Nancy Willams

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Author Nancy Williams, whom we had the pleasure to meet at the recent Laughlin UFO conference, has received threats and is being followed. She has written an important book called A Matter of Destiny, based on a true story about a UFO shot down over Brookhaven, New York in 1992 by a classified plasma-beam superweapon. It was originally reported in J. B. Michaels’ 1994 book, Alien Encounters; Michaels worked for several US defense contractors including Lockheed. Michaels' book is not well known, but Nancy, who is a good writer, has picked up the story and written an excellent 'fictional' account.

I believe the people of Earth have a right to know if we are not alone in this universe, and the nature of those who have visited us. Most of all, they have a right to know about a weapon that produces a heat greater than the surface of the sun. That is too deadly to keep under wraps.
Nancy Williams

Please join us in supporting Nancy during this time. Her contact details are on her website. She has had the courage to sign her name to our Round Table pledge list. She is in full agreement with us that being out in the open in full view while under threat is the best policy. We intend to publicize this as much as possible. And for those among the Powers That Be who are reading this, please carry on threatening people... it just draws attention to what you consider to be important. Not smart, but it helps us a lot!

Hi Kerry and Bill,

Thanks so much for your understanding and quick response. Here is the info I hope will help.

As the story delineates, sometime prior to Nov. 22, 1992, Brookhaven Natl. Labs (Brookhaven, Long Island, NY) tested a new weapon with a few top military leaders present as well as at least one Congressman (believed to be a woman). The weapon was the quark gluon plasma beam weapon. Quarks are subatomic particles or energy released from colliding atoms (way oversimplified, but...) According to my understanding, Brookhaven had been working with quarks for some time, as had several lineac and accelerator projects in the U.S. Lineac and huge accelerators such as the one in Texas, up to that point, had dominated the scene. (As I recall, the words accelerator and collider are often used interchangeably, to the best of my understanding. However, I will use the words differently in a moment.)

Anyway, Brookhaven went one step further. The details are in my novel, but rather than take over a mile and up to several miles underground to build a huge accelerator, they reproduced several smaller accelerators, and placed them in a tandem series. Thus, they could speed up the atoms to a greater speed than ever before in less space underground. Once speed was appropriate, they would send two bunches on a collision course in the collider, the final step, and the explosive energy released produced the quarks.

Quarks have dozens of useful applications, many in medicine, but it has allowed scientists to research and study the nature of subatomic particles, vastly expanding our knowledge of the universe and is worthy research.

In the case of Brookhaven, their test proved not only the efficacy of tandem accelerators to speed up the particles, and then smash them in the final stage, the collider, but they figured out a way to use it as a weapon. All they had to do was direct/focus the exploding energy just outside the accelerators/collider in a movable or adjustable tube leading to the surface of the earth and that would cause the quark energy to be a beam -- a beam that could be tightly focused or diffused. (Think of a water hose nozzle for the garden.) The strength of the beam could be increased with the amount of starting energy applied. And the starting energy was/is electricity, in great quantities. In the case of Brookhaven, it was from a local power plant. Anyway, when sufficiently high, the beam has a heat greater than the surface of the sun. Think of it!

During the test, a miscalculation melted some of the bedrock beneath the accelerators (bad news), but they quickly managed to rectify that problem. I obtained this information from J.B. Michaels, who wrote about this in UFO Encounters. I also did my own research online, and there was, in the year 2000 anyway, a lot on the internet about this, including right from the horse's mouth itself, Brookhaven!

I tried many ways at first to contact Michaels and was finally successful when Linda Moulton Howe, quite by an act of pure synchronicity, heard from him at the same time as I'd emailed her to ask if she'd heard from him! She put us together. Michaels lived in the Santa Cruz, CA area at the time. We corresponded until about 2002(?). He was in favor of me writing the story as fiction; I'd asked for his blessing back in 2000. I will say that he was a difficult guy to get a straight, clear explanation from, but I did ask many questions and got many answers. When I tried contacting him after the book was finished, his web site had disappeared and my emails were never answered. Now I understand that what happened to him may be happening to me. I honestly don't know if he's alive or not.

Back to the weapon: on Nov. 22, 1992, four UFOs came over Brookhaven, on a direct path for Washington D.C. (and the White House). Three UFOs were smaller ships, Scouts. The "mother ship" was huge. They were trailed by a fleet of choppers, which kept behind them at a respectful distance...(so the military knew of their arrival for at least awhile before their arrival in the area).

It helps to understand Brookhaven Labs now. They had a military liaison, a Colonel, who was in charge on military matters at least, and this Colonel directed operations. They had a Department of Energy liaison man, a civilian, as well as a chief scientist, a physicist, who'd apparently had no knowledge until the earlier test that Brookhaven had designed the weapon (and was furious about it). Anyway, when the UFOs came over, the Colonel gave the order and the weapon was used against the mother ship, obliterating it, and it did manage to get off a second shot, deliberately using a weaker beam to down one of the scouts. The other two got away. The Colonel wanted his UFO trophy and got it, along with one live alien (and one dead one). The UFO went down in Brookhaven Park, in a heavily wooded area. And as my story depicts, (as originally depicted in Michaels' non-fiction book), an anthropologist, a linguistics expert, was called in to work with him.

The alien was a Gray, the best I could glean from Michaels' account. Some say reptilian. And the Anthropologist, a woman, helped him escape, but it was a trap, and the alien was ostensibly riddled with bullets while being "beamed" aboard the ship that came to rescue him. Again, this whole story, this paragraph and the preceding one anyway, is as Michaels reported it. It is interesting to note that the firefighter I highlight in my story, named Ben, was really named John Ford and is in prison for -- get this -- trying to murder a Congressman or Senator. People "say" the crime he was charged with was not trumped up. I know at least one person, Stanton Friedman, knows a lot more about this story than he lets on. But mention this event to people who had looked into it before, and they snort about Ford and dismiss the whole event out of hand. Disinformation and discrediting folks works so very, very, well.

Again, I stress that what I'm relating is as reported by Michaels, except for the technical part about quarks and the like. Everyone involved in the attempted escape of the alien were not released until they signed agreements binding them to secrecy.

Paola Harris sent in a retired policeman to research the truth, and he verified it all until he suddenly dropped the case like a hot potato. Ask her for details...Please read Michaels' book and then mine too. It will clear up dozens of questions.

I have been followed and I am absolutely blown away by the level of sophistication employed (I've suspected more than five cars in a couple of instances.) I most certainly have no proof except a pile of license plate numbers which you can bet would pass any check squeaky clean and make me look like a fool. And this kind of thing can make anyone paranoid. It's important, though, that you know I am not scared, but I am sad. Very, very sad. With my C.A.P. and then military background until I married, and then being married to a retired military man as well, you won't find more "traditional" and "conservative" values in anyone while still keeping every particle of liberty we possibly can.

I have always been the ultimate patriot. But I question that these folks are the "outer" government. I hope and pray I am right; if not, we, as a nation, are in for very bad times. Actually, I have a spiritual faith that helps keep me going. I also saw a UFO when I was eleven, (1953) over the Tolt River in Washington State. My whole family witnessed this metallic saucer. We were in the mountains on a picnic that summer day. It was at a low altitude and hovered over us at the river for some time, about 5 minutes. I managed to put that account in my novel as happening to my main character. I mention it here because it changed my life. In order for my dad to keep his defense work job with Boeing Aircraft, we were sworn to secrecy. I began talking about it after my dad's death. But it opened me up, made me more flexible to new ideas and possibilities, and I realized that the world is not necessarily the way we would like to think it is.

Back to the weapon: I believe the quark beam has been used numerous times, numerous, numerous times! I believe that if you've seen those films of the intense beam of light shooting out from earth and then the UFO craft darting away [STS-48], you have seen the quark beam in action. Richard Hoagland had a film a number of years ago that shows those beams in action. Which is why I believe the stories that there are good beings out there, and ones who are using us.

Why would I write about a weapon (book released 2007)?

1. I thought that from 1992 to 2007 (15 years), we have probably produced something far more sophisticated than the beam. So I thought I was safe.

2. I used fiction. Thought I would be safer.

3. I would not have written about the beam if UFOs were not involved. I am desperately sick of the abomination of secrecy! What are we in the face of such deceptions? Mere cattle? Sheep? Mindless beings to be herded to and fro and kept happy? And by God, this is supposed to be the home of the free and the land of the brave!

4. I believe that yes, some of mankind would commit suicide if they heard the truth. However, I have a stronger, more positive feeling about mankind's reaction. But with every beat of history, we are approaching a point where the shit can't be suppressed. Every moment makes the lie worse and worse and worse. (Ever watch someone tell worse lies to hide other lies? Of course. Everyone has.)

5. Finally, I had found a story that HAD to be told. And the writer in me couldn't have found a more fitting project. But sometimes, now, I waver in my sadness. Paola [Harris] knows. She sent me the tape on the Ex-Defense Minister of Canada [Paul Hellyer] and said, "You're helping him." And I am trying to do just that.

Nancy Williams
4 May 2008