Valery Uvarov

Pyramid Power & 2012 - Part 2

This page is a direct transcript from the original Project Camelot video.

Valery Uvarov on Pyramid Power & 2012 - Part 2

Saint-Petersbourg, Russia, 2007

Shot, edited and directed by Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan

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Kerry Cassidy (KC): Okay. What about the new visit... You said some of the original teachers will be going out, and the new will be coming in. What do you mean by that?

Valery Uvarov (VU): It means that... [laughs] Good question! The thing is, even cannot make people... mostly cannot imagine, cannot accept that if we would not had those ones who is controlling the solar system, we would not be living here on this planet. This planet and the solar system would be destroyed by asteroids and other things. Those who is controlling, keeping the whole solar system in harmony, they are now here for thousands of years. It's like a group, certain group of developed people who are here already thousands of years. It's a long task, I tell you. And these people are now going back to rest. And the other group is coming here.

KC: And are these E.T.s... are they human-looking?

VU: They are humans. They are humans. But E.T.s, but humans.

KC: I see.

VU: They are not gods. No. Forget it. It's just humans, on a different of development, much higher [than] we can imagine, but they are humans.

KC: Are they people... Okay. Are they people that look like you and I, and they are here, physical in this reality? [Or] you're talking about teachers that are avatars who are not visible in this plane?

VU: No, no. When you meet these people, they are... well, more or less, looking like we are, but they are higher, different energetic states, but they have two hands, two legs, the head... they love each other. Everything like we have, [like we] are doing here. But, they are different at the same time. First of all, they have a different mentality, different approach to life, to communications.

KC: And you're getting this information from the ancient texts?

VU: Yeah. Yup.

KC: Okay. But, are you also getting this information from remote viewers that... because we know that the Soviet Union, former Soviet Union, did a lot of investigation using remote viewers.

VU: Yeah. Yes, yeah.

KC: Actually, maybe even before the U.S. I don't know if they did it before China.

VU: It doesn't matter. Believe me, it's for me, it doesn't matter, who is the first. Americans, Russians. Doesn't matter.

KC: No. But what I'm saying is, are these remote viewers... helping to give you this information?

VU: No. No. My personal experience... I was not happy to work with those ones who use these abilities.

KC: Okay.

VU: Because we have found that ninety-nine and nine and nine and nine percent... that was... well, false information are not that interesting for me at all.

KC: Mmh.

VU: I had so many cases. Even I say, let's say short cases, when I could just ask a question, and to get an answer, and immediately to see that this person sees something else, but not reality. Something else. It's this reality that he describes or she describes, has nothing to do to us. Reality is different. And this is the reason why for me... this amount of experiences, especially those ones, ancient texts, who have received this knowledge, not by remote viewing... They did it, but with the help of pyramids. With the help of instruments which were working or acting like, for us, like telephones or TV screen -- okay?

When you can see, you can compare, you can use your own knowledge. And, at the end of the story, you have real information. I would say scientific information. Otherwise, it's going to be about something... well, shortly, I was not happy to work with remote viewers.

KC: Okay. All right.

VU: To me, it's absolutely not interesting.

KC: I see. Okay. So, here you are in Russia, and you're doing some revolutionary work, in many ways. Okay? And we are not used to thinking of Russia so much as a place of such freedom of thought. And yet, here you are, you are working with the government with very advanced techniques. What can you say about Russia at this time, that it is... It must be undergoing such a change in consciousness to allow someone as... like yourself, with your building your pyramids and so on. You're influencing this government to be a totally different kind of a government. Can you say anything about this?

VU: What I would say... I'm really sorry, that within the last hundreds, hundreds of years, people living in the West have no possibility to touch and to understand real Russian spiritual reality. Russians in [essence], they are so spiritual. So unbelievably open-minded people. So if, a long, long time ago, we would be connected all together, I'm sure the development of our civilization took quite a different, much more positive way. This year, on February, I was lucky and I made a historical discovery. I was lucky to find Hyperborea.

KC: I'm sorry?

VU: I was lucky to find Hyperborea. The Hyperborean people -- in all ancient texts, they are called... and 'Hyperborea,' at the place where gods were living. And the place from which they came to Atlantis. They came to Europe. They came to Siberia. And they brought a knowledge to India. They brought a knowledge to Eastern countries. So, they were the first, the first, the key spiritual stimulators of our planet. And everybody said that this place now is under the water of the Northern sea.

KC: Okay.

VU: I have found it. And it's not under the water. And the central place of this civilization, the mountain called 'Meru,' [has] the biggest pyramid. Probably you have heard about it, Meru.

KC: Mm-hm.

VU: It still stands.

Bill Ryan (BR): Mount Meru?

VU: Meru.

BR: Where?

VU: Where it is?

BR: Mount Meru in...?

VU: Yes. Mount Meru.

BR: In Tanzania?

VU: No.

BR: No?

VU: No.

BR: Okay. This is a different Mount Meru. Where is this?

VU: So, if you're interested, I can give you just very short idea, how I found it. All ancient texts says the pyramid complexes and all pyramids and temples that were set up before asteroid impact were orientated exactly on a Northern pole on Mountain Meru.

KC: Mm-hm.

VU: What I had to do, is just to find a complex, like pyramids of, pyramid complexes, which were constructed according to a former law, like a canon. And you can see where they look. Where was the ancient Northern pole? Now I can see it here. [Come over here.] [Valery turns to side and reaches for something]

KC: Yes. Okay.

VU: I will show it here, to [you]. [shows page of a book with a overhead photo of terrain below of some area] Ancient text says, that Kailas, northern reflector of the Kailas was looking exactly to the North. So, we make a line. [Valery's hand follows a dotted line on the photo in direction of North pole] It goes [makes slight whistling sound]... Greenland.

KC: Mm-hm.

VU: Okay. We need now, second one. Second complex. The second complex... 15 degrees [difference]. [Valery's hand follows a dotted line on the photo in direction of North pole] Teotihuacan. Okay? We go... two lines. [Apart]. Meru is here. This is Hyperborea. Those whom we know, who was affecting all others. They were living here. The Meru is under the snow, but not under the ice here. Now look then. It's very interesting. This is another complex here in Russia, also orientated to Meru. There. Now look. Kailas... looking exactly to Meru. If you put 90 degree here, the pyramid of Atlantis is here! Is here. Under the water, not so deep as here. This is the map of Haji Ahmed. And Haji Ahmed shows exactly the place where Atlantean Pyramid was situated. It is here. Three main pyramids of Atlantis before... It's... Kailas. Now look. Hyperborea. This is the map of [Gerhard Mercator]. You see?

KC: So, you found it, but... this is...

VU: It's not under the water. The Northern pole was not here. It was here.

KC: And right now it's under snow?

VU: Yeah, just under the snow. Not under the ice. It's on top. So, the... actually, I would say, that our spirituality, our Russian spirituality, okay, is from here. [points to North pole]

KC: Mmh.

VU: So, those who was... here and later in bringing spirituality to the other countries... They came from here.

KC: And this is the North pole, right?

VU: The former North pole.

KC: The former.

VU: Former. And magnetic pole is [almost] here.

KC: I see. Can you go there?

VU: Sure.

KC: Yeah?

VU: Sure.

KC: Did you go there?

VU: I will go there next year.

KC: Ah. Okay.

VU: I will go. Yes, I will.

KC: Okay.

VU: Here. Just here.

KC: Is there going to be evidence when you go there? Yes? Is it going to be buried? Or...

VU: No.

KC: No?

VU: You will see the traces, what we have got left from Meru, there.

KC: Mmh.

VU: It will be there.

KC: Mmh.

VU: So, you see the spot.

BR: Are you able to use satellite photography to examine the area?

VU: Sure. Yeah, sure. So, this is now under the water, right? But even on the [Gerhard Mercator] it's on top. You see? It's 1558. This map was produced 15... published 1558. On that map, we have this part on top, not under the water.

KC: Uh-huh.

VU: [Pacific]? So, this part, Northern part of Siberia, was not under the water. Even 2000 years ago, it was on top. It was gone under the water not so long ago.

KC: Okay.

VU: But this... the reason, and the problem is, that on this map of [Gerhard Mercator]... We have three maps. This part of map look this part of map. It's a ancient, very old map that was done before flood. This one is the same area. It's the same, but after the flood. Displaced 15 degrees, because of the asteroid impact. So, Gerhard put together two maps -- before flood and after flood. And put together same area, but not like this. Like this. And this is the reason why all investigators, they were not able to understand what is here.

KC: I see. Oh, okay.

VU: Why it's like this. [holds right hand up with index and middle fingers sticking out straight together touching]

KC: Interesting. Yeah.

VU: But the reason is simple. It's just displacement and Northern pole is not here. It's here.

KC: Twelve. What is going to happen to that area, though? With the melting of the snow...

VU: [It's another thing...]

KC: ...and the changing of... the melting of the glaciers and the flooding that is going to result... We talked to Boriska. He talks about... he believes in 2009, starting in 2009 possibly, there is going to be, because of the melting...

VU: But Boriska, Boriska now, he is pretty clever guy. He's using the information connected with so-called four-year cycles. According to four-year cycles and twelve-year cycles, each twelve-year cycles is constructed of three four-year cycles. And now look. A former twelve-year cycle has finished on 2001. Okay? What took place all over the world, you know. In America, it was terrible. Bombed, attacked. 2001. Okay? Plus four years. 2005. Okay? Plus four years. 2009. Good. And plus four years?

KC: 2012?

VU: Not twelve. Thirteen.

KC: Okay.

VU: So, it means, 2009 is connected to four-year cycles and you will see some unusual events. But the key moment will start two thousand 'O'... actually not twelve. Two thousand 'O' one, plus 12 years. Two thousand thirteen. Twelve is just the beginning when you will see something is going on. And 2013, on our planet, we will witness terrible hurricanes. This catastrophe is much stronger than now, especially Sun. It will be so active. Unbelievably active. Affecting the stability of the planets in the solar system. And especially those ones which are behind the Sun. So, in connection with mechanism, this mechanism of twelve-year cycles containing three cycles per four-year... This is the key moment. So, when you want to know when it will happen, use these keys. Because ancient Egyptian priests and priests of Maya, they always were basing their... How do you say? What they predicted.

KC: Yes.

VU: They were based on cycles.

KC: Sure.

VU: So, according to the cycle, it starts on two thousand 'O' twelve. But in active phase, it will be on two thousand 'O' thirteen. It [suddenly] will be just... Very active.

KC: Is there anything that you are working on, that you think that Americans and other people -- because, this kind of an interview will go onto the internet. Okay? And we will be giving sort of this information, some of it will be coming out for the first time outside of Russia, even. And if there is anything around this... In other words, are you building safe places for the people, for these events? Are you allowing this to happen because this is the way of the world and... some people will live, some people will die? How is...

VU: No, I...

KC: ...Russia thinking about this?

VU: We think like this -- first of all, we need to investigate.

KC: Mm-hm.

VU: Then, then, now. We're already sharing this information internet. I would be very happy to share this knowledge all over the world, so that people anywhere in America could have it, read it, investigate it and use it. Practically use it to prepare their health for this event.

KC: I see.

VU: We need to share it. Otherwise, for example... You understand, if the knowledge of installation and this unbelievable technologies will be only in the hands of Chinese... it's not right. They will be using it according to their own purposes. I'm not sure it will be just clear and sacred purposes. So, this knowledge is devoted to all people on this planet. It should be done... well, by a combined group from Russia, America, Germany, Australia, everybody, from different countries. So, to start this process, we need to share this knowledge.

KC: Mm-hm. Now, are you aware, we have interviewed a man named Dan Burisch. Do you know who this is?

VU: Just have heard.

KC: I see. Well, he is a scientist, supposedly worked with the government in an underground base at Area 51. He had a relationship with an E.T. who he helped develop, supposedly, cures for a skin problem, a developmental problem they're having. He is talking and we did an interview with him about the coming days between now and 2012 and beyond. And he is saying that there are star gates, man-made star gates, that are being turned off, as of now, because of this influx of energy, which sounds a lot like your... what you have investigated there and shown us, which you show as mainly coming in through the North pole. And he is saying that the man-made star gates must be shut down, but the natural star gates will be left alone, and that this influx of energy could be responsible for a drastic changes in the weather and so on and so forth. So, in some ways, what he says parallels what you are saying, but you are not familiar with his work?

VU: Well, on the one hand, little bit.

KC: A little.

VU: Little bit. But on the other hand, as you already understood, we now trying to investigate and understand all these processes being here in Russia, having our bases here and [so forth] -- what we have here.

KC: Mm-hm.

VU: I mean, results of Russian investigation, our scientists, our philosophers... everything here.

KC: Mm-hm.

VU: So, now we are ready, not only share it. We're also ready to put it together with other investigators. This is first step. I'm going to publish these books in English language.

KC: I see. Okay.

VU: And again, it's very important. This is scientific approach.

KC: Right.

VU: Scientific... very, very helpful.

KC: So, tell me one thing. Are you aware of the Illuminati, as they're called?

VU: Yeah.

KC: And also, MJ-12, what used to be called MJ-12, but could also be called PI-40 or who knows what they're going by now? Do you know what I mean?

VU: Yeah, sure.

KC: Okay. So, these are power bases that have actually been, supposedly, in charge of human affairs on the planet.

VU: If I may... I do not know whether you will be happy to listen, or to hear it from me or not, but... well, investigating all this around Illuminatis, I came -- I myself, and people I'm working with -- we came to strict conclusion -- their reality is not so optimistic. It's... For us, they are not interesting.

KC: Mm-hm.

VU: Not. Completely not. They were... well, people are talking about them, like people... like those who had knowledges, no knowledges, very poor ones. Very poor ones. As for Majestic 12, in the 'Nexus' magazine number 6 and number 7, we published the last results of Russian investigation of these cases, showing exactly that the whole story is quite different. Quite different.

KC: Mm-hm.

VU: [laughs] Not like it's usually well exposed in the West. Quite different. So, we made it. We published it. And now, we went on. Now, we are not more interested in this story.

KC: Okay. But do you hear about -- because you were talking about the Chinese -- are you hearing about Ben Fulford and what he is saying about the Chinese, the Yakuza and the Chinese that have put out a vendetta, so to speak, on the Illuminati, and the plans that they have for the planet, during this time that we're approaching? Are you aware of all of this?

VU: On one hand, yes. But on the other hand -- this is the reason why I say, for me, it's... it's not so interesting, because the reality is different. It's just... It's just stories. Okay? The reality...

BR: What is the summary of the reality in the... published in 'Nexus' 6 and 7? Can you tell us what you concluded, or what your Russians colleagues concluded?

VU: I mean, the Majestic 12?

BR: Yeah.

VU: False stories. Completely false, from the beginning. Sorry, friends. It's false stories. But I would be very happy to find some additional, well, finances to translate the whole investigation into English. Then you would see... it's a false case.

KC: Okay. So you're not so much worried about the power struggle on the planet...

VU: No. No. Completely not.

KC: you are preparing for this energetic event that is coming and the pyramids that you're building...

VU: Completely not.

KC: a solution.

VU: I am sure that what I'm doing now, is just sharing information about the pyramid, the information around it, and what can give the usual American person or [the] German people the possibility practically to improve the health and prepare yourself. It's much more interesting than all these stories about Illuminati which actually has nothing to do with reality.

KC: Okay.

VU: It's my pure [opinion]. I'm sure about this.

KC: Okay.

VU: I have visited, I have talked with many people all over the world and in Russia, and I was so astonished to see that those who is talking about the knowledge, in reality, have [none of this] knowledge.

KC: Mm-hm.

VU: It's just they think they have... In reality, they have none. And what we have actually just brought here and by those books, is much more than you can find among these stories. Much more.

KC: Okay. One more question, and then we are going to close this down, unless you have something more for us. But, you have this interesting, miniature sort of installation built in your wall here [camera pans over to wall with a [quartz] crystal formation sticking out of it in the middle of wall], and you showed us a really fascinating thing that happened at night, that this person staying with you was able to film something coming out of the crystal, like a light, and going around the room. And the reason I'm asking you about this is, because Dan Burisch is doing work with something he calls the 'lotus,' in which he is working with crystals and working with the generating or the finding of what is almost life, a form of life, building, that actually comes through crystals, if they are stimulated with a laser. And I'm wondering if you know anything about this kind of thing.

VU: Yeah. But at the same time... This is a very good example. I already told you that I would prefer something which we can touch. The stories about spirituality, the stories about something that we can only believe -- okay? It's okay, but to me, it's not enough. I was always trying to find something [hard]... which we, what we can call the 'hard evidence.'

KC: Mmh. I see.

VU: For me, at least for me. Hard evidence, okay? I'm investigating again. I'm talking about the pyramid constructions, the knowledge embodied in the pyramid, energy sources, that were used to make the pyramid like a special instrument.

KC: Right.

VU: I was trying to find what they have been using, what they constructing it with? So, we have been lucky to find the ancient texts. So, we... I just, usually, I... I did, usually what I did, I just reproduced it. Okay? As soon as I have knowledge, I decided I need to make it and to try to see what this text is talking about? Okay. So you see, I did it, just on the wall of the my flat.

KC: [chuckles]

VU: As soon as was just... changing here, for better, I just said, 'Why not?' I just put it here. It's not the whole system. It's not what you see here. [looks at crystal formation in wall] It's... there are a few layers behind it.

KC: Okay. Yes.

VU: So, I just produced it, and I was really, really astonished when suddenly, this system started to act as [if it were a] living something...

KC: [chuckles]

VU: First of all, there were a few cases, when, in the middle of the night, when everything was dark here in this room, this crystal system started to bring out a light, unbelievable light. And the... a person... I already showed you this guy...

KC: Yes.

VU: ...[named Beck]. Beck... he was astonished to see that night, because he never read anything about UFOs. Nothing. He knows nothing about spirituality... what we are discussing now, I mean. Okay?

KC: Right. Mm-hm.

VU: Suddenly, he went out of this room at night and said to Valery, 'How should I treat it? Is it okay? It's bad or good?'

I said, 'What you mean?'

'This crystal system started to glow unbelievable light.'

I said, 'Wait. Don't be afraid. Just next time, just wake me up. I would also be happy to see it.'

KC: [laughs]

VU: Next time at night, he just made a photo on the [cell] telephone. Just... telephone camera. [makes click sound] And the last time, at the first day... it's the first day of a full moon. Twenty minutes to ten in the evening. Ball of light came out of these crystals, was flying here, and then again, touched the crystal and went inside. And [Beck] just took again the telephone and made like a film, just... And I showed it to you.

KC: Yes.

BR: Do you think we could see that again?

VU: I will give you it to you. I could send it by mail and you can use it.

KC: Okay, great. That would be better than what we could capture on film.

VU: Sure. The quality of camera is not so good. But I decide... This is the reason why I put it right here.

KC: Yes.

VU: So, I plan to put the camera here.

KC: [laughs]

VU: And big, big one here.

KC: Yes.

VU: And computer. It's more than 2 gigabytes... terabytes, terabytes of disk space here.

KC: Yes. Okay.

VU: I am going to film it, especially at the first day of full moon, just to get this event with high quality.

KC: Sure.

VU: But for me, it's a key moment. First time, practically, we have received a dist... like instrument, which is radiating a light, emitting a... energetic balls.

KC: Mm-hm.

VU: Not like in a, in a field of belief. It works.

KC: Sure.

VU: It's quite different. This is already a case when we are, or when we can investigate it, as least scientifically. First of all, to film it, to see the periods, cycles, how, how, what kind of light, how intensive and the other things. Just, what we can do. It's not.... just spiritual conversation. It's reality.

KC: Sure. Okay. So, you put... you're building an instrument, and you're putting it inside the pyramid, right?

VU: Yeah.

KC: Okay. What are you building?

VU: Inside the pyramid we are going to set up twelve such energy sources.

KC: But you cannot tell us... Will you tell us what is behind, what is the mechanism that you are, have behind the wall? Is this a secret?

VU: I would prefer... I would prefer now, at this moment, just to have it [as a secret], because as soon as we are investigating this, okay, we need to know... well, deeply, how it works. I'm sure that what was described and stands behind the bird 'phoenix' in ancient Egypt...

KC: Yes.

VU: [The Egyptian] word [is] 'Bennu' -- this energetic influence stimulated consciousness. And life is very closely connected to such a system. I'm sure. Now, I'm sure about it.

KC: Yes.

VU: But first of all, I would prefer [to] investigate it [myself].

KC: [laughs] I understand.

VU: I can tell you, simply, I did it. My main first reason was, here, I had an earthquake, right under this building. And energy in this room was not good for me. I felt exhausted. Next 30 minutes, when I came here, sat here for the first [time]... in 20 minutes, I felt myself energetically exhausted.

KC: I see.

VU: So, that was not positive. And my main idea was, when I came to understanding of the system, I said to myself, 'Why not to do it? Maybe it will change the energy here, then it will be much better for me to work.' Next day, energy here was changed. [Beck]'s back was very painful. He lost his pain. He had a serious problem with the kidneys. No problems. [Second day, no problems]. Already four months after the... it's (the crystal formation in wall) here already four months. No any problems with pain, with livers, with kidneys. Nothing. He's happy. Me too. I'm very happy.

KC: Well, this is, this is, this is wonderful. Okay. Well, we've used enough of your time and we are grateful for all of this.

BR: Yeah. [I commend your expressions.]

BR: When you were talking about the installation, I had one or two questions about that. It felt as if there was more that you could have said about where it is, how it works and how it was discovered.

VU: Good questions. Okay. Well, what it is. What we have here... now, I would like to point out, in our dimension, there are few physical... devices. It's a huge device. It's under the ground. And this physical devices are generating, at a certain moment, when a meteorite carrying a dangerous bacteria appears somewhere over the planet, the system starts to prepare. Usually it starts approximately half an hour before. At this moment, strange vibration of the Earth, like small, tiny earth quakes starts. Strange sounds from under the ground. And then people describe, like... and I gave this description in the Nexus magazine. By the way, translated into English. They have been described like kind of things, metallic leaves were opened in the ground. And I'm calling this 'terminators.' It's big light balls. Some of them were 50 to 60 meters in diameters were flying out from the ground.

BR: These were observed?

VU: Yes. That's the reason. The local indigenous people, they call was spoken it. Hundreds of them they have seen. Hundreds. Hundreds of them. But most part of them, were generated not in our dimension. In parallel dimension. They're coming here from parallel dimension.

KC: And how do you reach this conclusion?

VU: Because of the... It's easy. It's easy. There are places where people described the [bigness], vibration of the Earth opens the things like this, movement, strange sounds, like earthquakes, like a real mechanism is working. Okay? The other places, nothing like this. Just from the ground, just a light, like a beam of light [makes hissing sound] appear and... like in a fairy tale. Something [makes lip smacking sound] appear here. It's not generated in the Earth. It's appears from some thing, like from parallel dimension, like UFO goes here, or disappear. It's stands here, and then... [makes whooshing sound] then nothing. The same thing.

KC: Okay. I see.

VU: The same... [makes lip smacking sound] here. Come on this parallel dimension.

KC: Hmm.

BR: There would have to be a number of these installations all over the planet, in order to cover the Earth from such impacts from every direction.

VU: Right. Right.

BR: It would have to be... I mean, I'm just trying to kind of figure out in my mind. There'd have to be several dozen.

VU: So, what I can tell you about this now -- there were some of them in Australia.

KC: Hmm.

VU: I would say they're already used. They do not work anymore, but you can find something there. Some already used, are in China. Most part of active, are in two places. In Siberia and near Easter Island under the water. There, but those ones under the water. In Siberia, it's we have it here on top of the Earth. [North...]

BR: Are there any in North America, as well?

VU: Now, not. There were, long, long ago, there were. Now, not.

BR: So, this is an ancient technology, to protect the planet?

VU: I wouldn't say ancient. I would say they... these installations started to constructed, to build, maybe seventeen, eighteen-thousand years ago. But during these thousand years ago, this installation were developed, continuously developed. And those who lived on Mars and Maldek before, they started to do it, but there were other people, I would say 'visitors,' who continued to develop it. And I would say... well, it's just the beginning of a story. To show it to you, how it's amazing, we need much more time. And I need... I need better English. I have no enough, well, words for this. I would prefer to describe everything in the book, translate it into English.

KC: I understand.

VU: Where or when you can afterwards read it carefully to see. It's amazing story. The whole story around Tunguska case is amazing. And what I'm sure, is this 'terminators,' this light balls, they were flying all over. You can see them even over America.

KC: Mmh.

VU: Sure. Even now. If kind of meteorite that's flying in direction over America, and is about to hit the ground over America, you will see. But people mostly see it or they think this is UFO, but it's not UFO. It's terminator flying. Usually, if it is terminator, it's always connected with a strange [odor], or with a kind of explosion. First, you see this ball. Then, maybe three or four minutes, strange explosion and light, like enlightenment. The sky is lightning. So, if it's like ball, and then three, four minutes, lighting and [makes guttural sound] like explosion, you can be sure, hundred percent, terminator.

KC: Uh-huh.

BR: Mm-hm.

VU: Because, the reason why. Another thing -- people think that if terminator just hit the meteorite... so the pieces, the most part of the pieces, debris of this meteorite should be here on planet Earth. On one hand, it's a reasonable question. On the other hand, it's not like this. If like in Tunguska case, hundreds of terminators hit this meteorite and just boiled out... just burned... they just...

KC: Incinerate, you mean... [deep]...

VU: Yes. They just turn the whole substance into... into fire, and then no any, any living biological organisms stayed alive. This debris, you can find on planet Earth, like after Tunguska case, we heard of a lot of such materials. But most part, ninety-seven percent of these materials always is brought into other dimension. So, they just hit... When the terminator is exploded, it made the combustion, deformation of space and time. It made like kind of a hole. Okay? And meteorite exactly flies out. [makes 'whoop'-like sound] And somewhere else, but not on the planet Earth.

KC: I see. Okay.

VU: This is... this is the key moment. This is the reason why in the book I'm giving interesting description when witnesses at seven o'clock, fifteen minutes past seven in the morning, in the morning, when the Sun was over their heads, they said... When they heard just explosion [slaps his hands together]... strange storm. First thing that took place -- they said, 'We have been hanging in the starry skies.' No Sun, no Earth. Just space and stars around. And they described, they said, 'Open... the skies was opened.'

KC: Mmh.

VU: So, it means that they just... This explosion transformed space and time. And they saw themselves standing in the universe. Next moment. [makes sound like 'hop'] Everything was closed, and the strange explosion... no traces.

KC: Okay. But you are saying the Chinese have a tech... have discovered some of the mechanism behind this.

VU: Something rises. Yes, which were... Actually, this is the system. Okay? It's kind of a tube. It goes down deeply. They found this tube, and something that was inside. They found it.

BR: How do you know?

KC: He says this is from intelligence.

VU: Secret Service are working...

BR: You got Secret Service info. Okay.

VU: They're working. They found it.

BR: It's inside information.