2009: A year in the life of Project Camelot

This page is a reformatted version of the original Project Camelot publication.

2009 has for us been quite a wild ride. What the coming year holds for us, we can't know. But while we co-create the future together, we're all informed by the past. Here is my (Bill's) personal view of the journey we have had during the last twelve months.


We began the year traveling to Vilcabamba in Ecuador to speak at a weekend event at Dr Brian O'Leary's magnificent retreat, Montesuenos: he'd generously called it the Camelot Conference. Many traveled from all over the world to be there and we marveled at the inspiring, aesthetic environment that Brian has created. We made new friends, rode into the cloud forest on horseback, and visited the extraordinary house where Carol Rosin lived for a while. We met and interviewed Ricardo Silva, and while we were there we published our report about Jake Simpson, who we'd met in October 2008 while passing through Thailand.


After each returning home, we met again at the LA Conscious Life Expo where, by happenstance sitting in the coffee shop, we were approached by Dane Tops and Alex Collier for the first time: both memorable encounters. From there we drove to Laughlin, interviewed Jim Marrs and Joe Farrell, and recorded a marvelous informal conversation with our great friend Bob Dean. We returned to Sedona, where Kerry was then still living, and recorded our interview with David Icke which has now had 380,000 views and which David felt at that time was the best interview representation of his life and work to date.


We interviewed Brian O'Leary's friend Wade Frazier, a highly respected advocate for and historian of the movement to bring the reality of Free Energy to public awareness.


We released an interview with Elizabeth Nelson, a first-hand witness to the decision to shoot down Flight 93 over Pennsylvania on 9/11. "Swine Flu" broke out in Mexico, and Dr Bill Deagle famously stated that "the hammer may have fallen". The outbreak triggered nothing less than an international movement to publicize the dangers of the vaccine and long-established Illuminati plans to reduce the world's population. Jane Burgermeister was one of several blowing the whistle on the hastily covered-up Czech Republic Baxter H5N1 incident. Meanwhile, "Mary" blew the whistle on a credible and highly alarming scenario that caused many to believe that the US might be plunged into crisis within months.


I had the privilege of meeting Erich von Däniken and was able to record a short and delightful interview. A group in Zurich started organizing a conference featuring David Wilcock, Brian O'Leary, Dan Burisch and Marci McDowell. Some of the organizers were attacked quite heavily and a number of highly strange events occurred. Meanwhile, Kerry and a California-based team started organizing the Awake & Aware in Los Angeles conference.


We began our American Freedom Radio show, an interesting experience. Some conversations with guests were of very high quality, but there was a fair amount of unintended comedy as we wrestled with the new medium with mixed success. Kerry postponed the LA Conference after Dan Burisch and Alex Collier told her they would not be able to appear. Kerry interviewed Dr Len Horowitz, and we collaborated with David Wilcock to meet and interview Dr Pete Peterson at length, the first time the three of us had interviewed a new Camelot witness together.


The first of three eventful summer months. The Conference in Zurich was a great success and in many ways gave critical momentum to the international Groundcrew movement. During the speakers' panel Dan Burisch was heckled from the back of the room after appearing to uncritically condone the methodology of vaccination. Henry Deacon, who unknown to the rest of the audience had been present as a delegate, spontaneously took the stage during the break in Dr Brian O'Leary's presentation on Free Energy to confirm that he had witnessed an overunity Casimir device in operation at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey. He revealed his real name, showed his passport, and received a standing ovation. This public appearance was Henry's own admirable initiative. I had actually tried to dissuade him from coming (recommending that he instead attend the Camelot conference in LA, by now rescheduled for September) as I had a number of concerns which seem retrospectively to have been justified.


Soon after, Kerry flew to Europe for the Exopolitics Congress in Barcelona, where we had been asked to moderate a discussion between all the delegates. All except Steven Greer accepted the organizers' invitation to take part. Henry Deacon (who had been invited to the conference by the Barcelona organizers after his impromptu Zurich appearance) went on stage with Kerry at the end of Bob Dean's presentation to confirm that he had been to Mars as part of a highly classified program that was still ongoing. We were able to record a Futuretalk with Alfred Webre, Bob Dean and Henry, in the middle of which Steven Greer's PR representative appeared announcing that Dr Greer wished to be interviewed immediately. We were unprepared, and the resulting conversation became highly controversial. We stand by the validity and importance of the challenges that we put to Dr Greer on record.


We interviewed Dr Paul LaViolette, then spoke at the rapidly-convened Amsterdam Conference which was another great success: George Green spoke via Skype, Desiree Rover spoke on vaccinations, Andreas Kalcker, who had flown from Barcelona with a modified motorcycle engine in his luggage, demonstrated his GEET technology on camera, and Henry Deacon spoke publicly about personal protocols against swine flu. The entire conference was streamed live on Ustream thanks to the efforts of Dan Bender. This was the last time we saw Henry, and we are not optimistic we will ever see or hear from him again. He intimated that he had been threatened, and we later heard from an insider source that he had effectively been removed and deterred from public appearance after his public Mars declaration. Henry was a brave and principled man who was highly vulnerable in a number of ways and we deeply regret the culmination of this sequence of events. We are reminded again that many players become injured in this often-tough game.


After the Amsterdam conference we interviewed Patrick Geryl, and decided between us that this would be the first interview we published where we stated a disclaimer that we did not support Geryl's apocalyptic conclusions. Clif High subsequently endorsed Geryl publicly. But Kerry and I hold firm in our view that such dramatic fear-mongering is irresponsible, is of little or no value, and is incorrectly and unscientifically founded.


While in Amsterdam we learned that Eagles Disobey had incorrectly characterized a number of events that had ensued in the previous month, but we were unable to make contact with Marci McDowell to correct what at the time we felt sure were misunderstandings. When it became clear that any correction or clarification from ourselves would not be heard, we accepted with reluctance that here was the loss of another two friends. Dan Burisch's testimony is retained on our site as we remain confident that what he has always stated to us on and off record was faithfully reported. We regard him as a man of high integrity who has never knowingly lied to us and, like Henry, we continue to regard him as our friend.


We had an enjoyable morning being interviewed by Arjan Bos, the first time Kerry and I had really told some of our personal story. But the month was not yet over. To our surprise, Jeff Rense published a smear piece about Camelot to which I replied here. My response generated a huge number of generous messages in strong support which we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge. To our greater surprise, we later discovered that the Rense article had been written by Dr Richard Sauder.


Meanwhile, Jessica Schab, one of our Camelot interviewees had interviewed Andrew Basiago, releasing this as a marathon 39-part YouTube video. We had first spoken with Andy, off-record and at length in early 2008, and we support his extraordinary story just as we support Henry Deacon's. (Henry's detailed testimony on our site was the reason Andy had initially contacted us.) We look forward to a full Camelot interview - long overdue - with Andy sometime in 2010.


I was invited to speak in Poland, on return from which I passed through Vienna and presented Jane Burgermeister to the world on video for the first time as the very real, sincerely motivated and human person that she is. And then came the Camelot Awake & Aware in LA Conference, another highly significant success featuring a substantial cadre of exceptional speakers. Jordan Maxwell stepped up to the plate to stand in for Dr Pete Peterson, who at the last moment was unable to attend because of a medical problem. This short Rebecca Jernigan interview with us, on the closing day of the conference, is well worth listening to. A week later we met with Jordan at length, with David Wilcock in support, and this wonderful interview, besides enabling telling Jordan to tell his story very effectively, featured Kerry at her most inspired and brilliant. We extend our warmest wishes to Jordan here and look forward to talking with him on record again on 2010. At my insistence but with Kerry's eventual full agreement we pulled the plug on our radio show, and, last but not least, we recorded an audio interview - released as a transcript to protect him - with Dane Tops [pseudonym], who had played a pivotal part in the break-up of the Church of Scientology in the early 1980s.


We were invited to speak at David Turley's Brussels Groundcrew conference, innovative inasmuch as it featured a number of interviews (some of them in quite some depth) which Kerry and I conducted on stage with guests via a Skype video link. We were privileged to talk with Edgar Mitchell, Gerald Celente, Stan Deyo, Lloyd Pye, and Matthew Stein, and I did a solid on-stage interview with Gabriele Stähler on vitamin D3 which seems to have been valuable to many. All these months, the swine flu and vaccination scenario had been rumbling ominously on, fueled by the extraordinary Joseph Moshe incident in LA that generated a huge amount of conspiratorial debate (yes, he is still in prison in LA: no, he is not the Israeli microbiologist of the same name). While in Brussels Kerry and I gave an excellent video interview with Mel and Richard from Freedom Central, but two days later the tapes were burgled in circumstances of the highest strangeness and the interview was lost. A month later, Mel later re-recorded the interview with me (Kerry having by then returned to the US): recommended viewing as a personal worldview and a good summary of Camelot's work. We then traveled to Poland together to speak at a conference there, and interviewed Igor Witkowski (historian and researcher of the 'Nazi Bell') and artifacts researcher Klaus Dona. These two interviews are still being edited and we intend to release them this month.


In November David Icke came to Zurich, another event organized by the Swiss Groundcrew. We interviewed Clay and Shawn Pickering in great depth on their US Navy contact who had extensive, official, first-hand experience with two strange ET races, and ended the month with a wonderful interview with James Martinez on his close friend and colleague Walter Bowart, author of the classic Operation Mind Control. 27 November came and went, a date given to Kerry, David Wilcock and myself by Dr Pete Peterson as a tentatively scheduled disclosure announcement by President Obama. Despite the astrobiology conference organized at the Vatican in early November, the world is still waiting for formal confirmation of the ET presence. Clif High published his Open Letter to Project Camelot after I'd criticized him for his public attacks on Dr Bill Deagle's integrity. Kerry straight away invited him to her new radio show to debate the issues publicly with her and myself. Perhaps wisely, Clif declined.


We made the Project Avalon Forum free to members once again, a move welcomed by members and moderators alike but which caused quite a lot of work as a number of people jumped in to cause as much trouble as they could without having to pay for the privilege. Kerry launched Project Light Warrior, I started a question-and-answer thread on the Avalon Forum that has had 94,000 views, the Camelot translation project was launched (John, our translation co-ordinator, is working with a multinational team of nearly 100 people: our warm regards to them all) - and they are now working closely with our long-established transcription team, a bunch of true heroes, to handle the substantial backlog of transcripts to be edited and posted.


We both greatly enjoyed the wonderful AVATAR movie, and marveled at the enigmatic Norway Spiral. And we are now emerging from a Christmas break after a year that has felt rather longer than a mere twelve months, has left us a little bruised but with our resolve undented, and has prompted us to discuss how most effectively to continue our work into 2010 each from our different yet closely-aligned bases of perspective, personality, interest, mission and expertise. We have a great deal of work to do yet, and Planet Earth is not yet out of the woods. [We note that no disasters have yet happened, and share the view that this is likely to be a direct result of preventative action on many levels. Never forget that whistleblowers blow whistles for a reason.]


We continue to live in critical times, and Kerry and I stand shoulder to shoulder in our commitment to do whatever we can, as part of a huge team of others, seen and unseen, to assist the transition of the human race towards a New Civilization. That may take longer than just another three years. There's an enormous clean-up still to do, both of our planet and of the Augean Stables. The ecosphere is on the edge of irreversible change and in my personal view it's not quite so simple as hoping that we will all somehow magically Ascend out of the mess we've co-created. First, we have to face what we have done. There may be no easy exit yet.


As always, we're united in encouraging all of you to do what you can (if you don't know what to do, start doing what you came here to do): to stand together rather than fall separately: to be kind and yet always truthful: to commit to action trusting that the angels will support you: and to be the change you want to see in the world - which is the only one we presently have.


We deeply appreciate all the communications we receive, even if it's often impossible for us to reply. We couldn't have done what we've done without you. And finally, last and never ever least, I want to thank my Camelot partner Kerry: one of the bravest, most passionate, and most committed people I've ever known.

Bill Ryan
2 January 2010