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Thread: Joseph P Farrell Cosmic War and Secret Space Program 2016 [FULL VIDEO]

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    Lightbulb Joseph P Farrell Cosmic War and Secret Space Program 2016 [FULL VIDEO]

    One of my favorite personalities is Joseph P. Farrell. His enormous research is down to Earth and helps me with connecting the dots and forming an overall picture. Because I am beginning to understand the alternative physics of zero point energy and the spiritual link with it, I now see what the real deal is on this planet: keeping the sheep dumped down without the necessary teachings and practical applications out of the public.

    Joseph Farrell tells about who is using the practical Zero Point energy applications and how they got it.

    Enjoy a great 1 hour and 45 minute interview published on 29 august 2016 from The Mooreshow with Kevin Moore from the UK and mister Farrell:

    Sorry, link seems no longer valid. Found no other link to it. (EDIT 2020)

    And bonus: Joseph's weekly news and views from the Nevarium:


    Check this archive out each Thursday or Friday for new comments and 'high octane speculations'.

    Here is his latest of 6 October 2016:

    Last, but not least Joseph P. Farrell website: http://gizadeathstar.com/

    Consider a donation or become a member ...
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    Default Re: Joseph P Farrell Cosmic War and Secret Space Program 2016 [FULL VIDEO]

    Joseph P Farrell is always interesting to listen to, even in review.
    Really enjoyed the New & Views From The Nefarium.

    Here is a non-member link for his publicly released Fireside Chats,

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