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You will find below a list of pages translated into Arabic. Please return frequently to check for new translations. If you would like to join our translation team, please click here. We welcome your participation.

Our goal is to make Project Avalon an international project, to include the many diverse cultures of our world. The imporant information we have that is not available in the mainstream media must reach beyond the English-speaking world to all of humanity during this time of great change. Each culture also has much to offer to humanity, and we hope Project Avalon can become a venue for sharing their unique perspectives. All cultures, languages, and traditions are affected by and can shape the historic transformation taking place in our lifetimes. Please join us in this awakening of humanity.

Links to subtitled videos made from transcripts are indicate by . YouTube videos have closed captions (CC) controlled by the triangle in the lower right of the player.

Special note: At this time, our Arabic team is not yet established. Our first offering is the Anglo-Saxon Mission video with Arabic subtitles. The SSA subtitle file is available below. All other pages are available in English at this time.

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The Anglo-Saxon Mission: Introduction
The Anglo-Saxon Mission: Witness Interview transcript
The Anglo-Saxon Mission: Bill Ryan's Presentation transcript | MP4 subs (SSA)

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