For the moment, new videos will be embedded and streamed from these pages. Videos will be hosted from a YouTube account with a week or so. I appreciate your patience - the current system was always a temporary measure.

UPDATE: Click here for the full 1 hr 40 minute interview with Dr Bill Deagle (see below).

Click here for a funny, profound and important six-minute teaser summary of a new, major, hour and a half audio interview with Dr Bill Deagle. You need to hear this: both the teaser and the interview, which should be posted in a few hours' time.

The hour and a half which precedes it is about the causal connection between Planet X (not a planet, but a brown dwarf star, currently somewhere round the orbit of Jupiter) and the clear trend of increased volcanic and earthquake activity that's becoming increasingly hard for anyone to ignore.

Jim Humble update: MMS in Africa: treating HIV and Cancer - click here

I first met Jim Humble in November 2008, and my interview with him is available here.

As you'll see in this new video, since then Jim has been getting some quite remarkable results. Now based in Africa, he has been very successfully treating hundreds of patients with AIDS and cancer and has collected reports of patients with AIDS being restored to full health within three weeks using a particular protocol which he has developed. He describes what he calls 'MMS 2', which he says works particularly effectively in conjunction with MMS 1 for treating cancer.

Besides presenting some information that might be extremely valuable for anyone who is seriously ill, the video is also great fun for anyone who loves and respects Jim and his remarkable work. Enjoy :)


I first met Klaus Dona, an Austrian artifacts researcher, in July 2009. His Project Camelot interview (available here) was extremely well received, and many people wrote asking for a follow-up. So I'm delighted to bring you more.

This video is a 45 minute slideshow, with a personal commentary from Klaus. It's data-rich, detailed, intensive, absorbing, and may contain more startling information about the history of the human race in one place than any other video you've ever seen.

The journey we embark on covers Atlantis, reptilian humanoids, the Anunnaki, ancient symbolism, ancient science, an ancient global language, and much more. This is astonishing material, which has my highest recommendation. Enjoy.

Marcel Messing: THE WAKE-UP CALL - click here

Marcel Messing is a 21st century Renaissance Man: trained in anthropology, philosophy, and comparative religion, he is a writer, speaker, teacher and visionary for whom English is his fourth language. He has traveled widely, has studied in India, has written 25 books, and took time from writing his 26th to meet with me to give a fascinating interview in which he creates a strong bridge between the practical problems of our time, the plans and intentions of the controllers of Planet Earth, and our fundamental, unassailable, spiritual nature.

Marcel's own wake-up call occurred while visiting New York twenty years ago - a full decade before 9/11. Standing on top of the Empire State Building, he was looking at the Twin Towers... and saw them fall with his own eyes. Listen to the message that this remarkable man brings us in this video.

A terrible storm has descended upon the human world, and this is carrying us towards destruction. [Bodhisattva Panden Dorje, the "Buddha Boy" of Nepal, still just 19 years old.]

Jane Bürgermeister update: Whatever happened to the Swine Flu? - click here

I met with Jane again in mid-February, and talked with her about her sense of victory and relief following her very intense anti-vaccination campaign last year. She and I speculate, celebrate, and also talk about the Lisbon Treaty and its implications for the citizens of the European Union.

The Anglo-Saxon Mission - click here

This important video presents detailed whistleblower testimony about Illuminati plans for the Third World War. [Please click here for the original Project Camelot page.]

Igor Witkowski and the Nazi Bell - click here for a 7 minute trailer

I created this preview of our interview as an experiment on the plane returning from Poland. Kerry didn't like it very much (for reasons I understand), and so it was never published.

The unedited remainder of the interview is less varied and entertaining, consisting of my talking in depth with Igor Witkowski about the enigmatic, super-secret, advanced technology of the 'Nazi Bell' (what it may have been, and the clues that have been collected) - and some of the material is quite dry. That hasn't been published because of data loss following a disk failure, and neither could the preview be re-edited without a significant loss in quality. I think I can put it all back together, but it'll be a few weeks yet. When ready, it'll also be published retrospectively in the Camelot site. Enjoy.

Dr Bill Deagle (audio) - coming soon

A compendium of three pretty intense and data-rich phone conversations with Dr Bill about the Anglo-Saxon Mission and other matters.


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