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Thread: 'Fake Americans'

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    Default 'Fake Americans'

    Someone sent me this and I thought it was hilarious, and I have to share it here.

    Read for yourself. It starts off about education and immigration, but hits a deeper issue than that.

    Quote Holy Mother of Mary - I just inadvertently discovered to golden goose of all TRIGGERS!

    Stay with me Pedes. Let me preface this by saying I have friends that are cucks. I don't hold it against them. I tend to believe they will come to their senses one day.

    So I am talking with one of my cuck friends that is a Facebook shill reposting a bunch of Huffington articles. I was talking to him about his kids and school and which school they are going to attend because they go to private schools. He starts talking **** about Trump and Betsy DeVos and how they are going to ruin the school systems. And I say, "well you made your decision to go to private schools long before Trump and DeVos had any influence." He chuckles sheepishly and says the public schools in his area suck.

    So I give him a little **** and say, "Oh yeah, so you are all about open borders as long as those kids don't go to the same schools as your kids."


    "Fake American"

    And this guy that I knew and loved absolutely loses his **** on me. I am talking epic meltdown. I thought at one point he was literally going to attack me.

    I don't know what it is with the left and that label "fake." They really really hate it. I mean #fakenews is driving them f-ing insane.

    So I walked away from that conversation not really realizing I had stumbled onto something. I told my based wife and she laughed at his meltdown. Then, I told my cucked mother-in-law, who I also have a really good relationship with, and she got very upset over that term "fake." "You can't just throw that word around."

    Huh? So this got me scratching my head. I don't watch CNN so maybe somehow they've poisoned the minds of the masses to believe that "fake" is an evil word.

    So I started dropping the label "fake American" every chance I got when I knew I was talking to a leftie, in a very casual sarcastic joking manner. And you know what? Sure as ****, each and every one of them had a strong visceral response - they were TRIGGERED!

    So I bring this information to this patriotic community because there is power in triggering cucks and I truly believe this "fake American" label is the mother of all triggers.

    I suggest you also start using it at every chance you get, every tweet, every text, every post.
    fakeamerican needs to trend on twitter. Every comment about any leftie should start with #fakeAmerican

    You too will marvel at its effectiveness.

    If you think about it, everyone supporting the globalist agenda in the US, disrespecting our laws and borders, is a fake American. They have no true loyalty to our country. They may have been born here but they might as well be from another nation, from another cultural tradition, because they can find only contempt for our nation.

    The same can be said of the globalist and EU loyalists in countries such as Britain and France, who would rather see the EU usurp their sovereignty than for their nations to retain control of their own laws and borders.

    And if you want to take it to an even deeper level, all of these people going along with this stuff just to virtue signal, ie hold particular opinions and beliefs, not because they have thought them through and found them to be good ideas, but simply because of peer pressure and the idea that this is what "good" people believe, are exhibiting fake morality, fake compassion and fake virtues.

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    Default Re: 'Fake Americans'

    Maybe this is a good place to bring up some questions... that tend to backfire pretty hard. I still run a high risk of it blowing up in my face but oh well ^^

    There seems to be a trend in the US that you are not allowed to offend anyone or mention any subject that could be interpreted as "criticism". Obviously people's ego can construe really anything as criticism that's not the highest flattery delivered the correct way... but I digress.

    So what I noticed when talking to people that are important to me, that I care about, that some outside observer might view as "liberal" or "left" is that there is a range of facts, incredibly broad, that you are not allowed to speak out because they are going to straight out attack you for it.

    It's like their mind spends so much energy on suppressing certain information that if you endanger this construct by pointing at discrepancies you're viewed as the mad guy approaching a gas leak with a cigarette which kinda forces them to tackle you with everything they've got before you can blow everyone up.

    Just a theory but I'm happy to have a relaxed conversation on the subject in a peaceful, very peaceful way ^^

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