George Green's magnetic motor

This page is a reformatted version of the original Project Camelot publication.

When we met and interviewed George Green in April 2008, we had some fun playing with his tabletop magnetic motor. We had just as much fun putting together a short seven minute video showing its operation.

We're fully aware that there's been a lot of comment about this on the internet since it was first shown several years ago at a UFO conference. Take a good look: the demonstration is very clear, though what's happening physically may not be. You can make one yourself in under an hour for a few dollars and a trip to a hardware store.

Here's how:

Click here
for George Green's website.
Click here and here
for details of the related work of David Hamel.
Click here for some theoretical work on David Hamel's device, written by Dr Houman Owhadi from CalTech (who, coincidentally, knows Dan Burisch well and facilitated Dan's 10 March CalTech presentation).
Click here and here for information on John Bedini, who was mentioned by George Green in the video (and who was seriously attacked after publicly demonstrating his free energy device).
Click here for details of the work of V. Roschin and S. Godin, who researched rotating magnetic systems and have suggested connections with antigravity.