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Thread: News and views from Antarctica

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    Default News and views from Antarctica

    Greetings all,

    I wish to share this recent post from David Wilcock on facebook.
    It is interesting why he post on MSM and not on his blog.

    Antarctica is on the news lately with the MSM as well.

    Ancient ruins in Antarctica were just announced, with new intel, on Coast to Coast AM last night with Jimmy Church as guest host.

    The biggest new development is that Pete Peterson independently validated many very specific details of new intel that Corey Goode told me in private conversations after we published Endgame II.
    In the middle of this call, three days ago now, he got interrupted by a call he "had to take," which became three while we were off the phone. I thought he had gotten in trouble for telling me all of this.

    Instead, his own people were telling him that not only was it OK for him to tell me all of this, and for him to leak it, they wanted him to tell me the OTHER things that he was holding back.

    This is a huge story and the radio show is just a teaser of all the new intel that will be released in ENDGAME III. Sadly, Corey's computer got hacked and it destroyed all his notes for the update.

    He is now on a much-needed vacation and I will have to write the update based on all these new developments. You can go to the Coast page on our show and read more details about it for now.

    We are going to transcribe this one for a later article, but if you are a Coast subscriber the audio is available for download. It is very exciting to see how all of this will play out!

    Never before have I seen such intense correlation between multiple insider accounts and corresponding public media releases. That's what it will take an article to explain soon enough.

    And the Coast to Coast page:
    Quote Wilcock says he is in contact with "at least two insiders who directly advise Presidents of the United States" who have been steadily feeding him "Cosmic Top Secret" information for many years. He claimed that this information is not revealed to Presidents because they could slip up or be forced to tell the public what they know. He believes that there is a global power struggle going on that has reached a critical stage and made many elites start to scramble for safety.

    Wilcock observed that the last few months of 2016 saw many stories about interest in and trips to Antarctica by individuals such as Buzz Aldrin and John Kerry. He says that there are military bases under the ice in caves that were constructed by the Nazis in 1939 and where they also discovered the ruins of an advanced civilization. He has been told that there are also three "motherships" from an alien civilization which crash landed 55,000 years ago that are now being excavated out of the ice. Wilcock believes these facts will be revealed to the world soon, and that he and others will be used to get the population acclimatized to the presence of aliens that have interbred with the human race and now comprise the bloodlines of the elites who subjugate the rest of the population.
    Here is recording of the show:

    I strongly suggest to download the show to your computer. It will be censored soon.
    I am intrigued and listening now the show.
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    Default Re: News and views from Antarctica

    Thoughts about Antarctica just keep coming back to me... frequently!
    There is something really significant going on there (or so my intuition tells me)

    I did some researching.... It turns out that the Chinese Prime Minister Xi Jinping
    was there recently, in late 2016... (surprise, surprise)

    What _is_ quite interesting, is that it looks like he was the _first_ leader of a
    major power to visit Antarctica. He went for the euphemistic "visit a scientific research station" in 2014

    What vital business drew Buzz Aldrin, the Head of the Christian Orthodox church,
    Kerry, Obama ... to Antarctica ?

    What vital business will require that Putin visits Antarctica this month (Jan 2017) ?

    And it's almost inevitable, that Trump will do a surprise visit to an "Antarctic research station"
    within a few months of his inauguration.
    (This hasn't been announced, i'm predicting it will happen)
    Does anyone want to bet me on this ?

    I'm expecting that we will eventually find out there are (hopefully benevolent) aliens there.
    And the 'leaders' of the world are popping by to take a quizzical look and maybe
    say hello (telepathically)... have tea .... and gossip about the future of mankind etc.

    Time will tell.

    be happy

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    Default Re: News and views from Antarctica

    I love anything that gets humanity free fom this idea earth history is only 12,500 years ... humans have been here much longe , ETs have been coming for millions of years ... many cultures have risen and fallen , there was high technology , war , degeneration , knowledge lost, regained , lost , more comings and goings by humans not born in this solar system ... Antarica would be a good place to hide advanced technolog from a tightly controlled gentically modified group of humans with short lifespans ...
    Raiding the Matrix One Mind at a Time ...

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    Default Re: News and views from Antarctica

    You are right Lucidity. A long time ago I heard on the tv about everybody was kicked out from Antarctica, all the scientific "research" groups, must go and the Navy is guarding out the place..... Well I though at the moment, Who the hell they think they are self granting the right to send out everyone from antarctica? That sounds very fishy at the moment, but now having so many big wigs visiting Antarctica in a very short period of time ( hey, it's not suppose no one can go there?) only lead to one conclusion. SOMETHING BIG IS COOKING THERE, AND THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT. Also leads to the obvious: all the story's from the alternate media make perfect sense.

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    Default Re: News and views from Antarctica

    Well, Antarctica attention could also be a great smokescreen to cover for something else. Alt news is good, but not good enough if the deep state wanted to whisk leaders and prominent people to the South Pole discreetly in a high tech transport. So why all the sudden obvious attention?

    Recalling a few years ago all the world leaders purportedly were going to S Africa to pay homage to some space god or some such. Mandela's funeral was apparently a "cover".

    There is very little we actually know about Antarctica or what research is being conducted there. I recall Linda Moulton Howe interviewing a pilot who flew military missions there and had to evacuate some scientists that were very upset about something that happened. Russia is apparently researching some bizarre organism...

    Wikileaks released several Antarctic photographs...but no one knows why or what they were intended to mean other than to draw attention there and we're all probably familiar with the Admiral Byrd's stories, Hollow Earth, Nazi bases, and the purported Niburu tracking station.

    Farell has several articles that may be of interest. His work is excellent at connecting the dots.

    Clif High's recent Webbot special presentation was all about the Antarctic "...according to Clif, “As the ice sloughs off of that part of Antarctica, it’s going to reveal all kinds of stuff that the powers that be would rather remain hidden. And they’re just going to have to deal with it. It just will be too large and too massive for any attempts to hide it. And so the point now is going to be to manage it.” And here’s where it gets really fun. How do you “manage it” when ancient civilizations, massive pyramids or crashed UFO’s are exposed?..."

    That would be nice.....

    I have to add that Webbots are "predictive" of "trends" and what topics will be populating the internet in the future. The only other things we need weighing in on this would be some professional Remote Viewing sessions, abuctee testimonials , some channeled information, a few Edgar Casey or Nostradamus predictions and then the party really will get started and we're all off on a tangent for 2017. Well, that's the pattern I usually see playing out in general.

    I can't wait for the day that there are civilian satellites in orbit we can access without being censored....

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