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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hey Bill, I was just curious in regards to the Project Light Warrior Site. Do you guys have any format ideas and what type of content will be included in Project Light Warrior?
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Question Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Greetings Bill -

One awesome question for you ..

Will you guys ever do a radio interview with Lou "Sleeper" Baldin ?


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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Murphy's Law, You come back in Bill as I saunter out LOL
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hi, Bill! It is great to write to you! Enjoyed the James Martinez interview very much! Thanks for the new forum! Take care, greetings from Budapest!
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

I am definitely interested in Bills opinion on guys like Sheldan Nidle and Mark Huber.
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hi Bill, ditto on your appearance and the forum being free again. Thanks for the wonderful work you and Kerry do. I think we can all agree that it means far more than we can express with a simple thank you. I didn't mind paying tho, I know this forum isn't free for y'all to run.

I was very interested to read about your insider info on Hidden Hand and had thought as much. It was a real relief to see it verified. I wondered tho if the false info is simply to obscure identity or for a darker purpose. I'll be very interested to see what you come up with on this.

It sounds similar to something David Wilcock recently posted: higher beings are "managing" what happens here so that it doesn't go too far or get too "dark" and that we are nudged in the right direction.

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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hi Bill (and Kerry too)

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

For all and everything....

My Question: Have you received any new info on Project Blue Beam
and do you think this could be associated with the Norway event??


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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Thank you for dropping in, Bill. I'm sure that you and Kerry must have a great deal on your plates with everything going on. Thank you for keeping such a fine and fascinating site going.

Has there been any more information from Benjamin Fulford or anyone else providing corroboration about the mid-January financial collapse?

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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hi Bill

Many thanks to you and Kerry indeed for spreading the truth and enlightening many people! Yours is one of the very best sites with the highest integrity that i have come across and for that i am very grateful!

Have you heard of a gent called Virgil Armstrong who used to be on the lecture circuit 12 - 15 years ago? He was personally physically present at a downed UFO around the time of the famous Roswell crash but not at the well publicised Roswell crash. he also talked of underground tunnels connecting continents with high speed magnetic/ levitating trains etc. A most amazing gent who 40 years ago was CIA the saw the light and started his spiritual journey which involved walking away from everything he had built up and living with a certain tribe of Indians in the wild for 7 years.

Last i heard he was wheelchair bound in Sedona.

If he can be tracked down (assuming he is still alive) an interview would be grand!

Many Blessings to the both of you!
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Thank you so very much Bill. I just listened to Kerry Cassidy and David Wilcock on the micro Effect Radio Network and I have to say it was the most informative and fascinating 2 hours that went by lightening FAST. Kerry and David have a rapport that is unique and entertaining as well as well orchestrated even on live radio. I hope for more in the future as I hope you had an overwhelming audience. I Facebooked the links to all my Facebook friends and you and Kerry and David are part of that growing group.
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Tyler Macmillan
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

The Operation Mind Control ebook is great - thanks for that one. It's fostered quite a bit of conversation in my circle lately.

Cheers from chilly Colorado,

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Frank Samuel
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hi Bill! Thanks you guys are my heroes because you put your neck on the line every day. As a result of your sacrifice you are changing the culture of the whole planet. What do you do to relax, with your hectic schedule ?
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hi Bill,

I appreciate your generosity in opening yourself to all these questions. I believe that generosity is one of the most genuine expressions of lurv/compassion. It’s certainly seems to be a major part of your character.

Do you have any hypotheses or details regarding who the gods are and what they do, and in particular what the difference is between how they operate and how the Annunaki operate, and exactly where and what the Annunaki are doing right now?

I notice that in one of his recent blog articles David Wilcock asserts that it’s the Annunaki who have kept the earth a “fear farm” throughout humanity’s history until now. On the other hand, what I consider the most healing and educational experiences in my life have been telepathic conversations/”visions” with the gods Shiva / Dionysus and with Pan / Janus, and several others – all of whom seem to normally live in sixth density or higher. I have never met a being who came anywhere close to Shiva in the depth and power of his/her positivity, nor in the accuracy of their predictions about things that would happen in my life ten years later, etc. So I find it inconceivable that these sixth-dimensional beings could be the same as the Annunaki. Is it perhaps that there are the genuine gods and then the Annunaki are fake gods (like the titans)?
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hi Bill,

Fantastic decision to open up Avalon again. I believe that when you started Avalon that it was an excellent place for the like-minded to meet and share ideas, but that with the financial restrictions it lessened the impact. Of course, I understand why you felt it was necessary. But I believe that you will see an explosion of hopefully enlighten communication here, once again. Thanks once again for all of your excellent work...
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Will the radio show that was just done with david wilcock be archived and available for download?
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Post Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Thanks so much Bill and Kerry for opening up this Forum to everybody again...it truly is a Home to remember........

Someone I'd love to see interviewed on this Forum is Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde who has worked as Chief Medical Officer for Lapland...www.OneForce.Be (The Human Project).
She is fascinating to listen to as she discusses mind control, the nature of fear, life issues, microchipping, and the swine flu vaccine.
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hey Bill

Just finished watching your Freedom Central interview, nice to see you opening up on such a huge variety of area's. Gotta love questions like "Ok Bill who is running the planet, come on out with it" haha

Seriously though I thoroughly enjoyed a glimpse into your life database and thought process
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Thumbs up Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hello Bill and Carry,

Thx for your great efforts into Disclosures!
Please keep up the good Work, it's most appreciated by all who seek the Truth.

best regards

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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Bill, are you and Kerry getting along?

Are you seeing eye to eye?

Do you envision that Kerry and yourself will be working close together in 12 months or 2 years?
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hi Bill and Kerry ...

This is just a straightforward 'thank you' for the work you have both done and continue to do. I recognise that it takes courage, tenacity, money, and many other things to operate the way you do - for the benefit of us all. I believe that I can identify with your driving force - that it's just there, without the need to be fuelled, you just know what you should do, for it is your purpose. I personally see this as true awareness and caring, and a trait of developed souls.

I recognise also that your earth-bound energy is not limitless and that you will most probably feel the need to drive yourselves far beyond reasonable limits in supplying answers and guidance to those who ask. Please think of your own needs too, for you are currently subject to human limitations and just as much in need of the real answers in the light of truth that we who follow you are searching for.

Without your presence in our lives Bill and Kerry, many of us would be much poorer off in terms of our awareness and preparedness, so thank you both from the very root of my soul, and I wish you both the energy and resources to carry on. If I ever have the chance, I will help.

Your friend - Pan.
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Seth Haniel
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Cool Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Stilll hangin' in there
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Bill Ryan
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hello, Everyone -

A warm welcome to all the new members - and new visitors. Thanks again for all the very positive comments. This is the energy that really keeps us going. If there was no-one out there, we'd not be doing our work.

Some good questions here.... please forgive the necessary brevity, or else the reply might be a small book. Also please forgive me if I've missed anything (re-post if necessary). I've also not responded to anything that isn't actually a question - although everything you wrote is noted and appreciated.

All the quotes are abbreviated to make the questions easier to read.

Originally Posted by lightblue View Post
I wondered if you have heard anything from Gordon Novel lately.
He's having a tough time at the moment, and is not that much further forward with his project in practical terms.

Originally Posted by qbeac View Post
- Is Sheldan Nidle info or disinfo?
- Will there be huge earth changes and earth evacuation, as he says?
- Will you consider interviewing him?
Not intentional disinfo (few people probably are). My knowledge of him is limited, and we've not met or corresponded with him. So there may be much of what he says that I'm not aware of.

I'd say much of his information is generally valuable (he overlaps in some respects with David Wilcock, as best I can see).

I don't anticipate any 'evacuation', and I think we've got to dig ourselves out of this planetary mess, for better or for worse. This is our responsibility, and is our 'training course' to handle it - which we've all signed up for, so to speak.

I don't think it's as simple as our getting rescued: no-one's going to get raptured or ascended out of this situation. That (in my view) is wishful thinking, a New Age equivalent of the traditional Christian view that "God will save me". (Sometimes God doesn't do that: we have to look after ourselves - and in my view this is the point.)

We wish him well but have no plans to interview him. His work - like that of many others - is valuable to wake people up and get them thinking. But don't believe anything you hear or read - including this You have to work quite hard out there to figure out what's real and valid - and that's part of the learning, too.

I talk about this subject quite a lot in the new video interview published by Freedom Central. Within 48 hours we'll be uploading a version in one long video on our own YouTube channel, together with an audio MP3 of the entire thing.

Recommended listening: it's really not bad, and contains a LOT of information.

Originally Posted by rfebres View Post
The number of "V" ships that arrived on earth (29). If your start from this date: 4(April)2010 which is first month after the episodes resume, and add 29(ships) months to that you get Sept 2012, now add the sequence above (count down) and you get December 2012. Am I crazy? The funny thing though is that I was sending this info to David through his contact page and when I clicked the send button I looked at my computer clock and guess what time it was? 12:12. What do you guys think?
Personally, I don't pay much attention to gematria (seeking meaningful patterns in numbers): it seems to me, as a one-time mathematician, that it's possible to create the patterns one would like to see out of absolutely anything - a kind of numerical Rorschach test.

I don't want to rain on your parade or dismiss anything you find interesting or valuable, but for me I can't see any logical basis to explain how this would or could work.

The Illuminati DO use ritual dates and ritual numbers, but I think it's just that (ritual) - and if the force of intention and actual, real-life black magic is behind ritual, then real effects can be made to happen. This may be the point. I don't the standalone numbers have any meaning or power. But the people who use them ritualistically may do.

Originally Posted by migp View Post
What can we expect for the economy next year....could you address on what Mr. Benjamin Fulford says in his blog.....is it going to be a drastic change in the world economy, including the use of hidden technilogy?
We're following this closely and probably know as much as you do. We'd not be surprised to see a sudden devaluation of the dollar sometime early next year.

We're as convinced as we can be that gold and silver are valuable assets (hold the physical metal yourself - paper and digits are just that, and are ultimately not real currency at all). In our view this can do absolutely no harm at all. One will not lose.

On a slightly different line, it can also do no harm to stock up with very basic staples and remedies (like D3, silver and MMS) to last for 30 days or so. I personally could hole up in my apartment for several weeks without once going outside and stay happy and comfortable whatever was happening.

It doesn't cost a lot of time or trouble to set that up, and this basic 'insurance' is still cheap and easy to set up. There's absolutely no reason not to do that - and even our friend David Wilcock now recommends it.

Our deepest sources say that the world is more likely to go into a controlled slide rather than a sudden catastrophe (geopolitically, economically, and regarding controls on people, travel, communication, etc).

But we really don't know for sure, and that's because the plans may not be fixed, or may be being interfered with internally and possibly externally.

Originally Posted by TheRebel View Post
When you were doing Mr. Peterson's interview and while concluding you told that it has been most fascinating interview you had done so far!! We all know that he did share some of the inside information with you all off the camera, but he was restricted on camera; so would not it be a good idea if you can share some of those information wherever feasible to do so as we really did not find much fascination in that interview.....One quick request is that...Would you like to interview "Drunvalo Melchizedek"?
Dr Peterson: watch Kerry's segment of the interview (Part 3) and note carefully his responses to the questions Kerry asks.

The very closing segment of Part 2, as well, which is hilarious. If anyone's not seen this, you must. Go to 53:00 and play. Or just go straight to the end and rewind for a minute.

Drunvalo: no plans to interview him.

Originally Posted by Midnight Oil View Post
Are you planning to do an interview with Lou Baldin( aka "Sleeper")?.
No plans. We communicated with him once, but he lives in the US midwest and our paths would never cross without a special (and expensive) trip.

Originally Posted by geoff View Post
Are you aware of and what is your and/or kerry's opinion of the works of (paris france based) Laura Knight-Jadczyk?

thirdly, are you aware of and what your and/or kerry's opinion of the works of (australia based) Dr. Amitakh Stanford?
Laura is a critic of Camelot and writes disparagingly about us on her forum. We are mystified why. We have no quarrel with her and never have had. We broadly agree with most of her views on most people and issues.

We linked to her site here, early in November (right hand sidebar):


Kerry posted that, because she admires Laura's work. At the time she had no idea that Laura had written that we were disinfo, paid agents, etc etc. The link from our site to hers, posted by Kerry in all sincerity, caused some consternation and disbelief on Laura's forum.

Please note that we just don't have time to follow discussion on forums (even this one) and are often simply not aware that someone is critical of us. That doesn't affect our own opinions, or our own work.

Every now and then we suddenly discover that someone we thought was an ally (like Michael St.Clair) has turned on us. We have to be thick-skinned about these things.

Dr. Amitakh Stanford: not at all familiar. Thanks for the info - will check him out.

Originally Posted by Landulous View Post
. Is there any way to load a file, specifically Omini Page 15?
2. Is there any way to load a few audio files?
No idea, I'm afraid - please address the mods about this.

Originally Posted by qbeac View Post
- Can we trust Dr. Steven Greer, or not?
- Is he sincere in wanting to bring to light Free Energy?
- Is he honest or a double agent (gatekeeper, infiltrated)?
- Does he work for a real contact with “positive ETs”, or for Project Blue Beam (faked or "negative ETs")?
Is Dr. Greer an honest person (or being), or does he have a hidden dark agenda? Does he work for the light or for the dark side?
These are just 3 examples about Dr. Greer that, IMHO, don’t add up too well:
1) Dr. Greer says all ETs are good. But in your excellent interview with him (jul-26-09) you and Kerry said that was an irresponsible statement, and I totally agree with you.

2) I witnessed the incident in the Barcelona Exopolitics Summit (jul-26-09) where some people said they were allegedly intimidated (or threatened) by Dr. Greer when they talked to him about their own Free Energy devices. I am aware it is not yet clear what really happened (Ex: if the accusations against Dr. Greer were true or just a misunderstanding), but still, that incident is kind of suspicious and I think it should be clarified.

3) Dr. Greer says he wants to help people to develop their Free Energy devices. Well, Bill, you saw the “Pantone GEET motor” in Barcelona (jul-26-09): 30% gasoline 70% water and a huge reduction of pollution. It's important to note that his inventor, Paul Pantone, has given for free the plans of his invention so that EVERYBODY can replicate it (see video bellow).

So, if Dr. Greer is sincere about wanting to promote Free Energy devices, here he has a great one: Pantone motor. Would he promote the Pantone motor (in CNN, as he said in Barcelona)? If he did, that would be a very simple, quick and excellent way for people to see for themselves this technology is real and it works. Also, the word would spread all over the world!
Paul's Comments About GEET FREE PLANS
Paul Pantone gives for free to the world his plans to build the Pantone motor


Detailed instructions to build the Pantone motor

But the “strange” fact is that Dr. Greer “is not” promoting such as simple demonstration of an effective Free Energy device like the Pantone GEET motor (or similar devices). Why doesn’t he do it ASAP?

Considering the above, one may wonder about these two possible “hypothesis”:
a) Is Dr. Greer sincere when he says he wants to bring to light Free Energy, or is he perhaps a double agent (gatekeeper) who is trying to identify the best Free Energy devices (to suppress them?), while at the same time he is buying time to help bringing to fruition the elite’s dark agenda?

b) Is Dr. Greer working for a “real contact” with “good ETs”, or is he working for Project Blue Beam?
Wow. (long pause)

In some ways I'd rather not comment. But your questions are very important.

Let me say this:

1) Look at the promises, and then look at what has been delivered since The DIsclosure Project Press Conference in May 2001. We started Camelot ourselves in April 2006 because of the huge silence coming from the Disclosure Project.

We considered ourself to be doing the Disclosure Project's work, in a 'barefoot' sense. We could not understand at the time why more information was not being released by him.

2) Many researchers and commentators in the UFO community share our questions, but are too intimidated by Greer (or reluctant to get drawn into controversy or conflict) to make an issue out of it. He is ignored by many researchers who have good information. They know better. So they just leave him alone.

A number of researchers have approached us off-record to acknowledge our stance. Here's a direct quote to me personally from one widely-respected researcher: "There is something very wrong with that guy."

3) The three items we singled out - that he said, on record:
-- that there are no ETs who are not benevolent
-- that the US has no ongoing contact with any ET race
-- and that all abductions are military operations [MILABs])

...are absolutely false.

Why would anyone who is well-informed by the testimony of his own witnesses say that?

4) His ethics and values are open to question. Visit this page and scroll down to the very bottom. Then click on the DCMusclewolf link. It is real.

After this was leaked, within hours Greer closed his Manhunt account.

Our interview was NOT a good one. We'd love to turn back the clock and do it again. But in our radio show archives I defended Kerry's passion, and still do.

It could all have been better. We were not prepared, and were ambushed by Greer himself who suddenly declared that he wanted to be interviewed. We were caught very much on the hop. We'd like to do it again... but rather doubt if we will ever have the chance.

Our favorite response in our huge mailbag about that interview was that from Clay and Shawn Pickering who told us that the passion and disagreement on these core issues exactly mirrored the disagreement and passion at the highest levels of policy. We can believe it.


No time for more right now, with apologies - will try to get back later in the day.

Warm wishes to all - Bill
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Wow thanks Bill!

When are you comming to New Zealand to do some Mountain climbing with me? Some pretty amazing climbs here!!
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

wait... so greer posted nude pics of himself proclaiming he liked rimming on a gay dating website?

seriously, I thought i was going to look at a article he wrote or something, only to be bombarded with...that.

thank god no one else was in the room.
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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hi Jetamus,

I was a little shocked too I must admit.

Although I'm in no way supporting the chap, I'm not too sure about the link there is to be made about Greers' sexual lifestyle and his work in the Extra-Terrestrial / free energy sphere (unless the three are linked in some way).

I think when a person or people start to slur others on a personal basis, their argument is lost as it's clear that there is no other way to prove the adversary wrong on a logical basis.

Oh well, that's life I suppose.

Best regards,


Originally Posted by Jetamus View Post
wait... so greer posted nude pics of himself proclaiming he liked rimming on a gay dating website?

seriously, I thought i was going to look at a article he wrote or something, only to be bombarded with...that.

thank god no one else was in the room.
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