Interview with Dr. Bill Deagle

on April 14, 2010

April 14, 2010

Bill Ryan (BR): Dr. Bill can you hear us?

Bill Deagle (BD): Yeah I did . You connected quicker than I thought.

BR: Okay, well let’s see what we can do here. Just before we dive into this headlong, let me just do a little introduction to what’s going to be recorded [in this] interview here.

BD: Oh, by the way, I heard you had some trouble with the sound quality of our other recording. I guess you had some issues there, right?

BR: Yeah. It’s salvageable and I’m working on it, so it hasn’t all been lost but I’ve got to do a lot of fancy audio stuff to get it to sound like two people talking to each other, you know. [laughs]

BD: Oh yeah, you want it to be so that people can actually understand it when they hear it.

BR: Too right. But at the moment the audio quality sounds pretty good. And let me just do a...

BD: Yeah, we are actually doing pretty good today. Skype is kind today.

BR: [laughs] Skype is kind.

BD: [laughs]

BR: The angels are smiling on us. Very good.

BD: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

BR: So listen, here we go. Let’s pretend we are all in California here, and this is Wednesday the 14th of April, 2010 and it’s Bill Ryan here from Project Avalon and I’m delighted to be talking to Bill Deagle. And this is an interesting one for me because I don’t actually know what Dr. Bill wants to talk to me about.

But he sent me a message that gave me cause to believe that there is something pretty exciting, important, interesting that he had to share and maybe we’d better shape up and pay a little bit of attention. And so Dr. Bill I’m going to do a lot of listening, and, tell me what you have been exploring since we last spoke about a month ago.

BD: Well, if what I’ve found is correct, it’s a very significant breakthrough. It’s transformative news. It may not be good, but it’s good for us if we take the right approach to what’s going to happen. And Bill has said this many times: we’ve signed up to be here at this time – and the events in history of this type of sentient being in this sector of the universe in this time and space – for a reason, to advance our understanding of what we are.

And I think that the events can be both transformatively positive or destructively negative, but it depends on our response and both on the spiritual, physical and preparative level to it, so that we don’t end up finding that these events are the ones that brew our civilization away or to allow us to transform to a higher order.

The exploration actually started many, many years ago, collecting evidence, and the most driven person when you finally get the truth is a skeptical person. It’s the opposite of what you would otherwise assume. The skeptic, when they have the truth after they’ve really pursued all the things that might otherwise prove it’s wrong, is more driven than anybody else.

So I've been very skeptical about things. Like for example, I was skeptical about the 2012 issues. I was skeptical about the issues of, you know, what is going to happen, and not only at the 2012 period, but the approaching ‘Planet X’, dwarf star, what are the cycles of the galaxy that are based on science and facts, so ... I want to quote different science things so when people reference back, they can go back and actually say, 'Well, we can check this book or that book.'

For example, I’ll start off with a couple of different facts and then I will pull it together. The first thing that... I will make a couple of assertions. The first thing is that earthquakes and volcanism happen in cycles that happen with precession of the equinox. Now, it takes 26,000 years for us to rotate around the galaxy. But actually, because of the rotation of the Sun and the other things, that effectively is reduced to 23,000 years, and we have this precession effect that happens at half-way through that, or 11,500 years. And every 11,500 years, there is a reversal of the magnetic field of the poles of the Earth.

BR: Right.

BD: The magnetic reversal occurs. It occurs with an increasing crescendo of earthquakes and volcanoes, which release sulfur dioxide, increase rainfall, and pushes us into an ice age. And that is in the geological record. You can actually find the record in volcanic rocks, and rocks in the Canadian Shield around the world, that these events happen in cycles just like the Mayans talked about. And there’s little cycles. This is one of the bigger cycles. There is even a bigger cycle of grand ice ages that happen roughly every 105,000 years.

BR: Right, and there are a lot of earthquakes happening right now. It's kind of hard to ignore them, right.

BD: Wait, I’m going to explain a little bit more about why they are happening and what we should be doing to see why they are happening and where they are happening, and where the danger is, and what technology I’m certain they have but they're not releasing it to the public or the news, or FEMA, or any preparedness organization in any country, and I will explain what's going on.

BR: Okay.

BD: Volcanoes and earthquakes are a plasma event. Plasma is basically just charged particles. And we live in a plasma universe, an electric universe.

BR: Yup.

BD: So if we go get books like Thunderbolts of the Gods by David Talbot, if you look at books like [Apocalypse] 2012 by Larry (Lawrence) Joseph; if you look at all these different things about the electric universe, you’re going to find all kinds of documentation that we live in a plasma universe and in fact, in the times of the ancient Greeks, there was evidence that in the conjunction of planets, plasma jumped across the intersolar space and caused worms to crawl over the ground and snakes.

For example, before an earthquake in Sichuan, China that occurred, I think it was a little over a year ago, the snakes crawled under the ground because it was wintertime in Sichuan and they froze to death. The same way as the frogs before that earthquake, by the millions, were jumping out of their frog places where they were, and even going across the highway in the millions. And I even got pictures of it.

BR: Hm-hm.

BD: And you’ll see evidence that there is also a plasma discharge that you can see in the sky, they call them 'earthquake lights' where... and that can occur naturally and also can be induced as a way of triggering an earthquake.

BR: Yup.

BR: And what I was told – and this is firsthand, this is not secondhand – that at the U.S. Space Command we have, people call it 'HAARP', but it’s scalar weapons. Again, it's not just HAARP which pumps it up into the upper atmosphere, they can pump it through the Earth as well: specific frequencies to create an, what’s called an 'interferometry field', meaning you have two different crossing fields at least or more, that will create a secondary or tertiary frequency that will be the correct frequency that's harmonic with a tectonic plate.

That plate will absorb the energy, and the rocks vibrate in synchrony with that energy. As the energy rises, it increases the vibration in the rocks and you hear an echo. You can actually listen to this if you have the proper equipment, of the rocks responding, just like an opera singer can hear a glass on the opposite side of the room singing back in response to her modulating her voice.

And if you hit the right frequency, that will build what is called a 'giant wave' inside the rocks, and the muon resistance between the rock faces will drop toward zero and the rock will release its energy, either all or a portion of the energy.

BR: Yup.

BD: It is called a 'piezoelectric slip threshold'. Now, that can happen naturally and when you have an earthquake, every earthquake is a foreshock of another earthquake and also an aftershock of another one, so the earthquakes that happened in 1994 in Los Angeles is a foreshock of other earthquakes that could occur even decades later.

And the reason is there is a transfer of energy to rocks up and down the fault line and all the many tectonic plates, and it’s roughly I think in the low twenties, number of plates; and one of the big plates, for example – the plates have been cracking lately – one of the big ones was the crack of the plate in the ocean near Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia, that actually cracked the tectonic plate 700 miles and it went right through the entire crust of the Earth, down I think about 20, 30 miles.

There was an earthquake a decade ago in Colombia that caused a major mudslide, or they call them 'lahar' – where you have glaciers and mud and everything comes down the side of the mountain plus rocks and ... that lahar was caused by a superquake that occurred, that cracked through the South American plate right in Colombia.

BR: Right.

BD: So these, you know, level 6, 7, 8 level earthquakes are increasing now, they’re almost every couple of weeks we have another earthquake somewhere in the world. I just got another report today. There was a major quake that hit China that killed hundreds of people, just, I think, today.

BR: That’s right. Yeah.

BD: Right. Now, here’s what’s happening. Think of the Earth as a rotating ball of Jell-O, with pineapple slices as the tectonic plates floating on it. Now as the Earth changes – or either is perturbed by something else, whether it's an incoming large dwarf star or it’s a precession of the equinox – you get the jostling of these Jell-O slices, the tectonic plates, and the way the energy is released is interesting because it is locked up in the rocks.

Like for example, the thrust zone in Los Angeles has got about six feet of stored vertical thrust in the rocks in the San Andreas fault that goes all the way from the Baja. They call it something else down there by the way, south of the US-Mexican border. But it is still the San Andreas fault line. So they will try to lie and to tell the people, like they did in the news, that it wasn’t San Andreas that went off in Baja, but it’s the same fault, okay?

BR: Okay.

BD: So what happens is, if you get a solar mass ejection or a increased sunspot activity, or what’s going on right now, they have a giant tail... It was called one of these 'plasma tails' that’s millions of miles long out from the Sun, and you could actually go on the SOHO satellites right now, online, and you can see this giant tail spinning around and waving in space, because the Sun is starting to change its activity.

It’s starting to rev up in the end of the Solar Cycle 24. It's been very quiet, down to 5 percent or less of its normal sunspot activity. But solar mass ejections and solar reversals, which is when the Sun flips its pole every 11 years, it flips, which is what we call the 'sun cycle', the poles of the Sun flip every 11 years.

BR: Right.

BD: Right?

BR: Yup.

BD: Now, in the Earth they flip every 11,500 years, but if you have a convergence of one or more cycles, so you’ve got a polar cycle that is going to flip in 2012, you’ve got a precession of the equinoxes which we are actually starting in to now and will kind of culminate on or after 2012 – it’s not on a precise date.

And we also have proof now of another cycle that is coming in that is roughly every 3,600 to 3,800 years, of an incoming dwarf star that is estimated between 5 and 20 Earth masses that is now between the inner solar system, below the ecliptic or the plane of which the planets rotate around the solar system, and coming in now, not in the outer solar system but between Jupiter and the asteroid belt.

So we’ve got evidence from the Chandra X-ray satellite. We’ve got evidence from IRAS, which is the infrared satellite system. We have evidence from the South Pole Telescope. Both it’s in the public domain – you can go online – but also I have sources that are classified. And I was very...

BR: And there's another satellite being launched which is called 'WISE', isn’t there. Can you tell us anything about that? Do you know about that one?

BD: It’s called 'Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer'.

BR: Good job.

BD: It surveys for the nearest and coolest stars, origins of stellar... and of course it’s also to watch for this incoming thing. So the WISE satellite... and they actually have pictures of it here. If you actually go online you can see pictures of it. And NASA and the Jet Propulsion Lab, here in California, is monitoring it. JPL.

BR: Okay. Okay.

BD: JPL and NASA yeah. And of course the WISE satellite is very important, people should understand. What they are doing is, they’re monitoring this because they know this object is coming in. And it's coming in from the constellation Scorpio.

Now, Dr. Harrington, who was a senior astronomer back in the ’90s, discovered this and he went down to Auckland, New Zealand. He went to Australia, and he actually found evidence that – in fact it was already published back over 16 to 18 years ago – that there was in fact, quote, a 'dwarf star'. I don’t like to call it Planet X because it's not a planet. It's a dwarf star.

BR: Yup.

BD: It has an infrared signature which you can pick up, and it has an x-ray signature, but it doesn’t give off visible light. So you can’t see it unless you use infrared or, even better still, x-ray.

BR: Yup.

BD: Infrared and x-ray are the only ways to see this. You can also see it if it perturbs or starts to move as it is moving now through the asteroid belt, between Jupiter and Mars, where there's a giant belt of asteroids that is likely to perturb or move them, or even to pull some of them with it. Because it has got quite a mass.

BR: Right, but they don’t know what this thing is going to do, do they Dr. Bill? This is the problem.

BD: No I...

BR: They don’t know what it’s going to do.

BD: Well, yeah, I think they do actually.

BR: Oh they do, okay.

BD: I am going to give you this little list now, and I'll tell you, if we do get evidence both in the public or private domain... that’s why this information is not only for the public, but also for scientists to take these theories and go back and use them.

BR: Okay.

BD: So we’ve got these converging cycles. We know that with the precession of the equinox – this is in the geological record, we have that – we know that the Sun flips every 11 years, which is going to occur in 2012. And we know that there is this incoming object that's also approaching. So we’ve got a bunch, it’s like one of those triple, you know, convergences of things that are happening at the same time.

One is the cycle of 11,500 years. Another, by the way, we are also in time for the 105,000 year big ice age as well. So the long cycle, the short cycle; the shorter cycle, which is the 350-year cycle for ice ages, the mini ice age cycle. We are also converging on that one. That’s according to Dr. Robert Felix...

BR: Yup.

BD: ...and other experts. We’re having – according to the geomagnetic research center in Johannesburg, South Africa – there is a giant wrap to the magnetic field from the tip of South Africa all the way to Antarctica. And we have, already happened since '97, a speeding up because of monitoring the magnetic North Pole: it was in Northern Canada and, over the last century, the twentieth century, it moved a roughly ten kilometers per year toward northwest, towards Siberia.

That magnetic north now speeded up since ’97 to 41 to 43 kilometers per year moving towards Siberia. The best way to think of this, and this is all science: think of the Earth as three revolving spheres. The outside sphere is the crust and the upper mantle, okay?

BR: Yup.

BD: And the crust and the upper mantle are kind of locked together, so you will find hot spots, like the hot spot in Hawaii, and there is a slide slippage there, but that hot spot makes the islands and if you go over millions of years, you will see it makes new islands, depending on where the hot spot is. It's feeding magma up through this very thin crust and the Hawaiian Islands in the middle of the Pacific.

BR: Hm-hm.

BD: Okay?

BR: Yup.

BD: There are also other spots where they are creating giant, what we call 'super volcanoes'. Like for example, there is enough volcanic material in Mauna Loa to make a 1,000, I think it’s 1,000 or 2,000 feet wide, that covers the entire planet with magma 2,000 feet high. So there is a lot of magma there, right?

BR: Yup. I can believe it.

BD: And then we’ve got other major super volcanoes. We’ve got one in Ecuador. We’ve got of course the one in the Yellowstone Park. We’ve got super volcanoes in other places around the world, it’s I think around 7, 8 or 9 big ones. And we’ve got some super big volcanoes like the Mount Erebus volcano in Antarctica...

BR: Yup.

BD: ...which is one of the biggest volcanoes on the planet. But the biggest volcano overall is Mauna Loa.

BR: Okay.

BD: Now what's happening, we’re noticing that with all these earthquakes, people are noticing and videotaping, they can see plasma discharges. Those plasma discharges indicate the Earth is releasing plasma just before. Now, Stan Deyo told me this three or four years ago, that he'd been researching...

He worked actually with Edward Teller at the research facility in gravitronics near Pine Gap, Australia back in the ’70s. And he was one of their kind of junior scientists. And they are using what's called 'electrogravitronics' for flight, which is the basis behind the TR3B and our advanced space flight vehicles. They're not based on propulsion like the ramjet, or our typical rockets or whatever.

BR: Right.

BD: They're based on electrogravitronics and other technologies like, you know, space-time effects, etcetera.

BR: Yup, yup.

BD: What happened is he ... up to two years ago, was getting more and more accurate at making predictions of where earthquakes would be, because he was using U.S. Naval Satellite data of infrared satellite pictures that would show the heat of the oceans. And he overlaid maps of where the tectonic plates were underneath the ocean, and would extend those plates toward the land and tell you where the earthquakes, or the seaquakes, would happen.

And the way he would do it is real simple. Across those fault lines, there would be a temperature difference of so much tenths of a degree or more, from one side of the fault line to another, which would indicate there’s a plasma, which would differently heat one side more than the other side in the energy because there is a flow where energy is going down on one side of the fault line, and up on the other side, so it would create a heating on one side and a cooling on the other.

BR: Okay.

BD: Okay? So there would be an actual flow of water, a flow of ions or plasma, and a differential heating on either side of this fault line, okay?

BR: Okay.

BD: So two years ago, the Navy cut him off. And he was getting really accurate at predicting where the earthquakes would be, like sometimes, with the bigger quakes, like 90 percent or more.

BR: I remember that. Yes, I remember that.

BD: In theory, he said, 75 to ninety... He was telling me somewhere between 75 and 92 percent of big earthquakes. And if he had a fault line that would extend into the land, he could tell you pretty accurately, you know, that it was going to happen. Because you could just see the data were just developing literally hour by hour, because you could go log online and see it. And the government cut him off. I don’t know why.

Obviously they didn’t want him using this home system to accurately predict and be a model to other scientists, that would allow them to see if there were other – how can I say – technologies used to turn the Earth into a weapon of mass destruction. Because the Sichuan quake was an earthquake weapon unleashed on the Chinese, by us, and I talked to Ben Fulford before they unleashed that earthquake that struck that Japanese reactor near Osaka.

BR: Mmh.

BD: And he told me beforehand that he had met the finance minister, and they told him afterwards, told him that if they didn’t turn over the finance bureau control to the Rockefeller-Rothschild cabal, they were going to hit them with a tectonic weapon and they actually focused it directly at the reactor core of a giant reactor of one of the biggest seven reactors in Japan, sitting right over a fault line – which wasn’t a good place to build it – and they hit it, and they broke the reactor core.

So they had to evacuate I think a couple hundred thousand people who were in the immediate area, that were going to get exposed to radioisotopes. And then he told me...

BR: I didn’t know about that.

BD: And then I interviewed him afterwards. So this isn't conjecture. So each of these things I’m building, building, building. So the big aha last, this Monday, was this: I knew there was this precession effect. I knew there was this...

The book to get it, by the way, from, Robert Felix – he’s got two books: one called Not by Fire, But by Ice, which means we're not going to go into a firestorm so much, although there may be some cosmic and x-ray and other things, but we are going to have an ice age. And there is evidence that we are heading into an ice age with increased rainfall, that is driven by volcanism, earthquakes, and increased rainfall. And the rainfall drives the ice ages to the northern latitudes, which means you melt the ice from two effects.

You melt it from below like the Gakkel Ridge, which is a range of volcanic mountain peaks in the Arctic, which is around Iceland in the Arctic Circle, 1,500 kilometers long. And you also melt it from high-energy ultraviolet light, because the ozone layer has thinned. Because the ozone is created by an interaction between our Earth’s magnetic field that is decreasing, and the solar wind and the solar magnetic-flux ion field to create this interaction that create the ozone layer.

BR: Okay.

BD: And the ozone protects us from high-energy ultraviolet C. High ultraviolet C will penetrate deeper into ice and melt it, okay? So you’ve got energy from above and below. It’s not typical regular heating, but it will convert from ultraviolet into thermal heat when it strikes the ground or when it strikes snow.

BR: Okay, yup.

BD: Right? So most of the melting is from below. And the oceans when it releases this water, superheated water, it’s 700 degrees or more. So we have these events. We know these events – and there is a 23,000-mile-long vent like a radiator across the mid ocean cleft, across these things like in the Arctic, and elsewhere – over 90 percent of the most active volcanoes are under the oceans.

BR: Yup. Yup.

BD: Right, and they are venting out tremendous amounts of water, sulfur dioxide and all kinds of chemicals. That’s why you have chemo bacteria and other things.

BR: Okay.

BD: Now here's where the aha came. Now we’ve got the proof – it wasn't conjecture – that we’ve got this incoming object. We know it’s not a planet. That’s all foolishness, 'It’s a planet with a gold atmosphere'... It’s a dwarf star and if you take technically the fact that we have three stars in our system...

74 percent, according to astronomers, of star systems are estimated in our galaxy to be binary. And when we use the broad definition of a star, it can be a dwarf star that never lit, it can be one that temporarily lit and went fizzled out, it can be a regular yellow dwarf, like ours, or a bigger star that burns out pretty quick, like a blue giant or whatever that can burn out real fast.

Our star is the type that lasts a longer time. And then we can have a large planetoid-like object that can give off more radiation in certain bandwidths than it receives. So if you look at Jupiter, Jupiter by that definition is a star, because it gives off more x-ray and more infrared radiation than it receives from the Sun.

BR: Sure.

BD: So Jupiter is a star, according to that astronomical definition, and the dwarf star that is approaching is also a star. Now, because we have a plasma universe we have this heliosphere around the earth, and around the solar system, and it is all part of what is called the 'Oort cloud', which is another belt of debris beyond the edge... beyond, you know, where Pluto is one of these Oort cloud items, right?

BR: Yup.

BD: And a thing they call 'Sedna' which is ... they thought Sedna is actually bigger than Pluto. Pluto has now been demoted to be kind of like an Oort cloud object and Sedna is a bigger object out there. Sedna.

BR: Yup. Yup.

BD: Now what happens is when an object approaches that has large mass, it perforates like a balloon this plasma field which is positive – net positive outside the solar system – and the Sun is giving off all this negatively charged plasma in the form of the solar wind. And that plasma means there’s... that you’ve got like a balloon! So it pops the balloon, and a spike of discharge plasma jumps across interstellar space in the solar system, and it can do all kinds of things.

The first thing it can do, you can get a big mass solar ejection. Now, when we think this happened, the solar mass ejection was in October of 2005. And I went back and I done my calculations and October 2005 is when we think it happened because it was then – and I think a little afterward – there were evidence there were several mass solar ejections that occurred between then and December.

So that by December they actually created, NASA and the International Solar Scientists, astronomers, created two new classes of solar mass ejections.

BR: Yup.

BD: An X and an M class.

BR: Yup.

BD: That meant that the balloon was popped around that time, around the fall or early winter of 2005, and so that it had entered the... what is called the 'external plasma field', the positive side of the plasma field of the solar system. Right?

BR: Okay, yup. Yup.

BD: So if you talk about that velocity and of course as it approaches the Sun, it’s velocity will increase.

BR: Yup.

BD: Right, because it's going to be yanked in by the Sun...

BR: Yup.

BD: ...and then it will whip past it and then [makes whooshing sound] head back out from the space into hyper-elliptical orbit.

BR: Yup.

BD: Now it’s approaching what’s called 'below the ecliptic', which means it’s below the plateau of the planets which circulate like a disc around the Sun.

BR: Yup.

BD: So its effects would be expected to pull a plasma discharge from the Sun below the ecliptic, or below the plane of the Earth as it approaches, and so it’s more likely to affect the Southern Hemisphere.

BR: Sure.

BD: All right?

BR: Yup

BD: It is also is more likely to induce a tweak if you want to call it, like a 'ping', like an electromagnetic pulse weapon. And that 'ping' will kind of vibrate these Jell-O of the Earth and these sliding pieces of interlocked and carved pineapple, so they will jostle against each other as the energy is released with the plasma of the Earth, which is like a laden jar absorbing all this plasma energy, and if it hits specific frequencies or a specific angle, it’s going to make the energy release in a certain plates first before it releases in others.

And there will be a kind of a, we call it a 'coup-contrecoup effect' where it will hit one place, and then like South America, and Concepción, South America, and then it will ping and hit the opposite side of the earth which is in China. So if you actually look at the areas where these big earthquakes are happening, it’s a coup-contrecoup effect where you hear 'ping, ping', almost like something bouncing around inside a giant ball.

BR: Got it. Yeah, okay.

BD: Right? So you have the energy bouncing around and as it bounces around, if it hits the earth, it’s likely to bounce, bounce, and it may have a slight change in angle, but it’s going to hit a primary area and then a secondary area; like your head bouncing around in your skull, when you have a car accident, and you bang your head and your brain is bouncing around so you get a damage on one side and a contrecoup on the other side.

BR: Okay.

BD: So we’ve got these three spheres: the outer mantle and the crust, then you’ve got the lower mantle, which is a streaming ball of superheated plasma and nuclear reactions occurring. So in other words, above the iron solid core of the Earth, there is a zone of seething... The Earth is a nuclear reactor, okay?

And in fact if you go down and look at the magma, and the content of the heavy metals and the radioisotopes, say in Yellowstone Park, the reason why that super caldera is so darn active is because if you sample the type of material in the magma, it’s an incredibly high concentration of uranium and radioisotopes, so when the mass comes together it gets critical and it’s hotter than just ordinary magma from the earth.

BR: Right.

BD: You follow me?

BR: Yup.

BD: So in other words, all magmas are not created equal.

BR: Okay.

BD: The magma that is coming up in Hawaii has different characteristics and mineral content than the magma in... a little different silica, uranium, whatever, than other magmas. And in the magma in Yellowstone is really radioactive.

BR: Hmm.

BD: And of course it makes sense. That’s why the largest storehouse of uranium on the planet is in Saskatchewan, Canada, which is not far from that area.

BR: Okay.

BD: So, central and northern North America have the largest concentration of radioisotopes on the planet.

BR: Okay.

BD: Okay?

BR: Right.

BD: So, what we have is in these converging cycles. Here's the sequence of events: we have fluctuating rain and sunlight, which is occurring now, in other words the seasons are all mixed up, so it gets real hot, like I’m in California here. And it gets hot for a couple of days and then it dies and gets rainfall.

The La Niña effect is volcanoes from the Galapagos Islands a thousand miles off the coast in this giant chain of islands, like a radiator pumping superheated water, and the oceans are turning over driving moisture that changes the trade winds and the jet stream, and pushes moisture toward North America, California, the west and around the world in the Northern Hemisphere, and that's why we're getting so much rain.

BR: Right.

BD: There is a direct link. So rainfall increases, which is the primary cause of ice ages. Silver dioxide increases, which is a more important driver than methane or carbon dioxide – they are minor factors. The most important factor is sulfur dioxide. The second one is water vapor. And the third, which is not recognized, is cosmic particles and dust, because cosmic particles act as a... is source for micronuclei to help form rain droplets, right?

BR: Okay.

BD: So what we’ve got now is these events which means ... crop failures. Long before you ever have 'an ice age', you're going to have fluctuating weather and rain when it shouldn’t be so crops will die, or drying or drought when it shouldn’t be, and then extreme rains at other times – which is what we're seeing.

And then it will start converting where you will see, let’s say, snow in the middle of the northern United States into the first week in July or something like that. And then in a year or two or three years later, it will be like the snow’s not gone away by the middle of the summer.

And then it will start accumulating, and because the rainfall and the precipitation rate rises, it's been estimated that the rate of snow accumulation that happened in an ice age accumulated at a 100-feet of snowfall per year. And didn't melt.

BR: That’s a lot of snow and that’s kind of hard to believe.

BD: Right, but that’s actually what was calculated. That that’s the kind of rate of snowfall, a 100 to 200 or more feet of snow, per year, that doesn’t melt, and then of course when it packs down it forms this massive iceberg overburden...

BR: Hmm.

BD: ...and of course if you’ve got buildings there, they are going to get crushed in no time at all. And I would know, I’ve lived in Canada. So if you’ve got 4 or 5 feet of snow, or 6 feet on your roof, you don’t shovel it off, your roof is going to get broken.

And if you don’t have the right pitch to the roof and strong enough timbers, it will smash through your roof pretty easily. Warehouses are flat, dangerous. You got to get it shoveled off.

BR: Okay.

BD: So here’s what is happening: if you actually... One of the best ways to monitor the weakness of the magnetic field is to monitor the higher-energy ultraviolet light on the Earth. Now, in Canada they report the UV index across the country, right?

BR: Okay.

BD: What we should be doing is, everybody should have a – and I have checked it out and found out you can get them, – a small portable ultraviolet monitor, and then record the numbers and record our location. For example, here in America you can use your code, … your area code, you know, your postal code.

BR: Okay.

BD: Or if you could record a lot of longitude and latitude, we could create a real time map each day that would tell us if there are specific areas of especially weakening magnetic field which creates the ozone layer to protects us from radiation.

Because a 45 minute drop of 65 to 75 percent in the ozone layer would kill – if it was over the oceans – the upper ten meters, the benthic layer of the ocean that generates 90 percent of the world’s oxygen, and would kill all the grassy plants and one-third of the trees. Because one-third of the trees at any one time is in bloom, depending on whether it’s mid year or whatever.

So you would affect one-third of the trees, all the grassy plants in the hemisphere we are exposing, and any oceans that are directly under an ozone hole even if it repaired itself within an hour.

And of course once the phytoplankton die, you get a bloom of the algae and the zooplankton, and you get the release of domoic acid that kills – that’s d-o-m-o-i-c, domoic acid – that kills all of the animal life, the fish, etcetera, etcetera, so you get this massive explosion. It's almost like the plagues of Egypt that’s played out again in an environmental sequence of a cascade of events that all started from the death of the ocean-life caused by the bloom of red algae. Right?

BR: And it could really happen that quickly?

BD: Yeah, it could actually happen within hours.

BR: Okay.

BD: It would start to happen within hours. It would take weeks to culminate, but the massive bloom would start killing off the life. And it may not be a big hole; it could be a hole that may cover, let’s say, the South Pacific or the North Atlantic, whatever: the hole could just kind of go ‘poof’ and appear and then disappear, and you wouldn’t even know it except all of a sudden you have a giant red tide.

BR: Okay.

BD: So a red tide is a way to measure it, and it was over a continental area.

And people don’t realize this: if you have high-energy ultraviolet C light and you expose an animal or a human to it, even a matter of minutes, it turns off your NKT killer cells, so you can’t fight infection or cancer.

BR: Mm-hm...

BD: So if you blast someone with even a number of minutes, 20 minutes, of high-energy C, your immune system goes to sleep. It shuts off.

BR: And it doesn’t turn back on again.

BD: It can but it takes a little bit of work and nutraceuticals to do that because you, basically, your shields are down.

BR: Okay.

BD: It shuts off your immune system.

BR: Okay.

BD: So, high-energy A is the one that will tan you, B will burn you, and C will give you cancer. That’s the way to remember it.

BR: Right. Okay.

BD: Now, so you got... here’s what we have now. So we've got some solid things to work from and some science. Some of it is going to be in the public domain that people can... They can go to what's called the, astro ... viewer, v-i-e-w-e-r, dot com.

They can punch in a constellation like a city and a constellation, and they can see when they can see Scorpio – because that’s the direction it’s going to come in – and they can see what time of the year...

The particular danger time, the future, is going to be when Earth is coming in its cycle around the Sun, and it’s within an arc of, say, 10 or 20 degrees either side of the constellation Scorpio, and this dwarf star is approaching from the ecliptic and has now passed beyond Mars, and is between Mars and Earth.

BR: And when it that likely to be?

BD: Well, that’s the thing. We are making some calculations that if we can see perturbations of the asteroids... And that’s why I want people to research and get back to me on this, because people out there listening can check these things out. Once we can see if there are perturbations, meaning they can see the asteroids being disturbed or fired off, and land, and hit...

BR: Hm-mm.

BD: ...for example, Jupiter. We can see if there is any impacts of asteroids being yanked into Jupiter or sent elsewhere that can be viewed, like on... what they call this 'blip technology', where you look to see if there is a change in, you know... they call it ‘blip’ where you see something that wasn’t there the next hour, or so many hours later.

BR: Yeah. Okay.

BD: So the idea is, if there's amateur and professional astronomers out there, they're going to see perturbations indicating that there is something big that’s gravitationally affecting these asteroids.

BR: And this isn’t going to be too long, surely, before that community starts to communicate about this. I mean, once this is out...

BD: Well there are going to be whistle blowers inside, there’s going to be few people that, especially if they hear this, they’re going to say, 'Well, the gig is up.'

BR: Uh-huh.

BD: Because you see, I have regular sources and I have classified sources that have been sending me information for about the past five years...

BR: Mmh.

BD: ...from the SPT, the South Pole Telescope. Now America put in an enormous amount of money to the SPT. They also have what's called a 'neutrino telescope' that’s actually underneath the ice shelf there. It is built actually underneath the ice and you can’t see it.

BR: Yup.

BD: It’s called a 'neutrinoscope' and it’s a special lab that’s set up actually under the ice. Because neutrinos will zip right through, and you can actually view the neutrinos in that area of the sky because there is nothing to block it. There is no magnetosphere to block it, basically. So if you use a neutrinoscope, you can see the neutrino flow from the Sun, and you can see other things going on in the galaxy.

BR: Okay.

BD: It’s also a great position to have a ground-based x-ray telescope because you can look out into space, or an infrared telescope, and you can see things much clearer than you can, except if you put something in orbit...

BR: Yup.

BD: ...which is why the South Pole Telescope, the SPT, is not just a visual but it's an infrared-type telescope that can see much more than the regular, you know, light-based telescope alone.

BR: Sure, okay.

BD: Okay? So they know this is coming in. The globalists have been building giant facilities for... We talked about this today with Joel Skousen. Just in Russia, in the Ural Mountains, they did build since the early ’80s, late ’80s, they built two facilities that are large enough to house, inside them, greater than the Greater Washington Area. Just one of them. Okay?

BR: Yup.

BD: That’s how big they are.

BR: Yup.

BD: Okay? They're larger than the Greater Washington Area. That’s big!

BR: Sure.

BD: It means they can hold between two and five hundred thousand people, factories, hospitals, greenhouses, everything you can think of; factories for making nuclear weapons, whatever you want. Okay? And that’s only Russia, just two of the big ones. They got lots of little ones.

I've been told this by John Fialla who worked with Phil Schneider, that back by the early ’90s there were over 4,200 facilities on Earth, all the way from buildings that were, you know, 600 feet below ground, to facilities that are two miles or three miles below ground, or more. So these...

BR: Hmm. So what could the dwarf star do if it starts...

BD: Well the dwarf star is going to cause a... What it's going to do is this.

It will cause the Sun to burst out sun spots and solar mass ejections, and that will perturb the magnetosphere of the Earth which will, that bow shockwave will cause a release of plasma to cause major superquakes and volcanoes, increased rainfall and cause super earthquakes, and could break off the Azore Island, the volcanic island there in the Azores, off the African coast, that could cause a tsunami 540 miles per hour, heading toward North America at 800 to 900 feet high.

BR: Okay.

BD: And in the Pacific, it could break off, it’s like a giant mushroom the way the Mauna Loa earthquake is growing. And there is a report that, I think 450,000 to 500,000 years ago, there was another volcanic island in the mid Pacific where it built up like a giant mushroom.

You don’t realize how deep it is there. The depth of the water off of the Hawaiian Islands is miles down. And so what it does is, the column builds up, builds up, builds up, and it has a shelf where the magma builds up and flows over the side, and it forms, if you look at it from the side it looks more like a big mushroom. It doesn’t form like a cone; it forms like a mushroom because once it goes a certain distance down, it just cools and hardens.

Well, if that breaks off because of a major superquake, you’ve got a giant slide of Mauna Loa. And Mauna Loa, according to the San Jose Earthquake Tsunami Center and the Research Center in Switzerland – where they're the two top centers in the world, – they predicted that it would create a quake, ah, sorry, super tsunami that would be Mach 1 – or 740 miles per hour – traveling toward all of the Pacific coastal areas – Japan, North America, South America – at half a mile high, and traveling at 740 miles per hour.

BR: Right.

BD: So that’s a real possibility. Now we’re not talking about Roland Emmerich’s... where the whole Earth is swept by earthquake, by tsunamis across the Rocky Mountains and all that stuff. But, we are talking about some pretty big tsunamis that might not occur early but occur late, as there may be what I call a 'superquake'.

And I don’t think there is going to be more than one. I think they are going to be building, building, building, and if there is a major flip in the magnetic field and there is a major, what I call, 'global superquake' where you get a massive release in quakes all over the Earth at the same time, [then there is] the probability of a super tsunami hitting the coastal areas.

Now, in the kill zone, off just the coastal areas, there is 80 percent of the world population within 100 miles. Okay?

BR: Right.

BD: So, the governments are not preparing the people for this at all.

BR: Mm-hm.

BD: So that itself is suspicious and another ... one of the things I learned years ago, is: never think you are on the right trail until you get a strong government denial...

BR: [laughs]

BD: ...or a strong denial by anybody. In other words, it’s like what are you holding behind your back, when you walk into the house and your friend, or your wife or husband has got their hands behind their back, you wonder what do they have in their hands.

BR: [laughs] Yeah, right. Yes, yes.

BD: [laughs] So, what are they hiding, you know? It’s like, 'I want to know.' Inquiring minds... So, what we’ve got now is we got a situation where we know there's going to be food shortages. We know that they're trying to create a matrix.

We know that they are building underground bases at a feverish pace. I mean ... I don’t have enough time to tell you all the things I know about all the bases but they’re... they’re enormous and they're everywhere.

BR: Yup, yup,

BD: They're building an average one, in America, just in the continental United States, lower 48, every seven weeks.

BR: Yeah.

BD: They're completing another base that's average between 4½ and 7½ cubic miles in size.

BR: Yeah.

BD: That’s big.

BR: Yup. Yup, yup.

BD: Now there were just two recently finished in Norway, that were 12 cubic miles in size. They were building two giant super ones in Norway. The Norwegians are a very big part of this, and they also have their own ionosphere heater that's part of our world ionosphere heater array system, like HAARP and so on. It’s more than just...

BR: Yes.

BD: ...the United States. There are other countries doing this too.

BR: Yes.

BD: And it’s really stupid but they're doing. That’s why they hit the Bulava rocket from Russia and spun it around and made it do all those weird things.

BR: Mm-hm.

BD: It’s them messing around with the Earth, because when they put that energy up, they can trigger an earthquake at a distance thousands of miles away. They can move the jet stream, they can cause a super volcano or a volcano to go off that's been storing energy that might not happen for 10,000 or 100,000 years...

BR: Mmh.

BD: ...and they can make it happen early.

BR: Mm-hm. Yup. Okay.

BD: So, not smart. Really stupid stuff they’re doing.

BR: Okay.

BD: So, where we're going is this: we’ve got an economic system which, in the fall of 2008, they literally are collapsing and then pulling the money and credit out of the real economy into a casino economy. And according to economic experts, they have contracted the world economy by one quarter of the money on the planet. One quarter of the wealth has disappeared. Wealth doesn’t disappear.

BR: It doesn’t disappear. [laughs]

BD: It moved into the casino economy, like energy and matter. Just like a white hole, black hole. If matter goes into the black hole, it emerges from a white hole in a different part of the galaxy, right?

BR: [laughs] Yes. Exactly. Yes. Exactly.

BD: Crazy with money. Same part as money. It doesn’t go anywhere. Just like our spirits never can be destroyed. They are just going to appear elsewhere and we may not remember, like Cylons, but we’re still us, okay?

BR: Yup. Yes, yes.

BD: So, here is the issue. They know this, and when the big aha comes it’s like all these converging cycles tells us, and this is why all these prophets are doing, I call, you know, they talk about the Nostradamus effect. They had the series but they didn’t come to the conclusion of... they all looked at it just prophetically.

What I’m telling you here, to be verified scientifically, if you look out with satellites, if you look at the geological record, if you look at the magnetic record of the magnetite in the rocks and volcanoes, if we look at all these evidences of species die-off or the telluric fields in the oceans...

Because when these pole reversals happen, it kills on average 84 percent of the life in the oceans, and it kills 14 percent of the life on land. So it’s more dangerous, because oceans are very conductive of electric currents. So if there is a lot of plasma discharges through the oceans, a lot of the ocean-based life forms are going to get fried.

BR: Yeah.

BD: Okay?

BR: Okay.

BD: That’s why the telluric currents drove out the worms or the snakes or the frogs from the ground, because the ground has got lots of moisture down there or whatever. So we have that.

So in other words, here’s what I’m predicting, and I'm going to expand on my talk when I speak in Santa Clara, California on June 6, [2010.] I’m predicting that we are going to have a move to try to set up a false flag like a nuclear explosion in one or more cities, in the United States, just like they talked about in this conference.

Because they want the distraction of us to have to go to war, to pull us out of the so-called depression, which they created. And at the same time, they also want us to be distracted and have a full biometric system set up so [that] they have total control of the population, so that we won’t interfere with their survival when they take their golden tickets and go underground.

BR: Yeah.

BD: So the real thing is – even a war or a pestilence, or any of these things – is: Don’t tell the public, distract them with war, austerity, famine and depression, so they won’t interfere with us going underground to hide from what’s coming, so we can re-emerge decades or centuries later when the Earth is fit to live in.

BR: Okay.

BD: Okay?

BR: Yup.

BD: And where the big aha comes is that we now know that the magnetic flip of the Sun is about to happen in less than two years, and the magnetic flip of the Earth has already started, which means it can tip it over. So it’s going to flip completely.

When that happens, what happens is we’ve got two spinning spheres. We’ve got the sphere of the outer crust, of the crust in the outer mantle, and then we’ve got the inner mantle, which is radioactive. And the engine driving the magnetic field creating this magnetic flux field – we call our 'magnetosphere' – rotating around this iron core, and they are differentially rotating, and, in a sense, if you have the... like a spinning top that's gradually twisting and rotating 43 kilometers per year further northward, westward, toward Siberia.

So, in other words, this inner mantle is actually spinning but actually moving and rotating, and moving its precession of its North Pole toward Siberia.

BR: Right.

BD: And the crust and the upper mantle isn’t. So there is going to be a differential force when that flip happens magnetically. The two are going to move, how can I say it, back into phase – which means it’s going to abruptly yank the crust and the upper mantle to be moved, so that the North Pole rotational axis will move toward Siberia.

BR: Right. Now, we spoke about this a few months ago, and you described then that you felt that this effect was going to happen pretty much a walking pace over a several month period ...

BD: Yeah, it will be. It is going to be walking pace because of the inertial forces and the internal viscosity between the upper and lower mantle, right? The internal viscosity there.

BR: Okay.

BD: So it’s going to move at a relatively slow pace, so that’s not going to create a super tsunami like Emmerich talked about. If we have tsunamis at all – and again, that’s still a question – it can only occur if you have something like a supervolcano break-off or we have a major slide of a – like a lahar – of a giant ice field, like in Norway...

BR: Okay.

BD: ...and giant glaciers, where you get, you know, hundreds of square miles of glaciers to decide to finally go to the ocean. So, those are the things that are going to precipitate it. It's not going to be a continental flip where all of a sudden, in a matter of hours, the continents start moving, you know, a thousand miles an hour. It’s not going to happen.

BR: Okay. Yeah.

BD: Because the atmosphere would explode with fire and everything would be burned up to a crisp and there wouldn’t be any species left.

BR: Yeah.

BD: And an historical geological record shows that it has never happened.

BR: Right.

BD: Because this is happening periodically all the time.

BR: Okay.

BD: Now, during this time when the magnetic field drops, it drops toward around 15 percent and then it flips. And it is already dropping at an ever increasing pace, so it means that it is about to flip and it probably is going to flip in the next two years. The magnetic field of the Earth.

BR: Yup.

BD: That process may not lead immediately to that – what I call the 'crustal upper mantle slip' – until it could be a few years after that. But it’s going to occur at some point in the next, I think, five, six years. We’re going to see a crustal slip that will move the axis of the North Pole toward Siberia.

And, from what I've been reading and analyzing, I’m estimating it is going to move about 1,200 miles toward Siberia, which means the Northern Hemisphere, North America, Canada, and the United States... Canada will occupy the geographical position of the United States, and the United States will occupy the geographical position of Mexico and Central America.

BR: Yeah.

BD: Okay?

BR: Now... the... Okay.

BD: It's also going to angle them so that the actual angular positions of the continents are going to move. Plus, there will be some areas, because of this... And I have the FEMA documents – this is another piece – from John Moore. We’ve got our sources that actually are sending us the actual documents, 400 pages, that the Federal Government has known for 25 years. And FEMA. And the U.S. Navy, etcetera, and all these lettered agencies.

They have known [that] there's going to be major – within like a month or two, a couple of months – major rises in sea levels and coastal areas, and it's going to be caused by the movement of the continents at a, what I call a 'drift' pace – which I talk about, like a 1.6 miles per hour. Which in two months would move North America 1,200 miles.

And what that will do is, because of the bulge of the Earth, there's areas that are going to be elevated and there's other areas that are going to sink.

BR: Yeah, sure, yeah. Because the water has got to go somewhere. And...

BD: It’s got to go somewhere and...

BR: Yeah.

BD: ...that change in bulge is going to change the shape of the Earth.

BR: Yup.

BD: And it's also going to shape the areas where the coastal... And the thing is, on the east coast of the United States, you can go two or three hundred miles in and you are only two or three hundred feet above sea level.

BR: Yes, sure, yes. John Moore has been talking about this for about a couple of years now, and actually...

BD: Yeah.

BR: was one of his ... radio shows that he did that really helped me understand this question that I have been asking for a while, which is ‘Where does all the water goes?’

BD: Yeah, it’s not going to happen just because of...

BR: Yeah.

BD:’s not going to happen just because of the poles melt, which would take them a century or more.

BR: That’s right.

BD: It’s going to happen relatively quickly, that all of a sudden the coast line is going to move in, two or three hundred miles in.

BR: Yes. Because I had been asking, 'Where does all the water come from?' And then he made a very simple and elegant little description which you've just actually emulated here. And then finally I understood that, and a lot of other people did as well. So...

BD: Yeah, and it also means some areas that are kind of below the ocean are going to come back almost like the ancient prophecies that were given, that Atlantis would rise out of the ocean.

BR: Mm-hm. Yup.

BD: For example, one of the areas that I know that's going to rise up is going to be the Northeastern of the United States, up around the area of the Georges Bank area, off of Hatteras and toward the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia. And those areas will rise up, at the same time those other areas are going to fall down. They are going to sink.

BR: Yeah. Yes, now, let me share something with you Dr. Bill. And this is going to be in two parts because I can say something on record here...

BD: Uh-huh.

BR: ...and then off record, I would like to tell you the name of our source because this is somebody who you know, and it’s a quite interesting little story here. It may resonate with you.

BD: Great.

BR: We were contacted a couple of years ago, in October 2007, by someone whose name almost everyone listening to this would easily recognize, or would ring a bell with.

BD: Yeah, in other words they kind of know who it was, you mean, just by the science or what they're doing or what they're reporting?

BR: Just by the guy’s name. And this was somebody who has got quite a common name, and he emailed us just a little one-liner. You get these all the time as well, I’m sure, saying, saying...

BD: [laughs] Yeah I do. I get lots of whistle blowers that kind of send me little tidbits here and there, and sometimes big documents and...

BR: Well...

BR: ...other stuff, some of it I haven’t even released. So go ahead, yeah.

BR: That’s right. But it’s interesting, isn’t it? Because I guess you've had the experience that sometimes somebody has got a lot to say, will just open it up with a little sentence and just see whether you are smart enough to pick up on it or not.

BD: Right.

BR: And what this guy did, was he just emailed us a little one-liner saying, 'Hey great web site, good job. I’m a supporter of your work.'

And then I emailed him back, saying, 'Are you who I think you are?' [laughs]

BD: [laughs]

BR: Because he had this common name, and he wrote back and he said, 'Well actually, I am that guy.'

BD: Right.

BR: And in the meantime, I was able to independently check his email address so it wasn’t some guy pulling a stunt. And this was the man, and this guy is a brilliant scientist. And I said to him, 'Okay, you are on the inside. It’s a pleasure to talk to you. Thanks for complimenting us on our work. Do you have anything by any chance that you would like to share with us, because we are listening carefully.'

And he said, 'Well, actually, I do.' And this guy, he is a brilliant physicist, and he said that he was contracted to the Department of Homeland Security with a top secret clearance. And that got me thinking. It’s like, 'Wait a minute, what is a scientist doing working for the Department of Homeland Security?' [laughs]

BD: Yeah, what is a physicist working for Homeland Security, yeah.

BR: And he said he didn’t like to be the bearer of bad news. He said that we were going to be in for quite a tough time. He said there were going to be three basic events that were going to occur over the next few years. He said there is going to be coronal mass ejection...

BD: Right.

BR: ...magnetic pole reversal, culminating in a polar shift. And that’s what he said.

BD: Exactly, and that’s exactly what I have said too.

BR: And that’s what he said, and I got back to him straight away.

And I said, 'Wait a minute, how can you know that there is going to be a coronal mass ejection? I thought these events were random.'

And he got back and he said, 'I apologize.' He said, 'I haven’t communicated with anyone outside the National Security community for five years. I cannot say anymore. Please understand this.'

BD: Well, I'll tell you what will trigger it. What's going to trigger it is...

BR: Okay. The, the, what, how, how...

BD: ...the approaching dwarf star, yeah. The approaching dwarf star will trigger it.

BR: I understand that now. Because now these pieces are beginning to come together and that’s how the whole event becomes predictable, because they're watching this thing and they know the electric universe model pretty well.

BD: That’s why... I’m going to read off, actually, I pulled up while we were talking here, the WISE mission assembled and preparing for launch. This is back July 10 last year, 2009, Pasadena, California. I’m going to read the first couple of sentences.

NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE, has been assembled and is undergoing final preparations for a planned Nov. 1 launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif.

Now, people should know from my reports over the last 11 years [skype connection momentarily interrupted] ... [or both the] Prophecy Club and my show and with other conferences, that the top world, main space program for planet Earth and for America is at Vandenberg. Vandenberg is where the real space program is, not the tinker toy one that's on the East Coast, okay?

BR: Okay.

BD: That’s the real space program, with the TR3B which is out of China Lake and other places where a lot of these other things... the real research is occurring in California. Most of the science and the scientists that are behind the real space program are based in California.

BR: Okay.

BD: Okay?

BR: Okay.

BD: Now, of course, so that is why it's tighter than JPL.

The mission will survey the entire sky at infrared wavelengths, creating a cosmic clearinghouse of hundreds of millions of objects --

Now the 'objects', [that's] interesting.

-- everything from the most luminous galaxies, to the nearest stars, to dark and potentially hazardous asteroids.

So what they're saying is they’re launching this because they're looking for something.

BR: Right.

BD: And they know that you got to look in the infrared wave lengths to see, and they are also going to do... If people Google this and they go to my website Clay and Iron, because I ... this is totally searchable. Just type in 'Chandra', C-h-a-n-d-r-a, like the Indian name?

BR: Yup.

BD: Chandra. And if they go to, they're going to pull up the actual reports of the Chandra X-ray telescope that reports this object coming in, in the inner solar system between Jupiter and the Sun. That’s a fact. The same as the SOHO, it’s showing strange sun activity with decrease and now we’re going to be in an increase.

And they're telling us, specifically in public reports, that the end of the Solar Cycle 24 – which is just the next year and a half – is going to be 50 percent more active than any previously recorded sun cycle. That means right back to Galileo, 24 cycles. This is going to be the most active sun cycle...

BR: Mmh.

BD: recorded history.

BR: Yeah.

BD: That’s what they say. I’m not a solar scientist. I’m just reporting and putting all these pieces together, like a mathematician who's assembling pieces on a board and trying to draw equations and say, 'If this corollary is true, and if this observation is true, [then this is] what I see coming.'

BR: Yup.

BD: The thing that I think is criminal is that both the scientists and the politicians are not telling the public. Because if you were to know, for example, with a certain percentage of probability, that a solar activity would create a pole shift which would cause a break-off of a major section of the Mauna Loa supervolcano in Hawaii, that would cause a tsunami to strike California with a wall of water, traveling at Mach 1 at half a mile high, I think it would be criminal not to tell those people to get out of the way.

I think that knowing that the kill zone of super quakes and super tsunamis, for example this big earthquake that struck in the Baja... they know very well that this is releasing energy and will cause forth after-quakes all the way along the San Andreas fault.

Now I mentioned this on previous shows, and I don’t know what year it is, but I know that in an April or May time period, the spring time period, sometime in the next, say, three to four years, there's going to be a [skype connection momentarily interrupted] ... [earth]quake strike Northern California.

BR: Why springtime, Dr. Bill?

BD: I don’t know. It’s just one of things that I’ve... You know how you are there? You’re almost like ... I call it 'the standing vision' where you're there and you can see it happening.

BR: Okay.

BD: I don’t know why.

BR: Okay.

BD: But I'll tell you one thing. There are several things that cause earthquakes to happen, in timing. One is it’s a high tide and it's a new moon. It is a specific time when the stretch on the Earth’s crust is greatest because of high tide and new moons.

BR: Yes.

BD: And that is well established too. So there's a number of these forces, that if you could, like ah, you know, you could work out these converging events between, you know, precession of the equinoxes, high tide, new moon, approaching object, earthquakes, etcetera, etcetera, coup-contrecoup earthquakes in other parts of the world; you could probably calculate together with a computerized model and predict, during a period of time, for example when the Earth is coming around the Sun, let’s say within 20 degrees of either side of the masses from the Sun to the constellation Scorpio – because this object is approaching that way, – you could estimate that a solar mass ejection anywhere within that arc is likely to cause a major perturbation of the Earth’s bow shock, of its magnetosphere, and will trigger off super earthquakes and a magnetic pole shift.

BR: Do you feel that this is now...

BD: So that should tell us where we’re at. In other words, the astral viewer is one of those tools along with others. So if people who are listening that are scientists whatever, they should say, 'Oh, maybe he’s got something there.'

Take this stuff together, challenge it. Prove that it’s not true.

BR: Yup.

BD: But the fact is, it is true. We do know that there is an object. It’s called 'Nemesis', is the best term for it. It's the term used by scientists that I know, for this approaching dwarf star. I don’t like to use the term 'Planet X' because it's not a planet.

BR: Right.

BD: It's a highly compressed dwarf star, and it has a thermal signature and it has an x-ray signature, but it's not... and it has a lot of debris around it, you know, asteroids, comets, and other junk.

BR: Yup.

BD: So we need to, we should call it what it is, instead of just calling it a planet. That makes us look like we’re nuts.

BR: Yup. Yes. Andy Lloyd has got it right then when he's talking about a brown dwarf, basically. Right?

BD: It is. It's a brown dwarf.

BR: Yeah. Okay.

BD: Now, I hear other people making incorrect statements thinking it was here and it has passed out and is going back out. That’s ridiculous.

BR: Sure.

BD: And here’s where people can estimate not only the speed but the rate of acceleration. And if you are good at differential calculus, you might be able to figure this out.

If we know the direction that it's coming, we know that it broke the outer heliosphere of the solar system and broke through the plasma layer, the positive plasma layer, out at the Oort cloud in the fall of 2005, and we're now five years later, it may give us an idea of the relative speed of this object – especially if it's speeding up on a trajectory that will give us an estimate of the rate of acceleration.

And it will also give us an idea of the direction that the [skype connection momentarily interrupted] ... mass ejection, so it will tell us in which season, and which part of the Earth is exposed to the solar mass ejection that will cause the most earthquakes, the most damage to the ocean, and the most likely triggering events...

BR: Hmm.

BD: ...of super quakes in that particular zone of the Earth.

BR: Okay. But the amateur astronomers are going to be on to this within twelve months, aren’t they? Surely they have to.

BD: Well they’re going to. If they hear what I’m saying today, hopefully what they'll do, the amateur astronomers will get back to me and want to come on the show and on your show, and they'll start putting together models and doing blogs, and saying, 'Hey, we took this model...'

And it’s based on a whole lot of different people. We’ve got Larry Joseph...

BR: Yup.

BD: ...we’ve got scientists at the Johannesburg Magnetic Research Center, we’ve got Russian scientists that have done a ton of work on this, that I've talked to Larry and other experts about; I’ve got my sources from the South Pole Telescope, SOHO, ...

I’ve been very skeptical. I’ve gone all the way back to Mark Hazelwood and his book about Planet X, back in thinking it was going to come by in 2003. And he said, 'Yeah, I was wrong.' And this and that.

He wasn’t a scientist, but he knew it was coming because he looked at all [skype connection momentarily interrupted] ... the evidence and if you look at the ancient records, the object that came by that triggered off the Santorini supervolcano explosion that caused the plagues over Egypt, it was the same object.

BR: Yeah. Okay.

BD: Right? Now, we didn’t have the pole slip then because it occurred 3,600 years ago, but now we’ve got a convergence of two major events. We’ve got this returning dwarf star and a precession of the equinox that occurs half of 23,000 years, or 11,500 years, with a magnetic pole slip. That is going to be a convergence of two really big events.

BR: Yup. I gotcha. Mm-hm.

BD: And that’s why we... And we have solar things that are going to... because it’s plasma, and plasma discharges and perturbations over a magnetic sphere, and the trajectory, will tell us what season, what sector of the sky, which part of the Earth is exposed, which area is the area of danger. It’s gonna...

This model will allow people to challenge it and say, 'Look, if this is correct,' and again, this one here is why the WISE satellite is gonna tell us a lot. It will tell us a lot, if they're releasing the information. The problem is, we need a press with freedom of information to say, 'This is putting humanity in danger.'

If, for example, we were to know that it was going to affect a certain area or quadrant of the Earth, we would want to do mass evacuations before it happened. If we were to know that it was going to cause a tsunami and we had monitoring events... and here’s one of the monitoring things that I know about that's classified. Okay?

And a lot of people get ticked off when I say 'classified stuff'. We have a system that was developed back in the 1950s, called 'torsional vortex imaging'. And they basically call it 'gravitonic imaging' but it’s... When you have a gravity wave, it perturbs the magnetic flux lines, right?

BR: Right.

BD: But they found a way of imaging the magnetic flux lines so you could see if a submarine was two or three miles below the Pacific Ocean. So if the Russians had a stealth-sub loaded with [skype connection momentarily interrupted] ... [inter]continental, submarine-launched nuclear missiles, you could see it because you could see its perturbation of the magnetic flux lines at the bottom of the ocean.

BR: So it’s a way of detecting massive objects, basically, is what you’re saying. Yeah. Okay.

BD: Right, so you can see, and they can actually tell the shape of it, so depending on a catalog of objects that they've done this before, their little super computers can say, 'Object identified as Tupalov,' you know, 'Poseidon class submarine, Russian, whatever, RU415,' you know. In other words, they can actually come right down to tell you the class of submarine and which nation it's likely coming from.

BR: Okay.

BD: All right?

BR: Because it’s got its own fingerprints is what you’re saying. Yup.

BD: Right. They also use torsional vortex imaging because they can see right through the Earth. They can not only have mapped out in four dimensions – not just three; four – they've mapped out where all the minerals are, all the radioisotopes, all the iron, all the diamonds, ...

BR: Mmh.

BD: ...all the underground, all the tectonic plates, oceans of water, and methane gas: everything is mapped up. They have a supercomputer model of every single resource on the planet right down to the amiba.

BR: Yup.

BD: Okay?

BR: Yup.

BD: They know where everything is. So this idea that we have a shortage of energy is pure hogwash. You could have a wave, one of the most powerful waves to generate electricity. For example there is just a wave generator and I knew about the guy that actually had one, and he sent me the patent, and within two weeks of sending me the patent, three years ago, he died.

BR: Mmh.

BD: Right?

BR: Mmh.

BD: So the fact is, that we have tons of technology. Zero point energy, nuclear fusion. Tokamak nuclear fusion reactors. In fact the mining operation on the moon, the primary operation is Helium 3 to create Tokamak reactors that are our primary means of propulsion for interstellar travel.

BR: Mm-hm. Yeah.

BD: Right?

BR: Yup.

BR: That’s what we use. We use Helium 3. It’s a nuclear fusion reactor.

BR: Yup. Yup. [sighs]

BD: It’s totally clean, no radiation at all, and it creates what is called a 'plasma field'. And what they do is, a vehicle is pulled forward because they warp space time. That’s how they work.

BR: Yup.

BD: They warp space time, they create a gravitational well and the vehicle falls into that well. That’s how it works.

BR: It’s falling into the hole, yes I know. Yup, yup. Yup, yup.

BD: It’s always falling into a hole. It’s creating... It’s not pushing it from behind, it’s falling into a gravitational well called 'electrogravitonics', and they warp space time so there’s... it also pushes aside particles, including interstellar particles, and debris that would otherwise perforate through the craft and kill everybody in it...

BR: Yeah.

BD: ...including what is called 'Zeta particles' – and most people aren’t aware of Zeta. Zeta particles is what the astronauts saw when they went to the moon because there... you know, the tin can they put up to the moon, they could see these particles whipping through and they thought, 'Why am I seeing flashes of light?'

And it’s because the Zeta particles are hitting their rods and cones in their eyes, and they cause photon release that would go to the bipolar cells in the back of their eye and through their retina, their fovea, and go to their optic cortex and they thought, 'Gee, I’m seeing a flash.' It was because it was a Zeta particle from cosmic radiation hitting the back of their eye.

BR: Okay. Okay.

BD: All right?

BR: Yup, gotcha.

BD: So, all these things are beyond. See, human beings are the most amazing creature. We’re not a terrestrial creature. We’re a hyperdimensional creature. We actually have nine bodies, and I’ll explain it. Of course, this is something that some of the, quote, eight great avatars of.... The nine bodies are our fifth dimensional body, which is our, if you want to call it, our body of chaos. It’s one that exists in this physical now, level. I call it our worm, our physical presence, our pod for interfacing with the world.

And then there’s a body for each level of what I call the spiritual realm. So there’s seven dimensions there. So you have seven spirit bodies, and then the highest dimension is called the eternal now. So you have what you’d call the eternal body. And not everyone has achieved that. And so in other words, when people say they have an eternal soul, it’s not true. They’re trying to rise to that level where they have an eternal body. You follow me?

BR: Okay.

BD: Yeah. Now, the only way to achieve that is when your, well your – literally – your spirit body’s fused with the Creator’s will and you create that body. You literally get resurrected and you become a spirit person. So there’s literally simultaneous existence on these different planes. You exist in the physical plane which is a ... dimension, our five dimensions, the pentagram. The five lower dimensions of chaos, which include up, down, left, right.

Then space time and then warped space time, and the best description of space time is actually the magnetic flux field of a magnet. If you take a flux field of a magnet, when you take the two magnets, the space actually collapses between the two magnets as you bring it together, and it’s closer than the physical distance you moved it. And the mass of the magnets increases, so gravity is nonlinear space-mass conversion and magnetism is linear space-mass conversion.

BR: Ah...

BD: Does that make sense?

BR: Okay. I got you. All right. Yup. Mm-hm.

BD: So it’s very simple, but this explains it. Now that’s why the mass of a galaxy, there’s always a percentage that’s always the same in all galaxies that’s the black hole of the galaxy. And as matter enters it, it emerges in the stars and in the planets. So the planets aren’t created out of nothing.

They’re created because there’s an energy vortex, a spinning spiral of flux lines that accrete or pull together mass to make planets and... like Jupiter and Earth etcetera. In other words, it’s the energy fields that literally create and accrete the matter into a planet, and a star into a star. It doesn’t just happen.

BR: Yeah. Okay.

BD: In other words...

BR: Yup.

BD: The energy vortices actually accrete the matter and create it, and the white holes have mass that re-emerges from the center of the galaxy. Their accretion forms the stars.

BR: Yup. Okay. I’m with you, I’m with you.

BD: It’s the opposite of what people hear. They think that they just occur out of the gas clouds and they don’t. They’re spinning vortices of space time that literally accrete matter, and that’s how they form. So I’m telling people things that they... a lot of modern scientists don’t know this, but this is something they’ll prove later is true, okay?

Now, mankind is just one ... is in what is called a zero order civilization. We’re like in a crib. We’re in the uterus. There’s near seven billion souls in this huge [Skype connection momentarily interrupted] ... now at this point in space time, and we’re trying to, as a corporate civilization, there is an overseeing body of civilizations.

And the best way to describe it, they exist at a higher plane called the spirit or hyperdimensional planes. Now, that is beyond what we call space time as we know it. If you want to travel between this star system and another, you have to travel in physical space time which is the fourth dimension, right?

BR: Okay. Yup.

BD: In advanced flight travel, it travels at what we call warp speed where they actually warp space time, so you travel faster than the speed of light.

BR: And that’s folded space time.

BD: Right? Folded space time.

BR: Yup.

BD: Right?

BR: Mm-hm.

BD: So you fold space time and you jump across the galaxy. So instead of a 100,000 years, you jump across the galaxy in a matter of an hour, let’s say.

BR: Yup.

BD: Right?

BR: Yup, yup, yup.

BD: Now, this council is called the Council of the Eschaton. Okay? That’s the best way to describe it in our words, which Eschaton means the end of space time. In other words [Skype connection momentarily interrupted] ... beyond the dimensions of what we call space time of past, present and future. All right?

BR: Okay.

BD: So the spirit dimensions, or which is where our higher bodies or mind exist, our soul if you want to call it, it doesn’t exist in a physical dimension, which is all the psychic phenomenon and everything are actually just describing something that always has been. Not only for us, but for all the other creatures.

BR: Mm-hm

BD: They have a, in a sense, a higher dimensional existence.

BR: Yup.

BD: Do you see what that means? Which is why the natives know about...

BR: Absolutely I am. Yes of course.

BD: That’s why the natives know there’s a spirit behind the fish and the dogs and the trees and whatever. They had a higher dimensional existence. It wasn’t just us.

BR: Yes.

BD: We’re a higher form of the 'sentient beings.' So we’re like the gardeners...

BR: Yup.

BD: ...of the garden. Right?

BD: Yes. Yup. Totally.

BD: And there’s a collective called the Council of the Eschaton. And many of them are human or humanoid, but a little of them are not. They’re all the way from plasma beings to ... all kinds of creatures. They’re beyond the imagination or Star Trek or anything, and I’ve been there [Skype connection momentarily interrupted] ... face to face, okay?

So I know things that I’ve never explained to anybody. I’m going to explain some of them now. I’ve been to the Council, before the Council, three times. And I’m supposed to go there again soon.

And our Earth is hanging in balance, and the future is not solid, as I said before. The operations of a person who’s called to speak and brought to this space time or brought back here, is to give a guidance to the corporate, if you want to call it, the intentions of the public that create reality, which is why all the lettered agencies and all the governments and all the religions and all the educators are all just ad men.

They’re all just like, you know, like the mini series on TV... Mad Men, they’re Madison Avenue men. They’re marketing, because they know the marketing creates a psychic imprintation on the public’s consciousness, and the public’s consciousness literally manifests reality.

BR: Yes.

BD: You follow me?

BR: Yes, totally.

BD: So in other words, the engine of reality generation is us, and we’re being perturbed by both positive and negative forces that determine which pathway or timeline we’re going to follow.

BR: Okay.

BD: So when you have a great teacher, like Yeshua HaMashiach, who is 'the Son' or a higher being, the Father in the flesh – it’s the best way to explain it to people, because most people have a very rudimentary understanding of who he was.

BR: Hmm.

BD: He descended to our space time, and his father was not the Holy Spirit that entered a virgin. That’s another blasphemy. Because no Jew who is a Torah Jew will ever say that. He is the father, his physical fleshly father was a Jewish man, and his mother was a Jewish woman, period.

BR: Mm-hm.

BD: But his spirit was a great spirit. If you want to call it like the natives would say, what do they call it, Glooscap. He was the I am who I am. He is the initial I am. He had the full knowledge of the creation in his being. Okay?

BR: Mm-hm.

BD: Right?

BR: Yup, yup. I follow.

BD: So in other words, he already had... at the moment, the best way to describe [Skype connection momentarily interrupted] ... the moment he was a physical person on the Earth, he had all nine bodies. He had the internal spirit body of the eternal one.

BR: Okay.

BD: Does that make sense?

BR: Yeah, sure. That’s a good way to explain it all. Yes.

BD: So in other words, he was co-existent in eternity which is no past, present or future. At the same time he was a physical person on Earth.

BR: Yup.

BD: Now there are people who acquire their ninth body, their eternal body. And when they acquire that ninth body, okay, while they’re still physical on Earth, they’re called of the order of Melchizedek.

BR: Okay.

BD: All right?

BR: All right.

BD: Now you’ll hear references to it in the old Bible and there’s other terms, different terms used in different cultures, but that’s what they are. And over the expanse of human history, there’s 24 Melchizedek, which are basically those who understand the nature of reality, the nature of the universe, and are here as teachers to teach so that when the consciousness is changed, the public will choose a timeline [Skype connection momentarily interrupted] ... [and] civilization won’t become an abortuary. It will become a delivery room.

BR: Yeah. And the big oppor...

BD: And we will start interacting with advanced cultures.

BR: And the big opportunity here is that we have a vote. This is what, this is what this is all about.

BD: We have a vote. We’re totally... Listen, I don’t have... I’m not a dictator. I’m not a... I’m not starting any churches. People say, 'Well you should start a church.' I said, 'No. You are the church. You are the manifestation of the shattered visage of God himself. You are the... you are a light being becoming aware of the supreme nature of what you are and the fact that you have absolute ability to create yourself.'

So like, for example, when we talk about the Bible, God didn’t create evil. God didn’t create Lucifer as a light being that became Satan. He created a potential for ultimate infinite creativity in every being so that we can become whatever we decide to be, both personally and collectively. In other words, we are co-creators of our own universe.

BR: Okay.

BD: He’s created us literally to become his children. To become a creator of the universe. To manifest his will and Shama, and when you hear in the voice – it’s called the phonons, a vibration of the spirit – they light, because the energy, the beingness and the higher dimensional vibrational planes, when we know the will of the Creator, we literally become, literally, the intentional creators of the universe.

In other words, we create life extension, leaping across space time, interacting with advanced beings. In other words, the political system becomes irrelevant. The religious technology and dogma becomes irrelevant, because everything is swept aside and there’s only one truth. There’s not millions of truths. There’s not opinions. There’s simply the way it is.

BR: Okay. Yup.

BD: It’s all a matter of ignorance. In other words, the reason why we have thousands of religions and different scientific things, and the scientific method is, we’re ignorant.

BR: Yup.

BD: And ignorance is the basis for all these dialectics, and of course evil is using the dialectics of ignorance and controlled ignorance so it can lie to us about the nature [Skype connection momentarily interrupted] ...

BR: Yeah.

BD: ...[of what] we are so it can control us and steer our timeline toward its own purposes...

BR: Yeah.

BD: ...which is in a sense a form of corporate suicide.

BR: Yeah. Taking advantage of the whole thing by ... by ... putting one of these things against the other all the time.

BD: Right. Right, right. Now, here’s how this is coming together. There are many many rising up, and I believe that you are one of those rising up, to the great light, okay, and Kerry Cassidy, and all the other... and thousands of others that are starting to kind of get it. They are almost like the hundredth monkey [effect]. Think of us as neurons in the frontal lobe of mankind as a corporate being...

BR: [laughs]

BD: ...that is not only non local, but also stretches into the past and into the distant future. People like me and people like you. To look in the delivery room and say, ‘Let’s keep the abortionists under the delivery room. Let’s keep mankind on its proper rails, its timeline.

Let’s move toward where these converging events are not so much a question mark as an exclamation mark for mankind.’ And then if we decide to choose an intervention that will keep it to be a delivery room, we’ll prevent us from being destroyed from what’s coming.

BR: Right.

BD: But we can see from all these things that the scientists and the governments and the corporations have done a great evil by holding back this information.

When we see the information... I’m looking at this scientist that are here at WISE Project, scientist Peter Eisenstadt [Editor note: it's Peter Eisenhardt], in the Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp. in Boulder, Colorado, putting together this satellite? This is not right.

I’ll give you an example, and just to read down a paragraph here:

The infrared detectors on WISE will pick up the glow of roughly 1,000 brown dwarfs in our galaxy, including those coldest and closest to our solar system. In fact, astronomers say the mission could find a brown dwarf closer to us than the nearest known star, Proxima Centauri...

They’re saying it right here!

BR: Does it actually say that? [laughs]

BD: You could go read the article. Yeah I’m reading it...

BR: [laughs] That’s amazing. That’s amazing. [laughs]

BD: I’m reading it right here. Yeah I’m reading it here. I’m going to post it up on People can go there themselves.

BR: Okay.

BD: They can read it. Let me read this some more here:

By cataloguing the objects, the mission will provide better estimates of their sizes, a critical step for assessing the risk associated with those that might impact Earth.

It doesn’t need to impact. If you got a brown dwarf that’s 20 Earth masses, it could cause a solar mass ejection that could just trigger off super earthquakes of magnitude 9, 10 and 11.

It could precipitate a flip that may crash the ozone layer, so the only thing you’ll see is, if you go outside you’re gonna go blind and all the crops and one-third of the trees will die. And it may reverse itself in as little as 30 to 60 days, but anybody who is stupid enough during that time to go outside, they’re going to get third degree burns, their immune system will collapse and they’ll die of infection.

BR: Mm-hm.

BD: So people need to know what the real risks are, rather than Roland Emmerich or other people like the 2012 movie saying there’s a super tsunami that’s going to cross the continents. Yes there may be tsunamis, but there’s only certain things that are going to trigger it. If the continents are moving at 1.6 miles per hour, it’s not going to create a tsunami.

BR: Yeah.

BD: So I’m presenting this as a gift to the scientists. If you’re listening to this, scientists and astronomers and physicists and chemists and geologists that are looking at magnetic flux shifts, and biologists and volcanologists, you need... they got to stand up for mankind, and for mankind that will become part of the, I call it the midwifery, of the galaxy.

Part of the advanced civilization will move, as Michio Kaku says, not just from an energy culture that’s zero, that uses coal and burns things, but we’ll move to a culture where our spirituality will transcend religion, where we will transcend science and technology.

We won’t merge with it like the Cylons in the Galac... space... Galactica [Ed. Note: TV series Battlestar Galactica], but we will transcend technology because we’ll recognize what we are, and the nature of our universe. And if we don’t, this question mark of these converging events will become an exclamation mark, and the end of the civilization of mankind on this orb.

BR: Hmm.

BD: And it’s by design because it’s evil. And it goes back to Ananias, it goes back to the fish gods, the Gorgons, the Nephilim that came from the star system Orion – it's the reason why the positions of the three great pyramids of Giza, the Giza Plateau, are exactly in the positions of the primary stars of the belt of Orion, is because they’re the chief among the civilizations of darkness who have created chaos and transferred technology and avatared our culture, and steered the spirit bodies of our leaders by indwelling them like a parasite and steering them to crush, like slave masters, the rest of civilization and to drive us into the ground. And that’s why we’re in the state we’re in.

BR: Mmh.

BD: We’re been avatared into a trench of death and destruction.

BR: Hmm.

BD: And they’ve cursed their descendants. They’ve done sex magic and demonic rituals. They’ve passed these technologies of the spirit, of the hyperdimensional realms, on to the royals of Europe, and all of the rulers of the world are all occultists.

BR: Yup.

BD: That’s why when you go to JPL, you know, the original people who were working in NASA, that’s why when you go to NASA and all these things, they completely understand numerology, sacred geometry, ley lines, the hyperdimensional reality of the spirit realm – they completely understand that.

It’s not something foreign to them, these mathematicians and scientists. They all know it intuitively, because they wouldn’t even be there in a position of power unless they knew this in their inner being and weren’t even taught it.

BR: Yup.

BD: It’s part of their DNA.

BR: Yup, yup.

BD: Okay?

BR: And...

BD: Now when people grasp this, they have to understand what I’ve told here is a very big chunk of shocking reality, but they’d better wake up quickly, because we don’t have a lot of time left. And those who do know, like this scientist that contacted you, they need to come clean. They need to come clean with their name, they need to put out reports, they need to be honest.

They need to then challenge this theory that I’ve just put forward. They need to challenge the data. They need to track the perturbations of the asteroid belt. They need to track this with this WISE satellite and find out where the data is, and who’s hiding it and why we don’t have public disclosure. Because if we don’t, we’re going to have a major catastrophe.

BR: Yup. I’m 100% with you, Dr. Bill.

BD: Yup. Yup.

BR: And that’s a very eloquent summary. And let’s do what we can with this information. This is a fairly good quality recording we’ve got here, and I’ll be able to get that out with some supplementary information.

BD: I hope that gets out... yeah, and absolutely, I’m going to present this on my conference at Santa Clara, California, but before then I’m going to release more and more data. If they go to, they’re going to see some solid scientific information. They’re going to see references.

They’re going to see a theory put together, and I want it challenged, because if there are parts that need to be modified or tweaked, or data inserted to give it better predictive capacity....

What I’ve done is, there, I’ve drawn some theorems and some corollaries to say, ‘Hey, if these are the things going on, we can predict that the... when there may be a pole shift, when there may be a magnetosphere collapse, when there may be crop failure, when there may be super quakes; which part of the Earth will be exposed, whether it will be in the winter or summer or spring; which part of the northern or southern hemisphere is likely to be exposed to the solar mass ejection, at what angle that solar mass ejection is likely to perturb the magnetosphere of the Earth.’

All of these things give predictive scientific ability for us to prepare the populations and, if necessary, move millions of people so they’re not in harm’s way.

BR: Gotcha. Yeah.

BD: And if we don’t, their blood is on our hands.

BR: Yup.

BD: And it doesn’t matter what color their skin is, and what religious viewpoint, or who they are. We as mankind have to come together.

BR: Yup.

BD: Not from an alien invasion, but from an invasion of evil that has been here for millennia, and we just don’t want to recognize it.

BR: Yeah. Very good, Dr. Bill. Let me just ask you another question which I will splice into an earlier part of the interview I think. And this is connected with Larry Joseph’s contact with Professor Dmitriev in Russia, which you probably know all about this.

BD: Yeah I know all about that, because you told me quite a bit about it privately besides the shows we’ve done, yeah.

BR: Yeah. I would be very interested in your take – if you can summarize it, if it’s summarizable in a few sound bytes – about the prospect of the whole solar system starting to enter this giant electromagnetic cloud that could be 30 light years across. What bearing does that have on everything that you’ve been talking about just now? Can you speak to that at all?

BD: Well, I think there’s some evidence of that. The evidence is that, somewhere around 13.5 million years ago, we passed through the galactic plane, and that we’re passing through an energetic zone of the galaxy right now, or starting to. The presence of this energetic zone has cosmic particles that act as micronuclei for the formation of rain.

And it also perturbed the magnetosphere, and they actually energize nuclear reactions in Jupiter as well as the Sun. So if you actually look at Jupiter and its thermal energy output in the infrared and x-ray level, Jupiter, even before the entry of the so-called dwarf star, has been increasing its energy output.

BR: Mm-hm.

BD: So, yeah, I think he’s on to something, but I think it’s a minor thing, to be honest with you. I don’t think it’s a major one.

I think the two major cycles of the approaching dwarf star and its debris cloud, which may also cause some asteroid or comet impacts on Earth or near passes, and this precession of the equinox effect with the magnetic flip of the Sun – ‘cause like gears, the Sun’s magnetic field is linked to the Earth, and when the Earth is near its magnetic flip zone every 11,500 years, a tiny perturbation of the Sun’s flipping will push the Earth over to its final stage, and cause a rotational interactive Coriolis force between these two rotating spheres, the outer crust and... the crust and the outer mantel, and the inner mantel, causing all these dynamic movements of the tectonic plates.

BR: Mmh.

BD: So the axis is going to change, and it will change... it will precess over a period of probably two months or so.

BR: Hm-hm.

BD: And what that means is, that we’re going to be seeing very major changes in climate, sea levels; radiation levels are going to be very dangerous on the Earth. A lot of trees and crops fail. The dangers of forest fires with trees and crops that fail becomes, when they die, of course, they become tinder for fire.

BR: When is your personal guess, Dr. Bill, about when this might start to impact on us?

BD: Well I think events are going to keep ramping up with bigger and bigger earthquakes. I think we’re going to see famine long before then in the next two to three years. But my guess is the really really big events are probably not going to happen ‘til somewhere around 2015, 2016.

BR: Mm-hm.

BD: And so, I’m think[ing], that somewhere around 2015, 2016, we’re going to see increasing events until finally, you know, big stuff really happens.

BR: Mm-hm.

BD: But I can’t tell you when. But anytime after 2012 is wide open for a major crustal slip...

BR: Mmh.

BD: ...for magnetic field reversal, and these things happening. But I think somewhere between 2012 and 2016 is where I’m guessing.

BR: Hmm.

BD: And that’s only a guess right now.

BR: Understood, yeah. In the meantime, there’s a lot of injected nonsense into the alternative media community about 2012, which is just another form of distraction just to confuse them.

BD: Yeah it is. In fact, it’s like a Y2K. Y2K...

BR: Mmh.

BD: ...they fully knew it was a problem, and I found out from my people inside Interlaken and IBM. They created the Y2K thing because they wanted to have all the computers talk to each other. This is what my friend in IBM Corporation told me.

BR: Mm-hm.

BD: And I said this, you know, that they did this so that they would get all the computers in the same digital platform, and they would also convince places like South America, that didn’t have a grid, that they should develop a power grid for distribution of power.

So if a set of power generators went down due to something either electronic or solar mass ejection or whatever, they’d feed power to that area, so the power grid from areas where the generators didn’t die.

BR: That’s interesting. I didn’t know that.

BD: Yup.

BR: Okay.

BD: Yeah. So they basically wanted the computers to all speak on the same platforms of data, which is what Y2K was all about. It’s basically normalizing data transmission and standardizing bit rate and parity and all this stuff, for transmission of data around the world.

BR: Okay. Gotcha.

BD: That’s the real purpose of Y2K.

BR: Interesting. All right. Let me now just tell you off record, because I promised I would, the guy who contacted us to tell us this stuff is now working for the Department of Homeland Security. This is… [cut in the recording].

BD: There’s other people like this guy and scientists like these Russian scientists I need to interact with, because I’m more like a Renaissance person.

BR: Yeah.

BD: I’ve got a, what I call a talent at mathematics and in thinking of multiple things at the same time like chess...

BR: Yup.

BD: ...and I can pull together these things and then kind of reflect back theories to people relatively quickly and say, 'Well, can you test this? Can you check that?’

BR: Yup.

BD: And then I want people to go out there and start saying, 'Oh ... well, we found this. What does that mean?' And I’ll say, 'Well, let me think about it.' And I might go back and pray or whatever, or study. And just like this aha moment after years — it happened on Monday — I said, 'Oh my gosh, this is what’s happening.'

BR: Mmh.

BD: And this explains the very specific things we can watch, that will tell us what is likely to trigger off the super quakes, the tsunamis, the magnetosphere collapse, the ozone hole, so that the oceans, one-third of the oceans would die, which means a sector of the Earth like the Pacific Ocean could be hit by a giant ozone hole ... you know, for example, I’m not predicting that.

Or a one-third of the trees, which means one-third of the Earth, is exposed to a solar mass ejection, bathed with cosmic and x-rays and high ultraviolet C, and all the grassy plants, because of course some of these events would have created super fires and the destruction of the ozone layer is much more damaging to grass...

BR: Yeah.

BD: ...than [to] trees, right?

BR: Yup, yup.

BD: So that all makes sense. And it also makes sense that an ozone hole – because I know this, being an oceanographer before I went into medicine in the ‘70s – that a very slight slip in the ozone hole would cause a major die off of the benthic layer of the oceans. So this would be very easy to happen and it could happen so quickly, people wouldn’t even notice it.

BR: Mmh. Yeah. What's very valuable about the model that you’re setting out here, this is good science, because you’re talking about testing theories and you’re talking about bringing observable data into the equation here. You’re not really talking about people hearing messages from ETs and abduction experiences.

BD: Yeah what I was told to do was present science...

BR: You’re actually talking about good science, science.

BD: Yeah I was told to present good science so people... See, the creator doesn’t insult our intellect. The higher dimensional beings don’t insult your intellect...

BR: Huh. [laughs]

BD: ...when you’re moving forward spiritually. They respect your intellect. They provide you with evidence, and then they want you to also see the spiritual side of why these events are happening. In other words, we’re not here blindly. We’re here because we chose to be here, so we could learn something from this experience, personally and corporately.

BR: Yeah, right. Yeah. That’s right. It’s a tough training course around here. Yup.

BD: It is. We’re in the ultimate ... special forces spiritual ...

BR: [laughs]

BD: ... infinite, you know, Luke Skywalker ...

BR: [laughs]

BD: ... Son of God kind of training course. That’s what we’re in.

BR: [laughs]

BD: [laughs]

BR: [laughs] That’s good. That’s good. That’s ... that’s a wonderful, that’s a wonderful summary, Dr. Bill. I love it. I love it. I love it. Listen...

BD: [laughs] Yeah you can paste that part in. Not the name of our scientist or anything. Have him contact me if you haven’t, or any other scientist, and please direct them to contact me, and if they want to be anonymous, that’s fine. If they want to give a portion of data...

The thing is, we've got to build this model, and we have to have a challenge, and we have to also have... bring forth data that may be in other countries like in Europe, or Australia, or other countries, where they know that the chances of civilization surviving if we present the data is much higher than if we ignore it. And if people think, by the way, that they’re just going to hide in these little underground lairs and they’re going to be safe ... they’re deluded.

BR: Mm-hm. Mm-hm.

BD: And I know this from my sources, that if they think they’re going to hide in cities one and a half, to three or four miles below the ground? Or off-world space platforms, and they’re going to save their butts? Forget it.

BR: Mmh.

BD: If we don’t come together as a civilization, not even a remnant of mankind is going to survive this.

BR: Mm-hm. Mm-hm.

BD: And they’re not going to be able to hide down there, like the Morlocks in the Time Machine, by H.G. Wells. They’re not going to survive.

BR: Mmh.

BD: So they need to listen, that these underground hotels will be their tombs...

BR: Yeah.

BD: ...if they don’t listen.

BR: Yeah. They need to shake the tree, so these guys start to come out and start talking. This is the [inaudible].

BD: They are. I know.

BR: Yeah.

BD: I can feel it in my spirit. They’re already starting to say, 'Uhhh, I think Deagle is telling the truth. I don’t know if I want to go down there. It’s kind of scary.'

Here’s how I went when I went to Falcon. They told us our guard was going to bring us through there. July 10, 1994. He brought us down to Garage Dump Road, 18 miles east of Colorado Springs. I get to the area which is ringed by a tactical missile system. He walks over to one of 24 bank of retinal scanners, and he takes me and the other doctor that was with me over to an elevator.

And he says, ‘Now hold the sides of the elevator.’

And I said, ‘Why?’

He says, ‘You’ll know in a second.’

And in a matter of about ten seconds we were literally weightless, because we were falling so fast we were basically weightless.

BR: Mm-hm.

BD: And then it slowed down, real slow, and you could feel the grav... the weight coming back on your feet after about a minute and a half, two minutes. So we were dropping a long way down. How far could you fall in about two minutes?

BR: It’s like a free-fall parachute jump. That’s about a mile and a half, it sounds like.

BD: Right. It’s a free-fall parachute jump...

BR: Yeah.

BD: ...and you’re holding the side walls of this thing...

BR: Yeah.

BD: ...and the thing is slowing down.

BR: Yeah.

BD: That’s what it was like.

BR: Mm-hm.

BD: It was very smooth. It was like [probably makes some hand gesture]. And then it opened up like Star Trek [makes wooshing sound]. And the doors opened up. I said, 'Ugh, my stomach’s still up above about a... probably a mile above it.' [laughs]

BR: Mmh.

BD: Okay? And I can tell you, even though it was bright and lit, and it was all [this] neat stuff in there, I could feel this kind of oppressive kind of claustrophobia. I’m not claustrophobic, okay?

BR: Mmh.

BD: You could put me inside a little tiny thing like a CAT-scanner and I’m not claustrophobic at all, but I could feel this oppression of feeling like, Oooh, if people think they’re gonna survive down in these things like, not for months but maybe years or decades or centuries...

BR: Mm-hm.

BD: ...they’re crazy. And there’s two of these cities in Russia, they built, that can hold almost half a million people each. Just each of these cities in the Ural Mountains.

BR: Right.

BD: That’s nuts. Human beings are not made to use artificial sunlight, live with nuclear reactors, and live inside a rock mountain after the Earth is destroyed.

BR: Yeah. And if they’re not crazy when they go in there, they’ll be crazy by the time they come out.

BD: It won’t take long.

BR: Yeah, yeah.

BD: They’ll make the ugliness of the physical and spiritual appearances of the Morlocks in the Time Machine look like they’re beauty queens in a galactic contest for...

BR: [laughs]

BD: know, the queen of the universe.

BR: [laughs]

BD: [laughs]

BR: What, you mean like the Star Wars bar in a ... yeah right.

BD: Yeah exactly. It will be much of the... they’ll make the Star Wars bar look like beauty queens. Let’s put it that way.

BR: [laughs]

BD: [laughs]

BR: [laughs] That’s a good deterrent factor.

BD: Yeah. I think that do deter...

BR: Okay. We’re going to do that. We’re going to do that.

BD: And believe me, no amount of plastic surgery will fix it either. [laughs]

BR: [laughs] Okay.

BD: Anyway, I hope that levity helps a bit.

BR: Well, Dr. Bill, any... yes.

BD: So yeah, so I’m glad you could record all of this, and if there’s anything else come up, believe me, as soon as I say the spirit moves me, I know it. I’ll tell you.

BR: Thanks a bunch. Okay.

BD: But that model, I’m hoping... you know, I’m going to say a little prayer now.

'May the God of the universe bless all of his children, of all colors and all sentient beings in this universe. May the Council of the Eschaton bless mankind. May all of his children know that this is to be a birthing place, a birthing place of a civilization and a people. Not the place of death and destruction. Not an abortuary for mankind.

Not a trash heap or a burnt cinder of a small rock floating around a yellow dwarf star. But a birthing place of a new sentient species that moves to become a being that can shine the light of creative intent on this sector of the galaxy, and not be one of the great evil ones causing death and destruction and forcing its will upon other sentient beings.

And may mankind rise to the occasion and not be destroyed in this time, and may religion be not an excuse for the killing or the dismembering or the poverty that they want to create, or the economic chaos, or the crushing of the power of intention to create what we all should be, of all skin colors, of all nations, of all peoples.

And may religion be swept away by the revelation of what we are, and that our survival and our transcendence is dependent on that. Not on technology, not on geopolitics, not on the galactic hoard that saves us in spaceships, but on our transformation, is the only thing that will allow us to survive.'

BR: Very good, Dr. Bill. Bless you for all of your work. Thank you so much. And it’s three o’clock in the morning here in Europe, so I’m going to get some ... [laughs]

BD: You need to get some shuteye now that we’ve put your adrenalin level through the ceiling. [laughs]

BR: [laughs] I’m going to get some beauty sleep and...

BD: [laughs] Well blessings, and I’m glad that you were so patient to do it at this hour.

BR: Oh no problem. For god’s sake, this is what we’re here for, so thank you.

BD: Yeah. Well, as I say, the spirit doesn’t work on a time schedule. It has no punch clock.

BR: [laughs]

BD: [laughs]

BR: [laughs] That’s true.

BD: Well, take care and blessings to everyone and...

BR: Bye bye Dr. Bill.

BD: You’re welcome. Take care.

BR: Bye

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