Proyecto Avalón en castellano

El equipo de habla castellana del Proyecto Avalón te saluda.
Somos un grupo de personas que nos dedicamos –voluntaria, gratuita y anónimamente– a traducir los textos de Project Camelot Library y Project Avalon.
Si quieres colaborar activamente con nosotros, elige abajo la clase de tarea que más te interese. Al pinchar en un enlace, se te abrirá un email. Para permitirnos gestionar tu email eficazmente, no quites el texto que aparezca en "Asunto".


Translating is a highly rewarding and also very challenging task. It is time- and labor-intensive, which means spending countless hours sitting in front of a computer screen, surrounded by dictionaries, translating long and in the case of Avalon often difficult texts.
It is our policy to give priority to quality over quantity. This means we prefer to publish few translations, but good translations. Faithful translations written in decent Spanish. If you want to translate with us, you are very welcome... if you have the skills required to be an asset to the team, not a liability (to know what we mean, see the section on independent translations). To this end, we humbly request that you understand and accept that we will ask you to take a simple translation test before joining our team.

  • You need to possess a good level of English. (You cannot translate if you don't understand the original text... You also need to have and be able to use dictionaries.)
  • You need a high level of Spanish, and you absolutely must be able to write correctly. (If you know what capital letters are, if you know how to place accents, if you know when not to place commas, if you use inverted question and exclamation marks, and if you actually mark the end of your sentences with full stops, you are our woman/man!!!)
  • Translation studies and/or experience are NOT absolutely necessary, but are valuable extras, of course.
We use these criteria to ensure that the draft translations that we will have to work with are of the highest quality possible. This saves considerable time and effort in the proofreading process. Yes, we proofread all texts before they are published, to ensure that they meet our high standards. As a member of our group, you will contribute translating and also proofreading texts. We feel this is only natural and an expression of elementary solidarity.

By the way, the fact that this text is in English and not in Spanish is already a test in itself. If you have trouble reading and understanding this, then you might want to consider helping in ways other than translating. Why not go to the "Otras tareas" section?

If you are interested in joining our translation team, click here to take our translation test. We look forward to hearing from you.



No translation is published without prior review. The proofreading process ensures that a translation meets quality standards for accuracy (the original text and the translation convey the same information) and presentation (style, spelling, accents, punctuation). To proofread translations, you need a high level of Spanish, and you absolutely must be able to write correctly. Proofreading sometimes involves comparing the translation with the original English text, so an intermediate level of English is recommended. Like translating, reviewing is time- and labor-intensive.

If you wish to provide a crucial contribution by proofreading translations, click here to take our proofreading test. We look very much forward to hearing from you.


I have done an independent translation.

Our Spanish welcome page lists the translations that are publicly available. If you have independently translated a Camelot or Avalon text that is not on the list and want to see it published, feel free to submit it to us for review and possible publication.

Please submit only high-quality translations and review them or have them reviewed by someone first. We proofread any translation before publishing it, so naturally we want good material to work with so that this process goes smoothly and quickly.
(For us, it is not cost-effective to review and correct a deficient translation. This actually requires more time and effort than translating a text ourselves, so if a text submitted to us is not of high quality, we will notice this very quickly and we will stop reviewing it and discard it. We know, this is radical and drastic, but please put yourself in our place. We are a handful of volunteers working in our free time.)

To submit a translation, click here. An email will open; attach your translation and send it to us.

Again, bear in mind that we are (a handful of) volunteers working in our spare time. Getting your text published may take time.

Finally, if you want to start a translation without joining our team, bear in mind that we may already be working on the same text, so please help us to avoid duplication of effort and check with us first.

Otras tareas


We also have a subtitling group.
Subtitling requires a good level of English and Spanish, although not as high as translating and reviewing texts. It also requires knowing how to use some specialized programs, or learning how to use them. It is a skilled task.

If you want to collaborate with the subtitling group, click here. An email will open; introduce yourself in English. We look forward to hearing from you.

Si no puedes colaborar en las tareas antes mencionadas, ¡tienes más opciones!

Si tienes un blog, puedes publicitar los sites que te indicamos a continuación, incluyendo los enlaces.
    El portal común del Proyecto Camelot: http://projectcamelotportal.com/
    La web de Kerry: http://projectcamelotproductions.com/
    La web de Bill: https://projectavalon.net/
Si no tienes blog, puedes comunicar a tus amigos estas URLs y su contenido a través de email o por otros medios.
También puedes copiar y publicar en otras páginas los textos que ofrecemos. Eso sí, dejando clara su procedencia y sin alterar su contenido.
Existen asimismo dos cuentas de YouTube donde están disponibles las entrevistas en vídeo, algunas de ellas ya subtituladas en distintos idiomas:
    · AlphaZebra (http://www.youtube.com/user/alphazebra)
    · JagBodhi (http://www.youtube.com/user/jagbodhi)
También puedes unirte a los foros de Bill (https://projectavalon.net/forum4/) y/o Kerry (http://camelotforum.com/), ambos en inglés.

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Gracias por tu ayuda.
Tu generosidad nos permite seguir con nuestro trabajo.

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