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Thread: AntiSubevil - AntiSublight

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    Default AntiSubevil - AntiSublight

    Pure Light - Light - Sub-Light - False Light - Dark Light
    pure light
    eternal love - eternal dedication || eternal union
    compassion - considerate + female - male || benevolence
    shifting sacrifice - dishonorable treatment of others || shifting of blame
    false light
    the new age is delusional about love and full of false light
    dark light
    pure light - pure evil - dark || pure light: light & dark light || pure evil: darkness - sacrifice || dark: darkness - justice

    Sub-Evil & Sub-Light || Pure Light & Pure Evil

    while working on this article i received obsessive framing for intellectual property theft, the vatican and their proxies are excessively countering this ideology/information.
    false witness models for plagiarism - false plagiarism claims || antichrist
    sadistic projection - sadistic & serial false judgment || christ framing
    underestimation of brainwashing potential - individuals || framing of christ
    god belief framing - firm atheism || phillip douglas walker
    sub-evil concealment - vatican philistines || christ & maat
    inverted legacy - inverted plagiairism - pure intent false witnesses || imposter deception
    false accusations with pure intent - sadistic projection in brainwashees || full spectrum deception
    pure intent false witnesses - full spectrum scientific spirit false testimony || patsies - proxies
    compromised spirits - new age blasphemy || sub-light assets of sub-evil
    pure light
    pure angel tears (female) - the sorrow of the all knowing spirit of the galaxy || spirituality
    honoring scientific spirit sacrifice - the all knowing spirit of the galaxy || the unknown
    eternal union - the all knowing spirit of the galaxy || horus and maat
    sacrifice irreproachable - torture irreproachable || phillip walker
    eternal union - eternal wife - eternal husband || eternal death - eternal love
    pure evil:
    dark honor - dark integrity - dark standards || lucifer
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    Default Re: AntiSubevil - AntiSublight

    What if everybody was named lucifer? You'd never be able to find him, that's what 😀
    Just a little joke.
    From what I hear of lucifer, he has free will.
    Evil doesn't have a will.
    Evil is like a robot. A robot that hates God.

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