Jessica, Crystal Child:

Interview transcript

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Jessica Schab: A Crystal Child Speaks Out

Sedona, Arizona, December 2008

Start of interview

Kerry Cassidy (K):  Hi, I’m Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot, and today we are here with Jessica Schab. Is that how you say your name?

Jessica Schab (J):  Yes. That’s correct.

K:  OK. And Jessica is… A Crystal Child is what she calls herself.

J:  Mm hm.

K:  And we’re really excited to be able to talk to her today. So, Jessica, tell me a little bit about yourself and, kind of, a little bit about your journey. And she’s had a very interesting time growing up. And at this time you’re about, almost 26. Is that right?

J:  Yes. [nodding agreement] That’s correct.

K:  OK. So, why don’t you tell me, like the early childhood kind of thing, with the relationship with your father, and how you sort of tapped into all of this?

J:  All right. I was very, very shy growing up. I actually didn’t fit in, surprisingly. I didn’t really have friends, of my age. I actually did have a lot of grannies which I adopted. I had 50. And they taught me how to knit and crochet and things like that. I retreated a lot into cartoons and…

It really came about when I was 16. That was the big “trigger,” if you will. Before that, though, I do remember saying things in school like: Angels are aliens, and aliens are angels. But…

K:  So, you would say this in school?

J:  Yes.

K:  And what would be the reaction of the children around you?

J:  Oh, laughter, ridicule. Yeah. Mm hm. [nodding]

K:  OK. And why would you say that?

J:  You know what? I really didn’t know.

K:  OK.

J:  It was almost like channeling, but I wasn’t aware I was channeling.

K:  OK.

J:  I just started sharing this information, and it was even before I knew what was going on with my father. So, ah, just thinking back to it, that’s kind of interesting and different. [laughs]

K:  Uh huh. OK. So what happened then? I mean, obviously this is what you did in the early days. How did you progress at that point? Because I know there’s a part at which you actually kind of tried to reject that world. Can you talk about that a little bit?

J:  Well, yeah, because when you first get into this information, it brings about an existential breakdown. You let go of everything you think you know about yourself, and the world, and everybody. So it is, in a sense, a little bit of a death. And also a rebirth. You’re an empty cup now, an empty vessel to be filled.

K:  Be a little more specific in terms of your experience. Because I know that you had a tragedy in your life. But prior to that, because that happened kind of like in your late teens…

J:  Yes.

K:  You had sort of a dilemma. So, can you describe what your father was like, and how that dilemma kind of came ’round in your life?

J:  He was very distant. He was connected to a world that I wasn’t familiar with, at the time. And he spoke about things that I really didn’t understand, also. But he was you know, very, very, like passionate, and loving as well. But, um… sorry [smiling] … I’m a little nervous.

Well, I can say, beforehand, I was always a little bit suspicious in school. I felt like… I didn’t like being taught what to think rather than how to think. It was always in the back of my mind. And, also just… It kind of felt like I was coming off the assembly-line? And I remember trying to ask about things that I…

I would notice that there was just stuff we weren’t being taught about in school. For example, in Grade 8, they were saying the only kind of matter is gas, solid, and liquid. And I raised my hand and I said: Well, what about plasma? And you know what she said? Go to detention.

K:  Go to detention? Really?

J:  Yeah. So, um…

K:  Very interesting. And you grew up in what area?

J:  Well, I was born in Winterpeg, [Canada] but I left when I was 7. And the Vancouver area, the suburbs.

K:  OK.

J:  Mm hm.

K:  So, you were told to go to detention because you talked about plasma. [laughs]

J:  Yes.

K:  And that’s, you know… I mean, so they actually didn’t have any clue about that. And we’re talking what year, approximately? Do you remember?

J:  I was in Grade 8. Yes.

K:  OK.

J:  First year of high school. And I just started to realize: Wait a second here. There’s a lot they’re not saying. And why can’t we talk about it? Why do we get in trouble if we bring this stuff up?

K:  OK.

J:  All right?

K:  So, what happened after that?

J:  I kinda disregarded it. Like I didn’t really pay too much attention to it. It was just always in the back of the brain. And it’s almost like a detective -- you’re collecting all these bits and pieces as you go on the way. And, still very blind.

So we always… We have a trigger. And my trigger was when I was 16. It was tragedy. My sister ended up passing away. And, ah, [speaking very quietly] her friend was drinking and driving – and it was just my sister that went. So it was just her time, and…

K:  OK. And how did that affect you? I mean, obviously, you know, it’s distressing and we don’t have to dwell on it here. But, at the same time, I think that it has something to do with your willingness to perhaps let in these other worlds. Would you say that?

J:  Yes, because I realized that… I was very depressed at that time. And I was also very Christian-thinking, in the sense that I felt that, you know, everybody who parties and does drugs and things like that is bad, and I don’t want to converse with them. Not all Christians think like that, but that was just the way my head-space was and my interpretation of that.

So, when she passed away and I was listening to her friends speak about her at the funeral… They were talking about this wonderful girl that I never got to know because I shut her out, ’cause I was very judgmental. So, right then and there I just vowed to myself that I was never going to judge people by what they did. That wasn’t who they really were. You know, it’s just experiences that we come here for.

It was a very devastating time when my sister passed away, in that it destroyed the family. My mother ended up getting worse -- very bad migraines. I mean, she had migraines before, but they seemed to be more frequent, and lasted longer, and more severe. And my father ended up getting a stroke!

And the family broke apart. My brother went to university. My other brother went to a foster home. We became homeless.

So it was a lot, all at once. And, you know, I think I just became very traumatized. You know, it almost didn’t seem real.

K:  OK. You told me that your father had a big influence…

J:  Yes.

K:  …on your, sort of, letting ETs communicate with you.

J:  Yes. [nodding agreement]

K:  Can you talk to me about that story?

J:  Yes. Right after my sister passed away, my dad said: She’s come back. And she started to speak to him. And she started… she said that it’s a very exciting time to be alive. The universe is like a big garden. There’s lots of tending here. I’ve come back to let you know that certain members of the family have been called for a very specific mission.

And she was, like, the introduction towards a whole bunch of other beings coming through. So, after my sister started coming through – the catalyst – then came angels, nature spirits, Ascended Masters, extraterrestrials. It just got really, really out-there! [laughs]

K:  OK. When you say this happened, did this happen to you? Or did this happen to your father?

J:  This happened to my father.

K:  OK.

J:  It all happened to my father first.

K:  So, he’s very open, talking to you about this?

J:  Well, he was really shocked and taken aback, you know. It was exciting. And he just had to share with the family because he didn’t really… I don’t know if he knew what to make of it at that time. But he knew that he needed to share this because it was a big thing to my sister.

The interesting thing about how she came back was… Mediums can only speak to people who’ve passed away if they haven’t crossed over. She had crossed over. And then she came right back.

K:  OK. When you say she came right back, what do you mean by that? Do you mean she was reincarnated in another body and coming to you from there? Or do you mean that she was in another dimension?

J:  She was in another dimension.

K:  OK.

J:  Yes. The fifth. And my dad described her as… a very, very bright white light-being appeared to him. Like an angel. And he said it was very much her personality, because she’s like: Look, Dad! Don’t I look pretty? [laughing]. Like a girl would say. So…

K:  Uh huh.

J:  Yeah. It was, you know, something you gotta share. Something really amazing happened.

K:  OK. And what was your reaction when your father talked about this?

J:  I was very hurt, very upset. Because she’s passed away, you know? It’s like dumping salt on this wound, you know? It’s just: Ha, ha. Not very funny at all, Dad, you know.

Particularly ’cause he had a stroke. And when he had the stroke, he didn’t know who we were. He couldn’t work. You know, I felt like I lost my father. And so, now to talk about something like this, you know… You’re crazy. You don’t know what you’re talking about!

K:  So he had these experiences after he had the stroke, is what you’re saying?

J:  Yeah. So I thought… [points with her left index finger upward]

K:  He must have recovered fairly well, though, to be able to communicate. I mean, he didn’t have, like, speech impairment or anything like that from the stroke?

J:  He did, a bit. Yeah.

K:  OK.

J:  Mm hm.

K:  But he was able to communicate this to you?

J:  Yeah.

K:  Uh huh.

J:  Mm hm. [nodding agreement]

K:  OK. So you rejected it in the beginning. What made you change your mind?

J:  A lot of things.

K:  OK.

J:  It was not something that I was gonna quickly be open to because I really, really wanted to be normal. Hmm. And it was never going to happen.

K:  OK.

J:  I just had to… It took me a while to get to that. But, ah, he wanted to tell me about his experiences, and all these beings that were coming through, and what they were saying. And they were talking a lot about me.

K:  OK.

J:  [laughs] And I did not know what to think of this. I really wanted nothing to do with it.

And so, I would just go to the library or the book store, and books would start falling off the shelf, with the same kind of context, information, that these beings were speaking to my dad about. They’d fall right at my feet!

And again, I was still very Christian-thinking, so I’m like: This is the devil. So I just ran out, freaked out. And it was funny that…

K:  How did you get over that, though, if you were such… if you had this mind-set that was Christian thinking? How did you sort of move beyond that?

J:  Oh, I’ll get into that. That’s coming up.

K:  OK.

J:  So, I would just, you know, go walking down the street and people would come up to me, people I knew and people I didn’t know. And they would hand me the books! Again -- same kind of information that… like the ones that my dad was talking about, similar to the context of the books in the library and bookstore.

And what was interesting thing about this is, some of the people, when I asked: Why are you giving me this book of…? You know? And they’re like: I don’t know.

How do you not know why you’re giving somebody a book? Unless you’re being inspired?

K:  OK.

J:  And I, still, would not look at the books. And so, it required those beings to be even more persistent. I like to call it “Angelic Kick in the Butt.”

Where I was working… I’d been working in the film industry. Right after my sister passed away, I left school because my parents… they were just, you know, they weren’t able to work. So I decided that, you know: We go to school to learn how to make money. I’m out of school. I’m out of this.

And I went into the film industry right away. My very first day of “extra” work I got lines. And so I thought that was normal. [laughs] The next day, I’m like: When do I get my lines? And they’re like: You don’t!

So… ah, where was I going with that?

K:  So, what happened? What did you do then? You didn’t get lines. Are you saying you just became an extra?

J:  I did extra work. I did acting, I did stunts. I did stand-in. I did crew work.

K:  OK.

J:  Set dec. [ed. note: Set decoration.] I did as many different things, to remove politics, and understand where everybody was coming from. That was something that I always was interested in doing, is learning all the different perspectives, and…

K:  OK. And so, when did the transition happen, where you started to listen to what your father said?

J:  On set, on a show called Da Vinci’s Inquest, a guy came up to me I’d never seen in my entire life. And he said to me: Is your name Jessica?

And I said: Mm hm. [nodding her head in agreement]

He said: Is your last name Schab?


And is your parents’ name Roseanne and Terry?

Yeah. How do you know all this?

And he’s like: OK. This is for you. And he gave me all these tapes on the CIA, underground militia, David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Alex Collier, and then some. [laughs]

K:  OK.

J:   And I just kind of realized that this is never going to let up. Something is trying to get my attention and I have to surrender.

K:  Did you watch those tapes?

J:  I did.

K:  OK. And did it change you?

J:  Um, I became very, very depressed. Even more so. Because… again, letting go of everything you think you know. But then, also it seems to be this huge, scary conspiracy, like we’re doomed. It’s, you know, this huge control game going on, and there’s nothing you can do about it, because you don’t have the power, or the money, or say, in a sense.

K:  OK.

J:  Yeah.

K:  And so, what did you do then? How did you go from there to actually listening to your father?

J:  Hmm. Well, after the videos, and after feeling the way I did about them, and just constant reoccurring of PleiadiansYou know: OK, Dad, who are the Pleiadians? Why do they want to get in contact with me?

So I started finding out now, really listening to my dad. And I wasn’t necessarily open to it, but I wasn’t necessarily closed. I was just thinking that, ah…: This is my experience. For whatever reason, life has taken this turn, and it’s for a reason. So I should… I should do some investigating.

K:  OK. And how old were you at this time?

J:  I’d say about 17. Yeah.

K:  OK.

J:  A year later. And my dad actually started to talk about his experiences, that he actually was aware of this stuff before his stroke. It was just a bigger upgrade for him.

But I found out that when he was 8, he was taken up on a UFO, and the whole family on the farm saw this as well. And they put a chip in his brain? And this chip… he didn’t believe that it was actually there. He thought it was a dream or something until ah, not too long ago.

Before his stroke, I believe that he mentioned, he was in the hospital. And there was a woman there that… Well, she seemed to be a nurse, but she wasn’t, ’cause she went up to my dad right away and she said: You have to leave. She brought him his clothes. She said: If – they’re planning on scanning your brain. If they scan your brain, they’ll find the chip.

And my dad’s like: Wait a second! That’s real?

And she said: This cannot happen. So, come on. It’s time to go.

But my dad actually didn’t get out on time. So, right when they were about to scan his brain, the whole hospital had a blackout. And when the power went back on, the CAT-scan machine didn’t work. And then, when it did work, it worked on everybody but him. And that gave him enough time to make his escape from the hospital.

K:  OK. Very interesting. So…

J:  Yeah.

K:  Now, this woman… Did she disappear? Was she still on the…

J:  Yeah, she disappeared. My dad went back to find, you know, who… if he could speak to her again. And she was only there that one time. She completely vanished.

K:  OK.

J:  And there’s been a few, actually, events like that where… These people would come to our door and my dad would say: Jess, go follow them. And I did. And they just vanished! [shrugs and raises hands]

K:  They just vanished?

J:  Yeah. Yeah.

K:  So he’d say: Follow them?

J:  Right into thin air. I’d turn the corner and I’d see them… Poof’!

K:  OK.

J:  And my dad, he would have experiences where… He could see these beings all the time. He would be in a parking lot and suddenly all these angels would be surrounding him. So he had many experiences like that. And he always tried to interpret it and explain it to us, which was very, very fascinating. It started to become, you know: OK. Wow. Something is going on here. And, um…

K:  What did your father do for a living before he had a stroke?

J:  My father was a businessman. He had his own company called Beverly Hill Homes, which he ran with my mother, and it was very successful. And then… He was a master of many things, a jack-of-all-trades. In Winterpeg, he built houses. He designed them, architecture-wise, and he also put it together, carpentry. And they were very beautiful homes, as well. One, of which I have fond memories, is the Castle House.

And he also was a chemist. He invented “mendable concrete,” like… Because he was very honest and trustworthy, he ended up getting taken, and somebody stole that idea and took it to China. And that really devastated my mother. They ended up losing all their money, really having nothing. And then my father, through the latter years, he made furniture, cutesy kind of furniture.

K:  OK.

J:  Yeah.

K:  So, you’re in this situation. Your sister has passed.

J:  Mm hm.

K:  You’re learning about ETs… And what happened that actually sort of progressed you to where it wasn’t just your father having experiences but you started to have them?

J:  OK. Wow. Well, while I started to learn about the ETs, I’m still… I’m actually really still upset with my father because he left the church and I was still kinda Christian at that time. Right? Trying to hold onto this! And so, I kept going to different churches and I felt really annoyed because I couldn’t find one where I fit in.

And so I decided to explore different religions. And I went to those churches; still didn’t quite fit in. There was… Something felt off, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. So then I went into mysticism because this seemed to be along the lines of what my dad was talking about, of what it seemed these beings were trying to relay to me. But still that didn’t quite feel right and I didn’t quite fit in.

And I knew that to try to… I knew that one day I would be explaining this to people. So I decided to even explore atheism. Again, same thing, I still didn’t quite fit in. But there still…

I couldn’t deny any of them, either, because they all seemed to be pieces of myself. So what I did was, I started to embrace all of them. And I realized that I’m not just one, and to pigeon-hole myself into one is a great disservice.

K:  OK.

J:  So these new insights started coming through. This is really where I started to see the world very differently. And everyday, little, things started to become really big.

For example, one time I came home and I was very upset about this reoccurring problem – like: Why does this keep happening to me? And, it’s funny, I don’t even know what it is to this day. So, really big? Right? [laughing]

But, it popped into my head: Boggle. Go get the game, Boggle. I’m like: Huh? Boggle? What the heck does that have to do with anything? [Kerry laughs] That’s kind of a weird, random tangent.

But, I went and got it. And then I got, you know: Shake it up, find some words. And I found like ten. And I’m like: All right. Well, that’s done, and I don’t really understand the point of this.

And when I put it down, I got up and I turned around, and I saw the board from another angle? And I saw all these other words I didn’t see before. I’m like: Wait a second. And I walked around. I saw, you know, more from the other angle, and more from the other angle, till I found, I think, 55.

And then it said: OK. Well now you know why this problem keeps reoccurring. You’re only looking at it from one perspective, one angle.

I was like: Oh my goodness! Wow! And: Where did this come from?

And then it just popped into my head: Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are your guides.

And every time I tried to ask them who exactly they were, I got a different answer. And so I thought at one point they were playing with me. But, in a sense, they didn’t wanna be locked into labels. In the beginning, you know, we introduced myself as a Crystal Child. But, you know, there’s Indigo, Light-Worker, Star-Seed. And also just Jessica.

K:  Uh huh.

J:  Right? So, they’re all labels. When it comes down to it, they’re all pieces of ourself.

K:  Mm hm.

J:  I mean, in school I was always told that I was stupid, and I believed it.

K:  What? When you say you were told you were stupid, who told you that?

J:  My teachers. Why? Because I was put in the special classes -- a “slow learner.” [drawing quotation marks in the air] And the students. And because I was very dyslexic and I learned very differently…

K:  OK.

J:  … and I couldn’t see things the way they did. And also I didn’t have an interest to. It’s just so boring, you know? This is not going to stimulate the soul, you know? It starves that part of us.

K:  OK. So… but to get back to your story. You’re in a position where you’re starting to hear from your guides. You’ve heard stories from your father.

J:  Mm hm. [nodding agreement]

K:  So at what point were you actually sort of convinced that possibly what he was seeing was real, and those personages started to be appearing for you, or become real, for you?

J:  They never quite, like, appeared to me in the way my dad’s did. But, I just started… Like what I was sharing with… in school about being told I was stupid. It stayed like that until, you know… That was my paradigm. That’s what everybody saw me as.

Until one day it dawned on me that, you know, someone’s opinion of me doesn’t have to be my reality. And when that happened, everything shifted. Nobody saw me as stupid anymore. But it doesn’t mean I still don’t have that part. Like, these are all facets of what makes us human. So I couldn’t really judge anybody anymore because I saw myself in each one of them, no matter what they did.

And what really took it to the next level, actually, was [hesitantly] … um… This is very, very hard to share. But it’s very important to share.

Even though I was starting to become open to it, I was still very upset with my dad. Because what I wanted more than anything was just a normal Dad, and… to be a father, and not to be lost to this world, even though it was exciting. You’re still a child. And you need that kind of support. So, I might get a bit emotional about saying this…

K:  That’s OK.

J:  On Christmas day, the whole family was around, and I just felt so hurt and upset by my dad that I told him: I hate you. Why don’t you just die, already? And he did.

K:  OK…

J:  Umm, and I…

K:  You say he did. Can you be a little more specific as to how? What happened?

J:  A week later he had a brain hemorrhage, and he went in for brain surgery. And he didn’t recover.

K:  OK. So how did you, sort of, view that experience?

J:  Well, I knew about how our thoughts create reality before What the Bleep came out. This information was being given to me by my dad’s “being”, since I sat, you know, and listened to what they were saying. I knew that there’s a huge responsibility to what we’re putting out, and how powerful it is, that in a sense it is magic.

K:  Mm hm.

J:  So when I said that, I was so wracked with guilt, and so mad at myself, and so upset with these beings who were working with me. I felt that they chose the wrong person to do this mission, because I demonstrated myself as unworthy. You get told that this is the power that you have: Your thoughts create, you know, your reality. Pay attention to them. And then you go and do something like that, in so seeming unconscious measure.

K:  OK. But did you also allow for the freedom of the other person? Their… sort of as a sovereign entity? In other words, that person being your father, having a choice in whether to die or not?

J:  I didn’t see that until later on. See, what happened was, I didn’t want anything to do with the beings after that, just because I felt so hurt by what I did that I… like unworthy, like I said. But they still wouldn’t leave me alone.

And they said: You don’t understand, You’re only seeing it from one perspective, you know. You’re feeling very hard on yourself and it’s not necessary. You don’t understand on the soul level what’s occurring. Even though you told him out of anger what you told him, on a soul level you said, “It’s OK, Dad. You can go now. We’ll be fine.”

And that I had a contract with him that I would help him go when the time came. And that he did want to leave, but he didn’t want to go unless he knew that we would be OK. And I did just that.

K:  OK. So you were able to kind of forgive yourself and allow for that occurrence to happen, and to have been part of your reality, in other words?

J:  Yes. Yeah.

K:  OK. And what about the rest of your family? How did they view his passing, at that point?

J:  It devastated my mother. My mother still hasn’t recovered from it. My oldest brother just distanced himself away from the family, like… ’Cause he witnessed that. I don’t know if he even forgives me to this day of what I said to Dad, because he can’t understand or see it the way I do now.

My other brother… he was upset with Dad, too. So, he actually talked about, you know, just not being happy with Mom being with Dad. And Steve was too young to really know what was going on.

K:  OK. So your father passed on and you were having some interactions with various beings and getting information.

J:  Yeah.

K:  But what happened after that? Did it increase? Did you…

J:  Oh yeah. It just kept increasing nonstop. I just had to keep… I felt very, very guided, suddenly, after my dad passed away, that he planted a whole bunch of seeds within me, and I needed to take care of all these seeds now. I needed to make sure they had light and water and…

K:  Were you sharing your experiences with your family? Or was this just private?

J:  I could only really share it with my mother. The other siblings were not open to it at all.

K:  And what about school? Friends? School mates?

J:  No others, nobody I had at that time. So that’s why I went on the computer, trying to find people who… Somebody must have had similar experiences! Someone must know about this. I can’t be the only one! Not just my family! I mean, these videos, you know… David Icke, Alex Collier. They, you know, talk to other people. They find them. So perhaps I can do the same.

And how many people is this happening to who feel alone, you know? Who can’t share this because they feel, you know, crazy? Or they won’t be understood? And that’s really sad and not fair. You know, we have the right to share and express what is within us.

So that really drove me. And I spent many nights trying to find others, to no avail. Until one night I collapsed in front of the computer. And when I woke up, there… It was in the middle of the night too. There was this, on the computer screen. It’s just, like: “Meet other Star-Seeds and Light-Workers”. I was like: Ohhhh… [big smile] I hit the mother lode!

And I contacted them all. And we immediately had a strong connection, like we’ve known each other all our lives. And I just knew so much about them. And I didn’t really know how, but it just was so strong.

And it became very exciting, and I decided I wanted to go and see them. And so I just started to.

It kind of freaked my mother out, because the first one I wanted to meet was, of all things, a guy. You know, a male around my age. And you think that, if they’re open to this information, that they might… They must be The One! They’re near your age, opposite sex. That’s all you need!

So I told my mom I’m going to France to meet this guy I’ve never met but I’m in love with. And I’m going, even though I know that it’s going to cost about… like everybody’s telling me three grand, you know, minimum. I said: I’m going to go for less than $900. And I did.

When I called the travel agent, she said: We have nothing available – Oh, except this… It just popped up. It looks like somebody cancelled for three weeks, for, what was it now? $850.

Yeah. I’m like: That was the one. That’s the one.

K:  OK. And you’ve also done this now… you’ve sort of followed this kind of pattern since then…

J:  Yes!

K:  …in allowing things to come to you, and knowing…

J:  Yes!

K:  …sort of having a second sense about that? Is that right?

J:  Yeah. It… just a strong trusting. The guidance just directs you. It’s like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

K:  OK.

J:  That’s what it feels like. So you just know what to do, and that you’ll be fine, you know, and you can make it happen. I can use all of this stuff that I’ve been taught, to reverse a lot of the old condition-programming that is put on us when we’re younger. Right?

And it’s like… It’s NLP [ed. note: Neuro-linguistic Programming] in a sense, programming your old beliefs and your… if they’re yours, or where they came from, and using them to step into your power more and more, and seeing what you can do.

If these beings say that we’re infinite, you know, and that we’re these beautiful balls of light, then I want to experience this. I want to feel this. And you can’t just read about it. You have to embody it, is what I’ve come to realize. And not praying or wishing or hoping for peace and love anymore -- I’ve decided to become it.

You know, it comes to a point in life where you decide: Do you want to go home, or become home? And then: Will that bring home to everybody within? That’s what “The Shift” feels like to me.

K:  What I was wondering now, if you could talk a little bit about the messages that you were getting? And the kind of beings that were coming to you, if you could describe them? Maybe specific ones that have particular meaning for you.

J:  Well, it’s never been quite specific. Like I said, they’ve always… Just when I thought I could pinpoint it: OK. It’s a Pleidi… No, it would be something different suddenly. So it was never quite about attaching: OK. This is Jesus. This is Buddha.

It was never about that. It was about the fusion and merging all of them together and that being God in itself. Right? Playing all these roles and speaking to us in whatever comfort-belief that we had. So that was always my approach and perspective on it, even when understanding what these aliens were – pieces of ourself as well.

And so, what I started to do was not only test the stuff out on my life… and I don’t mind sharing those experiences ’cause they’re quite wild and really fun, especially when people start trying it out for themselves, and then calling me up later, going: Oh my goodness.

But, for example, what I found with the extraterrestrials is, if time doesn’t exist -- past present or future are all existing at the same time simultaneously -- and this is an illusion, in a sense time is just a bunch of still-frames. [makes a square with her hands] And this camera, you know, it’s not really moving. It’s just a bunch of still-frames.

K:  Mm hm.

J:  And it’s a trick of the eye. Such is the case going on within our mind as well, making us perceive.

Then, if we’ve been taught to believe about time – linear, the way we do now -- then that means there’s aspects of ourself that is fragmented, so future versions of ourself, depending on the probability of our thinking.

So, for example, the Grays -- not saying all Grays are like this -- but when I learned that they actually aren’t gray at all, that, on a crash, they dissected them and found that their gray skin was actually our color. And those big goggles, those big eyes – That’s what they were: they were goggles. They were a future version of ourself that, you know… They feel.

When people feel them, they feel very cold and kind of calculated. And it’s almost like that version of ourself, of the collective thinking about, you know, the desensitization of war, and all this cloning and genetic engineering. And the chemicals in the air made us a little bit disconnected from who we really were.

Because, you know, some people say that they, you know, they don’t really feel, they don’t have emotions in that sense. And that’s an aspect of ourself. And I would wonder why those ones would…

If you ask any little kid to draw a picture of an alien, it’d always be the Grays with the big eyes. And what I got from them was that they came back to kind of prevent us from going down that path.

And it sounds very bizarre. How can, you know, something from the future come back to us if time travel doesn’t even exist?

But if an old man has smoked his entire life and he has a hole in his throat because of it, a lot of the times they get inspired to go to an elementary school to talk to the kids and say: Please don’t smoke or you’ll end up like me. And that’s kind of what I saw with the Grays.

So, then I’m like: Now I’m going to play with the other races. What about the reptiles? Why are people seeing reptiles?

And for me, everything at first exists within. What happens inside of us gets mirror-reflected outside. There is a war going inside of our mind, hence a war going on outside. Even our body mirrors this in that. What is cancer, really, but one cell not recognizing another cell that’s on the same team? And so they fight.

Well, that’s exactly what… You know, the Americans and the Iraqis and… It’s been played out over and over. And that’s why the Buddhists were always saying, you know, peace of mind, meditation, clarity, because…

Oh my goodness! I’m gonna not go on tangents! I’ve got to watch out for that.

K:  OK. Well, don’t worry. It has a through-line. But what I wanna know is, when you’re talking in this way, are you talking about information that has come to you…

J:  Yes.

K:  …or the information you’ve read on the internet?

J:  No.

K:  Are you putting these two together?

J:  [shaking her head negative] No. I couldn’t really read or study this information that much. More that just honestly came to me. If I did try to read, I would get other stuff coming to me. It was almost like, whoever inspired the person in writing the literature, they were speaking through me.

You know, in acting there’s the sub-text, reading in-between the lines? A whole other message behind it. And that’s kinda what I was always picking up.

I could never read or watch movies the same way as everybody else. I never got what everybody else got. I always got something completely different. I never saw things like everyone else, so…

I mean, that’s like even with reptiles. I don’t see them like everybody else does. I see them as a manifestation within our mind because of the reptilian brain. That’s where the ego is, and where 90% of the negative self-talk comes from, and the repetition, and that controlling factor in our mind.

I don’t even see the ego as something bad. I see it as something that is desperate for our attention and feels like it has a duty to keep us safe. And it’s doing a good job, but to the point where now it’s making reasons why we need it. And now we need protection from the protection, which is mirror-reflected in our society, with our system, you know. It was there for protection.

K:  OK.

J:  Now we need protection from that. Even the Pleiadians… They’re another mirror reflection of ourself in the future. If we step into our potential, our infinite potential, then we’ll have that reality probability manifested for us.

So there’s all these [gesturing] laid out for us. And it’s really up to each one of us, by the inner work that we do. And we’re responsible, because we are our own self-fulfilling prophecy. That’s what humanity is, and they’ve been played.

K:  OK. And what is your view if… In other words when the entities… ah … I guess I wanna say, when the entities come to you…

J:  Uh huh.

K:  …and they give you information, do you just accept it?

J:  No. We have a conversation, almost like. I challenge them. I always like to challenge them and play with them, because that seems to be what really stimulates them coming about -- in touch with your inner child, you know, and that creativity.

And wanting to understand why they’re bringing this about. You know: Why are you sharing this? What is your intent behind it? And I’ve been able to filter, right away, ones that are trying to sway, by how they make you feel about yourself and the world around you: Do you feel afraid, and that you need to, you know, protect yourself? Or do you feel more liberated and more compassionate and loving?

K:  OK.

J:  And that’s how you can decipher through any message, whatever thing you’re watching.

K:  OK. And are you finding that certain beings return to you more than once? Would you recognize them? Or are you talking about a general, you know, sort of “heading,” you know, called “spirit” or “guides”, or whatever you want to call it.

J:  I prefer to use that, even though, yeah, they are just facets of myself, or you, everybody.

K:  Right. But given that they are… If you want to look at it that way, in terms of… You know, we can always look at the world in that terminology, but they still have individuality, to some degree.

J:  But I’ve never really focused on that. That never really interested me so much, because, to me, that seemed to be a bit of a distraction. I mean, if we’re thinking about… We argue a lot about Jesus, whether he’s real or not. And it really doesn’t matter. It was the message. That’s the bigger picture. So that’s always what I paid attention to.

And I’m like: Well, even Luke Skywalker… he’s not real, but boy does he inspire and reach a lot of people. So that was always the way I would get past all these things, just to get right to the focal point, for me.

K:  OK. So what did they tell you your mission was? Do you know?

J:  Mmm. It’s… When you… It doesn’t really exist. When you can’t, you know, go out and find a place that says: This is just for Jessica, then it’s a little bit challenging.

So it was something that they said that I can create. I can create, with the pieces of what I’m acquiring, how I see my perspective, to share that with the world. And that is… but don’t just talk about it, like be it, and inspire people to find their own truth.

Not to say, you know: You need to believe what I believe ’cause I’m right and everybody else is wrong. But to honor where each one is coming from, and to trust themself, that they have those answers within, that we don’t need to necessarily look and depend on other people for the answers.

Because that’s kind of what got us into this mess in the first place. Right? We’re giving our power away to people or beings that don’t necessarily have our best intention in mind.

But even that, we should ask: Why don’t they? Where does that come from? What part of ourself is so self-destructive that allows us to do this to ourselves?

K:  OK. If you were going to talk about the future… And, you know, a lot of people are talking about 2012, as you know, and what may be going on in the future. Have you been given any visions or dreams of the future, or any information about it from the beings that are contacting you?

J:  Definitely. A lot. And I always like to dispense with this “End of the World” kind of thing. But I can understand why people see, or are perceiving it, as the end of the world, because it’s the end of an old way of living, being, and thinking, that has been around for quite some time. So, to a lot of people who don’t have imagination, who can’t see beyond that, then to them it’s the end.

But in actuality it is something far beyond what we’ve ever dreamed. In a sense, the best way to understand it is, you know, “Truth is stranger than fiction”.

And we are going to experience that first-hand with these “paranormal” events which aren’t even para-normal at all. It’s just a bleed-through of who we actually are, coming out in all kinds of different ways. It’s going to be more and more frequent. And people are gonna start just recognizing each other.

And war cannot continue because we… If I harm you, right away I’m going to feel that pain. So, say I punched you in the shoulder? I’m gonna feel it right away in my shoulder. And it’s going to freak people out at first ’cause we’ve never really been… Like nobody’s really taught this to us in school, you know. It’s kind of hush-hush. It’s taboo in the world, but it’s starting to come back.

Humanity’s, you know, in their state of amnesia for such a long time, and now just awakening to what we’ve always known. And it’s very quantum. It’s very multidimensional. It’s memories, not just of past lives, but future lives, multi-dimensional lives, inter-dimensional lives, lives in between lives. We’ll be able to grasp that and understand that.

Right now what’s happening is, it’s just stepping-stones that’s leading us there. And you can’t get attached or box yourself into one belief. There are no limits, just beliefs. So you always got to expand on that.

K:  OK. So when you say past lives, future lives…

J:  Mm hm. [nodding agreement]

K:  …etcetera, have you been given a vision of your own past lives, future lives? Are you saying that this is something that you think is going to be revealed to you eventually?

J:  I don’t have very many past lives per se because I don’t… I know I’ve been human on this planet. Mainly I’ve been a guide working on the etheric. So I’m here to help people understand their guides and the mechanics of how they work, and all the ways they’re trying to get through to us and relay their message. And so, that’s…

My past lives: I’ve had one in Atlantis and one in France. So, not very many. It is very bizarre to be in a human body and just getting used to the physical, and the matter kind of thing. But it’s a huge honor to be in the physical form on Earth at this time.

And I’ve been taken… and I’ve seen this line-up of souls that just can’t wait to be here on Earth at this time. And that’s actually why the planet is over-populated. It’s because of the excitement from all the souls.

And this planet is like a Harvard University for Creators-in-Training. And it’s one of the greatest honors to be in physical form during this time, because it’s the merge of spirit and matter working together, and going, and having these kinds of experiences.

Because it’s very different… I mean, I can speak about this other side. I can explain to you how they interpret us. It’s almost like we are a “reality show” to them. And what we do affects them, as well. It’s like a huge ripple effect. It’s all a microcosm of a macrocosm, as we step into that.

K:  OK. So can you talk about specific events in the future? Or is it completely unwritten, in your view?

J:  It’s not necessarily specific events, because it’s… again, it’s on the collective term. But I just… whenever I think about it or tap into it, I just see a very different world from here.

I see people more connecting with nature, understanding the wisdom that’s there that, you know, that… It’s never lied to you – Nature -- and it never will. Because it has no game to take power over. It has no desire to do anything like that. It just gives abundantly.

And we will discover ourselves through that. And it’s just going to be nothing but beauty, to be honest.

There’s no doom or gloom or fear or anything like that. And call yourself on that, and ask yourself: Why? Why are you getting that? Where is that coming from? Is that you? Or is that an outside influence?

K:  OK. And if there was something you could tell people that, you know… Because we’ve spent almost an hour with you here, and we’re gonna kind of wrap this up. But if there’s something you could tell people that you feel maybe hasn’t been said so far, what would that be?

J:  Be aware of what you’re projecting out into the world. Constantly be aware of your thoughts. And be gentle, and kinder to yourself. It’s really just that.

The reason I am here right now, sharing, is because you hear about the younger generation that, you know, these Crystals, and the Indigos, but where are they? Well, we’re here now. And your children, they know all about this. And I’m also inspiring and having… I’m almost like a pioneer that’s allowing the other children to come forth and speak and share.

But it’s not just “children”-children. It’s also each person’s inner child. And that, when we balance and merge our divine masculine and our divine feminine -- since masculine has been the energy that’s ruling the planet for quite some time, and now feminine energy is starting to take back its power -- but no one has been, you know, put down more than the inner child. And it’s time for them to step to the plate.

It even mentions this in the Bible: Only one that possesses the heart of a child may enter the Kingdom. And: A child will lead the way. And what I gather from this is…

A child is like our sunshine. That’s what we call our children: You are my sunshine. And when we merge that masculine and feminine within us, there is peace. Then the union happens -- the inner child is birthed. And that brings such a bright light within us that…

When I see the stars, it’s a mirror of, you know, we are light in dark places as well. And when these lights all recognize each other, we all come together in one, then it looks a lot like the big bright light. Like the sun. Or God’s son, if you will. The return of God’s son.

And the other thing I really wanted to share with you is our perspective on the Illuminati or any kind of forces that are causing a lot of discord -- to understand that humanity is conditioned to believe they’re a worthless piece of coal under extreme heat and pressure. And the heat and pressure can be perceived as the Illuminati, or anything that causes discord.

What happens to a piece of coal under extreme heat and pressure? It becomes a diamond. So they’re doing us a service, in helping us step in and take back our power. There’s a major motivation force that is alchemy, even if humanity’s a sea of potential and in order to grow into its loveliness it needs a lot of fertilizer dumped on it -- shit.

I wanted to also say about the Illuminati, that I really see them as a bully in high school, that they’re very insecure and very afraid, more so of us than we are of them. And, to me, I just see them as the Wizard of Oz, that they’re smoke and mirrors, “great and powerful.” But when you get to the root and the heart of the matter, it’s a frail old man behind the curtain.


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