The Torture of Credo Mutwa
and the Theft of the Necklace of Mysteries

August 22, 2010

DAVID ICKE (DI): Hello. I’m at the home of Credo Mutwa, a fantastic man who it’s been my privilege to know for a very, very long time. A Zulu Sanusi ... what some people know better as a shaman, but it’s a high shaman.

This man is a library on legs when it comes to African knowledge, and anyone that’s read my books, or seen my talks, will see how much information this man has to share with the world.

And one of the artifacts which has been highlighted many times in my books, because I think it’s so significant, is something called the Necklace of the Mysteries. It’s the one with all the symbols hanging from it, which tell the story of humanity and the story of Africa. The extraterrestrial figure and the human women figure, and the interbreeding between the two, all that story that I’ve told many times, thanks to Credo sharing it with me.

Well, I have to tell you, this ... necklace, which is mentioned five hundred years ago in accounts and Credo says is a thousand years old or more, is now no longer with him. It was taken away from him, in Swaziland, by people who ... tortured him, in effect, pulling his fingernails off, or trying to, and some threatening to kill him.

Well, Credo survived, thank goodness, but the necklace is still with these thugs, and whoever was behind and orchestrating these thugs.

If you have any information about its whereabouts, would you please contact me at an email address,, it’s all one word,, and let me know any information you may have about the whereabouts of this amazing, amazing artifact.

And now, let’s hear Credo tell the story of what happened, and how important this necklace is to him ... and indeed, the story of humanity in general.

Credo, could you tell us the story of what happened, from when it all started. Tell us what happened, from the start, leading up to now.

CREDO MUTWA (CM): Yes sir. I was repeatedly phone called by a young man, who really was pestering the life out of me. This young man said he kept on having dreams about how I should take him to Swaziland. About how he had great ancestors, whom he wanted the help of.

He phoned us every night until I got very angry. And then, he got himself friends who pestered me, on his behalf. And in the end, they said, it has been said by white people that I am a traitor, who takes black knowledge, and hands it to white enemies of the black people. I said, ‘That’s nonsense.’

The insinuation even went on that I was not even a Zulu. And tribalism and racism is rife in South Africa today. People can be killed like dogs, if their lineage or tribe, or family are in doubt.

I said to this young man, ‘What do you really want with me? What do you want?’

He said, ‘I want to see you. I want you to give to us the necklace of secret knowledge.’

I said, ‘You are mad. I’m not going to part with that thing. I don’t know who told you about it.’

He said, ‘But you are showing it to white people. We, who are black like you, you discriminate against.’

And that’s how it started, sir. I decided to confront these people. It turned out that there were many. I decided to confront these people, and foolish quixotic donkey that I am, I took the Necklace of the Mysteries, and the Walking Stick of the Grandfathers with me.

DI: And you got on a train to Swaziland.

CM: Yes, sir, I went there. And they met me there. And they ... took me to their home. I did not know that I was going to face a mob, sir. I did not know that I was going to be put on trial like a criminal. That is where they started taking my nails from my hands away.

DI: They were pulling your nails off?

CM: Yes.

DI: What happened?

CM: You know sir, it was just sheer, bloody cruelty. They wanted to see. In fact, these people had been sent to kill me, by some white people. White people who had offered them a lot of money for this necklace.

It was a nightmare. But circumstances saved me beyond the terrible pain I was going through.

DI: You were telling me someone sat on your hand, and then someone else was pulling...

CM: I was sitting...

DI: ...your fingernails off.

CM: ...I was sitting on the chair, sir, when this boy sat up on my arm. It was a, you know these wicker chairs.

DI: Yeah.

CM: And this one sat on my arm, and suddenly I felt a terrible pain. He was pulling my nail with a pliers. But he broke the nail in two places.

I said, ‘You want to kill me, don’t you? That’s what you brought me here for. But let me tell you that I am a Sanusi. I am a descendant of Ungoza. I’m a descendant of Sifele. I am a pure-blooded Zulu. And I am not afraid to die.’

‘Let me tell you, that you, who are pulling my nail out of my fingers, you are sick. There is something sick about you. You are very, very close to death.’

He started screaming, saying ‘What?! What?!’ I said, ‘You are close to death.’

I could see shadows in his eyes. I could see something else. I smelled a strange smell: the smell of a person who is on the last stage of AIDS.

I said, ‘Touch another nail in my finger, and you are going to die, shitting like a dog. Go on, do it.’

Then there started an angry, an angry uproar. Some said I should be stabbed to death. I said, ‘Stab me to death, within two hours, one of you will die, and that is you.’

He started screaming, and he ran out of the house, and he ... it was just a uproar, sir. I wish you were there to see. People were quarreling with each other now. Some said, ‘Let this man go. Can’t you see he’s got an evil spirit? How did he know that you, you are going to have such a stomach ache? How did he know that you have got caught AIDS?’

I said, ‘I can see. Kill me. I’m not afraid. I have no friends here. Go on.’

They took the necklace. I was too weak to carry it out. They took the necklace and the stick, and on the following morning, I was very, very sick. A group of the women escorted me to the station. I was put on the train, they tried to be nice to me, but I just was ... I was out of this world. I no longer knew what was happening, or what was happening.

DI: And they kept the Necklace of the Mysteries.

CM: Yes, sir.

DI: The necklace of the knowledge.

CM: Yes, sir.

DI: And you’ve never had any idea where it is since then?

CM: No. Because I have not left here since then, sir.

DI: What does that necklace mean to you?

CM: Sir, these necklaces ... are the Bible of the black people. These necklaces are ... we learned from them. Things that you don’t learn in any school to ... to white people.

These necklaces are alive, sir. They were made by women. That is why they consist of copper. Copper is a female metal. That is why they consist of the green stone, jadeite, which was also handled by women.

DI: And it’s very old, isn’t it?

CM: It is, sir. It is.

DI: I think you told me once you thought it was at least a thousand years old.

CM: Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes.

DI: And what effect has it had on you? I mean, how has it made you feel, since ... because I know we’ve talked about this many times...

CM: I am broken. You know, Mr. David, my heart is broken, sir. I felt I did a stupid thing, and I should have paid for it with my own life. Imagine taking a thing like this into the hands of drunken swine.

DI: But you didn’t know that, did you?

CM: No. I thought they were royal people. I thought they were good people. I thought they were adult people, Sangomas and Inyangas. But they were young hooligans.

DI: And what... You told me that there was a white person in the background. Are you...

CM: Yes, sir.

DI: What was that about?

CM: I don’t know, Mr. David. But I can draw that white man.

DI: What was he doing? What was he...

CM: He was with them. They appeared to be having some kind of a drinking or whatever thing. But that white man, sir, he ... he wasn’t just a white tote. He ... he had purpose behind him.

And I noticed another thing: it was he who appeared to be crazy about the necklace. He seemed to be freaking out, if you know what I mean.

DI: And he seemed to be orchestrating it, did he?

CM: Yes, sir.

DI: And they, they didn’t seem to like me, for some reason, you were telling me.

CM: Sir?

DI: They didn’t like me, for some reason.

CM: Yes. They asked me, where are you. I say, ‘I don’t know. Angazi. [Zulu for ‘I don't know.’] I don’t know where Mr. David Icke is.’

They said, ‘But doesn’t he write to you?’ I said, ‘You can search my post office. I don’t even own a cell phone. I’ve only got a real phone.’

DI: And what was their problem with me, then?

CM: I don’t know, sir. But somehow, the way they were afraid of you. That’s very funny, Mr. David. I asked, ‘Have you ever seen Mr. David Icke?’ They said, ‘No.’ I said, ‘Then why are you shit-scared of him for?’

He didn’t answer me.

DI: I was the ‘White Satan,’ wasn’t I, according to them?

CM: Sir?

DI: The ‘White Satan,’ wasn’t it, they called me?

CM: Yes, you white devil.

DI: The white devil.

CM: Mmh.

DI: Because, I guess, you’re sharing information with me, and it’s only supposed to be for one group of people instead of for the world.

CM: But sir, there’s something that really, really worried me. I only thought about that afterwards.

Mr. David, these people, the black people looked ordinary black people, sick looking. But that white man ... no, sir. Let me ... let me try and work out.

He looked... he was smaller than you, and he looked not quite man-like. You know?

DI: How do you mean?

CM: He looked... what’s the, what is the English word ... he looked like a fairy, Mr. David Icke.

DI: Mm-hm.

CM: He looked not normal [unclear, sounds like ‘jigjig’] real man. He was something between a boy and a man. You know, he had protruding teeth. And when he spoke, he seemed to twist his mouth in a certain way. He was not sexually normal.

I’m not a judge of white people, but there was something very odd about that man.

DI: What would you say now, to the people that have the Necklace of the Mysteries? What would you say to them?

CM: I say, ‘You have stolen something that comes from the old gods. You have taken something that even I have no right to. I was given this thing as a custodian of it. I swore ... you have taken this thing, like thieves in the night. Within a short while, something interesting is going to happen to all of you. I see one of you dead under a blue car. It is you, with the protruding teeth. You, who never spoke, who spoke with a hissing sound on his, on...’ as if his teeth were a bit drunk.

DI: And if they want to avoid that, they bring it back.

CM: They had better bring it back. They had better bring it back. This I swear by my mother’s breasts. The Necklace of the Mysteries belongs to no one. Not even I, who am the keeper of it.

‘Bring it back. You were sent to take it away. You were sent by someone. Who it is, I don’t know, but I will dream about them, and I will know who they are. You called me a sellout, a traitor, who licks the backsides of white men. You are the traitors.’

Written announcement at the end of the video:

If you know ANYTHING about the theft of this priceless, ancient artifact, of inestimable value to the story of Africa and the human race – but very likely now in the hands of white man who are only interested in money... please contact in full confidence. 

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