Jim Humble

MMS in Africa: treating HIV and Cancer

January 2010

I first met Jim Humble in November 2008, and my interview with him is available here.

For those who are unaware of Jim's work, he is the inventor of MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) which, according to Jim, two million people worldwide have used to successfully and rapidly treat a range of serious illnesses and other viral conditions - with very little cost and with comparatively little difficulty. I have personally received many testimonies of the apparent benefits of MMS - and witnessed several apparent miracles first-hand.

I had the pleasure of interviewing him again at Thomas Kirschner's house in Southern Germany in January [2010] after Jim had flown to Europe from Africa for a week. Thomas is the editor of the German NEXUS Magazine and has done a huge amount to support and assist Jim. He is also a longstanding friend of Camelot and Avalon.

As you'll see in the video, Jim has been getting some quite remarkable results. He has been very successfully treating hundreds of patients with AIDS and cancer and has collected reports of patients with AIDS being restored to full health within three weeks using a particular protocol which he has developed. He describes what he calls 'MMS 2', which he says works particularly effectively in conjunction with MMS 1 for treating cancer.

Of interest to some of you may be one project (added as an outtake - nothing to do with MMS, and which he's not devoted any time to recently) which is so off-the-wall that it's barely believable, and which I would not believe myself if Jim had not given his word to me that he was reporting his experiences accurately.

That project is an accidental discovery of a chemical - again, chemical - way of transmuting radioactive materials to (a) eliminate all traces of radioactivity within three days and (b) create as a by-product a residue of precious metals that produces a profit of about $1000 (over costs) per ton of radioactive material processed.

The process features slow, high-temperature burning using particular chemical agents. I include that here as a teaser. Anyone with any understanding of mainstream physics or chemistry will of course know that this is [supposed to be] quite impossible. You can hear the anecdote at the end of the video.

A lovely soundbite, also added as an outtake, was my asking Jim what had happened to his hat. He said he had stopped wearing it in Africa because it made him "too easy to recognize", and that not wearing it might give him an extra few seconds to escape someone wanting to shoot him. We then had a very funny conversation about whether or not I should follow his example.

Besides presenting some information that might be extremely valuable for anyone who is seriously ill, the video is also great fun for anyone who loves and respects Jim and his remarkable work. Enjoy :)

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Click here for Jim Humble's personal website.
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