David Wilcock:

Interview transcript - Part 1

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The Road to Ascension: David Wilcock - Part 1
A video interview with David Wilcock

Los Angeles, May/June 2007

Shot, edited and directed by Kerry Lynn Cassidy

(continued in Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4)

Start of interview

Kerry: We're here with David Wilcock, and we are every happy to be invited to his humble abode, which is not so humble (I won't say where), and David, welcome!

David: Well thank you, thank you Kerry! I have had the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time on many occasions, with some really amazing people - and I have had a lot of really interesting experiences of my own, going all the way back to very early in my life.

I read this book, actually, when I was seven years old. [holds up book] It's called, 'How To Make ESP Work For You' by Harold Sherman. This book talks about ESP as if it were something that most people don't understand and know about, and that surprised me; most kids in my grade were reading 'Clifford The Big Red Dog', and this book was obviously a lot more intense than anything most kids would read at my age. There were no pictures and it was kind of scary, you're looking at these little bitty words and trying to follow it. But I was just so fascinated as a child with the concepts that I just got into it.

The other thing I felt really drawn to at that age was books on Hypnosis, and I have read both of these books, [holds up books] beginning when I was seven years old, as well. I somehow felt that there was a connection between hypnosis and ESP, and didn't understand why I felt that way until much later.

The next book that I really read was Eric Iverson's 'Nostradamus Prophecies: 1995 and Beyond', and this is when I first got into the idea that there was going to be some kind of event around the year 2000, which Nostradamus scholars typically would say is a cataclysmic event, a nasty event.

I saw that special on HBO where the Russian nuclear missiles were going to blow up the US. They had Orson Welles narrating, and he goes into great detail on Nostradamus' prophecies.

Why would a seven-year old kid read books like this? Why would you be inspired to conduct such research at such a young age? I was unusually intelligent.

More importantly, when I was five years old I had an event, a pivotal event in my life, and that was an out of body experience. I woke up in the middle of the night, and was floating over my own body in bed. I looked down and saw myself breathing, so it was clear that I was still alive; but I couldn't make sense of why I was in two places at the same time, and why I still had these funny yellow pyjamas with the red cuffs!

Well, the event had such an impact on me that I saved the pyjamas [holds up pyjamas]. They became sacred pyjamas that I never washed again, never wore again. These pyjamas were in two places at once, and I didn't understand how that could be, so they became very sacred to me.

I wake up the next morning very excited! I tell my father and he says, "You just had a dream". I went to school and told the kindergarten teacher Mrs DiMaze, and she said "You just had a dream".

Bear in mind, I was a typical silly kid. Mrs DiMaze told my friend Chris and myself to go trim the Christmas tree, and so we proceeded to take our little scissors, and started cutting branches off the tree!

So you know, I did kid things. I had rocks in my pocket, and paper clips and gumballs, but at the same time, once this out-of-body thing happened and I saved the pyjamas, I said, "I've got to get another chance", because if I had not been afraid, I wouldn't have stayed in the house, and probably would have gone somewhere really fascinating!

And I had so many UFO dreams, where in some cases I would end up talking to someone who looked like - after I saw the movie 'Star Wars', it became Obi-Wan Kenobi. He said that something really amazing was going to happen in the future on earth, and that I had some kind of role in it, and that I would be guided.

Most of the conversations I couldn't remember when I woke up; but I would be so overwhelmed with the emotion of the loss of this contact with him, that I would wake up and be just devastated by the fact that I had lost that connection.

Kerry: If we fast-forward from that - which is a wonderful introduction to who you are today - you at some point became aware that you could be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.

David: Right, I did read the ESP book, and (the author) said the younger you are when you start doing these exercises, the more psychic you will be! I'm like, "I'm already like seven years old, sheesh! I'm never going to be any good now! I should have been doing this stuff since I was two!"

I read this book [holds up book] by Stephen La Berge, 'Lucid Dreaming', and then explored the world of lucid dreaming in high school, and was able to have lucid dreams based on the techniques in this book. I would end up on the main deck of UFOs and talking to beings, and La Berge's perspective is that this is just your mind, there's nothing real about any of this stuff, and I would just wake up and laugh, like, "whew, none of this means anything"!

In college, I quit using alcohol and all intoxicating chemicals. I did smoke some marijuana, but quit that in my sophomore year. Six months later a friend comes into my room, he had traveled a long distance to see me, and he was white as a sheet of paper, and said, "I have got to tell somebody what just happened! I've just had a conversation with my physics professor, and he said that UFOs are real!"

"Give me a break, man, come on!"

But I was curious enough that I had him keep talking, and he said basically that the physics professor mentioned off-handedly that UFOs are real.

He was the star pupil, so after class he talked to the professor. The professor said, "We know this is true," we, meaning NASA. He had worked in the higher echelons of NASA for eleven years. "We know this is true, but we are never going to let it go out on the main headline of the New York Times, and the reason why is that we shock-tested the public with 'War of the Worlds', and found that they really can't handle the truth, because they're going to think that they're being invaded. They will panic, and the economy will go belly up, so we just can't let this out."

So there is a gradual indoctrination going on, getting people into this information.

He said that the ship had a panel all the way around the bottom, and they pulled it off expecting to see components inside. Instead, all they saw was this ceramic; so for a couple of years they didn't know what they were looking at.

Finally they looked at the ceramic under high magnification, and saw these lines on it. It turns out that this was a gigantic computer chip that ran the whole width of the ship, and it was a superconducting ceramic material, which means that electrons would flow through it without any loss.

Now from this, the professor said, we got fiber optics. (they found the burned edges of fiber optic cables in the ships) We got Teflon, the non-stick material - a special material. We got Kevlar bullet-proof vests that came from reverse engineering. Laser beams passed between two mirrors, one of which is semi-permeable, the beam comes out. Lasers came from the ships. LED lights came from the ships. Infrared night vision came from the ships (they had looked through the port-hole windows and saw this green, so that you could see outside at night), and computer chips, obviously.

So what this really means is that most of the technology that we now have, including the technology that you are recording my voice and filming with, would not exist if it were not for this 'celestial inheritance' that we got in the 40's.

Well, that just screwed my head right off. And for two weeks, I'd be walking down the street, see a manhole cover and think of UFOs. I would go to the cafeteria and have a plate on my (table), and I would be eating off this plate and be thinking of UFOs! I just couldn't get it out of my mind.

After two weeks time I said that if this is real and I believed it was - because he went into propulsion systems, how they get to light speed. He went into the three different types of occupants they found in the ships - if this is real, it is the most important thing there could possibly be to study. I finished college; I got my bachelors degree in psychology, and I got a PhD in UFOs!

This was the Director of Communications from the Apollo missions [holds up book entitled, 'Our Ancestors Came From Outer Space - A NASA Expert Confirms Mankind's Extraterrestrial Origins', by Maurice Chatelain]

This guy is the real deal, high end NASA scientist, who came forward in 1995 to say they had discovered ruins on the moon, architecture on the moon.

Well, this book went into so much detail about ancient civilizations, and obviously showed that some sort of intelligence interfaced with ancient civilizations to get us to where we are now, and to create these artifacts that we find all around the world.

I became quite compelled with the evidence he presented, showing me that there had to be a civilization that was highly advanced before our current one. You think of BC and you think of cave men, right? Well, BC is only a hundred generations ago, and that's not a whole lot of time, really. So, basically speaking, we have a much older history. So, all this stuff is coming into my mind.

I started to write my dreams down when I got sober, and that was part of my recovery process.

Dreaming is a very important part of the lucid dreaming process, because you have to capture a dream when it comes in, and then meditate on it and visualize yourself becoming lucid, meaning that you say, "Oh my God, I'm in a dream! I can levitate things; I can fly, I can snap my fingers and go to a whole different place! I can create people to talk to! I can create objects!"

I have had a number of these, and they are absolutely fantastic! But you have to remember these dreams, and then repeat this line to yourself, "The next time I'm dreaming, I want to remember to recognize that I'm dreaming." That's the key line: next time I'm dreaming, I want to remember to recognize that I'm dreaming.

So I already had a lot of experience remembering dreams. So I start remembering dreams, and I start getting all this information coming in from books. I read five hundred books in three years - I had a list of all of them - and I submitted my application to the Roper Institute, which is a graduate school in Boulder, Colorado in trans-personal psychology, which is metaphysical psychology.

I handed them this list; and I said, "Name any book, and I'll give you a discourse on it."

I didn't get accepted, probably because my financial situation wasn't very good. I came back from Boulder, and now we're into 1996. I had been doing this research for three years and I was like, "Why am I so compelled? Why can't I stop reading these books? I'm just so obsessed - there's got to be something more to this!"

I start having dreams, in which UFOs fly overhead, and something shoots out of the UFO, and it comes spinning down, and lands on the ground - and it's a telephone, and it starts ringing!

Oh shit, wow!

I had this other dream where this ET walked up to me, and all these books start flying out from behind him like a cyclone, and they're hitting me, and it hurts!

But as each book is flying past me, all these books that I've read, it's like all the knowledge in the books comes into my mind at once - and I start seeing how it all fits together in this dream. It's like this incredible telepathic, overwhelming blast!

I woke up, and I'm like, "What is this, what does this mean?"

It's almost like they are saying - you know, because if you are watching these videos and you are into the UFO subject, you kind of say to yourself, "It's all out there, right? It's something I'm reading about." This is like it comes into your mind and it's personal, it's part of you now. "What? They want to talk to me? They want to have a conversation?" (They, meaning whoever they are)

What finally happened was, I had a dream that said, "Okay, here's what's going to happen: "You will be able to hear"… it was this ghost that was talking to me in this dream, and he said, "You'll be able to hear me but nobody else can. I will tell you what to say, and you just dictate it into a tape recorder."

So here I am, I've read 500 books - I get on the internet - and by this point I had come across material called 'ascension', or some people were calling it 'pole shift'. I had read the Nostradamus stuff, so I said, "Well, what's really going on here?"

Now up until this point, I had read almost entirely empirical science-oriented books about ufology, about metaphysics, about Atlantis; however, at this point I started to get more into the possibility that somebody could possibly intuitively communicate with these guys.

I found a book by Dr. Norma Milanovich, 'We The Arcturians,' and I wasn't 100% convinced, but I was relatively compelled by it.

Then, I found a book by Dr. Scott Mandelker, called 'From Elsewhere'. I don't have it in front of me here, but this book says on the cover, "The Subculture Of Those Who Claim To Be of Non-Earthly Origins". I looked at it in the store and thought, "Wow, this guy is really far out!"

But I held the books between my hands, which I do, psychometry. It was tingling so incredibly! It was electrical, wow! And so I opened the book to the back, and it said, "If you can answer these twelve questions in the affirmative and about yourself, then you very likely are an extraterrestrial soul in a human body who has forgotten who you really are."

And this is really far out - way, way fringe stuff! But by this point, I had read 500 books on the fringe.

So okay, I start reading these questions, and it's like the most personal, insightful, almost invasive psychological description of who I really was, underneath the mask, that I've ever seen, and I couldn't believe it! He doesn't even know me, and yet he knows me better than anybody, even my parents - how did that happen?

He says that this has to do with being an extra-terrestrial soul in a human body. So I read, just devoured this book. This was in November of 1995, after I had graduated College in '95, I go to my friend Jude's house.

Jude and I did music together a lot, because I am also a drummer and a composer. Jude and I did automatic writing together, on his suggestion, where you hold the pencil in your left hand and let it do what it wants to do, and I didn't think it was going to work, I though it was kind of hokey.

But we really meditated; and I felt this conscious connection to my third eye, trying to pull in energy from there, and the question we asked is, "Am I a wanderer?" This is what they call these extra-terrestrial souls. "Am I a wanderer?"

I start feeling something coming in really strong, and I pull here [points at forehead] really strong, and for all of two or three seconds, my left hand jumped into activity, and did all this stuff. I dropped the pen, and said, "Oh My God, Jude, turn on the light, something happened, this is crazy!"

So we turn on the lights and the paper looked completely white. What the hell?

Then we looked really very close, and it was very, very faint pencil, and it says - my hand had written forward and backward on the same line, and there were curves that intersected; and only because they collided with each other did it say, "Christ Cometh."

Now, I was not raised to be Christian, I went to the Presbyterian Church maybe four times in my life. My mother had a bible upbringing and she really rebelled against it and got away from it. 'Christ Cometh' - the 'th' of 'cometh' looked like the word' Ra'. Well, that's the Egyptian god; what's that all about?

Well, in the book that I had been reading by Scott Mandelker, the entity that he based all this stuff on was called Ra. There was a series of four books originally, then five, called the 'Law of One'.

There was more than that, there was an encoded message - it said "EC 40-57 and Oxen". The 'and' was a little ampersand ('&') symbol. The oxen I understood, as I had worked at a little fair over the summer, and I had bought a statue of an Ox which I thought represented my becoming a beast of burden in the working world.

The woman (from whom I bought the statue) was from Kenya, and I said, "What does this animal mean?"

"Oh you American, always think symbol, something means something."

"Well, this is an Ox, right, and you hitch it up to a plough, and it ploughs a field for you."

"Oh no, this is water buffalo! Very dangerous! Get within 500 feet of this and you pray for death!" That surprised me.

Okay, that means that somehow, all this stuff I'm going through is going to help me be really strong, and going into the working world doesn't mean I'm going to be submerged. I got out of college, I had my bills paid, I had all the books I can read, and then I had to support myself with minimal wage jobs. I did not want to be doing that, so I felt like I was going to be this beast of burden. Instead, the water buffalo is a powerful symbol.

So here I am months later - at this point I had gotten fired from the mental ward for being too friendly to the patients, and there's this EC 40-57 at the beginning.

Well, Jude said, "Well, isn't that like the bible, like Ecclesiastes? It says, "Christ", right?"

So we found the bible, but there was no verse 40, but then we remembered - or Jude remembered - the whole chapter verse thing only happened later. Originally, you measured it by the number of verses from the beginning, so we counted 40 verses from the beginning. I had just gotten fired from the mental ward, right, and that it is why I was upstate, where my family was.

Well, the first line said, "for what hath a man toiled and labored under the sun; this too is meaningless." Then the very last line, line 57 said, "To eat, drink and be happy in one's toil, this is the grace of God." It was like somebody was up there with the bible, saying, "let's give him this." And then my hand does this thing, and it says, "Christ Cometh."

And then it gives me a bible quote, and mentions the Ox, and about my work. And then the bible quote is about work, and in the middle was that famous line, which was turned into the song, 'Turn, Turn, Turn,' by the Byrds. To everything there is a purpose, to everything there is a season, and time for every purpose under heaven, time to be born, time to die, time to gather stones together, all those things; all those opposites.

I was at a real turning point in my life, so I felt, "Okay, this is really powerful, crazy, but what do I do with it?" After that life just kind of returned to normal.

So, a few months later, I get this bill from my ex-girlfriend, I had a Japanese girlfriend in college. We had a big, long argument on the phone, and I got a phone bill for two hundred dollars, or something. I couldn't pay it, and I freaked out because this was going to make me broke.

I was working for $5.77 an hour, taking care of developmentally disabled people in a residence facility - and I started screaming and crying, "If you are out there, I want the fucking proof!" Sorry, just bleep that, or something! [laughs] People have told me I shouldn't swear. "So if you are out there, I want the proof and I want it right now!"

So, I'm looking out the window, and seeing if there're going to be UFOs at the window - and nothing happened. I'm trying to levitate this napkin on my plate - and it didn't levitate.

My friend ended up calling, and he was going through A-A and rehabilitation, and I realized I was a heck of a lot better off than he is right now.

By the end of the night, I had forgotten about it. The next morning - my buddy had a house-mate who delivered pizza. He didn't even get home until after I went to bed that night. So he slept in until about 10 or 11 in the morning, and we had a rule - don't call us in the morning, period!

So this one morning, the next morning after this happened, I get this little itch to go outside and start the car so that I can warm it up, because it is winter time and really freezing outside. I go out and start up my Subaru, and come inside, and there's Eric, with pillow creases on his face, and he's on the phone! Why is he on the phone? He hangs up the phone and says, "dude, I had a really strange dream about you!"

And I'm like, "I can't listen to your dream! I've gotta go to work! I'm late!"

"Yeah, but this had UFOs! All these UFOs were in it, man!"

Okay, I'm listening.

I'm listening, so he starts going into this dream in which this whole fleet of UFO's flies over our head. People start panicking and running into things, and they're all hiding under things.

It was like a big mall, but there was no ceiling on the mall. Everybody evacuates, except for my ex-girlfriend. He (Eric) didn't even know that I had this event happen, regarding her, and him and me.

One UFO stayed, and this pillar of light comes down, and there's a flat disc on the bottom. There's a man standing on the disc, wearing a white robe and sandals, but it clearly wasn't Jesus, because he had gray hair and a gray beard; he was like a wise old man-archetype.

He starts doing this discourse, and he says, "We are your brothers, your long lost family. You came from us, we came from you; we came from the One - we are all connected. We are here now at this time, because you are about to go through this amazing, fantastic, energetic enlightenment of your entire planet. Right now you are only seeing the bad part, where you have the earth changes, and you have the upheavals in your government, and you are starting to see the rottenness in your society - but what comes after this is a golden age, far more incredible than you can ever imagine, and we are here to help you through this transition."

So he eventually stopped; he gave this whole Ascension discourse! He's just standing there, and the girl says to Eric, "Shouldn't somebody go talk to him?"

And Eric says, "Well, I'll leave that to Dave, he's the UFO guy, he'll know what to say."

Apparently they prodded me along, this is his dream. I walk up to the guy, and he recognizes me, and we say some strange word to each other that wasn't in English. Then we hug each other, and he has his arm around me, and he looks at Eric very serious, now, and he says, "It is very important that you know he is one of us."

So Eric tells me all this, right? I didn't even have time to think about it. That's the whole dream - great, gotta go.

I'm driving to work, and I'm passing people, and I get to work, and it's a terrible day! Then I got out from work, and I was going to visit my mother.

The next thing you know, I'm on the New York State Thru-way, driving north up to Albany. It's pouring rain and my windshield is fogging over. I can't see anything, it's very deadly, and I might not even make it alive! I'm hydroplaning as I'm driving.

All of a sudden, in this condition, where I'm almost in tears already from that terrible day, I realize, "Wait a minute, I asked a question the night before in prayer basically, and I got the answer and the answer is yes, you are one of us!"

I pulled the car over to the side of the road and I just lost it. [emotional] I knew in that moment that there was something that I was here to do.

You know, when you really bring yourself back to that point when you first heard it, it's still just as potent as when it happened [tearful, wiping eyes].

So, my experience after that was, "okay, what's next? What's going to happen now?" That's when I started to get these dreams saying, "We want to communicate with you".

A year after I first had the automatic writing, I had joined Richard Hoagland's discussion group online, and met a guy met named Joe Mason who had created a website soon afterwards called 'greatdreams.com'.

He talked about something called the dream voice. He said, "When you wake up in the morning and remember your dreams, listen to the background noise in your mind, and just write it down; no matter how cryptic, or how nonsensical it sounds. Don't analyze it, that's the most important part; do not try to understand it. Do not pay attention to it - just let it flow through you, and write it all down."

Well, I was up so late, and he was telling me all this great information and I am falling a sleep while trying to write it. I wake up in the morning, and I can still hear his voice, so I just start writing it down. I get all the way done, and I have eight pages of material!

It was weird - it almost sounded like schizophrenic ranting, but it said some very interesting things!

One of the things it said was, "you should visit Chitzen Itza, the Mayan pyramids. You can go there with your mind." Well, that's astral projection! That's something I had been wanting to do all these years. I had never been able to walk out of my body from a conscious state, and I really wanted to be able to do that.

So I'm reading this for a second time, really understanding it - and the phone starts ringing. It felt like there was this tugging energy on me from the phone!


"Hey Dave, this is your buddy from the Pinebush UFO group. Do you want to come to a seminar on Astral Projection?"

I just, agggh! I mean - I know that it's not likely that anybody is really going to want to believe it, but this is what really happened!

I tried to get to the seminar, but got lost on the highway. I never made it - I ended up having to come home.

So, there were a lot of really synchronistic events happening. I started to get these readings, and on the first day it also said, "One of our women, Teresa - a sibling, inoperative; the Christian, psychically."

"One of our women," Teresa, Mother Teresa, a sibling, sibling mother, "One of our women, Teresa - a sibling; inoperative" - something went wrong, something with her health maybe. "The Christian" mother Teresa, the Christian, "One of our women, Teresa a sibling; inoperative, the Christian, psychically."

Five days later, mother Teresa had a massive heart attack.

So then a little while later (and this is one the stories I tell in the book which we will get to in a second), I did a reading for my housemate Eric, and it said to him, "You would be happy to know that your student loans for New Paltz have come in."

This is the college we were going to - State University of New York, at New Paltz. But it didn't make any sense; he had graduated from New Paltz already!

So I actually asked for it to be re-phrased, and it said, "You will be happy to know your student loans have come in - you should visit New Paltz."

So, I told Eric all about this. He was now a graduate student at [inaudible] Albany.

Well about a month and a half later, he walks into the house and says, "Dude, you'd better sit down for this one!"

"What's going on, man?"

He says, "New Paltz called my mother! They were cleaning out the bursar's office (the financial office), and there was a file cabinet up against the wall (it was one of the last things they had to remove), they pulled the file cabinet away from the wall, and there was an envelope behind the file cabinet! Inside the envelope there was a check made out to me, Eric, for nine hundred dollars!" An uncashed, Stafford loan - and we needed about eight hundred and seventy-nine dollars to be able to pay our rent, so this was just…wow!!

Then you start going through these loops in you mind - how could this have possibly been done?

What started to happen was that I would have a stack of cassette tapes, and I would get about a month behind a lot of times on my transcriptions of this. I would dictate my dreams, and I would dictate whatever words I heard.

The words were basically like a wisdom teaching talking to me and talking about spiritual principles - spiritual growth, talking about this ascension, saying there is this amazing thing that is going to come in your future. The whole planet is going to be going through this shift into a golden age.

But I would get behind, and I'd have these stacks of tapes, and I would sit down a month after I had dictated it, and start transcribing - and it would describe what I was doing right before I sat down at the computer, over and over and over again.

You may remember that back in the 90's, there was a toy called a Tamaguchi, a little orange plastic thing, and teenage girls would have them on their belts. It was like a little chicken, and you would feed the chicken by hitting the buttons.

So I had just gotten back from the convenience store, where I saw a little girl with one of these on her belt, playing with it. I get home, pop in the tape and start transcribing it - and in the dream I am saying " I'm seeing a little girl with some strange orange toy on her belt."

A couple of years later, another really dramatic story was; I had a girlfriend at the time - Sabrina, as I call her on the website. She came into the house while I was transcribing, and she says, "I've got this really great story! You're going to love this, stop the tape. I just met this guy at the 'ARE', the Edgar Cayce Institute…"

I was now living in Virginia Beach, because the Cayce readings had said it was a safety land, and I felt that was a trustworthy thing, safe from earth changes or whatever.

So she says, "Yeah, this guy just stopped in for one day. He was an old friend of mine, and he was telling me about this building where the top floor was built to look like a UFO, with little porthole windows to look out, it was really neat!"

So I say, "That's cool."

So then I go back and hit play - and I'm transcribing, "I'm seeing a building with a top floor looking like a UFO."

So I said, "Come over here! Hit play!" I took the headphones off, and we're just looking at each other. The hairs are standing upright - Oh my God!

Long, long story short, I'm getting all these synchronicities all the time. This is world-class data - but do you think I want to go public about being an extraterrestrial communicator, heck, no! I'm working for $5.77 an hour in a developmental disability facility. The last thing I want to do is end up in the mental ward again, but as a patient, and not as an employee!

So I'm living this double life. By day I'm working, and by night I come home, and I'm transcribing tapes. These readings are coming through and they are beautiful, amazing discourses on spiritual growth, enlightenment, consciousness, ascension, whew!

I finally had an out of body experience. One of the things you go out of body, if you're a guy, at least - it's your desire body, it's your subconscious - you want to have sex.

So, I tried to conjure up a partner. I would be standing there with my pants down, and there would be all these people standing around pointing at me, laughing. And it was like, "If I'm going to get humiliated this much, maybe sex isn't such a good idea in the out of body plane!"

But then it seemed like I found this one woman, and things started to go pretty well. She took me back to her room, and I thought, "Now we're getting somewhere!"

But then she had a roommate in the room - this guy, and the room is a mess.

So I start trying to convince them, "Hey look! I'm out of body; none of this is real! Watch this!" I took my hand and shook it, and turned it into a bowling ball and detached it, and rolled it down the hallway. When I would do that, they would disassociate and wouldn't look at me, and when I tried to tell them I was out of body they would lose track of my talking.

So, finally I said, "Isn't there somebody who knows what the hell is going on around here?"

I turn around, and there is this woman, and she's just looking at me with an incredibly serene face. She's got gray hair and a purple dress, and she's standing there and she is not saying anything. I realize that I'm paralyzed - I can't move.

She's standing there, and I'm looking at her saying, "Okay, what's going on?" I can't move, and I keep waiting for something to happen. I'm getting really freaked out because I'm paralyzed, and she goes, "You know you have to move, don't you?"

"Well, I know you said something about Virginia Beach..."

As soon as I said 'Virginia Beach', I was free.

Then this other woman comes out, and I go down a hallway and there are all these doors. A door opens, and this woman comes out, and she says, "You are from Bloomington; that means you're blooming, doesn't it?" I lived in a town called Bloomington.

Okay, all right, I guess I have to move to Virginia Beach. It wasn't easy; I had seven hundred dollars. I threw all my stuff in the car, drove down there, got a list from the ARE, the 'Association for Research and Enlightenment', the Cayce organization, and this guy who I connected with - Francis Ford, the art director of 'Venture Inward" magazine, an Edgar Cayce magazine, and he says, "I have got to meet you as soon as you get here."

I had told him I was doing these readings and stuff. He walks up to the door (I ended up renting a room from his friend who lived in the condo across the way from his), and he opens up the door and looks at me and goes, "My God, it is unbelievable!"

"It? Me? What are you talking about?"

He says, "You look exactly like Edgar Cayce, exactly!"

Oh, man.

I had already had this experience before I left from New York, in which there happened to be the only Northeast area study group, which was a just a few miles away from my house.

This guy Skip Weatherford was running it, and secretly - we were having these group meetings in public. He did not want me to tell them, but on the side we were doing these hypnosis sessions where he would hypnotize me. I would end up channeling, and I was reading his mind. I would answer questions that he would ask, before he had even asked them out loud!

At one point, he said, "It is so strange that you can do this."

Apparently, in the channeling state I opened up my eyes and I looked at him, and I said, "It is by nature of the continuity of consciousness that I can do this."

It freaked him out, because my eyes were black - it didn't look right, but that was also strange, because I had these two crystals under my hands when I did the readings. I put my hands on the crystals, and exactly as I did, this bolt of energy comes out of the wall, from a wire about this long. (holds his fingers about 9" apart)

Later he told me that as soon as I left for the day, all the power in the house went off for exactly one hour! So, strange things like that were going on like that.

Then one day, he says, "You've got to come over to my house right now, right now! No, I'm serious, right now!"

"Okay, fine." So, I go over there, and he has this magazine - and there is this cut out in the middle of the magazine with a picture in it, and the picture is of a face, and the face looks exactly like my face. He throws it down on the desk and says, "Who is that?"

I think, "Well, okay, I've never been published. I've never been printed, and clearly it is my face. Well all right, it's got to be that ARE magazine, because it has that pencil style they use on the cover.

"Edgar Cayce"

"Yeah, but who else does it look like?"

I'm just like, "I do not want to be Edgar Cayce!" [laughs]

But then, I get this out-of-body thing, "you know you have to move, don't you?" and, "you're from Bloomington, that means your blooming, aren't you?" and all this stuff happens.

So I go to Virginia Beach, and the next thing you know, Francis is saying, "I have to get you a meeting with Robert Smith, the director of the 'Venture Inward' magazine." So we go to this Nawhab [sic]Indian restaurant, which is down in Virginia Beach, a few streets back from the oceanfront - I forget what the street is.

Anyway, apparently I was sitting in the restaurant, I turned and looked at him like this (there is a picture of Edgar Cayce working at his desk, turning and smiling), so he walks into the restaurant, and I look at him like this, and it's the spitting image of the photograph!

He says to me - he eventually confessed that he was trying to stay cool. He said, "When I saw your face, I almost fell over backward! You are exactly the same as Edgar Cayce, in the way you look!

Long story short, I ended up meeting everybody in the ARE. I'm living with a guy who is a Cayce scholar, and he starts telling me all this stuff about Cayce, because I hadn't really read that much about Cayce. I had read about the Atlantis stuff, which I found fascinating - but other than that, I knew he was psychic and felt his work could be trusted.

But I hadn't really got into it because there are five or six hundred Cayce books - but here's this guy I'm living with as a result of the ARE contact who had been best friends with Gladys Davis, who was apparently Cayce's soul-mate and secretary.

I heard all the inside stories that you don't usually here, including the fact that he stepped on a stick and it went through his testicles, and one of his testicles was dead. I heard all these stories about Atlantis, about how all these people are reincarnations of each other, and they kept re-incarnating in groups together. He kept saying I was probably Edgar Cayce reincarnated.

And then we actually had Tom Johnson, the owner of the 'Heritage' store - which sells Cayce products - come into the house one night. "My God, he looks just like Edgar Cayce!"

Here we go again.

Finally my contact Jim - the guy I'm living with - says, "You've got to ask; you have got to ask your readings! You cannot let this go on for much longer."

By this point I knew I could trust him, and asked in a very strange way, because when you're in trance you are trying to get your mind conscious enough that you can actually ask a question, then you have to sink back down to the answer.

So I said, "I would like to incubate a question on my identity here, related to Edgar Cayce." I just couldn't say, "Was I Edgar Cayce in a past life?"

Well, the answer comes back and says, "Table rock." I don't know why they said that and I still don't know. "This is our boss - in short, the answer is yes."

Then they pulled out the cheesy Spiderman line: "But with the answer comes great responsibility."

Oh my God, I was pissed.

After I had this reading, I did not want this to be the truth.

Later on, I said, "What the hell, let me pick up Edgar Cayce's astrological chart, natal chart, and compare it to my own chart - it's called a bi-wheel. Well, I did that, and we've got moon over moon, Mars over Mars, Mercury over Mercury, Venus over Venus, sun over sun, and then Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus and Neptune are all in these perfect aspect ratios to each other: 30 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees. It was so locked in and precise.

We eventually had somebody do a astrological comparison, and found out that in the 127 year period after Cayce's birth, there is only one time that you could be possibly be born where it would align that well with his birth chart - and that was my birthday; the exact day, time and location.

Furthermore, it was also in the Chinese Zodiac, the year of the Ox. "The Ox! Oh my God, there it is again!"
So when I saw the natal chart, I literally ran into the bathroom; and I'm hovering over the toilet ready to throw up, because…what do we know about Edgar Cayce? Cayce had a reading that said that in 1998, Ra-Ta the priest will return.

This meant Cayce's past life in Atlantis - apparently, he was this guy who helped design the Great Pyramid, he was one of the chief architects of the Great Pyramid. Ra-Ta was a prophet who foretold the destruction of Atlantis, fled the island, got into Egypt, and then built this monument based on the technology they had and all this stuff, creating a gateway with this higher entity that was called Ra.

Now, this is not really in the Cayce readings anywhere, except in a few places where they mention Ra and Ra-Ta as two separate entities in some prayers, which we have in the book.

So then, the source tells me, "You have to go to the ARE, and tell them about this."

"Oh my God, no way!" I finally got dragged kicking and screaming into doing it.

I had a meeting with somebody and told him the whole story, and he says, "We get somebody in here every week who thinks they are the re-incarnation of Edgar Cayce; everyone's hip to this 1998 thing where he is going to come back. You're just another number - get outa' here, kid!" But he also invited me to sell candy bars at a play they were running, 'The Man of La Mancha'.

"Well, let's just get you out in the community and see if anybody else recognizes you."

So it's a really funny story, an anecdote - to say that Edgar Cayce returned to the ARE and they gave him a job selling candy bars!

Kerry: Impersonating Edgar Cayce.

David: Yeah! So the last thing in the world I wanted is to be was somebody else, how many Elvis impersonators can you mention by name? It's not like this is an honorable thing for me. The ARE did not take me seriously - in fact, this person was very belittling to me.

I found out through the grapevine that the buzz inside ARE was like, "We know this guy did drugs, we know this guy swears, he's young and impressionable. There is no use that we can have of him being Edgar Cayce re-incarnated. It doesn't do us any good."

I was only like twenty-four years old. I was young, yet I had read 500 books and I had started to write about this stuff, so in that bitterness of the betrayal from the ARE, I just got more into working with my source. My source is saying, "You have to start doing readings and taking clients and doing readings for other people. If you don't do this, you are going to lose the ability to channel."

Well I really didn't want to do that. But by July of 1998 I was in Virginia Beach. Cayce had a dream where he was back in Virginia Beach in 1998, and the prophecy had been fulfilled. I'm thinking, "Well, this is wonderful," and I end up starting to take clients.

The second - no third client I had, this woman comes in - didn't say anything about herself whatsoever, just sat down and wanted to start the reading. I really don't want to do that, but okay. I wake up out of the reading, and she is totally in tears.

She said, "Your reading described exactly what is going on with my husband, the fact that we're living at opposite ends of the house, why we are fighting what I am going to have to do to make it better. I am just so blown away I can't thank you enough."

So you know, you get this stage fright, but then once it has started it just happens and it flows through you.

So then the source is saying, "The other part of the deal is that not only do you have to do readings for people, but you also have to write a book."

I didn't want to write a book either. I finally got a website in February 1999. I had written up some of my preliminary research into Ascension in 1998.

I got on line February 1999, and in a relatively short time laid out the case, including the photographic comparison of myself to Edgar Cayce. I started to get some interest on the internet, but I really didn't want to write a book and I didn't want to be known for that.

I got hired on in 2000 to this thing called 'The Time Of Global Shift', which was a seminar tour about ascension. I was presenting scientific information about 2012 and planetary change. I started to have conferences, and I got on Art Bell as I said. It was a short visit, then I had another visit again.

Long story short, along comes May 2001, Dr Steven Greer's 'Disclosure Project.' I had been on Art Bell now. I was doing these readings, and I had a website. I was making all my money from taking clients - barely surviving, because I charged very little at the time.

I'm now not doing readings anymore; that is an important thing to point out because I have demand inundation, which some people would call a happy problem. It got to the point that so many people wanted readings I just could not possibly fill the demand. I go to the Disclosure Project, and I meet 39 top-secret witnesses to the UFO thing. One of them was Sgt. Clifford Stone, who had experienced a direct encounter with extraterrestrials, and he asked them, "What's in it for me?" And they said "A new world if you can take it". I remember that because that is what they have been telling me, too.

So, by this point I had a public presence. I didn't really talk about the reincarnation thing too much.

I'm at this conference, and I am meeting all these Black Ops guys, and it starts to become clearer and clearer the extent to which this UFO scenario is really true. I was in the May 10th briefing, which was a closed executive summary briefing for members of Congress and VIP's. I happened to be a VIP, because I was a public figure in the UFO field. I didn't have any money, was not really well known, but fine. So that event really transformed me and got me my first exposure to black ops people.

One guy who had a reading, Winn Free, wanted to write a book; and it didn't happen until years later, that I allowed this to be done, but we finally wrote this book called 'The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce'. I didn't want to give them a very good picture of me, because I didn't want my face to be on the cover, so they used a picture - but it had to be really small, inside this little nebula. [holds up book]

This book sold pretty darn well for a while, for a while it was the third best selling title in 'Frog's entire new age catalog.

As I went on and got more involved with my source, I realized that I was in contact with this same source RA. If you think we have gone off the deep end before now, just you wait - cause we are only getting started.

This source said that it is in the sixth dimension, or the sixth density, and that at that level we all have a higher self; which is this part of us a million years more evolved than we are, and which travels back in time to help us to get to the future. To help us spiritually grow.

Lets say that you have a future self that you are going to be, and here is who you are now - and there is a finite number of steps that you have to make to get from here to there. Well, the steps can't be changed.

But what if it's like an accordion and you can fold time, so that you can make those steps in a shorter amount of linear time? That's what the higher self's job is - to teach you spiritually so that you can get there faster.

Well, they said that they are at the sixth dimensional level, where the higher self is. At that point you have an entire planet of beings who have fused into one Consciousness - but it's not like the 'Borg', like the nasty hive mind thing. This is a positive thing where everybody's thoughts are one.

They said they originally started out on the planet Venus 1.5 billion years ago, that it was like earth, and it had people like us - and that they evolved, and they grew from the fourth dimension, fifth dimension, and were now on the sixth dimensional level.

Now there would be no reason why I would believe something so far out as this, except that this data that was in this book, scientifically speaking, correlated with so many other things I had researched, and which only came out after the material was channeled in 1981.

So how is that possible unless there is something authentic happening?

Then I started to have personal relationships with the source. Let me tell you one very interesting story. A woman was having UFO visitations in her apartment. She would be lying there in bed with her husband in the middle of the night, and there'd be this beaming light coming in the window, and entities would appear in the room and sometimes take her on board their ship. So she found my website and wanted to have a reading.

Well, what I would do at that time is I would sleep on it and wake up in the morning with a dream, and then do the reading. I would call the person that afternoon tell them for 15 minutes, which always ended up being an hour, what the reading said, and then send them a tape in the mail.

So I called her up the day after the reading (she knew when it was going to be), and she said "did you dream anything last night".

I said "Oh yeah, I had this dream where I was stuck inside a giant cathedral."

She starts losing it - sobbing, on the other end of the phone. I'm like, "are you okay, what is going on here?"

She said, 'Last night, it happened again!"

What happened?"

"The light."

"Outside the window?"

"Yeah. This man showed up in the room, and he was in a white robe with gray hair."

I know that guy!

He said, "I am going to tell you something very important. You need to write it down, or else you won't remember."

She says, "Okay."

He says, "Remember the giant Cathedral."

So, she just went nuts! It was crazy! And so I said, "Okay, I guess this source can make house calls in certain cases."

Later on, I am in North Carolina, visiting a friend again, an ARE person who is very into the idea of Edgar Cayce coming back. I'm out in the field meditating, and you know - you get to a state of divine indifference, where you really don't care about anything except the oneness and the peace of that moment. I open up my eyes and I see this disc in the sky, and it goes behind a cloud, and the cloud blows away and disc is gone.

Oh wow, now I've seen a UFO, I have always wanted to see one of those. The only other thing that I always wanted to happen, that now should happen, is I need to have a ball of light give me an intelligent message. So I kept mediating and didn't think anything more of it.

I called my father a couple of days later, and he said, "You'll never guess who is on the other end of the telephone!

"Let me guess…my brother? Yeah dad, you realize this is psychic ability right?

"Oh yeah, you're ESP thing, whatever."

I actually did eventually prove to my dad that something was going on, because he worked at a publishing office, and he had this woman there, and I didn't know anything about her. I walked up to her, held her hand, looked in her eyes and told her whole story.

I can do that, when I meet somebody new, I can go into this whole place, and tell somebody their life story, and it gets tears! It gets intense and it's really powerful. It's the easiest time to read somebody - when you first meet them - before your mind is colored with any new data.

My brother is talking on the other line, and I say, "Yeah I had this really cool thing, where I was out in the field meditating and I see this tiny little disk, a metallic thing that went behind a cloud, and the cloud moves and it's gone. If it was an airplane it would have kept on going, but it disappeared. I always knew there had to be UFOs. I'm sure this is real but who cares." The only other thing I said was I needed a ball of light to come into my room and give me an intelligent message.

My brother goes, "What did you say?"

"A ball of light to appear in my room and give me an intelligent message."

He said, "Oh my God!"

"What's going on?"

"The other night I was in my room, and I was meditating, and my head started dropping back like this [demonstrates], and I see this ball of light appear in the room, and it gradually lasted ten minutes, it spread into this vortex on the ceiling that was all like different shades of luminous blue in the middle - it was almost lightning colored - and then it just got dimmer and dimmer, but there were these layers of it like ripples on a pond. It formed this vortex, this cone that was going up into the air. I kept watching this and if finally faded out and formed a kidney shape energy between myself and my girlfriend."

She had insomnia, and after this happened she was able to sleep every night without any trouble.

"As it was fading, I really didn't want it to go away! I was in such ecstasy. This is an incredible thing that happened to me! As it was leaving, I heard these words in my mind; and it said, the ascension that your brother is writing about will not happen all at once. It is an experience of cosmic connection to the universe that comes in a sequence of events increasingly uplifting and amazing - you have just experienced the first of these events."

So it was like they administratively found a way to get (me) this message, which changed the way I talked about ascension, because I had always talked about it as a big switch that was going to go off in all directions.

In the Law of One series, the source of all this stuff that I was studying said 2012 - sometime between 2011 and 2013 (this was back in 1981), before people were talking about the Mayan calendar, or knew what the end date of the Mayan calendar was, but they gave the same time coordinates.

(continued in Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4)