Credo Mutwa
AIDS Hospital Appeal

South Africa - September
, 2010

DAVID ICKE (DI): [noise of people talking indistinctly in background] Hello. I’m standing here in the Kalahari region of South Africa, and behind me is the home of the great Zulu Sanusi shaman Credo Vusamazulu Mutwa. And here is his and his wife Virginia’s great dream. It is to open a hospital to help people in this area who have AIDS and other diseases where they’re not getting treatment and in so many ways are being treated like lepers in their own land.

There is also in this area, and indeed in this country, an epidemic of child abuse, and this is also designed to help to heal those children, and help to give them their lives back.

But, of course, as you can see, so much has already been done. There’s buildings being worked on here all the time. But Credo and Virginia need money to finish the job so they can serve this very impoverished community.

Credo and Virginia have had this as their dream for so many years. I’ve known them both for a long, long time, and he’s always talked to me. ‘Mr. David, I want to open a hospital to help my people.’ And here he is, coming up to ninety years of age, and you can see that somewhat seventy percent of that dream has already been realized, but they need more money to finish the job and get this open as soon as possible.

This is one of the typical rooms, private rooms, where people can come to be healed in mind and body. There’s a bathroom, private bathroom, toilet and everything.

Now, these kind of facilities are not known in this area. This is new. And it’s an attempt to treat people with AIDS who are being stigmatized, who have been cast out from their own communities simply because they’re ill, and treat them with dignity and care and love. It’s ... [pause] It’s a fantastic project. Please support it. And here’s Credo telling you why we need to do that.

Credo, what would you say to people looking at this, all over the world, of why they should give money to make this dream a reality?

CREDO MUTWA (CM): Honorable friends, money is the saber, the sword, by which you can win many battles. Honorable friends, money is the shield, the helmet, and the breastplate to fight for the side of good.

We do need help to complete this thing as quickly as possible. We are fighting a war. We are fighting a battle against a pitiless and barely seen enemy. AIDS has got to be stopped in South Africa. AIDS has got to be stopped worldwide. Do you think, do you think by feeding the python of conspiracy with the bodies of our children, then the python, having eaten, would leave you alone? Think again, mates. Think again, friends. You don’t feed the devil and... without him turning upon you in the future.

DI: And you want to make a difference here, using those medicines that make a difference.

CM: Yes, I do. I am learned in distilling medicine. In fact, there are groups of South Africans, in South Africa, firms which made thousands of dollars out of my knowledge. I want that knowledge back to save my people. I want that knowledge back to give it to our people where they belong.

Don’t declare a war on Africa. You will need Africa. You will need this continent. Africa has got shining gifts for the rest of humanity, which humanity refuses to listen, to recognize or listen to.

African herbs are capable of keeping an AIDS patient alive for a long, long time. Not only that, we African people have the knowledge not only to heal the human body but also to heal the human mind.

We fight AIDS even with energies that come from under the earth. The structure which my wife calls ‘Ndumba’ is actually a special hut which draws energy from underground to heal a human body. Inside that hut there will be not beds, but hammocks, which are very good in treating sick people.

All the knowledge that was left to us from the... our ancestors, we shall bring it to bear here and the world, skeptical though it may be, will see that knowledge in action.

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