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2012 Nexus Event and the Gathering

Macedonia, December 2008

  Photo courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech

As many of you know, we have a very gifted person posting an amalgamation of information that he has compiled regarding 2012 and what he terms as a 'Nexus Event" coming in the next few years.

He began posting to our Project Avalon forum a few weeks ago and his posts have been converted into an ebook pdf which you can download here.

The research he has done in addition to his 'contact' information has led him to the idea of the need for a worldwide gathering in which large numbers of people meditate, play certain music and gather around sacred key power places around the globe on a yet to be determined day and time.

The objective is to unite in uplifting humanity from the limitations of the Matrix that surrounds us and guide our planet into a golden age.

As a synchronicity, we have been brainstorming a very similar type of event, with several of our sources and contacts. Such an event will include the Mayan and Hopi as well as indigenous peoples from all areas of the globe, ground crew members, and awake and aware youth of all ages.

We encourage you to add your name and email address to our growing list of participants, by sending an email to with the words THE GATHERING in the subject line. We will keep you informed on our progress in creating this event.

Astralwalker - In his own words:

I was born in Skopje, Macedonia in 1973 and I'm a resident of Republic of Macedonia. I specialized in computer science and worked as a computer expert in Macedonian Telecom until recently. At the present, I'm a chief editor of the magazine "The Sixth Sense" that covers topics related to meditation, Kundalini energy, astral projection, remote viewing, telepathy, aura, clairvoyance, psychometrics, psychokinesis and much more. At the age of fourteen, I became interested in Yoga and Buddhism. Inspired by all the incredible powers that yoga masters had demonstrated as a result of long years of practicing meditation, I started figuring out the mystery of their way of life. I became attached to all of the human's psychic abilities, but particularly to the extraordinary ability called astral projection. I felt hunger for the knowledge and I was determined to get it. Thus, I meditated six hours a day and started to discover my inner potentials. The new world that was opening in front of me made me realize that the reality was not what it seemed to be, but something completely different. In my spare time, I give classes to hundreds of people who want to develop their extraordinary senses.

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