David Icke and Credo Mutwa
Temples of Peace

Kuruman, South Africa - August
22, 2010

Credo Mutwa (CM): Honorable friends, it is one of the ironies of history, it is one of the things that happen in this world in which we live, that where men unleashed violence against fellow men, there shall the temples of peace be built. YES Right here, right here, battles were fought. AMEN Right here, men were killed.

Women (W): Yes [in chorus].

CM: In some parts of this place, you find old bullets. In some parts of this place, you find pieces of artillery shell. Because here, first, black fought white. And later, white fought white. As recently as the nineteen-thirties, there were wars going on here. In this place, may a temple of peace be built, to take away all the bitterness of the past and all the pain. Thank you.

W: Amen [in chorus].

David Icke (DI): Well, I’d like to thank Credo for his words and I’ve traveled to fifty countries over my life and I just see the same people everywhere. They want the same things. How many people I’ve met in my life that wanted a war? That wanted to fight? That wanted conflict? I couldn’t count them on that hand, probably, if that. And yet, the world is full of conflict. And conflict comes from people’s state of mind, what is in their heart, what is in their head. And it matters not whether you are black, white, yellow or any color you want to think of. It’s still, as Martin Luther King said, not about the color of your skin, but the strength of your character. And so we have a world where, as Credo pointed out, in this place black fought white and some time later, white fought white. And what’s happening in parts of this country now? Black fights black, tribe fights tribe. This is not about color. It’s not about race. It’s about what’s in here [pointing at his heart]…

W: Yeah [in chorus].

DI: …and when we open this, we realize, as Credo has seen from his great life and I’ve seen from my travels, when you open this there is only one language.

W: Yes [in chorus].

DI: There’s only one color.

W: Yes [in chorus].

DI: There’s only one us…

W: Yes [in chorus].

DI: …an infinite I, all part of, and expressions of, the great ocean that is what you call God. I call it the Infinite. The name matters not, only that we are expressions of this infinite consciousness, infinite awareness. And this is our connection to it, right here.

This [pointing at his head] can shut us off from this [pointing at his heart] ’cuz it gets caught in mind, and wanting this and wanting that, and desire and material things. And this [pointing at his heart] can close down and be dormant, while this [pointing at his head] governs, and this [pointing at his head] says, ‘I want this. How do I get it? I must fight! We must fight! We must have a war!’ This [pointing at his heart] says, ‘You’re fighting with yourself.’

Because we’re all expressions of the same one I. And if this, this church, this temple of peace, as Credo calls it, can be put into this place of historic conflict, then it’s an expression of the heart in a place that was desecrated by an obsession with the mind. And we are going into an era when the heart will start to rule. And the head will take its place as the servant of the heart and not its master any longer. So, I wish you every success in putting this temple of peace in this place.

W: Yeah, hallelujah [in chorus].

DI: And what an honor it has been to meet you all today and that wonderful music. And it’s always an honor to meet Virginia and always an honor to meet the greatest human being it has been my privilege to know.

W: Yes [in chorus].

DI: Thank you very much.

W: Thank you, thank you [in chorus, applauding and singing].

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