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Thread: Time travel from an OBE perspective

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    Default Time travel from an OBE perspective

    Want to take a moment to share some of my thoughts on a topic that to me currently seems to indicate we do not have a freaking clue whether time travel is possible and if so is it possible to also travel back in time to a moment in this life or some previous life?

    Because I have experienced the process of going from our current reality to a heaven reality and from that reality leave my body and go beyond that dimension and also remembering the process of going back to earth, I am able to share that experience as first hand un-distorted information.

    By having gone through what I experienced, what does that tell me about time travel?

    In my OBE, when the frequency of my spirit accelerated beyond the upper frequency boundary of the heavenly earth like realm where I was, I detached as an awareness from my body and looked down on myself from outside of myself. At this point, the reality I was leaving (both its time and its space), had frozen into a still image, like a video frame. And THAT my friends might be the key to understanding time travel!

    There are two main possibilities you can derive from this, either A) that world continued on its own in both time and space beyond my awareness and from my perspective only appeared to be in suspended mode, or B) it was really in absolute terms in suspended mode.

    It is option B that is the really interesting one, it indicates that everything in cosmos might already have happened, that the cosmos is an infinite series of time space frames that already exist and that through absolute love in spirit you escape the limitations of a particular time space and are able to move to any point in time and space. This is similar to hitting the pause button on an old cassette player, doing a rewind if you want to or switching cassette, then you hit play. You can at any time also switch back to the first cassette and hit play in order to resume your life in that time and space.

    In other words the idea is that because everything has already happened and that everything already exists as frames and because absolute love is infinite and overcomes all limitations, from this perspective you are able to detach from any frame and attach to any frame. This makes sense to me because in my OBE I perceived creation to be an infinite miracle, that whatever limitations we currently are aware of, are actually local only, in the greater sense.

    Interestingly it might be that when you detach from one frame and then attach to some other frame of choice in creation, because your spiritual vibration is likely slightly different shortly after the point of attaching, then you are likely naturally taking a different route (relative to the life you remembered) from the moment life resumes from that frame because you might for instance have a higher spiritual vibration and maybe are able to bring some additional memory with you that can assist in playing that life more fully than you did, so hence you are now given the opportunity of allowing the power of love demonstrate to you in real time in real life the power of the unconditional love you have become. But at this level these things might be a choice also that the spirit makes automatically based on what it finds it needs in order to navigate in the richest way possible towards the source. So what you choose might be relative to the current spiritual needs at the point that the choice is made.

    These are some ideas I have based on what I experienced. I never experienced the process of moving between two particular individual frames and therefore I do not have that experience and hence can only have a hypothesis about how it works, but I experienced my spirit vibrationally accelerating beyond that reality and then saw that reality as a still image, as an individual frame I had detached from and was leaving. But that is a pretty interesting thing to have experienced.

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    Default Re: Time travel from an OBE perspective

    i love this....

    use the soul architecture or cosmology, to get out of time, raise awareness or vibration, then come in, carrying the extra enlightenment back into this reality, and thereby raise the vibration of this 'now'


    i believe a well connected imagination can do this also, and some physicists suspect that their future can impact their present at the quantum level.

    so effectively we pick our future

    choose wisely wizards
    we have subcontracted the business of healing people to Companies who profit from sickness.

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    Default Re: Time travel from an OBE perspective

    Very nice thread @Whitelove. I would put my money on option A. We live in a binary multiverse where 0 is the potentiality and 1 is the manifestation. Since there are unlimited potentials to exist, there are unlimited manifestations( space/time or time/space frames). We are simply consciously or unconsciously choosing to be aware of whatever frames that we happen to point our awareness onto. That's why this whole conspiracy on earth is to influence our attention so we can bring the manifestations that our controllers want to experience. That's why I am looking into Dianetics now to see how it can help a person make conscious choices instead of automatic ones.
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