Interview with Dr. Bill Deagle

on June 16, 2010

June 16, 2010 - On the Gulf of Mexico

Bill Deagle (BD): Yeah, hi. Dr. Bill here.

Bill Ryan (BR): Dr. Bill, thank you so much for the call because, if you haven’t got a whole bunch of information about what’s happening in the Gulf of Mexico, then there’s something badly wrong. [laughs] I figured that you must have.

BD: The first thing is that, I’ve been saying on Project Camelot and on my show that there’s been increased problems of volcanism all over the world. What we’re dealing with in the Gulf of Mexico is an 'oil volcano,' and I’ve said I’d use that term for it, because it’s called a 'batholith,' which is abiotic oil that’s down five to six miles and it’s... Below that, is a giant reserve of magma which is liquid rock.

The problem is, that the British Petroleum probably had access to classified information to be able to see this deposit because the ocean floor has been raising and lowering around the planet, including raising off the coast, the northeastern coast of Australia, at the rate of 13 feet per day for the last few months. And the ocean floor changes means there’s been a change in the pressures below this batholith by the movement of magma. That’s why we’re seeing more earthquakes and volcanoes all over the planet, including in Iceland.

The British knew that this was going to be a giant reserve, and – I can say this intuitively – the three largest easy reserves to get oil in the world at, easily, the first one, is one that people haven’t yet got into. It’s actually just directly off the coast about 10, 20 miles just directly east of the Yucatán peninsula in Mexico, which is south of this one. The next largest is this reserve, which is in the Gulf of Mexico, that they tapped into. That’s the second largest easy deep oil reserve on the planet. What’s happened is, this is abiotic which means it’s going to keep refilling.

So there’s three major dangers happening. The first of these are ones that are already being measured. The first is that we’re going to have the burping of lots of toxic gases: hydrogen sulfite, benzene and volatile organic hydrocarbons. All of them are lethal. The worst of them probably is hydrogen sulfide. And the dosages of gases that are coming out are already well above the lethal dosage at the water level.

BR: And that’s already happening, isn’t it, Dr. Bill?

BD: That’s already happening. Now, it means that those gases burp a large burp, and there’s been cases occurring in Africa and elsewhere where there were volcanic lakes...

BR: Yup.

BD: ...where the gases will burp up, and then they’ll just kill all the villagers within miles.

BR: I think that’s happened in the Cameroon, didn't it, with carbon dioxide.

BD: That’s right.

BR: Yeah.

BD: Right. And it wasn’t just carbon dioxide. It was other gases mixed in with it. This one has a whole mixture of toxic gases that are particularly lethal. So that’s the first major danger.

Right now, there are something like 79 exercises going on, state and federal, with a number of exercises by FEMA for mass evacuation from Brownsville, Texas to Pensacola, Florida. So they’re getting ready with the last month. And they have been doing operational exercises on a massive oil spill even over the last several years. And all the places where those oil-spill data have been posted on websites have been scrubbed in the last 60 days.

So they removed all the evidence that they were doing previous massive evacuation of oil-spill disasters. And that was the government, okay? So that’s the first disaster, is gas.

The second – and we’re going to have on the third hour today Dr. Tim Ball, who is a climatologist from Vancouver, Canada, one of the top in the world – and his major danger is... I’m going to call this talk the 'skin of the oceans' talk, because what happens is, when the oil comes up, especially with this Corexit dispersant which disperses it, it actually puts an oil layer over the top of the water so your evaporative water losses drop.

It also will increase the heat absorption of ultraviolet light and infrared light into the Gulf of Mexico, so it will increase the number of hurricanes and major superstorms, and it will carry the Corexit and the oil inland, when they do occur, but otherwise it may actually significantly alter the ability for moisture to enter the clouds that will then carry it inland, drop water over the crops and the cities in the southern United States, the northeast and the southeast United States. So in other words, we could have a decrease in rainfall that could be affected.

And it also is very probably going to affect what’s called the 'Loop Current Escalator' that brings us warm water from the Gulf of Mexico to Europe, to keep Europe from freezing over and turning into an Ice Age.

BR: Is that the same thing as the Atlantic Conveyor?

BD: Same thing.

BR: Right.

BD: So the Atlantic Conveyor is going to be affected. It’s already poisoned, and we’re in the danger now that if the Atlantic Conveyor is affected negatively, it could tilt it toward an Ice Age.

What’s happening in the Gulf of Mexico is British Petroleum were beyond incompetent. They drilled in an area in the depths where they knew the pressures were going to be somewhere up to 100,000 pounds per square inch, and it's at least 68,000 pounds per square inch, so they put the wrong pipes down. They put sea water instead of drill mud to try to cut corners, and apparently they modified the blowup preventer so there weren’t even hydraulics on it to close the valve.

So British Petroleum, instead of being seized – which should be done, the company should be seized – we’re dealing with a situation now where the people in the Gulf are in danger of not only their industry and their tourism [being] destroyed and their jobs, but also the danger of a gas release, the danger that the Corexit, which is around 800,000 to a million gallons, they purchased all this dangerous material, and the EPA ordered the BP people to stop using it, and they told them they weren’t going to stop.

Well all it does is disperse it. It doesn’t fix it, and it actually could be more toxic than the oil, because they can use fungi and bacteria that will actually bioconvert oil into organic waste, so, if they simply seed this from planes over the area they could have cleaned it up.

And they also probably should have consulted the Russians to put nukes in the territory around the drill site, because apparently the pipe broke about a thousand feet below the sea floor, and now it’s percolating up, and there’s vents up to 5 to 20 miles away from the drill site that are actually coming up to the surface with these giant plumes.

So they estimate conservatively 2.5, 2 million gallons per day, and it increased 20 percent last week when they cut the top of the pipe where it was kinked, and they tried to put something to capture it. But they don’t even have another supertanker ready to pick up the oil.

So the second thing that was likely is, we’re going to have an effect on the water supply and the increased superstorm in the Gulf, but the most dangerous is the third thing that’s likely to happen. And I have scientists that have contacted me now, and others alerting me inside the government that both FEMA and Homeland Security are very concerned that their scientists are telling them there’s a danger of a volcanic tsunami occurring.

That means when the oil at some point – whether it’s two months or ten months, but it’s more likely to happen in the soon, like, probably by the middle of this summer – that if enough oil comes out and sea water gets down there, and it gets below the zone where the oil is, and it makes contact with the magma which is pushing up the oil, then we’re likely to see a superheated steam which is what drives all of the volcanoes from along the subduction zone, say, to the Ring of Fire.

BR: Yeah.

BD: It’s all driven by steam. Most people don’t realize... the steam is actually is the thing that drives it, and it’s likely to cause a giant explosion with a change in the ocean floor, and a tsunami that they estimate could be between 80 and 200 feet high going 400 to 600 miles an hour. It could carry 50 to 100 miles inland and could cross, because most of Florida is only 50 feet above sea level, it could cross the peninsula of Florida from the western coast of Florida to the east.

BR: Can I stop here just a moment, Dr. Bill? If the oil is coming out at very high pressure, and I have sources that confirm those pressures that you’ve been talking about...

BD: Right.

BR: ...I don’t understand how the sea water could get down there, because surely what happens, is if you fast forward this, then what happens is, the pressure is gradually relieved. We don’t know whether that’s going to be months or years or decades.

BD: Yeah well that’s the... the... yeah.

BR: But then what happens when the pressure’s relieved, then you get an equilibrium situation, and I don’t understand how the sea water could actually ever get in the reservoir. Can you explain that to me?

BD: See, what happens is that there’s a period of that time when it’s fluctuating around the equalization point, where the pressure coming out is equaled by the 68,000 to 100,000 psi [Ed. Note: psi = pound per square inch] coming in, and the sea water will mix with the oil and get down into the area of the bottom of the batholith, which is actually a fractured air zone where there’s a movement of magma below this giant...

BR: Okay.

BD: ...oil deposit. So in other words, it’s like the subduction zone. We don’t know how long it will take for it to finally percolate just like a steam kettle. What will happen is, some of the oil – this is what our scientists are telling us...

BR: Yeah.

BD: that the water at some point will get under this area and it will actually precipitate a steam-generated raising and then lowering, dropping of the sea floor that will create a tsunami.

BR: This is very similar to what Richard Hoagland was reporting on Coast to Coast a couple of nights ago. You may already be familiar with that.

BD: No, I didn’t hear about that but I’ve heard from other sources, right from my scientists that are contacting me, that we’re in grave danger of three things: the gas release killing people, ...

BR: Yeah.

BD: ...the changes in the climate there with superstorms, and then the third thing which is the most dangerous of all, is a steam-related super tsunami that could occur.

The other thing that we should realize, is if it’s not just the steam; there’s hundreds of millions of tons at this particular area in the ocean of methane hydrates. Hundreds of millions of tons.

BR: That’s all frozen, isn’t it?

BD: It’s all frozen.

BR: Yup.

BR: What happens is, that it doesn’t need oxygen because the actual chemistry down there, some of the things they’re doing could ignite the methane hydrates and cause – itself, without these other events like the volcanic tsunami thing – could cause also tsunamis.

So we have two possible mechanisms that could cause a tsunami to push oil and debris and boats and everything. And oil rigs. And this is the other danger, is it could destroy 40 percent plus of the oil production facilities in the United States on all those rigs and kill millions of people.

BR: So, if this is plausible, let me ask you two questions here. One is, what are the extreme maximum/minimum of the time scale of this? What are the probabilities, and is there...

BD: Well...

BR: ...anything that we can do about it?

BD: The minimum is, I think that we’re looking at possibly July, which is next month. The maximum is, it could take until... there’s going to be a number of events that are going to pull on the Earth’s crust. And the primary things that increase the chances of volcanism and earthquakes is solar and lunar eclipses, which pull on the crust of the Earth high tides, and of course the gravitational wave what’s call the, they call these 'propagated gravitonic waves', as we pass through what’s called the galactic plane.

For the galactic plane, as we pass through it, also reverses the magnetic flux field so it’s going to flip the sun’s magnetic field and it will complete the magnetic field shift. And when that happens, there’s a kinetic effect on the flow and movement of magma. And that kinetic effect is translated into volcanism and earthquakes, which will of course create further reasons why there will be increased chances of a volcanic winter. Okay?

BR: Okay.

BD: On or after 2012. So my guess is that, the longer scenario is, at some point, in the next say two to three years, we’ll have an equalization of pressure and then the pressure will build up and then probably the scientists, if they’re monitoring it properly, will see the ocean floor changing and how far it’s moving, up or down.

And what it will do is, it will probably rise slowly as the pressures increase from this water getting into this area below the batholith, and as it blows, it will fracture the sea floor, releasing more oil and causing a tsunami as it collapses back toward the sea floor and the pressures are totally closed off and the field stops.

BR: Let me ask you another quick question, Dr. Bill. Why would BP have taken the risk to drill into a batholith, assuming that they knew that it was there. I mean, that sounds like a suicidal thing to do from an engineering point of view.

BD: Well, when you look at just their behavior... Let’s say that we assume that they’re incompetent. But we know already there were share price changes of people within inside British Petroleum. And also there were changes of the cleanup companies as well. So there is evidence that people knew.

Now, whether they knew directly or they used what I call 'occult technologies' to just discern that these are things they should do, even if they didn’t directly connect it... because they are people that use occultists, psychics and other mediums in order to be able to know these things, so they can make their financial decisions. All the really rich and powerful people do this all the time, right?

BR: Yes, yes.

BD: So, you know, that’s why people try to say that psychic and so on doesn’t exist. I say, 'Well, tell that to the people who make billions of dollars. Okay?'

BR: Yeah, right.

BD: Okay? So. Or the control of the world. They don’t read the newspaper. Newspaper is read after the events which they manipulated. Right?

So I think the BP, if you just look at their actions afterwards, you say, 'Look, they’re incredibly incompetent.'

There were 12 nations [that] offered them help, which both President Obama hasn’t even called them. The Saudi Arabians had a spill just as big, off Saudi Arabia. The Russians had...

BR: The Russians succeeded four times out of five, didn’t they?

BD: Five gas things. Four of them they closed off with nukes. One of them was like burning for three years. They couldn’t use it except with the nukes that put it out. And we don’t know if the nukes would be totally safe either, because there’s a possibility if they don’t do it right, they won’t close off the field; they’ll rupture the field.

So they have to use the right energy just to kind of seal off the field and move the soil and pinch off the oil well, because where it’s broken, is a thousand feet below the sea floor, so they have to actually explode this deep enough that it will pinch off below where the pipe is, where the rupture occurred because they didn’t use the proper piping.

The incompetent says that they want to amplify it so that they can amplify the crisis, so that they can get more control out of the crisis.

BR: Right. Presumably, the White House science advisors must know this information if it’s there to be known. Right?

BD: Yeah. In fact, they’re doing massive exercises for mass evacuations in the Gulf of Mexico, and I just spoke to my brother who is a pharmacist in Lumberton. He works at a hospital there, which is about 50 miles from the coast. But I said, 'Look, if this tsunami hits, you could go 100 miles inland and it will travel at 400 to 600 miles an hour, so you won’t have very much advance notice to get the hell out of there. Otherwise, what will happen is you’ll die.'

And there will be a lot of other people die, devastating industry, oil production facilities, cities as far in as Houston, Texas... Louisiana... Katrina will be nothing compared to what could happen if this turns into a gas release or a... one or the other mechanisms I mentioned of a tsunami. And I see the next two years as a very high danger zone of a one-or-the-other mechanism of an oil-based tsunami.

BR: Right. And... this is assuming that they’re not going to be able to cap this well, even if they want to.

BD: Well, they want to... here’s what they want to do, okay? They want America, which is the god of this world; America with its technology, and its contact with these, what I call the 'transdimensional satanic demonic beings,' okay, that have transferred technology.

America doesn’t have weapons that are tens of years, or even hundreds of years ahead of their enemy countries. They have weapons that are thousands of years ahead.

BR: Yes.

BD: And space-based platforms, a colony on Mars, all kinds; it’s all basically American, all right?

BR: Yup.

BD: Geotectonic weapons. That’s why when China wasn’t cooperating, the Sichuan, China earthquake, that destroyed a giant cache of military weapons and killed hundreds of thousands of people including 80,000 children... You know, they’re basically, you’re saying, 'Hey, if you don’t do what we say, don’t worry about shooting nuclear weapons.'

Like America has what’s called a 'graser,' which is a gamma ray collimated beam that can scan a city like Beijing and kill everyone.

BR: Right.

BD: It has hot rods from god. They can send a rod of depleted Uranium at 22,800 miles an hour toward the ground and cause a nuclear explosion. We have plasma interferometry weapons that create a 100 megaton or 200 megaton explosion over any city or town on the planet within seconds, without any missile or without any evidence that there’s anything coming. In other words, they can create a plasma-type explosion over any city instantly.

BR: But this means they could also seal the well just like that if they really wanted to, right?

BD: Yeah, they don’t want to.

BR: Yeah.

BD: They want a mortal wound to America. Just look at the... the IMF is based in Washington, DC. The United Nations is the world capital in New York City. The IMF is a division of the United Nations, okay, which is the new world currency. The G20 basket.

The largest amount of capital on the planet – which is around 60 to 65 percent of all the actual capital on the planet – is denominated in U.S. dollars. So when the Saudi Arabian sheiks and the Sheik of Oman, and so on, have their money, it’s in shrink-wrapped pallets in U.S. dollars in Whitehall, England, north of London, with pallets of gold and silver, but their main thing is U.S. dollars.

So, they’re going to convert this over to this new world currency with the green tax on every airline ticket, on every action; whether you have a pet, it’ll be considered what I call, and I use this joke but it’s actually already been measured that, if you have a pet like my dog Max: he’s a 26 pound West Highland white Terrier, he is two SUV units. In other words...

BR: [laughs]

BD: ...equivalent to [laughs]. I’m not kidding you. This is actually how much carbon dioxide. So they try to make carbon dioxide... So last week they tried to have a Senate bill resolution to actually prevent the EPA from demonizing carbon dioxide and calling it a 'chemical pollutant' that could cause global warming.

So now they’re... they’ve got these massive regulations that are going [to] allow them to demonize it and pass regulations, not to reduce lead – and I had on the program yesterday Dr. Garry Gordon: our bones, in the 21st century, have 400 times more lead than people 400 years ago.

BR: Mm-hm.

BD: 400 times more lead! So if you go into Norway or Italy or Britain or anywhere, you’d find 400 times more lead in our bones now. So we’re dying of heavy metal poisoning, toxic volatile organic hydrocarbons, and the planet is dying. We are killing the planet. We got 10,000 dead zones. The dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico are going to be massive.

Now, most people don’t realize [that] the upper ten meters of the benthic layer – which is the living layer of the oceans – makes 80 percent of the world’s oxygen. So, people need oxygen. Plants require carbon dioxide to turn it to oxygen. So if you kill off carbon dioxide or try to do carbon sequestration, which they’re talking about, they’re literally going to kill the planet, and they’re not dealing with pollution. They’re not dealing with heavy metals by scrubbing the pollution of the smokestacks in China or Indonesia.

They’re not going to... when you make cars with batteries, the actual, even carbon footprint, if you want to use that, is two to three times higher than with a regular conventional car, but they don’t want cars with 200 miles per gallon that produce only water vapor. They don’t want electric cars or Tesla-type cars, which are not the Tesla motors which is just a battery. But what I’m talking about the true Tesla cars that basically use what’s called a 'harmonic capacitor' that picks up the harmonic frequency of the Earth and literally translates it into energy for the vehicle.

We already have these things, you know. The government knows these technologies but they’re suppressing them because, they won’t release them to the population because they’re planning to massively reduce the world population. And if people think this is a theory, they’re going to soon find out that we’re conspiracy scientists, not theoreticians. We deals with facts. We deal with ugly facts of what their agenda is, and they try to demonize us or call us nut cases so that no one will look at it seriously until the catastrophe is so imminent that there’s nothing that the population can do about it.

BR: Well, that’s very true. I am more worried about the Gulf of Mexico situation just intuitively, apart from what I’ve been able to find out, than I have been for the last several years, which is actually saying something. And I know that other people...

BD: Right, it...

BR: ...are feeling similarly.

BD: Yeah well I had a...

BR: They all feel a tremendous sense of unease here. What can we do? Go on.

BD: Well I had a dream two nights ago, where I was literally in my bed, and I was dreaming like I was down where my brother is, down in Lumberton, Texas, which is just north of Lumberton. Not too far from Texas City by the way, in Texas, where it’s the largest manufacturing outside of Louisiana of oil and gas, and petrochemical production.

And I woke with this tremendous crashing like 'boom' sound in this dream, and I could smell this tremendous wall of water hit the side of the house. And all of a sudden I was swimming and I didn’t see the top because it was a mixture of oil and water, and in the dream I can remember suffocating and just dying... right in this dream, and I thought, 'This is a message to the people of the Gulf of Mexico. If you can get out and not be in the Gulf of Mexico this summer, get out.'

BR: Well...

BD: Because something catastrophic I think is going to happen this summer there. The FEMA...

BR: I have friends who’ve had very similar dreams, Dr. Bill.

BD: Right.

BR: You’re not alone, you’re not alone.

BD: Yeah. I’m warning people, if they’re listening to this program, tell your relatives: get out of the Gulf of Mexico. Be at least 100 miles inland. Be at least 100 miles inland. And be prepared. Don’t expect that the routes of escape are going to be available because...

BR: Mmh.

BD: ...if something explodes, they’re not going to have hours to tell you in a warning. They’re going to have like 10 or 15 minutes.

BR: Right.

BD: And in that time period, you may not get far enough away. And you may be literally be chased by a wall of water moving at 400 to 500 miles an hour behind you. Not only water, but carrying debris, buildings...

BR: Yeah yeah yeah.

BD: ...ships, anything else like a plow moving and this giant tsunami.

BR: But it’s also possible that it might not happen, and if it were to happen, we don’t know when, do we?

BD: It might... No we don’t, unless you...

BR: So we have no other information to go with.

BD: We don’t know but I can tell you that what we do know right now is that it’s burping gas and that nothing that they’re doing is going to stop the oil from coming up. They’re saying they’re going to have to manufacture a nuke, for example, to stop the oil.

BR: Mmh.

BD: Well first off the... have you ever heard of Operation Plowshare? It was started in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. And the Army Corps of Engineers developed a whole series of nuclear devices for underground excavation for the underground cities. And for lakes, etcetera. So, Operation Plowshare has all kinds of weapons, and these are moth balls but we use them all the time for building the underground cities.

There’s three methods for manufacturing underground cities or facilities. First is dormant magma domes, which are volcanoes that the crust of the Earth has moved and they’re dormant because they’re millions of years old, and they’re between 4 and 10 cubic miles in size, and they’re down anywhere from 1.5 to 5 or 6 miles down.

BR: So you’re just talking about giant caverns, right?

BD: Caverns, yeah.

BR: Okay.

BD: The second is basically this matrix thing. We have the Rand Corporation sodium-cooled nuclear reactors that hit with the rock face with these, what’s called 'compression lasers.' They don’t have a grinding surface. They actually hit it with a laser, turn it into a dust or powder, and suck it in through a giant vacuum and blow it on the side walls at 10,000 degrees to create an obsidian core and to manufacture what’s called these rings that are triradiate rings...

BR: Yup.

BD: ...that literally are snapped into place with fiber optic cables and vacuumed out to create a maglev unidirectional tube, and they can actually create cities by going back and forth and forming a matrix.

The third way is to use nuclear bombs, and I was told this by John Fialla who worked with these people on this project. And they would actually take these dialable micronukes that were, by the way, used in Oklahoma City, in 9/11, and in 23 other situations that I’m...

Daniel Estulin is going to be on my show, we’re going to discuss this. That they’re right back to the 1983 U.S. army barracks in Beirut. They used micronukes there, at the Bali [blast], Indonesia, and they were all placed, as the trigger finger of the CIA, by the Israeli Mossad nuclear agents. They’re the ones who put the nukes in those places.

BR: Yeah.

BD: Okay? The micro...

BR: Do they vaporize the rock? Is this what it does? Does it vaporize the rock?

BR: It melts the rock and it actually will push it so that it actually will pinch it off. So if they put them, they probably need more than one. They probably need to have a ring of them like at least three or four...

BR: Mm-hm.

BD: ...and significantly down far enough anywhere from 500 to 1,000 feet, at least, or more. And then they need to be able to move the rock and the whole thing to kind of close off the sea floor basin.

BR: Like it’s got a ring of explosive bolts or something.

BD: Yeah, exactly. It’s like an explosive ring bolt. Yeah, and it would then go [whooshing sound] compress...

BR: Mm-hm.

BD: ...because it’s leaking from the pipe at a thousand feet down, and the pipe goes down further, about another 3 or 4 miles. So the leak is probably about a thousand feet down. So if you put them within, say, half a mile or a mile, you know, a quarter mile of around this area of this leaking pipe, you would probably stop at the fracture lines, because it knows... at that distance of a thousand feet down...

BR: Yeah.

BD:’s actually finding vents to go out at 5 miles and up to 20 miles away from the drill site.

BR: But you’re predicting that they won’t actually do this because they don’t want to stop this from happening. Is that right?

BD: Well I think, I know, it may well have. I think eventually they’ll do it, but the problem is, we have several different timelines, and I don’t know which one we’re going to go down here...

BR: Exactly.

BD: ...and when. But I can tell you that these are the possibilities.

BR: Yup.

BD: And the problem is, right now, all of them are bad.

BR: Yeah.

BD: Even if they stop the stop oil today, the fishery in the Gulf is dead.

BR: Mm-hm.

BD: And if people go and eat those fish... I talked to someone earlier today and they said, you know, that even the celebrities that supported Obama, one was Lou Grant, was actually at a dinner the other day with another celebrity and made the statement of, 'I don’t want any of those Obama oily shrimp,' you know, 'Are they oily shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico?'

Look, some areas are not polluted yet, but they’re not doing anything to stop it. They had the skimmers from Denmark that could have come in there and cleaned it up.

BR: Yeah.

BD: They have other countries who would have brought in their booms, but Obama hasn’t accepted their help, and it just doesn’t make sense to me...

BR: Mmh.

BD: ...that he wouldn’t accept the help. He also hasn’t seized the assets of British Petroleum that plans to give $10 billion in dividends...

BR: Mmh.

BD: ...which is $1.07 for the pension funds through the British.

BR: Now...

BD: So we have the derivatives market that’s tied in directly to British Petroleum, and the pension funds, and this is a political football that Obama’s now... basically doesn’t want to go there even if it destroys the people in the Gulf and kills millions of people. He’d...

BR: I understand. Let me ask you a question about the ocean, Dr. Bill. This is a question which I’m getting asked by a lot of people. How much oil does it take to actually pollute the Atlantic and even go all the way around the world and create a major mess in the oceanic ecosystem as a whole? How much oil does it take to do that?

Or is there enough sea water to dilute everything and we don’t really need to worry about it on a global scale?

BD: If we stopped it right now, the oceans themselves would do it, convert, bioconvert the oil into biological material, and it would probably in the long run actually cause a bloom of sea life.

BR: Okay.

BD: The problem is, things like Corexit. I think if it continues, though, the danger is that it will change what is called the 'flow' because, remember, the waters have a circulatory flow so they’re...

In other words, whatever pollution has been released now will circulate the planet in the next two years. So even if they stopped it today, those millions of gallons will have toxins that will get into the biosphere. They will increase the dead zones in the oceans which will decrease the oxygen generation, and it will take a while for the oceans to recover, but they will, just like they have.

Because most people are aware that there was an oil spill in 1979 further south near the Yucatán peninsula when the Mexicans got into a large oil deposit like this, back in 1979, and they had 140 million gallons of oil that they assumed was released by that spill. Most people don’t refer back to that. The current spill that we have now is somewhere estimated around 116 million gallons of oil, so it’s actually not the biggest. The biggest one was off Mexico in 1979.

BR: But we’re rapidly going to that point...

BD: So, it’s obviously...

BR: ...and we don’t really know how many...

BR: Right, but my guess is that...

BR: ...barrels of oil are leaking out.

BD: ...they could stop it tomorrow if they just simply used a ring of micronukes...

BR: Mm-hm.

BD: ...and if they allowed all the help to come in to stop it from hitting the shores. For example, the white beaches of the Florida panhandle are some of the nicest beaches on the planet.

BR: Mmh.

BD: So, they run the risk that they’re going to do a mortal wound to America, and I think America will come back, but it’s going to come back being a different country. Because they may very well enact a martial law in the southern United States. There may be mass FEMA evacuations, but they want the population... After Katrina they tried a kind of a trial of martial law. Now I think they want to do a bigger trial of martial law across multiple states.

BR: What might happen socially, Dr. Bill? Because at the moment there are a lot of people, as you must know, who are getting exceptionally upset and angered by what’s happening here.

BD: I think socially what’s going on is, there’s a number of state militias that are not part of the federal militia system that are getting ready. I think that the federal government is starting to a FEMA access for mass evacuations but they don’t really have the proper places to put all these people. If they had to evacuate out, say, 30 million people, what are they going to do? Where are they going to put them all?

BR: Mmh.

BD: During the Katrina, my brother and his family had... I think they went up to Dallas. But do you have enough hotels and enough places? Are you going to put them on these civil detention camps we’ve been building with Kellogg, Brown and Root, all across the country? And by the way, they have enough facilities now, in these KBR prison camps, including the ones that were passed last year by that Florida Congressman, who helped get it passed where they build them on six large military bases including city streets and schools and everything. They can actually house 30 million people in these civil detention camps now. It’s not good.

BR: It fits very horribly well, doesn’t it? It fits together.

BD: 30 million... Yeah and I think that they, I think what they want to do is, they want to a dry run of their civil detention camps, and they’ll probably try to make it look relatively, you know, 'Hey, look,' – they'll show a pictures – 'see, it’s terrible what happened, but here America rallied together and we’re a stronger nation for it', and all this stuff.

So America, it will recover. And America will be much more dangerous. It will be like a clenched titanium-alloyed fist against the world because, this will precipitate the new world green currency. It will precipitate cap and trade. It will change the entire nature of automobiles, where the regular gas-powered automobile will be a thing of the past. It will have to be biofuels or biodiesel or electric, because it will be regulated out of existence.

It’s going to get crazy, and I think they want to do this because what they do to America will be done to the whole world very quickly thereafter, because, as I say, 65 percent of the world currency is denominated in U.S. dollars. When they push to this new crisis in Europe and North America, and China’s overheated economy is about to go too, ...

BR: Yeah.

BD: ...we’re looking at, probably by next year, a collapse and a resurrection of America. I see America as collapsing and resurrecting between now and next year, and I see Europe’s economy is crashing. Their European Union was just completed with the Treaty of Lisbon, 27 nations, 14 core Euro zone nations.

And now the time about balkanization. It’s because they want to fail forward toward their goal. And the goal is, where the banks are the world government, where the Bank of International Settlements, the IMF and the World Conservation Bank, and everything has a green tax.

So [they’ll] fly over your house with a helicopter in the winter and see if you have thermal leaks. They’ll tell you if you don’t do A, B and C to your house to reduce water usage... Everything will have a green... even getting a pet you’ll have to pay a license or green tax to have a pet, because a cat will be one SUV unit, and a dog will be two SUV units.

BR: Mmh. What’s the optimum best case scenario. We’ve been talking about the worst case scenario. How could this work out okay for us?

BD: Well, the best case scenario is this. The best case scenario would be that we have a sweep of most of the incumbents of the Congress and Senate this November. I have a feeling that they see it coming, so they want a major distracting catastrophe between now and November. So I see a very grave probability, very high probability, that there will be a sufficient enough catastrophe that they’ll try to see if they can remain incumbent.

BR: Are there enough insiders who are becoming actively concerned and waking up and willing to take action or willing to break ranks on the inside, to make any change in ways that you and I might not even be aware of right now?

BD: Yes there is, yeah. I see that the insiders are getting extremely ticked off at what’s going on and there’s a grave possibility that we may be looking at a military coup before the election, if it goes toward a state of national emergency.

So Obama, if he declares a state of national emergency, he could be dealing with a military coup by the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon, because he knows the agenda is there, [and] level of incompetence is boundless.

During Katrina I talked to doctors that literally were shot at by guards when doctors had to carry a gun to go safely from their home, which was in a safe area of Louisiana, to the hospitals. And they disarmed them, even shot at people crossing overpasses that were completely dry, and they’re trying to get out of the city.

BR: Yeah.

BD: So FEMA cut lines for communication for the parishes down there, so that people couldn’t get food in, even when they came in on barges or boats. They amplified it. I call it the 'Federal Emergency Magnification Agency.'

BR: [laughs]

BD: They’re not a management agency. They magnified it. So, they will magnify the correct crisis to crush the spirit of the American people so they’d be willing to tolerate this kind of foolishness, when we know that if they need to evacuate the people, they need to start evacuating them now, and do it in a rational, safe and not a panicky manner.

And they need to start seriously consulting with the Russians and others to clean up the stuff that’s coming up so they can multitask, and then plan on stopping the damn thing at the Gulf. And by the way, once they stop it, they can also start properly drilling with proper technology, so that there’s no shortage of oil or energy, and we don’t need to depend on oil from the Middle East or anywhere else.

BR: Yeah. It’s possible that the Russians have offered assistance behind the scenes, isn’t it?

BD: The Russians have, and the reason why the Russians have, it’s in their best interest, because...

BR: Of course.

BD:’s in their best interest to maintain stability in America, because if America goes unstable, it becomes rogue. The...

BR: Well, once again, it depends what the game plan is, isn’t it? It depends what they want to do.

BD: Right. Exactly. And so I think it’s fluid now. I don’t think that they know, I think only the transdimensional beings at the top have a clear idea of where they want to go, and they continue manipulating and steering it to try to get it in the direction they want.

So the lower-down minions are kind of running around fighting each other, but knowing they want to move toward a specific objective. They want a global IMF world currency, but they’re really frustrated because whatever they try to do, even making it apparent that they are manipulating, is causing them trouble.

I don’t know where to go, but my timeline says grave danger this summer, world economic chaos, resurrection of America after a mortal wound, and increased volcanism and earthquakes in the southern hemisphere, as I’ve said over the last year. So, including these anomalies increasing as we pass through the galactic plane.

And by the way I’m launching my new television channel as well. It’s called They can get the link on or on

BR: Very good.

BD: It will be a pay-per-view. We will have our news reports from Tim McLeod Stirling [Ed. Note: despite our search, we weren't able to determine the exact spelling of the name]. Tim Alexander will have lots of other experts on, and they can actually go directly there and pull up the video clips and we’ll be doing it daily, on the fly, and emergency clips as well.

We’re going to have twitters and MySpace kind of pages, that will kind of blast it out if there’s something emergency happening. But we’re trying to get this information out because I think that we’re going to deal with a summer from hell.

BR: Very good, Dr. Bill. Now, let me run my own summary past you, because I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about this, and most of the people I know have been as well. It feels to me that this whole scenario, as you said just a few minutes ago, is being driven by the transdimensional beings. And that the guys here on planet Earth, whatever seniority we want to dispose to them, are basically managers. They’re caretakers. They don’t necessarily have the whole picture.

BD: No. In fact, they keep them that way to make sure that they don’t interfere with the actual program.

BR: Right. But they’re also programmed to capitalize on events as they seem to occur. For example, it’s possible that even though BP were incompetent and there may be all kinds of strange things that happened just before the rig blew, that essentially it was an accident. And then they immediately capitalized on it.

BD: Yeah, I call it a 'non purpose' because they’re so incompetent they... With all those things you know that at the very least they’re monumentally incompetent...

BR: [laughs]

BD: ...and don’t give a damn about the public safety or the safety of their workers.

BR: That’s for sure. Yeah. That’s for sure. But the idea was that, as you and I have spoken before, basically human beings aren’t smart enough to figure all this out on their own. This is being driven by...

BD: No. This is being driven by transdimensional superbeings...

BR: Yup.

BD: ...that are, in a sense, the gods of the ancient world. The same ones like Apollo, Apollyon...

BR: Exactly.

BD: There’s a whole list of the names that I could actually give you the actual names that people want to know and they can go back to James Wier’s Book of Demonology, 1535 [Ed. Note: Johann Weyer, On the Illusions of the Demons and on Spells and Poisons, 1563]. They can look at ancient books. There’s sequestered in the Vatican Library, if people are listening that know about this, that we’ve known about these beings for a long time. They live for, you know, eons and...

BR: Yeah.

BD: ...or go through limitless lifespans. They’re transdimensional, so they're not limited to our realm of time space.

BR: And they’re worshipped and they’re sacrificed to, and they’re listened to and they’re obeyed, and all this medieval stuff, right?

BD: Exactly.

BR: Yeah, sure. Yup, yup yup. That’s the root of the problem. That’s the root of the problem.

BD: Right. And actually I mentioned on my talk – which is, seriously I’m going to expand it to a six to eight hour multi-part talk of my 120+ lives – that we need to realize that we’re dealing with a vast dark empire. It literally is a Star Wars, a cosmic war...

BR: Yup.

BD: ...with some of the leaders are these rep... these amphibio, Draco reptilians called the 'Gorgons,' and there are other affiliates that are extremely advanced, very malevolent. They are totally a predatory civilization that literally consumes us, and every other civilization they try to come in contact with. They are opposed by a vast empire of civilizations, and we’re literally at the cusp of a galactic and a cosmic war, and if they don’t believe that...

BR: Mmh.

BD: ...that’s why our civilization has fallen four other times, and this is the fifth and last time we’re going to get a chance.

BR: Well, that’s right, and in the spirit of true science that’s a hypothesis, and we can test that against the facts that we know, and it all fits. It just fits.

BD: Yeah. Yeah. It makes sense of why our civilization... because it’s not just stupid humans to do this, or greedy humans, or inbred humans. It is something driven by an outside force and power that people don’t comprehend because they don’t want to.

BR: That’s right.

BD: It’s not evident...

BR: People aren’t smart enough to do this, and human beings aren’t evil enough to do this, basically.

BD: Right. Yeah, they’re actually not capable of foresight over centuries and millennia to create this matrix of control.

BR: Yup. I fully agree with you.

BD: Yeah.

BR: Well Dr. Bill, thank you so much for the call.

BD: You’re welcome. I hope that update helps, sir, but I think if anybody’s near the Gulf they better get emergency plans to get out of there. People better watch the price of gold dropping, not rising. They’d better get ready for a new world currency, and they’d better get out of debt and have their food supplies for famine, because as I say, they’re panicking because until they get the financial controls in, the hard kill can’t start.

BR: Okay. That’s... [laughs]. That’s very, very clear. Please keep in close touch.

BD: I will.

BR: Anything that you get, it will be a pleasure to hear from you as always, and we’ll get this out there straight away. Thank you so much.

BD: You’re welcome Bill. You take care. Bye bye.

BR: Okay.

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