Jane Bürgermeister

Jane Bürgermeister update:
Whatever happened to the Swine Flu?

February 2010

Jane Bürgermeister is an Austrian-Irish journalist, based in Vienna, who was propelled into the public spotlight last year (2009) when, outraged at the distribution of H5N1 (Avian Flu)-infected samples distributed to European laboratories by Baxter Pharmaceuticals, she started to publicize the issue and attempted to press charges against several authorities. Since then she has become a hero to many for her role in championing the rights of citizens against the threat of compulsory mass vaccination.

I met with Jane again in mid-February, and talked with her about her sense of victory and relief following her very intense, and apparently very successful, campaign. She and I speculate, celebrate, and also talk about the Lisbon Treaty and its implications for the citizens of the European Union. The video update ended after half an hour, and was followed by an interesting and informal off-camera conversation that was captured in good quality by the microphone in the room. Enjoy.

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