This page, which will grow over time, is a simple list of high quality information sources
which I recommend personally.


The Dot Connector Magazine:

A Friend of Project Avalon and Project Camelot, Paul Bondarovski, is the publisher of a new magazine called Dot Connector. It's very high quality in both content and design and in my opinion stands confidently alongside established giants of the alternative reporting field such as NEXUS.

Click on each thumbnail for a full-sized cover. To subscribe, or to write to Paul, click here. This has my highest recommendation.


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Jordan Maxwell:

Support this wonderful researcher, to whom we all owe a gift of thanks for a life of astonishing work.

David Icke:

David's new book: Human Race, Get Off Your Knees.

700 pages, 355,000 words, and 350 illustrations. I've spoken at length with David about this book - I think you'll want to read it. This is where all his work in the last twenty years has led him.

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