imbues a positive force for those seeking to assert their identity and be true to themselves, regardless of what others think or say—associated with the desire for fair treatment and a refusal to accept inequality or injustice, makes her a symbol of activism and resistance to oppressive systems. Her square to Mercury generates further tensions during this lunation, as a lack of clear and open communication generates an atmosphere of suspicion, distrust, and the feeling that the motives of others are not clear.

    The Mercury/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn suggests a penetrating intrusion into the areas of the mind and communication, especially regarding the psychological power dynamics between individuals and organisations. With the conjunction in Capricorn, there is a potential for further intrusions into personal privacy and freedom by all-pervasive mind-surveillance systems, espionage and hacking of critical information.

    As well as uncovering hidden information, this conjunction suggests omniscience and omnipotent levels of information control, mind manipulation, and secrecy. In addition, the conjunction indicates the potential for insiders to expose the internal corruption of governments and corporations through data leaks, whistleblowing and investigative journalism.

    Both visibly, and instinctively, it is apparent that the entire world is deeply distressed and anxious at this point. The past couple of years has been extremely stressful, not only on our ability to exercise personal freedoms and maintain a connection to society but on our economic stability and health as well.

    The current tensions, as indicated by the planetary placings, bring up some serious questions around power dynamics and control, amplifying feelings of distrust and fear. As more and more humans are awakening to the unwelcome levels of exterior pressure and control in their lives, there is a heightened need for honesty and transparency, especially with those who claim governance and authority. This is a time when hidden motives and intentions may come to light, secrets uncovered, and corruption exposed, adding to the already uncertain atmosphere.

    Furthermore, as the current situation in Ukraine worsens, its impact on our supply chain, economy, and freedom of movement only adds to the uncertainty we each face about tomorrow. Revelations of the massive systemic corruption in the media and the propaganda used to manipulate the pliable masses, further disempower the individual, creating a state of apprehension and anxiety.

    We may live in a free society, but the pursuit of individualism and progressive thinking has, in some ways, created a paradoxical reality where our drive for greater autonomy is actually leading to the erosion of autonomous control and the creation of an increasingly authoritarian society. The concentration of power in the hands of a few corporate groups, coupled with the rise of technology and the decline of critical thinking, has led to a loss of agency for many individuals. In one sense, this results in a culture of widespread decadence, apathy, and ignorance of wider inequities, where people are no longer able to engage in meaningful discussions, make informed decisions, and take affirmative action to regain autonomy.

    In his book “Brave New World,” Aldous Huxley warned of the dangers of a society that prioritises individual pleasure and convenience over community and critical thinking. He envisioned a world where people are passive and apathetic, unable to think for themselves and disconnected from reality. Neil Postman, in “Amusing Ourselves to Death,” similarly warned that the rise of television and other forms of media entertainment is creating a culture of distraction and superficiality, where people are becoming numb to real issues and unable to think critically.

    This reality, where people are losing their ability to create their own reality and make informed decisions, is a dangerous one. It puts the future of humanity at risk, as people become more socially passive, self-indulgent, apathetic, and unable to engage in meaningful discourse. The erosion of autonomy and the decline of critical thinking is a threat to democracy and the future of our society. It is crucial that we recognise this trend and work to re-empower ourselves as individuals by promoting the ability to question systems that do not contribute to collective cohesiveness.

    The dangers of digital socialism are two-fold. Firstly, let us acknowledge that the concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a few tech giants, also known as the “silicon oligarchy,” can lead to a new form of corporate feudalism where the interests of these companies dictate the direction of society, rather than the will of the people. This can result in a loss of privacy and autonomy for individuals, as well as the suppression of dissenting voices and the promotion of homogeneous thinking.

    Secondly, the increasing reliance on technology to manage our lives and govern our societies creates new vulnerabilities and exposes us to new forms of manipulation and control. As we become more dependent on these systems, the consequences of failures or malicious actions become more severe, and the ability of individuals and communities to respond becomes more limited.

    Overall, the rise of technocratic socialism, as seen imposed in China’s economic model, poses significant risks to the principles of democracy, freedom, and equality that have been hard-won over centuries of struggle. It is important to critically examine the political, economic, and social implications of these new technologies and to work towards creating a more balanced and equitable future.

    Since Saturn last transited Aquarius (1991-1994) the newly-formed internet has become a powerful tool that connects people across the globe, providing access to a vast array of information and services and creating the architecture for a whole new economy. As with any powerful tool, it is not without its drawbacks, particularly when used in a pernicious way. During Saturn’s return to Aquarius (2020-2023), we observe that of the most significant issues faced by internet users today is the gradual degradation of shared data by search-engine monopolies as well as the mind-distorting practices on social media platforms, slowly infiltrated by propagandists, misinformation and inequitable or politically biased government-imposed censorship and control.

    The incremental degradation of internet platforms like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok has had a negative impact on users’ experiences. These platforms, which were once considered innovative and user-friendly, have gradually shifted their focus from providing expedient value to customers to extracting more value from business customers through increased fees, reduced visibility for content creators, and the use of intrusively manipulative algorithms to harvest personal data. This degeneration has resulted in a diminished user experience, where customers are no longer at the forefront of the platform’s priorities and instead are treated as commodities to be monetised or groomed towards a distinct social effect.

    In addition to the commercial degradation of internet platforms, government agencies have also infiltrated these platforms to limit people’s freedom of speech and protest, as well as threaten their economic sovereignty. They do this by censoring or suppressing dissenting opinions, throttling sources of income and seizing entire bank accounts based on political or ideological premises. This has the effect of stifling innovation and creativity and limiting people’s ability to form autonomous economic power and build trusted communities. Some governments have even gone as far as to shut down the internet entirely in an attempt to quash political dissent, creating a regressive or oppressive environment. This type of state-sponsored censorship not only erodes people’s freedom of speech but also undermines the internet’s credibility as a platform for free and open communication.

    Moreover, the increasing centralisation of power in the hands of a few global corporations and the creation of a digital-oligarchy class of elites, where the interests of the few are prioritised over those of the many, has meant that the control of the internet and online platforms by a handful of companies has made it easier for corporate-sponsored governments to monitor and suppress dissent, and to control the flow of information and proliferate global propaganda campaigns. This has a chilling effect on freedom of speech, and it can limit people’s ability to form autonomous economic power and trusted communities.

    “The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed yet.”
    ~William Gibson, “Neuromancer”

    Out of all this, new technologies could possibly emerge that challenge the current digital oligarchy and restore some balance to what is fast becoming a Huxelyan/Orwellian dystopia. For example, decentralised technologies like blockchain could allow for a more equitable distribution of power and control. New, self-governing machine-learning algorithms will provide new platforms where users can play and share without the intrusion of marketeers and political pundits. However, it’s just as likely that any new technologies can also be used to entrench existing power structures, so it’s crucial to be vigilant and actively work towards creating a more equitable and just digital landscape. [see more about this in our recent episode of Cosmic Bus]

    This Full Moon, specifically the “Snow Moon”, symbolises humanity’s resilience and determination in the face of epochal challenges. The influence of the Aquarius Sun in conjunction with Saturn, and air-trine to Mars, highlights a focus on staunch individuality, innovation, and boundary-pushing. However, when the Sun in Aquarius encounters opposition from a Chiron/Eris-trined Leo Moon, tensions between individualism and collective responsibility can arise, which could eventually be beneficial to our evolution. This is further intensified by the unpredictable and potentially disruptive influence of Uranus in Taurus, which challenges traditional economic structures and can result in conflict between personal freedoms and social progress.

    This Full Moon is a reminder of the importance of finding a balance between individual rights and collective responsibilities, embracing technological innovation and progress while maintaining a connection to our individuality and spiritual and emotional needs. In the digital age, it is critical that both individuals and our elected policymakers protect civil rights and interests by enforcing laws and regulations limiting technology companies’ power and ensuring they operate in a way that protects the public interest. Innovation and diversity must be supported and promoted in every community, not just in the science and tech industry, in order to prevent a full-scale monopolisation of a digital oligarchy.

    Paramount to this, we must each be vigilant in protecting our individual rights and inherent responsibilities to others, both online and in the physical world. As we transition through the next few weeks and into the March Equinox, we will see tremendously revolutionary shifts taking place. Due to the unpredictable nature of Uranus, it is yet to be determined how these disruptions will play out. Let us treat this celestial moment as a call to action. Your individual horoscope messages (below) provide a much more personalised insight into how this lunation plays out for your sign.

    Many blessings, and may you have an amazing Full Moon xx "
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    Each breath a gift...

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