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Thread: Intriguing video on ancient people & pole shift

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    Default Intriguing video on ancient people & pole shift

    This is Keisha ~ Little Grandmother speaking from Zurich, the Native Americans contacted her to tell her she must now tell the world her wisdom and become a Shaman. This was published on 11 July 2014 as she speaks about the gulf oil spill (was that completely cleared up?) also about pole shifting and the warm water causing too many jellyfish to spawn and no fish left.

    Firstly though it was amazing what she said about the ice age and how the ancient people dispersed themselves around the world in their ships. She said:

    "The Mayan people are Atlantians"
    The Hawaiian & Indonesian people are Sumerians"
    "The Aboriginal people are Atlantians"
    "Waitaha people (New Zealand) are Lumerians"

    Here she becomes a Shaman in a ceremony, there are 3 parts, she was receiving messages from the Pleiadian ancient Grandmothers:

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