Project Camelot:
A Conversation With Bob Dean

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February 25, 2011

Bill Ryan (Bill): We’re going to have some fun with the intro. Have you thought about that?

Kerry Cassidy (Kerry): Why don’t you start off, since you’re always better at intros than I.

Bill: Thank you. It’s taken you five years to get to this realization? [chuckles]

Kerry: No. Not at all! I’ve always said that.

Bill: Okay. And this is our first...

Kerry: It’s taken you five years to listen well enough to be able to actually hear me when I talk. [chuckles]

Bill: It’s taken me five years to get to the point when I learn enough to be able to say that, right? This is all on camera. See? Here we go.

Kerry: [laughs] I know. I know. Okay.

Bill: So, this is...

Kerry: And since I’m the editor, we’ll decide who’s going to do what.

Bill: So you’re the editor?

Kerry: Bob, you’re on.

Bob Dean (Bob): Finally.

Bill: So today is Friday the 25th of February. And we are here at the Phoenix International UFO Congress. And it’s our great pleasure, once again, to be meeting with our old friend, Bob Dean. And I have this feeling that...

Kerry: [chuckles]

Bill: ...we... he may be an older friend than just two or three years. Who knows. And I’m delighted to have this opportunity to share a vintage-style Camelot interview in Bob’s presence. And Bob, there’s something very remarkable happening here, that the three of us are together in the spirit of the....

Bob: It’s a nice reunion.

Bill: ...a reunited family. And I’m genuinely delighted to be here. So, I’m Bill Ryan from Project Avalon.

Kerry: And I’m Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot. And we are also both from Project Camelot. An interesting dichotomy.

Bill: Things get pretty complicated.

Kerry: [chuckles] No doubt about it. So, Bob, the reason we’re here with you today, is because you made some comments on the stage that I want to challenge you on. And I’d also like you to talk a little bit more about a few other topics. Okay? And I think that all the time that we’ve interviewed you, you always keep a few cards hidden. And I would love for you to start to reveal some of those things. And I realize that you put yourself in danger and other people in danger when you do reveal too much. And so, with that in mind, I assume you’re going to be as careful as you ever are. But, sort of... I would love you to disclose as much as you can, because, who knows how many more opportunities we’re going to have, to get you on camera. And especially in this arrangement with the two of us here, just like old times.

Bill: Well, I have this feeling sometimes, that Bob’s going to outlive us both, actually.

Kerry: [chuckles] I know. He looks fabulous. So, this... should be against the law to look so wonderful at, what, 82?

Bill: ___________(inaudible)?

Kerry: Are you eighty?

Bob: I’ll be 82 next week.

Kerry: Lovely.

Bill: All right.

Bob: Second of March.

Bill: Fabulous.

Kerry: Happy birthday, Bob.

Bob: And I said in my speech yesterday, every time I get out of bed, I’m in a state of shock that I’m still here. But I am still here, because apparently, I’ve not completed what I came to do.

Kerry: Apparently not. Well, you’re needed. That’s for sure.

Bill: What do you feel you are here to do, Bob? Something which I said to you just the other day, is that the information that you share isn’t as important as the inspiration that you provide. And I wondered what you felt your job really was.

Bob: [sighs] It took me a long time to reach the conclusion of why I really was here. I don’t think there’s a person on the planet that doesn’t, at some point in their lives, ask themselves, ‘Who the hell am I? Why am I here? What’s the purpose of life?’ ‘What’s it all about, Alfie?,’ as the saying goes. [quotation refers to song lyrics from the movie Alfie (1966) starring Michael Caine] It took me a long time to come to terms with why I was here. I shared with you sometime back, about the fact that I’d had a number of past life hypnotic regressions. And that opened a can of worms for me. But it also indicated to some degree, why I really had come this time, because like everyone else, I’d been here many times. And, as both of you know, I’m sure that the human spirit is infinite, immortal.

We incarnate here and we come and go to school. We learn a few lessons, contribute in a small way in each and our every way. But, not many people ever take the time to really sit down and look deeply into themselves. And Yogananda said, ‘Self realization. Knowing who and what is living inside this shell that we call a human body.’ And like most humans, I went through a big chunk of my life, as you said, three different careers. And only in the last ten to fifteen years, have I really begun to deeply look into myself. And come to terms with myself. And as the Hindus say, ‘The self in the immortal being that lives temporarily in this shell.’

And I had some interesting conversations with myself.

‘See here, self.’ ‘Who the hell are you? Who am I? Why am I here?

Am self replied, ‘You're an immortal being and you came to do a job. Now damn with, well, get on with it. Do what you came to do.’

And only in this third career, as it were, where I’ve been traveling the world, speaking publicly at major conferences. Barcelona, Madrid, Mexico City, Atlanta, everywhere. [clears throat] The response that I’ve been getting from people at this conferences. The response I got from people, after giving you guys, what, three previous interviews, has literally been overwhelming. Shocked me. Really did. Shocked me. And it finally dawned on me, that when people come up, give me hugs and kisses, touched me, and tell me that the things that I have said meant so much to them, that apparently my words had triggered something within them, that brought something out from inside of themselves. Did it really begin at that point, where I began to grasp what my mission had been here? And it’s simply this.

I’m not a great scholar. I’m not a great philosopher. I’m not a great much of anything. But when I speak to people publicly, here, there and everywhere. Apparently, I touch a nerve, somehow. And it’s almost electric. It’s kind of mysterious. And they come up and grab me and hold onto me and tell me what I had to say meant so much to them. And I say to them, ‘I’m not telling you anything that you don’t know.’ I’ve never told anybody anything that you don’t know within yourself. I touch them. Remember the old Hindu story where the holy man, the guru, goes up and [makes clicking sound in his mouth] knocks a person right between the eyes?

Kerry: [chuckles]

Bob: And then all of a sudden, they wake up?

Bill: Mmh.

Bob: Well, I found that apparently, I’ve been doing a little bit of that. Because I’ve been reminding people who they are. What they are. And I remind them that you’re not just the human body that you see in the mirror. You’re an immortal being. You’ve lived forever. God knows how many eons of time we’ve been at this. And you’re going to live forever. That you are an infinite soul, a spark of divinity.

And saying that to people apparently triggers something in them, where they really begin to look into themselves. And as I say, I’ve not told you anything that you didn’t already know. And as my old friend from Galilee said, ‘The kingdom of God is within you.’ And that does cause a bit of a spark of recognition in people.

Kerry: Well Bob, with that in mind, when you were on stage yesterday, you said that people out there – and you didn’t mean the audience you were talking to – but you said they couldn’t handle the truth.

Bob: The masses.

Kerry: Yes. And I actually want to take issue with that, because I don’t see it...

Bob: Well, we’ve taken issue with that before.

Kerry: Yes.

Bob: You are convinced that everybody’s ready.

Kerry: No. It’s not so much that they’re ready. It’s that they have a right to know.

Bob: They can deal with it. Well, having a right to know...

Kerry: And judging for them is just what the Illuminati have always done. They have decided what we’re allowed to know and what we’re not allowed to know. And it’s not up to them. It’s not up to you. And it’s not up to anyone else to determine who is ready to know and who isn’t.

Bob: I don’t know that.

Kerry: It’s up to them to know.

Bob: I’m not determining for anybody who’s ready.

Kerry: I know. But what I’m saying is, you are a leader. Okay? And you... for you to go on stage and say that they’re not ready, is not encouraging the people and acknowledging the people out there. The young people especially, who, actually, out there in the masses, don’t need to go to a UFO conference in order to prove that they’re not only ready, but they’ve been on that page for a very long time. That’s why these sci fi movies are flocked to by the masses around the world. That’s why these shows are watched. Because, not only do they watch them out of curiosity, but they watch them because they remember. Some of them come in at this time.... They’re coming in...

Bob: They know.

Kerry: Yes. They’re coming in with total recall.

Bob: They know in their heart. Yeah.

Kerry: So, all I wanted to say to you, is that I believe that there are a lot more ready for the real truth, than people in the inside, whether it be on the inside from this sector, or far in deep in black projects, are willing to give them credit for.

Bob: Over the last twenty years, I’ve noticed a change in human nature. There has been definitely an expansion of consciousness in masses of people all over the planet.

Kerry: Absolutely. Yes. Yes.

Bob: And I’m gratified by that. I’m encouraged by that. And I’ve never determined for anyone, whether they are or were not ready or not. And when I made my comment yesterday, I told you that there are a lot people here who are ready. But there are many who are not. And I use the analogy of ‘Bill Doo,’ the native boy from New Guinea.

Bill: Mmh.

Bob: When he was exposed to realities that he had never been prepared to be exposed to, it literally devastated him psychically, to the point that the kid died.

Kerry: I understand.

Bob: He literally starved to death. He died from dehydration in a jungle that was filled with water and fruit and nuts and...

Kerry: But Bob, they’ve been preparing us. And we’ve been preparing them, because we’ve been working on the same thing. Disclosure has been happening, non-stop now, for almost twenty years.

Bob: Disclosure has been under way, and it’s working.

Kerry: Yes.

Bill: And this is part of it.

Kerry: Exactly. So...

Bob: But it’s a very slow process.

Kerry: It may or may not be. In other words, it might have been slow for you.

Bob: Mm-hm.

Kerry: And you were one of the fast ones, back then, because you got access to things that other people, to this day, don’t know about.

Bob: If you heard my remarks yesterday, I damn near died. The truth damn near killed me. I was not prepared for it.

Kerry: I understand. But we’re in a different time.

Bob: And I’ve seen a lot of the world. And I’m looking at the world from 82 years. And you... You’re just a chicken.

Kerry: [laughs]

Bob: You’re looking at the world, what? I won’t even get into that.

Kerry: I know. But the thing is...

Bob: The point I’m making is, I understand what you’re saying. But I still stand by my point that the masses are not ready, because every time I go out somewhere to speak, I still run into a few ‘open, old closed minds.’ And... fundamentalists of any number of faiths, who are ready to fight. And they’re ready to... [makes boxing gesture with hands and fists]

Bill: Mm-hm.

Bob: Get into...

Bill: Let me just back up a fraction here, because the people watching this video don’t know the Bill Doo story. And I wonder if I can summarize it, encapsulate...

Kerry: I think that it’s been out there.

Bill: I had never heard it before yesterday.

Kerry: Oh, I have.

Bill: And so, there are a lot of other people who hadn’t, too.

Bob: Well, the Billy Doo story was included in the Brookings study.

Bill: Yes. The theme here. It’s a true story of a young native boy up in New Guinea called ‘Billy Doo,’ and everybody loved him. And they thought that, as a special reward for the fact that he was a lovely young guy, they would show him what the real world, the civilized world, the so-called Western world, was like. And they took him on an plane and they took him to Brisbane, Australia. And they took him see restaurants and cars and supermarkets and shopping malls and television and movies theaters and all of this kind of stuff. And he couldn’t handle it. And this is the story that Bob told in his presentation yesterday.

My question for you, Bob... Is it possible that that could have been done, could have been accomplished, in a kinder, more supportive way, that would have enabled Billy Doo to handle the truth?

Bob: [sighs]

Bill: Or was he just dropped in this and left to his own devices, without any support?

Bob: They didn’t really intend to do what they did. And you’re right. If Billy Doo had been prepared, he might have been able to survive it, because the shock of the world that he came from, the psychic shock of seeing the other world out there, was more than he was prepared for.

Bill: Mmh.

Bob: The psychic shock, the spiritual shock to that kid, literally killed him.

Bill: Mmh.

Bob: Yes, he could have been prepared. But they didn’t understand that, at that mission school in Papua. Their intentions were good. They loved the kid. And they thought they were doing him a favor. And what they ended up doing, was murdering him, literally.

Bill: Yeah. It was naive. It was really naive. Well-intentioned, but naive.

Bob: Oh, very! And, as I said...

Kerry: Wait...

Bob: The one that Bill Doo referred to as ‘good lady.’..

Bill: Yes.

Bob: Her light didn’t burn quite as bright after that event...

Bill: Right.

Bob: ...because she realized what they had done.

Bill: Yeah. But is it possible...

Bob: [clears throat]

Bill: ...using that as a metaphor. This is a story that was built into the Brookings report. And we have to assume that somewhere, there are a lot of very smart people, some of whom are well-intentioned, who are taking that into account and planning disclosure, with that in mind. Do you believe that it’s possible that it could be accomplished well?

Bob: Yes. It’s being accomplished, as we speak.

Bill: Right.

Bob: As you remember, I went on to tell you, that a blunt announcement is not what the people are ready for.

Bill: Yup.

Bob: But, they are enduring what I call ‘an ongoing disclosure,’ a process that’s been under way for over twenty years now, maybe longer, where they are being prepared through what I call ‘subliminal education,’ through movies, books, novels, magazines, even games.

Kerry: To say nothing of Project Camelot and Bob Dean.

Bob: Well, Project Camelot, honey, as I said...

Kerry: [chuckles]

Bob: You guys have had an impact on the world that, I think even today, really think you two don’t grasp. Your impact has been overwhelming.

Kerry: Let me tell you the letters we get. We get letters. We get people coming up to us saying we changed their lives.

Bob: Exactly.

Kerry: Saying, they started from zero...

Bob: Mmh!

Kerry: And that we opened this for them, and they basically are growing in leaps and bounds. And they come to us and thank us. Okay. This is the key note. Is that they thank us for that. And I have to say that we cannot look at Billy Doo, if that’s his name, as just a physical body. You talked about eternal beings. This is a soul who came to the planet in a certain state, on a certain level of awareness. Now, prior to Billy Doo being in Papua New Guinea, he could have been [in] any number of other places, and he was probably starved to begin with.

Bob: He probably was. Yeah.

Kerry: And there’s also the aspect that this kind of thing could have been targeted to maybe the person that was least-prepared in that group of people that he was among, to handle these kinds of things.

Bob: I think Margaret Mead, who I believe was the one who delivered the story of Billy Doo...

Kerry: Who was an Illuminati, yes.

Bob: Yeah. She was [an] incredibly bright lady. And she had had years and years of experience working with primitive societies. And I think she was the one responsible for getting that into the study.

Kerry: Yes.

Bob: And yes. Bill Doo could have been prepared.

Kerry: And can we hear about the people that this changed in a brilliant and wonderful way, whose lives were saved because of it? Because I had a young woman come to me, just about a half hour ago, and she’s from Puerto Rico. And she said, ‘I have a child, and he is a Crystal child. And you saved my child’s life.’ That’s what she said to me.

Bob: Well, I’m not surprised.

Kerry: And she said, because you interviewed – in this case, it was Jessica Schaub. Regardless of what you think of Jessica’s information. And she was young and inexperienced at the time I interviewed her. But there are children out there who saw the mirror of themselves in her.

Bob: Mmh!

Kerry: In her awareness and willingness to embrace this cosmos of which we are a part. And so, what I would submit to you is, here we are in 2011. That human consciousness is almost like an animal that’s growing as a unity, in leaps and bounds. Okay? At this time. And you know that we have incredible energies coming into the Earth, facilitating this growth at this time, unlike any other time in history. And there are many scientists, people like Paul LaViolette, who can substantiate that scientifically, for the people that are listening. But the point is, that we can’t go back to the Brookings Report, because it’s no longer applicable, if it ever was.

Bob: Well it’s still... It is still national policy, whether you like it or not.

Kerry: Yes. But those are incredibly conservative old men who actually need to be booted out of office. And they’re not running anything.

Bill: [trying to stifle laughter]

Bob: [chuckles] Whether you think they should be booted... I agree with you...

Kerry: [chuckles]

Bob: ...that there are hundreds of thousands of them, who should be booted out of office. I’ve known hundreds of them in my own time. Now Kerry, I don’t disagree with you in what you’re saying.

Kerry: That’s all.

Bob: The only disagreement we may have is the time, the timing.

Kerry: Absolutely. Have you noticed the people taking their revolution into their own hands lately?

Bob: Of course. That’s part of an expansion...

Kerry: Okay. These people are not just ready... to change the world.

Bob: That’s part of an expansion of mass consciousness.

Kerry: Exactly.

Bob: That was inevitable.

Kerry: Absolutely.

Bob: And some of the philosophers have been predicting that for years and years.

Kerry: That’s right.

Bob: And let me tell you something else. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Bill: Mmh. I believe you.

Kerry: And I agree with that.

Bob: Just hold on, the next ten years. I hope the hell I’m not here.

Kerry: [chuckles]

Bob: I want to go home, really. I’m tired. But the next ten years are going to confront you with things you wouldn’t have dreamed before.

Kerry: Absolutely. Now, Richard Dolan just did a wonderful speech.

Bob: He did. He always does.

Kerry: Yes. He does. And he talked about the fact that there is an almost separate society out there.

Bob: There is.

Kerry: You could even call them a ‘rogue, secret military group,’ who has create a whole society that is based on technology that is not in the public domain...

Bob: Mm-hm.

Kerry: That is based on concepts, robotics, nano technology... They live...

Bob: Genetic manipulation.

Kerry: Absolutely. And they have... They have money galore, that they have basically stolen, secreted, taken from drug money and supported these black projects that we at Project Camelot have been pursuing and interviewing people about, for five years now.

Bob: Projects the American people have been financing for years.

Kerry: Absolutely.

Bob: Without even knowing it.

Kerry: So, the point I’m trying to make here, is that if you look at the Earth and you look at humanity, we have two groups. We have a rogue group that is living maybe... We even had a witness that said 10,000 years ahead of this group. So you’ve got the masses of humanity here, and you’ve got this rogue group that’s flying inter-luminally... Is that super-luminal? Super-luminally. [giggles] Right?

Bob: Right.

Kerry: Outside our solar system.

Bob: Hyper-luminal, whatever you wish to call...

Kerry: Solar system, etc.

Bob: [clears throat]

Kerry: They’ve got bases on Mars and the Moon. You’re talking about craft outside the rings of Saturn, which, in your presentation, which is fascinating. And I’ve love you to address some of that. But the fact of the matter is, is that...

Bob: [sighs]

Kerry: ...we have two groups, and they’re hugely divided.

Bob: Mm-hm.

Kerry: And that division is to the detriment, very, very seriously, of the masses.

Bob: Of course.

Kerry: And so, it’s bridging the gap that we’re all about, as a world, at this time, in my view. Okay? That’s what revealing a secrecy is. It’s all about taking that river of division and bringing those two sides together. And you’re one of the main people at the forefront, the avant garde, along with Camelot and many other people that we know and respect, to bring those two groups together. To fill in and to reveal that place in between.

Bob: [to Bill] She makes a good argument, does she?

Bill: Do you believe that there are enough white hats behind the black curtain, to really be able to make a difference now, that couldn’t have been made ten years ago?

Bob: Yes.

Bill: Right. That’s an important things to say. Some of those will be watching this video, because they want to know what you’re saying. They want to know what we’re saying. What would you say to them, because you can talk to them personally, right now.

Bob: Listen. I have been... I’ve met some of them, and they have told me, that they support entirely what I’ve been doing. And I shared this with you before, that at one point, some years back, certain individuals – the black hats – put out a contract on me, because I had gone from being a nuisance, to being a threat.

Bill: Mmh.

Bob: And they literally thought they could eliminate me. But fortunately, I must have had good friends in high places. And at that time, I didn’t realize what high places my good friends were in.

Bill: [quietly laughing]

Bob: And the word went out to leave me the hell alone. And here I am, at 82, still alive and ornery and kicking.

Bill: Mmh.

Bob: [sighs] God, I’m getting tired of being here. But the point I’m making is, even the white hats and even the black hats have made some progress along the way. And they’ve expanded their consciousness quite a bit.

Bill: Yes. No one is immune from this process. And that’s right.

Bob: And... So, I basically am very hopeful about the future. The human race, the human species. It has a tomorrow. And I feel that’s important to share with people. Women with young kids. ‘Will my little child grow up? What kind of a world will my kid grow up in?’ And I try to reassure them that your kid has a future, and that tomorrow is going to be much brighter than yesterday.

Bill: Mmh.

Bob: And that some of the white hats and some of the black hats all understand this thing, which is why I am allowed to continue to focus and travel and do this and that. And I actually have been given encouragement from some of the Powers That Be. I’ve been encouraged by some of the guys with all the money.

Kerry: Okay. Well, with that in mind, Bob, now that you’re all warmed up. What is it that you haven’t told us?

Bob: Oh my God. [everybody else laughs] [Looks at Bill] Can’t you keep her under control?

Bill: Nope! No chance.

Bob: Kerry, a year ago at Laughlin, I gave you an interview, where I thought I would shock the hell out of you. And apparently, it didn’t. And then I told you that I’d had a personal relationship with non-human intelligence since I was about two-and-a-half years old. And, actually, that relationship perhaps went back before I was even born.

Kerry: Mm-hm. So have we. [chuckles]

Bob: And I thought... I thought... Well, I know you have! And everybody has had a relationship...

Kerry: Lots... definitely.

Bob: The point is, that half the people don’t even begin to... They don’t want to know the answer to that. And when it all began to dawn on me, the implications of it were pretty overpowering. But I gave you that interview and I thought, ‘Well, this will be the end.’ [Bill and Kerry chuckles] Nobody’s going to pay a word of attention to me after this. They’ll think the old coot’s gone over the edge. He’s lost it. And I thought, ‘Well, I can go home. And I can smoke my big Stogies [brand of cigar] and drink my whiskey and die peacefully. Well, it worked out just the opposite. I’m more in demand now than I’ve ever dreamed of being. Yesterday, I accepted an invitation to speak at a MUFON conference in Philadelphia in October. And I gave her the... I said, ‘Look. I’m going to tell you, honestly. If I’m still on the planet in October, I’ll be delighted to come. But I’m not making any plans really that far ahead. I couldn’t... I can’t buy an insurance policy at my age.’

Kerry: [chuckles]

Bob: But I’m hopeful, honey. I feel very hopeful about everything.

Kerry: I’m sure you’re hopeful, but what is it you haven’t told us. Because I believe... Look. We’ve got time travel.

Bill: [sighs]

Kerry: There’s issues with that. We’ve got travel through jump rooms to Mars and so on. I’m sure you’ve been exposed to some of that. You did share a little bit of that with me on my last interview with you.

Bob: [clears throat]

Kerry: But I believe that that was the tip of the iceberg. And I don’t know how far you’ve gone down the rabbit hole, but I imagine that it’s a lot farther than you’ve revealed.

Bob: Oh.

Kerry: And so...

Bob: I feel, I feel sympathetic with Alice, because... Yes, I’ve been down the rabbit role.

Kerry: Okay. And you feel... I know you’re a conscientious and loving individual. And I know that there are some things you want to reveal and some you don’t, because you want to protect people. And I don’t think you have a whole lot to protect in terms of yourself at the moment, because, as you said, you’re protected. And we have also been threatened in the last year-and-a-half, each of us in different ways. Our lives. As a result of what we’ve done. But that just tells you that you’re on the right track, as far as I can tell.

Bob: Well, from time to time, I felt like the guy on the street with a rain coat, who pulls it back... [camera man laughs] exposes himself. And then somebody comes along. They grab him and haul him away to the rubber room, as it were. I felt that way for quite a while. And yes, there are many things that I have not shared with you.

Kerry: How about this? Wendell Stevens passed on recently. And he was a very good friend of yours.

Bob: I knew Wendell for 35 years.

Kerry: Okay. And you told me that Wendell said some last words to you. Would you share that?

Bob: Well, Wendell and I had shared a lot, before he got really sick, became ill. I had encouraged him for a long time to admit, publicly, that he himself had had a personal relationship with some of them. And he said, ‘Bob, I can’t do that. Every ounce of credibility that I’ve had over the years will go down the tube, if I say that.’ And I understood what he tried to say. He was getting older and he didn’t need any bumps in life before he departed. He was feeling bad and he felt... He knew he was leaving. And he says, ‘I don’t need any of that heartbreak and that upset stomach. I’ve told what I’ve learned. I’ve told what I’ve seen. I’ve shared the photos. I’ve spoken at conferences. He literally created this world conference in 1991.

Bill: Mm-hm.

Kerry: That’s right. The UFO Congress [summit].

Bob: And I had the privilege and honor of assisting him in putting that together in 1991. And, as I’ve told you before, that’s when I really came out of the closet and began to violate my national security oath. I wanted him to hold on and be here for this, the 21st anniversary. But he went home in September. And I loved him dearly and I love him still, because I know he’s alive and well. There is no death. And when you come to terms with that, it’s a kind of a shock...

The people who buy the tombstones and buy the little plots in the cemeteries and all that... And I say to them, [chuckles] ‘You guys don’t understand.’ Because, once the spirit leaves, that’s nothing but a husk. Burn it up. Sprinkle the ashes and go on.

Kerry: Mm-hm.

Bob: Imagine how much real estate could be saved, if we did away with cemeteries?

Bill: [chuckles]

Bob: Anyhow, I’m shaking up some people, I’m sure.

Kerry: [chuckles]

Bob: There are traditionalists out there, who will hear this and think, ‘He’s out of his damn mind!’ But yes, there are things that I haven’t told you, and there are probably things that I cannot tell you.

Bill: What would hap...

Bob: I think I told you in that interview...

Bill: What would happen if you did, Bob?

Bob: Didn’t I share with you, that they had taken me away for six weeks? And that they brought me back, five minutes after they took me?

Kerry: [audio cuts out momentarily] [Before]... Okay. I would love you to do that, but I would also like you to say the last words that Wendell told you, because he said some very specific words, about what’s going on here on the planet.

Bob: Well, he told me that, from what he’d learned, that we were in for some difficult times.

Kerry: But beyond that?

Bob: Beyond that, he said, ‘I’ll see you tomorrow.’

Bill: Mmh.

Kerry: Beyond that though... Well, I’m going to reveal it then. I mean, he basically said they’re in control. The people on... The beings in control...

Bob: He knew that. And I’ve said that, essentially.

Kerry: Well, how did he phrase it?

Bob: Well... I will go back to my interview with Bob Bigelow. And I’m banging on the table... and this was years ago, when I still got frustrated at... expressed my... vented my spleen, as it were. And I’m sitting with Bigelow. I bought him lunch, by the way, now. I’m one of the few people who can say, ‘I took a billionaire to lunch.’

Kerry: [laughs quietly]

Bob: Anyhow, Bob, if you’re watching this, you remember our interview, our talk!

Kerry: [laughs]

Bob: I’m banging the table, because I was so frustrated and aggravated.

And Bigelow said ‘Calm down Bob. Calm down.’ He says, ‘Everybody has an agenda.’

And I said, ‘Yes. That’s one of the things I’m angry about. Everybody’s got their own damned agenda!’

And he says, ‘Bob, there’s only one agenda. Only one agenda.’

And I says, ‘What is that?’

[points finger straight upward into the air] He says, ‘It’s their agenda. Always has been, is and will always be, until we grow up.’

Now, Bigelow shared that with me. Wendell shared that with me. He said he’d learned that there’s only one agenda. They’re not only merely in control. They’ve been in control from the beginning and they are controlling disclosure.

Kerry: Okay. And who is ‘they’?

Bob: And they are deciding whether the masses are ready or not.

Kerry: And who is ‘they’?

Bob: [sighs] Sweetheart, there is indeed a Galactic Federation. You may think that’s a joke. You may think that’s a little funny thing from the Star Trek series and all that. There is indeed a Galactic Federation. And the headquarters is not even in our galaxy. Now, you put that in your pipe and smoke it!

That there is a Federation of advanced intelligent beings throughout the Universe. And the latest figure... what, 200 billion planets in our galaxy, 200 billion galaxies in the Universe. It’s probably much, much more. But there is a Federation. There is a control. There is a purpose. There is an agenda. And the survival of this species on this tiny zoological garden is important to them.

And they are in control of disclosure. They could end it tomorrow, if they chose. They’ll end it when they have determined that the masses on the planet are ready, and not one instant before, will a disclosure, literally, in a big way, take place.

Now, as I’ve pointed out to you also, it’s been my experience – and I’ve had [clears throat] firsthand experience with this. I’ve never spoken at a conference in the last ten, fifteen years, where there wasn’t at least one or two of them in the audience.

And like Ingo Swann, I’ve developed the ability to spot them. And I’ve even had them come up to me. And I think I shared this with you on that interview, where they’ve come up to me after a presentation, shook my hand and told me how much they appreciated what I had to say.

And I’ve learned that they attend these conferences, not to listen to what the speakers have to say, but they’re monitoring the response of the audience to what the speakers have to say.

Kerry: Sure.

Bob: Because their monitoring of us, their evaluation of our condition is incredibly powerful. There are a bunch of outstanding experts in that group. And, as I said, they’ve been with us since the beginning of time, literally. They created us initially. They genetically manipulated us. They plucked those golden apples and turned us into what we are.

Now, that process is still under way. Those golden apples are still being manipulated. And we’re learning to do that ourself.

Kerry: Right.

Bob: But, I will say to you again, the psychic shock of learning all of this, all at once, would be like Billy Doo. People would... And I’ve run into them too, honey. And they don’t want to know the truth. There’s a gut feeling in many people, knowing spiritually, I think, that the truth is more than they can handle at this moment.

Bill: Mmh! [To Kerry] What I heard Bob saying yesterday – he didn’t say that the movement towards disclosure is something that is ill-considered and unwise, and people have got to be kept in the dark forever. I think Bob was saying that it can’t be done in the way that some people are thinking – with reference to Obama calling a press conference and saying, ‘Okay guys. We’ve got this little secret, so listen up. And we’ve got something exciting to tell you.’

Kerry: Well...

Bill: He’s not going to do it that way and Bob was explaining that it’s been happening for quite a while.

Bob: It has to be a gradual process.

Bill: And it’s an ongoing strategic process, in which people are waking up in waves. And the ripple effect is actually supporting the disclosure movement. And we’re part of it and other people are part of it and Bob’s part of it.

Bob: Exactly.

Kerry: Absolutely.

Bill: And I think all Bob is saying, was that it’s not happening in the way that some people naively think. Is that...

Bob: That’s exactly what I was trying to [say]. And...

Kerry: Well, they’re not going to be Billy Doo.

Bob: [pointing a finger straight up in the air] ...they are the ones with the agenda!

Kerry: But actually... I actually want to challenge that. Okay.

Bob: Woah! Challenge away, kid!

Kerry: Because... No. It’s an interesting concept and it actually could be debated. In other words, what’s the level of free will of this humanity, because, at certain stages in its development, this may be true. They are in control and have been in control. And it depends who ‘they’ is.

Bob: And Wendell knew that before he died.

Kerry: Right. And it depends who we’re talking about – ‘they.’ But I would submit, that this humanity that is waking up, is about to take those reins into their own hands.

Bob: They are. They’re waking up.

Kerry: And that is exactly what some of those groups are very afraid of.

Bob: [pointing a finger straight up in the air] Some of them?

Kerry: Yes.

Bob: Well, perhaps.

Kerry: Because we are multi-dimensional beings.

Bob: There are groups [out there]... Kerry, there are people out there, intelligences out there, that don’t like you... don’t like us very much at all.

Kerry: Exactly.

Bob: Like the two scientists who shared this with my retired Commander from the Navy. He was a fusion specialist. He... What is that? The... the other element... the [other] level of reality? I forget... Having one of those senior moments. You will forgive me.

Bill: Are you talking about free energy? Are you talking...

Bob: Well, yeah. He was talking about... He’d worked alongside of a couple of those guys [points finger upwards again]...

Kerry: Cold fusion? Are you talking about cold fusion?

Bob: Hmm?

Kerry: Cold fusion?

Bob: Well, it’s a form of that, yeah. But, before he retired and he was leaving the laboratory, just outside of Las Vegas, which he didn’t want to be specific about and I concluded he was talking about S4. He’d worked alongside of a couple of them for some time.

And as he was leaving, he said, ‘Tell me what you really think of humankind.’

And the one chap said to him, ‘Well, since you asked...’ And these were... those guys had worked side-by-side for a few years. ‘Since you asked, we consider humankind primitive, savage and dangerous animals.’

And the scientist said, ‘I can’t disagree with that, because I look on the masses of humanity as primitive, savage and dangerous animals myself.’

And that’s when the other one injected a little bit of humor into the conversation and says, ‘You also smell bad! You stink!’

And the Commander says, ‘You know, I took my shower this morning.’ And he’s trying to...

And they said, ‘No, no, no. It’s something about your human nature. It could be a part of your diet. It could be the way you think.’ He says, ‘We call it kind of like an auric stench.’

Bill: Mmh.

Bob: ‘And we find it very discomforting. But nothing... No personal criticism here.’

And the Commander says, ‘Well, I appreciate you being candid with me. Thank you!’ And he went into retirement and he speaks out very carefully. But...

Kerry: Okay. But... So, at this point, Bill asked you a question. He said, ‘What would happen to you, if you were to reveal some things?’ That... I’m not sure who you think is deciding if it’s okay [or] it’s not okay. But, what do you think would happen to you, at this point? Because I’ve got some people telling me that those... Now, there’s levels of controllers. And when you talk about Galactic Federation, you talk about the Guardian Alliance, or whatever you want to call them – those are a certain level.

Then we have the ones that are actually here on the planet, who are doing things like knocking people off, because they do reveal truth. Okay. And they may be pushed by those people.

Bob: [gesturing with finger pointing upwards again] Well, those guys are not doing that very much. Most of them ‘knocking people off’ are some of our black... shadow government people.

Kerry: Exactly. So, I’m asking you. If right here and now, you know what you can say and you know the limits of that, I’m sure, by now.

Bob: I can say almost anything now.

Kerry: Okay. Great!

Bob: Because I don’t worry about it anymore. And frankly, I don’t care what our shadow government thinks about it. I know this – that I’ve gotten some good friends in high places, not merely up there, [gestures finger upwards] but back in Langley and a few other places.

Kerry: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Bob: I became a nuisance, then I became a threat and then I’m... I ended up... I’m an asset!

Bill: An asset. Exactly! Exactly!

Kerry: You are an asset.

Bob: So, I’ve been encouraged. My health... I’m still being looked after. I’m still being invited. And I joked with, I think, you maybe about...

I don’t travel anymore, cabin class. I had a bad experience coming back from Barcelona. And... I’m not a snob, but I’m sitting in this big jet in the middle section. And, bless her heart, there was an enormously overweight lady on my right, who kept falling out of the seat.

Kerry: [chuckles]

Bob: There was a squalling brat on my left.

Kerry: [laughs]

Bob: And here I am. I can’t stand in line to wait to pee any more, because of my age and because of a couple of little infirmities that I have. And I said, ‘Look, I’m not going to travel cabin class anymore, guys. If you can’t buy me a business class ticket, I’m not coming. Well good God. I thought that would be the end of that! No more trips!

Kerry: [laughs]

Bob: I was shocked.

Kerry: Oh yeah!

Bob: They’re buying business class tickets for me all the time. The guys in Madrid bought me one.

Kerry: That’s right. Absolutely.

Bob: And the guys in Pennsylvania which, if I’m still here, will be speaking at in October, bought me a business class ticket.

Kerry: And well they should. So, six days you disappeared. You came back five minutes later.

Bob: No. I was gone six weeks!

Kerry: Six weeks. Okay. So tell us about...

Bob: And they brought me back five minutes after they took me. Now, there are people out there, who are watching this, who think that I’m totally insane. And I don’t care.

Kerry: [chuckles]

Bob: Because I went through that period also. I’ve shared with you. I went through three stages.

I began to think I’m losing my mind – that was stage one. Stage two was, I became convinced I had lost my mind. Now I’m in stage three – I’m sane and the rest of the world is nuts! And, whether you guys like it or not [looks to camera], that’s where I am today. And I’m comfortable with it.

Kerry: [chuckles]

Bill: In support of you, Bob, there’s a guy called Michael Relfe who published a book called The Mars Records. Have you heard his story? Does it ring a bell?

Bob: Ah, I’ve heard the name, I think, but I’m not familiar with it.

Bill: Okay. In a nutshell, Michael Relfe, who worked, I believe, for the US Navy...

Bob: [clears throat]

Bill: ...recovered memories that showed that, back in the 1970s, he had been taken to Mars on a tour of duty that lasted over twenty years. And when that tour of duty was completed, then he, too, was returned back to his original timeline, the moment after he left it, with his memory wiped.

Bob: Doesn’t surprise me a bit. Now, you can’t get mainstream establishment scientists to listen to that, without saying, ‘Poppycock! Balderdash! It can’t be.’ It’s like Stanton Friedman says, ‘They say it can’t be, so it isn’t.’

Bill: But we’re not trying to talk to the mainstream scientists here. We’re probably...

Kerry: In fact, they’re the worst!

Bill: We’re probably talking to the twelve-year-old kids, who say, ‘Yeah, that sounds pretty cool and it sounds real to me.’

Bob: Well, your twelve-year-old kids are more broad minded than some of our establishment scientists!

Bill: And they will be establishment scientists later.

Bob: Well, some day.

Kerry: And they... Well, that’s because they haven’t been through our educational system and been programmed...

Bob: That’s right. Their minds have not been stunted! Yeah.

Kerry: ...been programmed for a number of years.

Bill: It’s been very clear to us, for quite a while, that we’re primarily talking to the future establishment, not the present establishment. We’re talking...

Bob: Of course you are. You’re talking to people of tomorrow.

Kerry: Absolutely.

Bill: We’re talking to the kids! And the kids are our future. And if we can wake them, point them in the right direction and inoculate them against what they’re being told by their teachers, then that helps the ball roll even faster.

Bob: I agree.

Kerry: Okay. So, but, tell us about your experience, disappearing for six... months?

Bob: Six weeks?

Kerry: Weeks.

Bob: Six weeks. It shocked the hell out of me!

Kerry: Where did you go?

Bob: I don’t know! I don’t know whether I was on their home planet, or whether they’d taken me through a doorway, a portal into another dimension. I heard the name [Melina] mentioned as to where we were.

Now, this interview, where I say that I was with them for six weeks – they brought me back five minutes after they took me. But I remembered six weeks. Are we on-camera?

[camera man coughs]

Kerry: We are.

Bill: We’re on-camera.

Bob: All right. Well, look. People said, ‘What did you eat?’ And I said, ‘I asked for bacon and eggs. I had steaks. I had pork chops. Just about anything I wanted, I got.’ I went to the bathroom. My physical functions continued for six weeks. I literally lived six weeks with them. And you ask me where and I can’t tell you where. The name [Melina] came up and I don’t know whether that was the city. Because it appeared to be a city of some kind, a community. There were libraries. There were audience halls, lecture halls. God, the libraries you wouldn’t believe.

Bill: Was this a very advanced society?

Bob: Oh my God! Know I ask about this. I never saw a fire department, a fire truck. I never saw a cop. I got the impression, there was no such thing as a police department.

And the people that I was introduced to, people I got to see in six weeks, were very human. Look just like we do. But there was something about them that was totally different. They had an air of peacefulness. They had an air of incredible knowledge.

Bill: What did you do during that time? Why did they take you? And what...

Bob: I asked questions and was shown things.

Kerry: Hmm!

Bob: As I said, the things that impressed me the most, were the libraries, the records. You would call them Akashic Records, I guess. I was told that, in this one facility, that every event in the history of the Universe was there, to be retrieved at will. If you wish, you could bring down, download literally, Ancient Greece, the Pyramids, Ancient Sumer, the first Anunnaki visit to Planet Earth two hundred thousand years ago. It was all there.

The life of every human that had ever lived on this planet was all there in that library. Now, can you imagine the computer technology that would allow that – that where you can retrieve it at a poke of a button – and there it is. you get a wide-screen. You can literally almost re-live it! The history of the human race was there.

Bill: So, you had the experience that Billy Doo had?

Bob: I was shocked. Bill, I damn near died. It was not what they were sharing with me and what they were showing me. It was the shock of coming back.

Now, it’s very close to when people have a near death experience. And they go over. And they look around. And they see the reality that they’re literally a part of, that they were part of, before they incarnated here, that they’ll be a part of it when they depart from here.

But when you see that... I don’t think... Most of the people I’ve talked to, who have experimented with near death experiences – very few people want to come back.

Bill: Mmh.

Kerry: Mm-hm.

Bob: Some people have begged to stay there.

Bill: Yup.

Bob: Now, the shock is coming back and comparing what I had seen, with what I’ve got here.

Bill: Yup.

Bob: Now, I’ve got a body that’s beginning to fall apart on me. It’s not a lot of fun. It’s painful. I look around and I see the heartbreak. Not only do I see the war. I have a grandson who is dying from wounds he received in Iraq.

[big sigh] I’m growing older. I’m losing all of my old friends. They’re going home. Wendell was happy to leave. I won’t say that tomorrow night in the ceremony involving him. But he was. He was ready. He told me a year ago, ‘Bob I’m tired, I want to go home.’ And he knew where ‘home’ was.

[sighs] But the shock, the psychic shock that I have experienced... And I told you on that... when I spoke yesterday, why I use the story of Billy Doo, because literally, it happened to me. The psychic shock of seeing what I saw and being exposed to what I had been exposed to, and coming back here. It damn near devastated me. [clears throat]

Kerry: You’re saying recently it devastated you, or are you talking about your original exposure?

Bob: The whole thing, honey, has devastated me. I’ve been through three wars.

Kerry: It’s also enlightened you. It’s also made you a lot wiser.

Bob: Oh, yeah. I think that was purpose of taking me.

Kerry: Yes.

Bob: Yeah. They shook me up, physically and spiritually.

Kerry: There’s a book called Don’t Fear to Kill a Dead Man. That’s the title.

Bob: It’s called what?

Kerry: Never Fear to Kill a Dead Man.

Bob: Huh!

Kerry: Humans... Before you’re awakened, for all intents and purposes...

Bob: You’re asleep.

Kerry:’re asleep. It’s a form of death.

Bob: Mm-hm. Well, I’ve been asleep. I’ve been asleep.

Bill: What year...?

Kerry: So, it is a shock to wake up.

Bob: I’ve had three marriages. I’ve fought in three wars. I’ve had three careers. And I jokingly say, ‘Make that four wars,’ after looking at my second marriage. Anyhow, the shock of coming back and compar...

Bill: What year did...? What year was this, Bob? What year did it happen?

Bob: Oh God... It was somewhere around... I came out of the... I started speaking publicly in ‘91. It must have been in the early two thousands, two thousand and two or three, somewhere in there.

Kerry: You mean, that’s the year when you had this experience you’re talking about, where you...

Bob: I was gone for six weeks.

Kerry: You were gone for six weeks.

Bob: And then I find out, I was only gone from here for five minutes. Now, you try to put that in your pipe and smoke it. And when I jokingly told you earlier, that I went through these stages, where I thought I was losing my mind and that I convinced myself that I had lost my mind.

Kerry: [chuckles]

Bob: And now I’m at stage three, where the rest of the world is nuts and I’m the only sane person there is, other than you nice people here.

Kerry: Thank you. Yes.

Bob: Yeah, but that is... somewhere in the two thousand three, or two thousand four...

Kerry: No. I think that we’re all in that place at some point.

Bob: No. We’re not all in that place! Ninety percent of the world is still in dreamland!

Kerry: I mean people like us, people that have been through experiences like this. We do tend to look at the rest of the world as if they are crazy, because they appear crazy.

Bob: Well, look at the wars! War is insane! A sane person would never, never go to war.

Kerry: Exactly!

Bob: Well, the six weeks I spent with them and, of course, I see them regularly. I really am... They take me aboard ship. I’ve been on board their ships many, many times. I get an evaluation. I think I get a kind of a healing.

Kerry: Okay. Do you want to describe the beings you’re talking about?

Bob: [sighs] Well, aside from the medical guys that look me over and work on me on the ships, which are extremely tall and very thin... They’re well over six feet. Six five, maybe seven feet. Very thin, very trim. They’re not emaciated. I mean they look very healthy, but aside from that, they look human.

[sighs] I’ve never gotten used to the way they look at you! That really is disturbing. And, if you ever encounter one and you may have, very likely you have, the way they look at you is disconcerting. Because they have a way of looking at you [bends over toward Kerry/Bill and peers at them intently] deeply into your eyes. And they lock onto your eyes and they don’t break away.

Now we humans don’t do this, because we humans have a tradition where we look into each other’s eyes. And after a moment or two, it becomes somewhat threatening.

Bill: Yup.

Bob: You see? So, the human tradition is, don’t look into someone’s eyes, because you’re a threat.

Well they look into your eyes, and they look through you.

Kerry: Or unless you’re in love with them!

Bob: You look... They look... Well, they’re like reading you and I found out that that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Kerry: Mm-hm. Sure.

Bill: Mmh.

Bob: And every time I’ve face-to-face with one, and they look into my eyes, I find it kind of an awkward situation. And they don’t look away. And you know that they’re looking right through you and reading every damn thought you’ve got! Now, that’s disconcerting!

Bill: Mmh.

Bob: [sighs]

Bill: But I assume that when they do that, it’s in a non-judgmental way?

Bob: Oh, they don’t judge you. They don’t have to judge you. Good God. If there’s any judgment involved, we judge ourselves.

Bill: Yes.

Kerry: Mm-hm. Yes.

Bob: That’s the other part of it that is so shocking.

When you learn to see yourself, not only as others see you, but as they understand and see you... That’s one of the things that happens in the death experience. The judgment is there, but God is not judging you. You judge yourself.

Bill: Absolutely.

Bob: And that’s the worst part about it, because every damn experience in your entire life is there in front of you like a book.

Bill: Yeah. You look at...

Bob: Like a movie. Like a cinemascope movie. And you look at yourself, and then you’re the worst judge of all, when you look at yourself and say, ‘Oh my God!

Because, in the death experience – and I’ve been through that hundreds of times – you feel the emotions of every person you’ve ever been involved with, in all of your lives. Every hurt that you’ve ever given someone else. Every insult that you’ve ever given anyone else. You judge it. You see it. You feel it. You literally feel it – you re-live it!

Well, [gesturing upwards with hand] visiting with them is almost like a near death experience, but the psychic shock is coming back and comparing what I saw with them and what I have to see here every day.

Little kids on the street that are hungry. People waging war. The people being gunned down in Tripoli by Qaddafi. And I’ve learned over the years to look around and pay attention. I don’t miss very much. I trained myself. And when you see that and you feel it and it breaks your heart [shuddering a bit] to see that [sighs] and to feel that. And then you understand, I think, why I want to go home and where I’m tired. I really am.

Kerry: [I know.]

Bob: But I’m going to hang around a little longer, because [points upwards] I have been told to.

Kerry: And you’re a guiding light to many people.

Bob: I had one of the best compliments I’ve ever received, yesterday. A young man came up to me and he says, ‘You know you’re a bridge builder.’ And I says, ‘That was the origin of the old word Pontiff.’ You know, with the pope?

Bill: Yes!

Bob: The Pontiff? A bridge builder.

Kerry: Sure.

Bob: People don’t know that. Many people, even most Catholics don’t know that... that Pontiff means ‘builder of bridges.’ And that was a compliment. And I gave him a hug and I thanked him for that, because that told me that, yeah, maybe I’ve been accomplishing a few things.

Bill: Maybe you’ve done more than you think!

Bob: Well, if you say so, but I’m holding onto enough ego to live, because you can’t survive on this planet without a little bit of ego. But I don’t think I have any vanity left!

Kerry: [chuckles]

Bill: Well, for every person who comes up to you in person, to give you a compliment, there are a thousand or ten thousand who don’t, and who feel the same thing and they never communicate to you. This is what we’ve discovered.

Bob: Thanks to you two guys! As I said, you’ve turned me into a damn celebrity and I didn’t want to be!

Kerry: All we did was turn... All we did, was take a camera and point it at you. And the rest is history, as they say!

Bob: Some of the vegetarians who are watching this, perhaps, will say, ‘Shame on him!’

Kerry: [laughs]

Bob: [Eating] bacon and eggs, ham, pork chops, all that! It’s been my life, for God’s sake! Well, they [gestures upwards] fed me bacon and eggs, ham, pork chops, steak, anything I wanted. And people have said, when I’ve shared this with a few – ‘Were you perhaps eating vegetarian and didn’t know it? That maybe they made you think you were eating steak?’ And I said, ‘Well, maybe they did, but it sure as hell tasted good. Tasted like a good T-bone to me!’ And the bacon and eggs were superb.

Kerry: [laughs]

Bob: ‘Well what do they eat?’

Well I’ll be frank with you. I don’t know. I never watched them eat. They never ate in front of me. But they sure as hell looked healthy. So they’d... not any of them had missed many meals.

Bill: Did this experience only happen once, Bob?

Bob: That experience, being gone six weeks and taken there, wherever I was... As I told you, I didn’t know whether I was in a city, on another planet or wherever. Maybe I dreamed and slipped through a portal into another dimension. [sighs]

Kerry: Okay. Bob?

Bill: Yup. Yup.

Bob: That happened once, but I’ve been aboard their ships many times. And I’ve met many of them face-to-face. I’m almost regularly.

Now, I get into an altered state in the middle of the night. I’ve been doing a lot of remote viewing. And I can put myself in an altered state like Ingo Swann, Joe McMoneagle. And I go out.

But, sometimes when I’m in that altered state, they come in. And, I’ve chided them for this and other people who have had this experience will agree and understand what I’m saying. I’ve chided them with this. They pour information into my head that’s like Niagara Falls. I mean, it comes pouring in and I’m almost unable to deal with the volume of it. But I’ve asked for that, so I can’t complain about it. But it, it...

Bill: Information about what, Bob?

Bob: Everything. Life, death, infinity, tomorrow, yesterday. I told you, in an interview, that I’ve gotten to a point, where I really can’t tell the difference between yesterday, today and tomorrow. Because, with my recall of past lives, that is as vivid as living [it] again.

Kerry: Sure.

Bob: And here I am, at this moment in time, in this place, going through this. And then I’ve seen the future.

Bill: What have you seen in the future, Bob?

Bob: Well, the thing that keeps me hopeful and positive, is that I’ve seen a gorgeous future. I’ve seen a beautiful future for the human race. I’ve seen a future for this species like I saw at [Melina] for six weeks, of what it can be.

Bill: Could you describe that for the people watching this video, for whom a positive vision would be so valuable for them to join you in creating?

Bob: [sighs] Well, I try to say it, Bill. I try to say it repeatedly when I’m at a conference. You’re in for difficult times. That’s what living on planet Earth is all about. It’s a tough school. And I’ve said to people, and many people understand exactly what I’m saying. When you’re going to school on planet Earth, you’re in one of the toughest schools in the Universe.

And if you get a certificate from planet Earth. Hey, I’ve got a certif... I have a silver certificate. They showed me on [Melina], that I have a silver certificate. One day, outside the lecture hall, they took me to the library, and there was a table with scrolls all over the table. And they picked one up and said, ‘This is yours.’ And it was roll... wrapped in a silver binder. And I intuitively said, ‘But I want one of gold,’ being an ornery cuss, as I am.

And they said, ‘Not yet.’

Kerry: [chuckles]

Bill: [quietly laughs]

Bob: This is... You’ve earned this. I gathered that I matriculated enough to have a silver certificate, but I haven’t got the gold one yet. Now, when you get the gold one, you graduate.

Bill: Right.

Bob: And I’m...

Kerry: That was a few years ago.

Bob: Yeah.

Kerry: Maybe you’re working on your gold one at this time.

Bob: [chuckles] Well...

Bill: What’s the future, Bob, that you would like to leave people with, to envisage a being a real possibility for all of us to share?

Bob: Well, it’s difficult, Bill. I mean, you try to put it into words. Because so much of my conversations with them has been – talk about subliminal – it’s been a psychic exchange, where they show me and share things with me, where words are never needed. I think you understand what I’m saying here.

Kerry: [nods affirmatively]

Bill: I understand what you’re saying.

Bob: It’s... I guess it’s a type of telepathy, because I had seen, many times in my visit there, that they didn’t seem to talk to each other verbally very much, but they all seemed to know what each and every one was doing. They were communicating with each other subliminally or...

I would leave in closing, just briefly – there is no death. People should not fear death. Now, there are a lot of not very nice ways to die. But there is no end. There is no death.

Everyone is a spark of pure divinity, and there is a God. And that is something that I need to stress again and again and again, because I’ve been asked, ‘Am I an atheist? Do I believe in God?’ And I say, ‘No, I don’t believe in God. I know, because I have experienced that.’

So, I would tell people who are troubled and worried, that the next few years are going to be awkward and difficult, but that’s what living on Earth is about. But, there is a future for the human species. The race is going to make this transition, and at the other end of this, it’s going to be glorious. And I tell mothers, I said, ‘You know, your kids or grandkids, the future will be theirs.’ And then, like I said in Barcelona, which the Spaniards seemed to appreciate, ‘Your children and grandchildren are going to the stars.’

And they seemed to like to hear that. But it’s true. And we are, as a species, as a race, going to go out there and take our rightful place with these other incredible cultures and civilizations. And having seen the future, I’m hopeful. And I have this good friend from Galilee 2,000 years ago, who was and still is my best friend, who tried to make that point again and again and again. And those of us who were with him at that time were a bunch of ‘nitwits’ and we didn’t begin to grasp what he was trying to tell us. But he really, essentially, was telling us what I’ve just told you. The human race is not a mistake. It’s not an accident. And there is a purpose and there is a meaning in life. And there is a future. And don’t be afraid. And that’s about all I can say.

Bill: For me Bob, that’s a fabulous message to end with. And thank you, thank you for that.

Kerry: Thank you, Bob. [shakes Bob’s hand]

Bill: Do you have anything else?

Kerry: We have nothing else to add to that.

Bill: We have nothing else. [shakes Bob’s hand]

Kerry: Lovely. Lovely, lovely statement.

Bob: Oh, I know you do. You have questions you haven’t asked yet.

Kerry: Well, we’re going to let you go at this point. Unless you have something that you haven’t said, after all this time.

Bob: There’s a hell of a lot I haven’t said.

Kerry: Well... I know this, but I give you a lot of range...

Bob: But, as I jokingly told you one time... Well...

Kerry: ...believe it or not, even though I seem like I’m...

Bob: Well, I jokingly told you one time, and I’m serious. If you get me a good Jack Daniels, I might go on for two hours and tell you things that would curl your hair.

Kerry: Well...

Bob: Being a gentle, gentle lady as you are, I could share things with you, that you wouldn’t believe.

Kerry: Well, I’d like you to try.

Bob: Let me tell you something else that Yeshua said. He said there are things that I could tell you, that you could not bear. But he was talking about life on this planet.

Kerry: Hmm. Sure.

Bob: And as he was getting ready to leave, he said, ‘The Prince of this world comes. He has no dominion over me. But I will send a comforter to you, until I see you again.’ And I often wondered about who the Prince of this world was, who didn’t have any dominion over him.

Kerry: Right.

Bob: And I have learned since, that every planet has a kind of a caretaker, an authority. Every system has a higher authority.

Kerry: Mm-hm.

Bob: And the galaxy is divided into four parts, quadrants. And that the Galactic Federation Headquarters isn’t even in our galaxy. Now, that’s pretty hard stuff to walk away with. You say that to people and they go [frowns, holds the side of his head with his hand and looks befuddled]. Well, good. It’s something to take home with and then think about that night, instead of watching TV.

Kerry: Okay, but you’ve got to understand that if you’re doing any of that – you’re watching TV, you’re watching movies... You’ve been on the Internet, certainly. Then there’s all kinds of information of that sort out there now. And I know that you don’t spend hours on the Internet.

Bob: [clears throat] [sighs] I avoid it like the plague. Let me tell you...

Kerry: So, I can tell you, that that information is not a shock whatsoever.

Bob: Well, let me tell you something that might shock the hell out of you and maybe it won’t, because you’re a pretty bright kid.

Kerry: [chuckles]

Bob: What if you were to tell the average guy out there, that this is a hologram?

Kerry: That’s out there. We know that.

Bob: See? It doesn’t bother you.

Bill: The average guy out there.

Kerry: Well, yes.

Bob: You prepared yourself. What if I told you, that what you think you see is a reality, is not reality at all? It’s an illusion.

Kerry: True.

Bob: And then even further, what if I were to infer to you, that all of this is part of a program? I know you’re familiar with the movie, The Matrix.

Kerry: Sure.

Bob: Okay. Well, you’re pretty close. Shakespeare tried to make it clear and I [was] always convinced that that guy was one of them [points straight up]. He was a genius. And I’m not even sure the guy we think of as Shakespeare was Shakespeare.

Bill: Mm-hm.

Bob: There are some indications that it was someone else, entirely.

Bill: Mm-hm. Yeah.

Kerry: That’s right.

Bill: But somebody wrote it. [_____ (inaudible)]

Bob: Anyhow, I’d always liked the analogy of the play. You’re a player in a play.

Kerry: That’s right.

Bob: You come in, stage right. You prance about with your toy swords. [makes sword fighting gestures] You make love. [makes kissing sounds] You go through all this. You have heartbreaks, misery, feuds, fights. God, all the plays together, bring it together. And then, after it’s over with, you exit stage left. And the audience [makes clapping gesture] out there in the Universe calls for author, author, author. Well, I happened to know there is an author. And there is a producer. And there is a director. I haven’t met the original author yet, but I know of him. I know him. I know of him. But we’re all living a play.

Kerry: Yes, but we are also co-creators of that play.

Bob: [clears throat] Oh. When you’re in the middle of the stage, and you’re following the script, as it were. But you’re... What’s the word? ‘Adding?’

Bill: Improvising.

Bob: Improvising, adding your own words.

Bill: Ad-libbing.

Bob: You’re ad-libbing. Yes. You’re doing a lot of ad-libbing and the degree of your ad-lib depends on how many lifetimes you may have lived. But we’re in a play, kid. This interview is just a tiny chapter in a much larger play.

Kerry: Is there any other little pieces of information that... because that’s where... The wider you open the door for people...

Bob: [sighs]

Kerry: ...the more they are able to go through the door and carry on from here. It’s like passing a baton.

Bob: [chuckles]

Kerry: So you can pass the baton anytime.

Bob: I’m not quite ready yet, to pass the baton.

Kerry: All right. But there’s little steps...

Bob: And I’m going to tell you, that there are things I probably could share with you, which have not. And I’m going to save one or two of those for maybe another interview.

Kerry: Okay. [chuckles] Fair enough!

Bob: [chuckles]

Kerry: We’re not going anywhere. [chuckles] We’re going to be here for you, anytime you ask. Right here, today, tonight, there are people going on that stage, telling lies.

Bob: Oh. Just before we came here, you saw a classic example of – what is it – ‘obfuscation’?

Bill: Obfuscation.

Bob: An elderly gentleman, a retired military officer, tap dancing [makes sound effects and gestures] all over the damn place.

Kerry: [chuckles] Exactly.

Bob: Yes. And he didn’t fool anybody.

Kerry: No? So that’s why I’m saying...

Bob: Least of all... [chuckles]

Kerry: Right the scales. Throw out some truth.

Bob: I did.

Kerry: Yes you did, but you don’t...

Bob: Life is everlasting. Life is infinite.

Kerry: No, not the philosophical kind.

You are an immortal being. Well, those are the only things that really interest me anymore.

Kerry: I know. I hear you.

Bob: I know what you’re looking for.

Kerry: I don’t have any Jack Daniels right this minute

Bob: You’re looking for the down and dirty stuff about politics, the military industrial group, the shadow government... the next major catastrophe.

Kerry: Oh, well, I wasn’t going to ask you to predict the future. That I wasn’t going to do.

Bob: Well, I already did.

Kerry: [laughs]

Bob: The future is bright.

Kerry: Yes, absolutely the very long range. That’s very safe.

Bob: But there’s some bumpy... There’s a bumpy road between now and then.

Kerry: I hear you. All right. Are we done?

Bill: What I would like to say, Bob, is that this is good enough for me. And let me shake your hand a second time. [shakes Bob’s hand]

Bob: Thank you. Thank you.

Bill: Thank you, sir. I look forward to the next one.

Bob: She’s never quite finished, is she?

Kerry: No. Absolutely not.

Bill: She’s never quite finished.

Bob: Well, I love her dearly.

Kerry: [giggles]

Bob: I’ve adopted her, sort of.

Bill: And so do I.

Bob: [clears throat]

Kerry: Okay. Well, thank you very much, Bob. [shakes Bob’s hand]

Bob: Sweetheart, it’s my pleasure.

Kerry: You take care. And we’ll come and share some Jack Daniels and talk to you off-camera. [chuckles] And badger you some more.

Bob: Is it permissible for me to sip Jack Daniels on-camera?

Kerry: Sure.

Bob: Well, okay. We’ll do it next time.

Kerry: All right.

Bob: [clears throat]

Kerry: Watch out, because I’m going to hold you to that.

Bob: The closer I get to departure, I might share a couple of things with you.

Kerry: Okay. Well, you have my number.


Bill: Where were they? Is that...? Is this...?

Kerry: Well, I’m just not going to let you get away with murder. That’s all, Bob.

Bob: Oh, I would never think of that, at all. I’m a...

Kerry: Yeah, right. It’s just that, you’re kind of a... wily old guy.

Bob: Go ahead, use the word you were thinking of. [laughs]

Kerry: [laughs]

Bill: [laughs] Yes. A wily old... [laughs] [background music starts and cuts out audio, but video continues]

Bob: [smiles then laughs, shakes head] Look, I’ve been called so many names.

Kerry: [chuckles]

Bob: People have to get in line to insult me anymore, because it doesn’t bother me.

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