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Thread: Troop and Fema movement in the US - 2011

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    Default Troop and Fema movement in the US - 2011

    From eceti...not to spread fear...but this video purported to be real...emergency gear being given out. Anyone out there able to validate or dispute this? Thanks..

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    Default Re: Troop and Fema movement in the US - 2011

    Thanks Kathy, but the recording is old, at least a couple months ago. I heard it but someone made the video then used this old recording. I live here in Tennessee and have had people notice more military movement, but again not sure, But a friend of mine works for govt writing manuals for tanks and validated that there was a big move going on they were moving a massive Museum display not sure where from or where to but she thought it was funny all the people questioning what was going on and I do trust her very much.. But I do believe we need to be prepared at any time for our rights to be taken away and they will be able to come in your home and do whatever they wish... So I do believe it is a good Idea to try to stay alert at all times.and to have a survival plan and Just remember we are all one! We have agreed to come here at this time and we have got to connect with each other! no Fear fear is only an illusion. So dont let yourself be afraid!!
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