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Thread: Shadow Work And Finding Our Spirit

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    Default Re: Shadow Work And Finding Our Spirit

    Quote I've been reading this person's blog with interest over the last week or so after I saw one of her videos.

    There's a lot I like about this. Especially the declaration of independence and assertion of personal sovereignty. That's something I've been thinking of as I realised how much mind control / Occult manipulation was ongoing.

    It's all new to me however and I'd be interested in some context. Does this fit in with the 'Archon / Demiurge' world view or is it something different?
    The one thing Freud was right about is that everyone has repressed feelings and emotions. Eckhart Tolle calls it the pain body.

    This is where the shadow lives. It rears its head when events in life trigger its response. But it is active in every situation subconsciously.

    These are the phobias, the eccentricities, the irrational fears, the unresolved trauma from the past, the autonomous reactionary mind, that we often fall back on. It is the 'autopilot' we often engage without being aware of it.

    This shadow self is almost real, almost separate, almost tameable, almost a friend. But it is just a ghost from the past, a remembered self image of a snapshot in time where an imagined break with 'reality' occurred. In this context, reality being the reasonably common expected situations of ordinary everyday life.

    The shadow is often strong in people, as it is the side trained by our masters in their occult messages. All the symbology, the unspoken givens within the script of daily life, the birth to grave story we are told, the fairy-tale life that does not exist, and the great dream of freedom, as if it were a thing already gone or never yet achieved. All the stories in our world that subvert the truth and twist it into a morass of conflicting and confusing complication. Sophistication is often the work of the shadow. Because life is simple, it must be sold as a thing not easily understood by the average person.

    This is the shadow. It has an interpersonal level because we are one family and we share our foibles, and our ghosts. We might be unique but we are based on the same pattern.

    Shadow work is the practice of meeting with this alternate self, this poor facsimile, and integrating its aspect into the whole. A house divided cannot stand and all that.

    It is not fun and can be very hard on the psyche but it has its rewards.

    Archons are critters from another dimension that occupy the topology of our brains, a two-dimensional surface. Or at least that's how I like to view it.
    Not exactly accurate. For much better data on Archons see Houman's thread here:

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    Default Re: Shadow Work And Finding Our Spirit

    Thanks Limor Wolf for the thread.
    I suddenly had the motivation to write the following.
    I have done shadow work for a while,
    here is where I am now....

    After many years of searching, wondering, reading ,learning, I finally arrived upon a certain destination.
    It's at a "Y" of the trail .
    I won't stay here forever, but for now it's quite cozy..
    It's just my experience so far.

    As a Soul/Spirit in a body, who is able to evolve while IN the body,
    I the personality can choose to fully identify with what is in 3D at the moment, or
    I the Soul/Spirit can choose to just observe what is at the moment without identifying fully with it.
    This ability to dance between 2 states, it's like oil and water, they need to be managed regularly.
    The Ying and Yang symbol, see it as oil and water, see how the distribution is best equalized.
    Animals always know where you stand.
    Show up zen and you get unanimous respect.
    Show up fully invested in the personality to a horse for the first time.....

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    Default Re: Shadow Work And Finding Our Spirit

    With all due respect to the O.P., this isn't what Jung meant by the shadow at all.

    I'm not saying the info here has no value, I'm just making a clear distinction between what the shadow really is, and what is being presented here.

    Unfortunately, ideas like the shadow have become kind of new-agey. As Jordan Peterson says, if you read Jung and you're not scared stiff down into the depths of your soul, you haven't understood a word you've read. There is nothing new-agey about Jung or the shadow, nothing at all.

    The shadow has nothing to do with vague ideas of soul contracts, and shadow work is not an exercise in trying to wiggle one's way out of one. It has nothing to do with finding your spirit. The shadow isn't something to be healed either. Nor is it meant to be released. The shadow is meant to be integrated.

    Here's a good intro into the shadow concept. 8 mins:
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    Default Re: Shadow Work And Finding Our Spirit

    Here is the info from the guide i created to help people begin shadow work.(full free PDF with exercises here: https://www.christinalaverscoaching.com/shadow-work.php


    Growing up in this dense reality most of us learn from our family and friends, and later wider society,that parts of us are undesirable. Because at a core level we all crave love and acceptance, we learn to hide those parts of ourselves that we fear might make us unlovable.

    Example: Child gets angry in the presence of parent(s) who are unable to hold space for this emotion. Parent(s) react with a form of rejection. Child learns to suppress their anger in order to appease their loved ones.

    All the parts of us that we have deemed unacceptable get relegated to the unconscious and become our shadows. But as much as we try to hide or deny these aspects of self, they will continue to negatively affect us. In fact because they are hidden from awareness, away from the light of consciousness, usually blanketed in a veil of undefined shame, most of us don’t know why…but we are left with an underlying sense of… ‘something is wrong with me, I am not worthy.’

    “ Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” C. Jung

    Though this strategy operates as a default in our dysfunctional society, this ‘solution’ causes more problems than it solves. Hidden from our own awareness, our shadow parts still continue to operate and color our world. They tend to work against us, pushing us to take destructive actions, sabotaging our dreams, and creating uncomfortable feelings and disingenuous or inappropriate reactions.

    How Shadow work can help

    Shadow work is the process of bringing our shadows back into the light of awareness so that they can be understood and reintegrated in self.

    When we take the time to understand the rejected aspects of self we discover the fullness of who we are. We are not all butterflies and rainbows…and that’s ok.

    We all contain parts that are cruel, that are obnoxious, that are controlling, self-centred etc.

    By acknowledging and owning these parts, coming to terms with their reality in our inner world, we create a powerful internal shift. No longer hiding in the dark away from the conscious self, these aspects cease to operate in a covert or illusive way.

    The more self-aware we become, the more we are able to take full responsibility for what we create in this life: the less we are driven by unconscious impulses, the more autonomy and clarity we have.

    As well, as our shadow work progresses, we are likely to discover that tucked in among the shadows are some amazing gifts.
    Some qualities, like cruelty or vindictiveness, are hopefully qualities that when brought into awareness, we would chose not to actively express. But other qualities, for example anger or a critical nature, when operating in alignment with the whole self, can become tools to successfully navigate reality.

    For instance when anger is expressed in a balanced way, it can help us to maintain healthy boundaries. Similarly a critical approach can be useful when used in the right time and place; like assessing the viability of a potential business.

    Finally, not only do we learn to hide our less desirable qualities in order to fit in; we often hide away our brightest and shiniest aspects as well. We all have incredible unique qualities that each of us came into this world with. However, in a society that promotes homogeny and fears difference, many of us learned to relegate these parts into the shadows of the unconscious.

    Why Shadow work is more important than ever

    The world is changing…fast. Some may be able to sense how the planetary energies are becoming less dense. With less density it is not as easy for things to hide in the dark. Even those not attuned to energies can likely see the results of this shift. Every day on both an individual and collective level we are being faced with uncomfortable truths that were previously obscured from our awareness.

    This process is going to increase in intensity.

    We are going to be faced with our shadows whether we like it or not, so the more we are able to embrace this process, and work with the flow of energy, the smoother this journey towards clarity and authenticity will be.

    The more we have integrated our own shadows, the less we will be triggered by the collective shadows that appear on the world stage, and the better positioned we will be to help others process disturbing internal and external truths.

    The less our energy is needed to repress our shadows away from the light of consciousness, the more energy we have to promote the aims of our true self.

    Finally it is time to shine! As mentioned above we each have unique gifts that we came here to share. The time of holding back and keeping small is over.

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